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People listen to spiritual leaders who have spectacular ways of communicating without
considering if these leaders are faithful in their belief and preaching because people tend to
believe to something which is exaggerated. False hope as commonly associated with false
knowledge has terrible impact. False promises are given to anyone who is weak to accept the
reality that our life is temporary and we owe every bit of it to God. False preachers promises a
great result to those who listen and superior salvation to those who believe. By instilling sham
hope and false knowledge, faith and hope of a weak and fragile individual vanishes.

Jesus Christ suffered for us. He was condemned for a sin that was not of his doing,
thrown stones for teaching God’s gloriousness and instilling goodness in anyone’s heart, carried
his own cross and was nailed to it. God made his son to sacrifice not to condemn the world but
save us from all the sins that we made. But still, preachers talk more about the power of God
and uses Jesus Christ’s second life as a proof that indeed God can do miracles. From said
miracle, preachers talk about what we want to hear in order for us to hold on that hope and
faith that we have instead of instilling the rightful lesson for the sacrifices that Jesus endured to
save us from disgrace. People listens to what they want hear and remembers every bit of it.
They forget what they think is immaterial. But this immaterial things are lessons that must be
inculcated in anyone of us because what we think is immaterial, boring or can be gleaned from
other sources are the ones that is important. These things are the lessons and teachings of God.

Persistence is an evidence of strong faith. Accepting one’s weakness does not make a
person weak or fragile; rather it makes an individual stronger. By accepting that we are not
perfect, makes us strong. That even the frailest person can face the biggest of all. Persistence
and acceptance are two words that when used together is very hard to separate. By accepting
one’s weakness, we step on our mistakes and wrong doings and we kneel before the Glory of
God. Upon kneeling and accepting God’s Glory, comes with it the perseverance; the
determination of making our faith stronger each day. Faith to God is very important. Faith is
the aim of false prophets and when it is weak, it is the time that they strike and instil false
knowledge. False knowledge comes with false hope. False hope means obliterated faith. It is
upon us how to face it and fight for it. For God sacrificed his only begotten son to save us from
all our wrong doings and to open each eyes to the reality that we are not perfect and strong.
We are weak for we chose to be so. We are strong not because we chose to be so, but because
of our faith to God and teaching and lessons that are equipped in each one of us.
In the present days, people tend to represent one self showing weakness and
acceptance over their situation. For instance, hiring an individual for a specific job; employers
show excessive benefits to entice prospects. Or for instance, and individual to gain another
person’s respect and trust, misrepresent himself to be a person not he is. False knowledge has
great impact towards respect and trust to another. People tend to misrepresent oneself to be
accepted and to be loved. When that misrepresentation fails, one resort to another who
accepts himself for what he represents to be. This is when other vice sets in and false
knowledge now introduced by other persons. Acceptance is important but acceptance to ones
weakness is essential to everyone’s well being. False knowledge and false hope cannot defeat

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