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Izzy Poulson


Table of Contents

Themes from Quarter/Semester - Page 2

Projects - Page 4

Subject Areas - Page 10

Transferable Skills - Page 12

Independent Learning Skills - Page 13

Bibliography - Page 14

If the school was an amusement park Chemistry would be the educational

horror house, CPUS History would be the merry go round, Algebra 2 would be the ride
that’s really unpopular but you need to go on because your diploma is begging you to.
And then there is The Pilot (Patented, trademarked and copyrighted) this gigantic,
insane, eccentric and amazing nebulous arrangement of cart tracks, where the
possibilities are endless! Marvelous and terrifying at the same time.
Pilot this past year and a half has always worked very well for me, I have tried
to utilize it to dive into questions I have and the passions I possess. Then again, there
are times when I slacked off a little or life diverted my attention from my studies. The
pilot is my home but it only works when you put in a lot of effort, a lot of passion and a
whole lot of dedication.
Anyway, specifically this semester I feel like I sunk a little below the standard I
hold myself to in the beginning of the second quarter. Yes, I got meaningful work done
but at a pace that I am not ok with, it was too slow. I have this vision of myself how
efficient I should be, how concentrated I should be and all of the above. At times I
think it isn’t humanly possible but the reason I keep trying is that I know in my soul I
can get there eventually, but sometimes there are low points where the passion fades
and the world seem to become grey.

Hey the passion machine back, and I’m ready to roll!!

*read in the voice of Dewey Finn from School of Rock*

Goal Oriented Action

As I have said before I am unhappy with the pace at which I was working the
first half of the second quarter. I remember when the wave of passion hit me again
that day in the pilot seminar we made out own calendar for until our exhibitions. I
can't describe the feeling besides immense joy and excitement I planned out the next
few weeks with ease packing every day full of things I got to do. The rush it gave me, to
be that driven was electrifying I could hear buzzing all around me as I worked. At that
point, I felt the fire in my eyes, heart and mind itching to paint, write, and get
something new in my brain belly! This was a lot better than before when I didn’t really
feel like I had a purpose or a calling.


My biggest mistake was not putting in enough dedication into myself and my
studies, my attention and energy were elsewhere. I had goals for the second quarter
that I never made a priority, I missed life drawing classes and did not keep meetings
with mentors consistent, I got sloppy. Looking back on all this I see a pattern, when
negative people, events or feelings, mine or others take over the joy that drives the
intense passion I have for my different studies it is very hard to continue functioning.
I believe that staying positive and excited about life and learning is crucial for being in
the pilot. I have noticed that whenever my passion for life and learning is low my

attention in my school classes also runs low but with scheduling, that ability to focus
comes easier. Something that will help to escape that mindset of confusion and
purposelessness would be to make a schedule, plan out all the things I need to do so I
can see in on paper, write down all the meeting and whatnot that need to happen
weekly, daily, every two days all of it. By doing this and following this schedule I
create a habit of meeting with mentors, doing work in order to get to a goal and
following through on what I want to accomplish. Next semester I am going to have a
lot less time in school to do my pilot work because I am taking heath and drivers ed so
I plan to dedicate one or two days at the end of this semester to making solid goals and
a schedule to plan out what I will do and when. Because I am not finished with this
semester I haven't given what I am going to do nxt semester a lot of thought.

A Final Thought

This quarter I have gotten to know what happens when I do not put in as much
effort and umf into my work and it's not fun, looking back on it I feel very
disappointed in myself which is not a good feeling to have. These last few weeks have
shown that it is possible to bounce back from it through making things a routine and
having urge, dedication, and electricity to be excited about life and learning.

During the time that I set my goals near the end of this semester I am going to
come back to this document and put them in the section below as well as on my
portfolio site:




My goal for painting this year is to change the way I paint, not stylistically but I
want to go as far into it as I can and improve my skills. I get visions of paintings, for
some reason, I don’t know why but I would like to paint those instead of forcing
myself to create a painting. I would also like to figure out how to do these things

How do I do undertones in skin and landscapes?

