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Vol. 02 NO 1 January 1st, 2018.




Weakness in
Bacterial Cell Wall
Although the multilayered architecture
of the cell envelope of gram-negative bac-
teria was first described in the 1960s, we
are still unraveling the links between the
structure of this cellular component and
its functions in the cell.
The envelope of these bacteria consists
of an inner membrane (IM), a classical
phospholipid bilayer around the cyto-
plasm, and an outer membrane (OM), an
asymmetric structure with phospholip-
ids in the inner leaflet and lipopolysac-
charides in the outer leaflet. The space
between the IM and the OM defines the
periplasm, a cellular compartment that
contains the peptidoglycan, a polymer of
glycan strands cross-linked by short pep-
tides that provides shape and osmotic pro-
tection to cells.
By Disha Padmanabha

Path-Breaking Study, Scientists “This work identifies a potential new target

for novel antibacterial therapies that could
Centre, who was not involved with the study.

Cash In On Weakness in Bacterial

be used to treat bacteria that are resistant Although this research is certainly in its in-
to other classes of antibiotics, but there is a fancy, the scientists believe that if they can
long way to go before this could lead to new develop necessary methods/techniques to

Cell Wall to Fight Ab Resistance drugs,” said Dr Richard Stabler, co-director

of the London School of Hygiene and Trop-
achieve their hypothesis, then they may have
a valid way to combat multi-drug-resistant
ical Medicine’s Antimicrobial Resistance bacteria.
This multilayered envelope, which contrib- and discovered that the bacteria lost the abili-
utes to cellular integrity and modulates per- ty to sense defects in the envelope.
meability, is required for life and serves as an Drugs that target the envelope structure in
interface to the external milieu. Several es- the cell wall may be an effective method for
sential protein machineries are present in the destroying these cells. Even a slight increase
cell envelope, where they engage in process- in the size of the periplam disrupted the com-
es that are important for envelope assembly munication between the layers of the enve-
and protection. Many of these machineries lope.
span the periplasm, with components in both
the IM and OM. The pathways that assem- “We showed that if you increase the dis-
ble the envelope and that monitor envelope tance between the two walls, the protein will
integrity are tightly coordinated in order to turn inside and try to reach its friends on the
sense and respond to damage. inner wall, but it will not be able to reach
Professor Jean–François Collet, of the Uni- them,” write the authors of the paper.
versité Catholique de Louvain, one of the
study’s co-authors, said, “On the wall there is The team believes that by messing with pro-
a protein that serves as a guard, and so when teins controlling the distance between mem-
there are antibiotics coming this protein will branes, they can disturb the overall architec-
feel that and will then turn inside and reach ture of the cell envelope. They are currently
another protein on the inner membrane, and working with drug companies to develop new
they will communicate.” substances that are able to disturb bacterial
Scientists removed the physical connection cell walls and ultimately fight disease.
between the outer membrane and periplasm


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January 1st, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 1

Breakthrough Alert:
Researchers Edit Faulty
Gene to Disrupt Hearing
Hearing requires the conversion of acoustic gene Tmc1. In doing so, it lays out a potential
energy into electrical signals. Sound waves pathway for treating other genetic causes of
travel through the ear and wash over the hair hearing loss.
cells of the inner ear, which bend under pres- Liu performed his experiments on a type of
sure and send an electrical impulse up the au- mouse known as a Beethoven mouse. These
ditory nerve to the brain. mice carry a defect that causes them to lose
Nearly half of all cases of deafness are due their hearing starting early in life. It’s prob-
By Disha Padmanabha
in some part to genetic factors, and many of ably not what caused the famous German
those gene mutations affect the functioning composer Ludwig von Beethoven’s deafness. Treatment with Crispr was shown to preserve sound-detecting hairs in the inner ear of mice (white box, left).
of hair cells. The most common cause of ge- Still, the same defect does cause deafness in Without the treatment, these hairs disappear (white box, right). Photograph: Gao et al. /Nature 2017
netic hearing loss, accounting for 20 percent some families.
of cases, is a recessive connexin 26 mutation The researchers then injected the gene edit-
on the GBJ2 gene. ing tool inside the ears of the live mice; the
For people with the condition, hearing loss molecular scissors were able to precisely cut
begins in childhood and deafness ensues the disease-causing copy of the gene with-
within 10 to 15 years. out disrupting the healthy copy. Eight weeks
A recessive disease mutation requires a after the injection, hair cells in treated ears
copy of the mutation from both parents. By resembled those in healthy animals – dense-
contrast, one parent can pass along a dom- ly packed and tufted with hairlike bundles.
inant disease mutation like the one in the The hair cells of untreated mice, in contrast,
TMC1 gene, cause of 4 to 8 percent of cas- looked damaged and sparse.
es of genetic hearing loss. TMC1 creates a Then the researchers conducted a hearing
defect in a protein that helps convert sounds test on the mice by placing electrodes on their
into electrical signals, while the healthy copy heads and monitoring the activity of brain re-
of the gene is simply ignored. gions involved in hearing. Researchers need-
Now, in a ground breaking study, research- ed more sound to spark brain activity in un-
is akin to rewriting software. Other forms of says, “but we’re on the pathway.”
ers have been able to prevent deafness in treated mice compared with treated mice, the
deafness attributable to an errant copy of a Moving forward, delivery methods, im-
mice using gene editing. team found.
single gene might also be ameliorated using proved efficacy, and an investigation into
the same technique. Altogether such cases potential side effects are top priorities. These
“We’re hopeful that our results will help On average, after four weeks, treated ears
amount to about 20 percent of genetic deaf- steps are crucial if we’re to find out whether
guide the development of similar strategies,” could hear sounds about 15 decibels lower
ness. the procedure could give medical profession-
says David Liu, a genetic engineer at Broad than untreated ears. “That’s roughly the dif-
als a way to restore their patients’ hearing.
Institute, the Massachusetts Institute of Tech- ference between a quiet conversation and a
Lustig, who works with patients with hear-
nology and Harvard University. garbage disposal,” Liu said.
ing loss every day, says Liu’s results are “sig- “There’s still quite a bit of work to do be-
nificant” and offer hope for gene editing as fore this approach might be used in humans,”
The research relies the CRISPR–Cas9 edit- Because CRISPR-Cas9 can be guided to
a treatment. “It’s not around the corner,” he Liu said.
ing system to knock out a mutant form of the any gene, rewriting DNA with gene editing

