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RADICALS 11. How soon after two o’clock will the hands of a clock form a 60 degrees
1. Simplify A. 21.82 mins C. 23.45 mins
B. 21.82 mins D. 23.45 mins
12. Find the angle between the hour and the minute hands at 7:49?
A. i√6 C. 2i√3 A. 60° C. 59.5°
B. i√2 D. 3i√6 B. 59.5° D. 59°
2. Simplify the following expression 13. How many minutes after 2:00 will the hands of the clock extend in the
opposite directions for the first time?
A. 40.636 C. 42.636
B. 41.636 D. 43.636
A. 2i/(2)1/2 C. (2)1/2 /4i
B. 4i/(2)1/2 D. 2i/(2)1/4
14. On one job, two power shovels excavate 20,000 cubic meters of earth,
CLOCK PROBLEMS the larger shovel working 40 hours and the smaller for 35 hours. On
another ob, they removed 40,000 cubic meters with the larger shovel
3. What time after 3 o'clock will the hands of the clock be together for the
working 70 hours and the smaller working 90 hours. How much earth
first time?
can each remove in 1 hour working alone?
A. 3:02.30 C. 3:14.32
A. 169.2, 287.3 C. 173.9, 347.8
B. 3:17.37 D. 3:16.36
B. 178.3, 294.1 D. 200.1, 312.4
4. At what time after 12:00 noon will the hour hand and minute hand of the
clock first form an angle of 120°? 15. Crew No. 1 can finish installation fo an antenna tower in 200 man-hour
while Crew No. 2 can finish the same job in 300 man-hour. How long
A. 12:18.818 C. 12:22.818 will it take both crews to finish the same job, working together?
B. 12:21.818 D. 12:24.818 A. 100 man-hour C. 140 man-hour
5. A what time between 8 and 9 o'clock will the minute hand coincide with B. 120 man-hour D. 160 man-hour
the hour hand?
16. A farmer can plow the field in 8 days. After working for 3 days, his son
A. 8:42.5 C. 8:43.6 joins him and together they plow the field in 3 more days. How many
B. 8:43.2 D. 8:43.9 days will it require for the son to plow the field alone?
6. A man left his home at past 3:00 o'clock PM as indicated in his wall A. 10 C. 12
clock. Between 2 to 3 hours after, he returns home and noticed the B. 11 D. 13
hands of the clock interchanged. At what itme did the man leave his
home? 17. Mike, Loui and Joy can mow the lawn in 4, 6 and 7 hours respectively.
What fraction of the yard can they mow in 1 hour if they work together?
A. 3:31.47 C. 3:46.10
A. 47/84 C. 84/47
B. 3:21.45 D. 3:36.50
B. 45/84 D. 39/60
7. From the time 6:15 PM to the time 7:45 PM of the same day, the minute
hand of a standard clock describe an arc of 18. It takes Myline twice as long as Jeana to do a certain piece of work.
Working together, they can finish the work in 6 hours. How long would it
A. 60° C. 180° take Jeana to do it alone?
B. 90° D. 540° A. 9 hours C. 12 hours
8. In how many minutes after 7 o'clock will the hands be directly opposite B. 18 hours D. 4 hours
each other for the first time?
19. A and B can do a piece of work in 42 days, B and C in 31 days and C
A. 5.22 minutes C. 5.46 minutes and A in 20 days. In how many days can all of them do the work
B. 5.33 minutes D. 5.54 minutes together?
9. A clock has a dial face 20 inches in diameter. The minute hand is 9 A. 19 C. 21
inches long while the hour hand is 6 inches long. The plane of rotation B. 17 D. 15
of the minute hand is 2 inches above the plane of rotation of the hour
hand. Find the distance in inches between the tips of the hands of the 20. It takes Butch twice as long as it takes Dan to do a certain piece of work.
Working togethe they can do the work in 6 days. How long would it take
clock at 5:40 AM.
Dan to do it alone?
A. 12.12 in C. 9.16in
A. 9 days C. 11 days
B. 12.12 in D. 10.67 in
B. 10 days D. 12 days
10. How many times in one day will the hands of a clock ( i.e. hour and
minute hand) be together? 21. A and B working together can finish painting a house in 6 days. A
working alone can finish it in 5 days less than B. How long will it take
A. 24 C. 22 each of them to finish the work alone?
B. 23 D. 20 A. 8, 13 C. 6, 11
B. 10, 15 D. 7, 12