How do I make expression?
How do I paint metal?
How do I paint hair?
How do I make something look translucent?
How do I paint different positions?

These last few weeks working according to a schedule and just doing a lot of painting
worked for me but not meeting with my mentor as often didn’t work because I think
she could have helped me a lot when I was stuck on skill based problems.
Note: My mentor has been sick for the past month or so, I didn't want to cause her any
pain in transportation but that still doesn't excuse not contacting her as much as I
would have liked.

I am still pending on a tattooing mentor, partially being my fault I could have

talked to Kim about contacting a new person, but Amy and Kim are talking to a woman
called The Shady Lady, I can’t wait to meet her if she is to be my mentor.
This quarter I have been working on the Laughing Woman, she is a woman
standing in the desert laughing with her arms turning into cacti and a metal heart
nailed to her chest. I haven’t been consistently painting this one because I didn’t feel
like I had enough skill to paint her skin. I started working on her more recently, last
week specifically with a wave of inspiration that hit me like a train. I have been using
pictures of the El Paso mountains to help me with painting the background and as I
was painting I noticed that the mountains that are further away from the woman are a
lot more blue and gray than I guess I wanted which threw me off. The look I am going
for in this painting is vibrant so when I saw that the colors of the mountains were
duller than I wanted I had to rethink of how to structure the painting. The woman's
skin in the vision I had was caramel/yellow and when I painted it I made it more
red/orange. This is what I was afraid of, making the color slightly different from what
I saw if I add a tiny bit more red or yellow ochre. One day recently I sent pictures to my

Mom while we were on the phone and I asked her if she had any suggestions on what
to do next, she responded by saying it looks good and it looks like my Nana Gloria
which is good and kind of what I am going for, I wanted this painting to reflect where I
came from.
Also, this quarter I have been figuring out how to paint crystals, it is the one
thing that has postponed work on the Skull painting. I have been having trouble with
painting the longer quartz-like crystals because of the way they refract light and
because they are transparent this quarter I have been building up my skills in order to
paint the crystals in the skull correctly. A while back I met with my painting mentor
Meg where she told me that a good way to solve this problem is to practice creating
crystal with other materials such as colored pencils. That next week I started creating
white crystals on a black sheet of paper in order to get as close as I could to the
elements on the painting (the crystals in the skull are blue I just made them white on
the piece of paper in order to make the light simpler). I started by making the crystal
structure first, I made all the faces distinctly than thought about where the light
would travel and highlighted those regions.
Over one of the weekends, I went up to Maine to see a play my friend Rina was
a part of at her university. I remember on the way back the sky was a fascinating array
of magenta, yellow, orange and white, which complimented the pines in the forest
around the endless highway we were on. There it was, another vision, this time I was
different than the past pictures I’ve seen with proportions much more out of whack
than any other painting I had made before. Its eyes were huge with a warm dark blue
in the shadows and a brighter blue on the bottom half of the iris, it’s lips and nose
were both out of proportion as well barely leaving any room for cheeks. The colors on
the painting were also new to me, honestly, this painting reminded me of an acid trip
because of the disproportionality and the vivid array of colors. I have painted most of
this, there are a few details that I will go back and fill out. At first I was hesitant to
painting this or event telling anybody about this I just thought I was going crazy but I
think it is important to expand my style and one of my goals this year is to paint the
visions that come to me and be sincere about the process of creating and not
discriminate against my own artwork because it looks a little different from the rest.
A while ago someone asked me to do a commission for them of Seamus and
I’m not going to say no to that because losing someone is hard and however I can help
I will. I started sketching him out halfway through the last quarter trying to get all of
his facial features as close as possible without using a grid. I didn't work on the
painting for a while truthfully because I was scared I was going to mess it up, I have
never made a painting of a specific person where you need to make everything on their
face look like it is their facial feature. This painting was a good opportunity to work
with skin tones, expression and light, I didn’t want anything about this painting to
seem negative I wanted this to be a celebration of life instead of a mourning so I stuck
to warmer colors and had him looking at the sunrise over rolling green hills. It took a
while to get the facial proportions right but after that, it took me about two days to
make a close to accurate skin tone then I will paint the background ( working on my
narrative as I finish this painting).
This semester I have been trying to make it a habit of going to the figure
drawing class every Thursday but I haven't kept to that schedule because of social

