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Half Life 2 Episode 1

Undue Alarm

After being rescued by Dog, you are brought to a very relieved Alyx. Receive the
Gravity Gun from Dog.

Alyx climbs onto this ledge, displaying an athleticism that apparently you lack.
You'll need to solve your first puzzle to get up there and rejoin Alyx and Dog.

This should be pretty obvious to Half Life 2 veterans -- use the left trigger to
grab these boards with the Gravity Gun.

This metal ramp will then drop down, allowing you to cross to the area above.

Grab the two medkits on this table then learn from Drs. Vance and Kleiner that
you'll need to re-enter the Citadel and shut down the core.

Crouch to slip beneath the debris that Dog lifts for you.

Drop off the ledge to begin another of Half Life's infamous jumping puzzles.

Crouch to slip beneath this debris, then press A to jump across the short gap in
the ledge beyond.

Your Gravity Gun removes this wrecked car blocking the path.

Next, you need to enter the Citadel through that opening ahead. But how to get
across the chasm?

Dog comes up with an idea. (Apparently he's smart as well as adorable.) He fetches
this vehicle which he wants throw into the Citadel - with you and Alyx inside.

Press X to enter the van on the passenger side then sit back as Dog successfully
throws you clear of the chasm and into the Citadel.

Once across, stay put for another brief thrill ride as the van slips farther into
the Citadel. Press X to exit the van once it finally comes to a stop.

Watch the van tumble over the ledge then continue down the corridor to Alyx's

Jump over this railing to the floor below; Alyx follows.

Through a short corridor you'll come to this area. Stalkers prevent Alyx from
lowering the force field.

She is, however, able to disable this nearby force field. Note the Roller Mines
ahead; Alyx has a plan.

Crouch to pass through this crawlspace beyond the deactivated force field.

Drop to this ledge then take a big leap to the indicated lift. You'll take damage
but don't worry -- there's a health/suit energy combo station just ahead.

The lift begins moving up and down. Exit when it's in the down position then heal
at this combo station. Approach the red button ahead/left -- pressing the button
will release the roller mines in the tube above.

Use your Gravity Gun to deflect all the mines but one.

Return to the lift, carrying one of the roller mines.

Ride the lift back up to Alyx. Hold the mine still while she reprograms it.

Drop the mine; it will slip behind the force field and kill the two Stalkers,
allowing Alyx to disable the force field.

Pass through the previously-inaccessible room then continue to this ledge where
you'll see several soldiers meet a firey end. Continue left and crouch under some

Ascend the stairs and cross a bridge before using your Gravity Gun to clear the
path of this debris.

Up a short flight of stairs is this railing. Hop over to the ledge below.

Follow the ledge to this energy bridge. Soldiers try to cross but are swept away by
a vortex.

To cross the bridge safely, wait for the vortex to subside then sprint across by
pressing the left bumper as you run.

Alyx crosses the bridge after you. Is that the look of love or what?

Follow the corridor then hop over another railing to this room with a glass floor.

Watch as the console switches from a recording of Dr. Breen to an image of an even
creepier insect. The giant bug slides underneath the floor then emerges upright
across the room.

The bug vanishes in a pulsating flash. Follow Alyx to the nearby exit and she'll
deactivate the force field.

Traverse the corridor a short distance then become temporarily trapped in this
room. Your Gravity Gun is stripped from you, then is supercharged into a more
powerful version, able to pick up heavier objects and even living persons.

Follow along to this half-charged energy bridge. Note that the half that is charged
coincides with a lighted socket, lower/right. The unlit socket lower/left can be
charged by tossing one of these energy balls into it, thus activating the bridge.

Cross the bridge and be met by soldiers -- time to show them that newly-
supercharged Gravity Gun. Grabbing them with the left trigger is preferred at
distance, while a close-up solider is easily dispatched with a jolt from your
right-trigger fire.

Next up is this completely-unpowered bridge. Shoot energy balls into both sockets
to activate the bridge, then cross to battle more soldiers and Overwatch.

This next bridge is a bit tricky; you'll need to bank an energy ball off the wall
to get it past the clear shield blocking the left socket.