FDA Approves First Gene

Therapy to Treat Rare
Inherited Vision Loss
“Today’s approval marks another first in the therapy for different high-priority diseases
field of gene therapy — both in how the ther- where the platform is being targeted.”
apy works and in expanding the use of gene
therapy beyond the treatment of cancer to the The Food and Drug Administration has
treatment of vision loss — and this milestone now approved Spark Therapeutics’ Luxturna,
reinforces the potential of this breakthrough the first directly administered gene therapy
By Disha Padmanabha
approach in treating a wide-range of chal- approved in the U.S. that targets a disease
lenging diseases. The culmination of decades caused by mutations in a specific gene- Leber The defective gene that causes the disease
of research has resulted in three gene therapy congenital amaurosis. can be passed down for generations undetect- “This approval is a watershed milestone,”
approvals this year for patients with serious It is the first FDA-approved gene therapy ed before suddenly appearing when a child said Benjamin Yerxa, Ph.D., chief executive
and rare diseases. I believe gene therapy will for a genetic disease, the first and only phar- inherits a copy from both parents. Only a few officer at the Foundation Fighting Blindness
become a mainstay in treating, and maybe macologic treatment for an inherited retinal thousand people in the U.S. are thought to (FFB), a nonprofit organization focused on
curing, many of our most devastating and in- disease (IRD) and the first adeno-associated have the condition. research for preventing and treating blind-
tractable illnesses,” said FDA Commissioner virus (AAV) vector gene therapy approved in Luxturna is delivered via two injections — ness caused by IRDs. “For people with an
Scott Gottlieb, M.D. the U.S. one for each eye — that replace the defec- inherited retinal disease and for other patient
“We’re at a turning point when it comes to Luxturna is a gene therapy that’s directly tive gene that prevents the retina, tissue at the communities, this decision may create im-
this novel form of therapy and at the FDA, administered to patients who have a condi- back of the eye, from converting light into portant momentum for investigational gene
we’re focused on establishing the right pol- tion called biallelic RPE65 mutation-associ- electronic signals sent to the brain. therapies. The Foundation is very pleased
icy framework to capitalize on this scientif- ated retinal dystrophy. The disorder is caused The Philadelphia-based Spark Therapeutics that our early investments in research have
ic opening. Next year, we’ll begin issuing a by defects in a gene which helps produce a said it will announce its price in early Jan- helped lead to the approval of Luxturna. And
suite of disease-specific guidance documents protein critical to normal vision. With Lux- uary, but suggested its own analysis put the we encourage patients to get genetic testing
on the development of specific gene therapy turna, a healthy copy of the gene is inserted value of the therapy in the $1-million-dollar so they can help advance the research and
products to lay out modern and more efficient into retinal cells (with the help of engineered range. Key to the company’s reasoning is the possibly benefit from this treatment or other
parameters — including new clinical meas- viruses) in order to produce the necessary assumption that Luxturna will be given once, gene treatments as they emerge.”
ures — for the evaluation and review of gene protein and restore vision. with lasting benefits.

Vol. 02 NO 1 January 1st, 2018.


By Disha Padmanabha

Tall people are literally the giants among a professor of biology and Charles Bullard plates,’” Holbrook said. “Thus, the pressures said. “If there are ways to make plants more
men, walking around with near total impu- Professor of Forestry in the Department of needed to drive phloem transport are much productive in terms of having higher photo-
nity, being given every advantage along the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology at lower than had been predicted.” synthesis, then they will also need the ability
way. But sometimes, the blessing can also be Harvard. The team believes that their work holds im- to transport those sugars to the tissues that
a curse. Also, while on the topic, scientists “We now have evidence that all plants — portant implications for food production. we eat. Thus, understanding how plants make
have always wondered how tall trees accom- both small and tall — use the same mecha- efficient transport systems could contribute
plish the task of moving nutrients over long nism to transport sugars,” Holbrook said. “The majority of food generated by pho- toward the development of higher-yielding
distances. “And we now understand how trees can get tosynthesis moves through the phloem,” she crops and more productive trees.”
Trees present a critical challenge to tall without running into transport limita-
long-distance transport because as a tree tions associated with their size. Our research
grows in height and the transport pathway in- answers a multidecade debate about how
creases in length, the hydraulic resistance of sugars are transported in trees.”
the vascular tissue should increase.
The research team took extensive meas-
Although species that actively load sugars urements of the structure of the sugar-con-
into their phloem, such as vines and herbs, ducting tubes along the length of many trees,
can increase the driving force for transport while also measuring the hydraulic resistance
as they elongate, it is possible that many in these tubes.
trees cannot generate high turgor pressures
because they do not use transporters to load “To sample the phloem, one of the most del-
sugar into the phloem. icate and easily wounded tissues in the plant,
Therefore, researchers at the at the Harvard we had to cut away the outer bark. In the big
University examining how trees can main- stems, we did this using a hammer and a chis-
tain efficient carbohydrate transport as they el, not tools that we typically use in the lab,”
grow taller by analysing sieve tube anato- Holbrook said. The team also measured the
my, including sieve plate geometry, using pressures in the leaves of a tall tree by using
recently developed preparation and imaging a fluorescent microscope they hoisted up into
techniques, and by measuring the turgor pres- the tree canopy.
sures in the leaves of a tall tree in situ.
“We found that the resistance to moving
They also found that “the pressures that de- the sugar-rich phloem sap does not increase
velop in the leaves of a mature red oak tree linearly with the transport length because
are sufficient to drive transport of sugars the phloem transport cells in the main stem,
all the way to the roots,” said Noel Michele especially toward the base, were wider and Michael Knoblauch, a plant cell biologist from Washington State University, led the development of the instru-
Holbrook, a research team member who is longer and also had more porous ‘sieve ments used in the research.


