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Vol. 02 NO 14 April 3rd, 2018.



Scientists Design Biocomputer A BIOCOMPUTER

Computation, in a technical sense, is a
standardized process by which input data
are processed according to prescribed
rules (algorithm) and are converted into
output data. While computers do not
“know” where the data come from, nor-
mally they represent a particular reality.

By Disha Padmanabha

genes, first transcribes a cell’s DNA to RNA They were able to build 113 different cir-
and then translates that into proteins. The cuits with a 96.5 percent success rate. A

SCIENTISTS DESIGN team inserted four extra DNA snippets after

a promoter. One of those snippets was de-
powerful computer circuitry leads to com-
plex computational processes, similarly, cells

signed to produce a green fluorescent protein genetically engineered to work as minicom-
(GFP), which lights up a cell when switched puters can be more or less powerful based on
on by a particular drug. their engineering.


There is one realm where we largely stay form, by engineering nine different cell popu-
helpless and can neither truly understand lations with genetic programs, each of which
what is going on, nor affect the course of encodes a defined computational instruction.
events – our own organisms and other bio- When assembled into 3D cultures, these en-
logical systems. It is true that huge steps have gineered cell consortia execute programma-
been made in understanding basic biological ble multicellular full-adder logics in response
processes as well as disease-linked abnor- to three trigger compounds.
malities in humans. It is also true that any The team, comprising researchers from ETH
medical treatment is an attempt to control a Zurich and University of Basel, has managed
disease, and we are witnessing an ever in- to structure the cells so that the biocomputer
creasing number of efficient drug-based and can create logic gates, which take two inputs
surgical interventions. and process them to create one output. This
Therefore, the idea to gather and process has allowed the team to accomplish “full-ad-
information from various parts of our bod- der computations,” where different cells do
ies, perhaps even individual cells, and use small parts of a calculation and then add the
these data to control biological processes in results together to get a complete answer.
real time, averting disease-linked transforma- For their study, the genetic circuit itself was
tions, is very appealing. designed using existing machinery in cells
Scientists have now designed a versatile called a promoter. The DNA snippet, a small
plug-and-play molecular-computation plat- portion of DNA associated with one or more


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April 3rd, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 14

Bacterial Cellulose
Nanofibres for Future
Sustainable Materials
Biomass-based nanomaterials such as bac- have developed a simple and customizable
terial cellulose (BC) are one of the most process that uses superhydrophobic interfac-
promising building blocks for the develop- es to finely engineer the bacteria access to
ment of sustainable materials with the po- oxygen in three dimensions and in multiple
tential to outperform their conventional, syn- length scales, resulting in hollow, seamless,
thetic, counterparts. nanocellulose-based pre-determined objects.
By Disha Padmanabha
The formation of BC occurs at the air–wa- The investigators harnessed the natural
ter interface, which has been exploited to growth patterns of bacteria by providing and new ligaments. tion. For example, we tested in situ loading of
engineer materials with finely controlled mi- them with oxygen using “superhydrophobic functional particles or enzymes with metal or-
crotopographical features or simple three-di- interfaces” that guide the growth of the na- “The developed process is an easy and ac- ganic frameworks, metal nanoparticles with
mensional morphologies for a wide range nocellulose. In the process they were able to cessible platform for 3D biofabrication that plasmon adsorption, and capsule-in-capsule
of applications. However, a high degree of create objects such as an ear, shown on the we demonstrated for the synthesis of geom- systems with thermal and chemical resist-
control over the 3D morphology of BC films right, and provide a proof of concept that we etries with excellent fidelity. Fabrication of ance”, explains Professor Orlando Rojas.
across several length scales (micro to macro) can use bacteria to precisely grow medical hollow and complex objects was made pos-
has not yet been achieved. implants and other devices such as wound sible. Interesting functions were enabled via
Now, researchers at the Aalto University dressings, replacement blood vasculature, multi-compartmentalization and encapsula-

Synthetic Antibiotic
Successful in Treating
Infections Caused
by Superbug
Scientists working to develop a design and development from the Univer-
‘game-changing’ new antibiotic have now sity of Lincoln’s School of Pharmacy, said:
made a significant advance as the synthe- “Translating our success with these simpli-
sized compound was found promising in fied synthetic versions from test tubes to real
treating infections cause by a superbug. The cases is a quantum jump in the development
breakthrough is another major step forward of new antibiotics, and brings us closer to re-
on the journey to develop a commercially vi- alising the therapeutic potential of simplified
able drug version based on teixobactin- a nat- teixobactins.”
ural antibiotic discovered by US scientists in
soil samples in 2015 which has been heralded “When teixobactin was discovered it was
as a “gamechanger” in the battle against anti- groundbreaking in itself as a new antibiotic
biotic resistant pathogens such as MRSA and which kills bacteria without detectable resist- By Disha Padmanabha
VRE. ance including superbugs such as MRSA, but
It has been predicted that by 2050 an addi- natural teixobactin was not created for hu- A natural antibiotic called teixobactin, when synthesized, can be used to fight drug-resistant superbugs like MRSA and VRE. These groundbreaking results
provide a new perspective on the impact of the use and misuse of antibiotics to treat human diseases. ( Schneyder Mendoza | Getty Images )
tional 10 million people will succumb to drug man use.”
resistant infections each year. The develop-
ment of new antibiotics which can be used as “A significant amount of work remains in
a last resort when other drugs are ineffective the development of teixobactin as a ther-
is therefore a crucial area of study for health- apeutic antibiotic for human use — we are
care researchers around the world. probably around six to ten years off a drug
In a groundbreaking research, Teixobactin that doctors can prescribe to patients — but
was discovered in 2015 and was found to this is a real step in the right direction and
eliminate MRSA, Mycobacterium tuberculo- now opens the door for improving our in vivo
sis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Bacillus an- analogues.”
thracis and other dangerous pathogens with-
out encountering any detectable resistance.
Scientists from the University of Lincoln,
UK, have now successfully created a simpli-
fied, synthesised form of teixobactin which
has been used to treat a bacterial infection in
mice, demonstrating the first proof that such
simplified versions of its real form could be
used to treat real bacterial infection as the ba-
sis of a new drug.
The simplified teixobactin was then used by
scientists from the Singapore Eye Research
Institute to inject to laboratory mice that are
infected with MRSA and VRE. The results
showed that teixobactin is highly potent not
only in treating infection but also minimizing
the severity of infection when administered
in vitro.

Dr. Ishwar Singh, a specialist in novel drug

Vol. 02 NO 14 April 3rd, 2018.

Go Bananas with Ice

Cream- Scientists Produce
No-Melt Ice Creams Using
Banana Extract
You’ve clearly been living under a rock if The fibers in question come from the stem
you haven’t heard of banana ice cream- the of the banana plant. Not the nubbin on the
latest entrant of the burgeoning vegan foodie end of a single fruit; rather, the long, woody
scene. stalk from which a bunch of bananas grow,
Now, in a twist to this new trend, scientists which most people don’t encounter often.
have developed a cool solution to the sticky These stems — known as rachis — make up a
problem of ice cream dripping. Scientists big proportion of waste from banana harvest-
from Colombia’s Universidad Pontificia Bo- ing. “Once a bunch arrives at the packaging
livariana, used tiny cellulose fibers extracted plant, the bunch rachis becomes residual bi-
from banana plant waste to slow down the omass too,” Spanish scientists pointed out in
melting of ice cream, increasing its shelf life 2016. Zuluaga Gallego’s ice cream fix could
and potentiallyreplace fats used to make the kill two birds with one stone, improving ice
tasty treat. cream and recycling waste at once. By Disha Padmanabha
The team wanted to see if this fibrous ma-
“Our findings suggest that cellulose na- terial extracted banana fruit stems could be sult, CNFs could potentially replace some of
nofibers extracted from banana waste could used to slow down melting and extend ice Ice cream mixed with CNFs tended to melt the fats — and perhaps reduce calories — in
help improve ice cream in several ways,” cream‘s shelf life. The researchers first har- significantly more slowly than traditional these desserts,” said co-author Dr. Velásquez
Robin Zuluaga Gallego, Ph.D., says. “In vested cellulose nanofibrils (CNFs) — parti- compositions, the team reports. They also Cock, also from the Universidad Pontificia
particular, the fibers could lead to the devel- cles that are thousands of times smaller than note than CNFs could extend the shelf life of Bolivariana.
opment of a thicker and more palatable des- the width of a human hair — from ground- ice cream products, and decrease their sensi-
sert, which would take longer to melt. As a up banana rachis. Then, they mixed various tivity to temperature changes as they’re being Moving forward, the scientists plan to ex-
result, this would allow for a more relaxing concentrations of CNFs (from zero, used as moved about. plore how different types of fat, such as co-
and enjoyable experience with the food, es- a control, up to 0.3g/100grams of ice cream) conut oil and milk fat, affect the behavior of
pecially in warm weather.” and analyzed how this impacted the end “This suggests that CNFs could help stabi- CNFs in other frozen treats.
product’s physical properties. lize the fat structure in ice creams. As a re-



