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Volume 51 - Issue 22

April 4, 2018
Since 1967



2 Wednesday, April 4, 2018

A message of thanks
A message of thanks
from President Lachemi
from President Lachemi
What have been your most memorable moments this year?
I hopehave
What this academic
been youryear
mosthas given youmoments
memorable great experiences
this year?
and special memories of friendships, inspiration and
I hope this academic year has given you great experiences
achievements large and
and special memories ofsmall.
friendships, inspiration and
feel honouredlarge anda small.
to lead university that is fortunate to have
honoured ofto
students who embrace
lead a university values
that is of inclusion,
fortunate to have
diversity, collegiality and excellence. Thank you
a community of students who embrace values of inclusion,for being
the reason Ryerson’s reputation continues to soar. If
diversity, collegiality and excellence. Thank you for being you
are graduating,
the I trustreputation
reason Ryerson’s you have made memories
continues here
to soar. to last
If you
a lifetime.
are If youI are
graduating, returning
trust you haveinmade
the fall, have a safe
memories hereandto last
enjoyable summer.
a lifetime. If you are returning in the fall, have a safe and
enjoyable summer.
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 NEWS 3

Looking Back

A blAst from this yeAr’s pAst

Like every year, shit went down on Ryerson’s campus. The Eyeopener had a lot of fun reporting on news issues from secret dildo pack-
ages sent to the RSU’s office, to bed bugs infesting our classrooms. Here’s a look back on some wild news we covered this past year

1. RSU divided after Colonialism 150 campaign

By Raneem Alozzi statue from Gould Street. timately withdrawn) by Emberson,
Three RSU executive members— after public backlash from the colo-
Last summer, the Ryerson Students’ vice-president education Daniel Lis, nialism statement. She said all media
Union (RSU) made local headlines vice-president operations Ali Yousaf statements regarding the Colonial-
when it announced its Colonialism and then-vice-president student life ism 150 campaign should require
150 campaign, which raised aware- & events Lauren Emberson—later approval by the board. Nyaga said
ness about Canada’s colonial past posted on the RSU’s Facebook stating that the motion would be policing
leading up to Canada Day. they were not informed of the details decisions Harlick was entitled to
On June 26, the RSU posted on its of the Colonialism 150 campaign. make as vice-president equity.
official Facebook page regarding the The Eyeopener reported that at an Before a board meeting on July
union’s criticism of Canada 150 cel- RSU executive committee meeting 19, Harlick said only one of the
ebrations and urged students not to on June 30, RSU president Susanne board members who signed the July
participate in celebrations. The post, Nyaga said that she, along with 4 statement approached him with
which was shared over 1,000 times, vice-president equity Camryn Har- questions about the campaign.
was the first of a five-day count- lick, Yousaf and Emberson, voted Harlick later reported receiving
down to Canada Day, informing the in favour of the Colonialism 150 death threats due to the campaign.
community about Indigenous his- campaign on June 27. Yousaf later Colonialism 150 was frequently
tory and culture. wanted to rethink his decision. used against Harlick in the 2018
The campaign included 11 de- The Eye reported on a motion RSU election campaign. He was not
mands for Ryerson regarding Indige- that was brought forward (and ul- re-elected VP-equity.
nous justice. The demands included a
name change for Ryerson, mandatory
Indigenous content in all programs
Vp-equity and vp-operations duke it out, laser-eye style. and removing Egerton Ryerson’s

2. Bed bugs make themselves at home on Rye campus

By Stefanie Phillips they found no evidence of insects in pend classes in rooms 205 and 203
VIC 205, so armed with a shot glass of the Victoria Building, replace the
The Eyeopener was itching for an- and a paper clip, Eye reporters cap- desk where the bugs were found,
swers after Ryerson said it couldn’t tured several bugs within 10 minutes and conduct heat treatment on the
find bed bugs in the Victoria Build- of looking around the classroom. first three floors. Bed bugs aren’t actually cute but this one can read.
ing despite multiple sightings by stu- Five exterminators identified the Students were back in the class-
dents and professors.
This reporter, Stefanie Phillips,
insects from photos as bed bugs. One
exterminator said the bugs looked to
rooms the following week, but not
without hesitation and a few jitters. 4. Anti-choicers getting paid
got bit by bugs in VIC 205. After be in their adult stage, meaning they Some professors accommodated ner-
contacting Ryerson with her expe- were able to reproduce, and warned vous students and nearby residences By Annie Arnone you just misgender me?” when pro-
rience and those of other students, of the risk they could be transferred prepared for potential outbreaks. testers mockingly spoke to trans
Ryerson decided to conduct another across campus. Ryerson confirmed there were in- Ryerson students saw their fair people.
search of the room. The Eye’s reporting garnered city- vestigations into other buildings on share of graphic imagery on campus The graphic photos depicted on
The Facilities Management and wide media attention and prompted campus, but no other infestations this year, after anti-choice activ- their posters consisted of real-life
Development department still said the university to temporarily sus- were confirmed. ists made their presence known on imagery of aborted fetuses.
Gould Street. And as it turns out, This caused an uproar on cam-
3. RSU recieves several anonymous packages in the mail they’re actually paid to be there.
The Eyeopener followed the story
pus, by people who had abortions in
their lifetime, as well as others who
of the protesters—unwelcomed by simply felt triggered by the grue-
By Maggie Macintosh ping Amazon packages filled with Student unions across the country the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) some imagery.
assorted electronics to the RSU in received the unmarked packages too. and other Rye community mem- In an attempt to retaliate and
Campus news reached a climax when the fall. Over the next five months, Some student unions auctioned off bers—who set up large posters on protect their community members,
The Eye broke a story about the Ryer- at least 30 unmarked packages—con- their dildos. Others, the RSU includ- different parts of campus, protest- RSU counter-protesters would of-
son Students’ Union (RSU) receiving taining everything from wireless ed, donated their packages to charity. ing abortion. ten show up on Gould when the
mystery packages filled with dildos headphones to sex toys—were deliv- RCMP Constable Darryl Wa- Blaise Alleyne, president of To- protesters were present, using blan-
and vibrators. ered to the RSU office in the Student ruk confirmed the packages were ronto Against Abortion and out- kets or large posters to cover up the
An unknown sender started ship- Campus Centre. shipped by a distributor in China reach coordinator for the Canadian anti-choice signs. This often result-
and purchased with several prepaid Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform, said ed in altercations between the stu-
cards in March. as many as a dozen protesters are dents’ union and protesters.
He alleges the Chinese distributor being paid to stand on Ryerson cam- Some counter-protesters now
shipped packages without a return pus as part of a campaign to start a carry signs pointing out that some
address as a tactic to boost shipment discussion and debate on reproduc- anti-choicers are paid to protest.
numbers, making the products look tive rights. Gould and Victoria streets are
more popular online. Multiple accounts of unwanted considered to be public property,
“It’s not illegal from what [Ama- altercations between protesters and and though the school and the RSU
zon] can determine,” Waruk told community members have been have looked into getting steward-
The Eye, “but it is a practice that reported, with anti-choicers mak- ship rights, they ultimately have no
they don’t like their customers to ing alleged remarks including “You control over the space or what gets
The Scooby Doo crew investigates a dildo sent to the RSU. know about.” should have been aborted,” and “Did said on that part of campus.
4 EDITORIAL Wednesday, April 4, 2018

It’s been rather lovely

General Manager
Liane “Adieu” McLarty

Advertising Manager
Chris “À bientôt” Roberts In the last editorial of the school year, we reminisce before getting kicked out
Design Director By Sierra Bein to help me figure it out. Reporting on just being an ass.
J.D. “Tschüss” Mowat all your triumphs, shenanigans and Things fall into place. I don’t know
Editor-in-Chief Well, here I am, writing the last inevitable failures has changed me. why. But they just do. You will find
Sierra “Goodbye Forever” Bein Interns words that I will ever write for The For better or for worse. your way.
Kintaro “Totsiens” Skinner Eyeopener. So before I bid you all adieu, I just You always have more power than
News This year (as every year tends to want to tell you about a couple im- you think, so don’t accept bullshit
Annie “Take Care” Arnone Contributors be) has been a wild one. I consider portant things that you have taught quietly. Be a mover and a shaker. Be
Jacob “See You Again” Dubé Sefi “Squash Soup” Sloman myself lucky, because my job for the me as I’ve reported on campus. loud, speak your mind. Your singular
Justin “L8er” Chandler Natasha “Merman” Hermann past five years has been to document The first thing I learned is that voice makes a difference and there are
Gabbie “Sure Why Not” Ambrosia all the craziness. And reporting on no one actually knows what they’re a lot of things left at this university
Photo Jake “It’s Easter” Erxleben you Ryersonians never fails to keep doing. I mean that in the best way that need to change. And hey, maybe
Camila “Take It Easy” Kukulski Andrew “Picture This” Opar me entertained. possible. We are all a collection of The Eye can help you with that along
Kosalan “Ciao” Kathiramalanathan Sarah “Feachies” Krichel Before me, many goodbyes have mistakes that have grown into some- the way. That’s why we exist.
Samantha “Until Next Time” Moya Michael “The Podfather” D’Alimonte been said, lessons have been passed thing beautiful. If you aren’t fucking The last thing you taught me is
Raneem “Killed Justin” Alozzi on and people just generally spill up once in a while, you aren’t doing that school is overrated. Don’t get
Online Stefanie “Pest Control” Phillips their hearts out—so I took a little it right. In turn, this means three this twisted. Education is important
Karoun “Peace Out” Chahinian Maggie “Killed Jacob” Macintosh inspiration from each. I didn’t really things: grown ups aren’t always and you should not skip class (too
Alanna “Gotta Jet” Rizza Julia “Subway Surfer” Nowicki think about what my last words here right, you don’t have to always be much). I just mean that some of the
Sera “Booze ” Wong should be, but I think an appropriate perfect, and that embarrassing mo- most valuable experiences in this in-
Features Urbi “Taxes” Khan way to end things off would be to talk ment from five years ago that you stitution might not happen in the
Skyler “Catch You Later” Ash Charlie “Witticism” Buckley about you, our reader. still think about? It’s ok, no one re- classroom.
Dylan “Frivolous” Freeman-Grist I’m not sure how you found us, members. They won’t remember the I have no proper way to sum up my
Arts and Life Lyba “Hilarious” Mansoor but you did. Apparently you liked us things you said, but they will remem- year as editor-in-chief, or my years at
Premila “Bout To Roll Out” D’Sa Emeraude “Double-double” Mbuku enough to come back and read this ber how you made them feel. Ryerson. I guess I should say thank
Simran “Boston Cream” Singh article and I’m really happy you did! Another lesson is that you don’t al- you though, because I needed you to
Sports Natalie “Sausage Biscuit” Michie Seriously. Please don’t stop reading ways have to care about what people give me this kick in the pants.
Ben “Hitting The Road” Waldman Tyler “Hashbrown” Griffin yet, I have some meaningful things to think. People are going to talk shit You guys are going to do sick
Peter “Do Zobaczenia” Ash Deanna “Banana” Krueger say if you keep going. about you, and fuck them. There’s a things. I’ve already seen some of you
Lidia “I’m a Proud Mama” Abraha I felt like I had no idea what I was lot of things that aren’t worth your in action and I’m excited to see more.
Biz and Tech Kiernan “Frame Your Page” Green doing after graduation. You’ll prob- time in life, but other human’s emo- As for me, I still have no clue what I’m
Sylvia “Gotta Bounce” Lorico Michael “Tomato” Mazzei ably get there, if you haven’t already. tions aren’t one of them. There’s a doing but it’s fine, neither does any-
Libaan “Da Man” Osman But fortunately for me, I had you guys fine line between being badass and one else.
Communities Jacob “Wobbler” Stoller
Hayley “Aloha” Hanks Brent “I’m Bent” Smyth