P.A. Catalan Reviewers -1- 11/23/2017

22. Glenn can paint a house in 9 hours while Stewart can paint the same 32. A pump can pump out a tank in 11 hours. Another pump can pump the
house in 16 hours. They work together for 4 hours. After 4 hours, same tank in 20 hrs. How long will it take both pumps together to pump
Steward left and Glenn finished the job alone. How many more days did out the tank?
it take Glenn to finish the job? A. 7 hours C. 7.5 hours
A. 2.75 hours C. 2.25 hours B. 6 hours D. 6.5 hours
B. 2.50 hours D. 3 hours 33. An inlet pipe can fill up the tank in 6 hours while an outlet pipe can
23. Pedro can paint a fence 50% faster than Juan and 20% faster than empty the tank in 9 hours. One day, the tank was being filled. When it
Pilar, and together they can paint a given fence in 4 hours. How long was 1/3 full, a boy opened the outlet pipe. How long did it take to fill the
will it take Pedro to paint the same fence if he had to work alone? rest of the tank?
A. 6 C. 10 A. 8 hours C. 12 hours
B. 8 D. 12 B. 10 hours D. 13 hours
24. If A can do the work in "x" days and B in "y" days, how long will they 34. A and B working together, can do a job in 6 2/3 hours. A became ill
finish the job working together? after 3 hours of working with B, and B finished the job continuing to work
A. (x+y)/xy C. xy/(x+y) alone, in 8 ¼ more hours . How long will it take each, working alone, to
B. (x+y)/2 D. √(xy) do the complete job?
25. A tank can be filled in 9 hours by one pipe. 12 hours by a sceond pipe A. 10 hours, 12 hours C. 12 hours, 13 hours
and can be drained when full by a third pipe in 15 hours. How long will B. 10 hours, 12 hours D. 12 hours, 15 hours
it take to fill an empty tank with all pipes in operation? 35. Two brothers washed the family car in 24 minutes. Previously, when
A. 7 hours and 12 C. 7 hours and 42 each had washed the car alone, the younger brother took 20 minutes
minutes minutes longer than the older boy. In how many minutes did it take the younger
B. 7 hours and 32 D. 7 hours and 50 boy to wash the car alone?
minutes minutes A. 40 C. 60
26. A tank is filled with an intake pipe in 2 hours and emptied by an outlet B. 50 D. 80
pipe in 4 hours. If both pipes are opened, how long will it take to fill the 36. A job can be finished by Ronnie alone in x days or Sonny alone in y
empty tank? days. If Ronnie and Sonny work together, in how many days can the
A. 3 hours C. 5 hours job be finished?
B. 4 hours D. 6 hours A. 1/(x+y ) C. xy/(x+y)
27. A 400-mm diameter pipe can fill the tank alone in 5 hours and anther B. x+y D. (xy )1/2
600-mm diameter pipe can fill the tank alone in 4 hours. A drain pipe 37. A tank can be filled by pipe A in 3 hours and by pipe B in 5 hours.
300-mm diameter can empty the tank in 20 hours. With all the three When the tank is full, it can be drained by
pipes open, how long will it take to fill the tank? pipe C in 4 hours. if the tank is initially empty and all three pipes are
A. 2 hours C. 2.25 hours open, how many hours will it take to fill
B. 2.5 hours D. 2.75 hours up the tank?
28. Mike, Loui and Joy can mow the lawn in 4,6 and 7 hours respectively. A. 4.55 hours C. 3.53 hours
What fraction of the yard can they mow in 1 hour if they work together? B. 2.84 hours D. 5.33 hours
A. 47/84 C. 45/84 38. A pump can fill a tank with water in 2 hours. Because of a leak, it took 2
B. 45/84 D. 39/60 1/3 hours to fill the tank. The leak can drain all the water of the tank in:
29. A tank can be filled in 48 minutes by two pipes running simultaneously. A. 14 hours C. 8 hours
By the larger pipe it can be filled in 5 minutes less time than by the B. 4 1/3 hours D. 7 hours
smaller. Find the time required for the larger pipe to fill it.
A. 109.8 min C. 93.6 min
B. 45.2 min D. 90.65 min 39. On a certain trip, Edgar drive 231 km in exactly the same time as Erwin
30. A contractor estimated that a project will be finished by his crew in 60 drive 308 km. If Erwin's rate exceeded that of Edgar by 13 kph,
days. After the crew worked for 40 days, 38 workers stopped working. determine the rate of Erwin.
If the remaining workers will continue at the same rate, they will be A. 39 C. 48
delayed by 5 days. How many workers are there in the original crew? B. 44 D. 52
A. 200 C. 190 40. Two planes leave Manila for a southern city, a distance of 900 km.
B. 100 D. 180 Plane A travels at a ground speed of 90 kph faster than the plane B.
31. A mason can do a given job in 4hrs. His helper can do the same job in Plane A arrives in their destination 2 hours and 15 minutes ahead of
9 hrs. The mason begins working and after 1hr is joined by his helper. Plane B. What is the ground speed of Plane A?
In how many hrs will they complete the job? A. 205 kph C. 240 kph
A. 2.08 hrs C. 2.65 hrs B. 315 kph D. 287 kph
B. 4.87 hrs D. 1.986 hrs

P.A. Catalan Reviewers -2- 11/23/2017

41. A boat travels downstream in 2/3 of the time as it goes going upstream. 51. A man started on his bicycle for Manila, a distance of 30 km, intending to
If the velocity of the river's current is 8 kph, determine the velocity of the arrive at a certain time. After riding 10 km, he was detained for half an
boat in still water. hour, and as a result he was obliged to ride the rest of the way 2km/hr
A. 40 kph C. 30 kph faster. What was his original speed?
B. 50 kph D. 60 kph A. 6 km/hr C. 12 km /hr
42. An airplane flying with the wind took 2 hours to travel 1000 km and 2.5 B. 8 km/hr D. 15km/hr
hours in flying back. What was the wind velocity in kph? 52. An air plane, flying with the wind, took 2 hours to travel 1000km and 2.5
A. 50 C. 70 hours in fly back. What was the wind velocity in kph?
B. 60 D. 40 A. 30 C. 50
43. A man rows downsteram at the rate of 5 mph and upstream at the rate B. 70 D. 60
of 2 mph. How far downstream should he go if he is to return in 7/4 53. If a car reduces its speed 3 mi/hr, it will takes 2 hours more to reach a
hours after leaving? city 400 miles away. Find the car speed.
A. 2.5 mi C. 3.1 mi A. 26 mph C. 33 mph
B. 3.3 mi D. 2.7 mi B. 14 mph D. 36 mph
44. A boat man rows to a place 4.8 miles with the stream and back in 14 54. With the wind, Superman can fly 200 miles in 4 minutes. Against the
hours, but finds that he can row 14 miles with the stream in the same same wind, Superman takes 6 minutes to fly 250 miles. What is
time as 3 miels against the stream. Find the rate of the stream. Superman’s flying speed when there is no wind?
A. 1.5 mph C. 0.8 mph A. 45.8 miles/min C. 62.4 miles/min
B. 1 mph D. 0.6 mph B. 58 miles/min D. 62.4 miles/min
45. A jogger stars a course at a steady rate of 8 kph. Five minutes later, a 55. A boat was able to cover 90 kms downstreams in 3 hours. It was able to
second jogger starts the same course at 10 kph. How long will it take the return to its original position in 4.5 hours. What was the speed of the
second jogger to catch the first? boat?
A. 20 min C. 22 min A. 15 kph C. 25 kph
B. 21 min D. 18 min B. 20 kph D. 27.5 kph
46. At 7:00 AM, Mr. Castro left home for work driving at a rate of 40kph. 15 56. A boy started running one hour and twenty minutes earlier than a man.
minutes later, his wife discovered that Mr. Castro left his wallet at home If the man is 6 kph faster than the boy and overtook the boy in 40
so Mrs. Castro pursue him on her car at a rate of 50 kph. At what time minutes, find the rate of the man?
did Mrs. Castro catch up with her husband? A. 12 kph C. 8 kph
A. 8:00 AM C. 8:30 AM B. 10 kph D. 9 kph
B. 8:15 AM D. 8:45 AM 57. When Johnny bikes with a tail wind, it takes him 1 hour to travel 15 km.
47. A boatman rows to a phase 48 km distant and back in 14 hours; he He makes the return trip against the wind in 1 ½ hrs. What is the speed
finds that he can row 4 km with the stream in the same time as 3 km of the wind?
against the stream; find the rate of the stream. A. 5.12 kph C. 4.5 kph
A. 2 km/hr C. 1 km/hr B. 12.5 kph D. 2.5 kph
B. 3 km/hr D. 4 km/hr 58. Against the current in a river, a boat traveled 230 miles in 4 hours. With
48. Pedro and Edgar run around a circular track whose circumference is the same current, the boat traveled the same distance in only 3 hours
150 meters. When they run in opposite directions they meet every 5 and 20 minutes. What is the boat’s speed?
seconds, but when they run in the same direction from the same point A. 63.6 mi/h C. 9.8 mi/h
they are together every 25 seconds. What are their rates B. 6.1 mi/h D. 75.6 mi/h
A. 30 and 6 C. 25 and 7 59. A train, an hour after starting, meets with an acccident which detains it
B. 15 and 11 D. 18 and 12 an hour, after which it proceeds at 3/5 of its former rate and arrives
49. A and B start at the same time from two places 136 km apart and travel three hour after time. But had the accident happened 50 miles farther on
toward each other. A travels 10 km per hour and B 8 km per hour. If B the line, it would have arrived one-half hour sooner. Find the length of
rests 1 hour on the way, in how many hours will they meet? the journey.
A. 5 hrs C. 8 hrs A. 910/9 miles C. 920/9 miles
B. 9 hrs D. 12 hrs B. 800/9 miles D. 850/9 miles
50. Two pals P1 and P2 run at constant speeds along a circular track MIXTURE PROBLEMS
1,350m in circumference. Running in opposite directions, they meet
every 3 minutes, while running in the same direction, they are together 60. For a particular experiment you need 5 liters of a 10% solution. You
every 27 minutes. Determine their speeds in m/min. find 7% and 12% solution on the shelves. How much of the 7% solution
A. 150 and 200 C. 50 and 100 should you mix with the appropriate amount of the 12% solution to get 5
B. 250 and 200 D. 30 and 90 liters of a 10% solution?
A. 3 C. 1.5
B. 2 D. 2.5