The relatively new trend in town- Wearable The resonators, meanwhile, act like anten-
tech- is showing up all over the place, kick- nas, picking up and transmitting ambient ra-
ing up a storm. From health, to privacy, to dio frequencies. In early tests, the researchers
straight-up sensational style, Wearable tech used a portable radio frequency analyzer at-
encompasses it all and is a huge hit with peo- tached to a tablet or mobile phone to monitor
ple from all strata. the frequencies. Those frequencies change
Now, researchers at Tufts University have depending on what’s going on with the
developed an amazing new sensor, only 2 bio-responsive layer of the sensor.
millimeters on a side, that can be attached to Additionally, the sensor can change color By Disha Padmanabha
the tooth and measure and transmit readings depending on which nutrient is identified.
about glucose, salt and alcohol intake.
Monitoring in real time what happens in
If the sensor picks up traces of salt or etha-
nol, the electrical properties shift and cause
and around our bodies can be invaluable in the sensor to transmit a different frequency SUPERBUG-TARGETING TREATMENT
the context of health care or clinical stud- of waves at varying intensities. This shift is
ies, but not so easy to do. That could soon how nutrient data is detected, measured and
change thanks to these new, miniaturized transmitted to the mobile device. The folding and insertion of integral β-bar- membrane, killing the bacteria.
sensors. The researchers believe the future The researchers tested their invention on rel membrane proteins into the outer mem- Despite the initial goal being to identify a
adaptations of these sensors could enable the people drinking alcohol, gargling mouth- brane of Gram-negative bacteria is required therapeutic antibody, the team did experi-
detection and recording of a wide range of wash, or eating soup. In each case, the sensor for viability and bacterial pathogenesis. And ence some limitations on moving it forward
nutrients, chemicals and physiological states. was able to detect what the person was con- therefore, targeting such essential proteins as a treatment. Throughout the process, the
The 2mm × 2mm prototypes comprise a suming by picking up on nutrients. or processes directly exposed to the envi- team had to compete with lipopolysaccharide
three-layer sensor design. It involves a middle ronment could lead to the discovery of new (LPS) in the outer membrane. It is particular-
layer of bio-responsive material, sandwiched “In theory we can modify the bioresponsive agents to fight superbugs. ly difficult to get the antibodies through this
between two gold, split-ring resonators. The layer in these sensors to target other chemi- Now, Genentech researchers have found thick sugar layer, so they removed it during
bio-responsive layers in the prototypes were cals — we are really limited only by our cre- a chink in the armor of drug-resistant, this study.
either a silk film or a hydrogel. The silk film ativity,” said Fiorenzo Omenetto, PhD, cor- gram-negative bacteria called the BamA en-
can contain things like enzymes or antibodies responding author and the Frank C. Doble zyme, which is found in the bugs’ outer mem- “We used that antibody to ask some bio-
to detect specific molecules. In doing so, it Professor of Engineering at Tufts. “We have brane. They believe they’ve found a way to logical questions and learn about how Bam
changes the chemical conditions between the extended common RFID [radiofrequency attack this protein with an antibody—an ap- works,” said Steven Rutherford, a scientist
resonators. The hydrogel, on the other hand, ID] technology to a sensor package that can proach that they say could pave the way for at Genentech and corresponding author of
sops up the slurries in your pie hole, swelling dynamically read and transmit information a new class of antibiotics to plug a treatment the study. “It gives us an understanding of
to different sizes depending on what you’re on its environment, whether it is affixed to a gap. what it would take to inhabit this. It allows us
munching. tooth, to skin, or any other surface.“ For their study, the team targeted BamA to develop plans for the future to target this
has it is found in all gram-negative bacteria, BamA machinery because it does present as a
involved in a fundamental cell process, and really useful and viable drug target.”
exposed on the cell surface, eliminating the
need to penetrate the cell. Even if Genentech aren’t able to develop an
They used a monoclonal antibody to block antibody-based antibiotic for gram-negative
BamA function in E.coli, a gram-negative bacteria, the research will undoubtedly open
bacterium that has demonstrated drug resist- up a number of doors for superbug-targeting
By Disha Padmanabha ance. As a result, this compromised the outer treatments.

April 3rd, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 14

Scientists Discover Switch

that could “Turn Off”
The endogenous metabolite itaconate has cooling the heat of inflammation in a process
recently emerged as a regulator of mac- never before described,” Prof O’Neill said. By Disha Padmanabha
rophage function, but its precise mechanism
of action remains poorly understood.
However, researchers at the Trinity College
Dublin have now discovered that this mole-
Dr Evanna Mills, who, with Dylan Ryan was
joint first author of the work, said: “The mac-
rophage takes the nutrient glucose, whose
Yeast Modified to Thrive
cule acts as a powerful off-switch for mac-
rophages, which are the cells in the immune
system that lie at the heart of many inflam-
day job it is to provide energy, and surpris-
ingly turns it into itaconate. This then blocks
production of inflammatory factors, and also
on Novel Nutrients
matory diseases including arthritis, inflam- protects mice from the lethal inflammation Nutrient assimilation is the first step that
matory bowel disease and heart disease. that can occur during infection.” allows biological systems to proliferate and In the course of this study, the researchers
produce value-added products. Therefore, took a set of regulatory genes, called a GAL
Professor of Biochemistry at Trinity, Luke Dylan Ryan added: “We’ve found that itac- efforts in synthetic biology and metabolic en- regulon, that normally processes galactose –
O’Neill, co-author of the study, said, “My onate can directly modify a whole host of pro- gineering have largely focused on rationally and replaced some of the genes with those
lab has been exploring metabolic changes in teins important for inflammation in a chemi- designing regulatory infrastructures around that become activated by, and direct the
macrophages for the past six years and we’ve cal reaction never before described, and that biosynthetic/anabolic pathways. breakdown of, xylose. All other genes in the
come across what we think is the most impor- this reaction is important for the anti-inflam- Current efforts to engineer nutrient as- GAL regulon were unchanged.
tant finding yet.” matory effects of itaconate.” similation pathways take a straightforward This resulted in preserving a more natural
approach of over expressing catabolic path- interaction between the genes that govern
Macrophages are a type of white blood cell The discovery is very much on the fron- way enzymes without regard for how that feeding and those that govern survival. The
which digest cellular debris; foreign sub- tier of inflammation research and Professor integrates into the larger cellular infrastruc- new synthetic regulon, dubbed XYL, enabled
stances, microbes, cancer cells, and anything O’Neill and his collaborators are now ex- ture that encompasses central metabolism, the yeast cells to grow more rapidly and to
else that does not have the type of proteins ploring its relevance to the onset and devel- stress-responses, cell doubling, etc. higher cell densities.
specific to a healthy body. When operating opment of inflammatory and infectious dis- In stark contrast, natural systems often use As part of the study, Nair and his team took
optimally they respond rapidly to pathogens eases. They are also keen to explore whether genome-scale regulatory infrastructures, a closer look at what exactly accounted for
and trigger anti-inflammatory activity. That the findings can be exploited in the effort to called regulons, to coordinate nutrient catab- the improved survival of the xylose-eating
in turn limits damage and promotes tissue develop new anti-inflammatory medicines. olism with other cellular functions. yeast organism. What they found was that
repair. Now, scientists at the Tufts University have numerous genes activated in the XYL reg-
Professor O’Neill said: “This discovery and created a genetically modified yeast that can ulon-controlled yeast that upregulated path-
Normally, inflammation is a good thing as, the new research pathways it has opened up more efficiently consume a novel nutrient, ways involved in growth, such as cell wall
for example, with a sprained ankle and accel- will keep us busy for some time but we are xylose, enabling the yeast to grow faster and maintenance, cell division, mitochondrial
erates recovery. But with specific inflamma- hopeful that it will one day make a difference to higher cell densities, raising the prospect biogenesis and adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
tory diseases such as multiple sclerosis, pste- to patients with diseases that remain difficult of a significantly faster path toward the de- production. Yeast strains that had constitutive
oarthritis and the inflammatory skin disorder to treat.” sign of new synthetic organisms for industrial (mostly unregulated) control of xylose me-
psoriasis, macrophages act mischievously, applications. tabolism triggered pathways related to cell
Prof O’Neill said. “We don’t know why in- stress, starvation and DNA damage.
flammation goes out of control.” “Instead of building a metabolic framework
from the ground up, we can reverse engineer “Our study applied this approach to xylose,
A critical finding was to show itaconate existing regulons to enable an organism to but it suggests a broader principle – adapting
switched off an over-active immune system thrive on a novel nutrient,” Nikhil Nair, PhD, native regulons for the efficient assimilation
in mice. an assistant professor of chemical and bio- of other non-native sugars and nutrients,”
logical engineering at Tufts and correspond- said Nair. “Nature has already done the work
“It’s well known that macrophages cause ing author of this study, said in a statement. of tuning genes and metabolic pathways to
inflammation, but we have just found they “Adapting native regulons can be a signifi- the environment of the organism. Let’s make
can be coaxed to make a biochemical called cantly faster path toward the design of new use of that when introducing something new
itaconate. This functions as an important synthetic organisms for industrial applica- on the menu.”
brake, or off switch, on the macrophage, By Disha Padmanabha tions.”



