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Banking Solutions

TASC Segment
Introduction & Segments

Operative Account offerings

Investment Opportunities

Fee Management Solutions (FMS)

FCRA Account
Payment Gateway (PAYSEAL)
Welfare Banking Product
CSGL Account
Cross Sell Products

TASC is one of the integral part of RLG. TASC stands

for Trusts, Associations, Society and Clubs. The
segment looks after the liabilities business of all non-
profit motive organizations, including business
opportunities in Defence Sector.
Profit after tax Rs. 7.75 billion – 25% Growth on Q1
2006-07 a
The TASC Team will also look for avenues for
specialized requirement and products propositions to
other segment like Religious Trusts, hospitals, clubs,
education institutions, conferences, provident fund
trust , SEBI registered Venture capitals etc.
The TASC team also cater the investment needs of all
these customers ( i.e Corporate G I , CSGL a/c , Bonds)
Segmentation – Trust & Societies
Educational Trusts
Charitable Trusts
Religious Trusts
Employee Welfare Trusts
Private Trusts
Medical trusts/hospitals
Provident Fund trusts
Co-operative credit societies
Co-operative housing societies
Societies regd. Under societies registration
act:Spastic society
Condominiums: Apartment owners condominium
Segmentation – Clubs & EDI

Clubs & Associations

1.Health clubs: Gymnasiums, Health clinics,
Aerobics/ Yoga centers
2.Lifestyle clubs : Elite clubs of the city for
recreation etc
3.Sports clubs : Cricket,Football, Golf clubs of
various cities
4.Social activity clubs: Rotary,Lions, Jaycees
Education Institutions
1.Central Universities India, Open Universities in
India, Deemed Universities
2.Colleges: Engineering, Architecture, Medical,
Management, Nursing
3.Private Schools
4.International Schools
5.Research institutes in India
Segmentation - Defence
Segmentation- Hospitals

Segment Sub-segment Example

Harbansrai Charitable

Nanawati Hospital

Jehangir Memorial Hospital

Bhopal Memorial Hospital

Hospitals Charitable Hospitals
KEM Hospital

JJ Hospital

Indian Medical Research


PH Medical Center
Operative Account Offerings

Special Savings Account

 Money Multiplier Deposit

Roaming Current Account

M2o Current Account

Special Savings Account

Product highlights and benefits:

Fixed deposit interest on savings account
through Money Multiplier Deposit (MMD) *
Multi-city cheque facility
Interest earned till encashment
Advantage vis-à-vis demand drafts
Free collection of up-country cheques (locations
with ICICI Bank branches)- cost reduction
Anywhere Banking- operate account from

* explained later **subject to limits. No 3rd party cash withdrawals permitted for TASC
Special Savings Account

Product highlights and benefits:

Banking through multiple channels
 Internet & Phone banking (need to apply in
separate CRM form)
No requirement of minimum balance- no
compulsions to keep balances
Personalized multi-city cheque book
8 AM to 8 PM banking
Free monthly statement
Free Internet Banking facility & Phone banking
Whom to Offer
RBI prohibits certain bodies/organisations from
opening a Savings Account
 E.g. Govt. departments/bodies depending
upon budgetary allocations; any political
party etc.The RCA suite is an ideal option
for such entities
 Also some NGOs – especially who get foreign
funding may not have a mandate to open
“savings” account
These entities can be offered a suitable current
account variant
The RCA product suite is aimed at adding value
to the client by providing services based on the
float maintained in the account
The RCA has the following variants based on the
Quarterly Balance to be maintained:

Variant QAB in Rs.

Standard 10,000
Classic 25,000
Premium 50,000
Gold 100,000
Gold Plus 300,000
Platinum 500,000
InRCA the service charges are standardized
based on the product variant
The RCA product features
Multi-citycheque book
Anywhere Banking
Faster Cheque Collections
Banking access through different channels –
ATM, Phone banking, Internet banking, Mobile
banking and Doorstep banking*
Account statements through email/fax either on
a daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis
Services like fund transfer, cheque collection,
DD/PO, Cash deposits, etc. are offered free of
cost upto certain pre-set limits depending on the
RCA variant
The charges are levied and collected centrally on
a monthly basis
*conditions apply
m2o Current Account
m2o is aimed at:
Providing convenience to high-end customers
To meet specific requirements in regards to the
flexibility to structure a current account

Gives client flexibility and convenience to

choose –
both the services to be availed and also the QAB
that may be maintained for availing those
KYC & Documents

1. Account Opening Form

2. “ True and Updated” Copy of Trust Deed/Bye Laws
duly signed by Managing trustee/authorized
3. Pan Card Copy Duly attested by Managing
trustee/authorized signatories or Form 60
4. Resolution Duly Signed by Managing
trustee/authorized signatories
5. List of Trustees with their Address and Designation
in the trust duly signed by Managing
trustee/authorized signatories
6. Copy of 12A(a) certificate, Copy of Latest Form3a
(IT Return Copy) duly signed by Managing
trustee/authorized signatories
KYC & Documents

