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I’ve always understood that our surroundings determine how we feel

and live. I was drawn to interior design because I wanted to learn

how to curate a space to effect its inhabitants positively. As I’ve
pursued my education this has been the basis of each project and
has helped me learn to marry functionality and aesthetics to curate
the perfect balance. A majority of my design is also inspired by
nature, the way it makes me feel and the balance that it brings to
the eye and mind.

Over the last couple of years I’ve worked on countless school teams,
completed multiple internships, and completed many hours of study
and practice outside of school assignments to hone and perfect my
communication, design, and work ethic skills. I’ve come to love the
team effort that interior design requires and have also learned how
to get individual work done quickly and effectively.

I’m an enthusiastic, hard working and positive individual who will

accomplish anything I set my mind to! My goal is to continue to
expand my knowledge through keeping up to date on current
trends, furthering my education and pursuing certifications.
Concept Photos Taken from Pinterest

St George
Vacation Home
The Johnson family is building a vacation home in St
George, UT to escape the cold winter months of
Colorado. They’ve been coming here for years as a
family and since the father can work remotely from
anywhere, they want to have a place that they can
call home for the winter in the desert valley.

They wanted it to be a switch up from the rustic

mountain town they were used to being in and take
advantage of the colorful hues nature had to offer in
the Southern Utah area. We incorporated lots of navy,
orange, and pinks as well as natural tones through
wood and tile (black in the bathrooms to tie into the
lava fields near by.
Floor Plan and Schedules
Created in Revit

Floor Plan
The goal was to fit as many bedrooms and bathrooms into a town
home as possible. By including the Master on the bottom floor we
were able to put an additional 3 on the second floor along with 3
more bathrooms. The father will most likely use one of the bedrooms
as an office but they have the option of using it as a guest room if
family or friends come to stay as well.
Kitchen Elevation (Drawn in AutoCad)
Pantry Door | SW 9179 Wall | SW 7005 Modern White Hood

Cottonwood Slab Cabinets |

Painted in SW 7005

White Backsplash (glass tile)

Refrigerator Silestone Countertops | Bianco


Cottonwood Slab Cabinets |

Painted in SW 9179

Kitchen Selections
Light Pendants Backsplash Cabinet Paint 1 Cabinet Paint 2 Cabinet Pulls Silestone Countertops Barstools
Over Island (2)
Living Area
Furniture and Décor Selections Concept Photos/Finish Selections
View From
View From Home

Black Frame
Windows and Doors

Oak Flooring

(SW Alabaster)

Walls (SW Oak Flooring

Reflected Ceiling Plan Electrical Legend

Entry Way


Specification Examples
Ceiling Fans
Name: Torison Ceiling Fan

Our Price Ea: $320.70

Details: Bright Nickel finish
with 62” Maple Blades.
Locations: Master Bedroom,
Great Room, Bedrooms 2, 3,
and 4. Lighting: 120 V
Integrated LED: CRI: 90 Hallway Flush
Color Temp: 3000 K. Mounts

Name: Osgood Pendant

Our Price Ea: $845.75

Details: Source: LD Shope.
Lighting: 60 W. Overall
Diameter: 14 in. Overall
Dimension: Height: 16 in.
Material: Rustic Gold Antique

Finish Leaves. Location:
Centered Over Island.
Drawn in Revit
Stair Section
Mountain Home
The Carlson's are moving from San Francisco to Midway, Ut for Tom, the
fathers job as a Software Engineer along with his wife, May, and two of
their children. They have two more kids who are out of the house, one
married with a child and another on the way, and another engaged to
be married. The family is excited to be moving to a small, mountain
town and want to embrace the new lifestyle, but keep things modern
at the same time. They want to use natural tones and textures to keep
their home a relaxing and serine environment.

Because their children are older and starting their own families, and live
out of the state, they wanted their home to be a place where
everyone could come together and have space to enjoy one
another's company.
Concept Photos Taken from Pinterest
Living Room Furniture
Great Room
In the great room I used natural tones to stick to the mountain theme.
The architecture of the home is very clean lined and simple but the
client wanted a cozy atmosphere on the inside so we chose casual
yet minimal furniture.

Dining Area Furniture


Concept Photo Taken from Pinterest

Kitchen Kitchen Flooring

Cabinets Countertops Throughout
Master Bedroom & Bath
Tom and May wanted their Master Bed and Bath to be a clean, simple,
serine place for them to relax. We kept the tile and finishes simple so that it
wouldn’t distract from the beauty they could see right outside their floor to
ceiling windows. The statement of the bedroom was a steel fireplace so
we kept everything else simple with neutral colors and a minimal amount
of furniture.

