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An Overview (Building Dream foundation)

Building Dreams Ngo takes most of their time taking social responsibilities and work on
them very seriously.

They are not only running their NGO in Dehradun but also Kolkata and Contai. They are
planning to expand in BIHAR as well. NGO under the banner of BREAKING DREAMS will
work on certain domain so that future generation have a bright future.

What they want to do as an ngo –

1. From teaching children at slums,

2. starting small scale business for women at different places so they have a steady
passive income,
3. counselling students of standard 10th and 12th at regular intervals in various
government schools to make sure they have lot of opportunity to explore when they
leave their schools,
4. re-admitting school drop outs so that they get to explore how powerful education is,
5. Taking responsibility to fill up forms of various competitive examinations that too for
free for as many bpl family students as we can.

About the Interview:-

First we went to the office of Building Dream Foundation, their the person told us to
meet the Manager of the Ngo. Then we meet Mr. Ranjeet Bar who is the manager of
the ngo. Afterwards we started our interview in which we raised certain questions
about the working of Ngo. Firstly we asked him from what source they get the funds
of ngo, how many members have in their ngo and other questions. He told us that they
have no sponsorship and they running this ngo on their own and they have 15
members in the team. He told us that they provide free education to the children
which they have legal right under article 21a which talks about that the state shall
provide free and compulsory eduction to all. They also provide mid day meals to the
childrens and they provide knowledge about menstruation and sanitary pads to girls
which is given by Priyanka barani. He told us about many case where they provide
legal aid to children but in this report we talk only one case in which ngo organised
mediation camp in which one children talked about his problem that his parents fight
in front of him and he have negative impact on his mind the ngo person said that this
case is about domestic violence and this is given under domestic violence act which
talk about that violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic
setting, such as in marriage or cohabitation so the ngo do arbitration between them
and talk about their children that what their children is facing due to domestic
problem in his house that he is having negative impact on his mind and he is very
scared from that violence so they suggested to parents that they should act in a good
manner as parents do in front of their children . They also tried to make things better
between his parents. Ranjeet and his team helped the child in various ways. They took
an long hour counselling session of child and try to sought out all of his problem. His
team done what they could do in this situation, they not only helped the child but also
helped the parents.


Q) If a domestic assault occurs in front of the children, does that in any way affect the
legal system’s response? Do the police or courts take the matter more seriously?

Q) Are there any services for children who witness domestic violence?

Q) Is a child witnessing domestic violence considered to be a form of child abuse? If

yes, who would be responsible for that?


In all the above question that has been put , the above case give a clear picture or we
can say solutions to these question . As we see in above case where Ranjeet and his
team helped the child to overcome from this negative impact and they provide the
counselling to the child so they he can focus on other things rather than the issue and
the ngo also provide arbitration to his parents and told about what are the problem is
faced by their children. No, the police not take the matter more seriously because as
the police can’t reach everywhere, so the Ngo provides service to the children about
their issue and their problem.
Role division:-

1. Interviewer- Anshul Natani

2. Cracks the deal- Jasveen Singh
3. Report Writing- Prakhar Agnihothri
4. Recording- Anushka Agarwal
5. Editing- Rudrakash Pandey