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This is in response to your email requesting clarification of our no data entry for two consecutive months
under Admin Cases.
It is noteworthy that this office did not intend to hold in abeyance the data entries despite having
conducted 44 inspections with violation. Be that as it may, it is worth mentioning that most of the
inspections conducted involved MPD/MPRR/MRS respondents who nevertheless refuse to respond or
appear before this office despite being issued a Show Cause Order. It has come to my awareness that
these respondents vehemently neglect to heed with the SCO, as a precautionary measure and to be
simply enforceable, this office solicited the assistance and support of the Mayor’s office in order to
strengthen the SCO thereby refusal to respond/appear shall mean revocation and/or suspension of the
business establishment from the municipality licensing office if such has been found in violation of the
telecommunications provisions.
Also, it is of common knowledge that this office has recently appointed a legal officer in the person of
Atty. Myra C. de Guzman for the Attorney III position whose appointment was signed in effect on
March 01, 2018 and was delivered to this office on March 12, 2018. Conducted inspections from
January 31, 2018 onwards were thereafter stayed awaiting the assumption to office of Atty. De Guzman,
hence clarifying the issue of the no data entry for the months of January and February respectively.
I hope that you take merit on our reasons and that had clarified our position on the subject matter.


OIC-Regional Director