January 1st, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 1

A Complete Look at the

Protein behind Sense of
Often ignored when we talk about our fun- ing and ion permeation properties.
damental senses, the sensation of touch is
a fundamental part of our daily experience. When Peizo1 senses mechanical force, it
From temperature to texture, your sense of opens to allow ions to pass into the cell, start-
touch has been in constant communication ing a chain of events that send a signal to the
with your brain. brain—in other words; Piezo proteins control
In 2016, a team of scientists revealed that the sensation of touch.
a protein first discovered at TSRI in 2010 is In order to further study this proteins’ func-
directly responsible for sensing touch. Now, tion and structure in detail, the team carried
the same team at The Scripps Research Insti- out with a high-resolution imaging technique
tute (TSRI) have solved the mystery of the called cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM),
structure of Piezo1, a member of a family of shows that Piezo1 is made up of three curved
proteins that convert physical stimuli such as “blades” circling a central pore. The research-
touch or blood flow into chemical signals. ers believe these blades move in response to
mechanical force, which opens and closes the
“This structure provides a fundamental un- pore to let ions through to send the signal to
derstanding of how proteins sense mechani- communicate touch. A beam-like structure
cal force, and will shed light on regions with- serves as the backbone for each blade. An
in Piezo1 that can be targeted using small “anchor domain” surrounds the pore where
molecules or antibodies,” says Ardem Pata- the blades meet the middle.
poutian, PhD, a TSRI professor and Howard The Piezo1 structure is unique because it
Hughes Medical Institute investigator, who appears to be an “all-in-one” protein, mean-
co-led the new study with TSRI Professor An- ing it does not need to connect with other
drew Ward, PhD. proteins or cell structures to do its job trans-
mitting a signal.
Piezo1 and Piezo2 are mechanically acti- The researchers state that the next step in
vated ion channels that mediate touch per- this research is to examine the overall archi-
ception, proprioception and vascular devel- tecture of Piezo1 and determine how each
opment. Piezos are distinct from other ion piece works. They hope to look at this protein
channels and their structure remains poorly in different conformations besides the closed
defined, impeding detailed study of their gat- conformation seen in the current study. By Disha Padmanabha

Biocon to Invest in Uttar

Pradesh Health Sector,
Intends to Encourage
Entrepreneurs in State
Bengaluru-based biotech, Biocon, headed NRI under the UP Investors Summit.
by Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw reportedly is to in-
vest in the healthcare centres of Uttar Pradesh “Project developers will be provided with
and encourage entrepreneurs in the biotech ‘no-objection certificates’, full exemption in
space, especially the startups, to work in the stamp fee and electricity cess for 10 years
state. on purchasing ceiling land of at least 5.058
hectares. All solar energy generation projects
“She said that a survey should be conduct- will be given exemption from obtaining envi-
ed in all districts of UP, including Gorakh- ronmental NOC,” he said. By Disha Padmanabha
pur, for starting e-health care centres under
a pilot project. She further suggested that a
campaign be launched to attract investors
in the health sector,” said a member of UP’s
delegation which was in the city as part of
the road show organised by the UP govern-
mentas a precursor to the investors’ summit
in February 2018.

Industrial Development Minister Satish

Mahana said during the road show that un-
der the IT policy in UP, the startup carps fund
has been increased from Rs. 100 crores to Rs.
1000 crores. Establishment and Industrial
Development Commissioner Anup Chandra
Pandey said that the state government is giv-
ing the status of specific industry to the plants
being set up for solar power generation. All
solar energy production projects have been
granted exemption from obtaining environ-
mental nod. There is a separate session for

Vol. 02 NO 1 January 1st, 2018.

Yale Scientists Develop

Simple Test to Identify
Viral Infections
Upper respiratory illnesses are common, yet In the process of developing this test, the
there is no rapid diagnostic test to confirm team identified three RNAs, and two proteins,
more than a handful of common viruses as that are “turned on” by a virus. They then in-
the cause. To identify biomarkers, or indica- vestigated whether measuring the expression
tors, of viral infection applicable to many dif- of the genes, or levels of the proteins, could
ferent respiratory viruses, researchers at the predict the presence of a viral infection.
Yale University have developed a new test. The researchers found that the RNAs and
The test measures Ribonucleic acid or pro- proteins were both accurate predictors of res-
tein molecules in human cells can accurately piratory viral infection, confirmed by subse-
identify viral infection as a cause of respira- quent testing for common viruses. The RNAs
tory symptoms. Performed with a simple na- predicted viral infection with 97% accuracy.
sal swab, the test might be a quicker, cheaper This method also picked up viruses that are
way to diagnose respiratory viral illnesses not identified by many current lab tests, they
than current methods, said study author Dr. said.
Ellen Foxman, professor of laboratory medi- The research team’s goal is to create a gene-
cine at the Yale School of Medicine. or protein-based test available for general use
When developed into a measure that can be within one to five years, Foxman said. Also,
used in a physician’s office, it will contribute a major upside of the test is that it could help
significantly to the treatment of very sick pa- limit the unnecessary prescribing of antibiot-
tients and young children, and will help pre- ics. Although antibiotics only work on bac-
vent the misuse of antibiotics. terial infections, they are often incorrectly
prescribed for viral infections.
“It’s a simpler test and more cost-effective
for looking at viral infection,” said author “There’s a big problem with antibiotic over-
Ellen Foxman. use,” Foxman said. “Taking antibiotics when
you don’t need them can be harmful, espe-
“Instead of looking for individual viruses, cially for kids.”
our test asks the question: ‘Is the body fight-
ing a virus?’” said Foxman. “We found we The team has a patent pending on the test,
can answer that question very well.” and the eventual goal is for it to become a
widely used diagnostic tool. By Disha Padmanabha

Lights, Plants, Action:

Ancient Algae Analysis
Reveals Photosynthesis to
be a 1.25 Billion Years-Old
If it wasn’t for photosynthesis, we’d all be scientists haven’t been able to figure out pre-
dead. Most plants would cease to exist, car- cisely its age. Some estimates pegged its age
bon dioxide would flood the air, and oxygen somewhere between 720 million and 1.2 bil-
wouldn’t replenish. Suffice it to say we’d all lion years. But the latest study resolves this
be screwed. confusion and puts the age of the algae and
It is the ultimate source for the energy that basis of photosynthesis at 1.25 billion years.
fuels us, the oxygen we breathe and the or- In order to pinpoint the fossils’ age, the re-
ganic molecules that form our bodies. It is searchers pitched camp in a rugged area of
the cornerstone for familiar ecosystems such remote Baffin Island, where Bangiomorpha
as tropical forests, grasslands and coral reefs. pubescens fossils have been found there,
In fact, each of these terms in turn places an despite the occasional August blizzard and
emphasis on the photosynthetic organisms tent-collapsing winds, they collected sam- By Disha Padmanabha
forming the foundation of their respective ples of black shale from rock layers that
ments of the early evolution of eukaryotes,” its descendants, including the plants and trees
ecosystem. sandwiched the rock unit containing fossils
the celled organisms that include plants and that produce most of the world’s biomass to-
Now, according to a new study by research- of the alga. Using the Rhenium-Osmium (or
animals. day.
ers at the McGill University, the process of Re-Os) dating technique, applied increasing-
“We expect and hope that other scientists
photosynthesis in plants first took place 1.25 ly to sedimentary rocks in recent years, they
Because Bangiomorpha pubescens is nearly will plug this age for Bangiomorpha pubes-
billion years ago. determined that the rocks are 1.047 billion
identical to modern red algae, scientists have cens into their own molecular clocks to cal-
The world’s oldest algae fossils are a billion years old.
previously determined that the ancient alga, culate the timing of important evolutionary
years old, according to the new analysis by
like green plants, used sunlight to synthesize events and test our results,” says McGill
earth scientists at the University. Based on “That’s 150 million years younger than
nutrients from carbon dioxide and water. PhD student Timothy Gibson, lead author of
this finding, they also estimate that the basis commonly held estimates, and confirms that
Scientists have also established that the the new study. “If other scientists envision a
for photosynthesis in today’s plants was set in this fossil is spectacular,” says Galen Hal-
chloroplast, the structure in plant cells that is better way to calculate when the chloroplast
place 1.25 billion years ago. verson, senior author of the study and an as-
the site of photosynthesis, was created when emerged, the scientific community will even-
The algae Bangiomorpha pubescens was sociate professor in McGill’s Department of
a eukaryote long ago engulfed a simple bac- tually decide which estimate seems more rea-
discovered in Arctic Canada in 1990 and has Earth and Planetary Sciences. “This will en-
terium that was photosynthetic. The eukary- sonable and find new ways to test it.”
been at the center of multiple studies, but able scientists to make more precise assess-
ote then managed to pass that DNA along to