Eye EIC kills then dies

Nathaniel “Whoopee” Crouch
Fun and Satire
Emerald “Auf Wiedersehen” The Eyeopener is Ryerson’s largest
Bensadoun and only independent student
newspaper. It is owned and operated Outgoing editor-in-chief Sierra Bein kills the semester, then the patriarchy
Media by Rye Eye Publishing Inc., a non-
Malachi “Au Revoir” Rowswell profit corporation owned by the By The News Team suit and leapt from her office window skateboarder. “That baddie looked
Mikayla “Arrivederci” Fasullo students of Ryerson. Our offices are down onto the street below. Ryerson like she knew how to ride, so I lent
Parnika “Sayonara” Raj on the second floor of the Student “You see, the thing about your job is…” security wasn’t far behind her, hav- her my foot wagon.”
Campus Centre. You can reach us at Eyeopener editor-in-chief Sierra ing witnessed the alleged murder in The editor-in-chief rolled down
Copy Editor 416-979-5262, at theeyeopener.com or Bein stared back at Angry Self-Enti- the background of an Instagram story Gould Street, kickflipping and ollie-
Igor “Shalom” Magun on Twitter at @theeyeopener. tled Man mansplaining her role. posted by top-influencer and Eye ing about while heading back to the
She’d heard it all. Too many men editor Alanna Rizza. Campus security SCC. She skateboarded through an
had emailed, tweeted and marched chased Bein across Bond Street and anti-choice protester then collided
into her office, telling her what to toward the Victoria Building. with frazzled Eye editor Malachi
do, presuming to know her job bet- “She was too fast for them,” Eye Rowswell, who was dressed as Pen-
ter than her. editor Karoun Chahinian said, obvi- nywise the clown.
“I demand,” were his last words. ously disappointed with everyone. “I was late for circ,” he said later.
Calling on the power of the Moon, Several students report Bein injur- “I’m just glad we won’t miss dinner
Bein thrust her strong yet dainty fist ing her pursuers with throwing stars because of me—there’s no way she’ll
through his chest. and the disapproving looks she’d give recognize me in these penny-pants.”
“I haven’t started my editorial editors who missed deadlines. RSU board members reported
yet,” Bein whispered. As she entered the Victoria Build- peeing themselves as Bein burst
Eye editor Peter Ash called it “the ing, Bein’s escape was briefly halted through the door of the SCC and up
most terrifying thing. Legit. And I when she ran into a giant bed bug, the stairs to the second floor.
jumped off the CN Tower with my which Ryerson president Mohamed “I was just asking for early final
mom’s parachute.” Lachemi was luring out of a class- sizes, when [Bein] came back into
What happened next is difficult to room with a vial of first-year blood. the office and tried to hide in a clos-
confirm because it appears some Eye Bystanders even say they spotted et,” Eye editor Camila Kukulski said.
staff wish to cover for Bein, while Lachemi making a house for the crit- It’s said that visions of working
others—namely her long-term rival ters, whispering the words: “I like to at Vice and going to India flashed
Igor Magun—are determined to see build things, not destroy them.” through her mind, before the jour-
her bear responsibility for the vio- Lachemi says he doesn’t remem- nalist, editor and friend was crushed
lence that followed. ber the encounter. “It was all an or- to death by a mountain of her own
“It was a vicious assault,” Magun ange blur, like a ride in the elevator half-eaten burritos and breakfast
said, as he downed his third Soylent of my precious SLC.” burgers that fell from the closet.
of the day. “I’m unsurprised given all Leaked crime scene photos show “Boom roasted,” said communi-
the times she threatened to kill me bed bug parts spread across the Vic- ties editor Hayley Hanks upon see-
and take over the website. Oh my.” toria Building lobby. ing the news when she checked
She edit. But she also attac. Next, Bein donned an orange jump- Next, Bein was spotted by a cool Slack a week later.
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 NEWS 5

Looking Forward

On the hOr-eye-zOn : What’s next?

After shit goes down, more tends to follow. Time keeps on slipping, slipping,
slipping into the future, and the like. Here’s what to expect on campus next year

1. After much hullabaloo, split-slate is no more

By Justin Chandler past ahead of Canada Day, resulted re-election, but their party, Elevate,
in deep divisions before the school lost to Unify by a wide margin at the
After the first split-slate executive year even started. The fallout reached executive level.
in about a decade, the Ryerson Stu- February’s RSU election campaign, The incoming exec team includes
dents’ Union (RSU) executive team with Harlick and Nyaga’s opponents Ram Ganesh as president, Karolina
is once again made up of one party. calling the campaign a divisive stance Surowiec as vice-president equity,
In winter 2017, outgoing president that went against student wishes. Edmund Sofo as vice-president stu-
Susanne Nyaga and vice-president The executive’s division was also dent life & events, Salman Faruqi as
equity Camryn Harlick came into of- deepened when Nyaga called out vice-president education and Savreen
fice after running with Elevate and what she said was anti-Blackness Gosal as vice-president operations.
the other execs—Ali Yousaf, Daniel and misogyny in the executive. Unify has promised to be more
Lis and Lauren Emberson—were Emberson resigned in January transparent than the previous union Ride ‘em, Rye-boy. PHOTO: SAMANTHA MOYA

elected after running with Spark. citing personal and professional dif- executive and to increase opportu-
The split-slate executive saw suc-
cesses, with initiatives including
ferences. Then during the 2018 cam-
paign, Yousaf, the vice-president op-
nities for students using corporate
partnerships as a source of funding. 4. Will U-Pass pass at Ryerson?
the opening of the Wellness Cen- erations, posted a video on Facebook Three Unify team members—
tre, U-Pass framework and updates in which Nyaga and Harlick could be Gosal, Faruqi and former RSU presi- By Julia Nowicki March 20. If it’s implemented, the
to CopyRITE coming to fruition seen cheering when another student dent Obaid Ullah—all won positions pass will provide all full-time, un-
this term. Yet political differences called Yousaf racist. Later, Harlick re- on Ryerson’s Board of Governors On March 20, the TTC board ap- dergraduate students at qualifying
loomed large over the union. ported being the target of transpho- for next year, meaning the party will proved the policy framework for universities with unlimited access
The Colonialism 150 campaign, bic insults while campaigning. have influence over the university in a $70 discounted monthly transit to TTC transit, just like a $116.75
which showcased Canada’s colonial Only Harlick and Nyaga ran for addition to the student union. pass (U-Pass) for post-secondary post-Metropass does now, but for
students in Toronto. Schools are 40 per cent less each month.
2. Ryerson-branded coffee incoming. Yummy? now in the process of posing refer-
endum questions for student body
To fund the discount, a $280 fee
would need to be added to each stu-
approval. dents’ tuition every semester, without
By Annie Arnone as to the cafe’s name. week) and large ($3,895 for 14 Since May 2017, RSU vice-presi- an option to opt-out.
This process will include the clo- meals per-week). dent education Daniel Lis has been The mandatory nature of the pass
In March, Ryerson announced it’ll sures of Tims locations in Kerr Hall An odd feature to the new meal working together with student proved to be a contentious issue for
be cutting all ties with Tim Hortons and the Ted Rogers School of Man- plan is that students who live in unions at the University of Toron- UofT students, as the university re-
on campus, as well as introducing an agement building. residence will be unable to leave Ry- to, OCAD University and George cently opted not to adopt the pass in
all-you-can-eat meal plan for stu- The Tims located within the en- erson dining halls with their meals. Brown College to implement the a student referendum. About 65 per
dents, effective this summer. gineering building will become a “They have to eat there,” Voula discounted pass. cent of students voted against its im-
The push to remove Tim Hortons Starbucks self-serve spot, and loca- Cocolakis, executive director of This was not the first time Ry- plementation, as reported by UofT
self-serve stations from campus tions near the library bridge—as well University Business Services, said. erson entertained the idea of a U- paper The Varsity. The school was
came after the company requested as the Jorgenson Hall location—will “They can spend their flex dollars Pass. In 2008, the TTC proposed a the first to issue its referendum after
a $300,000 rebranding fee for each turn into a Ryerson-branded full- and pick up something quick to go discounted pass to student unions the TTC board finalized the cost.
location. There are five locations service outlet. to class, but their meal plan dol- within Toronto without success. Ryerson is still waiting for its own
on campus—excluding the Victoria According to Ryerson’s Food lars have to be spent… at Pitman However, given the recent rise in referendum question to be initiated.
Street location, which is unaffected. Services, the meal plan will include or ILLC.” fare prices, Lis believes the Ry- Based on past surveys and the high
In place of each Tim Hortons unlimited access to food, in or- “I don’t think (the price increase) erson student body will be more percentage of commuter students
will be either a Starbucks kiosk or der to “accommodate busy student is fair on everyone because some open to a subsidized transit pass. attending Ryerson, Lis said he is
Ryerson-branded coffee station. schedules,” as well as add seasonal people have a relatively-smaller After passing through several confident the question will pass.
Details about the branded cof- menu changes. appetite than others. I think they rounds of approval at the level of the If a referendum is scheduled and
fee have not yet been released, and As of now, the school offers should keep the same prices because TTC, the transit provider’s board fi- succeeds, U-Pass will be available
Ryerson said they’ll be determined three different meal plans: small the prices are pretty high anyway,” nally settled on a $70 price point on fall 2019.
via student-survey, where students ($2,740 for 10 meals per-week), first-year business student Muham-
will be able to provide their input medium ($3,575 for 13 meals per- mad Sameer Chandoo said.