P.A. Catalan Reviewers -3- 11/23/2017

61. How much water must be evaporated from 10 kg solution which has 72. The class president prepared juice for the class. She prepared 5 liters
4% salt to make a solution fo 10% salt? of juice that was 3 parts pure juice and 7 parts water. This was too
A. 4 kg C. 6 kg sweet. How many liters of water should she add so that the
B. 5 kg D. 7 kg concentration is reduced to 25% juice and the sweetness is improved?
62. A goldsmith has two alloys of gold, the first being 70%pure and the A. 1 L C. 3 L
second being 60% pure. How many ounces of the 60% pure gold must B. 2 L D. 4 L
be used to make 100 ounces of ann alloy which will be 66% gold? 73. How many pounds of cream containing 12% butterfat must be added to
A. 40 C. 45 1800 lbs of milk containing 2% butterfat to obtain milk having 3%
B. 35 D. 38 butterfat?
63. 2000 kg of steel containing 7% nickel is to be made by mixing a steel A. 150 lbs of cream C. 200 lbs of milk
containing 14% nickel with another containing 5% nickel. How much of B. 150 lbs of milk D. 200 lbs of cream
each is needed? 74. A certain amount of 80% sugar solution added to another amount of
A. 1500 kg, 500 kg C. 250 kg, 150 kg 40% sugar solution yields a solution that contain 14 kg of sugar. Had
B. 750 kg, 1250 kg D. 2550 kg, 1550 kg the amount been reversed, the solution would have contained 16 kg
sugar. How much of the 80% solution was there?
64. For a particular experiment you need 5 liters of a 10% solution. You
find 7% and 12% solution on the shelves. How much of the 7% solution A. 8 kg C. 12 kg
should you mix with the appropriate amount of the 12% solution to get 5 B. 10 kg D. 15 kg
liters of a 10% solution? 75. How many liters of water must be added to 100 liters of 85% sulfuric
A. 1.5 C. 3 acid solution to produce 60% sulfuric acid solution?
B. 2 D. 2.5 A. 25 L C. 36.67 L
65. Ten liters of 25% salt solution and 15 liters of 35% salt solution are B. 30 L D. 41.67 L
poured into a drum originally containing 30 liters of 10% salt solution. 76. How many liters of a 20% alcohol should be added to an 80% alcohol
What is the percent concentration of salt in the mixture? solution to obtain 15 liters of a 60% alcohol solution?
A. 19.55% C. 27.05% A. 6.5 L C. 5 L
B. 22.15% D. 25.72% B. 4 L D. 8 L
66. A chemist of a distillery experimented on two alcohol solutions of different 77. What part of 90% alcohol must be removed and replaced by an equal
strengths, 30% alcohol and 60% alcohol respectively. How many cubic amount of pure alcohol to make 95% alcohol solution?
meters of each strength must be used in order to produce a mixture of A. between 5% and C. 5%
50 cu.m. that contains 40% alcohol? 10% D. 5% or less
A. 11 & 25 C. 34.18 & 16.22 B. 50%
B. 20.81 & 30 D. 16.67 & 33 78. How many kilogram of sugar costing Php. 9 per kg must be mixed with
67. What weight of water must be added to 50lb of a 45% brine solution to 27 kg of sugar costing Php. 7 per kg so that there may be a gain of
yield a 20% solution? 10% by selling the mixture at Php. 9.24 per kg?
A. 61.3 lbs C. 62.5 lbs A. 42 kg C. 63 kg
B. 55.1 lbs D. 62.5 lbs B. 36 kg D. 54 kg
68. A glass containing 250mL of 80% iodine solution tips over spilling part of
its contents. This was subsequently replaced by an equal amount from
a mixture of 40% iodine. If a 72% solution is resulted, how much was 79. A merchant has three items on sale, namely a radio for P50, a clock for
spilled? P30 and a flashlight for P1. At the end of the day, he sold a total of 100
A. 50 mL C. 70 mL of the three items and has taken exactly P1,000 on the total sales. How
B. 60 mL D. 80 mL many radios did he sale?
69. A 100kg salt solution originally 4% by weight NACL in water is A. 16 C. 18
evaporated until concentration is 5% by weight NACL. What B. 20 D. 24
percentage of the water in the original solution is evaporated? 80. The cities are connected by roads forming a triangle, all of different
A. 16.53% C. 25.76% lengths. It is 30 km around the circuit. One of the roads is 10km long and
B. 18.54% D. 20.83% the longest is 10 km longer than the shortest. What is the length of the
70. How many grams of nickel must be removed from 1500grams of alloy shortest roads.
having 5% nickel to make an alloy having 2% nickel? A. 5 km C. 15 km
A. 45 C. 47 B. 10 km D. 20 km
B. 46 D. 48 81. A rope 70m long is cut into two pieces where one is 10m longer than
71. An alloy containing silver and gold weighs 30 grams in air and 28 the other. Find the length of the longest part.
grams in water. If it is known that silver loses 1/10 of its weight in water A. 10 m C. 40 m
and gold loses 1/19 of its weight, how many grams of Silver is in the B. 30 m D. 70 m
A. 21.1 g C. 15 g
B. 8.89 g D. 18.2 g