January 1st, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 1


TATA INSTITUTE OF FUNDAMEN- Job Requirement: Selected candidate may have to work in Card / Pan Card / Passport / Driving
TAL RESEARCH shifts/outside office hours and on Saturdays/ License).
(Autonomous Institution of the Depart- • Assisting biology faculty in the devel- Sundays and holidays. c. Date of birth / Proof of age.
ment of Atomic Energy, Government of opment and implementation of stand- Applications from the candidates will be ac- d. Educational Qualification (all mark
India)Sy.No.36/P, Gopanpally Village, Ser- ard operating procedures (SOPs) for cepted ONLY ON-LINE. sheets and certificates).
ilingampally Mandal, safe, responsible and ethical conduct of Candidates applying for above posts and e. Experience Certificate/s.
Ranga Reddy Dist. Hyderabad – 500 107 biological laboratory research at TIFR who are eligible for age relaxation as per f. Conduct certificates from two respectable
Tel: +91(0) 40 2020 3040 Website: www. Hyderabad. extant GOI rules are required to submit ap- persons
tifrh.res.in • Training biology students and staff in plications by POST, along with a copy of rel- g. Candidates applying for the above post
safe, responsible and ethical conduct evant certificate in support of age relaxation reserved for Persons with Disability
Applications are invited for the following of biological research at TIFR Hydera- (for example ex-servicemen, persons with (HH/OH) should be suffering from not less
post tenable at Hyderabad. Please visit our bad via classroom as well as laboratory disabilities etc.). [SC, ST & OBC candidates than 40% of the relevant disability for the
website for application details and prescribed presentations. applying for unreserved posts are not eligible benefit of reservation. Candidates will have
requirements http://www.tifrh.res.in/index. • Arranging the training of new faculty, for age relaxation and should apply online]. to submit a Disability Certificate issued by
php/staff-positions/. staff and trainees in the proper use of Incomplete applications and applications thecompetent authority in the prescribed for-
biological research facilities at TIFR without photocopy of certificates in support mat. PWD candidates belonging to SC/ST/
Name of the Post : Project Scientific Of- Hyderabad and ensuring compliance of age relaxation and applications received OBC will be given further age relaxation as
ficer (C) with the institutional SOPs. after the last date shall not be considered. per extant GOI rules.
• Overseeing the constitution of institu- Applicants in Government/Semi-Govern-
Age Below : 28 tional biological and research safety ment/Public Sector Undertaking must apply • Outstation candidates called for inter-
and ethics committees by inviting ap- through proper channel. Applicants, who do view for the above posts will be paid
Pay Band + Grade Pay (Rs) : Rs. 52000/- propriate member scientists. not send their applications through proper single second class (non air-condi-
• Interfacing with respective government channel, if called, will be able to participate tioned) return train fare for the journey
TME : Rs. 52000/- (including HRA) agencies to ensure timely submission in the recruitment process only upon submis- by the shortest route from the nearest
and review of the specific laboratory sion of the NOC from the competent author- railway station of their place of resi-
Project Scientific Officer (C): research and safety protocols. ity. However, an advance copy of application dence to the nearest railway station of
• Coordinating with vendors, TIFR ad- along with relevant enclosures may be sub- the place of interview on the produc-
Temporary for one year and may be re- ministration and scientists for the ten- mitted by post before 20 January 2018. Such tion of photocopies of onward and re-
newed each year upto a total period of three dering, acquisition and maintenance of applicants are not required to apply online. turn journey tickets.
years depending upon performance and re- major common biological equipment, • The Institute reserves the right to re-
quirement. supplies and establishment of infra- • On-line applications must be submitted strict the number of candidates for the
structure for common biological re- by 20 January 2018 and applications by recruitment process to a reasonable
Essential Qualifications : search areas post must reach In-Charge, Establish- limit on the basis of qualifications and
ment by 20 January 2018. Applicants experience higher than the minimum
Post Graduate in any field of Biology with How to Apply : who are required to send the applica- prescribed in the advertisement. Mere
60% marks (in aggregate) tions by post must super scribe the post fulfilling the essential and desirable
General Information: applied for, advertisement No. & serial qualifications will not entitle an ap-
Essential Experience : number of the post on the envelope. plicant to be called for the recruitment
Higher starting salary could be considered The format of the application is as pre- process. More vacancies may also be
Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in Wet for deserving candidates for the above posts. scribed for on-line applications. filled through this advertisement. The
Laboratory Research. Selected candidates are liable to be trans- Institute reserves the right not to fill
ferred to other Centres / Field Stations of the Note: any/some posts herein advertised. Can-
Desirable Experience : Institute, if required. vassing in any form shall disqualify the
Prescribed age should not exceed as on July The candidates are required to produce fol- candidate.
Excellent command of written and verbal 1, 2017 for the above posts. lowing original documents with copies at
communication in English. Post for the general category (Unreserved) the time of the recruitment process: Important Dates :
– SC/ST/OBC/PWD (Persons with Disabili-
ties) candidates can also apply. a. Printout of online application form. Registration begins : 22-12-2017
b. Identity proof (Aadhar Card/ Election Registration closes : 20-01-2018



The St. John’s Research Institute (SJRI) is health. Division : Qualifications:

a part of the St John’s National Academy of
Health Sciences, which is run by the CBCI Post: Nutrition B.Sc. / M.Sc. Nutrition / Life Sciences
Society for Medical Education. From its in-
ception, St. John’s has set before it an ideal Junior Research Fellow (JRF) Contact person: Experience :
of excellence in academic courses as well as
service to society as a result of which it has Project Title: Lincy Thomas Fresher
truly become holistic both in its outlook and
in its approach to the problems of community Analytical Project Contact No. +91-80-49467010 / 49467011
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Vol. 02 NO 1 January 1st, 2018.

