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168 ‘The Spread of Neo-Fascism Did Hitler Really Exist? Tris savre OF THE mass MURDER. OF JEWS IN THE DEATH FACTORIES OF AviceNiTz.. WHICH INFACT Ce ee NEVER. TOOK PLACE, tree cr eae en oe Meret Pee ier erent ecient neat No sans person wouidclspute the exstence of Hie. Counties eye ee ere witness reports, photos ané massive documentation put Pte’ realty ae Gen beyond det Peer sc ats eee at erie [And yal, there are neo-Fascisis who Waulé deny te fact ofthe Cert Holocaist which is basec en precisely the same Kind of evening ers de te evidence - eye wanesses, pols and detaied documentation, cere ee eer Prominant among the academics engaged on this “estore history piv liber peeat teyngto prove that tho Holocaust ter dant take pace or has eerie bean wily exaggerated ~ ae Profesor Paul Rasinor in France and eee Bish historian Dav Iving who Gescrines himself as ama Fase peers oe Carer ee gears ; Cee rite iis Whats the point of “sproving" he Holocaust? The eta lene oe 's to minimize the staggering ovis of Nazism and ae Spee Dossbe accu Hier himeal of any crimes agains! eee aren rt Pap pelea ellie myth ofan accepable leader. rete lnving’s views have the suppor of tha ‘neo-Nazi prss run by Or Garhara Frey leacor af the Deutsche Velksunion, and his books are bes sles in Grmany 165 Ine Hespectable Right is dangerously misleacing to think o the Far ight simpy in terms neo Naz skinbead hooligans. Mare important and more powetfl upporers of neo-Fastism can be found in“respecable sosily"= In ‘he usciary, poles he itary nance and insty,Respacabity Is also the aim of tne academe end intelectval “New Right The nvleetual New Right sctve not ony in France, but in tly, Grmany, Brain and elsewhere This ant-ogaltarian movement has adopted soca bilogy, genetics ane ethology to apply concent of animal behaviour suchas "the pack’ andthe dominant male" fo human seciety ‘An important expression of hs Now ight is GRECE, the acronym in French forthe Group of Research ana Study for European Civilization Sinica, GRECE in French aiso means ‘Greece ractonally the cao of Westen evilzaton, (GRECE's pubicatons hark to the myth of = European race, paganism, cul tgures ike the Vinings, GRECE Is radieay ant-opatarian and ‘ant-humanist celebrates thinkers tke Pareto woes theory af eles underpins men Fascist thinking. New Right apologists pede "selon: theories about the Innertance of intaligence And stinks ith race | | | An anita ‘The Lancet in 1972 “increased prevalence of mental ‘etardtion” cali fo "urgent ston Such viows ae linked othe concept of ‘menial hyolne” ang eugenie mocsne Ino 2) this ine of reught was ‘Sir Cy Burt (1883-1971). His work onthe 10 of wins, aed at ‘courting the importanee of cuture i the dovelopment of inteligence, today dscrecited. He was a member of the Eugonice Secety and founder of MENSA, the high 10 gop which boleves in eugenseprnebles. | a | Neo-Fascism - "News Today, Gone Tomorrow?’ ‘Sheuid we be taking of theresurgence of Fascism, or ts continuity, Fa now and unknown varity of Fascism? Is neo-Fascism realy “id wine n new bates"? We have given exampies of neo Fasc formations that hve mushroomed in an since the Cold War ea. Do all those ~ and more ~ acd up toa single unitary threat of Fascism? ‘There havo also been different right-wing Iyrannies suai Europe inthe las 50 yours ‘Some examples are the apartheid regime in Sut Aiea, indonesia under Suharto, Hai ‘under "Papa Doe” Duval Uganda under I ‘min, Nicatagua undor Somoza, ian under ‘he Shah an the Ayatoeah Khomen, ra Under Sacciam Hussein. Tyrannies they certainly were or ar. Butare they, propery ‘speaking, Fascist regimes? 168 The uci economic ad oles condor ating ‘hove (o) appearances of Passe ae td, Neo Facet ‘oops or pares tht have made te Readnes ne ‘hohe inded be “nows today ane gore tomorow”. Wo tate a look beyond hese penomena 0 he undoing persletent condtons that coud support Fascia nthe fo tr, 1. Industaly advanced economies hard it by the recossionary slum. 2. A discredited Left aternative 4. Diseatsaction with an nafcen or corpt patiamentary system. 4, An end of consensus polis. 5, Racism provoked by "ob stealing” immigrants elugees and peteal 6. A respectable Right Nostalgia fra strong state, This last cals for separate atention.