P.A. Catalan Reviewers -4- 11/23/2017

82. One proposal in the Agrarian Reform Program is to have a retention 92. Jojo brought a secondhand Betamax VCR and then sold it to Rudy for
limit of 10 hectares. If a landowner was left with 10 hectares fewer than a profit of 40%. Rudy then sold the VCR to Noel at a profit of 20%. If
40% of his land, after selling 6 hectares more than 70% of his land, Noel paid 2.856 more than it cost to Jojo, how much did Jojo pay for the
what size of his land did he initially own? unit?
A. 10 C. 30 A. P4,000 C. P4,200
B. 20 D. 40 B. P4,100 D. P4,300
83. The length of a rectangle is 3 inches more than twice the width. If the SERIES AND EXPANSION
length is increased by 1 inch and the width is increased by 2 inches, the
area is increased by 20.5 sq. inches. What is the perimeter of the 93. Expand then solve the series, given the sigma notation form
A. 21 in C. 23 in
B. 22 in D. 24 in
84. On the television show “Kayang - kaya kaya?” each contestant was
given P100.00 at the start. For each question answered correctly, he A. -64 C. 3
was given a bonus of P75.00 and for each one he missed, he was B. -1 D. 64
penalized by 15.00. If a contestant was asked a total of 20 questions
and ended the game with P1330.00, how many questions were ARITHMETIC PROGRESSION
answered correctly?
A. 13 C. 17 94. Find an approximation for the sum of all the terms of {16, -8, 4, -2, 1, -
1/2, ¼, …}
B. 15 D. 19
A. 9 ¼ C. 10 2/3
85. Solve for X, Y, and Z:
(X-2)(Y-3) =5 B. 10 ¼ D. 11 1/3
(Y-3)(Z-1) = 1 95. A well is to be drilled 80 feet deep. The cost of the first foot is P50. What
(2Z-1)(X-2) = 5 is the cost for drilling the whole well, if the cost of each foot after the first is
A. X =7, Y=4, Z =2 C. X=-3, Y=2, Z=0 P15 more than the preceding foot?
B. X=5, Y=4, Z=3 D. X=-7, Y=4, Z=2 A. 21400 C. 41400
86. You attend a dog show at the Cow Palace. At the show, you counted B. 51400 D. 31400
1310 legs in total. If the number of dogs at the show was 140 less than 96. A student average in 3 quizzes is 80%. If she made 5% less in the first
twice the number of people, than how many dogs were at the dog than in the second and 8% less in the third, what grades did she get in
show? the third quiz?
A. 205 C. 234 A. 73% C. 83%
B. 275 D. 342 B. 83% D. 75%
87. The measurement of the largest angle of a triangle is 10 more than 97. To conserve energy due to the present energy crisis, the Meralco tried
three times that of the smallest. It is also twice the measure of the second to re-adjust their charges to electrical energy users who consume more
angle. What is the measure of the second largest angle? than 2000 kw-hrs. For the first 100 kw-hr, they charged 40 centavos
A. 100 C. 60 and increasing at a constant rate more than the preceding one until the
fifth 100 kw-hr, the charge is 76 centavos. How much is the average
B. 50 D. 80 charge for the electrical energy per 100 kw-hr?
88. The total surface of two cubes is 150 sq. m, The total length of their
A. 58 centavos C. 62 centavos
edges is 84 cm. Find the edge of the larger cube
B. 60 centavos D. 64 centavos
A. 6.4 C. 5.5
98. A girl on a bicycle coasts downhill covering 4 feet the first second, 12
B. 7.2 D. 4 feet the second second, and in general, 8 feet more each second than
PERCENTAGE PROBLEMS the preious second. If she reaches the bottom at the end of 14 secnds,
how far did she coasts?
89. In a certain community of 1,200 peple. 60% are literate. Of the males, A. 782 ft C. 784 ft
50% are literature and of the females 70% are literate. What is the B. 780 ft D. 786 ft
female population?
99. When all odd numbers from 1 to 101 are added, the result is
90. The selling price of a TV set is double that of its cost. If the TV set was A. 2500 C. 2501
sold to a customer at a profit of 25% of the net cost, how much discount
was given to the customer? B. 2601 D. 3500
100. How many times will a grandfather's clock strikes in one day if it strikes
A. 33.7% C. 37.5%
only at the hours and strike once at 1 o'clock, twice at 2 o'clock, thrice at
B. 35.7% D. 34.7% 3 o'clock, and so on?
91. A bookstore purchased a best selling price book at P200.00 per copy. A. 210 C. 156
At what price should this book be sold so that, giving a 20% discount,
the profit is 30%? B. 24 D. 300
A. P450 C. P357
B. P500 D. P400