A frequently quoted hypothesis on the or- both a bacterium and an archaeon, and there-
igin of the three domains of life (Archaea, fore could feasibly have some LUCA-like
Bacteria, and Eukarya) assumes the existence characteristics. By Disha Padmanabha
of a common living ancestor, known as ce- neer Escherichia coli bacteria to have cell was stable,” revealed Driessen. “So this re-
nancestor or LUCA (last universal common There are many ideas on how cellular life membranes that include 30% archaeal lipids. sult does not support the hypothesis that a
ancestor), from which the archaea and bacte- could have evolved billions of years ago. This is exactly the kind of mixed membrane mixed membrane is inherently instable and
ria have diverged. Protocells may have formed in clay miner- that scientists thought would be unstable in could thus have created the lipid divide.”
One hypothesis is that this happened be- als, or as simple lipid vesicles. In the latter the LUCA.
cause the cell membrane in LUCA was an scenario, something called the lipid divide In the newly engineered E. coli, the phos- “The robustness of these mixed cells sur-
unstable mixture of lipids. would have occurred, creating the separate phatidylglycerols — the lipids which form prised us. We expected more problems keep-
Based on comparative genomics analyses, domains of Bacteria and Archaea, said Ar- the basic bilayer of the bacterial membrane ing them alive. After all, what we have engi-
predictions have been made about the organ- nold Driessen, Ph.D., one of the authors of — were replaced by their archaeal equivalent neered does amount to a new life form,” said
ization of the transcriptional and translational the current study and a professor of molecu- (archaetidylglycerol). Despite this transfor- Driessen.
machinery present in LUCA during the early lar microbiology at the University of Gronin- mation, the bacterium grew normally and This work could help open up new avenues
stages of evolution. gen: “The lipid membranes of both domains was stable, which refutes the hypothesis that in research in evolution. “For example, we
Now, scientists from the University of Gro- are different, composed of phospholipids that a mixed membrane is inherently unstable. could engineer a bacterial expression sys-
ningen and Wageningen University have cre- are each other’s mirror image.” The new life form also exhibited some differ- tem for archaeal membrane proteins, such
ated such a life form with a mixed membrane ences from the unmodified E. coli, such as a as those produced by hyperthermophiles that
and discovered it is in fact stable, refuting After a breakthrough in the production of more elongated cell. grow at extremely high temperatures and
this hypothesis. In an epic feat of molecular archaeal membrane lipids at Groningen Uni- pressure,” Driessen concluded.
biology prowess, the team has reverse-engi- versity, and another related development at “This bacterium grew at normal speed and
neered a microbe that shares the features of Wageningen, researchers were able to engi-

Vol. 02 NO 14 April 3rd, 2018.

Microglial Synaptic
Remodelling Captured on
Film for First Time
Microglia are highly motile phagocytic cess in action in the mouse brain. Around half
cells that infiltrate and take up residence in of the time, microglia contact a synapse, and
the developing brain, where they are thought the synapse head sends out thin projections
to provide a surveillance and scavenging called filopodia to contact them. It turns out
function. Although microglia have previous- that microglia might underly the formation of
ly been shown to engulf and clear damaged double synapses, in which the terminal end of
cellular debris after brain insult, recent stud- a neuron releases neurotransmitters onto two
ies that have demonstrated that microglia are neighboring partners instead of one.
also highly motile in the uninjured brain, con-
tinuously extending and retracting processes “This shows that microglia are broadly in-
through the extracellular space, suggest that volved in structural plasticity and might in-
they may monitor and contribute to synaptic duce the rearrangement of synapses, a mech-
maturation and function. anism underlying learning and memory,”
This activity in combination with known says Laetitia Weinhard, from the Gross group
phagocytic capacity of myeloid cells, has led at EMBL Rome, co-author of the study.
By Disha Padmanabha
to the hypothesis that microglia may have a
role in the phagocytic elimination of synaps- The moving pictures of synapse-eating mi-
es as part of the widespread pruning of exu- croglia were possible by a combination of
berant synaptic connections during develop- correlative light, and electron microscopy
ment. and light sheet fluorescence microscopy. SKYROCKETING, UPPING RESISTANCE RISKS
Now, for the first time, researchers at the Scientists plan to use the imaging technolo-
EMBL, have captured microglia nibbling on gy to study microglia behavior during adoles-
brain synapses. Their findings show that the cent brain development. Researchers are also Antibiotic resistance, driven by antibiot- hospital sectors. Because there is no global
special glial cells help synapses grow and re- keen to investigate the link between micro- ic consumption, is a growing global health body collecting antibiotic consumption data,
arrange, demonstrating the essential role of glia and neural disorders like schizophrenia threat. Tracking antibiotic consumption pat- Klein said, these are the best data currently
microglia in brain development. and depression. terns over time and across countries could in- available.
“This is what neuroscientists have fanta- form policies to optimize antibiotic prescrib- Antibiotic resistance is a global health prob-
“Our findings suggest that microglia are sized about for years, but nobody had ever ing and minimize antibiotic resistance, such lem; when it emerges in one place, it quickly
nibbling synapses as a way to make them seen before. These findings allow us to pro- as setting and enforcing per capita consump- spreads to other parts of the world. The study
stronger, rather than weaker,” says Cornelius pose a mechanism for the role of microglia in tion targets or aiding investments in alterna- underscores the need for consistent global
Gross, who led the work. the remodeling and evolution of brain circuits tives to antibiotics. surveillance of antibiotic resistance and pol-
during development,” said Cornelius Gross. And this is exactly what a new study has icies to curtail unnecessary antibiotic use.
The research team at EMBL set out on a done- with shocking results. As per this study The loss of effective antibiotics is driven in
massive imaging study to observe this pro- by a team of international scientists, antibiot- large part by antibiotic consumption, most of
By Disha Padmanabha
ic consumption rates have increased world- which is inappropriate and does nothing to
wide from 11.3 to 15.7 defined daily doses improve health, the researchers said.
PERSONALIZED DIAGNOSTIC KIT FOR BREAST (DDDs) per 1,000 inhabitants per day be- Bacterial resistance to antibiotics can be
tween 2000 and 2015. detrimental to people in developing nations
CANCER PATIENTS RECEIVES CE MARK DDDs are a statistical and standardized that actually need improved access to antibi-
measure of drug consumption and represent otics to help fight their higher rates of illness
the assumed average maintenance dose per and death caused by infectious diseases.
US-Dutch biotech Agendia has now re- quality-of-life and cost benefits of identifying day for a drug used for its main indication
ceived a CE Mark for its next-generation women previously selected for chemotherapy in adults. Antibiotic use in low-income and mid-
sequencing-based MammaPrint BluePrint that may not have significant benefit from it Despite efforts to encourage more prudent dle-income countries, antibiotic use — par-
breast cancer recurrence and molecular sub- is considerable.” use of antibiotics, the team found a 65% rise ticularly of broad-spectrum penicillins — in-
typing kit, allowing the firm to commercial- in worldwide consumption of the drugs from creased by 114 percent in the same 15-year
ize the device in Europe. Dr. Marjolaine Baldo, Commercial Vice 2000 to 2015. The sharp upturn, revealed in period, spurred by economic and popula-
This new device, which combines both President, EMEA at Agendia said: “Ob- sales figures from 76 countries, was driven tion growth. Some of those countries had
MammaPrint and BluePrint, can aid physi- taining the CE mark for the MammaPrint almost entirely by rising use in poorer na- consumption rates that surpassed those of
cians in personalizing treatment management BluePrint Kit is a huge milestone. For the tions, the study found. high-income countries, but many still have
decisions for their patients by identifying first time, prestigious cancer centers across considerably lower per-capita levels of anit-
women with early-stage breast cancer who Europe will be able to run MammaPrint and “We saw a dramatic increase in antibiotic biotic consumption than high-income coun-
are at a genomic Low or High Risk for dis- BluePrint in their own labs, using their ex- use globally and this is mostly from gains tries due to limited access. The United States
tant metastasis within five years. isting NGS instruments. As a result, patients in low and middle income countries where remained one of the largest consumers of gly-
MammaPrint analyzes 70 genes most asso- will have better access to these vital tests and economic growth means they have greater cylcyclines (tigecycline) and oxazolidinones
ciated with breast cancer recurrence to pro- the significant benefits that they bring in per- access to the drugs,” said Eili Klein, an au- (linezolid).
vide a binary Low or High Risk of cancer sonalizing breast cancer management. We thor on the study at the Center for Disease It’s been more than a year since the Unit-
recurrence result, while BluePrint analyzes are proud of the drive, dedication and exper- Dynamics, Economics and Policy in Wash- ed Nations General Assembly recognized
80-genes which classify a patient’s breast tise of our team, partners and co-validation ington DC. the global threat of antibiotic resistance, but
cancer into functional molecular subtypes. centers who, in recognizing the need for a there has been little action since then, noted
Agendia’s MammaPrint test has proven that decentralized solution, have worked tireless- “While it’s generally a positive that there’s study co-author and CDDEP Director Ra-
it can prevent the unnecessary use of chemo- ly to develop, validate and deliver this impor- better access to effective antibiotics in these manan Laxminarayan.
therapy in 46% of breast cancer patients. The tant device to the market. We look forward countries, there’s the potential for serious
new test builds on this concept by adding an to collaborating with leading breast cancer problems down the road from overuse. We “We must act decisively and we must act
analysis of the molecular profile of the pa- centers to provide them with these tools, en- know there’s a lot of inappropriate use in now, in a comprehensive manner, to preserve
tient’s cancer that can help determine what’s abling them to offer breast cancer risk-of-re- high income countries, and many of these antibiotic effectiveness,” Laxminarayan said
the best alternative to chemo for each patient. currence testing in-house.” lower income countries do not have the same in the news release.
controls in place.”
Dr. William Audeh, Chief Medical Officer “That includes solutions that reduce con-
at Agendia, said: “The clinical utility of the To come up with the global consumption es- sumption, such as vaccines or infrastructure
MammaPrint test has been demonstrated by timates, researchers from CDDEP, Princeton improvements, particularly in low-income
the landmark MINDACT trial. With breast University, the Institute of Integrative Biolo- and middle-income countries. New drugs
cancer being the most common cancer in gy in Zurich, and the University of Antwerp can do little to solve the resistance problem
women, affecting one in eight in Europe and used pharmaceutical sales data from 76 coun- if these drugs are then used inappropriately,
with almost 500,000 new cases a year, the By Disha Padmanabha tries, broken down between the retail and once they are introduced,” he said.