Languages : cy – the pregnant women attending BBMP study co-ordinator • Compliance recording
hospitals will receive 2 different dosages of • Basic computer knowledge
English and Kannada calcium supplement. They will be followed Specific Activities: • Willing to learn newer techniques
up during pregnancy for outcome measures
Location : such as preeclampsia and preterm. • At hospital OPD – recruitment of sub- How To Apply:
jects, data collection and follow up
Bangalore, Karnataka Core Responsibilities: • Channelizing with the social work- E-mail cover letter, CV and the names &
er and lab technician, home visits for contact details of referees to pratibha@
No. of Vacancies: 1 • Recruitment of pregnant women supplement distribution, compliance sjri.res.in, molly.j@sjri.res.in and cc to
• Data collection and follow up during monitoring hr@sjri.res.in
Salary: pregnancy and of the infant post-deliv- • Data entry
ery For more information, please visit our
Rs.25000/-pm (all inclusive) • Channelizing the study protocol with Key Skills: website www.sjri.res.in
social workers and other team mem-
Brief Description about the Project: bers for completion of various study • Basic personnel rapport maintaining Application Due Date: 11th January,
milestones skills 2018
Calcium intervention trial during pregnan- • Reporting day-to-day activities to the • Record maintenance and home visits



Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, an au- Tenure : or Scholars who have submitted Ph.D. thesis The following details are to be appended in
tonomous institute under the auspices of the and are yet to receive their Ph.D degree (pro- the application:
Dept of Atomic Energy, GoI, invites applica- The tenure of Research Associates may be visional or otherwise)
tions on e-mail from candidates for tempo- decided by the Institute as per overall sanc- (a) Complete Bio-data Proforma with
rary positions of Research Associates (RAs) tions available to them for this purpose. Such Desirable Qualifications : e-mail ID/ Phone No.
in the various Divisions of the Institute. appointments will be for a period of two (02) (b) Details of qualification i.e. Examination
years with the possibility of extension for one Candidates with fresh PhD having working passed, year, division, and
Name of the Position : (01) more year. experience in different biological aspects of percentage of marks from Graduation on-
proteins. wards
Research Associate (RA) Associateship: (c) Details of Publications
How to Apply: (d) Details of Conferences/workshops at-
No. of Positions : 01 (a) Rs. 36, 000/- PM for RA-1+HRA tended
(b) Rs.32, 000/- PM, for scholars who have Procedure for Applying Interested and eligi- (e) Each application should include the de-
Name of Division : submitted Ph.D. thesis and are yet to receive ble candidates should apply by email only to tails of three (03) referees with contact
their Ph.D degree (provisional or otherwise) vacancy.ra@saha.ac.in with the subject mat- details including email.
Crystallography & Molecular Biology Di- +HRA ter ‘APPLICATION FOR THE POSITION
vision (c) Rs 38,000/- PM for RA-2+HRA OF RA-2017’.
In addition the other admissible benefits are All applications are to be received on or
Age : applicable. A copy of the same is to be forwarded to the before 31st January, 2018.
choice of division as per list.
Maximum 35 years as on last date of receiv- Essential Qualification : Crystallography & Molecular Biology Divi- Please keep track of details/amendments
ing the application. sion(C&MB) : cmb.ra@saha.ac.in on the website
Ph.D in Physical and Biophysical sciences



Panacea Biotec is a leading research • Responsible for performing the sterility procedures. In process Quality Control / Audit and
based Health Management Company. We testing of active raw materials from the • To identify the isolates using API Kit Compliance
are engaged in research, development, production blocks and maintaining its and make the library of the microor-
manufacture & marketing of Vaccines, records. ganisms isolated from the sterility fail- Education :
Bio-Pharmaceuticals and Pharmaceuticals • To perform sterility test for pre ster- ure/environment/critical utilities.
(Rx & OTC) of international quality and ilized articles and maintaining its re- • To maintain the inventories of The Lab MSc-Biotechnology, MSc –Microbiology,
Health Services. All Panacea Biotec plants cords. • To qualify the microbiologist for the B.Tech.-Biotechnology
are accredited by international agencies • To perform the activities related to pro- various testing done in the microbiol-
and they follow current Good Manufac- cess validations and maintaining its re- ogy lab Compensation :
turing Practices, as per WHO guidelines. cords. • To executive All QMS.
• To performs in process samples At par with the Industry
We offer stimulating work environment & • To execute qualification/validation Experience :
a career that spells growth. In tune with our protocol of equipment’s. Department :
plans, we require young, aggressive, dynam- • To prepare product specification and 1-6 Years
ic, high performing and result oriented pro- standards test procedures. Quality Control -Microbiology
fessional. • To prepare validation /qualification Age :
protocol of equipment’s. Location :
Designation : • To review the log of media preparation 25-35 Years
,environment monitoring ,critical utili- Lalru -Punjab
Sr. Scientific Officer /Scientific Of- ties testing, in-process testing, growth Industry Type :
ficer-Quality Control-Micro promotion test, culture maintenance How to Apply :
and other logs of microbiology lab Biotechnology/ Microbiology
Job Description : • To prepare procedural/operational/ Email : pradeepupadhyay@PANERABI-
product specific standard operating Functional Area : OTEC.COM