3. 6 Fest questions still remain unanswered

By Jacob Dubé The Eyeopener, $80,000 of RSU funds brite account and the Gmail used to
were transferred into the personal ac- manage operations and ticket sales,
Students still don’t have any more in- counts of executives and their friends along with a comprehensive report
formation on 6 Fest than they did last to conduct the refunds. on 6 Fest.
year, and it’s unclear if they ever will. In early 2017, the RSU’s Board of According to outgoing RSU presi-
The concert was put on by the RSU Directors passed a motion requiring dent Susanne Nyaga, the 6 Fest fi-
in Fall 2016 but didn’t go smoothly, then-vice-president student life & nances—not just the refunds, but oth-
especially since it was moved to events Harman Singh to release all er invoices and purchases—are still a
Thanksgiving weekend and Drake information he had pertaining to 6 concern. She said she hopes to release
didn’t show up, despite heavy hints Fest and its operations. some information before the end of
from the RSU. Many students re- The motion required Singh to this term—though nothing is cur-
quested refunds after the festival. provide the board and the financial rently released as of the second-last
The high cost of the concert con- controller, among others, documen- week in the semester and she would
tributed to the RSU’s $1.2-million tation of ticket sales and refunds for not comment on how or what the
deficit that year, and as reported in the concert, the logins for the Event- RSU is looking into specifically. Does Ryerson taste like Gould Street smells?
6 COMMUNITIES Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Looking Back

This year’s statue controversy at Rye

The RSU’s Canada 150 campaign had a series of demands, including the removal of the Egerton Ryerson statue
“If there was more awareness, we
Best of
could actually work towards justice,
because people would be angry,” said communities
Harlick. “I can’t imagine people learn-
ing about what happened with the
residential schools and not want that Staying alive as a
statue gone.” Rohingya Muslim
Sarah Dennis, a member of Nipiss-
ing First Nation and a second-year
social work student, said in a mes- After attending university in Myan-
sage to The Eyeopener that “retainable mar for two years with no hope of
knowledge of [Indigenous] experi- getting a degree because of their
ences for settlers to better understand identity as a Rohingya Muslim, our
colonial violence, systemic racism writer explored the refugee crisis
and false idolatry,” are important for now that they’re at Ryerson. “Why
the continued presence of Ryerson’s did we have to try so hard to stay
Indigenous community. alive? Why were these people com-
“It’s not the responsibility of Indig- ing after us? Our fault is none other
The Egerton Ryerson statue in front of Kerr Hall on Gould. Street. EYEOPENER FILE PHOTO
enous peoples to do the exhausting than belonging to a group of ethnic
work of validating, and re-addressing minorities called Rohingya.”
By Kiernan Green ment in the residential school system reconciliation in their studies or TRC initiatives,” she said. “Indig-
to public attention. Two years later, personal lives. enous folks have been working them-
There’s a lack of education of Indig- the university responded with a state- Harlick said he doesn’t blame stu- selves into the ground for the past 20 After the Hurricane:
enous issues among Ryerson’s stu- ment honouring the “history and dents who don’t understand issues years carving out space for our com- Families Recover
dent body, Ryerson Students’ Union contributions” of their namesake, but of truth and reconciliation on Ryer- munity to even exist at Ryerson.”
(RSU) members Camryn Harlick and acknowledged his role in Canadian son’s campus, like the call from some When The Eye last reported in from Irma
Susanne Nyaga say. residential schools. students to have the Ryerson statue mid-March, Ryerson media relations
Ryerson’s recent push for Truth By 2017, the RSU launched a full removed and his name disassociated officer Dasha Pasiy said a working Different Ryerson students dis-
and Reconciliation efforts makes this campaign called “Colonialism 150” as from the university completely. Both group comprised of students and fac- cussed how their families dealt with
even more significant. The office of a protest to the celebration of Cana- Harlick and Nyaga said education is Hurricane Irma, a category five
Equity and Community Inclusion re- da’s 150 years since confederation. the answer to why Ryerson’s students hurricane that swept through the
leased a community consultation re- According to the community con- lack an awareness of truth and recon- “Indigenous folks Caribbean in countries including
port in January of this year, outlining sultation report, the statue’s proposed ciliation efforts on campus. have been ... carving Cuba, Puerto Rico and Antigua and
several steps the university plans to plaque would outline Ryerson’s in- The education students receive Barbuda. “We heard that five people
take, including the addition of a con- volvement in the residential school from kindergarten to university re- out space for our in the island died. We were think-
textual plaque in front of the Egerton system, which “robbed many Indig- garding Indigenous culture is “slim community to even ing [my uncle] hasn’t contacted us,
Ryerson statue. enous Peoples of their culture and left to none,” said Nyaga. She said that could he be one of the five?” one stu-
exist at Ryerson”
Ryerson is a controversial figure them with psychological, emotional while students might have heard dent said.
credited with creating Ontario’s com- and physical damage.” about residential schools, they “don’t
pulsory public school system and the “As an Indigenous person, I didn’t understand how colonization has
Indian Residential School system, even know what the Truth and Rec- actually impacted the daily lives of ulty was formed to discuss the com- Shades of
which had “a devastating impact on onciliation Commission was until Indigenous students and how they munity consultation report calls to Colourism
First Nations, Métis and Inuit people a year and a half ago,” said Camryn access this space.” action, including the creation of the
across Canada,” according to the uni- Harlick, outgoing vice-president “The longer the people aren’t edu- new Ryerson statue plaque, which
versity’s report. equity of the RSU who is Métis and cating themselves, the more of us are the community consultation report This story explored the impacts of
Haudenosaunee. dying,” Harlick said. stated would be unveiled in win- colourism and shadeism, which is
“I have to know, because I’m living He referred to the “injustice” ter 2018. Other topics included the described as discrimination based
“The longer the it,” said Harlick. “But for students who against Indigenous Canadians Tina creation of an Indigenous language on the idea that people of colour
aren’t, I can see why you wouldn’t Fontaine and Colten Boushie, and the course and the hiring of more Indig- who have lighter skin or Eurocen-
people aren’t know about it.” “Millennium Scoop” which according enous faculty. tric features should get preferential
educating themselves, According to Phyllis McKenna, to Statistics Canada data from 2011, In March, Pasiy told The Eye the treatment. The story discussed stu-
the more of us are Continuing Education Students’ had Indigenous children account for working group planned to have their dents’ experiences with shadeism
Association of Ryerson’s vice- 48 per cent of the Canadian foster first meeting later that month. She and how different communities
dying” president equity and campaigns, care system, despite making up seven did not confirm the meeting took carry the internal bias.
whose Indigenous background per cent of Canadian children. place in time for publication.
is M’Chigeeng First Nation from
Ryerson’s statue was unveiled on Manitoulin Island, every student RSU Equity Service
May 24, 1889 (Queen Victoria’s 70th has a responsibility to enact truth Centre Referendum
birthday) in front of what was then and reconciliation at Ryerson, and
the Normal School on Gould Street, to “repair the damage that comes
which he had established in 1847. from colonization.” She referred to In this story, we looked at extra
When the Normal School building the 94 calls to action from the Truth funding the Ryerson Students’
was demolished in the 1960s, only the and Reconciliation Commission of Union equity service centres will
southern wall (now the archway for Canada’s final report from 2015. get in fall 2018 as a result of a
the Ryerson Athletic Centre) and the McKenna said the addition of a school-wide referendum. The two
statue were preserved. plaque in front of the Egerton stat- centres receiving the funds plan on
The statue’s controversy hit the ue is “a start,” but that the statue’s using it to buy more sexual health
mainstream in 2015 with the re- removal is “crucial.” She said that supplies for community members,
lease of the Canadian Commission students should collaborate within pursue better quality programming
for Truth and Reconciliation report, their communities to see how they PHOTO: DANIA ALI and getting bigger operation spaces
The unveiling of Ryerson’s community consultation report.
which brought Ryerson’s involve- can implement ideas of truth and within the Student Campus Centre.
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 COMMUNITIES 7

Looking Forward

Life after grad: discounts and donations

For all you folks graduating this year, you can save on things like hotels, shoes and sports tickets...even if you don’t even go here anymore
By Hayley Hanks you get to save 10 per cent on every count is for you! Ryerson alumni get facilities...assuming you ever want Lastly, once you’ve graduated, no
ticket you buy with Via Rail. Re- a 10 per cent discount at Soft Moc to come back to campus again. For need to worry about Ryerson asking
For all those graduating from Ryer- member the discount for booking on regular and sale priced merch, example, alumni save 30 per cent on you for money for a little while. Da-
son this year, you’ve probably been summer travel, but don’t try to move which almost covers the price of monthly gym memberships, mean- vid Kinahan, the director of devel-
a mix of excited to never be in Kerr all your stuff back home on the train. taxes. All you have to do is print ing you can still access the RAC and opment communications at Ryerson
Hall again and terrified of what your Hotel Deals out the alumni flyer off of Ryerson’s MAC as an individual or for group who deals with alumni donations,
next step is going to be (please stop Rye alumni also get to save at alumni website (where you can find fitness classes. Oh, joy. said “we technically have a morato-
asking us that). Thankfully, gradu- hotels, both in Toronto and across other deals, too) and present it in Campus Store rium for about five years on asking
ating from Ryerson isn’t all bad: af- Canada. You can save approximately store or enter the code online. If you regret not buying a program recent graduates for donations.”
ter the thousands of dollars you’ve $40 a night for a single room at the Sports Things! sweater that you can one day pull out If alumni do decide they’re ready
poured into this place, alumni dis- Toronto Courtyard Marriot, 10 per If you’re interested in trekking out of your basement storage, then good to give money to the school, Ki-
counts mean you’ll get a little extra cent off the best available rate at all to the Hershey Centre in Mississauga news! Alumni save 20 per cent on nahan says even a donation of $20
back—for the rest of your life. Here’s Fairmont hotels and other discounts to catch a Raptors 905 game, Ryerson merch at the Ryerson Campus Store, to their program or faculty can be
what you can expect to save on after at the Chelsea, Ramada and Bond alumni get up to 35 per cent off tick- so wait a few days after you gradu- pooled together with other individ-
graduation: Place hotels in Toronto. ets throughout the regular season. ate to grab a hoodie. You can post ual donations to go towards things
Via Rail Tickets Retail Discounts As a Ryerson alum, you also get a #TBT on Instagram and pretend like emergency funds for students or
Great news! As a Ryerson alumni, Do you love shoes? Then this dis- some discounted rates on campus you’ve had it all along. better lab and tech equipment.

PetsInDanger Ryerson Student Club

- Attend exciting social events, develop skills
transferable into further education / job searching,
enhance your resume, receive a Certificate for
community service hours...
Awards for 2018-2019
all for a great cause: to combat pet
overpopulation and help save the lives of
4.5 million dogs and cats each year.

Hair Spa is a professional hair salon in Cabbagetown.

We offer a wide range of hair services from colours,
to latest cuts and styles, highlights, balayage,
and organic brazilian blowout and more.
Ryerson students please show your student
card to get 20% off any service PHOTO: MOHAMED OMAR
For students and underrepresented groups on campus, here are the awards to look out for.
We are located at 440 Parliament Street
Our web: www.hairspa77.ca By Lidia Abraha istered with academic accommo- students with disabilities. Anyone
Contact us at: 416-920-5643 dation support and is in clear aca- who is a full-time student in first,
You ready to get the best bang for your demic standing. The deadline for second or third year in clear aca-
Email us at: hairspa77@gmail.com
buck next year? Then think about ap- this award was on Sept. 29, 2017, demic standing who has financial
plying for some awards and schol- so if you missed out on applying need can apply to this award. The
arships that Ryerson offers. Some this year keep an eye on the dead- deadline for first year students was
scholarships specifically serve mar- line for the 2018-2019 school year. Oct. 13, 2017 and for second and
ginalized, international and graduate third year students it’s on March
students. Here are some awards that 1, 2018. This is an opportunity for
were available last year that students Ann and Bill underrepresented students to re-
should keep in mind for next year. Mackay Scholarship ceive up to $2,500.

Métis Nation of For Indigenous students, the Ann Frank H. Hori Award
Ontario Bursary and Bill Mackay Entrance Scholar- for Aboriginal
ship offers up to $1,750 to one re-
Any student who self-identifies cipient every fall semester. This is Students
as Métis and demonstrates finan- for students of Aboriginal ancestry This award is for all Aboriginal
cial need can apply for this bursary, (First Nations, Inuit, Métis, non- students at Ryerson enrolled in any
which covers unmet educational Status, Status, Indigenous) and have full-time undergraduate, graduate
costs. Once a student is given the the highest incoming average from or post-graduate degree programs.
award, they will receive the money Grade 12 amongst all other incom- If you self-identify as an Aborigi-
on an annual basis until they have ing Aboriginal students. The dead- nal person (including First Nations
completed their studies at Ryerson. line for this award was on Novem- [Status or non-Status], Métis, or
ber 13, 2017, so be on the lookout Inuit cultural and/or ancestral back-
Harriet Stairs for the new deadline for 2018. ground) and are in good academic
Award standing, you can apply for this
BMO Financial $5,000 award.
The Harriet Stairs Award is spe- Group Diversity This award is given to two stu-
cifically for students with disabili- dents and requires a written state-
ties who are currently enrolled in Scholarships ment on their connection to the Ab-
criminology or social work under- This award is given to 15 stu- original community. The deadline
graduate degree programs. This dents who are from underrepre- for this year was Nov. 13, 2017. If
$1,188 award is given to one stu- sented groups including women, you’re eligible and interested to ap-
dent entering their second, third, visible minorities, Indigenous stu- ply for next term, go on the Ryerson
or fourth year who is officially reg- dents, international students and Office of the Registrar website.
8 ARTS & LIFE Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Looking Back

Taking a glance back at cool Rye people

It might be the end of the semester, but don’t forget about these cool Ryerson people and all the cool things they did this year! Cool!