April 3rd, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 14

Rapid Legionella Detecting

Microchip Developed
Increasing numbers of legionellosis out- nical University of Munich. The team has de-
breaks within the last years have shown that veloped a measuring chip in the context of the
Legionella are a growing challenge for public “LegioTyper” project funded by the German
health. After Legionella grows and multiplies Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
in a building water system, that contaminat-
ed water then has to spread in droplets small This chip not only detects the dangerous
enough for people to breathe in. pathogen Legionella pneumophila but also
People can get Legionnaires’ disease when identifies which of the approximately 20 sub-
they breathe in small droplets of water in the types is present. The foil-based measuring
air that contain the bacteria. Legionnaires’ chip uses the microarray analysis platform
disease doesn’t spread from person to person. MCR of the Munich company GWK GmbH.
Instead, the bacteria spreads through mist, Using 20 different antibodies, the system pro-
such as from air-conditioning units for large vides a complete analysis within 34 minutes.
Molecular biological detection methods ca- “Compared to previous measurements, the
pable of rapidly identifying viable Legionella new method not only provides a huge speed
are important for the control of engineered advantage,” says Michael Seidel, “but is
water systems. The current gold standard also so cheap that we can use the chip in one-
based on culture methods takes up to 10 days time applications.“
to show positive results.
Now, researchers at the Technical Univer-
sity of Munich have now developed a rapid
test that achieves the same result in about 35

“Unfortunately, this quick test serves only

as a first indication and is not suitable for
screening the water of technical systems,”
says PD Dr. Michael Seidel, head of the By Disha Padmanabha
research group at the Chair of Analytical
TUM scientist Catharina Kober works with the LegioTyper chip(Credit: Jonas Bemetz / TUM)
Chemistry and Water Chemistry of the Tech-

Study Throws Light on

Mutations Facilitating
Cancer Cell Survival
Next generation sequencing (NGS) is be- evolved new driver mutations to become re-
coming increasingly integrated into onco- sistant.
logical practice and clinical research. NGS As it is, no cancers are genetically similar,
methods have also provided evidence for the team found that in some cases an indi-
clonal evolution of cancers during disease vidual cancer had evolved two or even three
progression and treatment. drivers in the same gene, a sign that multiple
Now, with the help of this sophisticated se- cancer cell clones had evolved in the same
quencing method, researchers identified ge- tumor that had found different ways of mu-
netic mutations that promote the survival of tating a particularly important gene.
cancer cells. With this information, the scientists believe
therapy could be tailored to the evolving
“All cancers are caused by genetic damage, genomic picture of each individual cancer –
mutations to key genes that control the lives the hallmark of precision medicine. By Disha Padmanabha
of cells,” notes Dr. Miele, who also heads
LSU Health New Orleans’ Precision Medi- “These findings imply that genomic testing
cine Program. “Mutant genes that cancers should be performed as early as possible to
depend upon for survival are called ‘driver’ optimize therapy, before cancers evolve new
mutations.” mutations, and that recurrent cancers should
be tested again, because their driver muta-
The researchers tested genes in 44 cancers tion may be different from those that existed
that no longer responded to therapy. These at diagnosis,” says Miele.
are not often tested in clinical practice. The
tumor types included breast, lung, colorectal, “We are working toward a day when we
sarcomas, neuroendocrine, gastric and ovari- won’t have to give a patient the devastating
an, among others. news that a cancer has come back and isn’t
They found that these advanced cancers responding to chemotherapy,” Miele con-
had selected many new possible “driver” cludes.
mutations never described before, in addition
to drivers already known – the cancers had

Vol. 02 NO 14 April 3rd, 2018.

OPTIclear: A Stunning
3D Tech that Allows for
High-Resolution, Archival
Imaging of Brain
The brain is arguably the most complex or- OPTIClear selectively adjusts the optical
gan in the human body. For centuries, efforts properties of tissue without damaging or
have been made to try and understand the changing their structural components. Com-
structural and functional connections within bined with fluorescent staining and other tis-
the brain. sue processing methods, the team created a
At the macroscopic level, diffusion tensor simple yet versatile tool for the study of mi-
imaging and functional magnetic resonance croscopic structures in the human brain.
imaging are beginning to unravel some of the The team performed 3D morphological
complex connections between different ana- analysis on human brainstem dopaminergic
tomical regions. In order to better understand neurons in the millimetre scale and imaged
the workings of the organ, scientists tradi- more than 3,000 large neurons in the human
tionally cut into the brain and make several basal forebrain in merely five days, a normal-
thin slices, later tracing the cut nerve fibres ly extremely laborious task that takes at least
over many sections. three weeks. These neurons have been im-
However, this approach is difficult and la- plicated in neurological and psychiatric dis-
bour-intensive as the neuronal circuitries eases such as dementia and depression. The
By Disha Padmanabha
span across great distances in three dimen- researchers noted that OPTIClear can also be
sions (3D) and are tightly entangled micro- applied in both archived (>30 years) and clin-
Technique reveals microscopic brain structures. Top: A small cross section of the cerebellum; Bottom: The close up of a fragment of the same sample, revealing
scopically. Also, due to the spatial resolution ical specimens. networks of brain cells
of these imaging modalities, they lack the
ability to reveal details at the microcircuit or “We hope that a better understanding of plicable to other human organs and clinical brain, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
cellular level. the connections and circuitries of the brain specimens. We hope that this technique can disease,” commented Prof Wutian Wu from
Now, developed through an international will help uncover the pathologies that under- also be used in studying other diseases, and Hong Kong University.
collaboration between scientists at Imperial lie the common degenerative diseases of the eventually help us to unravel the mysteries of
College London and The University of Hong brain, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s the human body.” The research team behind OPTIclear report
Kong, is a next-gen technique that enables disease,” commented Prof Wutian Wu of the that the method is applicable to other human
researchers to generate 3D images of fresh School of Biomedical Sciences, Li Ka Shing “We hope that a better understanding of organs, where it could aid in the study of oth-
and archived brain tissue samples, resulting Faculty of Medicine, HKU, co-supervisor the connections and circuitries of the brain er diseases at new levels of detail and “help
in stunning images of the human brain at the of the study. Lead researcher Lai Hei-Ming will help uncover the pathologies that under- unravel the mysteries of the human body.”
microscopic level. added: “In principle, this method is also ap- lie the common degenerative diseases of the

Summit and declared enhancement of its re- Community building and integration pro- velopment for mutual benefit;
lations to strategic level. cess, including the ASEAN Community’s • Undertake activities and develop pro-
India S&T Collaboration started formally Post-2015 Vision, for a politically cohesive, gram / projects under the ASEAN-India
in 1996 with establishment of ASEAN India economically integrated, socially responsible Science and Technology Development
S&T working Group (AIWGST). Initially, and a truly people-oriented, people-centered Fund;
the collaborative ASEAN-India S&T activ- and rules-based ASEAN, narrowing the de- In order to support and facilitate mobility
ities were supported through ASEAN India velopment gap and enhancing ASEAN Con- among young talented researchers of ASEAN
Fund (AIF). In 2008, Government of India nectivity. Both sides will also further pro- MS, India and ASEAN instituted the scheme
established a dedicated fund viz ASEAN In- mote cooperation in addressing common and ASEAN-India Research Training Fellow-
dia S&T Development Fund (AISTDF) to emerging challenges and enhance coordina- ship (AIRTF) Scheme for ASEAN young
support R&D projects and associated project tion in other international forum on issues researchers to work at any of the Indian re-
development activities. The total budget of of common concern to contribute to overall search/ academic Institution
AISTDF is an equivalent amount of 5 Mil- peace, stability and prosperity.
ASEAN-India Research lion USD in INR. This amount of 5 Million Objectives:
Training Fellowship USD is jointly shared by Ministry of External The main objectives of ASEAN-India
Affairs (MEA) and Department of Science & Science, Technology and Innovation coop- The AIRTF scheme is a fellowship scheme
(AI-RTF) – Technology (DST). The Department of Sci- eration are based on following principles- with the following objectives:
Official Notification ence & Technology is the nodal Department
for execution and implementation of ASE- • Encourage and promote cooperation in • To promote mobility of scientists and
AN-India S&T Cooperation program from science, technology and innovation, in- researchers from the ASEAN Member
Check out the official notification for the Indian side. cluding through joint research activity, States to India and provide them oppor-
ASEAN-India Research Training Fellow- The Plan of Action of the ASEAN-INDIA and development on cross-sectoral ar- tunity to work at Indian R&D/ academ-
ship (AI-RTF) 2018. Biological sciences PARTNERSHIP FOR PEACE, PROGRESS eas such as health, communicable and ic institutions to upgrade their research
candidates apply for the ASEAN-India Re- AND SHARED PROSPERITY (2016-2020), emerging infectious diseases, environ- skills and expertise.
search Training Fellowship. AI-RTF 2018 implements the goals and objectives of the mental management, climate change • To facilitate exchange of information
notification is out. For more details on the ASEAN-India Partnership for Peace, Pro- adaptation and mitigation measures, and contacts between the scientists and
fellowship make sure to check below: gress and Shared Prosperity on 30 November agricultural technologies, alternative researchers of India and ASEAN Coun-
2004 in Vientiane, Lao PDR, and the Vision energy, biodiversity, food processing, tries and create a network for building
Introduction: Statement of the ASEAN-India Commem- advanced materials for development of research collaborations.
orative Summit, adopted by the Leaders of value-added products, and space tech-
India has been the dialogue partner for ASEAN and India on 20 December 2012 in nology and applications;
ASEAN (Association of South East Asian New Delhi, India. Through the implementa- • Encourage and promote cooperation in
Nations) since 1992. In 2012, on the occa- tion of this Plan of Action, ASEAN and India biotechnology including through capac-
sion of 20th anniversary as dialogue partner, will work towards supporting the ASEAN ity building and joint research and de-
India-ASEAN celebrated commemorative Next Page>>>>