January 1st, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 1



WWF-India, one of the largest conservation The Job Profile: ment personnel in DNP on field sur- Gujarat needed.
organizations, engaged in wildlife and nature veys, data analysis as well as report
conservation in the country, invites applica- Program Implementation and Technical preparation. Apply Via Email to: recruitments@wwfin-
tions for the post of Project Officer-Great In- Support • Regularly interact with various Govt. dia.net
dian Bustard Conservation, from candidates • Carry out the field surveys on GIBs and department(s), and community groups
with an inherent sensitivity towards the con- their habitats in the DNP. and other stakeholders for planning out Submission Details :
servation of nature and environment. • Assist the Forest Department and stake- and implementation of project activ-
holders in field surveys, data analysis ities and updating them with the pro- Please submit an up-to-date CV (mention-
The great Indian bustard is a Critically En- and report preparation with conserva- gress as and when required. ing your full name in the resume attachment),
dangered species which needs urgent conser- tion recommendations. • Analyze information collected from giving details regarding compensation re-
vation measures. WWF-India has been part- • To assess factors that are attributed to field and prepare technical reports as ceived in the present assignment, expected
nering with the Rajasthan Forest Department putting pressures on long term survival per requirement. salary, and three references.
and local communities for conservation of of GIB. • Publish scientific papers on the tiger Last Date for sending applications: 5th
the great Indian bustard in the Desert Na- • Assist the state forest department in monitoring in the peer reviewed jour- January, 2018
tional Park. A dynamic biologist, with a zeal implementing the recommendations nals.
to work on one of the Critically Endangered for GIB conservation. • The candidate will be responsible for In order to ensure that your application is
birds in one of the most spectacular habitats, • Regularly update supervisors on pro- effective liasoning with stakeholders sorted correctly, please mention “Project Of-
is needed by WWF-India. The candidate gress. including Govt. department(s), Institu- ficer-GIB Conservation” in the subject line.
is expected to work for field surveys, data • Responsible for technical reporting tion(s), and NGOs for any issues per- The vacancy is open to Indian Nationals only.
analysis and report preparation for GIB and pertaining to GIB conservation initia- taining to planning and implementation Applications of only the short listed candi-
its habitat in the DNP. Some of the activities tives carried out by WWF-India and its of project activities. dates will be acknowledged.
have already been undertaken and advanced partners in and around DNP. WWF-India is an equal opportunities
planning for securing GIB habitats is one of Qualifications, Experience and compe- employer. Applications from qualified
the tasks for the candidate. Networking, Coordination and Commu- tencies required: women are encouraged.
nication Remuneration will be competitive with In-
Job Title : Project Officer- GIB Conser- • M.Sc. in Wildlife Science/ Bio-Science dian NGO pay scales and will depend upon
vation • Coordinate with supervisors, as well or related subject from a reputed Uni- candidate’s experience levels and the over-
as communication team at WWF-India versity in India or abroad. all WWF-India salary structure. WWF-India
Location : Secretariat for communicating pro- • At least two years’ experience in moni- does not provide housing, telephone or vehi-
gress as well as success stories from toring Endangered/ Threatened species cle facilities
Jaisalmer, Rajasthan the project area. and their habitats, particularly in the
• Capacity building of the forest depart- state of Rajasthan/ Madhya Pradesh/



Indian Institute of Science Education and Tenure of Appointment: format

Research Pune is a premier autonomous In- • available below this advertisement
stitution established by the Ministry of Hu- Up to December 22, 2018 (convert into PDF Format) addressed
man Resource Development, Government of to bio_app@iiserpune.ac.in on or be-
India, for promotion of high quality science Consolidated Emoluments: fore January 10, 2018. Please mention
education and research in the country. “Project Assistant / Project Fellow,
Starting from Rs. 16,000/- to Rs. 28,000/- + Proj. Code: 30815218” in the subject
Institute invites applications from Indian 30% HRA per month based on qualification / line of the email.
nationals having excellent academic record valid CSIR NET / GATE or equivalent score- • The list of the shortlisted candidates for
and relevant work experience for the follow- card and based on experience. selection process with details of date,
ing position purely on temporary and con- time and venue will be put up on the
tractual basis under the funded project: Qualifications: Institute website below this advertise-
ment and candidates will be informed
Job Title – Project Assistant / Project Fel- M. Sc. / M. Tech in Life Sciences from a by e-mail only.
low recognized University / Institute with a con- • The PDF of the application form sent
sistent first class academic record ( with by email must be printed, signed and
Project Code – 30815218 minimum 60% marks) and relevant research dated by the applicant along with re-
experience as evidenced from thesis / disser- cent (no less than 6 months) passport
No.of.Posts – 1 tation carried out in a reputed scientific in- size photograph and photocopies of
stitution. relevant certificates and other testimo-
Project Title: nials in support of age, qualification,
Preference : experience etc. will be collected at the
“Characterization and comprehensive ge- time of selection process. Applicant
nome-wide analysis of histone deacetylase, Hands on experience with Plasmodium and must bring all the original certificates
PfHda1 that may regulate expression of var basic molecular biology techniques. Practical at the time of selection process for the
genes involved in virulence and experience in gene cloning, assay develop- purpose of verification, along with one
pathogenicity of Plasmodium falciparum”. ment and protein purification will be an add- set of photocopies.
ed advantage.
Age Limit:
How to Apply: Application Deadline – January 10, 2018
Not more than 28 years as on closing date
of advertisement • Interested candidates should send the www.biotecnika.org
application by email in the prescribed

Vol. 02 NO 1 January 1st, 2018.

