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‫ت ْالقُ ْر ٰانَ فَا ْستَ ِع ْذ‬ َ ْ‫فَ ِاذَا قَ َرأ‬

‫الر ِج ِيم‬
َّ ‫ان‬ِ ‫ط‬ َ ‫ش ْي‬ َّ ‫اّٰلل ِمنَ ال‬
ِ ‫ِب ه‬
(Fa-itha qara/ta alqur-ana
faistaAAith biAllahi mina
alshshaytani alrrajeemi)

NOW whenever thou

happen to read this
Qur'an, seek refuge
with God from Satan,
the accursed.


The Quran is the word of Allah, the Lord of the

worlds, God the One. The Quran was revealed
miraculously to last prophet Muhammad (peace
be upon him) by Allah (God) through angel Jibril

Muslims believe all of the prophets from the

first man and prophet Adam to last prophet
Muhammed, including Noah, David, Mose and
Jesus. They are all the messangers of Allah and
they told the message of Allah to people.

It is impossible to involve the whole meaning of

the Quran by any single translation.

This study enables reading and comparing

more than one translations of the Quran in one
single book. One of the translations is a word
by word translation which helps you to see the
translation of each word. By comparing more
than one translations you can better understand
the message of the Quran.

The word for word meanings can be read from

left to right.

Hope this work be beneficial to you, while

studying the meaning of the Quran.

Surah No Surah No Surah No
A’la 87 (Chapter)
Ibrahim 14 (Chapter)
Nuh 71
A’raf 7 Ikhlas 112 Nur 24
Aal-i Imran 3 Infitar 82 Qadar 97
Abasa 80 Insan 76 Qaf 50
Adiyah 100 Inshiqaq 84 Qalam 68
Ahqaf 46 Inshirah 94 Qamar 54
Ahzab 33 Isra’ 17 Qari’ah 101
Alaq 96 Jathiyah 45 Qasas 28
An’am 6 Jinn 72 Qiyamah 75
Anbiya’ 21 Jum’ah 62 Quraish 106
Anfal 8 Kafirun 109 Ra’d 13
Ankabut 29 Kahf 18 Rahman 55
Asr 103 Kauthar 108 Rum 30
Balad 90 Layl 92 Saba’ 34
Baqarah 2 Luqman 31 Sad 38
Bayinah 98 Ma’arij 70 Saf 61
Buruj 85 Ma’idah 5 Saffah 37
Dhuha 93 Ma’un 107 Sajdah 32
Dukhan 44 Maryam 19 Shams 91
Dzariyah 51 Masad 111 Shu’ara’ 26
Fajr 89 Mu’minun 23 Shura 42
Falaq 113 Mudaththir 74 Taghabun 64
Fat’h 48 Muhammad 47 Ta-Ha 20
Fatihah 1 Mujadilah 58 Tahrim 66
Fatir 35 Mulk 67 Takathur 102
Fil 105 Mumtahana 60 Takwir 81
Furqan 25 Munafiqun
h 63 Talaq 65
Fussilat 41 Mursalat 77 Tariq 86
Ghafar 40 Mutaffifin 83 Taubah 9
Ghashiyah 88 Muzammil 73 Tin 95
Hadid 57 Naba’ 78 Tur 52
Haj 22 Nahl 16 Waqi’ah 56
Haqqah 69 Najm 53 Ya-Sin 36
Hashr 59 Naml 27 Yunus 10
Hijr 15 Nas 114 Yusuf 12
Hud 11 Nasr 110 Zalzalah 99
Hujurat 49 Nazi’at 79 Zukhruf 43
Humazah 104 Nisa’ 4 Zumar 39
No Surah No Surah No Surah

1 Fatihah 39 Zumar 77 Mursalat

2 Baqarah 40 Ghafar 78 Naba’
3 Aal-i Imran 41 Fussilat 79 Nazi’at
4 Nisa’ 42 Shura 80 Abasa
5 Ma’idah 43 Zukhruf 81 Takwir
6 An’am 44 Dukhan 82 Infitar
7 A’raf 45 Jathiyah 83 Mutaffifin
8 Anfal 46 Ahqaf 84 Inshiqaq
9 Taubah 47 Muhammad 85 Buruj
10 Yunus 48 Fat’h 86 Tariq
11 Hud 49 Hujurat 87 A’la
12 Yusuf 50 Qaf 88 Ghashiya
13 Ra’d 51 Dzariyah 89 Fajr
14 Ibrahim 52 Tur 90 Balad
15 Hijr 53 Najm 91 Shams
16 Nahl 54 Qamar 92 Layl
17 Isra’ 55 Rahman 93 Dhuha
18 Kahf 56 Waqi’ah 94 Inshirah
19 Maryam 57 Hadid 95 Tin
20 Ta-Ha 58 Mujadilah 96 Alaq
21 Anbiya’ 59 Hashr 97 Qadar
22 Haj 60 Mumtahanah 98 Bayinah
23 Mu’minun 61 Saf 99 Zalzalah
24 Nur 62 Jum’ah 100 Adiyah
25 Furqan 63 Munafiqun 101 Qari’ah
26 Shu’ara’ 64 Taghabun 102 Takathur
27 Naml 65 Talaq 103 Asr
28 Qasas 66 Tahrim 104 Humazah
29 Ankabut 67 Mulk 105 Fil
30 Rum 68 Qalam 106 Quraish
31 Luqman 69 Haqqah 107 Ma’un
32 Sajdah 70 Ma’arij 108 Kauthar
33 Ahzab 71 Nuh 109 Kafirun
34 Saba’ 72 Jinn 110 Nasr
35 Fatir 73 Muzammil 111 Masad
36 Ya-Sin 74 Mudaththir 112 Ikhlas
37 Saffah 75 Qiyamah 113 Falaq
38 Sad 76 Insan 114 Nas
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali
1 َِِ =(of).Allah,
ِ‫= ِبس ِْم‬In.(the).name ‫اّلل‬ In the name
of God, the
In the name of In the name
God, The Most of Allah,
ِِ ٰ‫الر ْحم‬
‫ن‬ َ =the.Most.Gracious, Lord of Gracious, The Most Graci-
Mercy, the Dispenser of ous, Most
ِِ ‫الر ِح‬
‫يم‬ َ =the.Most.Merciful. Giver of Grace: Merciful.

‫= ْال َح ْم ِد‬All.praises.and.thanks
1. Praise be- All praise is Praise be to
longs to due to God Allah, the
َِ ِ =(be).to.Allah, ‫ب‬ ِِ ‫(= َر‬the).Lord God, Lord of alone, the Sus- Cherisher
َِ‫(= ْالعِٰلَ ِمين‬of.all).the.worlds. the Worlds, tainer of all the and Sustai-
worlds, ner of the
1. the Lord of The Most Gra- Most Graci-
3 ِ‫الر ْحمٰ ِن‬
َ =The.Most.Gracious, Mercy, the cious, the Dis- ous, Most
ِِ ‫الر ِح‬
‫يم‬ َ =the.Most.Merciful. Giver of penser of Gra- Merciful;
Mercy, ce,
4 ِ‫=مٰ ِل ِك‬Master ‫(= َي ْو ِِم‬of.the).Day Master of the Lord of the Master of the
Day of Jud- Day of Judg- Day of
ِِ ‫(=الد‬of).[the].Judgment.
‫ِين‬ gement. ment! Judgment.
5 َِ ‫= ِإي‬You.Alone ِ‫=نَ ْعبد‬we.worship, Itworship;
‫َاك‬ is You we Thee alone do Thee do we
it is we worship; worship, and
َِ ‫= َوإِي‬and.You.Alone
‫َاك‬ You we ask and unto Thee Thine aid we
for help. alone do we seek.
ِ‫=نَ ْست َ ِعين‬we.ask.for.help. turn for aid.

‫=ا ْه ِدنَا‬Guide.us
1. Guide us to Guide us the Show us the
the straight straight way. straight way,
َِ ‫الص ٰر‬
‫ط‬ ِ =(to).the.path, path:
َِ ‫= ْالم ْست َ ِق‬the.straight.
َِ ‫ص ٰر‬
1. the path of The way of The way of
7 ‫ط‬ ِ =(The).path those You those upon those on
َِ‫(=الَذِين‬of).those have bles- whom Thou whom Thou
َِ ‫=أ َ ْن َع ْم‬You.have.bestowed.(Your).
‫ت‬ sed, those hast bestowed
who incur no Thy blessings,
hast bes-
towed Thy
Favors ‫م‬ ِْ ‫علَ ْي ِه‬َ =on.them, anger and not of those Grace, those
who have who have whose (por-
ِِ ‫غي‬
‫ْر‬ َ =not.(of) not gone ast- been condem- tion) is not
ِِ ‫= ْال َم ْغضو‬those.who.earned.(Yo
‫ب‬ ray. ned (by Thee),
nor of those
wrath, and
who go not
ur).wrath ‫م‬ ِْ ‫علَ ْي ِه‬
َ =on.themselves, who go astray! astray.
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not
َِ‫ضا ٓ ِلين‬َ ‫(=ال‬of).those.who.go.astray.
‫=ا ٓل ِٓم‬Alif.Laam.Meem
2. Alif Lam Mim Alif. Lam. Mim. A.L.M.

َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬That ِ‫(= ْال ِك ٰتب‬is).the.Book,

2. This is the THIS DIVINE This is the
2 ‫ك‬ Scripture in WRIT - let the- Book; in it is
َِ =no ‫ْب‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َري‬doubt ‫= ِفي ِِه‬in.it, which there re be no doubt guidance su-
is no doubt, about it is re, without
‫=هدًى‬a.Guidance containing (meant to be) doubt, to
َِ‫= ِل ْلمت َ ِقين‬for.the.God-conscious. guidance for a guidance for those who
those who all the God- fear Allah;
are mindful conscious.
of God,

2. who believe Who believe in Who believe
in the un- (the existence in the Un-
َِ‫=يؤْ ِمنون‬believe seen, keep of) that which seen, are
ِِ ‫= ِب ْالغَ ْي‬in.the.unseen,
‫ب‬ up the pra- is beyond the steadfast in
yer, and give reach of hu- prayer, and
َِ‫= َوي ِقيمون‬and.establish out of what man percep- spend out of
We have tion, and are what We ha-
َ ‫ص ٰلوِة‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.prayer, provided for constant in ve provided
them; prayer, and for them;
‫= َو ِم َما‬and.out.of.what spend on ot-
‫= َرزَ ْق ٰنه ِْم‬We.have.provided.them hers out of
what We pro-
َِ‫=ين ِفقون‬they.spend. vide for them
as sustenance;

َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬And.those.who
2. those who And who beli- And who be-
believe in eve in that lieve in the
َِ‫=يؤْ ِمنون‬believe ٓ ‫= ِب َمِا‬in.what the revela- which has Revelation
tion sent been bes- sent to thee,
َِ ‫نز‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫(=أ‬is).sent.down ‫ْك‬ َِ ‫= ِإلَي‬to.you down to you towed from on and sent be-
ٓ ‫= َو َمِا‬and.what (Muham- high upon fore thy time,
mad), and in thee, (O Prop- and (in their
َِ ‫نز‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫=أ‬was.sent.down what was het,) as well as hearts) have
َِ ‫قَ ْب ِل‬.‫= ِمن‬before.you,
‫ك‬ sent before
you, those
in that which the assuran-
was bestowed ce of the He-
‫= َو ِب ْاْل َ ِخ َرِِة‬and.in.the.Hereafter who have before thy ti- reafter.
firm faith in me: for it is
‫=ه ِْم‬they َِ‫=يو ِقنون‬firmly.believe. the Hereaf- they who in
ter. their innermost
are certain of
the life to co-

ِ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓئِ َك‬Those ‫ع ٰلى‬

2. Such people It is they who They are on
5 َ =(are).on are following follow the gui- (true) gui-
‫=هدًى‬Guidance ‫= ِمن‬from their Lord's dance (which dance, from
guidance comes from their Lord,
‫= َر ِب ِه ِْم‬their.Lord, and it is they their Sustainer; and it is the-
َِ ِ‫= َوأ ْو ٰلٓئ‬and.those.- ِ‫=هم‬they
‫ك‬ who will and it is they, se who will
prosper. they who' shall prosper.
َِ‫(= ْالم ْف ِلحون‬are).the.successful.one attain to a
s. happy state!

ِ‫= ِإ َن‬Indeed, َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who As

2. for those BEHOLD, as As to those
who disbeli- for those who who reject
‫= َكفَروا‬disbelieve[d], eve, it ma- are bent on Faith, it is the
kes no diffe- denying the same to
ِ‫س َوآء‬ َ =(it).is.same ‫علَ ْي ِه ِْم‬
َ =to.them rence whet- truth - it is all them whet-
‫= َءأَنذَ ْرتَه ِْم‬whether.you.warn.them her you warn one to them her thou
them or not: whether thou warn them or
‫=أ َ ِْم‬or ‫=لَ ِْم‬not they will not warnest them do not warn
‫=تنذ ِْره ِْم‬you.warn.them, ‫ل‬ َِ =not believe. orwarn dost not
them; they
will not belie-
َِ‫=يؤْ ِمنون‬they.believe. they will not ve.

َ .‫= َخت َ َِم‬Allah.has.set.a.seal

2. God has se- God; has sea- Allah hath
7 ِ‫اّلل‬ aled their led their hearts set a seal on
‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =on ‫=قلوبِ ِه ِْم‬their.hearts hearts and and their hea- their hearts
‫عل ى‬ ٰ َ ‫= َو‬and.on
their ears, ring, and over and on their
and their their eyes is a hearing, and
‫س ْم ِع ِه ِْم‬ َ =their.hearing, eyes are co- veil; and on their eyes
vered. They awesome suf- is a veil;
ِٓ ‫عل‬
‫ى‬ ٰ َ ‫= َو‬and.on will have fering awaits great is the
‫=أَبْصٰ ِر ِه ِْم‬their.vision great tor-
them. penalty they
ِ‫(= ِغ ٰش َوة‬is).a.veil.
‫= َولَه ِْم‬And.for.them
ِ‫عذَاب‬ َ =(is).a.punishment
ِ‫ع ِظيم‬ َ =great.
ِ ِ َ‫=الن‬the.people
2. Some peop- And there are Of the people
8 َِ‫= َو ِمن‬And.of ‫اس‬ le say, 'We people who there are
‫(= َمن‬are.some).who ِ‫=يَقول‬say, believe in say, "We do some who
God and the believe in God say: "We be-
‫`= َءا َمنَا‬We.believed ‫اّلل‬ َِِ ِ‫=ب‬in.Allah Last Day,' and the Last lieve in Allah
when really Day," the while and the Last
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= َو ِب ْال َي ْو ِم‬and.in.the.Day they do not they do not