Director Jeremy Podeswa hit Actor Mena Massoud is going Designer Adrian Arnieri’s Ryerson film and production Engineering grad Reem
up Westeros to show us the world Golden Globe moment grads made Canadian history Ahmed cooked things up

16.5 million people tuned in to watch Mena Massoud’s name was launched On Jan. 7, 2018, while most people It’s been a minute since anyone’s Reem Ahmed will be immortalized
Jeremy Podeswa’s work on Aug. 27, into stardom when he was cast in were watching the Golden Globes brought up Heritage Minutes, the old in MasterChef Canada history as the
2017. Podeswa, who graduated from the upcoming Disney live action re- red carpet for some low-key Sunday one-minute clips they used to show first Muslim-hijabi contestant to
Ryerson’s film program in 1984, make of Aladdin as Aladdin himself. night relaxation, Adrian Arnieri was in middle school to explain a piece be featured on the show. Ahmed’s
directed the season seven finale of Massoud’s name hit the (red) carpet in his Mississauga home surrounded of Canadian history. But Historica work on the show is a departure
Game of Thrones, the popular HBO when the role was announced at by nervous and excited friends and Canada brought back the iconic se- from her experience at Ryerson,
fantasy show. The episode set a re- Disney’s D23 Expo in California on family. The Ryerson fashion grad ries and a group of Ryerson grads where she studied biomedical engi-
cord as the series’ most-watched epi- July 15, 2017. Director Guy Ritchie was looking out for ET Canada host helped make it happen. neering, graduating in 2015.
sode. The Thrones gig isn’t the first had auditioned more that 2,000 ac- Sangita Patel, who was wearing a Ryerson grads Ryan Tremblay, Ahmed told The Eye her interest
high-profile project for Podeswa, tors for the role before choosing dress he had designed for her a cou- Stephen Dunn and Peter Lilly work in cooking stemmed from watch-
who has three Emmy nominations Massoud, an Egyptian immigrant ple days ago. Arnieri made headlines together at Route Eleven, a To- ing her mother and grandmother
for TV directing. and Markham native. Massoud went after the show when people found ronto-based production company. host dinners in her home country
In a 2017 interview with Ryerson to the University of Toronto for one out he made Patel’s black gown last They pitched two heritage minutes of Egypt. Ahmed was hesitant of her
he said the most important part of year to study neuroscience before minute, after she decided to stand in to Historica Canada, winning out skill level, almost not applying for
school was finding a community. dropping to attend Ryerson’s School solidarity with the #MeToo move- over 170 other proposals. The pro- the show. But she pushed through.
“These are people that can be an of Performance, graduating in 2014. ment. Arnieri won second place duction company is bringing a fresh “When you are confident about
inspiration and a help to you all the Would a U of T degree get him a gig a year ago for his toilet paper cre- take to the minute, addressing issues your abilities, then everyone will
way through your life and career.” alongside Will Smith? Probably not. ations at Cashmere’s design contest. like sexism and mental illness. come around and support you.”

Munching back on the year #RyersonProblems

While Ryerson students make
By Premila D’Sa I’ve discovered the plethora of decent food op- a place that feels like their own,” he wrote. some cool shit, sometimes their
tions Ryerson has to offer. And they’re beyond “Especially with such a cramped campus that
At the end of my first year at Ryerson I had decent. There are a bunch of disadvantages to lacks personality.”
programs get in the way. Here
spent a total of almost $2,000 at the Metro gro- being in the heart of downtown, but the food Everyone can name places to get food are some things students want
cery store opposite the Rogers Communica- isn’t one of them. around Ryerson, but not many people can to see change after this year.
tions Centre. I stared at the number in absolute At the end of last semester, The Eyeopener put name a ‘place’ the same way he did.
despair, thinking about what portion of the out a whole damn issue dedicated to food. There But Ryerson’s food this year wasn’t all bad. The film program is
amount specifically went into purchasing Met- was a story on a woman’s experience eating her We lost some good spots, but some things
ro’s especially disappointing pizza because I was late mother’s leftovers, one of our editors wrote popped up. For better or worse, we got a new trippin’ with the scripts
too lazy to walk down the road. So when sec- about his mother’s pies and how she brought El Furniture Warehouse. The lines at this one The Eyeopener reported earlier this year
ond year rolled around, I promised myself that I them with her to Canada, and one of our report- haven’t reached the notorious lengths of the that students in Ryerson’s film program were
would take my appetite off campus. It took a ers tested out the food trucks in the sketchy lot original Bloor Street location and they offer having issues with representation in the pro-
$2,000 dollar mistake, but in the past across from the Student Learning Centre. the same $5 items. But the best part of Ware- gram. Third-year film student Robyn Matuto
few years af- Looking back on food at Ryerson, it’s been a house is that Ryerson’s getting closer to es- had written a screenplay about her relation-
ter that bittersweet year. We lost tablishing some spots for Ryerson students to ship with her mother, a story rooted in Filipino
some good gems. The kick back with each other. culture. Ryerson’s film curriculum has a policy
Mutual Street Deli shut And while the last thing we need in an in- that says scripts are to be redistributed within
its doors at the end of 2017 creasingly commercialized Toronto is anoth- the program. Matuto’s script went to students
after a er chain store, one of the more exciting food who changed up the ethnicities of her char-
places to open this year was an H-Mart store, acters. She wasn’t even consulted, only find-
part of an Asian grocery chain. For students ing out about the exchange through friends.
cutting back on food spending, H-Mart’s ex-
tensive ramen selection should make the pro- Ryerson’s modest on
cess a lot less sad.
60- While things come and go, Ryerson stu- modest fashion
y e a r dents can count on a couple steadfast options: While modest fashion is stepping up in the
run. Our news editor Jacob Dubé wrote our beloved Salad King, the dusty but lovable fashion scene, fashion students at Ryerson told
about the old-school diner being a Imperial Pub, the eternally busy Ali Baba’s. The Eye that the program still had to catch up.
place for him to return to time and Here’s hoping that our favourites stay, and the There are no classes dedicated to modest fash-
time again for a sense of familiarity in new options are cheaper and better. Also, stop ion and students also had only one guest lec-
the big city. eating at Metro, you’re better than that! turer discuss it. Ryerson fashion chair Robert
“It’s hard for Rye students to find Ott said the concept was too “niche.”
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 ARTS & LIFE 9

Looking Forward


The five piece Ryerson band won the annual Battle of the Bands this year, which means they’ll be playing Riverfest Elora this summer

By Premila D’Sa Another perk sists of saxophonist John Abou tertag, drummer David Matta and for us which is nice.”
of winning the Chacra, keyboardist and vocalist guitarist Max Swiderski. Oszertag For years, M@R has been at the
“Are you feeling the sensation?” asks battle was a paid Sam Ehsaei, bassist Michael Osz- won the best performer award at centre of Ryerson’s music scene, es-
Love Wagon’s smooth vocalist and gig with the Ry- the event. pecially since the school lacks a music
keyboardist Sam Ehsaei in the band’s erson Students’ Love Wagon’s been a program. But last February, dean of
opening track Get on the Love Wagon. Union. Matta part of the Ryerson the faculty of communication and
“The wagon’s in the station!” says the band music scene for a design Charles Falzon announced
The crowd and judges got on hasn’t re- while, making that Ryerson was developing a four-
board with Love Wagon’s self de- ceived much regular ap- year program that would focus on
scribed “sort of funk, jazz, rock detail on pearances the music industry.
fusion” sound at the sixth annual what exactly at M@R open Matta says the winning night for the
Musicians@Ryerson (M@R) Battle it’s going to be, mics. While band didn’t feel like anything too in-
of the Bands, where the five piece but they’re expect- they’re hitting a tense. Before playing, the band hung
group nabbed first place. The win ing that it’ll be a frosh bigger stage this out, grabbing burritos before jam-
means they’ll be playing at Riverfest event. summer, the M@R ming with other bands in the gym of
Elora, a three-day music festival in “We don’t know scene is where the Mattamy Athletic Centre, where
Elora, Ont. this summer. The band what to expect but things started the competition took place. They
is set to open the stage on Aug. 18. we’re just going for them. hope to maintain the same chill vibe
They’ll be followed by acts like The to go have fun,” “That is the going into the summer, not feeling
Flaming Lips and Carly Rae Jepsen said Matta. “It’s community any extra pressure about opening
later in the day. never not fun that helped bring for big names and a bigger audience.
“I think we get the weekend pass playing some- us up,” said Matta. Matta said they’re excited. “We’re just
too which is nice,” said drummer where.” Love “And I know they going to give people the same fun
David Matta. Wagon con- were all rooting Love Wagon show.”

Keep your eyes out for these events

While the semester comes to an end for students, many arts faculties at Ryerson are prepping for their end-of-the-year showcases

Mass Exodus is Ryerson’s School of Fashion’s annual end of the year fashion show. The
show’s celebrating its 30th anniversary, which will be integrated into the show’s theme this
year. The show is a big deal for graduating fashion students, giving them a chance to show-
case their work to fellow students and industry professionals. There are fours shows in total
throughout the day, the last one being a curated show that is invitation only. Mass Exodus
happens April 6, 2018 at the Daniels Spectrum, a community hub in Toronto’s Regent Park.

A three-day photography show, Maximum Exposure features work from students at Ryerson’s
School of Image Arts. The show is a part of the prestigious Scotiabank Contact Photography
festival. Previewing the show, Ryerson’s Image Arts centre has been featuring the work of the
award-winning photographers including Shelley Niro. Her photography combines aspects of her
Indigenous culture (she’s a member of the Six Nations Reserve, Bay of Quinte Mohawk, Turtle
Clan), combining images of beadworks designs with archival photos and family pictures.


Graduating students of Rye’s film program come together to watch each other’s thesis films.
The date hasn’t been announced yet, but we have it on good word (film students) that it’s hap-
pening on May 4 and May 5. The Ryerson University Film Festival is completely student-run,
featuring about 20 films. The show is going into its 21st year, being held at the Ryerson Theatre.
The show is a first stop for a lot of the films before they hit the festival circuit. Later in the year, the
theatre hosts red carpets for the TIFF, where there are always a couple grads making their mark.


Toronto will be hosting the first Indigenous Fashion week this summer, featuring 23 artists and
designers and their Indigenous-made fashion. Cree-Métis fashion designer Angela DeMontigny
featured her collection at the Ryerson Image Arts Centre at the end of March. Demontigny has
also been working with Ryerson PhD candidate Riley Kucheran who is researching Indigenous
fashion and was hired by Ryerson’s fashion school to bring Indigenous reconciliation to their fash-
ion curriculum. The fashion show will take place at the Harbourfront Centre.
10 PHOTO Wednesday, April 4, 2018

In Photos: A snapshot of this year at Rye

Through the lens of The Eyeopener, here are our favourite photos from your school year

This year was the debut of Ryerson’s first women’s cricket team, which was started by third-year student Hirra Farooqi (centre). The team’s slogan is #WomenCan. PHOTO: SARAH KRICHEL

PHOTO: SAMANTHA MOYA A homeless man had to relocate his shelter because of these planters. PHOTO: KOSALAN KATHIRAMALANATHAN
This dildo was one of many, along with other electronics, to bombard the RSU.