distractions that I have taken care of. These classes seem like easy practice to me
because I have been going for such a long time I have figured out how to transport
what I see into a black and white drawing because I wasn't feeling a challenge I
decided to change things up. These past few weeks I have been taking colored pencils
to try and transfer skin tone on to the paper as well. In the future when I go again in
January I think I should bring paints so it is easier to mix the colors and not as hard to
start over if I did something wrong.
I plan to keep working on these paintings consistently through the rest of this
quarter and I also plan to meet with Meg every other week once I come back from
break if she is feeling well enough. I also intend to look at more artwork, I am going to
plan to meet with Adrian about how to respond to artwork because besides looking at
technique I don’t know what else to look at and/or respond to.


My goal for Buddhism was to get to know myself better and to participate in
and understand the Buddhist practices and ways of thinking.
At the beginning of this quarter Taihaku, our (Amy, Owen and I) Buddhist
mentor had us write a letter to ourselves making promises to ourselves we wanted to
keep. At our next meeting, we brought our letters and together we performed an
incense ceremony over the letters we wrote and placed them under the Buddha statue
in the Shao Shan Temple. In my letter I wrote to myself that I would meditate every
day for at least 10 minutes and I promised that I would continue to be positive and
kind to others around me. So far I have been able to do one of those things, I have been
for the most part positive to others around me but I do admit sometimes I slip and
have an outward negative attitude. I haven't been meditating every day for 10
minutes, more recently I have been able to but towards the middle and beginning of
the quarter I would postpone it to later in the evening when I would be too tired to
meditate so I would just sleep. I think the thing that kept me from wanting to meditate
was my idea of what meditation should be, I guess what I thought it should be is
forceful suppression of any kind of thought but that is not what it is intended to be.
Taihaku Explained it as the appreciation of every moment in its specialness but this,
this is the special moment. Meditation is a strict thing in a way but it is not something
negative, recently I have found that it is a way to remind yourself that you are alive in
this moment. Meditating earlier this quarter was hard for me because I didn't know
how to do it, I would start getting frustrated really easily whenever a thought would
pop into my head then that frustration would lead to another thought then another
then another just piling until I couldn't continue. I’m not sure who said it Amy or
Chris but changing your mentality by saying “I get to” instead of “I have to” makes a
very large difference in meditation.
Every other week Amy, Owen (Branching out student) and I have been going to
meet with Taihaku or Kenzan for 2 hours on Temple Tuesday! In these meetings we
first bow and say a greeting then do 10 to 15 minutes of sitting meditation. We close
with a bow to the mat as well as a bow to the other people in the room before
venturing into the kitchen area where we discuss usually a reading from the book we

are reading together Seeds of a Boundless life. This quarter we have mostly talked about
having preconceptions, prejudice, and judgment and how it changes your actions and
once you recognize those thoughts it is easier to dismiss them. We have also talked
about the first of the four preconceptions which is refraining from harm, before this
meeting we were asked to see for ourselves what refrain from harm meant to us in our
lives. After the discussion time is over we go back into the main room to close with a
10 to 15 minute sitting meditation.
I have noticed that I have subconsciously incorporated the frame of mind of
Buddhism into my daily life, for example, I have found it harder to blindly stand up for
something and also blindly disagree with something or someone without considering
where that person came from and why. It also feels harder to get angry at people
because people aren't intentionally mean or unpleasant for no reason and being able
to see through that shell that people have has helped me understand people better.
Something that worked well for me this semester is meeting with Taihaku or
Kenzan. Meditation outside the temple has been harder but I got this app Samsara and
using it has helped me a lot because it sends me reminders, it has little Tibetan bells
that go however many you want and it lets you time your sessions and logs them.
For the rest of this quarter I am going to continue meditation and meetings
with Taihaku and Kenzan I will also try and do more experience meditation. I would
also like to write weekly reflections on how I view the world so I can see how it
changes over time.