P.A. Catalan Reviewers -5- 11/23/2017

101. Once a month, a man puts some money into the cookie jar. Each month 113. The arithmetic mean of a and b is
he puts 50 centavos more into the jar than the month before. After 12 A. (a+b)/2 C. (ab)/2
years, he counted his money, he had P5,436. How much money did B. ⁄√(ab) D. (a-b)/2
he put in the jar in the last month?
114. A pile of creosoted poles contains 1275 poles in layers so that the top
A. P73.50 C. P74.50 layer contains one pole and each lower layer has one more pole than
B. P75.50 D. P72.50 the layer above. How many layers are in the pile?
102. If the sum is 220 and the first term is 10, find the common difference if the A. 20 C. 40
last term is 30. B. 30 D. 50
A. 2 C. 3 115. The 3rd and 8th terms of an arithmetic progression are 9 and 24
B. 5 D. 2/3 respectively. Find the 20th term.
103. A Geodetic Engineering student got a score of 30% on Test 1 of the five A. 36 C. 63
number test in Surveying. On the last number he got 90% in which a B. 60 D. 66
constant difference on each number that he had on immediately
preceding one. What was his average score in Surveying? 116. In a certain arithmetic progression, the twentieth term is 32 and the
common difference is 3. Find the first term.
104. What is the sum of the progression 4, 9, 14, 19... up to the 20th term? A. -10 C. -25
A. 1030 C. 1040 B. -15 D. -20
B. 1035 D. 1045 117. The first term of an arithmetic progression is 3 and the 15th term is 45.
105. In the recent "Gulf War" in the Middle East, the allied forces captured Find the sum of the first 15 terms.
6400 of Saddam's soldiers and with provisions on hand it will last for A. 260 C. 460
216 meals while feeding 3 meals a day. The provision lasted 9 more
days because of daily deaths. At an average, how many died per day? B. 360 D. 560
118. The salary of a worker job has five levels, each one 5% greater than
A. 15 C. 17
the one below it. Due to circumstances, the salary of the worker must be
B. 16 D. 18 reduced from the top fifth level to the second level, which means a
106. A besiege fortress is held by 5700 men who have provisions for 66 reduction of P122.0 per month. What is the worker present salary per
days. If the garisson losses 20 men each day, for how many days can month?
the provision hold out? A. 440 C. 680
A. 72 C. 76 B. 896 D. 570
B. 74 D. 78 119. What is the sum of the following finite sequence of terms? 18, 25, 32,
107. A stack of bricks has 61 bricks in the bottom layer, 58 bricks in the 39,… 67
second layer, 55 bricks in the third layer, and so on until there are 10 A. 234 C. 181
bricks in the last layer. How many bricks are there all together?
B. 213 D. 340
A. 638 C. 639
120. Determine the sum of odd numbers from 1 to 61 of the following integers
B. 637 D. 640
A. 981 C. 867
108. Determine the sum of the progression if there are 7 arithmetic means
between 3 and 35. B. 961 D. 819
121. There is a stack of logs in the backyard. There are 15 logs in the first
A. 171 C. 232
layer, 14 in the second, 13 in the third, 12 in the fourth, and so on with
B. 182 D. 216 the last layer having one log. How many logs are in the stock?
109. In a pile of logs, each layer contains one more than the layer above A. 118 logs C. 123 logs
and the top contains just one log. If there are 105 logs in the pile, how
many layers are there? B. 120 logs D. 126 logs
122. A man piles 150 logs in layers so that the top layer contains 3 logs and
A. 11 C. 13
each lower layer has one more log than the layer above. How many
B. 12 D. 14 logs are there in the bottom?
110. If the first term of an arithmetic progression is 25 and the fourth term is A. 17 C. 19
13, what is the third term?
B. 18 D. 20
A. 17 C. 19
123. If there are 50 terms in arithmetic progression, and if the common
B. 18 D. 20 difference is 1.5, determine the second term if the last term is 3510.
111. How many terms of the progression 3, 5, 7,... must be taken in order A. 3436.5 C. 3439.5
that their sum will be 2600?
B. 3438 D. 3441
A. 48 C. 50
124. The sum of the five arithmetic means between 34 and 42 is
B. 49 D. 51
A. 150 C. 180
112. What is the 30th term if the arithmetic progression 4, 7, 10,...
B. 160 D. 190
A. 75 C. 90
125. Given part of an arithmetic sequence ( -312, ___, ___,-174) and t50 =
B. 88 D. 91 1160, what is the value of the 26th term?
A. 48 C. 67
B. 56 D. 74