The Eye reported that anti-choice protesters are paid to stay on campus until 2030. Remember the first day of classes when a water main broke on Gould Street?
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 PHOTO 11


The famous bed bugs that The Eyeopener found in the Victoria Building. Good Times.

Emma Stone on Ryerson campus for this year’s TIFF. PHOTO: KOSALAN KATHIRAMALANATHAN This year, The Eye profiled Bill Spurrell, the creator of Rye’s trampoline club. PHOTO: SARAH KRICHEL


Ryerson Students’ Union election night when Unify sweeped the executive positions and the majority of the board of directors spots for next school year.
12 FEATURES Wednesday, April 4, 2018


It’s no secret that Ryerson is partnered with facilities that conduct animal
testing, but details on exactly what the research entails are scarce



It was about 12 p.m. on march 22 when paul many of his questions remain unanswered, which Bali says the ccac Is a peer-revIew organIzatIon that
Bali made his way to the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, a lies in strict barriers to accessing any information. sets and maintains standards for ethics in animal research use,
research branch of St. Michael’s Hospital located on the corner In vivo research has been credited for many of today’s sci- such as housing, feeding and euthanization. The council says
of Victoria and Shuter streets. He knelt on the sidewalk with entific achievements, including the discovery of insulin and it works to ensure animal-based research in Canada only takes
a piece of chalk, and began to write a message in front of the nerve transplants. Some scholars and scientists argue that sac- place when necessary and with high health and safety stan-
large glass building addressed to the staff members inside. rificing a creature is a vital step for scientific progress. It can dards. The organization certifies institutions to conduct re-
“Level 8, kill rate?” allow scientists to learn the harmful and beneficial effects of a search, but has worked with Ryerson instead through St. Mi-
The philosophy professor only got to the second word new medicinal practice, by testing those practices on organ- chael’s Animal Care Committee (ACC) since 2010.
when St. Michael’s security came out and told him to cease isms with similar DNA first, such as monkeys, before using it Both the ACC and CCAC approve of and oversee every re-
and desist. He finished writing the rest of the message, but on humans. search project proposed, referred to as a protocol, by Ryerson
then the security guard threatened to call the police and have Every year, millions of animals in Canada are the subjects faculty members or students. Ryerson’s policy on the ethics
him arrested. of experimentation for scientific achievements. In March of of research involving animals was approved by the Senate in
“I thought, I’m not going to break into the lab, just draw last year, CTV News reported that the Canadian Council on 2002, which has a line in the policy stating that every effort
attention to it,” Bali says. “Let [the people] know there’s some- Animal Care (CCAC) investigated undercover footage, ob- must be made to find a substitute for animal use, but where
thing here that’s problematic.” tained by CTV’s W5, which appeared to show “mistreatment that is not possible, animals must be housed, fed and treated as
Two more security guards then appeared, along with two of dogs, pigs and monkeys” for scientific research purposes at humanely as capable.
custodians who tried to wash the message off with hot water. a Montreal-based institute.
Bali told the security guard he would wait for the police to Educational institutions have also been in the crossfire of
If people could really see

show, but after 10 minutes, he left to return to Ryerson to activists shining light on practices they deem inhumane, like
make his next class. the University of British Columbia, which has its own anti- what’s going on, I mean really

When The Eyeopener reached out to St. Michael’s security animal testing collective. At the University of Toronto (U of see at the level of the animal,
department to inquire about the incident, an official said they T), research practices on macaque monkeys made headlines in
were aware of it but could not confirm details. 2012, when the last monkeys were euthanized after a seven- t’s what will change that whole
The eighth level of St. Michael’s Hospital is where the Li year brain study. system.
Ka Shing Knowledge Institute is situated. It is also where Ry- Despite the lack of media coverage, Ryerson is not exempt
erson conducts its own in vivo research, which is any study from similar controversies, and Bali sees a lack of transpar-
that is performed on a live organism. It could be anything ency on Ryerson’s part as contributing to an already extremely The CCAC publishes a yearly report which breaks down
from plants to fruit flies to monkeys. In the last year, Bali, controversial practice. which animals are used, in what ways and for what purpose.
who has been a professor at Ryerson for about 14 years, has “There’s a lot of secrecy around these things,” he says. “If In total, under the council, 4,308,921 animals were used for
taken various actions to find out more about what animals people could really see what’s going on, I mean really see at the scientific research in 2016, including fish, mice, pigs, dogs,
and practices Ryerson uses in its own in vivo research. But level of the animal ... It’s what will change that whole system.” non-human primates (like monkeys) and others. Fish were
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 FEATURES 13
about 1.5 million of those animals, while dogs were a bit over Bali says he acknowledges all of the accomplishments ani- U of T responded citing section 65 (8.1) of the Act, which
15,000 and non-human primates took up about 7,500. The re- mal testing has provided throughout the years, but believes states that her FIPPA request doesn’t apply to records to do
port also goes into the practice, purpose of the research and that an increase in transparency of institutions like Ryerson with research of an employee or associate of an education in-
the level of invasiveness (the level of distress, discomfort or can allow for future policy changes. “Things are the opposite stitution. But U of T granted Pippus access to most of what
pain that an animal goes through during testing). The CCAC of how they should be. Researchers have the protection of she asked for anyway. The funding request was denied unless
does not account for all animal science research in the coun- anonymity, and the animals have no protection whatsoever.” she paid a fee of more than $3,000 for the amount of hours
try. It is unclear which animals of those belong to Ryerson re- While Bali knows the road ahead to stopping animal test- put into collecting the information. The Eyeopener obtained
search. The CCAC does not publish information on protocols, ing is a long one, he hopes to at least shed some light on the the FIPPA response from U of T which indicated that U of T’s
species or number of animals used by Ryerson specifically, or practices that take place. “Awareness does change a lot,” Bali animal research in 2009 was made up of 58 per cent mice, 22
any other specific institutions. says. “It’s because people are pretty decent. If they really know per cent rats and 14 per cent fish, among others.
what’s going on and see the connections between their actions FIPPA requests at Ryerson haven’t gotten nearly as far. On
and these systemic violences, [it can] stop. Things can change.” Feb. 10, 2017, Bali issued a FIPPA request, asking for numbers,
Employees walked around

types, methods, purposes and invasiveness levels of Ryerson’s
looking important with badges In 2012, Paul York, an anImal ethIcs and relI- in vivo research. The Eyeopener also issued a FIPPA request for

to get through thick doors gion professor at U of T, pinned up posters on his campus any records on animal research conducted by Ryerson, num-
that read: “I’m interested in saving any animals you’ve done bers, nature of tests and purpose of research on animals, as
that shut loudly behind them. experiments on. I’ll give them a good home. If you’re interest- well as Ryerson’s partners and locations. Both Bali’s and The
It was a calm, quiet building ed, contact me.” He received an email from a graduate science Eye’s requests were denied, with Ryerson citing the same re-
student who said they had eight mice from a cancer lab, and search privacy clause that U of T cited in theirs. The Eye’s re-
that made me feel like I was York agreed to pick them up. quest for information on funding was flat out denied.
somewhere I wasn’t supposed When York went to the U of T lab to pick up the genetically Heather Driscoll, who oversees the university’s response to
to be. engineered mice, he saw one of the scientists injecting another FIPPA requests, told The Eye that responses are always in com-
group of mice with a disease. The graduate student came out pliance with two main things: an individual’s right to request
The Eye spoke to Jennifer MacInnes, Ryerson’s senior legal and handed him the mice, and York left the lab to take the information from a public institution, as well as protecting in-
counsel and senior director for applied research and commer- mice home. They were “cute little guys,” all white, with black dividuals’ personal information. Driscoll says this section also
cialization. MacInnes oversees the university’s issues around eyes. Two weeks after York took them home, the first of eight seeks to protect personal information of the researchers. “We
intellectual property, research compliance and integrity as mice died—it had a tumour on his back. After six months, they want to make sure there’s no harm that’s going to result if we
well as the ethics portfolio of Ryerson. She said approximately had all died. disclose the record.”
20 Ryerson research protocols involving in vivo research are “There was really nothing I could do for them,” York says. In The Eye’s and Bali’s request, the denial also referenced
approved to begin or continue on an annual basis by the ACC. One, he says, died in his arms, trembling as he pet him. York subsections of the Act that speak to the endangerment of
MacInnes said she could not speak about any specific ongo- realized then that rescuing sick animals doesn’t work. “Once life or physical safety of a person, as well as the security of
ing project or details referencing Ryerson’s protocols. “It’s be- they’re created in a lab, it’s actually more humane for them a building.
cause the nature of the research they’re doing kind of indicates to die in the lab than to be rescued. So I never did that again “Driscoll is just doing her job,” Bali says. “I don’t expect a
what the research is about,” MacInnes said. “I’m not going to … Once you’re genetically engineered for a lab, your [fate] conspiracy, it’s just been set up to protect these researchers.
talk specifically about which animals we do research on.” is sealed.” It’s pretty ridiculous.”
Ryerson cannot disclose such details on its in vivo re- Animals that have been tested on will usually face euthani-
search protocols due to its Information Protection and Ac- zation after being bred in human captivity. A common way after months of research, I decIded to see
cess Policy, which states that the university is “committed to animal rights activists try to stop this is through rescue mis- things for myself. I pressed the level 8 button inside the eleva-
protecting specific types of information, which, if disclosed, sions, such as York’s, or the five graduate students who tried to tor of the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute and was taken to
could reasonably be expected to result in harm to the univer- save the two macaque monkeys that U of T was going to eu- the top floor. Stepping out of the elevator, I saw stark white
sity, an identifiable individual or a third party.” It also states thanize in 2012. But it was too late, once they realized they had walls hanging modern paintings. Employees walked around
that since 2006, the university is subject to the Freedom of already been killed. U of T’s been in a controversial spotlight looking important with badges to get through thick doors that
Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). While for many years for its animal testing practices. It also follows shut loudly behind them. It was a calm, quiet building that
the Act is in place to ensure public institutions’ transparency, the ethical guidelines of the CCAC. made me feel like I was somewhere I wasn’t supposed to be.
one of its sections states that it does not apply to records But York claims that the entire industry is “purposely non- As I walked around pondering what could possibly be going
pertaining to research of an employee or associate of an edu- transparent.” He thinks that if people were able to know and on in this place, I finally found one door marked “vivarium,”
cational institution. see what happens behind closed doors, there would be public which is a type of lab where in vivo research is conducted. All
When The Eye asked Ryerson president Mohamed Lachemi outcry. I saw through the small window were glass tanks piled on each
about the suggested lack of transparency, he redirected us to “If you go around to U of T or Ryerson, and ask the aver- other, containing green plants, a hallway leading further into
MacInnes’ department for further comment. The department, age student, ‘Did you know that there’s animal testing?’ most the lab and another unmarked grey door. The only movement
which is called the Office of the Vice-President, Research and of them don’t even know it’s happening,” York says. “They’re I saw was a scientist in a long green lab coat and matching hair
Innovation, responded that they “don’t have anything further shocked to find out. That’s one veil of secrecy: the ignorance cap, who swiftly came and went around the corner.
to add.” of it.” I searched for somebody to potentially let me into the lab,
While there isn’t animal testing physically on Ryerson’s Anna Pippus is an animal rights lawyer and the director of or to show me where Ryerson conducts its research. Three
campus, MacInnes confirmed with The Eye that Ryerson’s in Farmed Animal Advocacy at Animal Justice, who co-published different people I talked to said I needed one of those white
vivo research takes place at St. Michael’s Hospital, including an opinion piece in The Varsity with York on the scientific case badges everyone was carrying. The last guy told me it’s “pretty
the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, the Keenan Research against animal research. Back in 2011, she issued a FIPPA re- locked up,” and that’s when I gave up.
Centre for Biomedical Science, as well as Sunnybrook Hos- quest asking for all records of approved animal research by I came with questions and I left without answers. As long as
pital. But the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute redirects any the university in 2010, including animal types and levels of in- institutions like this prioritize privacy over transparency, we
Ryerson-related questions to Ryerson staff. vasiveness. She also requested funding amounts and sources. may never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Percentage of Animals Used Number of Animals Used in