Day;" but
(really). belie- they do not
‫[= ْاْل َ ِخ ِِر‬the].Last,` ‫= َو َما‬but.not ve. (really) belie-
َِ‫(=بِمؤْ ِمنِين‬are).believers.(at.all).
ََِ .َِ‫=ي ٰخدِعون‬They.seek.to.deceiv
2. They seek to They would Fain would
9 ‫اّلل‬ deceive God deceive God they deceive
e.Allah َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬and.those.who and the beli- and those who Allah and
evers but have attained those who
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d], ‫= َو َما‬and.not they only to faith-the believe, but
َِ‫=يَ ْخدَعون‬they.deceive deceive while they de- they only de-
themselves, ceive none but ceive them-
َِٓ ‫= ِإ‬except ‫سه ِْم‬
‫ل‬ َ ‫=أَنف‬themselves, though they themselves, selves, and
do not reali- and perceive it realise (it)
‫= َو َما‬and.not ze it. not. not!
َِ‫=يَ ْشعرون‬they.realize.(it).
2. There is a In their hearts In their he-
10 ‫= ِفى‬In ‫=قلوبِ ِهم‬their.hearts disease in is disease, and arts is a di-
ِ‫(= َم َرض‬is).a.disease, their hearts, so God lets sease; and
to which God their disease Allah has inc-
َِ .ِ‫=فَزَ ادَهم‬so.Allah.increased.the has added increase; and reased their
m ِ‫ضا‬ ً ‫(= َم َر‬in).disease; more: agoni- grievous suffe- disease: And
zing torment ring awaits grievous is
‫= َولَه ِْم‬and.for.them awaits them them because the penalty
ِ‫عذَاب‬ َ =(is).a.punishment for their per- of their persis- they (incur),
sistent lying. tent lying. because they
ِ‫=أ َ ِليم‬painful ‫= ِب َما‬because are false (to
‫= َكانوا‬they.used.(to)
َِ‫[= َي ْكذِبون‬they].lie.
‫= َو ِإذَا‬And.when ‫ل‬
11 َِ ‫= ِقي‬it.is.said When it is And when they When it is
said to them, are told, "Do said to them:
‫=لَه ِْم‬to.them, ‫ل‬ َِ =`(Do).not 'Do not cau- not spread cor- "Make not
‫=ت ْف ِسدوا‬spread.corruption ‫=فِى‬in se corruption ruption on
in the land,' earth," they
mischief on
the earth,"
ِ ِ ‫= ْاْل َ ْر‬the.earth,`
‫ض‬ they say, answer, "We they say:
'We are only are but impro- "Why, we
‫=قَال ٓوا‬they.say, ‫`= ِإنَ َما‬Only putting ving things!" only Want to
things right,' make pea-
ِ‫=ن َْحن‬we ce!"
َِ‫ص ِلحون‬ ْ ‫(=م‬are).reformers.`
َِٓ َ ‫=أ‬Beware, ‫= ِإنَه ِْم‬indeed.they but
2. really Oh, verily, it is Of a surety,
12 ‫ل‬ they are ca- they, they who they are the
ِ‫=هم‬themselves using corrup- are spreading ones who
َِ‫(= ْالم ْف ِسدون‬are).the.ones.who.spre tion, though corruption but make misc-
they do not they perceive it hief, but they
ad.corruption, ‫[= َو ٰل ِكن‬and].but realize it. not? realise (it)
َِ =not َِ‫=يَ ْشعرون‬they.realize.(it).
‫= َوإِذَا‬And.when ‫ل‬
13 َِ ‫=قِي‬it.is.said When it is And when they When it is
said to them, are told, "Beli- said to them:
‫=لَه ِْم‬to.them, ‫`= َء ِامنوا‬Believe 'Believe, as eve as other "Believe as
the others people belie- the others
ٓ ‫= َك َمِا‬as َِ‫= َءا َمن‬believed believe,' they ve," they believe:"
ِ‫=النَاس‬the.people,` say, 'Should answer, "Shall They say:
we believe we believe as "Shall we be-
‫=قَال ٓوا‬they.say, as the fools the weak- lieve as the
ِ‫`=أَنؤْ ِمن‬Should.we.believe do?' but they minded belie- fools belie-
are the fools, ve?" Oh, ve- ve?" Nay, of
ٓ ‫= َك َمِا‬as َِ‫= َءا َمن‬believed though they rily, it is they, a surety they
َِٓ َ ‫=أ‬Beware, it.
do not know they who are are the fools,
ِ‫سفَ َهآء‬ ُّ ‫=ال‬the.fools?` ‫ل‬ weak-minded - but they do
‫= ِإنَه ِْم‬certainly.they ِ‫=هم‬themselves but they know not know.
it not!
ِ‫سفَ َهآء‬ ُّ ‫(=ال‬are).the.fools
‫[= َو ٰل ِكن‬and].but ‫ل‬ َِ =not
َِ‫=يَ ْعلَمون‬they.know.
‫= َو ِإذَا‬And.when ‫= َلقوا‬they.meet When
2. they And when they When they
meet the be- meet those meet those
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who lievers, they who have atta- who believe,
say, 'We be- ined to faith, they say:
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d], lieve,' but they assert, "We believe;"
‫=قَال ٓوا‬they.say, when they "We believe but when
are alone (as you belie- they are alo-
‫`= َءا َمنَا‬We.believe[d].` with their evil ve)"; but when ne with their
‫= َو ِإذَا‬But.when ones, they they find
say, 'We're themselves
evil ones,
they say:
‫= َخلَ ْوا‬they.are.alone ‫=إِ ٰلى‬with really with alone with "We are re-
you; we we- their- evil im- ally with you:
‫=ش َٰي ِطي ِن ِه ِْم‬their.evil.ones, re only moc- pulses, they We (were)
‫=قَال ٓوا‬they.say, ‫`= ِإنَا‬Indeed,.we king.' say, "Verily, only jesting."
we are with
‫(= َم َعك ِْم‬are).with.you, ‫=إِنَ َما‬only you; we were
only mocking!"
ِ‫=ن َْحن‬we
َِ‫(=م ْست َ ْه ِزءون‬are).mockers.`
َِ =Allah ِ‫=يَ ْست َ ْه ِزئ‬mocks
2. God is moc- God will requi- Allah will
15 ‫اّلل‬ king them, te them for throw back
‫= ِب ِه ِْم‬at.them, and allowing their mockery, their mockery
them more and will leave on them, and
‫= َو َيمدُّه ِْم‬and.prolongs.them slack to them for a whi- give them
‫=فِى‬in wander le in their rope in their
blindly in overweening trespasses;
‫=ط ْغ ٰي ِن ِه ِْم‬their.transgression, their inso- arrogance, so they will
lence. blindly stumb- wander like
َِ‫=يَ ْع َمهون‬they.wander.blindly. ling to and fro: blind ones
(To and fro).

ِ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓئِ َك‬Those

2. They have (for) it is they These are
bought error who have ta- they who ha-
َِ‫(=الَذِين‬are).the.ones.who in exchange ken error in ve bartered
for guidance, exchange for Guidance for
‫=ا ْشت َ َروا‬bought so their trade guidance; and error: But
َ‫[=الض َٰللَ ِة‬the].astraying reaps no neither has their traffic is
profit, and their bargain profitless,
‫= ِب ْاله ٰدى‬for.[the].guidance. they are not brought them and they ha-
‫=فَ َما‬So.not ‫= َر ِب َحت‬profited rightly gui- gain, nor have
ded. they found
ve lost true
‫= ِتجٰ َرته ِْم‬their.commerce guidance (el-
‫= َو َما‬and.not ‫= َكانوا‬were.they
َِ‫=م ْهتَدِين‬guided-ones.
‫= َمثَله ِْم‬Their.example
2. They are like Their parable Their simili-
people who is that of peop- tude is that of
ِِ َ ‫(= َك َمث‬is).like.(the).example
‫ل‬ (labour to) le who kindle a a man who
‫(=الَذِى‬of).the.one.who kindle a fire: fire: but as kindled a fire;
when it lights soon as it has when it lig-
َ‫=ا ْست َ ْوقَ ِد‬kindled ‫َارا‬ ً ‫=ن‬a.fire, up everyt- illumined all hted all aro-
hing around around them, und him, Al-
ٓ ‫=فَلَ َمِا‬then,.when them, God God takes lah took
ِْ ‫ضا ٓ َء‬
‫ت‬ َ َ ‫=أ‬it.lighted takes away away their light away their
all their light, and leaves light and left
‫ َح ْولَهۥ‬.‫= َما‬his.surroundings, leaving them them in utter them in utter
in utter dark- darkness, darkness. So
َِ .‫َب‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫=ذَه‬Allah.took.away ness, unable wherein they they could
‫ور ِه ِْم‬ِ ‫= ِبن‬their.light to see- cannot see: not see.
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= َوت َ َر َكه ْم‬and.left.them ‫=فِى‬in

ِ‫=ظلمٰ ت‬darkness[es],
َِ‫ْصرون‬ ِ ‫يب‬.‫ل‬َِ =(so).they.(do).not.se

‫=ص ِم‬Deaf, ِ‫=ب ْكم‬dumb,

2. deaf, dumb, Deaf, dumb, Deaf, dumb,
and blind: blind - and and blind,
ِ‫=ع ْمى‬blind, ‫=فَه ِْم‬so.they they will ne- they cannot they will not
َِ‫يَ ْر ِجعون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =[they].will.not.return. ver return. turn back. return path).
(to the

‫=أ َ ِْو‬Or ِ‫ص ِيب‬ َ ‫= َك‬like.a.rainstorm Or

2. (like pe- Or (the parab- Or (another
ople who, le) of a violent similitude) is
َِ‫= ِمن‬from ‫س َما ٓ ِِء‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.sky under) a clo- cloudburst in that of a rain-
udburst from the sky, with laden cloud
‫=فِي ِِه‬in.it.(are) the sky, with utter darkness, from the sky:
ِ‫=ظلمٰ ت‬darkness[es], its darkness, thunder and In it are zo-
thunder, and lightning: they nes of dark-
ِ‫= َو َرعْد‬and.thunder, lightning, put put their fin- ness, and
their fingers gers into their thunder and
ِ‫= َوبَ ْرق‬and.lightning. into their ears to keep lightning:
َِ‫=يَ ْجعَلون‬They.put ears to keep out the peals They press
‫=أَصٰ ِب َعه ِْم‬their.fingers ‫ى‬
out the thun- of thunder, in their fingers
ِٓ ِ‫=ف‬in derclaps for terror of death; in their ears
‫= َءاذَانِ ِهم‬their.ears َِ‫= ِمن‬from fear of de- but God en- to keep out
ath- God compasses the stunning
ِِ ‫ص ٰو ِع‬
‫ق‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.thunderclaps surrounds (with His thunder-clap,
‫(= َحذَ َِر‬in).fear.(of) the
disbelie- might) all who the while
deny the truth. they are in
ِِ ‫[= ْال َم ْو‬the].death.
‫ت‬ terror of de-
ath. But Allah
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah
‫اّلل‬ is ever round
ِ‫(=م ِحيط‬is).[the.One.Who].encompas the rejecters
of Faith!
ses َِ‫ال ٰك ِف ِرين‬ ْ ‫= ِب‬the.disbelievers.
ِ‫= َي َكاد‬Almost ِ‫= ْال َب ْرق‬the.lightning The
2. lightning The lightning The lightning
almost well-nigh takes all but snatc-
ِ‫طف‬ َ ‫=يَ ْخ‬snatches.away snatches away their hes away
‫=أَبْصٰ َره ِْم‬their.sight. away their sight;
sight: whe- ver it gives
whene- their sight;
every time
ٓ ‫=كلَ َمِا‬Whenever ‫ضا ٓ َِء‬ َ َ ‫أ‬ =it.flashes never it flas- them light, the light
hes on them they advance (Helps) them,
‫=لَهم‬for.them ‫= َمش َْوا‬they.walk they walk on therein, and they walk
‫= ِفي ِِه‬in.it, ٓ‫= َو ِإذَِا‬and.when and when whenever
therein, and
darkness falls when the
‫ظلَ َِم‬ ْ َ ‫=أ‬it.darkens ‫علَ ْي ِه ِْم‬ َ =on.them falls around around them, darkness
them they they stand still. grows on
ِ‫=قَاموا‬they.stand.(still). stand still. If And if God so them, they
‫= َولَ ِْو‬And.if God so wil- willed, He co- stand still.
led, He could uld indeed ta- And if Allah
َِ .‫شا ٓ َِء‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =Allah.had.willed, take away ke away their willed, He
َِ ‫=لَذَه‬He.would.certainly.have.take their
‫َب‬ hearing hearing and could take
and sight: their sight: for, away their
n.away ‫م‬ ِْ ‫س ْم ِع ِه‬ َ ‫= ِب‬their.hearing, God has verily, God has faculty of he-
‫= َوأَبْصٰ ِر ِه ِْم‬and.their.sight.
power over the power to aring and
everything. will anything. seeing; for
َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah Allah hath
power over
‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =(is).on ‫ل‬ ِِ ‫=ك‬every all things.
ِ‫ش ْىء‬ َ =thing ِ‫=قَدِير‬All-Powerful.
ِ‫النَاس‬.‫= ٰيٓأَيُّ َها‬O.mankind!
2. People, O MANKIND! O ye people!
worship your Worship your Adore your
‫=اعْبدوا‬worship ِ‫= َربَكم‬your.Lord, Lord, who Sustainer, who Guardian-
‫=الَذِى‬the.One.Who created you has created Lord, who
and those you and those created you
‫= َخلَقَك ِْم‬created.you before you, who lived befo- and those
so that you re you, so that who came
َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬and.those.[who] may be you might re- before you,
‫قَ ْب ِلك ِْم‬.‫= ِمن‬before.you, mindful
(of main consci- that ye may
ous of Him have the
‫=لَ َعلَك ِْم‬so.that.you.may chance to le-
arn righteo-
َِ‫=تَتَقون‬become.righteous. usness;