April 3rd, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 14

As a spin-off, the Fellowship awardees • Biological and Medical Sciences Technology Division of ASEAN Sec- in his/ her own interest, should make a pri-
may also have opportunity to get co-super- • Chemical Sciences & Engineering retariat with a copy to IMRC Division, or contact with an Indian institution, where
visors from India for their research projects • Computer Science & Engineering Department of Science & Technology in work is in progress in his/ her area of interest,
for Ph.D. or Masters degree on their return to • Physical Sciences and Mathematics the enclosed format along with the fol- or with a concerned scientist in India, and ob-
their home countries. • Ocean, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences lowing enclosures: tain consent that the applicant, if selected for
• Engineering Sciences • Application Form (Annexure-II) the Fellowship, will be accepted to work in
Number of Fellowships: • Materials, Minerals and Metallurgy • Copy of Relevant Pages of Passport the institution on the proposed research pro-
• Science Policy / IPR Management / • Copy of an endorsement from present ject. A copy of such consent letter should be
Initially to start with 100 (One Hundred) Technology Transfer & Commerciali- employer, duly filled in and signed, enclosed with the application.
Fellowships per year shall be awarded to sation along with Signature of the applicant. In this connection, a suggestive list of Indi-
young scientists and researchers from ASE- • Other multi-disciplinary areas of Sci- Take a print out of the format of En- an academic and R&D institutions has been
AN Member States to get affiliated with In- ence, Technology and Innovation in dorsement of Present Employer append- enclosed with this Announcement to help the
dian academic and R&D institutions. These alignment with APASTI. ed at the end of the Application format applicant, but the applicant is free to contact
Fellowships shall be equally distributed and attach a scanned copy of the appro- any other institution in India for his/ her af-
among ASEAN Member Country. Initially, Eligibility and Requirements: priately filled up document along with filiation.
10 Fellowship shall be allocated for each the application form). If the applicant is not able to secure such
ASEAN country. However, this number • Applicant must be holding nationality of • A copy of the letter / email from any In- prior consent, the IMRC Division DST will
could be re-adjusted in accordance with the any of the ASEAN Member State. dian scientist/ institution with consent to facilitate to connect the applicant with a suit-
number of applicants from respective each • Possess at-least a Masters Degree in accept you to work with them, if you get able matching Indian institute on the basis
ASEAN MS. any Natural Sciences or an equivalent selected. of the information provided by the applicant
degree in Technology / Engineering / and the research proposal submitted along
Duration of Fellowships: Medicine / allied disciplines. The application form must be filled up with the application.
• Applicant should be working in a na- only in typed script (NOT HAND WRIT- Securing a prior consent from an Indian
The duration of the Fellowship will be for tional R&D or academic institution in TEN). Incomplete and illegible applications institution/ scientist does not guarantee the
a period of up to six months. A minor var- his/ her home ASEAN Member country. will be rejected. selection of an applicant. All applications
iation in the duration would be allowed on The application should be endorsed by All the enclosures as above must be sub- received will be scrutinised by ASEAN Sec-
recommendations of the Indian host Institute/ the Head of his/ her institution confirm- mitted along with the application. Applica- retariat which in turn shall recommend /for-
University depending upon the actual re- ing that if selected, he/ she will be sanc- tions without any of the enclosures as men- ward the application to IMRC Division DST
quirement of the research project as mutually tioned leave for the Fellowship period tioned at i. to v. above will be rejected. for consideration and support. IMRC Divi-
agreed between the Fellowship holder and and will join his/ her duties back in the sion DST shall make final decision based on
the Indian host institution. institution on completion of the Fellow- 2. Only electronic communication will be the quality of the research proposal submitted
ship in India. accepted and therefore, the complete ap- by the applicant, applicant’s academic merit
Areas in Which Fellowships are Available • The upper age limit for the applicant is plication, in soft form, should be sent as at- and available slots in the Fellowship scheme.
45 years as on date of submission of ap- tachment to the e-mail addresses dimas [dot]
The area/ topic of research for availing plication. adekhrisna [at] asean [dot] org and sharma_rk The applications can be submitted at any
AIRTF must be ASEAN centric and must • Fluency in English language [at] nic [dot] in after scanning the documents time during the year. There is no specific
be aligned with the ASEAN Plan of Action • Indian nationals are not eligible for the wherever required, only in a single soft file deadline for submitting the applications.
on Science, Technology and Innovation Fellowship. (Ms word format or pdf format)
(APASTI)-2016-2025. A copy of the APASTI For More Information About AI-RTF
is placed at Appendix-I. Fellowship will be Submission of Application and Selection Hard copies of the application by post/ program,please contact Mr.Raj Kumar
offered for working in research topics under Criteria: courier/ FAX are neither required nor will Sharma or Mr Dimas Adekhrisna (dimas
any of the following broad disciplines: be considered. [dot] adekhrisna [at] asean [dot] org)
1. The Applicant should submit the appli-
• Agricultural Sciences cation, through email, to the Science & 3. It is strongly advised that the applicant,

part of their lives supporting these causes. • Should be an Indian citizen by the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative
The Foundation provides scholarships to fi- • Candidates studying in the final year of Action policy. The maximum amount for the
nancially challenged young Indians enabling the degree or equivalent may also apply, Fellowship will be upto Rs 3 lakhs per fellow,
them to catapult themselves to a higher eco- provided they are able to submit their which will be payable as a onetime amount.
nomic and social orbit. It fosters emerging tal- final year certificates before May 07th,
ent in the visual and performing arts through 2018. Candidates applying for the Fellowship
Fellowships, performances, exhibitions and • Here are some examples of the fields of are required to satisfy the following criteria
festivals. It is committed to improving the study which may qualify for receiving :
community by funding initiatives in environ- the Fellowship award. Please note, this
ment protection and social upliftment. is not a comprehensive list. To better un- • They must have a first class degree or
The Fellowships aim to support students derstand if your field of study qualifies, equivalent from a recognized Indian
of Indian nationality who have received ac- do write to us at vsdfoundation@gmail. university.
ceptance at a University abroad to pursue com – Click here to view list • They must have secured admission in
Saryu Doshi Post Graduate post-graduation in the field of Liberal Arts • If you satisfy all the above criteria ex- a foreign university of repute, on their
Fellowships – 2018 | (Masters, Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate cept that you are going to an Indian Uni- own merit for a course commencing
or Doctorate). The Fellowships are appli- versity for Post Graduation in the same from August or September or October,
Fellowship Amount : Upto cable to the fields of Humanities, Social areas as the Fellowship email us at vsd- 2018.
Rs 3 Lakh Sciences, Natural Sciences and Mathemat- foundation@gmail.com • Should be an Indian citizen.
ics. If you have any questions while filling • Candidates studying in the final year of
The main aim of the fellowship program is out the application form, please email us the degree or equivalent may also apply,
Post Graduate Fellowships 2018 offered to enhance the higher education by giving an at vsdfoundation@gmail.com. provided they are able to submit their
by Saryu Doshi for candidates from natu- opportunity to academically bright students final year certificates before May 07th,
ral sciences background. Saryu Doshi Post who have a drive to succeed but are unable to The Fellowship Program: 2018.
Graduate Fellowships 2018 with fellow- do so due to their financial challenges. This • Here are some examples of the fields of
ship of up to Rs. 3 Lakh Per fellow for msc is a need-based merit Fellowship and abides General terms and conditions : The Vinod study which may qualify for receiving
natural sciences candidates. Check out the by the Equal Opportunity and Affirmative & Saryu Doshi Foundation initiated these the Fellowship award. Please note, this
official notification for the Saryu Doshi Action policy. The maximum amount for the Fellowships to assist Indian nationals who is not a comprehensive list. To better un-
Post Graduate Fellowships 2018, only on Fellowship will be upto Rs 3 lakhs per fellow, have received acceptance in a University derstand if your field of study qualifies,
Biotecnika given below: which will be payable as a onetime amount. abroad to pursue their post-graduate studies do write to us at vsdfoundation@gmail.
(Masters, Postgraduate diploma/certificate com – Click here to view list
About VSDF: Eligibility: or doctorate) in the field of Liberal Arts & • If you satisfy all the above criteria ex-
Sciences. This includes the Humanities, So- cept that you are going to an Indian Uni-
The Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation is a • They must have a first class degree or cial Sciences, the Natural Sciences and Math- versity for Post Graduation in the same
non-profit charity trust that supports initia- equivalent from a recognized Indian ematics. areas as the Fellowship email us at vsd-
tives in the fields of Art & Culture, Education university. The main aim of the fellowship program is foundation@gmail.com
and Community. It seeks to embody the life- • They must have secured admission in to enhance the higher education by giving an • If you have any questions while filling
long passions and values of Vinod and Saryu a foreign university of repute, on their opportunity to academically bright students
Doshi, who believed that the mind is enriched own merit for a course commencing who have a drive to succeed but are unable to
through education and the spirit through art from August OR September OR Octo- do so due to their financial challenges. This
and culture. They have spent a considerable ber, 2018. is a need-based merit Fellowship and abides Next Page>>>>