My goal for this project was to study Bob Dylan’s lyrics, I want to find out what
they mean to me and I want to see how they mean what I interpret them as. I also
would like to see how the current events affect how people see lyrics, and how music
connects to the meaning of the song. Now, I took a detour from what I originally set
out to do with the lyrical analysis.
My quarter one English study was more about drafting different pieces of
writing to find the best way of analyzing lyrics while including the musical aspect. At
my quarter 1 exhibition, I got feedback from Steven and Amy about diving into the
writing part of my English study by writing multi-draft essays. I took that advice and
made a meeting with Chris to talk about how I can go deeper with my writing he had
be rent the Brief Bedford Reader from the copy center and read a few sections of it and
write essays based off of those sections.
The section I started on was a descriptive essay, I read the section next started
brainstorming what I could write an essay about. I came across a song that I have a
strong connection Midnight by Coldplay, I know this not really corresponding at all to
the goal I set but in order to understand how to write about music and poetry, I might
as well choose something that is meaningful to me. I spend a few weeks trying to start
this essay but it seemed like everything I did just wouldn't get me anywhere. For some
reason, I felt like if I painted my essay it might make more sense to me because I had a
rough idea of what I was going to write about I just didn’t know how to get it started,
so I painted it, and the writing came easier to me. The writing I was doing was about

experiences I had with this song, since this is such a good song to me and I have such a
strong connection to it I didn't want to dissect it, I wanted to observe it from the
outside to see how it made me feel, which seemed like the most accurate way to
analyse any music.
I went to Chris again for the help, I needed to see how to write a descriptive
essay he recommended the book Before We Sleep which I have been reading every day.
The thing that worked for me was the actual writing of the essay, the paint
draft, and meetings with Chris, what didn't work for me was not writing about Bob
Dylan and not as many meetings with Chris as I would like.
The only thing I have left to do on the descriptive essay is to type it and send the
second draft to Chris. For the rest of this quarter I plan to finish this descriptive essay,
research for and write the Comparison and contrast essay about Bob Dylan’s Bringing
It All Back Home and Ani Difranco’s Not A Pretty Girl and analyze Bob Dylan's “Don't
Think Twice It’s Alright”.


This semester my goal for herbalism is I would like to study how plants can be
used for medicine, how the properties of the plant affect your health i.e interact with
your body and improve health. As I look back on my blog I can see that I have been
following this goal pretty closely. In the first quarter, I studied the craft of making
herbal medicine I made an assortment of oils, tinctures and teas and this quarter I
started to see how the medicine works inside your body. At the beginning of the
quarter, I made 2 salves, bottled the tinctures I made in the first quarter then started
researching how the different systems of the body work. I watched a lot of crash
courses and got a book from my herbalism mentor called the Holistic Herbal which
talked about how to take care of the different body systems with herbs. The book
speaks about the herbs in a scientific manner describing the actions of certain herbs
and what chemical it sparks the production of, etc.
I have a herbalist mentor, her name is Sasha and she is really nice, we meet
every other Saturday or Sunday for about 2 hours in which we discuss different things
in herbalism, one time they went over how to make herbal remedies (I wasn’t there
that meeting my dog passed away a couple days before that and I was too down to be
around anybody), another time we discussed action terms and the digestive system.
She usually assigns some light reading for us to do before the next meeting and a
mystery herbal tincture for us to determine the actions of.
This quarter I started working with turmeric, at first I made tea with it and tried
to drink it consistently just to get a feel for the plant and over Thanksgiving break I
tried to cook with turmeric which was really good I made lentil curry with baby
spinach mmhmm! After that, I started to research turmeric in a more scientific sense
and found that the main chemical in turmeric is Curcumin, a phyto polyphenol. From
talking with my mentors and reading multiple sources on the internet Curcumin is
antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and has anti-cancer agents, being a teenager I was
like yeah I know what those are but the truth is I’ve just heard them a lot but I had no
idea what they meant. I spent a lot of time on the NCBI website finding an abundance