‫=الَذِى‬The.One.Who ‫ل‬
22 َِ ‫= َج َع‬made who spread who has made Who has
out the earth the earth a made the
ِ‫=لَكم‬for.you ‫ض‬ َِ ‫= ْاْل َ ْر‬the.earth for you and resting-place earth your
built the sky; for you and the couch, and
‫شا‬ ً ‫= ِف ٰر‬a.resting.place who sent sky a canopy, the heavens
‫س َما ٓ َِء‬ َ ‫= َوال‬and.the.sky water down and has sent your canopy;
from it and down water and sent
‫=بِنَا ٓ ًِء‬a.canopy, with that from the sky down rain
َ water produ- and thereby from the he-
َِ َ‫= َوأنز‬and.sent.down َِ‫= ِمن‬from ced things brought forth avens; and
‫س َما ٓ ِِء‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.sky ‫= َما ٓ ًِء‬water, for your sus- fruits for your brought forth
َِ ‫=فَأ َ ْخ َر‬then.brought.forth
‫ج‬ tenance. Do sustenance: therewith
not, knowing do not, then, Fruits for
‫= ِب ِهۦ‬therewith َِ‫[= ِمن‬of] this, set up claim that the- your suste-
rivals to re is any nance; then
ِِ ‫=الث َ َم ٰر‬the.fruits
‫ت‬ God. power that co- set not up ri-
‫(= ِر ْزقًا‬as).provision ‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you. uld rival God, vals unto Al-
when you lah when ye
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬So.(do).not ‫=ت َ ْجعَلوا‬set.up
‫ل‬ know (that He know (the
َِِ ِ =to.Allah ‫=أَندَادًا‬rivals
is One). truth).
‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬while.you
َِ‫[=ت َ ْعلَمون‬you].know.
23 ‫= َوإِن‬And.if ‫=كنت ِْم‬you.are ‫=فِى‬in Ifdoubts you have And if you do- And if ye are
about ubt any part of in doubt as to
ِ‫= َريْب‬doubt ‫= ِم َما‬about.what the revela- what We have, what We ha-
‫=ن ََز ْلنَا‬We.have.revealed ‫ع ٰلى‬ tion We have bestowed from ve revealed
َ =to sent down to on high, step from time to
‫ع ْب ِدنَا‬َ =Our.slave, Our servant, by step, upon time to Our
then produce Our servant servant, then
‫=فَأْتوا‬then.produce a single sura (Muhammad), produce a
like it- enlist then produce a Sura like the-
ِ‫ورة‬َ ‫=بِس‬a.chapter ‫[= ِمن‬of] whatever surah of simi- reunto; and
‫= ِمثْ ِل ِهۦ‬like.it ‫= َوادْعوا‬and.call supporters lar merit, and call your wit-
you have ot- call upon any nesses or
‫=ش َهدَآ َءكم‬your.witnesses her than other than God helpers (If
ِِ ‫د‬.‫= ِمن‬other.than ‫اّلل‬
‫ون‬ َِِ =Allah God- if you to bear witness there are
truly (think for you -if what any) besides
‫= ِإن‬if ‫=كنت ِْم‬you.are you can). you say is true! Allah, if your
(doubts) are
َِ‫=صٰ ِدقِين‬truthful. true.

‫=فَإِن‬But.if ‫=لَ ِْم‬not

2. If you cannot And if you But if ye
do this- and cannot do it- cannot- and
‫=ت َ ْف َعلوا‬you.do, ‫= َولَن‬and.never you never and most cer- of a surety ye
will- then tainly you can- cannot- then
‫=ت َ ْف َعلوا‬will.you.do, beware of not do it-then fear the Fire
‫=فَاتَقوا‬then.fear ‫ار‬ َِ َ‫=الن‬the.Fire the Fire pre- be conscious whose fuel is
pared for the of the fire men and
‫=الَتِى‬whose ‫[= َوقودهَا‬its].fuel disbelievers, whose fuel is stones,-
ِ‫(=النَاس‬is).[the].men whose fuel is human beings
men and and stones
which is pre-
pared for
ِ‫ارة‬َ ‫= َو ْال ِح َج‬and.[the].stones, stones. which awaits those who
all who deny reject Faith.
ِْ ‫=أ ِعد‬prepared
‫َت‬ the truth!
َِ‫= ِل ْل ٰك ِف ِرين‬for.the.disbelievers.
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali
2. (Prophet), But unto those But give glad
25 ِ‫= َو َب ِش ِر‬And.give.good.news give those who have atta- tidings to
َِ‫(=الَذِين‬to).those.who who believe ined to faith those who
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe, ‫= َو َع ِملوا‬and.do and do good and do good believe and
the news works give the work righteo-
ِِ ٰ‫ص ِلح‬
‫ت‬ ّٰ ‫[=ال‬the].righteous.deeds, have Gar- gladthat they will tiding that usness, that
theirs shall be their portion
َِ َ ‫=أ‬that ‫=لَه ِْم‬for.them
‫ن‬ dens graced gardens thro- is Gardens,
ِ‫(= َجنّٰت‬will.be).Gardens, with flowing ugh which
running waters which rivers
‫=ت َ ْج ِرى‬flow ‫[= ِمن‬from] Whenever flow. Whene- flow. Every
they are gi- ver they are time they are
‫=ت َ ْح ِت َها‬under.them ven suste- granted fruits fed with fruits
ِ‫=اْل ْنهٰ ر‬the.rivers. َ ْ nance from there from as therefrom,
the fruits of their appointed they say:
‫=كلَ َما‬Every.time these Gar- sustenance, "Why, this is
dens, they they will say, what we we-
‫=ر ِزقوا‬they.are.provided will say, 'We "It is this that re fed with
‫= ِم ْن َها‬therefrom ‫= ِمن‬of have been in days of yore before," for
given this was granted to they are gi-
ِ‫=ث َ َم َرة‬fruit ِ‫(= ِر ْزقًا‬as).provision, before,' be- us as our sus- ven things in
‫=قَالوا‬they.(will).say, ‫`= ٰهذَا‬This.(is) cause they tenance!"-for similitude;
were provi- they shall be and they ha-
‫=الَذِى‬the.one.which ded with given somet- ve therein
‫=ر ِز ْقنَا‬we.were.provided something li- hing that will companions
ke it. They recall that pure (and
ِ‫قَبْل‬.‫= ِمن‬before.` will have pu- (past). And holy); and
re spouses there shall they abide
‫ ِب ِهۦ‬.‫= َوأتوا‬And.they.will.be.given and there they have therein (for
ِ‫(=مت َ ٰش ِب ًها‬things).in.resemblance; they stay.
will spouses pure, ever).
and there shall
‫= َولَه ِْم‬And.for.them ٓ ‫=فِي َهِا‬therein they abide.
ِ‫=أ ْز ٰوج‬spouses ِ‫ط َه َرة‬ َ َ ‫= ُّم‬purified,
‫= َوه ِْم‬and.they ‫=فِي َها‬therein
َِ‫(= ٰخ ِلدون‬will).abide.forever.
َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed,.Allah
2. God does Behold, God Allah disda-
26 ََِ .‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ not shy from does not dis- ins not to use
‫يَ ْستَ ْح ِى ِٓۦ‬.‫ل‬ َِ =(is).not.ashamed drawing dain to propo- the similitude
َِ ‫يَض ِْر‬.‫=أَن‬to.set.forth
‫ب‬ comparisons und a parable of things,
even with of a gnat, or of lowest as
ً‫ل‬ ِ َ ‫= َمث‬an.example ‫(= َما‬like).even something something well as hig-
as small as a (even) less hest. Those
ً‫ض ِة‬ َ ‫(=بَعو‬of).a.mosquito gnat, or lar- than that. Now, who believe
‫=فَ َما‬and.(even).something ger: the beli- as for those know that it
evers know it who have atta- is truth from
ِ‫=فَ ْوقَ َها‬above.it. ‫=فَأ َ َما‬Then.as.for is the truth ined to faith, their Lord;
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who from their they know that but those
Lord, but the it is the truth who reject
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believed, disbelievers from their Sus- Faith say:
say, 'What tainer - whe- "What means
َِ‫[=فَيَ ْعلَمون‬thus].they.will.know does God reas those Allah by this
ِ‫=أَنَه‬that.it ‫ق‬ ُِّ ‫(= ْال َح‬is).the.truth such a com- on denying the similitude?"
mean by who are bent
By it He cau-
‫= ِمن‬from ‫= َر ِب ِه ِْم‬their.Lord. parison?' truth say, ses many to
‫= َوأ َ َما‬And.as.for َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who He makes God mean by many He le-
Through it "What could stray, and