P.A. Catalan Reviewers -6- 11/23/2017

126. In an arithmetic sequence, t23 = 519 and t71 = 1503, what is t114? 138. The seventh term is 56 and the 12th term is -1792 of a geometric
A. 3824.5 C. 2384.5 progression. Find the common ratio and the first term. Assume the ratios
are real.
B. 2458.3 D. 4363.5
A. -2,5/8 C. -2,7/8
127. If equal spheres are piled in the form of a complete pyramid with an
equilateral triangle as base, find the total number of spheres in the pile if B. -2,5/8 D. -1,7/8
each side of the base contains 4 spheres. 139. In the sequence 2, 3, 4.5, 6.75, find the sum of the first 23 terms in the
A. 15 C. 18 sequence.
B. 20 D. 21 A. 24,378 C. 57,326
128. Find the 6th term of the sequence 55, 40, 28, 19, 13 B. 44,887 D. 67,213
A. 10 C. 8 140. Find an approximation for the sum of all the terms of {16, -8, 4, -2, 1, -
1/2, ¼, …}
B. 9 D. 11
A. 11 1/3 C. 9 1/4
129. A certain ball always rebounds to 4/5 of the distance of the previous fall. 141. In the sequence 2, 3, 4.5, 6.75, find the sum of the first 23 terms in the
Suppose it is dropped from a height of 400 meters, what is the total sequence
distance it has traveled up and down when it hits the ground for the A. 48,847 C. 84,847
fourth time? B. 78,844 D. 44,887
A. 534.8 m C. 1235.5 m 142. Fill in the blanks in this sequence -6, 36, -216, _____, ________
B. 1961.6 m D. 895.8 m A. 180, -1080 C. 1296, -7776
130. Gravity causes a body to fall 16.1 ft in the first second, 48.3 in the 2nd B. 210, 1260 D. 2573, -10374
second, 80.5 in the 3rd second, How far did the body fall during the 143. Find the sum of 4 geometric means between 160 and 5.
10th second? A. 130 C. 150
A. 248.7 ft C. 241.5 ft B. 140 D. 160
B. 308.1 ft D. 305.9 ft 144. The fourth term of a G.P. is 216 and the 6th term is 1944. Find the 8th
131. The sum of an infinite geometric progression is 2√2 +2. If the common term.
ratio is 1/√2 , find the first term. A. 17649 C. 16749
A. 2 C. √2 B. 17496 D. 17964
B. 2√3 D. 2√2 145. Determine x so that: x, 2x + 7, 10x - 7 will be a geometric progression
132. Find the ratio of an infinite geometric series if the sum is 2 and the first A. 7, -7/12 C. 7, -14/5
term is ½
B. 7, -5/6 D. 7, -7/6
A. 1/3 C. ¾
146. If one third of the air in a tank is removed by each stroke of an air pump,
B. ½ D. ¼ what fractional part of the total air is removed in 6 strokes?
133. In the series, 1, 1, ½,1/6, 1/24,…… an, determine the 6th term A. 0.7122 C. 0.6122
A. 1/80 C. 1/100 B. 0.9122 D. 0.8122
B. 1/74 D. 1/120 147. A person has 2 parents, 4 grandparents and 8 great grandparents and
134. A rubber ball is made to fall from a height of 50 ft. and is observed to so on. How many ancestors during the 15 generations preceding his
rebound 2/3 of the height from which it falls. How far will the ball travel own, assuming no duplication?
before coming to rest if the ball continues to fall in this manner? A. 131070 C. 32766
A. 260 feet C. 240 feet B. 65534 D. 16383
B. 230 feet D. 250 feet 148. In the PBA three-point shootout contest, the committeee decided to give
135. The sum of a geometric series is as follows: S = 1 + 1.1+1.21+ 1.331 a prize in the following manner: A prize of P1 for the first basket made,
+… up to 50th term. Determine the sum S. P2 for the second, P4 for the third, P8 for the fourth and so on. If the
A. 2123.51 C. 1163.91 contestant wants to win a prize of no less than a million pesos, what is
B. 2654.34 D. 1255.82 the minimum number of baskets to be converted?
136. A certain ball always rebounds to 4/5 of the distance of the previous fall. A. 20 C. 18
Suppose it is dropped from a height of 400 meters, what is the total B. 19 D. 21
distance it has traveled up and down when it hits the ground for the 149. In a benefit show, a number of wealthy men agreed that the first one to
fourth time? arrive would pay 10 centavos to enter and each later arrive would pay
A. 534.8 meters C. 1235.5 meters twice as much as the preceding man. The total amount collected from all
B. 895.8 meters D. 1961.6 meters of them was P104,857.50. How many wealthy men paid?
137. A rolling ball travels 5 meters in the 1st second, and in each subsequent A. 18 C. 20
second the distance traveled is 20% less than the distance traveled in B. 19 D. 21
the preceding second. Find the total distance traveled.
A. 23 m C. 25 m
B. 24 m D. 25 m

P.A. Catalan Reviewers -7- 11/23/2017

150. A man mailed 10 chain letters to ten of his friends with a request to 162. A man wants to invest a sum of P50,000 in two investments. The first
conitnue by sending a similar letter to each of their ten friends. If this investment earns a rate of interest 4 times that of the second investment.
continue for 6 sets of letters and if all responded, how much will the Phil. In 3 years, the first investment grows to P37,200. For 10 years, the
Postal office earn if minimum postage costs P4 per letter? second investment grows to P24,000. (a) Find the sum of the first
A. P6,000,000 C. P2,222,220 investment.
B. P60,000 D. P4,444,440 A. P50,000 C. P20,000
151. Determine the sum of the infinite series S = 1/3 + 1/9 + 1/27 + ... + (1/3) B. P30,000 D. P40,000
n 163. John invested P 15,000 in two parts, one at 5% and another at 15%. If
both investments have the same profit, find the amount did he invest at
A. 4/5 C. 2/3 5% rate?
B. 3/4 D. 1/2
A. 11,250 C. 4,625
152. Under favorable condition, a simple cell bacteria divided into two about
B. 3,750 D. 10,000
every 20 minutes. If the same rate of divisions maintained for 2 hours,
how many organisms is produced from a single cell? 164. Gabriel made three investments totaling P22,000.00 with interest rates at
4%, 5%, and 8%. The total annual income from the three investments
A. 1,073,741 C. 1,073,741,823 was P13,500.00. The income from the 8% investment was P2,500.00
B. 1,730,641 D. 1,037,417 more than the combined income from the other two investments. How
153. Find the sum of the infinite geometric progression 6, -2, 2/3 ... much was invested at 5% rate?
A. 9/2 C. 7/2 A. P50,000 C. P70,000
B. 5/2 D. 11/2 B. P60,000 D. P80,000
154. Find the sum of 1, -1/5, 1/25... 165. Mang Isidro received P700, 000.00 retirement pay. He invested part of
A. 5/6 C. 0.84 it at 6% annual interest and the rest at 8 ½ %. After one year, the
B. 2/3 D. 0.72 income from the investment at 8 ½ % interest rate was P2,000. 00 less
than twice the income from the other investment. How much did he
155. What is the fraction in lowest term equivalent to 0.1333133133? invest at 6% annual interest?
A. 133/666 C. 133/888
A. P300,000 C. P500,000
B. 133/777 D. 133/999
B. P400,000 D. P200,000
156. Find the ratio of an infinite geometric progression if the sum is 2 and the
166. Mr. Thomas invested an amount of Php 13,900 divided in two different
first term is 1/2.
schemes A and B at the simple interest rate of 14% p.a. and 11% p.a.
A. 1/3 C. 3/4 respectively. If the total amount of simple interest earned in 2 years be
B. 1/2 D. 1/4 Php 3508, what was the amount invested in Scheme B?
157. In the series 1, 1, 1/2, 1/6, 1/24... Determine the 6th term. A. Php 6400 C. Php 7200
A. 1/80 C. 1/100 B. Php 6500 D. Php 7500
B. 1/74 D. 1/120
158. Find the 1987th digit in the decimal equivalent to 1785/9999 starting
from the decimal point. 167. The second of the four numbers is three less than the first, the third is
A. 8 C. 7 four more than the first and the fourth is two more than the third. Find the
B. 1 D. 5 fourth number if their sum is 35.
A. 10 C. 12
B. 11 D. 13
159. Find the 3rd term of a harmonic progression is 15 and the 19th term is 168. If 3 is subtracted from the numerator fo a certain fraction, the value of the
6. Find the 11th term. fraction becomes 3/5. If 1 is subtracted from the denominator of the same
A. 4 C. 6 fraction, it becomes 2/3. Find the original fraction.
B. 5 D. 7 A. 35/55 C. 3/7
160. Find the fourth term of the progression 1/2, 0.2, 0.125…. B. 36/55 D. 32/41
A. 0.099 C. 1/10 169. Find the product of two numbers such that twice the first added to the
second equals 19 and three times the first is 21 more than the second.
B. 1/11 D. 0.102
A. 24 C. 18
161. Find the 9th term of the harmonic progression 3, 2, 3/2..
B. 32 D. 20
A. 3/5 C. 4/5
170. The product of 1/4 and 1/5 of a number is 500. What is the number?
B. 3/8 D. 4/9
A. 50 C. 100
171. Find the fraction such that if 2 is subtracted from its terms it becomes 1/4,
but if 4 is added to its terms becomes 1/2.
A. 3/5 C. 5/14
B. 5/12 D. 6/13

