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CLIENT; Aminu Tijjani[Nigeria bold leader 2010]

PROPOSE; Community Labrary

LOCATION; Wailari Quarters

CONSULTORS; Director of school,Diirector of planing and statistics kano state labrary

board,village head,and community base organisation.

TECHANICAL ADVISER; Muhammad yusif assistance[Director of training]kano senior secondary

school management board.

PURPOSE; The reason for my proposal to this project at the given location is that,the place is
surrounded by educational instittution and more than 20km square there is no existing
of any community labrary.



25/4/2010 Visiting to the kano senior We are essured to go on,for I task a walk around the
MONDAY secondary school bord to show the action plan try our top perspective area and generate
edour safe journey back home and ranking officer.[e.g Director of other view point concerned,for
seek approval for our carry out school]. the future of my community.
journey project.
26/4/2010 We hold with community meeting Welcome the idea and agree to Reached the identified location
TUESDAY with community base group scount the propose space area around fifty metre
organisation for the enlightment within the community centre square[50m square].
to the project plan through the community base
27/4/2010 Pay cotesy visite village Village head say he will Invite brick layers to measure
WEDNESD head[mayor]seeking approval for with subeb and L.G. District the field provided for the
AY the propose project. head [HAKIMI]for approval. project to be done.

28/4/2010 Statement for the approval by the Launching with community Dispature.
THURSDAY local government area[L.G.A]by base organisation and other
village head [Dagaci]mayor. participant for commissioning
a labrary project task.

29/4/2010 I Saw the director of planing and For techanical advise. After due consultation,they
FRIDAY statistics chief Abba wali and reffere us to the director kano
assistance director of school state labrary for the standard
[Hajiya Amina]kano state senior and agreed community labrary
secondary school management building plan and
2/5/2010 Kano state main labrary. Request for standard approved With some protocol,I
MONDAY community library building successifully meet the director
plan. and lay my complain,aim and
objective for choising this
project.I also appeal board
concern to please render me
some or all the techanical
know how to successiful
completion of this project
which of course agree to give
me all this supportive idears.
3/5/2010 Artectural design Invite the artitectural designer We reached the conclusion that
to measure the field for the cost estimate for the
building plan and cost standard community labrary
estimate. will take around ten million
naira[N10m].The breaking
down will be follow;
1.Building block 4000 pieces
2.design plan 15000 naira.
3.Bags of cement 210 bags.
4.Gravels stone Six [6] trips.
5.Sand/soil [debries] Twelve [12] trips.
6.Ground debries [ciko] Twelve [12] trips.
7.Water tank Eighteen[18] of water.
8.Labourers for foundation Ten [10] people.
9.Labourers for D.V.C Ten [10] people.
10.Concrete labourers for bricklayers Three [3] people.
11.Round building labourers Naira 30 per each one block.
12.Rods 40 pieces.
13.Plaster for smothing wall General is 500,000 naira.
14.Plaiky 20 pieces.
15.Roofing wood two by two[2 by 2] 250 pieces.
16.Roofing wood two by three [2 by 3] 20 pieces[soft].
17.Roofing wood two by three [2 by 3] 150 pieces[hard].
18.Rapter wood 200 pieces.
19.Roof nail and related works General is 6850 naira.
20.Peciar wood 20 pieces.
21.roofing Zink 12 bundle.
22.celling for roofing 35 pieces.
23.Batting Four [4] bundle.
24.Labour for the carpentary WORK General is 2500 naira.
Others include the following they are;
1. Floor tiles,
2. Plumbing,
3. Conding,
4. Doors,
5. Windows,
6. Furnitures e.g chairs and reading table,
7. Standing generator machine,
8. Fan and central A.C,
9. Electrical appliers and other un for seen gogets.

The benefit of this project in a given location will not be over emphasize.If we
considered the number of institution and students population residing within the area.In
this area there is no labrary for at least about fourty kilometre square[40km]square.Some
student within this areas doesn't know what is important of labrary, they finished their
studies without consulting any books.All they depend from the handout and little
knowledge acquired from their teachers only.So building labrary at this place will wide the
experience of our student and younger generation yet to come.
Other benefit include:
a.It wiil developed the sociatal orientation.
b.It will developed the reading habit in mind of our people.
C.It will serve as a researched home for those looking for knowledge in art,science and
technology.It serve as a community resource centre.
In kano state, we have the problem of educational fercilities and equapment e.g like
laboratory and labrary.In kano state we have only two [2] community labrary,so if I build
labrary in kano state ,I keep the history in my life.I hope you people will help us to please
render us some aid in the techanical know how to successiful completion of this project.

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