7. Identity Proof of Authorized Signatories duly signed

by Managing trustee/authorized signatories
8.Resolution & List of Trustees all should be given in
the Letterheads of the Trust.
9. For seal of the Trust with Proper Designation
Should be used at all the documents
10.In case change in list of trustees than to trust
deed annexure 15 on letter head & appointment &
resignation letter
11. Most Important Information Documents
Investment Opportunities

 Fixed Deposits

 Floating rate deposit

 Recurring Deposits

 8% Government of India ( RBI ) Bonds

 Mutual Fund
Fee Management Solutions (FMS)
Process of FMS
EI shares basic details - Total students, fee
collection frequency, average fees per annum,
email id for communication (a must), No. of
teachers, Avg. Salaries p.m.* (Calculator
We check on acceptability of assignment and
asks for signing of Agreement – signed for 1
year only. Signed agreement is sent to CO
We get a CODE generated for the EI
Bank gives daily MIS of collections. It also
gives Cumulative picture
EI designs the Fee Payment Slip based on an
advised pattern & distributes to parents
Fee collection can start
Features of FMS

No input requirements from the Institution

Bank agrees to take up the assignment and
asks for agreement signing
Bank Issues a 6 digit Alpha code for the
Bank approves the Fee Payment Slip design
Fee collection can start
Flexibility of payment channels
MIS follows

( TAT = 1
Advantages of FMS

To EIs
The Special Savings Account/ current
account/m2o carries unique features
No more hassles of fee collection - handling of
cash, cheque and demand draft at the EI
Reduced incidences of late payments – parents
now have multiple & convenient options for fee
Complete information on fees collected through
daily MIS report
Single consolidated credit in bank account for
the day's collection- reconciliation made easier
Advantages of FMS

To Parents
No need now to travel to the EI only for fee
payment or getting drafts from their banks and
posting to EI
Students need not risk carrying fees to their EIs
Ease of paying fees through any of the multiple
 8 AM to 8 PM banking Branches
 24X7 access to ATMs , internet and phone banking
Reduced incidences of late payments – parents
now have multiple & convenient options for fee
Purpose of introduction of FCRA

It is a Internal Security Law to regulate the

acceptance and utilization of Foreign
Contribution or Foreign Hospitality received
by the associations
Its primary purpose is to prevent foreign
inflows for terrorist activities, destabilizing
the Govts. etc
At the same time it encourages and
facilitates inflow of FC for genuine purposes
recognized under the Act
FCRA- Some important concepts
Foreign Source
Any non - Indian and any organization which is not
controlled by Indians is a Foreign Source subject to
A NRI I.e. an Indian citizen residing abroad is not a
foreign source and can give donation to an
association for credit to a domestic account. Bank
needs passport copy for verification and records
Foreign Contribution
Means the Donation, delivery or transfer made by
any Foreign Source of any articles, currency or
foreign security. Currency may be Indian or Foreign
FCRA- Some important concepts




(while unregistered associations may also be given

FCRA approval, ICICI bank does not open accounts of
unregistered entities and thus we confine our FCRA
offering only for “Registered” associations)
Types of MHA approval

Prior Permission
is a specific permission and against specific
donors for specific amounts only
(for “associations” less than three years old or rarely
receiving the fund. It is case to case basis)

isa blanket permission to receive foreign
contribution from any entity for any amount
Authorities Involved

Mainly three authorities :-

Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Delhi

Investigation Bureau (IB), Delhi & Local

Collector or Secretary/ Jt. Secretary of State or

Center (IAS cadre)
Procedure -By Applicant

Opening of specially designated Bank

Account (FCRA) to receive Foreign
Remittance. It is a Rupee Account
(Bank will open the FCRA account with a Debit &
Credit Freeze by the bank)

To obtain from bank branch a letter

addressed to MHA informing such account

Submission of Application to MHA

Procedure - By Bank
 Opening of an exclusive Account – under
FCRA circular, specially designated for this
purpose. Even AOC* is not to be taken
 RPC/COPS will open FCRA account with a
Debit & Credit Freeze by the bank.
 All accounts shall be opened with
SBFCR/CAFCR GL Code, as at that stage it may
not be known to Bank whether the client will
file with MHA for a “Registration” or a “prior-
 Bank branch to issue a letter addressed to
MHA informing the FCRA account particulars

*AOC – account opening cheque

Procedure - By Bank
Branch to scan the copy of MHA permission
marked for Bank & put FCRM to RPC/COPS for
account activation

