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Phone Child Health Risk Investigation

Pnotporn Jantarakolica, Staff Reporter
January 10, 2018

NAKHON PATHOM – A research on whether mobile phones and other wireless technologies
affect children’s mental development is currently being conducted by Imperial College

The research focuses on their cognitive ability - thinking skills, memory, attention - and
would be repeated again on 2020. By receiving funds from the government and industry,
they will begin tracking 2,500 11 and 12 years old in September from more than 160
secondary pupils that would be invited to enroll into the study.

The World Health Organization has said research is the “highest priority.” Researchers had
claimed that previous researches on mobile phones were conducted on only adults and how
it may contribute to the risk of brain cancer. Still, no evidence has been found. Despite this,
the government recommends that in order for individuals to use a cell phone, they should
be above 16 years old.

A theory was made that children’s brains may be more susceptible because they are still
developing. From this, Imperial College London has conducted a research asking children
and parents about their use of mobile phones and wireless devices. The result that they had
concluded was that 70% of children at the age of 11-12 would likely own mobile phones
because they start secondary school. Therefore, Dr. Mireille Toledano (lead investigator) has
stated that “The advice to parents is based on the defensive attitude, not because we have
evidence of any harmful effects.”