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ANDRITZ Horizontal vacuum belt filter

Effective continuous solid/liquid separation


Horizontal vacuum belt filter 
The ANDRITZ horizontal vacuum belt
filter is a continuous vacuum filter that
makes use of the most modern design
capabilities to make it an efficient and
reliable solid/liquid separation unit
able to operate under the most ardu-
ous conditions. The filter has been
simplified for easy operation, yet all
the wearing parts remain easily acces-
sible for routine maintenance pur-

Dewatering / Washing
■ Gold and silver recovery in cyanide ANDRITZ are able to manufacture wetted
processes parts of the horizontal vacuum belt filter from
■ Washing of Phosphate rock a variety of materials to accommodate
■ Recovery of Manganese process conditions.
■ Copper Cement
■ Tailings washing as final stage after CCD The belt filter has numerous advantages
over rotary type filtes:
Dewatering of heavy and coarse ma-
terials including: ■ High filtration rates
Ilmenite Rutile ■ Flexibility of operation
Zircon Chromite ■ Excellent washing efficiency
Paper effluent Iron ore ■ Drier filter cake

Power station ash Silica sand

Sand Tin
Bagasse boiler smuts

Cake discharge Largest belt filter plant in the world - Cutaway of horizontal vacuum belt filter
Nchanga, Zambia

Belt width 500mm 800mm ■ Transporter belt

1,200mm 1,600mm This rubber belt supports the filter cloth and
We can supply endless belts in the following 2,000mm 2,400mm provides drainage channels and holes for fil-
widths and a range of thicknesses depend- 2,800mm 3,200mm trate removal. All ANDRITZ transporter belts
ing on the application and filter geometry: 4,200mm 4,800mm have a carcass-free centre zone to ensure
long life by preventing contact between the
carcass and corrosive filtrates.

■ Vacuum boxes are made from:

• a selection of stainless steels or
duplex steels
• Glass reinforced plastic,
The vacuum box is designed so that any ex-
cess lubricating, cooling and seal water is
collected and drained away immediately, via
an integral spillage launder.

■ Wear strips
These are made from highly wear resistant,
low friction material and are attached to the
vacuum box shoulders to locate the loose
wear belt system.

■ Wear belt
Our large filters are typicall site erected, with A typical life of 12 months is possible, but is
smaller units delivered fully assembled and largely dependant on the particular applica-
factory tested to save on installation and tion and the maintenance practises em-
commissioning time. Depending on trans- ployed. Replacement wear belts can be
port, access and erection restrictions, it may installed in less than one hour by utilising the
be possible for larger units to be transported simple pneumatic system for raising and
and erected in one piece. lowering the vacuum box in-situ.

Cutaway of vacuum box Bowed roller Rubber transporter belt

High extraction efficiencies are the key to
profitability in most washing applications,
whether Gold, Uranium, Phosphoric acid,
Copper or Alumina.

Washing efficiencies greater than 99,8% can

be achieved when a flooded level of solution
is maintained in the wash zone, allowing for
plug flow displacement. 
Co-Current Washing Counter-Current Washing

Wash distributor Multi stage washing Fishtail wash distributor

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