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First of all, give thank’s to ALLAH who has given us mercy and blessing, so we can

attend and gather in this class.

Secondly, salawat and salam let’s us deliver for our prophet Muhammad SAW, who has
bring us from the darkness to the lightness, from the stupidity to the cleverness, from the
jahiliyah era to islamiyah era.
Ok my friend and my lecturer, before I give the tittle my speech in this morning I want to
tell you a short story, please listen carefully.”at the small house, there live a husband and his
wife. The husband has ugly face, dark skin, curly hair, but he is a rich men, and his wife has
beautiful face, straight hair, light skin, pointed nose, small lips. At the time, the wife talk to her
husband :
Wife : dear, did you know, we are the lucky couple???
Husband : oh. . . of course, you are lucky, because you get rich man like me, you can buy
everything what you want.
Wife : no...no...not like that, I’am said, we are lucky couple because we can enter to
paradise together.
Husband : um...... are you sure ??? why you say like that ??
Wife : yes, I’am sure, do you know why ??? because I always patient when I get a
husband who has ugly face like you, and you must be grateful to ALLAH because
you can get a wife that who has beautiful face, good body, and good attitude like
me.and in Al-Quran said “ the people who always patient and grateful will enter
the paradise” (laugh)
The husband suddenly fall silent.”
Ok, the topic for my speech in this morning is “Patient and Grateful”
In our life, between happiness and sadness always come alternately. Sometimes we get
happiness, but the other time, we get sadness. Because that, ALLAH SWT give us the best
solution to face many problem in our life and to be closer to ALLAH. The solution is patient and
grateful. By this solution ALLAH want to make us as the servant of ALLAH has same
opportunity to be closer to ALLAH and get mercy, blessing, etc. for the people who was given
mercy or blessing, grateful is the way to get closer to ALLAH and the people who get proplem,
patient is one of the media to get closer to ALLAH.
We can imagine patient and grateful as a people who is walking, between the left and
right are always alternately. In normally, we will never found the people who walking that
always use the right foot in front, or the left foot always at behind.
ALLAH will added mercy or blessing for the people who are always grateful to ALLAH.
Al-Ghazali make an analogy : all of mercy that given by ALLAH is a pets and grateful is his
soulmate, if the animals are merried of course they will produce many offspring, as well as the
patient which when we combined with grateful also will produce more mercy, as ALLAH said :
7.” and (remember) when your lord proclaimed : “if you give thank’s (by accepting faith and
worshipping none but ALLAH), I will give you more (of my blessing), but if you are thankless
(i.e disbelievers), verily ! my punishment is indeed severe” (Qs : Ibarahim -7)
So my friends, let’s us applied this characteristic in our life in order to be get closer to
ALLAH and in order to we get more mercy and blessing from our GOD, ALLAH SWT.
And then finally, as human being I realize that I can’t avoid the mistakes, so I apologize
to you all, and I don’t forget to say thank’s so much for your nice attention. Akhirul kalam,
assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatu.