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Angelou Almeria Van Gogh’s Sunflower Art

35 Grade 3

Lesson: Van Gogh’s Sunflower Art

Unit Overview
Main Idea (Claim) Summative Assessment
- To teach the students history of the famous
artists and make them appreciate arts.

Guiding Questions Objectives (know/understand/do/value)

1. Who is Vincent Van Gogh? The student will . . .
2. What are the paintings that he did? - Know the biography of Vincent Van Gogh.
- Be able to identify different kind of paintings
that Van Gogh did.
- Create a painting of Van Gogh’s sunflower.

Time Instructional Procedures and Strategies

Beginning the Lesson
1. To make the students relate and interested, ask them if they love paintings and if they
ever did a painting before.
2. Tell the students that today, they will know a very great painter and will do one of his
famous painting.

Developing the Lesson

1. Who is Vincent Van Gogh?
- He is a 19th century Dutch painter
- He is from Netherlands
- He traveled to France, England and Belgium
- He moved to France when it was the near end of his life
- He started painting at his late 20s
- He died at the age of 37
2. Tell the students that they will create a painting of Van Gogh’s sunflower and show them
the picture.
Angelou Almeria Van Gogh’s Sunflower Art
35 Grade 3

3. Instruct and guide them how to do it.

 Get materials (Paper, paint, paint brush, oil pastel, scratch papers)
 Mix color red with a little bit of blue. And yellow with a little bit of blue
 Color the lower part with the mixture of red and blue like in the picture
 Paint the rest of the part with the mixture of yellow and blue. Let it dry
 Next is cut a flower vase. Draw a pattern of your own design and color it. Let it
 Next is draw a flower and color it. Let it dry
 Now, glue the vase on the background paper and glue the flowers on top of the
vase. NOTE: leave a space for you to draw the stems.

Closing the Lesson

1. Review who is Vincent van Gogh.

Formative Assessment Differentiation

- Painting - Mix the students who is good with arts with
- Review the students who is struggling with doing arts
so that they can help the weak.


Evaluation and Reflection

Angelou Almeria Van Gogh’s Sunflower Art
35 Grade 3
Angelou Almeria Van Gogh’s Sunflower Art
35 Grade 3


Term Definition Resources

Unit Overview Main Idea and Summative Assessment copied from the unit plan in order to ●
keep the goal in mind during the writing and implementation of the lesson
Guiding these questions guide the inquiry for the lesson, leading students toward ●
Questions a rich understanding of the objectives for the lesson and ultimately, the
● Factual- knowledge or fact-based questions
● Conceptual- questions that enable exploration of big ideas that
connect facts and topics
● Debatable- questions that expose areas of ambiguity, disagreement,
or tension within the unit of study
Objectives The specific aims of the lesson. As a result of the instruction, this is ●
what the students are expected to know, understand, and be able to do.
These should align with and lead to the unit understandings, knowledge
and skills.
Time - Marks the amount of time needed for each stage of the lesson. Enables ●
effective time-management for the teacher.
Beginning the The opening or warm-up that will engage the learner, producing ●
Lesson creative tension. May include review and/or activation of prior
Developing the The content learned and the strategies employed towards that end ●
Closing the A conclusion or review of what was learned, providing closure to the ●
Lesson lesson.
Formative Assessment throughout the lesson that provides feedback that can be used to ●
Assessment plan or alter instruction. Should prepare students for the summative
Differentiation ways of modifying instruction to meet the needs of diverse learners ●

Resources any texts, materials, technology, people, places or other resources that ●
have informed the unit and learning experiences
Evaluation and Reflect on using the lesson and evaluate the lesson plan and ask the ●
Reflection following questions:
 Did my students come to understand the main idea, essential understandings?
 Do my students know what they are supposed to? Can they perform the unit
skills? Do they value what was intended?
 What was most effective? least effective?
 What changes will I make for next time?