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Mid 3

1. Amazon EC2 is an _______________ service that provides ___________________
capacity in the cloud. [IaaS , Elastic compute ]
2. _______________ cloud is a combination of private/public cloud resources. [hybrid]
3. _____________________ migration is the movement of virtual machine from one
physical host to another while being powered on. [live]
4. ______________ is the migration of a powered-off virtual machine. [cold/regular]
5. _______________ is a .NET based platform and framework designed for building and
deploying distributed applications on clouds. [Manjrasoft Aneka]
6. RESERVIOR means ____________________. [resources and services virtualization
without barriers]
7. SLA means ____________. [service level agreements]
8. __________ is PaaS cloud that provides a complete web service environment. [Google
App Engine]
9. Salesforce is _____________ cloud that offers customer relations management software
as a service. [SaaS]
10. RVWS means ____________________ – Resources Via Web Services
11. Dynamic attributes are categorized into _______________ and __________ . [state,
12. WSDL means _________________ Web Service Description Language.
13. CaaS means _____________________________ . [Cluster as a Service]
14. S3 means ____________ Simple Storage Service]
15. _______________ is an autonomic computing engine for cloud and grid environments.
16. T-systems is one of ___________ largest __________ service providers. [Europe’s , ICT]
17. The workflow system comprises the __________ and ______ . [workflow engine,
resource broker]
18. WfMS means _______________ Workflow Management System
19. SAGA means ______ Simple API for Grid Applications.

20. VEEH means _______ Virtual Execution Environment Host
21. VEEM means ______ Virtual Execution Environment Manager
22. SLO means _______ Service Level Objectives
23. SLA can be modeled using ___________________ language specification. [Web
Service-Level agreement]
24. __________________ and ____________ are types of SLAs. [Infrastructure SLA ,
25. How many phases are there in the life cycle of SLA. [5]
26. DAGMan means ________________ Directed Acyclic Graph MANager.
27. ICT stands for ____________________ Information Communication Technologies]
28. Cluster is comprised of three elements : ______________ , ___________ ,
________________ . [ nodes, data storage , middleware]
29. Characteristic attributes cover the ________________ features of the service. [
operational ]
30. ___________ attribute indicates how many nodes in the cluster are busy and how many
are idle. [state]
31. The connector has _______________ logical modules. [detection, decision and
32. Aneka is ____________________ middleware for deploying ___________ offerings.
[distributed, platform-as-a-service]
33. WSDL document created by ________________ RVWS web services
34. In _______ load balancing algorithm the front-end is unaware of type of client and
request. class-agnostic [class-agnostic]
35. In ___________ load balancing algorithm, the front end must inspect the type of service.
36. Define “Grid on cloud”.
37. Define “Cloud on Grid”.
38. Define “cloud bridging”.
39. Define “cloud bursting”.
40. CROPS framework stands for _______________ . [Culture, Rewards, Organization and
Structures, Process, Skills and Competencies]
41. _______________ integrates public and private clouds. [ Aneka]
42. ____________ systems are used for a variety of business applications that differ by
version and functionality such as customer relationship management and enterprise
source planning. [SAP]
43. Name some of the basic principles of Cloud Computing. [Federation, elasticity, trust,
independence, isolation]
44. Name the two actors in federated cloud computing model. [Service Providers (SPs ),
Infrastructure Providers]
45. Name some of the external threats in federated cloud model.
46. Name the five driving factors for change encapsulated by the framework. [Economic,
Legal, Environmental, Technology developments and innovation, Sociocultural]
47. Name the three stages of Lewin’s Change Management Model. [Unfreeze,
Transition, and Refreeze.]
48. What are the sequential sub processes in Deming Cycle. [Plan, Do, Study , Act]
50. What Is an Information Card?
Information cards permit a user to present to a Web site or other service (relying party) one or more claims,
in the form of a software token, which may be used to uniquely identify that user.