Vol. 02 NO 14 April 3rd, 2018.

out the application form, please email us Completing the Application All financial data should be entered in INR fy separately their current situation and
at vsdfoundation@gmail.com. and per annum by referring to the instructions provide / substantiate with necessary
The application is the first means of intro- provided on the form. documents.
Timelines: ducing the candidate to the Foundation and
to the selection committee. Care should be SECTION – V Sources Of Funds For SECTION – IX Checklist of Documents
• January 2018: The Fellowship will be taken to be thorough and neat. All requested Your Education Abroad To Be Attached
announced through various means in- documentation must accompany the applica-
cluding the newspaper, social media tion. This section provides information about This section is a checklist of documents
and informational posters at various your sources of funds for the cost of your ed- without which your applicant will be ineli-
Colleges and Universities in Mumbai SECTION – I Personal Contact Details ucation. gible. Please check these carefully and attach
and Pune. The application form is now Please fill in both sections i.e. ‘Applied’ and all relevant documents as required by the
available on our website www.vsdf.org. This section requests personal information ‘Received’ clearly and transparently so that form
• Candidates are asked to complete an ap- about the applicant and your family, as well we have an understanding of your current fi-
plication form and courier it to the Vinod as your passport size photographs. It is also to nancial position and your plan to bridge the SECTION – X Certification
& Saryu Doshi Foundation at the fol- determine visa status – in case a applicant’s gap between your financial requirements and
lowing address : Vinod & Saryu Doshi visa is rejected before the final award cere- funds received. The final section is a certification by the
Foundation Post Graduate Fellowship, mony, the Fellowship award money will not applicant that the information on the form is
c/o Premier Ltd. , 58 Nariman Bhavan, be awarded to the applicant. SECTION – VI Please Type Answers To true and accurate. The applicant also there-
Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021. The Following Essay Questions by confirms that s/he understands and agrees
• May 07th, 2018: DEADLINE TO RE- SECTION – II Academic Qualifications that the decision of the Vinod & Saryu Doshi
CEIVE COMPLETED APPLICA- This section provides the applicant an op- Foundation in granting the Fellowship is fi-
TIONS. The application form should This section is to provide the applicant’s ed- portunity to articulate in writing some of the nal and binding and the Fellowship is award-
be duly filled and submitted with all the ucational accomplishments. elements regarding the selected degree pro- ed based on their ability to get a visa for their
essential enclosures to the above men- Section 2a – All details for Standard 10, 12 gram. studies abroad.
tioned address before May 07th 2018. and graduation are mandatory for a 10 + 2 + Please fill in your answers online and DO
• June 10th, 2018: The interview date will 3 year education format. In such cases please NOT use separate pieces of paper for each Personal Interviews
be intimated to the shortlisted candi- enter your 10th, 12th and graduation details answer – be conscious of paper wastage!
dates. depending on whether you attended a 3 or 4 Please type your answers. All applicants that have been selected for
• June 19th 2018 onwards: The final inter- year graduation course. In those educational interviews will be notified by phone or email
view of the candidates will take place, formats, which are 10+5 years, please enter SECTION – VII References of their selection. If you do not hear from the
post the final year results your first year graduation details in the 12th Foundation via email or phone with regards
• End of July / beginning of August : Final standard space and the remaining years in the This section requires details of 2 references to an interview (or selection for the grant)
selection announced graduation space provided. In case your fi- who are familiar with either your academ- please consider that for this year we are un-
• August 2018: Awards are presented an- nal year results for your graduation are still ic achievements and/or work experience. A able to support you. We receive a very high
nually. The winners will be invited to awaited – please specify the same according- sealed letter of recommendation should ac- volume of applications so it is not possible
this event. Cheques will be presented at ly against the appropriate year. In case you company each of your references (i.e. total 2 for us to inform every candidate individually.
this time subject to the student having already have a Master’s degree, please fill letters of recommendation). The seventh sec- Please be neatly dressed and presentable.
received a valid student visa from the in the details as per your course in the space tion asks you to identify two references who Carry hard copies of all original certificates
country in question. provided. can affirm with personal knowledge your that we may require for verification. In case
For any enquiries/ questions ONLY you Sections 2b, 2c, 2d and 2e – Kindly follow work and/or educational experiences. there is any additional information left out
may email us at vsdfoundation@gmail.com. the instructions indicated on the form during the written application, the personal
DO NOT CALL the office for queries – ques- SECTION – III Details of Internships or SECTION – VIII Income Tax Summary interviews are a good time to present this in-
tions will only be answered by email. Email Full Time Work Experience, if any Form formation to the panel. Please come prepared
applications will not be accepted. to answer why you deserve this award over
An esteemed panel of experts will review This section provides the applicant an op- This section provides us with income tax other qualified candidates and to answer rel-
all applications and short-list those who ap- portunity to provide information about your information summarized and substantiated evant questions asked by the panelists.
propriately meet the criteria. The shortlisted professional experience. with relevant documents.
candidates are then called for a personal in- The completed and printed Income Tax Remember that this is an opportunity to
terview. Students must appear in person for SECTION – IV Details Of The Program Summary Form needs to be attested by a make a final impression and your answers
the panel interview if they are selected to do For Which You Have Attained Admission Chartered Accountant. matter!
so. No stand-in will be accepted. If the stu- Abroad • If parents are retired, attach a separate
dent is unable to appear on his or her own sheet with Income Tax details of their Courier Application Form by 7th May,
behalf, eligibility is relinquished. In case you This section tells us about which Universi- last taxable income during employment, 2018 at Vinod & Saryu Doshi Foundation,
are not from Mumbai – a Skype call or tele- ties you have applied to and secured admis- along with the IncomeTax details as re- Saryu Doshi Post Graduate Fellowships
phone interview may be conducted with the sion along with relevant financial details. quired. in Liberal Arts & Sciences c/o Premier
selected candidate. This will be at the sole You may enter details of all Universities to • If either you, your parents, or spouse is Ltd. 58 Nariman Bhavan, Nariman Point,
discretion of the selection committee. which you applied, but clearly enter your pre- not working, or below the tax bracket, Mumbai 400021
ferred University in the first row. then enter ‘ 0’ in the fields and speci-

eas, the apply for the 3rd BRICS Young nology and innovation, especially leveraging VISION:
Scientist Conclave Durban, South Africa, young scientific talent for addressing societal
as Per the details giveb below: challenges; creating a networking platform • BRICS Youth connectivity & network-
for BRICS young scientists”, and implement ing to harness their knowledge for re-
DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE & TECH- the instructions of BRICS ministers, the 3rd solving common societal challenges
NOLOGY (DST) (Govt. of India) edition of the BRICS Young Scientist Con- through research and innovation and
Announcement for inviting applications for clave is scheduled to take place in Durban, strengthen advancement of skill & re-
participation in 3rd BRICS Young Scientist South Africa during 25-29 June 2018. search competencies of youth primarily
Conclave Durban, South Africa The Conclave will provide a high-level below the age of 35 years drawn from
(25-29 June 2018) platform of academic and policy exchange Science, Engineering other allied disci-
for talented young scientists as well as sci- plines.
OVERVIEW: entific personnel from BRICS countries to • Building BRICS leadership in S&T
help them grow their skills, broaden their through creative youth with capacity
DST India 3rd BRICS The idea of the BRICS Young Scientist Fo- horizon and improve academic and policy and capability to accelerate change in-
rum was adopted at the 2nd BRICS Science, qualifications, stimulate the interest of talent- dividuality and collectively (BRICS
Young Scientist Conclave – Technology and Innovation (STI) Ministeri- ed young scientists in the strategic research Youth Alumni).
Applications Invited al Meeting. As part of BRICS YS Forum’s of future technologies, direct their attention • Reinforcing BRICS nation’s and region-
activities, the 1st BRICS Young Scientist to the most promising and important field of al STI policies and youth policies, skill
Conclave was held in Bangalore (India) in science and technology, promote exchanges development and entrepreneurship po-
September 2016 and the 2nd edition of the and friendship, expand channels of coopera- lices.
Official Notification for the DST India BRICS YS Conclave was held in Hangzhou, tion, strengthen inter-disciplinary integration,
3rd BRICS Young Scientist Conclave 2018 China during 10-14 July 2017. encourage new academic inspirations, culti-
/ 3rd BRICS Young Scientist Forum 2018 As a follow up of the above and to imple- vate new academic disciplines and produce
has been announced. If you are Doctoral ment the BRICS Leaders’ Declaration on valuable policy advice.
Students or Post-doc or a young faculty “strengthening cooperation in science, tech-
completed the Ph.D degree in certain ar- Next Page>>>>

April 3rd, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 14

LEAD SPONSORS: Funding support: • Provide a platform for young women

scientists and researchers to discuss Seminar on Science Diplomacy, Advice
BRICS STI Coordinating Ministries (De- The International air travel related expenses pertinent issues and challenges in in- and Communication
partment of Science & Technology from In- (airfare, medical insurance, visa fee etc) shall stitutions of higher learning and the
dian side) on the principles of co-ownership be met by the Department of Science & Tech- workplace, in terms of career choices Science diplomacy is key in international
and co-investment. nology whereas the local hospitality ie food, and mobility, and equality and empow- collaborations and indispensable for the de-
accommodation and local transport in South erment; and velopment of young scientists’ careers. The
THEME: Africa etc will be supported by the (MOST • Discuss country perspectives and ap- seminar will seek to contextualise the role
South Africa) for the entire duration of stay proaches on practical solutions to these and importance of science diplomacy, advice
“Building Young Scientists’ Leadership in South Africa. challenges at the institutional and policy and communication in young scientist net-
in Science, Technology and Innovation” levels. works and career development and point to
3rd BRICS YS Conclave Programme: the need to establish a BRICS Young Scien-
The 3rd BRICS YSF under the theme BRICS Young Innovator Prize tists Research Network to enhance communi-
“Building BRICS Youth Leadership through The 3rd BRICS YSF programme will in- cation and coordination of young researchers
Science, Technology and Innovation” will clude the following activities: The BRICS Young Innovator Prize is in in BRICS countries.
highlight the strategic importance of science, special recognition of young talented entre-
technology and innovation as key drivers of • Three Parallel Sessions on the Thematic preneurs and researchers, whose outstanding Selection process:
youth entrepreneurship and leadership. In Areas: Energy, Water and Social science innovations (inventions, products, apps and
addition, the 3rd BRICS YSF will have a • BRICS Young Women in Science Dia- services) will make a profound impact on the The selection of Indian participants for par-
dedicated segment on young women in sci- logue socio-economic environment and conditions ticipating in the BRICS YS Forum 2018 shall
ence and include discussions on crosscutting • BRICS Young Innovator Prize of life in BRICS societies today. be made by an Expert Selection Committee
issues such as science advice, science com- • BRICS Young Programmer Competi- to be constituted by DST. The selection shall
munication and science diplomacy. While tion BRICS Young Programmer Competition be based on the assessment of information
the 3rd BRICS YSF will follow the format • Workshop on Youth Innovation and En- provided by the applicant in the application
of previous forums by having thematic dis- trepreneurship The BRICS Young Programmer Competi- form and the reference letters.
cussions (this year the focus will be on en- • Seminar on Science Diplomacy, Advice tion will invite talented young programmers Up to 30 participants shall be selected by
ergy, water and social science) it will also and Communication from the BRICS countries to use their unique the Department of Science and Technology
include additional new components such as programming talents and skills to solve com- (Govt. of India) and the final list of partici-
the BRICS young innovator prize contest and Parallel Sessions on Thematic Areas: plex problems and challenges of the future pants shall be forwarded to the Department of
the BRICS young programmer competition. under the theme “Programming Tomor- Science & Technology (DST), South Africa.
The parallel thematic sessions will specifi- row’s Solutions”.
Participants & Eligibility: cally address issues related to the following- Submission process and timeline:
topics: Workshop on Youth Innovation and En-
Young bright scientists/ engineers/ technol- trepreneurship A complete set of application consisting of:
ogists/ innovators/ science journalistseduca- • Energy – The Present and Future Energy
tors-science, literacy and popularizing pro- Imperatives of BRICS Economies The workshop on youth innovation and en- a) One complete set of original application
fessional / specialists on translational aspects • Water – The Strategic Importance of trepreneurship will discuss practical experi- duly forwarded by Head of the Institute in
of research and technology integration in so- Water Resources in the Context of Cli- ences and seek to address questions such as prescribed format (Annexure-I) along with a
ciety-market / researchers up to the age of 35 mate Change “how to set up an innovation ecosystem for copy of brief CV must be submitted latest by
years in the areas of Water, Energy and ICT • ICT – The Impact and Challenges of the youth/ and how the BRICS countries 1700 Hrs on 30th April 2018 to:
for societal use. Modern ICT Technologies on Youth can support each other in this strategic en-
The participants must be a Doctoral Stu- Identity and Cultural Choices deavour?” In addition, it will also examine Dr D. Suba Chandran, PhD
dents or Post-doc or a young faculty complet- questions related to the translation of the Professor & Dean
ed the Ph.D degree in the above mentioned BRICS Young Women in Science Dia- research work outcomes of young scientists National Institute of Advanced Studies
areas/ topics. The applicants who have al- logue: into marketable products and services and (NIAS)
ready participated in the previous editions of the creation of sustainable innovative start- Indian Institute of Science Campus
BRICS Young Scientist Conclaves are NOT The BRICS Young Women in Science Dia- ups. An important outcome of the workshop Bangalore-560012, INDIA
eligible to apply. logue will seek to: could be an agreement to set up a platform for Ph: 91-80-22185142 (Office-Direct);
BRICS young innovators.

table water scarcity, environment and climate realised and appreciated that IMPRINT-2 • Continuously monitor and refine the
change, poverty, affordable health care for should be undertaken in a more inclusive challenges and gaps in the various
billions, etc. A vast majority of these tasks manner by expanding the catchment of im- technology domains and map the same
demand engineering intervention and techno- plementing institutions, by adopting a more against the needs and strengths of the
logical innovation. A clarion call was made by demand-driven strategy of solution develop- stakeholder ministries vis-à-vis academ-
the Honourable President and Prime Minister ment and by incorporating the specific exter- ic and R&D institutions
to address all engineering and technological nalities of the states of India so as to make • Align the programmers and projects
challenges faced by the nation through a na- end-user translation and technology adoption with the needs of various industry sec-
tion-wide unique initiative called IMPacting easier. SERB in the DST is proposed to be tors and the States of India in order to
Research INnovation and Technology (IM- made the nodal agency for implementing the achieve end-user translation
PRINT) launched on November 5, 2015 from IMPRINT-2. • Facilitate building capability and com-
the Rashtrapati Bhavan. IMPRINT India petence in identified technology thrust
was a multi-stakeholder mission programme Scope of IMPRINT-2 areas in the various HEIs and universi-
MHRD & DST IMPacting aimed at bridging the gap between scientific ties in order to plug the demand-supply
Research INnovation and knowledgebase created through fundamental In order to simplify and streamline the pro- gap of human resources in specific areas
and applied research and fruitful translation cess, attract wider participation of stakehold- of need.
Technology (IMPRINT-2) – of the same through engineering invention ers including industry and sharpen the focus, • The faculty members and researchers in
Applications Invited and technogical innovation for the betterment a new and revised version of IMPRINT, all Government of India funded Higher
of society. IMPRINT Round 2 has now been envisaged Education Institutions (HEIs), especial-
which will be steered jointly by MHRD and ly IITs/NITs/IISERs/IIITs/CUs, who are
MHRD and DST official notification What is IMPRINT-2? Department of Science & Technology (DST) pursuing research in engineering and
for 2018 IMPacting Research INnovation (through Science and Engineering Research technology are eligible to submit pro-
and Technology (IMPRINT-2). Interested IMPRINT-India initiative was both novel Board, SERB). Core mandate of IMPRINT-2 posals in IMPRINT-2 as the Principal
and eligible can apply online for the call and unique. Despite unprecedented interest, will remain as: Investigator (PI).
via SERB. IMPRINT-2 official call for ap- wide spread enthusiasm and unique scope • IMPRINT-2 shall maintain an appropri-
plications from faculty members and re- and utility of the initiative, a need was felt to • Develop products/processes and viable ate inventory of stakeholder needs and
searchers in all Government of India fund- sharpen the focus, streamline the process of technologies for addressing the identi- map the same against various products/
ed Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), review and allotment, and showcase the fruits fied challenges in the different domains technologies/knowledgebase likely to
check details on the same below: of innovation pursued and achieved through • Formulate and develop focused trans- be developed under the initiative.
IMPRINT in public domain by creating a lational projects against identified tech-
What is IMPRINT? ‘knowledge portal’. Thus, IMPRINT has now nology thrust areas by various stake-
graduated into the next edition, IMPRINT-2, holder ministries
India, a mighty global economy which will with wider scope, simpler guideline for par- • Evolve new technology transfer models
soon be crowned the youngest nation in the ticipation and better synergy among investi- for enabling technology diffusion to in-
world faces multiple daunting challenges in gators, partners and collaborators. It is also dustry and stakeholders
terms of energy/physical/cyber security, po- Next Page>>>>

Vol. 02 NO 14 April 3rd, 2018.