P.A. Catalan Reviewers -8- 11/23/2017

172. If eight is added to the product of nine and the numerical number, the 184. The tens' digit of a number is 3 less than the units' digit. If the number is
sum is seventy-one. Find the unknown number. divided by the sum of the digits, the quotient is 4 and the remainder is 3.
A. 5 C. 7 What is the original number?
B. 6 D. 8 A. 36 C. 58
173. The sum of two numbers is 21 and one number is twice the other. Find B. 47 D. 69
the numbers. 185. If a two digit number has x for its unit's digit and y for its ten's digit,
A. 6, 15 C. 8, 13 represent the number.
B. 7, 14 D. 9, 12 A. 10x+y C. yx
174. Ten less than four times a certain number is 14. Determine the number. B. 10y+x D. xy
A. 6 C. 8 186. The tens digit of a certain two digit number is 1/3 of the units digit. When
B. 7 D. 9 the digits are reversed, the new numbers exceeds twice the original
number by 1 more than the sum of the digits. Find the original number.
175. One number is 5 less than the other. If their sum is 135, what are the
numbers? A. 26 C. 13
A. 85, 50 C. 70, 65 B. 39 D. 28
B. 80, 55 D. 75, 60 187. The tens digit of a certain two digit number exceeds the units digit by 4
and 4 less than thrice the units digit. Find the two digit number
176. Thrice the sum number of the numbers is 30 and the sum of the squares
of the numbers is 52. Find the product of the two numbers. A. 37 C. 58
A. 24 C. 36 B. 84 D. 99
B. 30 D. 48 188. Cynthia’s class number is a two digit number. The sum of the digits is
12. If the digits are reversed, the resulting number will be 15 more than
177. The denominator of a certain fraction is three more than twice the twice her class number. What is her class number?
numerator. If 7 is added to both terms of the fraction, the resulting
fraction is 3/5. Find the original fraction. A. 66 C. 57
A. 8/5 C. 5/13 B. 48 D. 39
B. 13/5 D. 5/13 AGE PROBLEMS
178. Of 4 consecutive odd numbers the product of the second and the fourth
exceeds the product of the first and the third by 136. Find the second 189. Debbie is now twice as old as Jerry. Four years ago, Debbie was
number. three times as old as Jerry then. How old is Debbie?
A. 32 C. 33 A. 14 C. 18
B. 34 D. 35 B. 16 D. 24
179. The product of two consecutive integers is 90 less than twice the square 190. Six years ago, Nilda was five times as old as Riza. In five years, Nilda
of the next larger integer. Find the smaller integer. will be three times as old as Riza. What is the present age of Riza?
A. 6 C. 10 A. 17 C. 15
B. 8 D. 12 B. 16 D. 14
180. Twice the sum of two numbers is 28. The sum of the squares of the two 191. At present, the sum of the parents' ages is twice the sum of the children's
numbers is 100. The product of the two numbers is ages. Five years ago, the sum of the parents' ages was 4 times the sum
of the children's ages. Fifteen years hence, the sum of the parents' ages
A. 48 C. 24 will be equal to the sum of the childen's ages. How many children are
B. 12 D. 36 there?
181. Two numbers differs by 40 and their arithmetic mean exceeds their A. 3 C. 5
geometric mean by 2. What is the smaller number?
B. 4 D. 6
A. 45 C. 81
192. A father tells his son, "I was your age now when you were born.". If the
B. 64 D. 100 father is now 38 years old, how old was his son 2 years ago?
182. Three numbers has a ratio of 2:5:8. If their sum is 60, find the biggest A. 15 C. 19
B. 17 D. 21
A. 36 C. 28
193. Paula is now 18 years old and his colleague Monica is 14 years old.
B. 24 D. 32 How many years ago was Paula twice as old as Monica?
183. The sum of two numbers is 1/7 but their difference is 7. What are the two A. 5 C. 8
B. 7 D. 10
A. 28/7, 35/7 C. 7/28, 7/35
194. A girl is one-third as old as her brother and 8 years younger than her
B. 25/7, -24/7 D. -13/7,36/7 sister. The sum of their ages is 38 years. How old is the girl?
B. 5 D. 7
195. JJ is three times as old as Jan-Jan. Three years ago, JJ was four times
as old as Jan-Jan. The sum of their ages is
A. 20 C. 28
B. 24 D. 36
P.A. Catalan Reviewers -9- 11/23/2017
196. Robert is 15 years older than his brother Stan. However, "y" years 208. The equation whose roots are the reciprocals of the roots of the
ago, Robert was twice as old as Stan. If Stan is now "b" years old and equation, 2x2 - 3x - 5 = 0 is
b>y, find the value of (b-y)
A. 2x2 - 5x - 3 = 0 C. 5x2 +3x -2 =0
A. 15 C. 17
B. 16 D. 18 B. 5x2 - 2x -3 =0 D. 3x2 - 5x -2 =0
197. The sum of Kim's and Kevin's ages is 18. In 3 years, Kim will be twice 209. In the quadratic equation ax2 + bx + c = 0, if r1 and r2 represents the
as old as Kevin. What are their ages now? roots, then r1 times r2 is equal to
A. 4, 14 C. 7, 11 A. b/a C. -b/a
B. 5, 13 D. 6, 12 B. c/a D. -c/a
198. Mary is 24 years old. Mary is twice as old as Ann when Mary was as 210. In the equation x2 - kx + 9 = 0, find k if the roots are equal
old as Ann is now. How old is Ann now?
A. 8 C. 6
A. 16 C. 12
B. 7 D. 9
B. 18 D. 15
211. The roots of x2 +x +1 = 0 are
199. Bert has two sons, one is 4 years younger than the other. Six years
ago, his age was 6 times the combined ages of his sons. Two years A. No real roots C. 1 and 0
from now he will be twice as old their combined ages. Find the age of B. -4 and 10 D. 4 and -10
Bert. 212. In the equation x2 + x = 0, one root is equal to
A. 12 C. 32
A. 1 C. 5
B. 28 D. 48
B. 1/4 D. -1
200. Ronnie was 6 times as old as John 6 years ago. Four years from now
Ronnie will be 4 times as old as John. How old is John now? 213. What is the solution of the equation 50x2+5(x-2)2= -1, if x is a real -
A. 18 C. 21 valued variable?
B. 15 D. 25 A. 12, 3.88 C. 7.55
201. Six years ago, Billy was three times as old as Sally. Four years ago, B. 0.52, 0.70 D. no solution
Billy was only twice as old as Sally. What are their present ages? 214. The projected path of Donovan’s touchdown pass is represented by the
A. B6, S10 C. B10, S14 following function: h = -t2 + 5t, where h represent the height of the ball
B. B8, S12 D. B12. S16 after t seconds. How much time is the ball in the air before it hits the
202. Ritchie is three times as older as Viper. Three years ago, Ritchie was ground?
four times as older as Viper. Find the sum of their ages. A. 10 s C. 5 s
A. 20 C. 27 B. 4 s D. 7 s
203. Martin was born when Andrew was 2 years old. Ten years from now,
the age of Andrew will be twice the age of Martin three years ago. What 215. Solve for x in the equation: log x2 - log 5x = log 20
is the present age of Martin?
A. 10 C. 2
A. 22 C. 20
B. 20 D. 100
B. 18 D. 24
216. What is the value of log2 5 + log3 5 ?
B. 3.79 D. 3.97
204. In the equation 3x2 + Bx +12 =0 for the roots to be equal the value of B
217. In log2 2 + log2 x = 2 , find x
must be
A. 4 C. 2
A. 4 C. 0
B. -2 D. -1
B. -12 D. 12
218. The logarithm of a number is a/ an
205. In the quadratic equation ax2 +bx +c =0, if r1 and r2 represents the
A. Exponent C. Common log
roots, then r1 plus r2 is equal to
B. Co-logarithm D. Natural log
A. b/a C. -b/a
219. Solve for x in the equation: 2log4x - log4 9 = 2
B. c/a D. -c/a
Find the sum of the roots 5x2 A. 12 C. 11
206. -10x + 2 =0
B. 10 D. 13
A. -2 C. ½ 220. The exponential form of loga N = b is
B. 2 D. -1/2 A. N = ab C. N = a/b
207. The roots of the quadratic equation are 1/3 and ¼. What is the D. N = b/a
equation? B. N =ba
A. 12x2+7x+1=0 C. 12x2+7x-1=0 221. The logarithm of 1 to any base
B. 12x2-7x+1=0 D. 12x2-7x-1=0 A. One C. zero
B. infinity D. indeterminate