of great sources the only problem is that I am not a Chemist so I don't understand just
about every other word in these articles. When I started getting confused about all of
the chemistry language in these articles I was reading I set up meetings with Aanika
more frequently so we could work through different pages together which has been
really helpful thank you Aanika. More recently I went up to talk to Mark Chaplin the
Chemistry teacher about radical molecules and how this phyto polyphenol is an
antioxidant, it would take me pages to explain all that he taught me then but it will be
on a Prezi by the end of this semester.
What worked well for me this quarter was doing research with the help of
Aanika, lessons with Mark, and meetings with Sasha. What didn’t work as well was
non-scientific explanations. My plan for the rest of the quarter is to continue research
in Curcumin and make a Prezi with all the information I learned on that presentation.


My goal for Spanish this semester is to study how my family was involved in the
Chicano Movement, translate my Tata’s short stories, and take Spanish grammar
lessons from my Tata to improve my language skills. I have stuck with this plan this
quarter like I mentioned I would like to keep my meetings with my mentors consistent
and this is one of the areas that I fell behind in. I planned at the beginning of this
school year that I would have 2 meetings with my Tata a week and this quarter I fell
behind on that sometimes only having one or no meetings a week. The general setup
of our sessions is conversation followed by reading I read in Spanish, he reads in
Spanish, I read in English, he reads in English, and I ask questions in Spanish. I did try
to keep the reading and duolingoing at a constant pace I did not have a schedule but I
read every other day from Mas Sabe El Diablo.
Towards the end of one of my facetime sessions with my Tata, he
recommended that I read Abraham Lincoln and Mexico to get some background on the
Chicano Movement. The next day I went to the library who said they could special
order it for the school and it would be there a week later, this wasn't too long ago so I
got the book last week and have only gotten 2 chapters in.
Last week I was able to finish the story I was reading with my Tata all this
quarter and part of last quarter Ponchado El Verano Del ‘68. In one of our more recent
facetime sessions Tata read through the whole story and summarized it, afterwards I
read through it connecting the dots and writing down all the words I didn't
understand in a journal I keep with me while I am reading. A few days ago I found in
one of my boxes a children's book that my Mom and Nana Gloria illustrated called
Estrellita de Oro.
This quarter what has not worked for me was not meeting consistently with
Tata, what did work for me was using a journal to write down new words. For the rest
of this semester I plan to meet with my Tata two times a week and ask him about how
he is involved in the chicano movement. Commented [1]: Great! Remember to check in with
Adam regarding a presentation in his class. Good job.



1 English credit

I am writing multi-draft essays about music.

I have written an essay about my personal experience with a song.

This semester I listened to Midnight by Coldplay to remind me of where I was before when I
listened to that same song.

This semester I have read Some of the Brief Bedford Reader, Before we sleep as well as song
review from different sites. I have also read my own work and revised it


2 art credits

I am making paintings and improving my skill in skin tone, light, material, and
painting environments, I am also designing peoples tattoos.

Developing Craft

● Worked in different materials

● Figure drawing class
● Making small scale paintings of larger paintings to get colors right
● Experimented with style

Performing, Presenting, Producing

● Will put pieces in the art show


● Smaller art critique

● Drawing in “enough already” show in the first quarter


Other than the fact that I made all of my paintings I have connected to Laughing
woman because she represents where I come from.

● I have responded to art in the art critique during seminar

.5 Health Credit
I have been meeting with Taihaku my buddhism mentor every two weeks daily
meditation, reading and research on the grave precepts.

Physical Activity and Fitness

● Meeting with Taihaku every other Tuesday
● Daily meditation
● Studying the grave precepts
● Incorporating mindfulness into life


.5 Science Credit

I have been researching and making herbal medicine from turmeric. I have been researching
what it does and have been working with the science teachers to piece together how it is the
way it is.

Change, Cause and Effect

● Researching curcumin
● Action terms of Turmeric, researching how the chemistry of Turmeric supports the
action claim

Structure and function

● Studying structure of curcumin and how that relates to its function
● Meetings with Mark and Aanika about the structure of curcumin or free radicals in the


.5 Language Credit

I am meeting with my Tata and talking and reading in spanish, I also read on my own
and use the Duolingo app consistently.