Cross the bridge then duck under this debris. Battle Overwatch on the other side.

Follow the corridor to this ledge and hop over the gap to continue.
Witness these styders as you cross the glass bridge. A gunship follows, then

Follow the ledge to this door then pass through after Alyx opens it.

The corridor leads to this combo station. Grab an energy ball from the beam off-
screen to the left.

Walk to the end of the ledge and throw the energy ball into this socket. The lift

Look up. Debris falls periodically. You can either step aside, grab it with your
Gravity Gun's left trigger, or shoot it with the right trigger.

The lift stops. Use your Gravity Gun to pull the pink console off the wall. You can
then shoot an energy ball through the opening; it will bounce off the wall and into
the socket if you aim just right.

The lift resumes and so does the debris, including this large piece of something. I
found it best to grab it with the Gravity Gun's left trigger, then toss it aside.

Activating this socket only works briefly as a Stalker reverses the lift. Take him
out with a well-placed energy ball then re-energize the socket to send the lift on
its way for good.

Quickly exit the lift once it arrives to avoid this final chunk of debris.

Fill up on health and energy at this combo station then continue ahead to load the
next level.

Direct Intervention

Overwatch attack, but they're no match for your Supercharged Gravity Gun.

Alyx gets to work at this console, exposing the core so you can get a good look at
it. Follow her to the neighboring room where a combo station is found.

Alyx summons this lift; step inside and ride it down.

Energy balls can be found along the right wall. You'll need to activate a pair of
sockets, one behind me in this shot and the other ahead/right. Stalkers will
deactivate the sockets as you light them, so you'll need to first shoot your energy
balls at the Stalkers and take them out.

Walk across the bridge once active, activate the third socket and walk across this
second bridge.

Press this switch to rearrange the bridges.

Cross to the center of the structure and climb the ladder.

Follow the ledge to the doorway ahead/left.

More fodder for your Supercharged Gravity/God Gun.

Use the combo station after clearing out the room, then return outside and grab an
energy ball for this socket. You'll need to shoot fast before the energy ball

Manhacks, soliders and Overwatch attack. I recommend retreating to the corridor to

funnel their assault. Here I fend of a manhack just after earning the Hot
PotatOwned achievement for killing a Combine soldier with his own grenade.

Energizing the socket has activated this energy tether. You'll need to activate
three of these to stabilize the core.

Heal at the combo station again then exit through this now-available corridor.

Pull this access panel off then carefully step inside.

Turn right, dodge the oncoming energy balls then exit through the opening on the

Ascend the ramp then hop onto the ledge on the right to continue around the corner

Remove this second panel.

Step through then battle more soldiers and Overwatch.

Grab the energy ball from this energy beam to disable the force field on the right.

Follow the bridge to this damaged ledge surrounding the core. Step onto the ledge
and quickly sprint to the other bridge while the core is on the down-side of its

Battle your way through this next corridor.

Activate the second energy tether with an energy ball from the beam to the left
(deactivated already in this shot).

Don't exit the way you came. Instead, leave through this doorway to the right of
the tether.

Ride a lift up to this next corridor where you'll battle more soldiers and

Find this combo station on the left as you near the exit.

Turn around to battle a couple more troops after exiting, then hop onto one of
these rotating blades. Battle numerous manhacks -- just grab them and toss them
into the blades or into the core itself.

Jump onto this balcony once it rotates into position.

Fight your way through this next corridor.

Remove this hatch and climb inside.

Jump off this ledge left of the fire.

Descend the ramp to another game of energy-bowling-ball. Dodge or jump the balls to
reach the exit hatch at the far/left side of the alley.
More Overwatch attack as you exit.

Grab an energy ball from the alley and toss it into the socket.

Something goes wrong; the tether machinery moves into place but the tether never
energizes. Jump into the pit on the right.

Enter this room beneath the subfloor and find three inactive energy beams. Grab
energy balls from the opening in the ceiling and energize the three beams.

The third beam is a bit tricky. Energizing it activates the tether machinery and
that's your ride out of here. Position yourself as I am here, near the tether

Energize the beam then quickly jump onto the lift before it rises out of reach.

Grab another energy ball from the alley and toss it into the socket to activate the
third tether.