On getting the final approval copy CTD/COPS

will remove the Debit/Credit Freeze
 Simultaneously update the Status Code to
“PRIOR” (required only in case of a Prior-
Procedure - By Bank
The FCRA Accounts have Report codes to
enable monitor the transactions in FCRA
accounts. The report codes with their
description as provided for are as follows;
For Credits to FCRA Account – both “prior
Permission and “ Registration “ cases
 REFCR - Redeposit of funds
 TRABR - Transfer from abroad
 TRFCR - Transfer from another FCRA
ForDebit to FCRA Account
DFCRA - Only for Debits in FCRA Accounts
Procedure - By Bank
Note :
Credit transactions for CASH will not be
allowed for the FCRA accounts. 
Pop-up message – “ Local credits (cash) not
allowed under FCRA Scheme”  
Pop-up message in TM Module would be
available as – “This is an FCRA Account”
Bank to file periodic returns etc. as per the Act
Change in FCRA Bank A/c.
Under this act, the trust or association has
right to maintain only one FCRA designated
bank account
If Association wants to change the
designated bank account to another bank,
they can do so subject to the approval of the
Home Ministry
Procedure is similar to registration, only
additional document is Reason* for change of
bank is to be provided

* “ICICI Bank gives better services/exchange rates; faster means of

remittance etc are also acceptable
PAYSEAL - ICICI Bank Payment
Payseal is a payment gateway from ICICI
ePayments Limited
Provides browsers to make Credit Card
based payments
The Gateway needs to be integrated on the
site of the association
Secured payment platform with encryption in
128 bit SSL format with real time
Is a Commercial product available at a price

Enables secure, reliable, real-time card

processing and supports major card types
issued worldwide

Profile of Welfare Organizations

 Welfare Organizations (WO)* are

organizations with a service motive.
 WO denotes an entire sector, which may
have organizations, constituted as Trusts,
Societies, Clubs, Associations, Sec 25
companies etc. under the relevant Acts
 Social initiatives of Govt. also covered
 Often Professionally managed
Peculiar Banking needs

 WOs often work in rural and semi-urban

 Large Funding WOs often disburse funds to
a number of beneficiary WOs or to their own
 Forex inward remittances - Many
organizations receive grants / donations from
international bodies
 Donation management / collection (from
domestic and abroad) constitute important
sources of receipts for WO
Banking Solution

Payment Solutions


Corporate Infinity - Linking

Special FX Rates
Advantage to customer
 Bank handles complete work of payment
and dispatch, reconciliation
 Bank can avail payment convenience at
extensive network across 384 of our own
locations and 2801 of correspondent bank
locations - giving us the ability to service
WOs operating even in remote areas of the
A secured platform to meet bulk payment
requests from clients
CMS -Collections

Local Cheque Collections

Upcountry Cheque
Advantages to customer

 Can avail collection facility even at remote

 Customer receives detailed MIS on the
amounts deposited at multiple locations
 MIS includes location name, deposit slip
number, cheque number deposit and credit
dates and instrument amount
 Multiple channels to receive MIS including
the emails, faxes, couriers and the Internet
Features – Collections product
 Local Cheque Collection
 609 key business centers serviced
 ICICI Bank location : 384
 Correspondent Bank locations : 319
 For improving the quality of MIS, ICICI Bank
has appointed co-coordinators at 192 Corr
Bank locations for reporting and follow-up
Upcountry Cheque Collection
 Coverage of over 4832 centers comprising
 ICICI Bank location : 384
 Correspondent Bank locations : 4576
Corporate Infinity - Linking Facility

 Project specific accounts can be opened by

each receiving WOs
 All banking transactions can then be
monitored if routed through project specific
 All these accounts can be linked to funding
agency’s account
Advantages to customer

Monetary control of beneficiary WOs made

View option available to funding agency
through internet banking - including
Summary MIS on all beneficiary account
Funding agency can do online credits in
beneficiary accounts with the bank
Services for Constituent
Subsidiary General Ledger
(CSGL) A/c
SGL Facility for Govt. Securities
Operational Mechanism

 Eligibility norms
 Start-up procedure
 Operational issues
 Working mechanism
 Advantages of SGL facilities
Product Profile - CSGL

Central Govt. Securities

 Fixed rate / Floating rate bonds
 Oil bonds
StateGovt. Securities
Treasury Bills
Eligibility Norms
Investment may be made by any person
including :
Corporate bodies
State Government
Provident Funds
NRIs, OCBs predominantly owned by NRIs and
FIIs registered with SEBI/approved by RBI, are
also eligible to invest
 are important for TASC segment
Start - up Procedure

 Opening of SSA/current account with Bank

– need not be an exclusive account, even
existing account will do
 Conversion of physical certificates into
 Commencement of transactions with
instructions for purchase/sale
Advantages of SGL Facilities
To Customer
 Holdings are in Demat form
 No hassles and risks associated with physical
 Bank takes full responsibility for all custodial
services including :
 Conversion of physical holdings into Demat form
 Collection of interest
 Collection of redemption proceeds
 Sale/Purchase of securities as per constituent’s
 Statement of holdings at periodic intervals
 Reconciliation of holdings with RBI
Advantages of SGL Facilities ...
To Customer
Advisory services on good investment
Sharing of information regarding Credit Rating
of various entities
Recommendations for prudent income
recognition norms

To the Bank
Good CASA float
Cross Sell Products

Corporate General Insurance products

 Property Insurance
 Benefit Policy
 Other Policy
LifeInsurance products
ICICI Bank Pure Gold
Thank You