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RAPSODIE for Eb Alto Saxophone and Piano (op. 108B) Paul Creston RAPSODIE for Eb Alto Saxophone and Organ was commissioned by and dedicated to Jean- Marie Londeix and premiered by him in London at the World Saxophone Congress of 1976 It is the fourth work the composer has written for the Saxophone, the other three being SUITE for Eb Alto Saxophone and Piano, SONATA for Eb Alto Saxophone and Piano, of which there have been eight recordings, and CONCERTO for Eb Alto Saxophone and Orchestra or Symphon- ic Band, Paul Creston, one of the most widely performed composers of the century, was born in New York in 1906 of Italian parentage. Although he began to write music at the age of eight, he wavered between literature and music as a life work until the age of twenty-six, when Opus 1 - Five Dances for piano - came to light, marking the beginning of a highly prolific and successful career. Completely self-taught in harmony, counterpoint, orchestration and composition, Paul Creston has contributed a full range of music with over one hundred major works. Piano compositions, songs, chamber music for various instrumental combinations, choral works, cantatas, an oratorio, ten symphonic band works, over thirty-five orchestral works (which include five symphonies and fifteen concertos) have placed him in the front rank of American composers and brought him international acclaim. Many of his works have been recorded and an even greater number have been commissioned by important individuals and organizations. His numerous honors and awards include the Music Critics’ Circle Award for Symphony No. 1, First Prize in the Paris International Referendum of 1962 also for Symphony No. 1. the Alice M. Ditson Award for Poem for Harp and Orchestra, Music Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters and two Guggenheim Fellowship awards Combined with his prodigious life of musical composition, including numerous scores for radio, television and films, Paul Creston has been active as pianist. organist, conductor. teacher and lecturer. His lecture tours have taken him to colleges and universities throughout the country and as far as Israel and Turkey. He is the author of three text books: Principles of Rhythm, Creative Harmony and Rational Metric Notation. Paul Creston’s impressive body of work represents a magnificent legacy to future generations of musicians and music lovers. The Publisher LA150 $12.00 Duration: Approximately 10 minutes RAPSODIE for Eb Alto Saxophone and Organ, Opus 108A, (LA155) is available from the publisher. Shawnee Press, Inc34, Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327 2 mon cher ami. Jean-Marie Londe Bh Alto Saxophone RAPSODIE for E> Alto Saxophone and Organ or Piano Paul Creston, Op. 108 Se ceiere ae a es oi Be f ritard. © dim. é ee = = = - nm erese. a poco a poco Fifeetin CRE eo oe _ = tet Oo - ee f ‘ini, molto > pe ee tee niaieeete ‘erese. a poco a poco Copyright © 1978, Templeton Publishing AA Division of Shawnee Press, Inc. International Copyright Secured All Rights Reserved 1G AGENT: SHAWNEE PRESS, INC_ DELAWARE WATER GAP.PA 15327 E> Alto Saxophone 3 SSP accel malo © res 5 So vitardande Allegretto J =e.60 a eae = s erese. a poco d poco oe Eb Alto Saxophone = 4 (69) fe Eg ee SS ca fete $3 = ; dim. @ po%0 a poco fiers Fb Alo Saxophone - 5 meno mosso Jaecss gag fn] ier] espressivo (Pian oF Organ) or pitt espressivo mp BP ‘nando tard. ‘cel. @ poco a poco 2p % Revised notation for the traditional 6/8 | aaa eee Be Alto Saxophone -6: Eb Alto Saxophone -7 Slchehee 5 ao be = 2 = ~ ove SSP tress. «poco a .f2 .£% FRE o Fitard. solo meno mosso J-c.112 Ite» Tf ribara rit accel Fike virard IP “"RAPSODIE. for Eb Alto Saxophone and Piano Paul Creston, Op. 108 B Maestoso 4: Eb Alto ee saxophone ES Maestoso J=c.72 Tempo I a8 a ritard. © dim Tempo I ritard, LD espressivo Contight ©1978, Terpleion Publishing ‘A Division of Shawnee Press, ne. Incrational Copyright Ses SOLESELLING AGENT: SHAWNEF HESS Ine net crese. a poco @ poco — Pama erese. a poco a poo # -——___—| Z| Need oaeery rial a oe r Eas PA jae a 5 = Ji SSS eS Tr a tempo J-c.58 deers meno mosso J-<.40 meno MOsso_J- ¢.80 eae ee een x =a