‫= َكفَروا‬disbelieved many go ast- this parable?" ads into the

ray and le- In this way right path;
َِ‫[=فَيَقولون‬thus].they.will.say ads many to does He cause but He cau-
ٓ‫= َماذَِا‬what the right many a one to ses not to
path. But it is go astray, just stray, except
َِ .َ‫(=أ َ َرا ِد‬did).Allah.intend
‫اّلل‬ only the re- as He guides those who
‫=بِهٰ ذَا‬by.this ً‫ل‬ ‫ا‬
ِ َ ‫= َمث‬example?
bels He ma- many a one forsake (the
kes go ast- aright: but no- path),-
ُِّ ‫ض‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫=ي‬He.lets.go.astray ‫= ِب ِهۦ‬by.it ray: ne does He
cause thereby
‫يرا‬ ً ‫= َك ِث‬many to go astray
save the
‫= َو َي ْهدِى‬and.He.guides ‫= ِب ِهۦ‬by.it iniquitous,
ِ‫يرا‬ ً ‫= َك ِث‬many. ‫= َو َما‬And.not
ُِّ ‫ض‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫=ي‬He.lets.go.astray ‫=بِ ِه ِٓۦ‬by.it
َِ ‫= ِإ‬except
َِ‫= ْال ٰف ِس ِقين‬the.defiantly.disobedient.
2. those who who break Those who
break their their bond with break Allah´s
َِ‫= َينقضون‬break covenant God after it Covenant af-
with God af- has been es- ter it is rati-
َِِ .َ‫ع ْه ِد‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(the).Covenant.of.Allah ter it has tablished (in fied, and who
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after been confir- their nature), sunder what
med, who and cut asun- Allah Has or-
‫= ِم ٰيث ِق ِهۦ‬its.ratification, sever the der what God dered to be
َِ‫= َويَقطعون‬and.[they].cutَ ْ bonds that has bidden to joined, and
God has be joined, and do mischief
ٓ ‫= َمِا‬what commanded spread corrup- on earth:
َِ .‫=أ َ َم َِر‬Allah.has.ordered ٓ‫= ِب ِهۦ‬it towhobespread
‫اّلل‬ joined, tion on earth: These cause
these it is that loss (only) to
َِ ‫ص‬
‫ل‬ َ ‫يو‬.‫=أن‬to.be.joined َ corruption on shall be the lo- themselves.
the earth- sers.
َِ‫= َوي ْف ِسدون‬and.[they].spread.corrupt these are the
ion ‫ض‬ ِ ِ ‫ ْاْل َ ْر‬.‫=فِى‬in.the.earth. losers.
َِ ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓ ِئ‬Those, ِ‫=هم‬they
َِ‫(= ْال ٰخ ِسرون‬are).the.losers.
َِ ‫= َكي‬How
2. How can you How can you How can ye
28 ‫ْف‬ ignore God refuse to ack- reject the fa-
َِ‫(=ت َ ْكفرون‬can).you.disbelieve when you nowledge God, ith in Allah?-
were lifeless seeing that seeing that
َِِ ‫= ِب‬in.Allah?
‫اّلل‬ and He gave you were life- ye were wit-
‫= َوكنت ِْم‬While.you.were you life, less and He hout life, and
when He will gave you life, He gave you
‫=أ َ ْم ٰوتًا‬dead cause you to and that He life; then will
‫=فَأ ْح ٰيك ِْم‬then.He.gave.you.life; die, then re- will cause you He cause
surrect you to die and then you to die,
‫=ث َِم‬then to be retur- will bring you and will ag-
‫=ي ِميتك ِْم‬He.will.cause.you.to.die, ned to Him? again to life, ain bring you
whereupon un- to life; and
‫=ث َِم‬then to Him you will again to Him
be brought will ye return.
‫=ي ْح ِييك ِْم‬He.will.give.you.life, back?
‫=ث َِم‬then ‫= ِإلَ ْي ِِه‬to.Him
َِ‫=ت ْر َجعون‬you.will.be.returned.
‫=ه َِو‬He ‫(=الَذِى‬is).the.One.Who Itwho
2. was He He it is who It is He Who
created has created for hath created
َِ‫= َخلَق‬created ‫=لَكم‬for.you all that is on you all that is for you all
the earth for on earth, and things that
‫= َما‬what you, then has applied are on earth;
ِ ِ ‫ ْاْل َ ْر‬.‫(= ِفى‬is).in.the.earth,
‫ض‬ turned to the His design to Moreover His
sky and ma- the heavens design comp-
‫= َج ِميعًا‬all. ‫=ث َِم‬Moreover de the seven and fashioned rehended the
ِٓ ‫=ا ْست َ ٰو‬He.turned ‫=إِلَى‬to
‫ى‬ heavens; it is them into se- heavens, for
He who has ven heavens; He gave or-
‫س َما ٓ ِِء‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.heaven knowledge and He alone der and per-
of all things. has full fection to the
َِ ‫س ّٰوىه‬
‫ن‬ َ َ‫=ف‬and.fashioned.them knowledge of seven firma-
‫س ْب َِع‬ َ =seven ِ‫سمٰ ٰوت‬ َ =heavens. everything. ments; and
of all things
‫= َوه َِو‬And.He ‫ل‬ ِِ ‫= ِبك‬of.every He hath per-
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali
ِْ ‫ش‬
َ =thing ‫يم‬
ِ ‫ع ِل‬
َ =(is).All- knowledge.

ِ‫= َو ِإ ْذ‬And.when ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬said

2. (Prophet), AND LO! Thy Behold, thy
when your Sustainer said Lord said to
َِ ‫= َرب‬your.Lord
‫ُّك‬ Lord told the unto the an- the angels: "I
‫= ِل ْل َم ٰلٓئِ َك ِِة‬to.the.angels, angels, 'I am gels: "Behold, I will create a
putting a am about to vicegerent on
‫`= ِإنِى‬Indeed,.I.(am) successor establish upon earth." They
on earth,' earth one who said: "Wilt
ِ‫= َجا ِعل‬going.to.place ‫=فِى‬in they said, shall inherit it." Thou place
ِ ِ ‫= ْاْل َ ْر‬the.earth
‫ض‬ 'How can They said: therein one
You put so- "Wilt Thou pla- who will ma-
ً‫= َخ ِليفَ ِة‬a.vicegerent, meone there ce on it such ke mischief
who will ca- as will spread therein and
‫=قَال ٓوا‬they.said, use damage corruption the- shed blood?-
ِ‫`=أت َ ْج َعل‬Will.You.place ‫=فِي َها‬in.it and bloods- reon and shed whilst we do
hed, when blood - celebrate
‫(= َمن‬one).who we celebrate whereas it is Thy praises
ِ‫=ي ْف ِسد‬will.spread.corruption Your praise we who extol and glorify
and proclaim Thy limitless Thy holy
‫=فِي َها‬in.it ِ‫= َويَ ْس ِفك‬and.will.shed Your holi- glory, and pra- (name)?" He
ness?' but ise Thee, and said: "I know
‫الد َما ٓ َِء‬ ِ =[the].blood[s], He said, 'I hallow Thy what ye
ِ‫= َون َْحن‬while.we, know things name?"
you do not.' answered:
(God) know not."

ِ‫س ِبح‬ َ ِ‫[=ن‬we].glorify.(You) "Verily, I know

that which you
َِ ‫= ِب َح ْمد‬with.Your.praises
‫ِك‬ do not know."
ِ‫= َونقدِس‬and.we.sanctify َ
َِ َ‫[=ل‬to].You.` ‫ل‬
‫ك‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said,
ِٓ ِ‫`= ِإن‬Indeed,.I ِ‫[=أ َ ْعلَم‬I].know
‫= َما‬what
َِ‫تَ ْعلَمون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =you.(do).not.know.`
‫علَ َِم‬
31 َ ‫= َو‬And.He.taught ‫= َءادَ َِم‬Adam He taught And He impar- And He ta-
Adam all the ted unto Adam ught Adam
‫= ْاْل َ ْس َما ٓ َِء‬the.names.- names (of the names of the names of
‫=كل َها‬all.of.them. ‫=ث َِم‬Then things), then all things; then all things;
He showed He brought then He pla-
‫ضه ِْم‬ َ ‫ع َر‬ َ =He.displayed.them them to the them within the ced them be-
ٓ angels and ken of the an- fore the an-
‫علَى‬ َ =to ‫= ْال َم ٰلئِ َك ِِة‬the.angels, said, 'Tell me gels and said: gels, and
َِ ‫=فَقَا‬then.He.said,
‫ل‬ the names of "Declare unto said: "Tell me
these if you Me the names the names of
‫`=أَنبِــُٔو ِنى‬Inform.Me truly (think of these these if ye
‫= ِبأ َ ْس َما ٓ ِِء‬of.(the).names
you can).' (things), if are right."
what you say
‫ل ِِء‬ ٓ َ ‫(= ٰ ٓهؤ‬of).these, ‫= ِإن‬if is true."

‫=كنت ِْم‬you.are َِ‫=صٰ ِدقِين‬truthful.`

2. They said, They replied: They said:
'May You be "Limitless art "Glory to
َِ ‫`=سبْحٰ ن‬Glory.be.to.You!
‫َك‬ glorified! We Thou in Thy Thee, of
‫ ِع ْل َِم‬.‫ل‬ َِ =No.knowledge have glory! No
knowledge knowledge ha- We have no-

ٓ ‫(=لَنَِا‬is).for.us ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬except only of what ve we save ne, save

You have that which what Thou
‫= َما‬what taught us. Thou hast im- Hast taught
ٓ ‫علَ ْمتَنَِا‬ َ =You.have.taught.us. You are the parted unto us. us: In truth it
All Knowing Verily, Thou is Thou Who
َِ َ‫= ِإن‬Indeed.You! ‫نت‬
‫ك‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬You and All Wi- alone art all- art perfect in
ِ‫(= ْالعَ ِليم‬are).the.All-Knowing, se.' knowing, truly knowledge
wise." and wisdom."
ِ‫= ْال َح ِكيم‬the.All-Wise.
َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, ِ‫`= ٰ ٓيـــَٔادَم‬O.Adam! Then
2. He Said He: "O He said: "O
33 ‫ل‬ said, 'Adam, Adam, convey Adam! Tell
‫=أَنبِئْهم‬Inform.them tell them the unto them the them their
‫=بِأ َ ْس َمآئِ ِه ِْم‬of.their.names.` names of names of the- names."
these.' When se (things)." When he had
ٓ ‫=فَلَ َمِا‬And.when he told them And as soon told them, Al-
their names, as (Adam) had lah said: "Did
‫=أَنبَأَهم‬he.had.informed.them God said, conveyed unto I not tell you
‫= ِبأ َ ْس َما ٓ ِئ ِه ِْم‬of.their.names, 'Did I not tell them their na- that I know
you that I mes, (God) the secrets of
َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, ‫`=أَلَ ِْم‬Did.not
‫ل‬ know what is said: "Did I not heaven and
‫=أَقل‬I.say ‫=لَك ِْم‬to.you,
hidden in the say unto you, earth, and I
heavens and `Verily, I alone know what
ِٓ ِ‫= ِإن‬Indeed,.I ِ‫[=أ ْعلَم‬I].know
‫ى‬ َ the earth, know the hid- ye reveal and
and that I den reality of what ye con-
َِ ‫غي‬
‫ْب‬ َ =(the).unseen know what the heavens ceal?"
you reveal and the earth,
ِِ ‫(=السَمٰ ٰو‬of).the.heavens
‫ت‬ and what and know all
ِ ِ ‫= َو ْاْل َ ْر‬and.the.earth,
‫ض‬ you con- that you bring
ِ‫= َوأ َ ْعلَم‬and.I.know ‫= َما‬what
ceal?' into the open
and all. that
َِ‫=تبْدون‬you.reveal ‫= َو َما‬and.what you would
‫=كنت ِْم‬you.[were]
َِ‫=ت َ ْكتمون‬conceal.`
‫= َو ِإ ِْذ‬And.when ‫=ق ْلنَا‬We.said
2. When We And when We And behold,
told the an- told the an- We said to
‫= ِل ْل َم ٰلٓئِ َك ِِة‬to.the.angels, gels, 'Bow gels, "Prostra- the angels:
down before te yourselves "Bow down
‫`=اسْجدوا‬Prostrate Adam,' they before Adam!" to Adam" and
‫= ِْلَدَ َِم‬to.Adam,` all bowed. -they all prost- they bowed
But not Iblis, rated themsel- down. Not so
‫س َجد ٓوا‬ َ َ‫[=ف‬so].they.prostrated who refused ves, save Iblis, Iblis: he refu-
َِٓ ‫= ِإ‬except ‫يس‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ ْب ِل‬Iblees. and was ar- who refused sed and was
rogant: he and gloried in haughty: He
‫=أ َ ٰبى‬He.refused was one of his arrogance: was of those
the disobe- and thus he who reject
‫= َوا ْست َ ْكبَ َِر‬and.was.arrogant dient. became one of Faith.
َِ‫= َو َكان‬and.became َِ‫= ِمن‬of those who
deny the truth.
َِ‫= ْال ٰك ِف ِرين‬the.disbelievers.
‫= َوق ْلنَا‬And.We.said,
2. We said, 'A- And We said: We said: "O
dam, live "O Adam, Adam! dwell
ِ‫`= ٰ ٓيـــَٔادَم‬O.Adam! ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫=اسْك‬Dwell with your wi- dwell thou and thou and thy
َِ َ ‫=أ‬you
‫نت‬ fe in this thy wife in this wife in the
garden. Both garden, and Garden; and
َِ ‫= َوزَ ْوج‬and.your.spouse
‫ك‬ of you eat eat freely the- eat of the
freely there reof, both of bountiful
َ‫(= ْال َجنَ ِة‬in).Paradise, as you will, you, whatever things therein
ِ َ ‫= َوك‬and.[you.both].eat
‫ل‬ but do not go you may wish; as (where
near this but do not app- and when) ye
‫= ِم ْن َها‬from.it ‫غدًا‬ َ ‫= َر‬freely tree, or you roach this one will; but app-
will both be- tree, lest you roach not this
ِ‫(= َحيْث‬from).wherever come become tree, or ye
‫= ِشئت َما‬you.[both].wish. wrongdoers.' wrongdoers." run into harm
and transg-
‫ت َ ْق َر َبا‬.‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬But.do.not.[you.two].appr ression."
oach ‫ه ِذِِه‬ ٰ =this
َ ‫ش َج َرِة‬ َ ‫[=ال‬the].tree,
‫=فَتَكونَا‬lest.you.[both].be َِ‫= ِمن‬of
َِ‫ظ ِل ِمين‬ ّٰ ‫=ال‬the.wrongdoers.`
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫=فَأَزَ لَه َما‬Then.made.[both.of].them. But

2. Satan But Satan ca- Then did Sa-
made them used them tan make
slip ِ‫ْطن‬ ٰ ‫شي‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.Shaitaan slip, and re- both to stumb- them slip
moved them le therein, and from the
‫ع ْن َها‬ َ =from.it, from the sta- thus brought (garden), and
‫=فَأ ْخ َر َجه َما‬and.he.got.[both.of].the te they were about the loss get them out
in. We said, of their of the state
m.out ‫ما‬ َ ‫= ِم‬from.what 'Get out, all erstwhile state. (of felicity) in
‫= َكانَا‬they.[both].were ‫=فِي ِِه‬in.[it]. ofareyou! You And so We which they
each ot- said: "Down had been.
‫= َوق ْلنَا‬And.We.said, her's enemy. with you, (and We said:
On earth you be henceforth) "Get ye
‫`=ا ْه ِبطوا‬Go.down.(all.of.you), will have a enemies unto down, all (ye
‫=بَ ْعضك ِْم‬some.of.you place to stay one another; people), with
and liveli- and on earth enmity
ِ‫= ِلبَ ْعض‬to.others hood for a you shall have between yo-
time.' your abode urselves. On
ِ‫عدو‬ َ =(as).enemy; and your liveli- earth will be
‫= َولَك ِْم‬and.for.you ‫=فِى‬in hood for a whi- your dwel-
le !" ling-place
ِ ِ ‫= ْاْل َ ْر‬the.earth
‫ض‬ and your
ِ‫(=م ْستَقَر‬is).a.dwelling.place means of li-
velihood - for
ِ‫= َو َم ٰتع‬and.a.provision ‫=إِ ٰلى‬for a time."
ِ‫= ِحين‬a.period.`
ِٓ ّٰ‫=فَتَلَق‬Then.Adam.received Then
2. Adam Thereupon Then learnt
37 ِ‫ َءادَم‬.‫ى‬ received Adam received Adam from
‫= ِمن‬from ‫= َربِ ِهۦ‬his.Lord some words words (of gui- his Lord
from his Lord dance) from words of ins-
ِ‫= َكلِمٰ ت‬words, and He ac- his Sustainer, piration, and
َِ َ ‫=فَت‬So.(his.Lord).turned
‫اب‬ cepted his and He accep- his Lord Tur-
repentance: ted his repen- ned towards
‫علَ ْي ِِه‬َ =towards.him. He is the tance: for, ve- him; for He is
‫= ِإنَهۥ‬Indeed.He! ‫=ه َِو‬He Ever Relen-
ting, the
rily, He alone Oft-
is the-Acceptor Returning,
ِ‫(=الت َ َواب‬is).the.Oft- Most Merci- of Repentan- Most Merci-
returning.(to.mercy), ful. ce, the Dis- ful.
penser of Gra-
ِ‫الر ِحيم‬ َ =the.Most.Merciful. ce.

