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Kelly McGonigal


Kelly McGonigal is a Psychologist. She talks something about stress that can makes people
die because of the disease such as common cold to cardiovascular disease and etc. So, we
can say that stress is harmful for your health, it causes many disease and kill you at the end.
But, there are many people who misundertanding about stress. So, in this session Kelly
McGonigal will tell us about an analysis/research about stress.


She told the audience about a research. The research/study tracked 30,000 adults in US for
eight years. I think It is maybe like a survey. They start asking people about their opinion
about stress and etc.


And result is 43 percent people in us increased risk of dying. But the risk is just for people
who believe that stress is harmful for their health. So, I think it is about your perception. It
can be true if you are believe it and in vice versa.


The study convince that people who did not view stress as harmful even they experienced
still in a good condition.

And she told the audience about the result of a study and found that 182,000 people in
america died prematurely just because they believe that stress is harmful for their health.


and she also show a list about Top Causes of Death in US. At the top of the list is Heart
disease, and as we know that heart disease causes by stress.


as a conclusion of the study that stress is bad for our health. We can see from list before
which is told us that the disease which cause by stress is on the top of list with another
diseases. So, stress is the most dangerous causes of the disease.


She said that we have to changing our perception about stress, if we can change our
perception about stress, we can also make our body response to stress. As we know that
our body follow the instruction of our mind.


And she also gives the audience an example, it’s called the social stress test. When you are
in a situation which make you stand and you have to give an impromptu speech in front of
judges/evaluators about on your personal weaknesses which so much pressure.


And the second ilustration/example are related to math. The audience have counting from
996 increments of 7 and kelly pretend to be evaluator who will give the audience harras.
the audience have to counting faster and louder together.

and the result is that there is no people can do that. So that’s the illustration/example.
Many people will stress out and sometimes feel anxious if they at the same situation.


It can be cange if we viewed the condition instead and make it as a challange for ourself and
our body. It is like the study which conducted in harvard university. They viewed that stress
is really helpful for our health. For example, when our heart pounding it is good to preparing
for action. When we breathing faster, it will bring more oxygent to our brain. So that we can
less stressed out, less anxious and be more confident. I think maybe they want us to
viewed,assume it like a stretching.


But there are differences physical stress response between people who do the same act.
Another people sometimes will associated with cardiovaskular diisease, so it is not really
healthy for them. But another peple who viewed in a positive way, the will be more

06.53 so, if you make yourself courage. You have to believe in youself, so that your body will
following you. You have to make a positive view about stress , so you will be healthier

07.30 she said that stress make us social.

07.49 she talks about hormone and oxytocin. Something in our body. She said that oxytocin
has already gotten as much hype as a hormone can get.

08.09 oxytocin is neuron hormone which can makes us do something, makes us crave about
physical contact/skinship with someone. Can makes us show our care and sympathy for

so oxytocin doesn’t only act in our brain but also in our body. In our body, the oxytocin
makes our cardiovascular spared from the effect of stress,Oxytocin alson helps our heart
cells regenerate and heal from stress-induce damage.


when we reach out someone under stress ,this hormone will more release our stress
response will helthier and we will much better than before. So, the point is about
connection between human it self.


Another study tracked about 1000 adults in US. it is a survei like before. They give them
some question about stress and how much time they spent to help their neighbours or
someone in their community.


And the result, 30 percent people increased the risk of dying in US cause of family crisis,
financial difficulties and etc. But, that is not happened to everyone who spent time caring
for others.


It is depending on how we think and how we act. When we view it in a positive way. We will
much better at stress. It will gives us benefit in our mind and in a physical and vice versa.
When have to think that we don’t face the problem alone. Just look at the pressure that we
receive as a challange of our self.


The point is we have to believe our self that we can handle it and just trying to avoid
discomfort situation. I think, always connect with our family and community is the best way
to avoid the stress. Just enjoy the process of our life and don't think to much.