Important features of IMPRINT-2: following points will be given priority during up to 36 months duration. Projects with clear (Manpower,Consumables,Travel,
the project evaluation: translational objective and mandate and with Equipment, Contingency, Overheads),
• Principal objective is to translate knowl- industry support in cash will be preferred. reference materials have to be entered at
edge into viable technology • Projects which address any of the While financial support for project staff, con- the time of proposal submission.
• About 425 projects with up to Rs 2 crore ‘themes’ identified by one of the 10 tingency, consumables and domestic travel is • Biodata of Principal Investigator has to
budget will be supported Technology Domains and ‘topics’ pro- permissible, support under equipment head, be uploaded in single PDF file not more
• MHRD and DST are equal partners to posed by stake holder Ministry or De- particularly for expensive and sophisticated than 10 MB .
steer the scheme partments. equipment purchase and facility creation will
• IMPRINT-2 is open to all MHRD fund- • Projects which qualify as translation- be discouraged. Utilization of funds must Important timeline/dates / Selection and
ed HEIs / CFTIs al research initiatives leading to viable comply with GFR 2017, C&AG audit rules notification:
• 27 ministries of GoI remain partners of technology, prototype or working model and purchase norms of the host institution.
IMPRINT-2 development. The call for submission of preliminary pro-
• Projects with industry support will be • Projects with industry participation or How to Apply: jects proposals for IMPRINT-2 (in prescribed
preferred startup company involvement that may format) will be opened and remain opera-
lead to developing commercially viable For successful online submission of the ap- tional through an on line submission portal
Eligibility products and thereby creating jobs. plication the following points may be noted: (www.serbonline.in) from 23rd March 2018
to 10th April 2018. The PIs of the shortlisted
Who can apply Implementation of IMPRINT-2: • All applications for IMPRINT-2 will projects will be invited after May 11, 2018
be submitted online through SERBOn- to submit the final and detailed project pro-
The faculty members and researchers in all The SERB (Science and Engineering Re- lineportal of SERB. posal (through the same on line portal in a
Government of India funded Higher Educa- search Board) of the Department of Science • Applicant should first register into the prescribed format) within a month. The pro-
tion Institutions (HEIs), especially IITs/NITs/ & Technology (DST) would be the nodal SERBOnline website . click here to reg- posed important time lines are as follows:
IISERs/IIITs/CUs, who are pursuing research agency for implementing the IMPRINT-2 in- ister
in engineering and technology are eligible to itiative working along with the National Co- • After successful registration , user will • Call for proposal: 23 Mar to 10 Apr,
submit proposals in IMPRINT-2 as the Prin- ordinator (Prof. Indranil Manna, IIT Kharag- be sent a confirmation mail on regis- 2018 (submission through on line por-
cipal Investigator (PI).The PIs should be con- pur) of IMPRINT. The SERB will create a tered emaiID .User must click on the url tal)
fident of developing and demonstrating new separate vertical (Steering Committee) under provided in the mail to confirm registra- • Registration of PI: 23 Mar to 10 Apr,
and novel technology solutions borrowing its overall set up with allocated resources and tion. 2018
from already established and documented a time bound action plan for selection, fund- • After log-in, go to Menu –> Proposal • Peer review: 10-30 April, 2018
knowledge base. The following points will be ing and management of research projects un- Submission –> Form Submission. Se- • Review meetings: 1-10 May, 2018
given priority during the project evaluation: der IMPRINT-2. lect scheme “Impacting Research Inno- • Announcement of shortlisted proposals:
vation and Technology (IMPRINT-2)” May 11 (Technology day)
The PIs should be confident of developing Nature and quantum of support: and Click on “Start Submission” button. • Final proposal: June 1-30, 2018
and demonstrating new and novel technolo- • Some of the details of proposal like Co- • Final peer review: July 1-31, 2018
gy solutions borrowing from already estab- Two successive calls for proposal will be is- PI and Collaborator(s) details, Indus- • Final selection: Aug 1-15, 2018
lished and documented knowledge base. The sued during 2018 and 2019 for projects with trial partners, Technical details, Budget


Are you on the look for govt trainee op- • Science Graduate Trainee: • Diploma Trainee relevant discipline.
portunities with a stipend? Then btech, A consolidated amount of Rs. 35,000 per (a) A Diploma in Engineering or Technolo- Science:
bsc biotechnology and microbiology can- month shall be provided. gy in the relevant subject, the details of which
didates are encouraged to apply online for • Diploma Trainee: are provided in Annexure III, granted by a Essential : B.Sc. Chemistry / Microbiology
the trainee vacancies that are available at A consolidated amount of Rs.30,000 per State Council or Board of Technical Educa-
Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Check month shall be provided. tion established by a State Government. How to Apply:
out the details on the same below: (b) A Diploma in Engineering or Technolo-
Educational Qualifications: gy in the relevant subject, the details of which Applications are to be submitted online
Name of the Position : Trainee are provided in Annexure III, granted by a only. Eligible candidates may apply online on
• Graduate Engineer Trainee University. the link provided on BIS website www.bis.
Place : New Delhi Persons having B. Tech in engineering or (c) A Diploma in Engineering or Technol- gov.in, from 26 March 2018 to 25 April 2018.
equivalent in relevant subject, the details of ogy in the relevant subject, the details of
Disciplines : Medical Science which are provided in Annexure I, granted which are provided in Annexure III, granted Note: BIS reserves the right to Revise/Re-
by a University or Institute recognized by the by an Institute recognized by the State Govt. schedule/Cancel/Suspend the process with-
No.of.Posts : 23 (1 and 22 respectively) State Govt. or Central Govt. or Central Govt. as equivalent to (a) and (b) out assigning any reasons. The decision of
• Science Graduate Trainee above. BIS shall be final and no appeal shall be en-
Remuneration : Persons having Graduation in natural tertained.
sciences or equivalent in the relevant subject, Medical:
• Graduate Engineer Trainee: the details of which are provided in Annexure Last date of online application is 25 April
A consolidated amount of Rs. 35,000 per II, granted by a University or Institute recog- Essential – B. Tech (Biomedical Engg /Bi- 2018
month shall be provided. nized by the State Govt. or Central Govt. otechnology) or equivalent qualification in

April 3rd, 2018. Vol. 02 NO 14



MSc biochemistry government jobs va- Qualifications: Position II duly signed and pasted with a recent colour
cant at CPCB – Central Pollution Control passport size photograph in aforesaid men-
Board. Central Pollution Control Board is Essential Qualifications : Post graduate Job Title : Junior Research Fellows (SRF) tioned performa and duly self-attested one set
hiring msc biochemistry candidates for jrf degree in (Bio-Chemistry/ Environmental photocopies of all degree/Academic Qual-
and srf vacancies. CPCB – Central Pollu- Sc.) with NET/GATE qualification. AND 02 No.of.Posts : 05 ification certificates/Mark lists/Experience
tion Control Board Recruitment 2018 for years experience in relevant field (preference Certificate etc. should be attached with this
msc candidates. Check the details on the will be given to the candidate having expe- Monthly Emoluments : Rs.25000 PM + form. Candidates will be required to produce
same below: rience in the field related to qualitative and HRA (as Per DST norms.) Certificates/Testimonials in original at the
quantitative assessment of physico-chemical time of interview. Registration shall close at
Central Pollution Control Board and biological and environmental parameters Qualifications: the scheduled time, therefore, candidates are
(Ministry of Environment, Forest & Cli- for surface water bodies, ETP/STP/CETP, advised to reach the venue 15 minuted before
mate Change) ‘Parivesh Bhawan’ East Ar- ground water Environment, Industrial Pollu- Essential Qualifications : Post graduate the scheduled time.
jun Nagar, Shahdara, tion abatement, Prevention & Control having degree in Basic Sciences (Bio-Chemistry/
Delhi-110032. exposure in sugar, paper & pulp, tannery, Environmental Sc.) with NET/GATE quali- Walk-In Details:
distillery and textile, Inventorisation of pol- fication.
Position I lution sources, working experience in NABL • Date of Interview – 07th April, 2018
accredited environmental laboratory, envi- How to Apply: • Registration Time – 10:00 AM – 11:00
Job Title : Senior Research Fellows (SRF) ronmental data management, analysis, vali- AM (Candidates reporting after 11:00
dation, interpretation and inference). The eligible/qualified candidates can AMwill not be allowed for interview)
No.of.Posts : 05 “WALK IN FOR INTERVIEW” at the ven- • Venue of Interview – Central Pollution
ue, on date and time mentioned below. While Control Board, Parivesh Bhawan, East
Monthly Emoluments : Rs.28000 PM + appearing for interview, the candidates are Arjun Nagar, Near Karkardooma Court,
HRA (as Per DST norms.) required to submit an APPLICATION FORM Shahdara, Delhi – 110032.



ICT – Institute of Chemical Technology How to Apply: with cover letter, Curriculum vitae.
is hiring freshers from an msc microbi- Sponsor : DBT-CEB/Technology Transfer
ology and biotechnology background for The project fellow will be appointed initially The interview will be held on 6th April, 2018
Research Assistant vacancies. Institute of Remuneration/Fellowship : Rs. 15,000/- for one year and the tenure may be extend- at 2.00 p.m. in DBT-ICT Centre for Energy
Chemical Technology recruitment 2018 p.m. ed based on performance for the subsequent Biosciences, Institute of Chemical Technol-
for msc candidates. Freshers jobs for msc period. All appointments are terminated with ogy, Matunga, Mumbai 400019. Selection
candidates at ICT. Check out details on Qualifications: end of the project. will be based on an interview conducted by a
the recruitment below: committee. The recommendation of the com-
Position I – Masters in Microbiology ( Expe- Interested candidates should send their appli- mittee will be final.
Job Title : Research Assistant rience : Fresher – trained for microbial isola- cations including cover letter, Curriculum
tion & culture maintenance) vitae by email (research.assistant@staff.ict- No TA/DA will be provided to appear for this
No.of.Posts : 02 mumbai.edu.in). Please mention in the sub- interview.
Position II – Masters in Microbiology/Bio- ject of email “Application for the post of Re-
Project Title : “Research & Development technology, M.Tech.(Bioprocess Technolo- search Assistant” Application Deadline – before 31st
of Chloroplast Derived Enzyrne Mixtures” gy) & Project Name : March,2018
M.Chem.Engg. (Experience : Fresher) DBT-CEB/Gencrest LLP. The applications
Principal Investigator : Prof. A. M. Lali should reach before 31st March,2018 along