Vignette Created in
Drawn in Powerpoint
Spec Sheets
Created in
Microsoft Word

Wall Color and Casing Accessories

Home Office
A home office was a necessity for the client. Since Tom would be using the office more than
anyone else in the family we took it slightly masculine with the color and accessories. The all
black walls are a great contrast to the rest of the bright, white home.
Luxury Downtown
In my first semester of hand drafting we were assigned a rectangular
exterior structure which would obtain a restaurant/café on the main
level and a condo on the top level (restaurant located in commercial

In the condo/loft would be living a young, professional couple in their

late 20’s. They work hard and wanted a place to come home and
relax. They also enjoy hosting friends so there needed to be enough
seating to accommodate gatherings. The assignment also required
that there be a guest bedroom, a desk space (which was added to
the guest bedroom), a laundry room, and two full bathrooms.

As you look at the floor plan you’ll see that I met the requirements
successfully with no wasted space left over. Concept Photos Taken from Pinterest
Floor Plan

Floor Plan
RCP Hand-
Drafted in First
Great Room
Drawn in Sketchup

Drawn in Sketchup
Presentation Board

Deco Home
This was a group project for Space
Planning. Each group was assigned the
same family (the Scott’s), and then all
groups were given different themes to
go by, ours being Art Deco.

The family consists of a mom and dad,

and three children. The mother was
diagnosed with MS and it was
progressively getting worse so they
decided they needed to remodel their
older home to better accommodate for
her disease. She wasn’t currently in a
wheelchair but when designing the floor
plan we made sure to make it wheel
chair accessible in the event that she
ever couldn’t walk. For example we put
an elevator going from the bottom floor
into the master bedroom.

Floorplan was hand drafted and rendered

Living Room Presentation Board Kitchen/Dining Presentation Board

Master Bedroom and Bath Presentation Board

All elevations were hand

drawn and hand rendered by
Boutique Management
Consulting Firm Space Planning Bubble Diagram

This assignment was a semester long project in which we were to find

and work with our own client. The objective of the class was to get real
life client relationship experience and to continue growing our
AutoCad and commercial design skills.

My client was a Management Consultant and we worked together to

create an office for his future business that would portray his company
well and promote employee productivity as well as their well being.

He initially thought he wanted all the office to be private but after

educating him on the benefits of open floorplans he saw how it could
tie into the goals he had for his company. We left the main office open
and then created private offices with glass fronts for the executives. The
legal department needed private offices as well for obvious reasons.

Floorplan Before Floorplan After (Created in AutoCad)

Exterior walls were provided by teacher

and were to remain in place.
Reception Area

Drawn in Sketchup (Non-Rendered)

Section Drawn in AutoCad Furniture Selections

Finish Selections
Conference Room
The conference room was very important to the client as
many meetings will be held here with high profile clients. It is
also surrounded by glass so it sets a tone for the entire
office. The marble slab wall and wood paneled ceilings
exude luxury and confidence. The ceiling panels and
carpet tiles also have high NRC ratings to aid in sound

Statement Lighting Piece

Finish Selections
Kitchen/Break Area
Since consultants often spend well over 40 hours in the office
the client wanted to accommodate those staying late into
the night and coming in early by providing most appliances
you would find in a residential kitchen. I also encouraged him
to use the space as a mobile working area as they promote
productivity and well-being.

Finish Selections

Steelcase Mobile Cafe

Mobile Working Area
This seating area is located between the open office are and the conference
room to give the employees a place to step away and take a phone call, sit
in a new position while they work, touch down between meetings or get
together as a team and collaborate. It can also be used as a waiting area
for guests and clients.

Herman Miller Herman Miller

Tuxedo Classic Tuxedo Bench

Herman Miller AllModern

Nelson Coconut Chair Jacob Coffee Table
Restrooms Typical Mounting Heights


Typical Mounting
Heights Legend

Restroom Elevations

Concept Photo Taken from Pinterest

Lifestyle Cycle Shop
The basis of this project was to create a specialized retail space that
would suit the community of our choice. I chose Park City and wanted
to create a bike shop/studio for the active locals that was different
from all the others in town which are very similar to one another. Psycle
isn’t just a retail store, it is where people with similar lifestyles can come
together to get expert advice, have their gear repaired, see the latest
trends, socialize, partake in several different fitness classes such as yoga
and cycling and follow it up with coffee or a delicious smoothie.

The project was new construction so after I decided what functions I

wanted the business to entail, I began looking for inspiration and
decided I wanted the overall feel to be bright, open and light hearted.
I then carefully created a floorplan that could accommodate all of the
needs with ultimate functionality.

I always begin planning my floorplans through hand sketches and then

convert it into AutoCad to finalize and edit.

Inspiration Photos Taken from Pinterest

Color Coded Floor Plan
Main Floor 2nd Floor

Balcony overlooking

Bike Store Area, Bikes and Gear Bike Repair Shop Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms Laundry/Storage Area Cycling Class Studio

Café Area Storage Closets Traffic Areas Yoga Studio

ADA Restroom
Café Area
Created in Sketchup
Women’s Locker Room
Floor to Ceiling Dressing Room Locker Room
Wall Tile Wall Tiles Benches
Name: Cartegena Name: Custom Built
Name: Tile-Field,
Cement Tile In Bench
Fireclay Tile
Details: Details:
Details: Color: Dark Blue, Custom Solid Wood
Color: White Wash Silver, Aero & Bench Built into
Size: 6”x12” White. Size: 8”x8”. the front of the
Thick: 5/8 lb. lockers.