Take a gander at the core to find it peacefully contained.

Exit through here.

Return to Alyx and discover that the once-turncoat Judith is in trouble.

Alyx opens this door for you. Follow the corridor to the lift ahead.

Ride the lift down then follow the corridor a short distance until these Overwatch
attack from behind. You'll be left defenseless as your Gravity Gun is no longer

After Alyx seals them off grab two of these roller mines for her to reprogram.

Hang back while the roller mines defeat this next wave of troops.

Once the area is clear, heal at this health station then follow Alyx into the

Alyx is relieved at the clean getaway until she discovers that the train is a
Stalker transport.

After a short distance the train derails. Make your way through the car to Alyx.
Use your Gravity Gun to pull this Stalker off of her.

Exit through this door then climb under the debris ahead to load the next level.


Once Alyx catches her breath she'll deactivate this force field.

Keep right to find the roadway. Debris such as this cinderblock can help defend
against the zombies and head crabs.

Keep an eye out for mines, which can be reset by picking them up. You can then
place them in the path of enemies to take them out. You can also throw the mines
for instant damage.
Continue through the door ahead/right.

Use your flashlight to illuminate the dark hallway. Alyx suggests finding a power
source to unlock the door.

Turn right to spot some energy for your suit. Use your Gravity Gun to remove the
grate and move the barrel. Climb into the vent.

Beware the deadly drop just before these supplies. Use your Gravity Gun to retrieve
a flair and health.

Turn left to find this ladder.

Climb the ladder then follow the vent before exiting at this grate. A head crab,
suit energy and supply crate are below.

Behind this fence you'll find a flair, a Shotgun, a supply crate and suit energy.
You can remove the supplies by lifting them over the opening in the fence. More
health and energy are in lockers to the right.

Use your newly-found shotgun to break the lock on this gate.

Find a pistol near this panel. Open the panel then activate the power.

Alyx can now join you through the unlocked door.

Your Gravity Gun dislodges the car blocking this doorway.

Zombies, shotgun ammo and suit energy are to the left. Health, more zombies and
antlions are to the right.

Continue farther right to find this supply crate.

Enter the rail car to discover a new foe, the Combine zombie, or, "zombine" as Alyx
quips. As zombines are apt to do, one of them blows himself up, opening the glass
wall to the right.

Find some ammo at the end of the rail car before exiting through here, where more
zombines await.

There's plenty in the environment to help you out here, including this flair found
in the white van on the right.

Tossing the flair at enemies ignites them, doing damage over time. Note the health
near the locked door on the left.

Beware these barnacles as you advance. Feed them flammable barrels for an easy

Continue into this room.

Find a flair, two supply crates, two medkits and a power panel. Use the panel to
unlock the door seen earlier.

Fight passed another zombie wave then return to the now-unlocked door and ascend
these stairs.

Oops. Try to let Alyx go first. Toxic head crabs are at the top of the stairs.
They'll bring your health down to 1 immediately, but you'll slowly recover as your
suit administers treatment. A supply crate is behind me in this shot.

Exit the stairwell and find supply lockers to the right; suit energy is found here
on the left.

Use your Gravity Gun to stop up this antlion pit/burrow with the nearby car.
Otherwise, antilions will continue to spawn indefinitely.

Another medkit is by this crank. Turn the crank to raise the door ahead.

More toxic headcrabs and these two supply crates are ahead. The crate on the right
holds a head crab.

Many barnacles are through this next gate. Clear out the ones nearby but leave the
more distant barnacles intact.

A zombie wave is headed your way and the barnacles do a great job of thinning out
the herd. Shotgun ammo and a medkit are found in the hole in the wall ahead/left.

Exit to this stairwell and ascend the stairs.

Emerge to witness a zombine/antlion battle. Note the shotgun ammo on the ground.
More is on the other side of the fence, left of the supply crate seen ahead.
Continue through the doorway ahead/left.

Three antlion pits need to be stopped up - fast. Start by using your gravity gun's
right trigger to push this red car into the pit directly ahead.

Ascend this ramp to the next level.

Smash the crate blocking the doorway to get behind the green car. Push it over the
ledge to the lower level.

