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Thank you, master of ceremony.

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to

the honourable judges, faithful timekeeper, teachers and the audiences. I am
Nur Ain Izyan from SK Tambak will talk about a topic of ‘the advantages and
disadvantages of bringing handphone to school’.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Handphones and tablets are becoming common in almost everywhere in our
society, even now, small children have it too.
Today, It has become a must have item to everyone.

Even now, If I ask the audience, whether they have a handphone, probably
almost all will say yes, isn't?

Well, as for now this question exclude the students, because students are still
prohibited to bring handphone to school, but if students are allow to bring
handphone, most probably, all the audience in this hall, will say yes.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Let me start my speech by stating the first advantages of student bring phone
to school that is, to make communication easier, especially between parents
and their children. It will allow them to communicate with each other at any
time. In the past, parents often never knew where their children were until they
came home.

Secondly, handphones can be an invaluable tool in emergency situations. For

instance, if a student is severely injured or there is a crisis situation, the phones
can allow students to contact authorities or anyone for help.

Thirdly, with the technology available, it can help the students to learn more.
More easy access to internet, students can search information on the internet
easily. But it could also be the other way around. Students use the internet to
find fun instead of studying.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Now, I will focus on the disadvantages of student bring phone to school. Firstly is
about theft issue. With more and more attractive phones available, there are
good chances of phone being snatch or theft. This happen because some
pupils might not be able to afford it, thus, the only way for them to have it, is by
steal it.

By bringing handphone to school can may cause distraction in lessons. Some

students that did not shut off their phone and suddenly get a phone call, will
disturb the lesson in the class. They can also play games in hiding during the
lesson. With so many students in the class, teacher could overlooked these

Ladies and Gentleman,

I have line out the pros and cons of allowing students to bring handphone to
school. Now, it is up to us to decide and choose what is the best decision on this
issue. Well then, I arrived at the end of my speech, and thus I would like to thank
all for lending your ears. Therefore, I end my speech with thank you very much
and good bye. Thank you.

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