The CCAC is a peer-review or-
in CCAC Testing, 2016 CCAC Testing, 2016
ganization that sets and main-
40 tains standards for ethics in
animal research use, such as 1,602,547 35,063
housing, feeding and eutha- FISH PIGS
20 nization. The council says it
works to ensure animal-based 1,500,156 15,093
research in Canada only takes MICE DOGS
0 place when necessary and





with high health and safety 526,249 8,526

*These numbers represent the CCAC as a whole, not necessarily Ryerson
14 SPORTS Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Looking Back

Lights, Camera, Action Eyeopener photographer Brent Smyth shot

nearly 6,000 photos of sports this year. He picks
favourites, and explains what they mean for Rye

Euphoria Sets in for Ryerson Women’s

This season, the Ryerson women’s volleyball team had plenty of reasons to celebrate.
Throughout the regular season, the team never lost a single game. Going undefeated
in the regular season is almost unheard of, but the Rams’ dominance continued into
the playoffs. The team stayed undefeated, and captured the OUA championships
before winning Ryerson’s first-ever national championship in any team sport. I was
fortunate to follow the team for much of the season, and to capture the emotion
they displayed on the court. It was hard not to feel something when watching their
joy through my viewfinder.
I took this photo the moment Ryerson advanced to the OUA championship with
a 25-16 victory in the fourth set over the Western Mustangs. I had shot Ryerson
games from above, from the courtside, and from the baseline. I spent each game
planning for where to be when they inevitably won it all, and I was really happy
with where I happened to be the second they punched their ticket to the OUA
finals. Julie Longman (gold sleeves) is literally jumping for joy. Theanna Vernon,
the Rams’ centrepiece, is clenching her fists and screaming. And in the background,
a Western Mustangs player is still on the ground processing the loss.

Amazing Seasons, but not Without Controversy

The above picture will always hold a special place in my heart because it was taken at the first game
I covered this year. After sending this one in, I took photos of Ryerson’s sports teams the rest of the
year. After scoring directly off a corner, Abdallah El-Chanti ran to the sideline to celebrate with his
team. It was surreal witnessing each player’s passion. However, the following week, the team was
forced to forfeit all the games they had played to that point due to an unnamed player failing to meet
academic requirements. Their record dropped from 7-0-1 to 2-6-0. Still, the team managed to win
OUA bronze.
The photo to the left shows the sheer power and athleticism volleyball players possess. It was taken
in the first game after athletic director Ivan Joseph ended a two-week suspension of 11 members of
the team for a violation of the student-athlete code of conduct. The Eyeopener and The Ryersonian both
reached out to Ryerson Athletics for comment on what specifically the players did, however no official
statement was provided at the time. The department never released statements on the specifics of
either the men’s soccer forfeitures or the men’s volleyball suspensions.

Witnessing Sofia Paska’s Greatness from Courtside

I watch a lot of sports, and there are often players who dominate the game. But I’ve
never seen a Ryerson player control their sport quite like basketball star Sofia Paska.
Almost all the photos I took of her throughout this season—this one included—por-
tray her dominance. Despite being concussed only weeks earlier, she bravely put
on a mask and bounced back in style against the York Lions, commanding the same
amount of attention she would normally get on a regular night.
At six-foot-four, Paska towers over her opponents, but she’s still incredibly nim-
ble and uses clever footwork to make it to the basket with ease. Ever since joining
the Rams in 2014, Paska has proven to be one of the greatest athletes to ever don a
Ryerson uniform.
This season, she managed to set all-time Rams records in points and rebounds.
She still has one more season in the tank, and those records are going to keep on
growing as long as she sets foot on Coca-Cola Court.
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 SPORTS 15

Looking Forward

Conclusions and Comebacks This year, we took a look at two players’

careers and what the future holds for them
didn’t want to risk going to a division two
school without being 100 per cent healthy and
decided to take a year off. “At that point, I didn’t
know really how my basketball career was gon-
na go. I was fine if I didn’t really play basketball
anymore. I just stayed in shape.” Rana would get
in contact with Manny once again and it didn’t
take much to convince him that Ryerson was
the place he needed to be. “I was fine staying at
home at that point. Some of my friends already
played on the team, Rana’s a good coach and it
was convenient.” What’s Next For
As he improved at Ryerson, Diressa eventu-
ally had the chance to learn from some of the Alex Basso?
best minds in Canadian basketball, earning a
spot on Canada’s Senior Men’s National Team By Jacob Stoller
at the FIBA AmeriCup in 2017.
After seeing his former teammates Adika The 2017-18 season was pivotal for Alex Bas-
Peter-Mcneilly and Aaron Best earn jobs after so. In his fourth year as a Ram, the defenceman
their stint at Ryerson, the dynamic guard feels arguably had the greatest season of his career,
like he has a chance to do the same. Peter-Mc- racking up a career-high 28 points while lead-
Diressa’s Goodbye season game, collect several Player of the Week
awards and earn a first-team All-Canadian se-
neilly currently plays professional basketball in
Europe, while Best is one tier under the NBA,
ing his team to the OUA quarter-finals.
The Eyeopener: Legendary sportscaster Ron
By Libaan Osman lection, the fifth-year guard never imagined playing for the NBA G-League’s Raptors 905. McLean recently said you were bound to be
he would be a Ram. Vividly recalling the first “Those guys all got jobs right away. If I could the next CIS player to make the NHL ranks,
Ammanuel Diressa, who has taken Ryerson time he met Rams head coach Roy Rana dur- have the same thing, I’ll be happy,” he said. what were your thoughts on that?
basketball to new heights in his last three years, ing his eighth grade at an Eastern Commerce Diressa was recently named to Canada’s Alex Basso: Obviously, I think that’s big com-
is saying goodbye to Ryerson. tournament, it wasn’t until his high school men’s team for the 2018 Commonwealth ing from him, [but] it’s difficult because you
Diressa rocked the blue and gold for the last career when Diressa would learn more about Games in Australia alongside Rams teammate want to do well in school [and] you want to
time on March 11, where his team fell short in a his bench boss. “He recruited me out of high Jean-Victor Mukama. After all that he’s been pursue that dream, but you also want to be re-
heartbreaker against the Calgary Dinos in the U school,” he said. “I had no interest in going to able to achieve, he continues to stay grateful for alistic with yourself and try to make a career
Sports National Championship. Ryerson at that time.” those who have helped pave the way for his suc- for yourself in business, in hockey or anything.
But a week before that unfortunate finish, Rather than stay at home, Manny had oth- cess. “So many coaches and people (have) helped Eye: So, tell us—what’s the plan for next year?
Diressa reflected on his time as a Ryerson Ram er plans, wanting to accomplish a childhood me get to where I am today. I wouldn’t want to Basso: I’m applying to be back at Ryerson to
and how he’s evolved as a player and as a person. dream of his: playing for a division one school. name one because I feel like I’d be missing out do their NBA program. It’s [going to] be a
Largely known for being a quiet, introverted After receiving an offer from Tennessee Tech, a lot of great people that have helped me out.” pretty busy summer.
player, the star guard eventually learned how to Diressa’s dream would eventually come true. He Reflecting on his three years, Diressa men- Eye: You’ll be suiting up again for the Rams
adapt and lead by example while his ridiculous headed to Tennessee Tech in 2012, but would tioned that he will miss the friendships he’s next year. What was the determining factor?
work ethic rubbed off on his teammates. only get to play a total of 356 minutes through- created with the guys on the roster. “Obviously Basso: Originally, I was going to go play pro
“I always want to improve as person,” Dir- out his two years there. He wanted more of an (Jean Viktor) is a character who I’m close with. next season—by getting an AHL contract
essa said. “In terms of character, getting out of opportunity to showcase his talent, but knew He’s very outgoing, he asks questions, always somewhere, but I wasn’t able to go because
my comfort zone, challenging myself to doing the chances of him getting another division one checking on me. Roshane, Adam, my fellow I was doing this GMAT prep course. Some-
things I’m uncomfortable with.” offer were slim. Struggling with back problems seniors will be gone, my roomate right now times you’ve got to drop the hockey thing and
Before he would drop 50 points in a regular in the summer after his second year, Manny (Zubair Seyed), just everyone.” Even though he worry about something that’s realistic for you.

Who to Watch out for Next Year Cailin Wark

Eyeopener writer Michael Mazzei gives his input on six Ryerson
athletes who could burst into stardom next season The Rams women’s volleyball team posted a
perfect season from start to finish, and outside
hitter Cailin Wark played a big role in mak-
Marin Scotten Brooklyn Gemmill ing that possible. She finished the season with
212.5 points and added a whopping 38 aces on
Some rookies make plays, some rookies play in To say that hockey forward Brooklyn Gemmill route to the team’s first and the school’s first
big moments. When Rams guard Marin Scot- had a phenomenal rookie campaign would be ever National Championship. If the Rams Navreet Suhan smashes one of his 65 spikes last year.
ten checks in, she does both. Scotten was vital quite an understatement. She quickly became a want to continue their dominance in volley-
to Ryerson’s success this season, averaging 12.3 dynamic scorer on the Rams’ women’s hockey ball next season and beyond, they’ll look to the
points and 4.7 rebounds per game on her way to team, finishing third on the team with 18 points first-team all star to lead the way. Navreet Suhan
capturing the OUA’s Rookie of the Year award. scored. With captain team-leading scorer Ailish
She also played a whopping 27.3 minutes per Forfar set to graduate this offseason, Gemmill In his first season with the Rams men’s
game last season. It’s safe to say she’ll have an will likely have a bigger offensive next season. Cavin Leth volleyball team, middle blocker Navreet
even bigger role in the 2018-19 season. Suhan has made an immediate impact on the
After spending the past four seasons in the team.
Tanor Ngom Western Hockey League with three different Named to the OUA All-Rookie Team, he had
teams, Cavin Leth had a smooth transition to 94 points, 41 blocks and 34 digs to help the
Last year, Ryerson basketball’s first ever inter- the OUA. In 28 regular season games, the cen- Rams reach the OUA Final Four. His height
national prospect showed flashes of his incred- terman scored 21 points. He also played the and incredible balance allowed him to get to
ible upside. Using his incredible size, Ngom enforcer role at times, totalling 38 penalty min- various spots on the court, which made him
made an immediate impact for the Rams. With utes. Many of the Rams’ top scorers from this an important piece to the team last season.
the men’s basketball team losing a few of its past season will be graduating this summer, so Given his early success, you can bet that the
most experienced players, we expect the big expect Leth to make a larger offensive impact team will look to Suhan to take his game to
Marin Scotten slashes to the hoop against Carleton. man to grab more minutes in the near future. in 2018-19. another level next year.
16 BIZ & TECH Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Looking Back Best apps

