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13 TO 20 JULY 2018

The way to participate in this edition of the Elche International Independent Film Festival (FICIE)
is exclusively online through the official platform www.festivalcineelx.es, NOT accepting the
submission of originals via mail or courier services.

In addition, FICIE has associated online platforms:

• Movibeta
• Click for Festivals
• Festhome
• Filmfreeway

The Author/Producer/Distributor has, therefore, five ways to compete in this edition. The
Organization will be in charge of "transferring" the short films registered on these platforms to
the aforementioned official, in open or restricted mode to the Jury, as explained below.

Although the FICIE website and the associated online platforms support all types of formats, the
works must be in high definition with the following formats:


Fiction, Animation, Documentary


Up to 25 minutes


Avi, mov, mp4 and/or mkv with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a size of up to 500

The official FICIE web application does NOT allow downloading videos for viewing on a desktop
computer, other physical media or online. Neither do the associated online platforms.

In order to upload, vote and comment on videos, visitors must register as a registered user on
the official FICIE website, as indicated in the "To Register" section.

Short films submitted within the associated online platforms cannot be voted on or commented


To be able to vote, comment, compete, the user must be registered on the website
www.festivalcineelx.es. It only takes a couple of minutes.

• STEP 1: Choose username and password. Once registered, the user will be asked to vote,
comment and/or contest.
• STEP 2: Fill in the personal data fields
• STEP 3: Accept the Festival Rules by checking the appropriate box.
• STEP 4: Click on the Send button.

Once registered the user will receive a confirmation email. You only need to register once for
this edition of FICIE.

The registered user may, at any time, modify his/her data and unsubscribe from the website. To
do so, please send an e-mail to the Organization at festivalelche@cajamediterraneo.es
indicating this.


The Author/Producer/Distributor has two ways to compete in this edition of FICIE:

A) Directly on the official website of FICIE at www.festivalcineelx.es

The Author / Producer / Distributor who wants to take part as a contestant on the web
www.festivalcineelx.es will have to follow the following steps:

• STEP 1: Register on the web www.festivalcineelx.es, registering your personal data in the
registration form, as indicated in the previous section.

• STEP 2: In the section Send Video to Contest you will have to fill in the fields that are
requested, attaching also a frame or the poster of the short film.

• STEP 3: You will have to choose the contest category to which you want to present yourself
and follow the steps indicated.

• STEP 4: You will have to accept the Legal Notices that protect the FICIE. This document can
be downloaded.

• STEP 5: The Author / Producer / Distributor will have to choose between two types of
contest. On the one hand, or the visualization in Open, so that every Internet user can see the
video on the web. Or, in Restricted Mode to the Jury. With this option only the members of
the Selection Jury will be able to see the short film. If said work was selected for the Official
Section, it will be seen during the projections of the Official Section at the headquarters of the
FICIE in the "Hort del Xocolater" Park and in the “Arenales del Sol” Beach (city of Elche).

• STEP 6: The contestant will have to declare that he is of age. Minors can not compete,
participate or vote in the FICIE.

• STEP 7: The contestant will have to indicate if the short film is for adults or less than 18
years old.

• STEP 8: Click on the Upload Video button, which must have one of the supported formats
discussed above.

Once the video has been successfully uploaded, the Author / Producer / Distributor will receive
a confirmation screen and an e-mail as an acknowledgment.

Once registered, the Author / Producer / Distributor can upload all the videos you want,
following the steps described above.

• The Organization is given a maximum of 24 hours to review the video and admit it to the

• In the case of detecting videos that violate the rules, they will be automatically eliminated,
being notified by the Author / Producer / Distributor through the email provided at the time of

• The website www.festivalcineelx.es has enough screen aids and a section of Frequently
Asked Questions to facilitate both the registration and submission of the short films.

• During the period of duration of this edition of the FICIE, the participants will be able to
make all the inquiries they wish through the email festivalelche@cajamediterraneo.es.

• The Organization will delete all personal data from the web www.festivalcineelx.es at the
end of this edition, as provided in the Data Protection Law. For more details consult the
section Legal Notices of the web, which can also be downloaded.

• The Author / Producer / Distributor are solely responsible for all the contents of the short
film. The Organization is exempt from any kind of legal responsibility for them.

• The Author / Producer / Distributor may unsubscribe at any time any or all of the short films
submitted to the contest. For this, you will have to request it from the Organization directly by
email at festivalelche@cajamediterraneo.es, clearly indicating the / the short films that you
want to eliminate.

B) On the associated online platforms

In the event that the Author / Producer / Distributor has his / her shorts enrolled in any of the
associated online platforms:

• Movibeta
• Click for Festivals
• Festhome
• Filmfreeway

You can send your short films directly from them. In these platforms will be the basis of this
edition of FICIE in Spanish and English.

COMMON TO BOTH SITUATIONS: whether it is Open or Restricted to the Jury, the Author /
Producer / Distributor will be able to directly "embed" their short films that are posted on their
Vimeo and / or Youtube profile directly on the official FICIE platform. www.festivalcineelx.es.
More information in the document "Contest Rules" of the 41st edition of FICIE.

The Author / Producer / Distributor has until 12:00 p.m. (Spanish time) from June 1, 2018 to
send without limit all the short films with which you want to compete.


The FICIE has a competitive section, which is one of its objectives. It supposes the putting in
value of the work of the Author / Producer / Distributor in front of the Jury and puts it also in
contact with the public, being the communication between equals and therefore enriching the
Seventh Art with the contributions of both parties.

In this way, all web users (registered or not) can link videos and comments through Facebook
and Twitter. The FICIE website is also prepared so that the user (registered or not) can link the
video he wants to comment with his web or blog.

In this sense, the Organization is committed to the socialization of the web

www.festivalcineelx.es allowing only registered users to vote, comment, and compete, as well
as write comments through the online platform itself and / or Facebook and Twitter .

The Organization moderates but is exempt from any responsibility for comments made, both on
the official platform and on Facebook and Twitter.


Voting is another objective of this edition. You can vote for all the shorts that are considered.
The website www.festivalcineelx.es allows the registered user to make a single video vote.

You cannot vote on the associated online platforms. It is a unique prerogative of the official FICIE

The way to carry out the voting is by accessing the desired short film tab and, from there,
registered users will have a voting button that will be activated once they have seen at least
three quarters of the video.

Registered users can view and vote all the videos presented in the open mode from the date
of publication of the bases of this edition until 23:59:59 (Spanish time) on 07/19/2018. From
then on, the official FICIE platform will be closed and the most voted short film will be
automatically shown by the registered users and, therefore, the winner of the Online Public
Award of this edition, with 500 euros and “Dama” Trophy.

The Organization reserves the right to cancel any vote issued fraudulently or due to any type
of attempt to manipulate the voting system.

The Organization is also exonerated of all responsibility in case of malfunctioning of the Internet
network that prevents the normal development of the contest for reasons beyond the
ORganization and, especially, for external acts of bad faith.

APRIL 2018