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Journal Table 2

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A. What are the specific important C. How do specific arguments made by

societal factors that serve as resources and Eric Jensen or any other scholars used

challenges impacting the leaning of the on any of the 6 poverty analyses

learner(s) you are studying in your clinical shape your present thinking about

setting? working with impoverished learners?

One societal factor that I believe serve as a Eric Jensen’s main argument is the, “Students

resource to the students’ would be institutional from low-income households are more likely

practices. Institutional practices include a to struggle with engagement…” (Jensen 24).

multitude of services but I believe the school This initial argument made me think a little

system itself serves the students in an be more about working with students who are

incredibly positive way. I have noticed from impoverished. In fact, Hannah and Kevin

conversations that I have had with Hannah and both come from lower income families. I

Kevin that home life can be quite hectic and think this shapes my thinking because it

overwhelming at times. I believe that school it forces me to become more understanding and

a positive place for them to come to because it open minded. It allows me to look at it from a

provides structure and positive supports, such different perspective, as well as, helps me

as my co teacher. A child need structure and think about more than just the students

the institutional practices that they have behavior and more about what is causing the

available to them. On the other hand, like behavior. I liked the different explanations

previously mentioned their home lives can be Jensen gave like the hope and growth

pretty hectic. I relate this to the societal factor mindset. This is my personal favorite section
of household dynamics. Hannah and Kevin did of his article. I was able to take a lot away

not get to elaborate too much on their home from this section and it helped me understand

lives besides the fact that it is generally pretty that students need someone to push them to

crazy and overwhelming at times. This could have a positive outlook especially when they

be considered a challenge to them because it do not receive that kind of support at home.

could possibly take away from their Overall, Jensen’s argument changed and

homework time. This could also create stress improved my present way of thinking and

on the students and lead them to not having a working with impoverished learners.

positive attitude when coming to school and D. How do you see your Cooperating

this could ultimately affect their academics. Teacher addressing students’

B. What developmental and/or learning development of “soft skills” and any

theorists learned in EDFD 401 can be 21st Century Framework Skills

used to argue why these specific discussed?

Important Societal Factors are In my clinical experience my co teacher does

significant? a wonderful job of addressing “soft skills.” A

I think that Daniel Goleman’s theory on few that she really focuses on problem

emotional intelligence relates well to the solving skill and a strong work ethic. She has

important societal factors. I think that the many signs around her room reminding the

positive impact the school (institutional students of these skills and is constantly

practices) provides for the students I am reminding them of them as well. There are

observing allows them to build their emotional also many other soft skills enforced more

intelligences. For example, I think that the informally and the students seem to respond

positive environment my co teacher creates well to this.

allows students to better understand how to E. How do you see how your

self-motivate. My co teacher encourages each cooperating teacher demonstrated any

student individually and it allows them to of the concrete strategies for working

build the skills to motivate themselves. I think with impoverished learners that you

that Goleman makes these specific factors learned from your outside social class

relevant because the child’s emotional scholar OR as identified by your

intelligence is affected by their opportunities classmates’ outside scholar discussed

to learn and these opportunities can be greatly in their specific Poverty Analysis

impacted by institutional practices and by their Discussions?

household dynamics. I see my cooperating teacher demonstrate

multiple concrete strategies for working with

impoverished learners. She works very hard

at building relationships of respect with each

student. She greets each student individually

every class period and makes sure to have

individual conversations to check in on the

each student. Whether the students comes

from an impoverished background or not she

always makes sure to build these strong

respect-filled relationships.