Note that Alyx is vulnerable during all this. She'll tell you to knock the antlions
over with your Gravity Gun so she can get a better shot. Try to keep her safe while
you work at moving the cars around.

Here's the green car stopping up the second burrow.

The third car is that white car behind the locked gate on the middle level. To
reach it you'll need to ascend the ramp on the right to the third level.

Walk the plank to reach the broken gate ahead.

Drop over the ledge to reach the white car. Turn the crank to open the gate then
push the car downstairs with your Gravity Gun. Beware the possum-playing zombie
guarding the car.

The third antlion burrow is conveniently located beneath the ledge where the white
car was parked. A supply crate and medkit are also nearby.

Another supply crate is found inside this room.

Shotgun ammo and another medkit are here on the second level.

Alyx will be waiting for you on the top level. Turn the crank on the left to open
the gate. Note the two medkits and suit energy on the floor behind the gate.

Descend the stairs all the way to the bottom to find this zombie-guarded supply

Backtrack up the stairs a bit to this exit.

Emerge in this flooded sub basement, packed with zombines. Grab some shotgun ammo
then continue through the gap in the fence behind this ill-fated foe.

Battle a large zombie/zombine contingent to this stairway and the doorway beyond.

Turn left to find a malfunctioning elevator. This is your way out -- if you can
fend of the zombie horde once you get the power working.

Turn right from the lift then follow the power line along the left wall to this
corner door. A body drops from the ceiling. Use your Gravity Gun to pull the plank
off the door then ready your shotgun before opening it.

Inside is a solitary zombine, a flair, a supply crate, and...

...the power box for the elevator. Don't activate the panel yet, though. Doing so
not only calls the elevator, but also triggers a massive zombie attack.

Instead, start gathering supplies and stockpiling them near the elevator. Don't
worry about being too neat -- a single explosion will scatter your supplies about.
Everything is about to go kablooey in this shot.

Don't miss the supplies in this cage. You can remove items by lifting them over the
gap in the fence near the ceiling.

Work fast, because each time your flashlight goes out a zombie or two will sneak up
on you and Alyx.

When you're ready, return to the panel and throw the switch to send the elevator on
its way. A massive zombie attack is triggered, including zombines and these fast

Stay near your cache of supplies then jump into the lift as soon as it arrives.
Another medkit is waiting for you inside.

Witness a floor-by-floor freakshow as the lift rises to the next level.

Urban Flight

Find this locked gate. Note the orange socket to the right.

Backtrack past the elevator to this gate. Turn the crank to access the supplies

Buried beneath the boxes in the far/right corner is the hand crank Alyx is hoping
to find.

Return the crank to the socket and open the gate.

Ascend the stairs to finally reach the surface. Listen to Dr. Kleiner on the big

Pull the metal sheeting away from this barricade.

A supply crate - and surveillance drones - are on the other side.

Clear another barricade then battle these troops, apparently alerted to your
presence by the drones. Be sure to grab an SMG from the troops.

Slip passed this citadel barrier once it moves out of place.

Three antlion pits are accompanied by, once again, three cars.

Plug the antlion pits with the cars (or just run passed them) then follow the road
ahead/left to this door. Pull the planks off to enter the building.

Combine are setting up mines. Toss chairs into the laser beams to trigger the mines
and dispatch the soldiers.

An inferno ensues, fueled by a propane tank in the room to the left.

Position one of the milk crates so that it supports these pipes. You can then cross
the pipes to the ledge and turn off the gas.

Collect the area's supplies then ascend these stairs.

More mines are on the second floor. Watch this zombie trip them and blow himself to

More zombies are in the next room. Don't destroy the roller mines you'll find;
they'll take out the zombies and will make your advance easier in the upcoming

Grab supplies from the floor then take a peek out the window -- a sniper has taken
up position at the end of the road.

Descend these stairs and encounter another zombie and more roller mines. Take the
roller mines to Alyx for reprogramming -- they'll be excellent escorts.

Duck outside then sprint behind the building on the right where you'll find a pair
of supply crates.

Crouch then seek cover behind this red car. Stand, sprint, then crouch again behind
the blue car to advance farther down the road. Note the suit energy in front of the
blue car.

Antlions! If you have your roller mine escorts with you they'll clean up your ant
problem nicely.

Once you are in front of the blue car the sniper won't be able to target you. Toss
one of your reprogrammed roller mines into his nest to flush him out - dead.
Alternately, use a grenade found in the supply crates ahead to blast him out.

Alyx will take up position in the sniper's nest and shoot this ladder free. Climb
the ladder to advance farther down the street.

Zombies attack, but they're no match for Alyx's sniping skills. Enter the building
through the door on the right.

A supply crate - and a toxic head crab - are here on the right.

Head upstairs then remove the planks covering these windows on the left. Alyx then
has a clear shot at the line of zombies marching your way.
Descend the stairs at the other end of the hall then find this supply crate before
returning to the street through the door on the right.

Remove this metal sheeting so Alyx can snipe the gunman on the other side.

Push the white car into this antlion burrow.

Slip behind this barricade once it opens up. Soldiers keep spawning until you do.

Bust open the supply crates while Alyx catches up. Advance into the building after
she deactivates the force field.

More trouble -- it looks like the core is going critical again.

Bust open these crates once inside.

Head left to this battle with several combine troops -- they'll drop the highly-
coveted pulse rifle.

Find plenty of supplies here on the left.

More soldiers soon attack from the door to the right, where you'll find health and
suit energy stations. Both exits here lead to the same hallway.

Fight passed anther soldier then ascend the stairs to your next auto-save
checkpoint and more supplies.

Toss any unused supplies to the pavement below before dropping through.

Combine troops are battling an antlion bull outside. It's tempting to hang back
until the bull finishes them off, but I found it best to begin work immediately --
just keep out of everyone's way.

Your first task is to plug up the two antlion pits.

Here's the second pit. Now at least you won't be bothered by additional antlion
spawns. The troops should be history by now.

As befits the name, "bull," this large antlion attacks by charging head-on. Keep
moving to avoid his charges and get in as many shots as you can.

The machine gun emplacement seen on the right can be a good place to circle around.
Unfortunately the bull is too fast to make the machine gun itself much use.

Before long he'll succumb to your fire, and Alyx will take up position at the
machine gun. Rush through the opening in the barricade and find a health station to
the right.

Enter the building through this hole to the left.

The door on the right is locked. Blow up the barrels in this corner then deactivate
the mine before crawling into the vent on the left.

Keep right at the first junction then climb this ladder.

Don't get any closer to these supplies than I am here, or else you'll crash through
the ceiling to an amused Alyx. Instead, grab them with your Gravity Gun then return
down the ladder.
Keep right at the junction again and follow the shaft until it collapses in front
of this mine. Don't disturb the mine; instead, pop open the grate above and step

Find the entire room booby-trapped. Escape to the elevator straight-ahead by

hopping along the barrels and bench.

The lift drops into the water below. Use your Gravity Gun to punch open the ceiling
grate, then swim to the surface. Beware the barnacle tongues dangling above.

The neighboring room is likewise booby-trapped. Shoot one of the barrels to set it
ablaze, then quickly dive into the water to survive the resulting explosions.

Find supplies and a toxic head crab inside.

Use your Gravity Gun to uncover this vent then climb in with the aid of the
neighboring barrel.

The vent leads to this ledge which you can follow to reach the ladder ahead.

Jump to the ledge in front of this grate seen below, then pop it open with your
Gravity Gun and enter the vent. Be careful to avoid the barnacles.

Follow the vent to this opening. The falling grate triggers another set of
explosions, so be sure to wait before jumping in.

Deactivate any remaining mines then use the panel ahead to turn on the power and
unlock the door for Alyx.

Exit through this door, opposite.

Follow the hallway to this next booby-trapped room, complete with crawling zombie.
Best to just shoot the flaming barrels from the hallway so it's relatively safe
before you even enter. Be sure to deactivate the mine in the far left corner.

Note this force field on the left. Beware the stairs on the right -- Combine are
about to blast through the door.

Fight your way up the stairs to this room. Grab the crossbow on the shelf behind
this soldier before pulling the green plug seen upper-left to deactivate the force
field at the bottom of the stairs.

Once outside, your new crossbow does a great job sniping the rappelling troops.
Hold the left trigger to activate your crossbow scope. Supplies can be lifted over
the fence on the right.

After a brief street fight, the underground lead you through this door to a safe

Plenty of supplies are found along the way. Be sure to find this medkit after
listening to Dr. Kleiner on the nearby TV.

Ascend the stairs then pull the planks off this door to bypass the stairs blocked
by a head crab bomb. Zombines are on the other side.

Enter this room on the right, careful to avoid the rotted floor boards. Otherwise
you'll fall into a zombie pit below.
Meet up with Barney on the top floor of the safe house. He'll lower this bridge for
you and Alyx, leading to a diversionary second route to the evacuation trains.
He'll also hand you an item you have probably been missing - a crowbar.

Cross the bridge then enter the building through this window on the right. Break
through a plank to another short bridge beyond.

Ascend a flight of toxic-head-crab-infested stairs to yet another bridge. Pull the

plank away from the crank to lower the bridge.

Cross the bridge to this hospital. Find more crossbow ammo next to a washer/dryer
then battle these zombies. Toss the bench with your Gravity Gun to trip the mines
ahead for safe passage.

Ascend another flight of stairs to this attic. Retrieve the grenade launder once
the comrade is killed then take up position at this crate for infinite ammunition.

Your task is to bring down this gunship. As before, try swirling your site to help
the rockets dodge the gunship's fire.

Once the airship crashes into the attic, drop to the floor below and collect any
remaining supplies. The way out is through this door, after these troops blast

Toss the box through the lasers to trigger the mines. Alyx will then lower the
force field. Beware of the mine on the other side.

Time for an extended run-and-gun, complete with soundtrack. A supply crate and a
zombie are in the first room to the left. The second room on the left is empty.

Someone's throwing a major party around the next bend and they forgot to invite
you. Your pulse rifle does a good job correcting their manners.

These fools ask Alyx to dance once you reach the end of the corridor. Her shotgun
tells them she's a one-man kinda gal. Grab a supply crate from the room on the left
before continuing through the door on the right.

Overwatch, zombines, zombies and Combine troops are getting it on in the next
corridor. Try to stay out of their way until the diehards are all that's left.
Collect supplies once the corridor is quiet -- just be prepared for toxic head
crabs to drop through the ceiling when you enter the room on the far right.

A trio of zombies are chilling in the lounge, up the next corridor.

Gate crashers are across from the lounge -- tell them the keg is kicked.

Uh-oh, someone called the cops. Take out the Overwatch in the last room on the
right then grab any chips and dip left lying around. The party's over.

The path forward is through this hole in the operating room floor.

Crash through the lower floor all the way to this flooded basement. Swim to the
surface and battle toxic head crabs. A supply crate is in the room to the left. The
way out is through the blue door ahead/right, but it's locked - for now.

Kill all the barnacles in the room, and position the blue barrel so that it
supports the unstable bridge segment seen on the left. Activate this panel to
unlock the blue door across the room far/left.
The water is now electrified and should be avoided. Sprint across the bridge then
jump to the platform in front of the sparking panel.

Turn right. Jump to the pillar ahead, then follow the railing right. You can then
jump to the platform adjacent to the room where you found the crate.

Climb through the window to the platform and exit through the now-unlocked door.

Ascend the stairs to this room where you'll be joined by Alyx. Open the supply
crates and avoid the barnacles. Continue through the door ahead.

More supplies are found, guarded by toxic head crabs below. Use your gravity gun to
snatch the crate and medkit seen here before dropping down.

This toxic zombie is the source of the head crabs. Take him out quickly -- he's
called in lots of backup.

If you're really quick, you can mine the doors with these mines before more zombies

Once your preferred weapon (mine is the shotgun) quells the mayhem, grab supplies
then exit through here. Turn left then keep right.

Find more supplies in this operating room then continue through the door on the
right, just off-camera.

This next corridor is mined, and automatic turrets attack from the far end. Advance
by rushing to the side pillars, careful to deactivate the mines as you go.

Be cautious of that room marked "R 344." You'll find supplies there, but zombies
like to wait in ambush.

Once you, Alyx and the turrets have decimated the zombie assault, use your Gravity
Gun to simultaneously pull the plug on the force field and on the turrets.

Advance down the hallway to this door and the next checkpoint.

Exit 17

Hook-up with Barney and he'll lead you to a group of civilians ahead/left. You'll
need to escort five groups of civilians to the safety of the train station,

Follow Barney up these stairs to the civilians - and a health station. Medkits are
in the truck to the left.

Lead the first group of civilians to the train entrance seen ahead/left. Note the
infinite supply of rockets -- you'll be needing that soon.

Another health station is inside, along with a milk crate full of small health
packs. I recommend scattering these on the floor for easy pickup later.

Here's the train station. Keep left and walk beneath both trains.

Lead the civilians through the doorway ahead where you'll find a third health
Follow the corridor to the checkpoint and supply crates. Alyx comments that you
should have brought the entire group over at one time due to the lack of
opposition. That's about to change.

Backtrack the way you came, battling manhacks and deactivating mines along the way.

Return to Barney for your second group of civilians.

Soldiers will attack through these windows when you re-enter the train station.
Infinite rockets are available outside so you might as well use them.

Lead the civilians back to Alyx.

You'll have a sniper to contend with on your way back to Barney. Rockets quickly
take out the sniper's nest.

Infinitely-rappeling Combine are not worthy of your attention. Get this third group
to the train station without delay.

Overwatch attack. The train on the left falls, blocking your way, but the catwalk
on the right has become a ramp.

This is a good time to use your crossbow.

This is a safe drop for you and the civilians as you return to Alyx.

You'll meet heavy resistance on this return trip to Barney. You'll need to use
multiple rockets to destroy this Combine tank before he'll send the last group of
civilians over.

Rockets will also be useful when brining your fourth group into the train station.
Keep your civilians safe by not advancing too far into the station. Keep your
launcher aimed at these doors so you can blast at the two waves of combine when
they come through.

More Combine attack through these windows as your squad nears Alyx.

Manhacks and CPs try to prevent your final return back to Barney.

This time, Barney will come with you and the two last civilians.

More soldiers provide sniping targets in the train station.

Alyx locks this door once you're inside. Rescue all of the hostages and earn the
Citizen Escort achievement.

Wave good-bye to Barney as the train departs with him and the civilians.

Continue through here once Alyx deactivates the force field.

Turn this crank to open the door for Alyx to slip beneath. You won't be able to
follow because the door lowers as soon as you release the crank.

A stryder attacks, blasting open this shipping container. Head through.

Remove these pallets to continue passed the fence.

Use this health station then enter this shipping container, holding supply crates
and two head crab bombs. Move quickly or else the stryder's fire will release the

Ramp up here

Find more supply crates and head crab bombs in this next container. Don't bother
shooting the stryder, you can't bring him down yet.

Around the next bend is this jump, where you can ramp up the container you used a
moment ago.

Quickly jump to the catwalk before the stryder can target you. Note the supplies
and health station - all vulnerable positions.

Beware the flaming barrels sent your way by this soldier. Explode the barrels with
your pistol or shoot them aside with your gravity gun before sniping the soldier.

Use your gravity gun to deactivate the mines lining the catwalk, all while taking
cover behind the metal sheeting lining the railing.

Leap to the ledge below and open the supply crates for health.

Drop to the ground below.

More flaming barrels, jumper mines and soldiers. Don't waste your ammo on the
soldiers -- the exploding barrels will take them down. Focus on shooting the
barrels before they get too close.

Slip between the trains here on the left.

Grab the supplies on the left then climb the ladder on the right.

Plenty of rockets. Now that the hard part of getting here is done, it's time to
kill the stryder.

Take cover behind the metal sheeting then pop out during a lull in the stryder's
shooting. Land half a dozen or so rockets to bring the stryder down.

Descend this ladder at the far side of the catwalk.

Alyx rejoins you, singing your praises as always. Step onto the train to begin your
escape from City 17.

This part is actually pretty cool, and serves as a nice setup for Episode Two. Game
Over. Hope you guys enjoyed this walkthrough! Game on!