● Speaking spanish with my Tata
● Reading in spanish
● Using the Duolingo app
● Interviewing my Tata about his participation in the Chicano Movement
● Have been using vocab from the book in the conversations I have had with my Tata
● My relationship with my Tata is great, I am becoming closer to him and my history
thought this study

Creative Thinking and Problem Solving

● When painting I run into a lot of technical difficulties and part of the process is
stepping back and finding the thing you need to fix
● Writing the descriptive essay I ran into speed bumps, but painted the essay to kickstart
my brain again
● Making of the calendar for the three weeks leading up to my exhibition

Effective and Expressive Communication

● Writing my blog (I think could happen more often) helps me see where i am and where I
need to go.
● My descriptive essay
● My Paintings

Engaged Citizenship

● Learning how to cure others with herbal medicine

● Painting to raise money for the Syrian Refugee fund
● I have worked with more people outside of school

Working Independently and Collaboratively

● Painting alone and with a mentor

● Writing and reading alone but also asking for help from teachers
● Meditation alone and meditation in a group

Informed, Integrated, and Critical Thinking


● Research in Herbalism
● Speaking, reading and listening in Spanish
● Incorporating Buddhism ways of thinking into life in general

Self Awareness and Self Direction

● Is it ok to say all of my studies and basically the whole program



This semester so far I don’t feel that I had an exponential amount of obstacles besides
the fact that I could have discipline myself to step back take a breath and prioritize things in
my life. This semester I handle the obstacles I had by scheduling and devoting more time to the
things that will get me further in life (school and not highschool relationships or TV). What I
have learned so far is that the hardest obstacles to overcome are the ones that have to do with
the way you think, and I feel like I am slowly changing the way I think.

Often while I am painting I don't do any specific way to generate ideas, they come to
me. But in other studies when I was out of ideas I made meetings with advisors or my friends to
brainstorm where to go and how I should go about getting there.

Time Management
This semester in the first half of the second quarter I wasn’t planning ahead, I wouldn't
work on my studies in any specific order. In the second half of the second quarter I made a
calendar and scheduled time to work on my studies according to goals I wanted to meet for my
exhibition. For the rest of the quarter I am making another calendar but this time for goals I
want to meet for the end of the semester.

This semester I have been accountable for meetings with advisors and Amy but with
meetings with mentors I have missed a few. Also I have missed a lot of the Life Drawing
classes, but in the second half of the quarter I was more accountable with the classes, meetings
with mentors and meetings with advisors.

I have documented my work on my blog throughout this semester with pictures and
written reflections. I haven’t finished my website but that will be completed by the 10th of
January 2018.

Self Advocacy
This semester I met with my advisors a lot more that I did last year, I would set
meetings up with them if I was unsure about my study, stop them in the hall if I had questions,
and email them if I needed clarification.

I think the lesson I learned this semester is that I need to prioritize what I put my
energy into and also that scheduling is very helpful.


Annotated MLA format citations of all media and people you have used this semester. (Use


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will use this book to research the Chicano Movement.

Blackwell, Maylei. Chicana Power!: Contested Histories of Feminism in the Chicano

Movement. Austin: U of Texas, 2015. Print. I will use this book to research feminism
in the chicano movement.

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translating this book.


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I will use this so I can understand it when people talk.

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Tata is my spanish mentor.


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I will use this site to look at the grammatical analysis of the song.

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I will use this site to find information about Bob Dylan and other peoples opinions on
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I will use this to help me learn about how to write about music.

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I will use this to look at the meaning of the eternal circle


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I will use this to look at the lyrics of Bob Dylan's songs.

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I will use this to look at another person's interpretation based off of their life

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Roger will help me understand music.


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Meg is my painting mentor, I worked with her last year and I am working with her this
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Lucia is my mom and she will help me with both painting and tattooing.

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will use this website to find out information about plants.

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will use this site to order herbs.

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info on buddhism
Seeds of a boundless life
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