Locker Room Mirrors

Name: Uttermost
Crofton Mirror
Dim: W: 20” / D: 3” / H:
Color: Gold

Wall and Locker

Paint Color
Name: The Right White,
Sherwin Williams

Locker Room Locker Finish: Satin
Countertop Wall Finish: Semi-Gloss

Name: Cirrus, European


Details: Commercial
Grade Quartz

Locker Room Locker Room Locker Room

Sinks Faucets Flooring
Elevation Drawn Name: Polished
Name: T6142
in AutoCad Name: 2882-0,
Moen Gibson Cement
Standard Faucet- Details:
Details: Double Finish Technique:
Almond Vertical Troweling, Edging &
17-1/4” Undermount Broom Finish.
Finish: Chrome
Sink with Overflow Polish: Gloss Finish
Spout: Fixed
Apartment Building
Remodel to Common Area
This project was for Studio 2, in which we had a real client that our teacher
found for us. Our client lived in an apartment building in the Avenues of
Downtown Salt Lake City and was a member of the HOA committee. The
building was built over 100 years ago and the size of each apartment
averages out to be about 600 sf.

We had an initial meeting with the client during our first site visit to determine
their needs and wants. The building has no amenities other than a closet for
storage lockers, so the board was looking for design plans to remodel their
old coal/water heater room into a common area for residents to host
gatherings or hold HOA meetings. They would then just need a small closet
for the modern water heater.

We met with the client again during the semester to present our ideas and
get feedback and then once more at the end of the semester. At that final
proposal we provided her with a spec book which included a budget break
down and our presentation board with finish details that she could take back
to her HOA committee and or give to her contractor.

Before photo
taken during our
first site visit
Main Level
The wall height was 20’ tall allowing us to convert it into two levels.
The top floor has a simple kitchenette and an open area where chairs and
tables can be set up as needed. We didn’t use permanent furniture because
there needed to be room for a variety of activities. We added a powder bath
so that if residents had people over they wouldn’t have to go into their unit to
use the restroom. The access to the powder is in the hallway for privacy.

As you can see we aimed to design the space around the era in which the
building was built. I only have a few of our selections shown but we provided
our client with specifications for everything necessary for the new construction.
Finish Selections
A large request from the HOA committee was that we would figure out a way to provide storage
lockers for residents and it would be a plus to have room for bikes. There were cement footers over 3’
tall along the outside walls of the basement that we had to work around. The stair landing comes to
the footer and to the left there is a hallway in which we suggested hanging bike hooks with locks. At
the bottom of the stairs we stacked custom storage lockers on top of the footers and provided step
ladders to reach the top ones.

Finish Selections

White Rubber Baseboards Commercial LVT SW Gray Paint for Walls


Sheet was
created in
Rustic Cafe Floor Plan and RCP (Hand Drafted in First Semester
This café/lunch spot is the main level from
the downtown condo in my residential
project. Before I began doing the space
planning on this project I did a lot of
conceptualizing to be able to grasp what it
was I wanted the space to look and feel
like. I wrote lists such as what kind of
services and food the establishment would
provide, what the overall feeling was that
people would have as they spent time in
the space, and who the average customer
was. Once I had obtained this overall
concept it was easy for me to determine
how the space would flow.
3D Model of a
Retail Space
This was a group project for space planning. We were assigned a certain square
footage in a rectangular space for a retail space of our choice. Our group wanted to
create an innovative technology based eyewear company located in New York City.
The product was electronic glasses with a high end price point. We wanted the space
to exude an expensive feel, be easy to navigate, and be technologically savvy.

The rectangular screens in the front and back of the spaces are all glass that show text
and videos which teach the customer about the product. There is no need to have a
cash wrap because there are multiple associates on the floor with ipads that can
check anyone out. The shelves on the side show case the many different styles and
frames that the glasses come in. There is also an optometrist office which is the small
office located in the back corner (surrounded by fogged glass).
Work as a
Project 1:

Design Assistant
I had the opportunity to work with a new company, Salt Box Collective
and aid them in some of their jobs. In the first project shown I was
assigned the task of accessorizing and performing the installation of the
kitchen. In the second project I assisted in space planning, concept
drawings and renderings for client presentations, furniture, décor and
finish selections, and working drawings for contractors. I also had the
opportunity to do a lot of edesign work for other clients while working

Project 2:
Personal Jewelry
Kara and Clove is a business that I started in January of 2017. I initiated all
start up phases on my own including product design, sourcing wholesale
materials, logo design, website design, pricing analysis, competitive
research and social media marketing.

This has been a great entrepreneurial endeavor that has taught me a lot
about business and business management. I also found myself being quite
inspired by my jewelry for interior design work (particularly by stones and
current fashion trends).