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‘Mahayoga’ or Maha-kriya Yoga is an ancient tradition of yoga practice in Nepal, which has
been lost since the long time. It is the root of all yoga approaches that are in practice today. The
timeless Knowledge of Veda, and Upanishads has stated about this yoga in various places, in
both theoretical and practical manner. Being the root of all yoga it is literally termed as
‘Mahayoga’ a great yoga.

Mahayoga has been practiced in Indian sub-continent since few centuries, where Siddha Guru
(spiritual Master) initiates with the power of his will, to enable the Sadhakas (Students) to feel
the sheer of spiritual ecstasy, through awakening Kundalini Shakti. In this style of yoga there are
no any special kriyas or practices, students fully depends on Guru.
Mahayoga is the meditative practice, which is based on the theory that yoga is the state of being,
rather doing. The true form of yoga is effortless, one will be witness of all his belongings
through his/her enlightened self. The Mahayoga we got from the grace of Guru, which includes
the 3 major aspects of mankind to yoke consciousness to super consciousness. The material
aspect with righteous living, physical health and well-being; the psychic aspect with purity,
satisfaction and peace through psychological health and well-being; the para-psychic or non-
material aspect with self-realization and enlightenment. Mahayoga, as it is thought that it
requires no any effort from practitioners, no asanas, and no kriyas. This is partial truth, in fact
Mahayoga is the Maha-kriya Yoga. It is the Highway of acquiring the Yoga destiny, which
includes two path, Purva-marga and Paschim marga. These two margas have their respective
kriyas. These kriyas are classified as Purva kriyas and Paschim kriyas, these makes this yoga
Maha-Kriya Yoga. This yoga focus on meditative approaches rather than the physical or outer
approaches. Although this is meditative form, it includes various asanas, pranayamas, mudras
and therapeutic practices in case of any physical or mental ailments. Well organized, systematic
and easiest way of practices makes a true lover of yoga like Mahayoga. A 90 minutes of class
which initially focus on physical well-being through asanas and pranayamas to make one ready
for Mahayoga. After 2 or 3 months practitioners will be able to sit in a meditation up to an hour
without outer senses. Up to now you are doing meditation but as you go deeper in to Mahayoga
meditation can be observed within.
A regular practice of the sadhana under the supervision of Guru, one can acquire the stage of
Samadhi in 6 years and more.