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Marjane Satrapi


Pangpun, Mint P., Noey, Milly, Ling (1206)

Home & Life
• Born in Rasht, Iran 

• Raised in Tehran, Iran

• Came from famous family ˝

• Her great grandfather was an emperor of Iran) ˝
• The upper class family

• Well educated (studied at French school in Tehran)

• She was raised in the family that supports

political change to democracy
Education - Iran and Aboard

• When she was young, she live in Tehran and attended in Lycée Français school.

• In 1984, she attended in Lycée Français school in Austri

• At the age 19, she moved back to Tehra,

• Graduated from L'Ecole de Beaux-Arts, ˝
• studied at Arts Deco in Strasbourg, France.
• Unusual ambassador (representative)
• French author / Graphic novelist - autobiography
• Spokeswoman - talking against war and cross-cultural understanding
• Director and Illustrator
• Persepolis 1 (2000) and Persepolis 2 (2001) published in France, translated into English and is
combined to Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood (2003)˝

• Persepolis 3 and Persepolis 4 (2002 & 2003) published in France, translated into English and
is combined to Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return (2004)

• Film of Persepolis (2007) was also created and directed by

her; voted for best animated feature in the Academy

• Broderies (2003)˝

• Poulet aux Prunes (2004) Chicken with Plums; film (2011),

her second graphic novel that is made into a film
• Created illustrated children books Les Monstres n’aiment pas la lune (2001; Monsters Are Afraid
of the Moon) and Le Soupir (2004; The Sigh)˝

• Directed English-language dark comedy The Voices (2014)

Achievements, Recognition, Awards
• In 2001, Marjane Satrapi won the Angoulême Coup de Coeur Award, a major prize
for comics authors, for her graphic novel ‘Persepolis’.

• In 2002, Marjane Satrapi won another award given during the annual
Angoulême Comics Festival in France, the Angoulême Prize for
Scenario, for Persepolis: Tome 2’

• In 2008, the ‘Persepolis’ was recognized in the

Cinema for Peace Award as the ‘Most Valuable
Movie of the Year’.
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