candidates will undergo orientationprogram 1. Only women candidates are eligible to Research Fellowship :
on IPR at New Delhi for one month. After apply.
orientation, candidates will be placed as In- 2. Applicant should be of Kerala origin and The scheme offers Post-doctoral fellowship
terns in and around the Coordination Centres unemployed. of Rs.32,000/- + 10 % HRA p.m along with
at Delhi, Pune, Chennai, and Kharagpur for 3. Age limit : 45 years an annual contingency grant of Rs. 50,000/-.
hands-on-training. 4. Applicant should have qualified
post-graduation with minimum 60% marks. Features:
How to Apply: 5. Applicant should have a valid Ph.D. reg-
istration in an institution of academic/ re- The candidate should choose a Scientist
Applications should be submitted through search excellence in Kerala including R&D Mentor who should be a permanent faculty
online mode only. institutions, University Departments, Govt. of the institution and should have at least 5
Applications received in any other form Aided colleges, in any of the streams; Sci- years left in service in the Institute.
DST – Women will not be considered. Link for online form ence, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture The Scientist Mentor should constantly
is available at www.pfc.org.in. or Medicine (STEAM). monitor the progress of the project, facilitate
Scientists Scheme-C 6. Applicant should have completed Ph.D. smooth implementation of the programme
(WOS-C) | Training W/ Whom to Contact: course work. and ensure timely submission of financial
7. Only those research scholars who are un- utilization certificates by the institute to
Stipend in Intellectual For detailed information please contact der a career break during the course of their KSCSTE.
Property Rights Mrs. Sangeeta Nagar, Scientist-E, TIFAC,
New Delhi-110016 [Email: kiranipr.pfc@ti-
Ph.D. programme due to maternity or other
valid reasons are eligible to apply. Duration:
Ministry of Science & Technology fac.org.in, Phone: 011-42525802]. 8. Applicant should not have completed 4
Department of Science & Technology years as on the date of Ph.D. registration. Normally for 3 years. However, on suc-
Women Scientists Scheme-C (WOS-C) Last Date for Online Submissions: 19th 9. Applicant should not be receiving any cessful completion of the project, in the case
(Internship in Intellectual Property January, 2018 fellowship or grant from any other source. of exceptionally meritorious post-doctoral
Rights) works, the work could be continued to a fur-
Call for Applications- 10th Batch Implementing Agency: Research Fellowship : ther period of one to 1½ years with fellow-
ship support, subject to the recommendations
Women Scientist Scheme (WOS) is a flag- Patent Facilitating Centre (PFC) Technolo- The scheme offers monthly Research Fel- of the project review committee.
ship programme of KIRAN Division of De- gy Information Forecasting and Assessment lowship of Rs. 20,000/- + 10 % HRA in the
partment of Science & Technology (DST). Council (TIFAC) [An autonomous body of first two years and Rs. 25,000/- + 10 % HRA Address for Communication:
Through one of its components- ‘Women Department of Science & Technology (DST)] in the third year, along with an annual contin-
Scientist Scheme-C (WOS-C)’- it provides gency grant of Rs. 20,000/-. The Head
one year on-the-job training in the area of Women Scientists Division
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Patent Fa- Features: Kerala State Council of Science, Technolo-
cilitating Centre (PFC) of Technology Infor- gy and Environment
mation, Forecasting and Assessment Council • The candidate should choose a Scientist Sasthra Bhavan, Pattom (P.O), Thiruva-
(TIFAC) has been entrusted with implemen- Mentor (preferably the Research guide) nanthapuram – 695 004
tation of WOS-C who should be a permanent faculty of Ph: 0471 2548208, 2548346
the institution and should have atleast e-mail: womenscientistkerala@gmail.com
Eligibility Criteria: 5 years left in service in the Institute.
• The Scientist Mentor should constant-
• (1) Women with Indian citizenship (2) ly monitor the progress of the project,
Minimum essential qualification: Mas- facilitate smooth implementation of the
ter of Science; Bachelors in Engineer- programme and ensure timely submis-
ing/Technology or equivalent. Back To Lab – sion of financial utilization certificates
• Age: Minimum 27 years; Maximum 45 by the institute to KSCSTE.
years as on 01-01-2018 Fellowship Programme
• Note: a) Women in permanent position For Women Duration
are not eligible to apply and b) those
who have already undergone training Researchers (Research Normally for 3 years.
(partially or fully) in any of the earlier
batches or those who are undergoing
& Post-Doctoral)
training in the ongoing batch are not About the scheme:
eligible to apply. Objectives: EMBO Symposia 2019:
• Desirable qualification: a) Proficiency The “Back-to-Lab” programme of Wom-
in handling computerized database, en Scientists Division offers Research and To provide Post-Doctoral Fellowship for
Funding of 60,000
Post-Doctoral Fellowship to women who
collection, collation, analysis and re-
have break in their career, to facilitate their
unemployed women researchers so as to fa- Euros – Applications
port preparation, (b) basic understand- cilitate their re-entry in Science research.
ing of various IPR aspects & issues re-entry in science research. The fellowship Invited
with logical aptitude towards scientif- is provided normally for a period of 3 years. Who can apply?
ic developments across the world and The selected Research/Post-Doctoral Fellow Applications Invited : India | EMBO
experience in research, preparation of has to work in a reputed research institution Applicants should satisfy the following Symposia 2019 : Funding of 60,000 Euros
project reports, term papers and similar under the guidance of a Scientist Mentor, conditions.
activities. who is a permanent faculty of the institute. 1. Only women candidates are eligible to The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance
apply (India Alliance) and European Molecular
Stipend: RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP 2. Applicant should be of Kerala origin and Biology Organization (EMBO) are looking
unemployed to fund interdisciplinary meetings that cov-
M.Sc in Basic or Applied Sciences/B.Tech/ Objectives: 3. Age limit: 50 years er the latest developments in research areas
MBBS or equivalent degree : Rs.20,000/- pm 4. Applicant should have qualified Ph.D. as underserved in India. These meetings should
M.Phil/M.Tech/M.Pharm/M.V.Sc or equiv- To provide Research Fellowship for women on the date of application and should have address discovery and innovation through an
alent degree : Rs.25,000/- pm research scholars who had to undergo break scored minimum 60% marks for post-grad- interdisciplinary approach, with the speakers
Ph.D in Basic or Applied Sciences or equiv- during the course of their Ph.D. programme uation. and participants discussing important global
alent degree : Rs.30,000/- pm due to family commitments or other valid rea- 5. Applicant should have chosen an institu- challenges in the context of the life sciences.
Selection & Training Procedure: An on-line sons, so as to facilitate re-entry in research. tion in Kerala belonging to the category of
examination will be conducted at various cen- R&D institutions(National/State level)/ Uni- Funding :
tres throughout the country. Based on exam Who can apply? versity Departments.
merit, candidates will be called for interview 6. Applicant should not be receiving any The maximum funding available for an In-
for final selection. During training, selected Applicants should satisfy the following fellowship or grant from any other source. dia | EMBO Symposia is 60,000 Euros.

January 1st, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 1

Eligibility: ality, but the meetings must be held in India. Application process: mat of the meeting and required documenta-
• Meetings must be focused on frontier, pi- tion, please consult the application guidelines
India | EMBO Symposia must take place oneering and interdisciplinary areas of life The deadline for applications for meetings or visit India | EMBO Symposia website.
in India, but scientists from anywhere in the sciences, and include speakers with interdis- taking place between the 1st of January 2019
world are eligible to apply, independent of ciplinary expertise. and the 31st of December 2019 is 15 Febru- Contact:
their nationality. Please note: After the meeting, the organ- ary 2018, 14:00 CEST.
India | EMBO Symposia must cover fron- izers must provide a position paper on the Applicants will be asked to complete an on- Please do not contact the committee
tier, pioneering and interdisciplinary areas theme that includes a plan to catalyze re- line and an offline application form. members directly. This may lead to your
of life sciences that are underserved in In- search in that area in India. India Alliance All incoming applications are screened to application being excluded from the re-
dia, and include speakers with interdiscipli- may consider funding research in that area ensure eligibility requirements are met. view process.
nary expertise. Furthermore, the application following expert advice and review. The decision on which proposals receive
should include a list of (mostly) confirmed funding is jointly made by the EMBO Course Please write to workshops@wellcomed-
speakers. Funding: Committee and the India Alliance Meetings bt.org for questions related to the propos-
Applications must meet the following crite- Committee in May. al and courses_workshops@embo.org for
ria to be accepted: The maximum funding available for an In- All applicants are informed of the outcome technical questions related to the applica-
• Applications must cover an area of re- dia | EMBO Symposia is 60,000 euros. of their application by email shortly after the tion system
search that is underserved in India. committee meetings.
• Scientists from anywhere in the world are For detailed information on the eligibility
eligible to apply, independent of their nation- criteria, application process, key dates, for-