‫=ق ْلنَا‬We.said, ‫`=ا ْهبِطوا‬Go.down We

2. said, (For although) We said:
'Get out, all We did say, "Get ye down
‫= ِم ْن َها‬from.it ِ‫= َج ِميعًا‬all.(of.you), of you! But "Down with all from here;
when gui- you all from and if, as is
‫=فَإ ِ َما‬and.when, dance co- this (state)," sure, there
‫=يَأتِ َينكم‬comes.to.you ْ mes from there shall, comes to you
Me, as it cer- none the less, Guidance
‫= ِم ِنى‬from.Me ‫=هدًى‬Guidance, tainly will, most certainly from me,
‫=فَ َمن‬then.whoever ‫=تَبِ َِع‬follows there will be come unto you whosoever
no fear for guidance from follows My
َِ َ‫=هد‬My.Guidance,
‫اى‬ those who Me: and those guidance, on
follow My who follow My them shall be
ِ َ َ‫[=ف‬then].no ِ‫=خ َْوف‬fear
‫ل‬ guidance nor guidance need no fear, nor
‫علَ ْي ِه ِْم‬ َ =(will.be).on.them will they gri- have no fear, shall they
eve- and neither grieve.
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ‫=ه ِْم‬they
‫ل‬ shall they grie-
َِ‫=يَ ْحزَ نون‬will.grieve.
َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬And.those
2. those who but those who "But those
disbelieve are bent on who reject
‫= َكفَروا‬who.disbelieve[d] and deny denying the Faith and be-
‫= َو َكذَبوا‬and.deny Our messa- truth and gi- lie Our Signs,
ges shall be ving the lie to they shall be
ٓ ‫ـايتِنَِا‬ ٰ َٔ‫=بِـ‬Our.Signs, ‫ك‬ ٓ ٰ
َِ ِ‫=أ ْولئ‬those the inhabi- Our messages companions
tants of the - they are des- of the Fire;
ِ‫صحٰ ب‬ ْ َ ‫(=أ‬are.the).companions Fire, and tined for the fi- they shall
ِِ َ‫(=الن‬of).the.Fire; ‫=ه ِْم‬they
‫ار‬ there they re, and therein abide the-
will remain.' shall they abi- rein."
‫= ِفي َها‬in.it de.
َِ‫(= ٰخ ِلدون‬will).abide.forever.`
ِٓ ِ‫= ٰي َبن‬O.Children
2. Children of O CHILDREN O Children of
40 ‫ى‬ Israel, re- of Israel! Re- Israel! call to
َِ ‫(=إِس ٰ ْٓر ِءي‬of).Israel!
‫ل‬ member how member those mind the
‫=ا ْذكروا‬Remember I blessed blessings of (special) fa-
you. Honour Mine with vour which I
َِ ‫=نِ ْع َم ِت‬My.Favor ‫ى‬
‫ى‬ َ
ِٓ ِ‫=الت‬which your pledge which I graced bestowed
to Me and I you, and fulfil upon you,
ِ‫=أ َ ْن َع ْمت‬I.bestowed will honour your promise and fulfil your
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =upon.you My pledge to unto Me, (whe- covenant
you: I am the reupon) I shall with Me as I
‫= َوأ َ ْوفوا‬and.fulfill, One you fulfil My promi- fulfil My Co-
should fear. se unto you; venant with
ِٓ ‫= ِب َع ْهد‬My.Covenant
‫ِى‬ and of Me, of you, and fear
ِِ ‫=أ‬I.will.fulfill
‫وف‬ Me stand in none but Me.
‫= ِب َع ْهدِك ِْم‬your.covenant
َِ ‫= َو ِإي‬and.Me.Alone
ِِ ‫ارهَب‬
‫ون‬ ْ َ‫=ف‬fear.[Me].
‫= َو َء ِامنوا‬And.believe ٓ ‫=بِ َمِا‬in.what Believe
2. in Believe in that And believe
the message which I have in what I re-
ِ‫=أَنزَ ْلت‬I.have.sent.down I have sent (now) bes- veal, confir-
down con- towed from on ming the re-
‫ص ِدقًا‬ َ ‫=م‬confirming ‫= ِل َما‬that.which firming what high, confir- velation
‫(= َم َعك ِْم‬is).with.you, you already ming the truth which is with
possess. Do already in your you, and be
َِ ‫= َو‬and.(do).not ‫=تَكون ٓوا‬be not be the possession, not the first
َِ ‫(=أ َ َو‬the).first ِ‫= َكافِر‬disbeliever first
‫ل‬ to disbe- and be not fo- to reject Fa-
lieve in it, remost among ith therein,
ِ‫= ِب ِهۦ‬of.it. ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not and do not those who nor sell My
sell My mes- deny its truth; Signs for a
‫=ت َ ْشتَروا‬exchange sages for a and do not small price;
‫ـاي ِتى‬ ٰ َٔ‫= ِبـ‬My.Signs.(for) small price: I barter away and fear Me,
am the One My messages and Me alo-
‫=ث َ َمنًا‬a.price ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫=قَ ِلي‬small, of whom you for a trifling ne.
should be gain; and of
َِ ‫= َوإِي‬and.Me.Alone
‫ّٰى‬ mindful. Me, of Me be
ِِ ‫=فَاتَق‬fear.[Me].
‫ون‬ conscious

َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not ‫=ت َ ْل ِبسوا‬mix Do

2. not mix And do not And cover
42 ‫ل‬ truth with overlay the not Truth
َِ ‫= ْال َح‬the.Truth
‫ق‬ falsehood, or truth with fal- with false-
ِِ ‫=بِ ْال ٰب ِط‬with.[the].falsehood
‫ل‬ hide the truth sehood, and hood, nor
when you do not conceal the
‫= َوتَ ْكتموا‬and.conceal know it. knowingly Truth when
suppress the ye know
َِ ‫= ْال َح‬the.Truth ‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬while.you
‫ق‬ truth; (what it is).
َِ‫[=ت َ ْعلَمون‬you].know.
‫= َوأ َ ِقيموا‬And.establish
2. Keep up the and be cons- And be
prayer, pay tant in prayer, steadfast in
َ ‫ص ٰلوِة‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.prayer the prescri- and spend in prayer; prac-
‫= َو َءاتوا‬and.give َ‫الز ٰكوِة‬ َ =zakah bed alms, charity, and tise regular
and bow bow down in charity; and
‫ار َكعوا‬ ْ ‫= َو‬and.bow.down your heads prayer with all bow down
(in worship) who thus bow your heads
‫= َم َِع‬with with those down. with those
who bow who bow
َِ‫الر ِك ِعين‬ ّٰ =those.who.bow.down. theirs. down (in

2. How can you Do you bid ot- Do ye enjoin
tell people to her people to right conduct
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫اس‬ َ َ‫[=الن‬the].people do what is be pious, the on the peop-

right and while you for- le, and forget
‫[=بِ ْالبِ ِِر‬the].righteousness forget to do it get your own (To practise
yourselves, selves -and yet it) yoursel-
َِ‫س ْون‬ َ ‫= َوتَن‬and.you.forget even though you recite the ves, and yet
‫سك ِْم‬ َ ‫=أَنف‬yourselves, you recite divine writ? ye study the
the Scriptu- Will you not, Scripture?
‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬while.you re? Have then, use your Will ye not
َِ‫[=تَتْلون‬you].recite you no sen- reason? ;

َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book?
ِ َ َ‫=أَف‬Then,.will.not
َِ‫=ت َ ْع ِقلون‬you.use.reason?
‫= َوا ْست َ ِعينوا‬And.seek.help
2. Seek help And seek aid Nay, seek
with stead- in steadfast (Allah´s) help
ِِ ‫صب‬
‫ْر‬ َ ‫=بِال‬through.patience fastness and patience and with patient

