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1. Abrir-to open
2. Agarrar-to grab, hold
3. Aguantar-to put up with, tolerate, endure
4. Alcanzar-to reach
5. Alejar-move away, distance; alejarse-to move (oneself) away from; alejado de-away from
6. Andar-to walk/amble
7. Apagar-to put out, turn off
8. Aparecer-to appear, show up; parecer-to seem/look like
9. Aportar-to contribute, provide, put in, produce
10. Apreciar-to value; apreciado/a-valued
11. Atraer-to attract
12. Ayunar-to fast; en ayunas-fasting; desayunar-to (eat) breakfast
13. Caber-to fit
14. Cargar-to carry
15. Cocer-to cook
16. Coger-to grab, pick up, hold, be detained, (vulgar: Latin Am.- fuck)
17. Congelar-to freeze, be cold, suspend; la congelación-freezing (of)
18. Conocer-to meet, be familiar with
19. Conseguir-to get, achieve, obtain
20. Construir-to build
21. Continuar-to continue
22. Convencer-to convince
23. Cortar-to cut
24. Crear-to create
25. Crecer-to grow, rise (river), wax (moon), swell, expand
26. Creer-to believe
27. Cumplir-to become, reach, carry out, complete
28. Dañar-to damage
29. Dar-to give; Darse-to give oneself; Darse cuenta de-to be/become aware of
30. Decir-to say
31. Decir-to say
32. Despertarse-to wake up (oneself); Despertar-to awaken, arouse
33. Destruir-to destroy
34. Distribuir-to destribute
35. Doler-to hurt
36. Dormir-to sleep
37. Echar- to pour, chase out, throw out, expel
38. Elaborar-to make, prepare, produce, manufacture
39. Enterar-to inform, advise, notify; Enterarse-to become aware of, notice, realize
40. Enterrar-to bury, entomb
41. Escoger-to choose
42. Escribir-to write
43. Escuchar-to listen to
44. Establecer-to establish, lay down, found, set up; Establecerse-establish oneself (refl)
45. Estar-to be
46. Extraer-to extract, pull out, remove
47. Fijar-to attach, affix, fasten, pay attention to; Fijarse-to fixate (on), focus on, stare at
48. Guiar-to guide
49. Gustar-to be pleasing to
50. Haber-to be/to exist
51. Hablar-to talk/speak
52. Hacer-to do/to make
53. Hervir-to boil
54. Ir –to go
55. Leer-to read
56. Llegar-to arrive
57. Llenar-to fill
58. Llevar-to take
59. Mentir-to lie
60. Meter-to put in; fig-get into (interested in); Meterse-to put oneself in, go inside, meddle
61. Mirar-to look
62. Moler-to grind, mil
63. Morir-to die
64. Nacer-to be born, rise
65. Oir-to hear
66. Pensar-to think
67. Pisar-to step
68. Poder-to be able to
69. Poner-to put
70. Preferir-to prefer
71. Prender-to fasten, attach turn on; desprender-come off, become detached
72. Prestar-to lend, give, provide; Prestarse-to volunteer, lend oneself, offer
73. Procurar-to obtain
74. Producir-to produce
75. Querer-to want
76. Realizar-to accomplish, complete, fulfill, carry out, put into effect
77. Rechazar-reject, repel, keep out
78. Regar-to wáter, regadío-irrigation
79. Reir(se)-to laugh
80. Remojar-to soak, steep; remojando-wetting
81. Retoñar-to sprout, sprout out
82. Retrasar-to postpone, delay; el retraso-delay, underdevelopement, retardation
83. Rociar-to spray, sprinkle
84. Romper-to break
85. Saber-to know
86. Seguir-to follow
87. Sentirse-to feel (oneself); ill, good, etc.; Sentir-to regret, feel emotionally
88. Ser-to be
89. Sobrepasar-to surpass, overtake
90. Soler-to be in the habit of, usually do something; suele-(it) usually …., customarily
91. Soñar-to dream
92. Sugerir-to suggest, hint; se sugiere-(it) is recommended
93. Superar-to lead, exceed, overcome
94. Tener-to have
95. Tomar-to take, drink
96. Torcer-to twist
97. Traer-to bring
98. Venir-to come
99. Ver-to see
100. Vivir-to live
101. Volver-come back, return, begin again; volverse-to turn, go become-volverse loco-to go crazy

Classes and examples of present tense stem changing irregulars:

Poder: (Copied from Gram notes: p. 30)

Querer: (Copied from Gram notes p. 31)
Decir: (Gram notes p. 36)