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Number: SB213040
Date: 09/19/05
Model: ASET™,
(Also applies to Mack Trucks Australia)

Re-Establishing Engine Brake Lash Following Cylinder Head

Replacement — E-Tech™ and ASET™ Engines
On E-Tech™ and ASET™ cylinder heads used with either J-Tech™ or PowerLeash™
engine brakes, the maximum height of the exhaust valve stem tip above the cylinder head
cover mounting surface must not exceed 0.646" (16.408 mm). This maximum allowable
dimension is important for J-Tech™-equipped engines to ensure that the specified 0.021"
(0.533 mm) brake lash can be obtained. For PowerLeash™-equipped engines, this
dimension is important to ensure that the proper relationship between the brake actuator
plunger and the valve stem cap is maintained.
When installing cylinder heads on an engine brake-equipped E-Tech™ or ASET™ engine,
exhaust valve stem tip height must be measured prior to installing the head and assembling
the rocker shaft assemblies. This measurement can be made by placing a piece of flat bar
stock having a known thickness across the cylinder head cover mounting surface. Use a
depth gauge to measure from the bar stock to the tip of the exhaust valves, and then
subtract the measurement obtained with the depth gauge (dimension B in the illustration
below) from the thickness of the bar stock (dimension A in the illustration below). The
difference between the two is the exhaust valve stem tip height.

Figure 1 — Measuring Exhaust Valve Stem Tip Height

The bar stock used with the cylinder block depth gauge (tool No. J 26948) can be used to
perform the above measurement.
If one or more of the exhaust valve stem tips exceed the maximum height of 0.646" (16.408
mm), DO NOT replace the cylinder head. Instead, install 0.025" shims (part No. 505GC212)
under each rocker arm shaft mounting bracket on the affected cylinder head. This will raise
the engine brake by 0.025" (0.635 mm), thus re-establishing the proper relationship between
the top of the valve and the engine brake.

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With PowerLeash™-equipped engines, there will not be a noticeable inability to obtain the
correct engine brake lash adjustment of 0.045" (1.143 mm) if the exhaust valve stem tip
height is greater than 0.646" (16.408 mm). It is important that exhaust valve stem tip height
be measured and shims installed as required to ensure proper relationship between the
engine brake actuator plunger and the exhaust valve stem cap and proper functioning of the
PowerLeash™ engine brake.

In service, all cylinder heads will encounter a certain degree of

valve recession. If the 0.646" (16.408 mm) dimension is
exceeded due to either a stack-up of tolerances in a
replacement cylinder head or valve seat recession, the 0.025"
shims (part No. 505GC212) must be installed under all three
rocker arm mounting brackets of a cylinder head that has one or
more exhaust valves higher than 0.646" (16.408 mm).

The torque specification for the rocker shaft mounting bracket bolts remains the same at
40 lb-ft (55 N•m).

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