Housing, law and Facebook, Oh My! of the
From questions about law school, expensive housing and Facebook knowing just a little too much school year
about our actions, here are some of the more memorable moments from our Biz and Tech section
By Urbi Khan
the pilot project. The study looks at
noise pollution, air quality and how We have reviewed some great apps
travel patterns change before and af- this year. Here are our top five
ter the pilot project was implement- most helpful apps.
ed. Researchers also hope to look at 1. Flipd
potential health impacts from the Founded by a Rye alumnus, the
results of the pilot. app works as a barrier for cellphone
Ryerson’s new law school users so they can have a period of
With Ryerson’s law school being time off from their phones. For the
formally created in 2018, lots of con- selected period of time, users can
troversies and questions surrounded choose “light” or “full” locks. Full
the school and the field itself. In lock will make your downloaded
particular, a study done by Ryerson apps disappear for the time you’re
University in 2017 found that wom- off. And light lock will enable a
en who were in debt from law school countdown for the period of time
were more disproportionately af- you’ve set to spend time away from
Biz and tech editor Sylvia looks back at all the hard work she’s done. PHOTO: SERA WONG fected than men in the same field. their phones. It’s available for free
We also looked into Ryerson’s through Android and iOS. The app
By Sylvia Lorico 50 million people and allegedly us- sites accessing personal information, law minor, which was heavily busi- allows the user to blackout from
ing it for voter profiling in America. including the potential for Face- ness-oriented in nature. Students their phones so they can have some
Another school year is gone, and Conclusion? Facebook probably book’s facial-recognition software who were interested in the minor time off to themselves and their ex-
it’s time to look at some of the more knows a lot more about you than to identify people without having a expressed concerns about the mi- istential thoughts.
memorable stories within the biz you know about yourself. As some user to manually tag them in photos. nor, feeling that it should also offer 2. Carrot Rewards
and tech section. users scramble to delete their pro- King Street pilot project aspects such as criminal law or basic Like a hamster running on its
Security breach! files, The Eye wrote about the poten- Introduced in late 2017, the pilot law. However, according to the fac- wheel, this app will reward you
It’s too bad we didn’t see this tial information breaches in our sci- project aimed to cut down traffic ulty, the new law program will be for staying active. Rewards in-
coming: except this shouldn’t be ence issue. William Wolfe-Wylie, a on King Street and give more pri- focused on more than just business- clude Scene movie reward points,
a surprise to anyone. Cambridge coder at CBC and a contract lecturer ority to commuters and streetcars. based law. In addition, Ryerson says Aeroplane miles and Petro Canada
Analytica, a partner organization of at the Ryerson School of Journal- The Eyeopener spoke to Tor Oiamo, it’s ready to compete with bigger points. Carrot Rewards will use a
Facebook, violated Facebook’s terms ism, spoke to us about the dangers the only Ryerson professor among a law schools like Osgoode. Some of combo of health surveys and the
of service by collecting user data on of Facebook and other social media team of U of T researchers studying the features Ryerson has announced number of steps taken to collect data
included coding boot camps for stu- for rewards. You can also sync your
dents and active collaboration with Fitbit or Apple Watch with the app.
the Legal Innovation Zone. So it’s perfect for all fitness junkies.
Continuing O ve r 1 5 0
courses in
Housing is expensive (Duh)
This might be an obvious fact,
3. Lifesum
Yet another app to keep your life

Studies at 3D Modelling
but renting a place in Toronto isn’t
getting cheaper anytime soon. The
healthy, easy and breezy. This one
will help keep track of your weight,

Animation good news is Ryerson is trying to whether you need to gain some or
C r e a t i ve B u s i n e s s figure out how to make it more af- lose some to be your best fit self.
fordable. Ryerson partnered with Each day, it will list recommended

D ra w i n g a n d P a i n t i n g OCAD, York University and U of T calories you need to intake as well
F i b r e a n d Fa s h i o n in a two-year research initiative that as give you notifications, remind-
Film and Video concerns affordable housing in To- ing you to eat meals and drink wa-
ronto. Some of the initiative’s goals ter throughout the day. It is avail-
G ra p h i c D e s i g n include creating interactive maps able for free on Android an iOS.
Industrial Design and affordable housing strategies, an It will connect to your personal
I n t e ra c t i ve M e d i a interactive website and deep focus devices such as a Fitbit. This app
groups and surveys. This comes at is like your personal dietitian who
M a r ke t i n g a time when the average rent in the never leaves your side.
P h o t o g ra p h y GTA is still around $2,000 a month. 4. Climendo
Printmaking and Sculpture Hoping for a more affordable resi- Do you often forget your um-
dence? Good luck. The average brella at home on cloudy and rainy
Theory in Art and Design price of Ryerson’s newest residence, days? Well, fear not! Climendo uses
UI and UX Design HOEM is about $19,300 for a two- your GPS location to provide you
Visual Analytics bedroom apartment per year. with accurate weather forecasts
Facebook and journalism and updates. You can also track
We a ra b l e M e d i a In September 2017, the Ryerson weather in your favourite locations
We b D e s i g n School of Journalism and the Digital by inputting them into the app. Cli-
Courses for Seniors Media Zone (DMZ) partnered with mendo uses data from several dif-
Facebook Canada to launch a digital ferent weather channels.
a n d Yo u t h news incubator, the first of its kind 5. Waze
in Canada. Applicants were chal- Want infamous voices from
E x p l o r e Yo u r C r e a t i v e P o t e n t i a l lenged to pitch an idea that would pop culture to give you directions?
help solve a compelling problem Waze can do that for you! Like
A r t . D e s i g n . N ew M e d i a CONTINUING
STUDIES within the Canadian digital media Google Maps, this app can give you
E ve n i n g s . We e ke n d s . O n l i n e landscape. the most optimal directions to your
Applications for the challenge destination. It will also list hazards
C o u r s e i n f o a n d r e g i s t r a t i o n : o c a d u . c a /c o n t i n u i n g s t u d i e s were due March 9 and the winners and other important elements on
will begin enrollment in the incuba- the road such as red light cameras,
tor program in late April. police or potholes.
Ryerson_Sept2016_QuarterPage.indd 1 8/23/17 3:27 PM
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 BIZ & TECH 17

Looking Forward

Budget changes & cannabis questions

New zones, adjustments to tuition and OSAP and some details on the Brampton campus expansion—here’s what to expect for next year

What will our new editor Sera see in the future? Will she win the lottery? PHOTO: SYLVIA LORICO

By Sylvia Lorico other restrictions are still unknown. making a second bid for the hub in It also plans to implement post- reductions when taking GO Transit
RSU President Susanne Nyaga said October 2017. secondary institution expansion proj- to and from Union Station. All GO
This year’s ending and it’s been fun, that she was confident Ryerson stu- The 2018 provincial budget ects to keep up with the province’s Transit trips under 10 kilometres will
but what should we look forward to dents would smoke responsibly but Finance minister Charles Sousa population growth in urban areas. cost Presto card users $3 per trip any-
in the upcoming year? Will one of us students also expressed interest in pot unveiled the provincial government’s The project includes new university- where on the transit system.
win the lottery? Will we finally in- education. budget at Queen’s Park in late March led post-secondary sites in Markham, Minimum wage hike
vent self-driving cars that don’t crash? More zones and there are a lot of new plans that Brampton and Milton. Yes folks, get ready for another
Sadly, I can’t answer these ques- Ryerson will continue with its ex- will affect post-secondary students: 5) OSAP repayment: potential minimum wage hike in
tions. However, I can tell you what pansion Zone programs across the 1) Tuition billing: New to the program, this means 2019. If Kathleen Wynne or Andrea
will be happening in the biz and tech world. Ryerson Futures is partner- Students will only be billed after that single students will not have to Horwath are elected in June, the pro-
world here at Ryerson. Here’s a quick ing with VinaCapital and indepen- OSAP grants, loans and other poten- start repaying the Ontario portion vincial government will increase the
look-ahead on what Ryerson students dent investors Tin Nguyen and Cong tial aid have been subtracted from the of their student loans until they are minimum wage by another dollar to
should expect for next year. Phan to launch a new startup acceler- total fees. earning a minimum of $35,000 a year. $15 an hour by January 2019. How-
Cannabis legalization ator program in Vietnam. More de- 2) Open textbooks: 6) More OSAP: ever, if Doug Ford is elected, the min-
Recreational cannabis is expected tails about the program are expected The government expressed its sup- The government plans to increase imum wage will probably stay at $14.
to be legalized by July, but the univer- to be announced further in Spring port for the open textbook program OSAP grants for students from low- Brampton Campus
sity’s pot policies are still up in the air. 2018. In addition, 110 Bond St. will through the $1 million Ontario Open income families (those who make less As of February 2018, the provincial
In an Eyeopener article in early March, be home to many of the FCAD Zones Textbooks Library. than $90,000 a year) and for Indig- government is on its way to finaliz-
Ryerson confirmed that it has formed in the Spring, including the Trans- 3) Education: enous students. ing details for the Ryerson campus
“an internal working group” to exam- media Zone, the Design Fabrication The government plans to provide 7) Cheaper transit in the GTA: expansion planned for Brampton. As
ine its policies and health promotion Zone and the Fashion Zone. Finally, more than $3 billion in capital grants All GO Transit trips within Toron- preparations take place, the universi-
programming surrounding pot use. Ryerson is still awaiting approval to post-secondary institutions over to will cost Presto card users $3 per ty is juggling potential program ideas
However, specifics regarding where for an innovation and research hub the next 10 years. trip. Users at stations such as Picker- including cybersecurity and project-
students will be able to smoke and in Niagara Falls, with the university 4) Institution expansion: ing, Ajax and Markham will see fare based courses.

