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Assalamualaikum Wr.


First of all, lets pray and thanks unto our god Allah who has been giving us some mercies and
blessings so we can attend and gather in this place in good condition and happy situation.
Brother and sister, I would like to deliver my speech today.
My theme today is about the "teachers ' day" which falls squarely on 25 November. On this
day we all convey a profuse gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Teacher who had devoted as the
educators. Thanks to the devotion of Mr. and Mrs. Teacher who has poured out upon us, so
we can achieve a good result. With the guidance of Mr. and Mrs. Teacher, we feel it is under
the supervision and care of the elderly siblings alone. This is because the teachers have
formed a close bond. I represent from friends saying "happy teachers ' day"
On the other hand, it is also called the teaching profession as a noble profession. In this
regard, it should be realized that a teacher in the exercise of their profession required the
presence of good attitude and high morals. Or in other words the nature of the profession of
the sublime is the devotion of humanity.
Every teacher should know their role and tasks in detail if they want to try to do and make
teaching memorable. Among the duties of a teacher are:
Delivering science
Deliver a message
Provide expertise
Foster the lofty values as mentioned above.
As a mentor, educator, reformer, exemplary, giver of clues and so on.
Clearly, it shows that being a teacher is one task and role of a rather heavy. In fact, the task
was considered as hard work.it is accepted as a duty and responsibility in a positive way.
Teacher who I respect
Thanks to the father/mother, teachers, who have participated actively and boasts. I am proud
to hang out together, fought in the same place and struggle to build the school in the direction
of better, building a generation of the nation. And I feel God gave grace a tireless goodness
for all of us.
We can only pray, we wish Mr. and Mrs. Teacher that we love always in grace and his mercy
and in health, prosperity, happiness, and patience our educate.
That’s all my speech, may what I have delivered be useful in our life. If you found many
mistakes in my speech please forgive me.
Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.