Vol. 02 NO 1 January 1st, 2018.

ticket number. Eligibility :

B. The list of candidates shortlisted for in- Post-Graduates with a valid fellowship
terviews shall be available on the website of (CSIR, UGC, DBT, ICMR,
the institute as well as on the Notice Board of INSPIRE or other relevant ones).
the institute by March 30, 2018.
How to apply?
C. Interviews will be held at the National
Institute of Immunology, New Delhi from Using our simple one-page online appli-
13th to 15th June, 2018. cation form:
D. Candidates selected after the interviews
will be enrolled for the Ph.D. programme of Read about our past students and more,
PhD Admissions NII in academic affiliation with JNU, New PhD Program 2018 on our social media pages:
2018-2019 @ Delhi. Candidates joining the programme Admissions @ DRILS – https://tinyurl.com/drils-fb
will be paid second class train fare on provid- https://tinyurl.com/drils-linkedin
NII – National Institute ing the proof of journey. Dr. Reddy’s Institute of
Application Deadline : Applications will
of Immunology Ph.D. Programme:
Life Sciences be accepted until January 30, 2018. Intake
will be based on position availability and
National Institute of Immunology (NII) A. The programme will start on July 09, Ph.D. PROGRAM 2018 requirement.
invites applications for its Ph.D. pro- 2018 and the allotment of laboratories will DR. REDDY’S INSTITUTE OF LIFE Shortlisted candidates will undergo in-
gramme. Cutting-edge research at the be made within two weeks based on the per- SCIENCES terviews before final selection.
institute encompasses broad interdiscipli- formance of the candidate in the written test
nary areas – and the interviews, and his/her choices of re- About DRILS:
search area.
• Infection and Immunity; The Dr. Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences
• Genetics, Molecular, and Cellular Bi- B. The institute currently provides a Fel- was conceived in the context of globaliza-
ology; lowship of Rs 25000/- per month. Selected tion, to foster research competence in India
• Chamlcal, Structural, and Computa- candidates who are already fellowship awar- and to bridge the divide between academic
tional Biology; and dees from CSIR, UGC, ICMR, DBT or DST research and the pharmaceutical & biotech-
• Reproduction and Development will have to avail those fellowship only, as nology industries..
per rules governed by the respective agency.
Minimum qualifications: The institute was incorporated as a non-prof-
C. Shared hostel accommodation will be it entity under Section 25 of the Indian com-
A. M.Sc. in any branch of Science (e.g. available on request. panies act, facilitating operational autonomy.
Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics) Construction of the DRILS building com-
M.Tech., M.B.B.S., M.V.Sc.,M.Pharm. or Application Procedure: prising 44 labs and an administrative block
equivalent qualification as per the norms of and spanning ~130,000 sq.ft. in area, began
Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Online application fee of Rs 1000/- for in 2004 and was completed in January 2007.
Delhi (GEN/OBC/PH) and Rs 500/- ­ for SC/ST.
Candidates should submit their applications The institute was inaugurated as a pub-
B. At. least 60% aggregate score or equiv- online for admission through either of the lic-private partnership research institute on
alent grade in Senior Secondary Certificate two CHANNELS using NII admission por- 29th January 2007, a culmination of the ef-
(10+2), Bachelor’s & Master’s degree is re- tal. The details of the application process are forts and initiative of the Andhra Pradesh
quired. Due relaxations in aggregate score available at http://www.nii.res.in. state government, Dr. Reddy’s laboratories
will be applicable to SC/ST candidates. Applications should be submitted online and the University of Hyderabad. The insti-
Rounding off of percentage score to next in- only (visit website http://www.nii.res.in.). tute is located in the southeast corner of the
tegral value is not permitted. Online application facility will be available campus of the University, one of the largest
at the NII website from 27th November to and greenest campuses in India.
C. Candidates appearing for the qualifying 10th January 2018 by 5.00 PM.
examination this academic year are eligible Dr. Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences
to apply; they will be admitted provisionally Applicants having difficulty in access- (DRILS) is a non-profit research institute
pending satisfactory fulfilment of the above ing NII Ph.D. admission portal may located on the campus of the University of
requirements at the time of joining. contact the ‘ADMINISTRATIVE OF- Hyderabad (www.drils.org).
FICER, (Academic & Training) NATION-
D. Reservations of seats: 15% for SC, 7.5% AL INSTITUTE OF IMMUNOLOGY, DRILS announces admission to its 2018
for ST, 27% for OBC (non-creamy layer) and ARUNAASAF ALI MARG, and NEW Ph.D. program. Ph.D. Research will involve
3% for Physically Handicapped as per statu- DELHl-110067’. Tel: 011-26717101, 011- specific topics in Chemistry or Biology (de-
tory norms. 26703662 or 011-26703762. tails can be found on our website).

Selection procedure: Email: phdadm2017@nii.ac.in. Why DRILS?

A. NII will select candidates for the Ph.D. Name of the candidate and his/her date of • Outstanding research ambience.
programme through the following CHAN- birth should match the corresponding entries • Student-centric faculty and teaching
NELS: In the Secondary School Certificate or equiv- philosophy.
alent. • Faculty members from globally recog-
I. Entrance Exam to be conducted by NII at Candidates must ensure that the information nized academic centers and industry.
five different centres – New Delhi, Hydera- furnished in the online application is true and • Research in frontier areas of Chemistry
bad, Pune, Kolkata and Guwahati on Febru- correct. If any discrepancy is observed at any and Biology, exposure to a crossdisci-
ary 18, 2018 (Sunday). stage, NII reserves the right to cancel admis- plinary
sion. • environment.
II. Joint Graduate Entrance Examination in • Focus on translational research and re-
Biology and Interdisciplinary Life Sciences Application Deadline – 10th January search incubation.
(JGEEBI LS-2018) to be held on 10th De- 2018 • Located within a vibrant, world-class
cember 2017). Candidates applying through academia-industry cluster.
this channel must submit a separate appli-
cation to NII, New Delhi, along with appli-
cation fee, indicating their JGEEBILS hall

January 1st, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 1