P.A. Catalan Reviewers - 10 - 11/23/2017

222. Solve for the value of x in the following equation: x3logx = 100x 231. If the temperature of a gas remains constant, the pressure varies
inversely as the volume. A gas at a pressure of 16psi and having a
A. 10 C. 1000 volume of 500 cubic feet is compressed to a volume of 25 ft3. What is the
B. 100 D. 10000
final pressure if the temperature remains constant?
223. Solve for x in log2 log3 logx 2 =1
A. 310psi C. 320 psi
A. 0.82 C. 0.52
B. 315 psi D. 325 psi
B. 1.08 D. 1.58
232. In a purse are nickels, dimes and quarters amounting to $ 9.85. There
224. The electric power which a transmission line can transmit is proportional are twice as many dimes as quarters, and the number of nickels is two
to the product of its design voltage and current capacity, and inversely more than twice and the number of dimes. Determine the number of
to the transmission distance. A 115-kilovolt line rated at 100 amperes nickels.
can transmit 150 megawatts oevr 150 km. How much power, in
A. 16 C. 54
megawatts can a 230 kilovolt line rated at 150 amperes transmit over
100 km? B. 34 D. 62
A. 785 C. 675
B. 485 D. 595
225. The time required for an elevator to lift a weight varies directly with the
weight and the distance through which it is t be lifted and inversely as
the power of the motor. If it takes 30 seconds for a 10 hp motor to lift 100
lbs through 50 feet, what size of the motor is requried to lift 800 lbs in 40
seconds through 40 feet?
A. 42 C. 46
B. 44 D. 48
226. The resistance of a wire varies directly with its length and inversely with
its area. If a certain piece of wire 10 m long and 0.10 cm in diameter has
a resistance of 100 ohms, what will its resistance be if it is uniformly
stretched so that its length becomes 12 m?
A. 80 C. 144
B. 90 D. 120
227. I f x varies directly as y and inversely as z, and x = 14 and y = 7 and z
= 2, find the value of x when y = 16 and z = 4.
A. 14 C. 16
B. 4 D. 8
228. Given that "w" varies directly as the product "x" and "y" and inversely
as the square of "z" and that w = 4 when x = 2, y = 6 and z = 3. Find
the value of "w" when x = 1, y = 4 and z = 2.
A. 3 C. 5
B. 4 D. 6
229. A culture has No number of bacteria. At t=1 hour, the number of
bacteria is measured to be (3/2) No. If the rate of growth is proportional
to the no. of bacteria present, determine the time necessary for the no.
of bacteria to triple.
A. 2.71 hours C. 4.86 hours.
B. 3.22 hours. D. 5.29 hours
230. A compound C is formed when two chemicals A and B are combined.
The resulting reaction between the two chemicals is such that for each
gram of A, 4 grams of B are used. It is observed that 30 grams of the
compound C are formed in 10 minutes. Determine the amount of C at if
the rate of reaction is proportional to the amounts of A and Bremaining
and if initially there are 50 grams of A and 32 grams of B. How much of
the compound C is present at 15 minutes
A. 42 g C. 25 g
B. 32 g D. 0 g

P.A. Catalan Reviewers - 11 - 11/23/2017