How to save money this summmer Every paycheque, put away a lit- Meal planning Monopoly. Even more fun for every-
tle bit of money Dedicate one day a week to cook- one.
This way you’ll have an emergency ing and planning out meals for busy Stop stress-spending
fund. Even if it’s as little as $20 a week, weekdays. Cooking is cheaper than Life is stressful. Balancing school,
in time it’ll add up, and one day it’ll everyday fast food. Instead of spend- work, extracurriculars and more can
certainly come in handy. ing $14 at Chipotle, make a simple be a chore. You deserve nice things,
Take advantage of coupons and sandwich at home. It’ll save you mon- but every time you want to blow your
student discounts ey for the future, and encourage you paycheque over that nice purse be-
Use your student email for a free to eat healthier. cause of a hard day, you’re taking away
Amazon Prime trial. With your The 30-day rule from future funds.
student ID, a trip to The Royal On- Online shopping is your wallet’s Make coffee at home
It’s time to save up some cash for the summer! tario Museum is free on Tuesdays. worst enemy. Instead of immediately A coffee-maker may cost more in
On Gould Street, Metro provides splurging, add the item you want to the short-run, but in the long-run, it’ll
By Sera Wong Build a budget discounts on Tuesdays to Thurs- your shopping cart and leave it there save you hundreds. If you’re a fellow
Use an Excel sheet to detail your days for students. Looking forward for 30 days. Over the time span of a caffeine addict, think twice and make
Summer time is saving time, and it’s expenses. It can be helpful to know to snacking out for summer vaca- month, you won’t want that cute jack- your coffee at home instead of visiting
time to prepare for next year’s inevi- how much your necessities cost, and tion? Bulk Barn offers a 10 per cent et as much anymore. a Starbucks or Balzac’s.
table expenses, maximize your sav- how much entertainment funds you discount on Wednesdays if you Stay-in nights Keep an end goal in mind
ings plan within the next few months, have left. show valid student ID. Shop for Instead of inviting friends out, in- Pick a long-term goal and stick with
and walk away with a little bit of extra Try to build one for each month, some sick new outfits at H&M for vite them in! Break out the board it. Save to pay off your student loans,
cash. It’s never too early to start saving that way you’ll be able to review next school year, and show off your games, video games, and all that good to buy a car, or for fun occasions.
for the future. Here are some of our your spending habits to see if there student ID for 15 per cent off in- stuff. Instead of killing your wallet Keep these goals in mind every time
tips and tricks! is anywhere you can cut down. store purchases. over dinner, kill your friends over you spend money.
18 IT’S BEEN FUN Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Looking Back

The mysterious murder of Chris Finnigan

By Emerald Bensadoun novation, isn’t it?” he said.
My cover was blown. Maybe it
It was a crisp Tuesday afternoon. was the rap song playing in the back-
Chris Finnigan, one of Ryerson’s ground, or maybe it was all the dust
most eligible squirrels, died earlier inside of the basement, but some-
that morning and the police had no thing snapped inside of me. I knew I’d
leads. He appeared to have taken a just witnessed something important.
swift boot to the skull, and died hold- I cleared my throat. “Emerald Bensa-
ing a Tim Hortons Roll up the Rim doun,” I said. “Fun and satire editor at
coffee cup in his dainty, surprisingly The Eye.”
well-groomed paws. We all gasped at “What happened to Chris
the time when we heard. But some- Finnigan?” I demanded with wild
thing was amiss. Like any celebrity hand gestures, fries a-blazing. “What
death, Chris Finnigan’s was shrouded happened to my $1.50 bagel,
in mystery and conspiracy theories. I damn it?”
was determined to solve them. Lachemi smiled and sipped from a
I was on my way to work at The Starbucks cup swathed in Ryerson’s
Eyeopener office when we received That squirrel was probably spouting Tim Hortons propoganda. PHOTO: PREMILA D’SA AND CAMILA KUKULSKI coveted blue and gold colours—a gift
our most important tip yet. It was from Starbucks to commemorate
encrypted, the passwords a series of where, the entirely-Lachemi funded campaigning even though it wasn’t basement, iPhone first. their new relationship—and I knew.
mythical creatures spelling out the group, Young Rappers of Ryerson, election season, which was against By the time I got there it must have All of the conspiracies were true.
words “Lachemi did it.” It was time were rejoicing. the rules but nobody was cracking been dark outside. What time it was, “Oh, Emerald,” he said. “I don’t like to
to investigate. But the news team The Tim Hortons break in matri- down. It took me a while to get down I couldn’t recall. In the depths of the destroy things. I like to build things.”
was busy and I didn’t feel like work- mony was also plagued with secrecy. the stairs. The slides, whose wavy dark SLC basement Ryerson con- “Picture this,” said Lachemi. “All
ing, so with an iPhone for a camera, a In an announcement, Lahemi pub- rainbow exteriors once glistened in demned its theatre kids to, time had eyes on Ryerson University, the
recorder and a takeout container full licly cited irreconcilable differences, the daylight, all rubbery and with no meaning. coolest school in town. What do
of french fries, I went to go find Ry- but everybody knew their separation the promise of a fun day at school, I approached the basement’s dark they specialize in?” He paused for
erson president Mohamed Lachemi. was less than mutual, and nobody on looked sinister—and scuffed. On Feb. abyss with caution, unsure of what dramatic effect.
I didn’t find him in his office so I campus had heard from Tims since. 6, 2018 Lachemi announced that all would await me upon my descent. I honestly didn’t know, so I stood
headed to Ryerson’s equivalent of a Lachemi, with his trendy U of T SLC stairs would be replaced with My eyes immediately wandered to there and did my best not to eat dur-
watering hole: the Student Learning diss track, was winning the school slides without any explanation. “Why the theatre department’s decrepit ing what I assumed was a big mo-
Center (SLC). Walking down Gould over—but not me. The school’s mys- would anybody actually do this?” I mock stage. Drake Bell was on stage, ment for our dear Lachemz. “RAP
Street, I could see Ryerson University terious split from its beloved Tim wondered. I pushed the thought aside. performing what sounded like a clean BATTLES,” he said. “THE GREAT-
president Lachemi’s triumphant face Hortons franchise was only the be- If I was going to find out what hap- version of Lil Wayne’s Lollipop. The EST RAP BATTLES IN THE
eerily livestreaming on every laptop. ginning of Ryerson’s descent into a pened to the school’s beloved Chris Rhino Party president, Eric Halber- WORLD. One squirrel may have
“Innovation, innovation, innova- bizarro madness filled with gimmicks Finnigan, I had work to do. I took the dash, was filming. I nearly dropped my had to die, and maybe the RSU had
tion—and a few cockroaches,” he said. and Lachemi’s lyrics. The student trampoline downstairs instead. french fries. to take the fall for hiring the wrong
“Just like, 15 or 20 at most to eat up body’s demand for rap only grew Bouncing from one floor to an- “You’re going to make a great RSU Drake. We even had to get rid of Tim
all the bed bugs.” This was referring, when the Ryerson Students’ Union other, I couldn’t help but notice a president someday, Eric,” Lachemi Hortons, but I’d do it again.”
of course, to Lachemi’s latest solution (RSU) “accidentally” delivered Drake palpable tension in the air. All of the laughed. “Thanks for all your help I’d heard enough. I bounded back
for the school’s bed bug problem. To and Josh star Drake Bell, instead of rap school’s crazy antics seemed almost with Drake.” up the stairs, running and wheez-
me, it felt like Big Ryerson was watch- sensation Drake. intentional, and I was certain that If that was supposed to be a joke, ing until I finally saw sunlight. This
ing. Regardless of whether or not Was it an accident? In a press the death of Ryerson’s most eligible Halberdash wasn’t laughing. “I sold was a matter of public interest. As I
those cameras were peering back at conference, RSU president Susanne squirrel was no accident. Could it my soul for a cushy office space and walked the short distance back to The
me, one thing was certain: there was Nyaga denied intentionally hiring all be connected? I needed to find $15 an hour. What have I become?” Eyeopener office, the distinct stink of
no escaping the big, bad Lachemz. the Nickelodeon has-been, calling it a Lachemi, but I was running out of lamented Halberdash. Gould Street filled my nostrils.
“Skrrrrrrrrrrah pap pap kak kak “classic mix up,” but I wasn’t so sure. places to look. Then I felt it. And then one of my fries fell to the For all my excitement, I’d forgotten
kak skibiidipap pap and a pupu- Moving from the Ryerson Com- The floors echoed, and I could feel floor. All three heads turned towards to take any photos, video or audio re-
brrdooom,” Lachemi’s new rap munications Centre bridge, I passed the tremors of a base below my feet. me. I took a big gulp. I tried to pick it cordings. I sat back down at my desk
song, Fuck You True Blue, an ode to the Rhino Party guillotine on the Was that rap music coming from the up but that didn’t make me look any knowing nobody would believe me. I
the University of Toronto, rang out second floor of the SLC with cau- basement? Could it be? Being a jour- less conspicuous. I began nervously needed to garner more credibility. So
on every cell phone with a decent tion. They were supposed to put nalist is all about living life on the eating my remaining fries, doing my one year later, I decided to become a
speaker. Since the school’s big break it away once they lost the election, edge, so defying all safety rules about best to look casual. news editor. Catch me in the news
up with Tim Hortons, Lachemi but old habits die hard. Let them running in corridors in schools, I Lachemi was eerily calm and un- section next year, where I’ll be cover-
had turned to rap for solace. Some- eat cake, am I right? They’d been sprinted down the stairs into the blinking. “It’s a beautiful day for in- ing all the mysteries.

Welcome to your last game ever. For this one, I thought I’d lob
you an easy one, and entice you to remember all of the good times
we’ve had together! What was your favourite fun story this year?
Fill this out and submit this to The Eyeopener office (SCC 207) when you’re
done! There might be a $25 GIFT CARD TO METRO in it for you.
(contest closes at noon April 11, 2018)




Wednesday, April 4, 2018 THAT’S ALL, FOLKS 19

Looking Forward

I say goodbye, Nathaniel says hello

Emerald, here. Your fun and satire Thanks for laughing at my jokes and come. Fun and satire gives people a
editor. Well guys, it’s been fun. bad dad puns, I couldn’t have made chance to take a break and slow down
Through the laughs, tears, and them without you. Cheers to another so that they can enjoy news in a dif-
even a couple people threatening year of fun, satire, continuing the tra- ferent way. I’ll do my best to give you
to sue, we’ve made a lot of great dition of putting games that aren’t su- that during my time as editor. Being
memories. Remember that time doku in the paper and being tastefully fun editor is something I’ve watched
millennials ruined the racist statue offensive. from afar and thought, “Hey I’d be
industry? Or that time Eggy the Ram If there’s a piece of advice I can give good at that” but never something I
got sick and tired of our shit? Those to you, it’s this: please don’t forget to thought I’d be elected into. Yes, it’s
were some fun times. laugh. Sometimes the world can seem exactly like the presidency.
We’ve shared a lot over this like a terrible place. In this era of divi- I thought about treating this let-
past year, and between you and siveness, it’s important to remember ter like an Oscar acceptance speech.
me, I’ve grown pretty fond of you. to make time for some fun, at least Except my work comes after the
Deep down, I think you’ve grown once in awhile. win, so that idea is as good as Ben
pretty attached to me too. And why Sincerely (and for the last time), Affleck in Batman. What do I even
wouldn’t you? I’m hilarious. Your friendly neighbourhood fun say here? To you, my dear reader, I
For the last year, I’ve been living overlord, can promise attempts at a multitude
and breathing one-liners and sar- — Emerald Bensadoun of humour. Maybe you’ll love my
casm. As much as I’ve loved making humour. Maybe you’ll hate it and bash
you all laugh, it’s time for me to go. A ham sandwich walks into a bar me for being a Hufflepuff online, but
But fear not! I might be leaving and orders a beer. The bartender says I do really hope you’ll stick around.
the fun section, but I’ll be working “Sorry, we don’t serve food here.” If you do, you’ll get an opportunity
as a news editor, so you’ll only have Alright, now that I’ve filled my most of my professors have missed, to
to turn the page to see me. You have quota of being funny, I may shake watch me learn. To watch me grow. In
a brand-new comedic leader now in these mortal bonds and write a me- earnest, readers, I love you immense-
Nathaniel Crouch, your soon-to-be diocre letter! ly and whether or not it’s recipro-
fun and satire editor. You may have Hey guys. It happened. I got cated, I hope to make you chuckle, at
recognized him as the author of a few elected. I don’t remember much. least once.
of news’ Briefs and Groaners. May- A combination of anxiety, Sincerely, The 42,069th guy to
be you’ve noticed him in the hall. It adrenaline and Guinness has ensured think he’s funnier than all the other
would be hard not to notice him. He’s I’ll be trying to reconstruct Thursday’s guys and gals before him — Nathaniel
really fucking tall. events Memento style for months to Crouch When Crouch forgets to crouch. PHOTO: SAMANTHA MOYA
20 Wednesday, April 4, 2018



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