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2018 SAND Chicago Sand

SEASON Volleyball (CSV)

Early Bird R egistr ation ends on 4/10

To learn more, go to April Edition
www.chicagos andvolleyball.org

WHAT TO LOOK FOR Why Sand Volleyball

By Tim Maruyama

• What’s New (2) I get asked all the time by perspective families “So why sand volleyball?”. I must
admit this is one of my favorite questions because I get to jump up on my podium
• National Program (3) and share something I’m deeply passionate about.
• Boys School League (4)
So, Why Sand Volleyball?

The rationale is endless, but I will start with just a few of the most important benefits.

Health & Wellness

• You will increase your vertical ~ 2-3 inches in one summer!
• You will protect your knees from overuse injuries caused by jumping up and down
on hardwood floors.
“CSV is an amazing
• Obviously, your stamina & agility will increase greatly moving in the sand
opportunity for athletes to
develop into well rounded Mental Game
volleyball players and
• With only two people on the court you must cover a wide space in a short time …
dynamic students of the you are forced to see across the net and watch your opponent 10x more than indoor.
• It is primarily un-coached. You are forced to learn your opponent’s strengths and
~ Coach Giunta-Mayer weakness in rally and adjust accordingly.
Glenbard West
Positions and Play Time
• Indoors you have a few roles that you must master and at times you could spend a
full practice as a setter…. Only setting!!! In the sand you are forced every minute of
every play to be a passer, setter, hitter, blocker, server, and every other skill.
• There are no subs. If you play sand, you are a starter.

And that is only the short answer! I hope that helps give you a glimpse at a few benefits.
What’s New Page 2

Program Updates, Changes & Additions

After our March newsletter came out we received feedback from many of you on what you wanted to see
happen in and around the landscape of volleyball! So here are some updates, changes & additions for you.

We have three locations now supporting both boys and girls.

Main Campus | Downers Grove
West Campus | Winfield
North Campus | Northbrook

Each location has opportunities for 4 th through 12 th grade.

Traditional Program
Previously we had planned this to have more of a league
format to it, but we heard from so many that the scheduling would
be too great a challenge. With that in mind we have transitioned it back to how it was last year with set 90-
minute blocks. To stay consistent with our competitive theme there will be several official and unofficial
competitive elements within the training.

National Program
Previously this was $540 and included the traditional program. We have now changed it to only $200
and only includes Friday training for two hours. This change allows you to just do one day a week to
accommodate for busy schedules but still get the premier training in weekly.

We heard from our boy’s families left and right that they wanted more competitive tournaments to
attend! So, we decided we would host more events!

June 9 th – Beach National Qualifier (Boys and Girls) “CSV was a great experience
June 22 nd – CSV Hosted Boys Event and having all the
June 29 th – CSV Hosted Boys Event
July 13 th – CSV Hosted Boys Event
experienced coaches, really
July 27 th – CSV Hosted Boys Event taught me more about the
August 4 th & 5 th – Midwest Boys Championship sport and how to excel”
~ Mike Legros
Benedictine University, 2021

We hope that these changes help meet the needs of our ever-growing community and as always just reach
out and we would be happy to talk about any other ideas you might have!
National Sand Page 3

National Sand Program

Program details:

This is what sets us apart. Our National Sand Program is designed as a

flexible, individualized training program to help our teams reach their
max potential. Those who choose to join us will be provided with the
best coaches in our program as we look to rise above the national
standard. We will have AVP professionals, collegiate coaches and club
directors working hands on with our athletes and families and we can’t
wait to see how far you go!

All national team players will need a partner to train with them.

June 6 th , 2018 – August 6 th , 2018 Ben H. & Nicco C (U16) earning a bid to the 2017
Per season dates optional starting in April USA Beach National Championship
(No programming July 2-6 th )


When & Where:

Location Age Gender Days Time

Lisle ALL Male Friday 9:00 – 11:00a
Lisle ALL Female Friday 11:00 – 1:00p

Recommend Events:

You are NOT required to travel or compete in any of these events to

join the national program. It is however strongly encouraged.

June 9th - Montrose Beach, IL - USA Beach National Qualifier

July 19th - 21st (U14 & U18) - Siesta Key, FL – USA Beach Nationals
July 22nd - 24th (U12 & U16) - Siesta Key, FL - USA Beach Nationals
July 24th - 26th – (Boys) Hermosa Beach, CA - AVP First Nationals Zeo M. & Eddie J (U17) & Abhi L. & Louie B.
(U15) competing in the 2017 High Performance
July 24th - 26th – (U14 & U16 Girls) - AVP First Nationals National Championship
July 27th – 29th – (U12 & U18 Girls) – AVP First Nationals
July 30th - August 1 st - Manhattan Beach, CA - USA A1 Nationals
August 4th - 5th – Montrose Beach, IL - Midwest Boys Championship
August 18th - 19th - AVP First Club Championship (Girls Only)
Boys High School Page 4
Fall Varsity Sport

Boys High School Schedule of Events:

Fall Varsity Sport • August 9th - Tryouts

• August 13 th – 17 th Pre-Season
Launching on August 9th, 2018 we will have • August 18 th – October 5th
teams competing to earn their spot as Illinois • October 6 th & 7th – Playoffs. Double
first state champions. Our fall league is not Elimination. State Championship Crowned
an IHSA sanctioned activity, rather it is run at 8:00p
independently through Chicago Sand
Volleyball. To facilitate school structure, we are The rules and regulations for all matches will
requiring all participants to have a school follow the format of the USA National Beach
representative who will approve the varsity Tour.
teams competing in the league.

Each school can send between two and five

teams to represent their school program. All
teams will play an equal number of matches
during the regular season which will seed them
for the double elimination playoff run to clinch
their schools first ever sand volleyball state

Who is Joining Us?

2018 promises to be an exciting year for the
growth of the sand game and we will settle for
nothing less than excellence along the way.

Registration opens on February 15 th for all

programming and will stay open until each
Louie B. & Colin H. training with Coach Tim at one of our indoor session is 100% filled.
sand locations for the upcoming fall school league
Cost: $150 per team (630) 456-1717
Uniforms: Optional tmaruyama@chicagosandvolleyball.org
Level: Varsity @chicagosandvolleyball

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