ِِ‫ص ٰلوة‬
prayer- tho- prayer: and perseveran-
َ ‫= َوال‬and.the.prayer; ugh this is this, indeed, is ce and pra-
‫= َوإِنَ َها‬and.indeed,.it hard indeed a hard thing for yer: It is in-
for anyone all but the deed hard,
ِ‫يرة‬ َ ‫(=لَ َك ِب‬is).surely.difficult but the humble in spi- except to
َِ ‫= ِإ‬except ‫علَى‬
‫ل‬ َ =on humble, rit, those who
bring a lowly
َِ‫= ْال ٰخ ِش ِعين‬the.humble.ones, spirit,-

2. who know who know with Who bear in
that they will certainty that mind the cer-
َِ‫= َيظنُّون‬believe ‫=أَنَهم‬that.they meet their they shall meet tainty that
‫= ُّم ٰلقوا‬will.meet ‫= َربِ ِه ِْم‬their.Lord Lord and
that it is to
their Sustainer they are to
and that unto meet their
‫= َوأَنَه ِْم‬and.that.they ‫= ِإلَ ْي ِِه‬to.Him Him they will Him they shall Lord, and
return. return. that they are
َِ‫= ٰر ِجعون‬will.return. to return to

ِ‫= ٰي َبنِ ٓى‬O.Children

2. Children of O children of Children of
Israel, re- Israel ! Re- Israel! call to
َِ ‫(= ِإس ٰ ْٓر ِءي‬of).Israel!
‫ل‬ member how member those mind the
‫=ا ْذكروا‬Remember I blessed blessings of (special) fa-
you and fa- Mine with vour which I
َِ ‫=نِ ْع َم ِت‬My.Favor ‫ى‬
‫ى‬ َ
ِٓ ِ‫=الت‬which voured you which I graced bestowed
over other you, and how I upon you,
ِ‫=أ َ ْن َع ْمت‬I.bestowed people. favoured you and that I
‫عليْك ِْم‬ َ َ
َ =upon.you ‫= َوأنِى‬and.that.I above all other preferred you
people; to all other
‫[=فَض َْلتك ِْم‬I].preferred.you (for My Mes-

َ =over َِ‫= ْالعٰ لَ ِمين‬the.worlds.

‫= َواتَقوا‬And.fear ‫= َي ْو ًما‬a.day, Guard
2. your- and remain Then guard
selves aga- conscious of yourselves
َِ =(will).not ‫=ت َ ْج ِزى‬avail
‫ل‬ inst a Day (the coming of) against a day
when no a Day when no when one
ِ‫=نَ ْفس‬any.soul soul will human being soul shall not
ِ‫نَفس‬.‫عن‬ ْ َ =(another).soul stand in pla- shall in the le- avail another
ce of anot- ast avail anot- nor shall in-
‫شيْــًٔا‬ َ =anything, ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.not her, no inter- her, nor shall tercession be
ِ‫=ي ْق َبل‬will.be.accepted ‫= ِم ْن َها‬from.it cession will intercession be accepted for
be accepted accepted from her, nor shall
ِ‫=ش َٰفعَة‬any.intercession, for it, nor any any of them, compensa-
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ِ‫=يؤْ خَذ‬will.be.taken ransom;
‫ل‬ nor nor ransom ta- tion be taken
will they be ken from them, from her, nor
‫= ِم ْن َها‬from.it helped. and none shall shall anyone
be succoured. be helped
ِ‫عدْل‬ َ =a.compensation, (from outsi-
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ‫=ه ِْم‬they
‫ل‬ de).

َِ‫صرون‬ َ ‫=ين‬will.be.helped.
‫= َوإِ ِْذ‬And.when
2. Remember And (remem- And remem-
when We ber the time) ber, We deli-
‫=نَ َجي ْٰنكم‬We.saved.you ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from saved you when We sa- vered you
َِ‫ع ْون‬ َ ‫فِ ْر‬.‫ل‬ِِ ‫(= َءا‬the).people.of.Firau from Pha- ved you from from the pe-
raoh's peop- Pharaoh's pe- ople of Pha-
n le, who sub- ople, who raoh: They
ِ‫(= َيسومونَك ْم‬who.were).afflicting.yo jected you to afflicted you set you hard
terrible tor- with cruel suf- tasks and
u.(with) ‫ء‬ َِ ‫=س ٓو‬horrible ment, sla- fering, slaugh- punishments,
ِِ ‫= ْالعَذَا‬torment,
‫ب‬ ughtering tering your slaughtered
your sons sons and spa- your sons
َِ‫=يذَ ِبحون‬slaughtering and sparing ring (only) your and let your
‫=أ َ ْبنَا ٓ َءك ِْم‬your.sons only your women - which women-folk
women- this was an live; therein
َِ‫= َو َي ْست َ ْحيون‬and.letting.live was a great awesome trial was a tre-
trial from from your Sus- mendous trial
‫سا ٓ َءك ِْم‬ َ ِ‫=ن‬your.women. your Lord- tainer; from your
‫= َوفِى‬And.in ‫= ٰذ ِلكم‬that Lord.

ِ‫لء‬ ٓ َ ‫(= َب‬was).a.trial ‫= ِمن‬from

‫= َربِك ِْم‬your.Lord ِ‫ع ِظيم‬ َ =great.
‫= َوإِ ِْذ‬And.when ‫=فَ َر ْقنَا‬We.parted and
2. when and when We And remem-
We parted cleft the sea ber We divi-
ِ‫= ِبكم‬for.you ‫= ْال َب ْح َِر‬the.sea, the sea for before you, ded the sea
‫=فَأَن َجي ْٰنك ِْم‬then.We.saved.you, you, so sa- and thus sa- for you and
ving you and ved you and saved you
ٓ ‫= َوأ َ ْغ َر ْقنَِا‬and.We.drowned drowning caused Pha- and drowned
Pharaoh's raoh's people Pharaoh´s
َِ‫ع ْون‬ َ ‫فِ ْر‬.‫ل‬ َِ ‫(= َءا‬the).people.of.Firau people right to drown befo- people within
n ‫م‬ ِْ ‫= َوأَنت‬while.you before your re your very your very
eyes. eyes; sight.
‫= َو ِإ ِْذ‬And.when
2. We appoin- and when We And remem-
ted forty appointed for ber We ap-
‫ع ْدنَا‬ َ ‫= ٰو‬We.appointed nights for Moses forty pointed forty
ِٓ ٰ‫(=موس‬for).Musa َِ‫=أ َ ْربَ ِعين‬forty Mount Sinai) nights
‫ى‬ Moses (on (on Mo- nights for
unt Sinai), and Moses, and
ً‫=لَ ْيلَ ِة‬nights. ‫=ث َِم‬Then and then, in his absence in his absen-
while he was you took to ce ye took
ِ‫=ات َ َخ ْذتم‬you.took ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ْال ِع ْج‬the.calf away, you worshipping the calf (for
took to the (golden) worship), and
‫ َب ْع ِدهِۦ‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after.him worshipping calf, and thus ye did gri-
‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬and.you the calf- a became evil- evous wrong.
َِ‫(= ٰظ ِلمون‬were).wrongdoers.
terrible doers:

ِ‫=ث َم‬Then ‫عفَ ْونَا‬

2. Even then yet, even after Even then
52 َ =We.forgave We forgave that, We blot- We did forgi-
‫عنكم‬ َ =you ‫بَ ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after you, so that ted out this ve you; there
‫ك‬ ٰ
َِ ‫=ذ ِل‬that, ‫=لَ َعلَك ِْم‬so.that.you.may you might be your sin, so
thankful. that you might
was a chan-
ce for you to
َِ‫(=ت َ ْشكرون‬be).grateful. have cause to be grateful.
be grateful.

ِ‫= َوإِ ْذ‬And.when ‫= َءات َ ْينَا‬We.gave

2. Remember And (remem- And remem-
when We ber the time) ber We gave
‫سى‬ َ ‫=مو‬Musa ‫ب‬ َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book gave Moses when We Moses the
َِ‫= َو ْالف ْرقَان‬and.the.Criterion, the Scriptu-
re, and the
unto Moses
Scripture and
the Criterion
‫=لَ َعلَك ِْم‬perhaps.you means to the divine writ- (Between
distinguish and (thus) a right and
َِ‫(=ت َ ْهتَدون‬would.be).guided. (right and standard by wrong): The-
wrong), so which to dis- re was a
that you cern the true chance for
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali
might be gu- from the false - you to be gu-
ided. so that you ided aright.
might be gui-
ded aright;

ِ‫= َو ِإ ْذ‬And.when ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬said

2. Moses said and when Mo- And remem-
to his peop- ses said unto ber Moses
‫=موسٰ ى‬Musa le, 'My peop- his people: "O said to his
le, you have my people! Ve- people: "O
‫= ِلقَ ْو ِم ِهۦ‬to.his.people, wronged yo- rily, you have my people!
‫`= ٰيقَ ْو ِِم‬O.my.people! urselves by sinned against Ye have in-
worshipping yourselves by deed wron-
‫= ِإنَك ِْم‬Indeed,.you the calf, so worshipping ged yoursel-
‫ظلَ ْمت ِْم‬ َ =[you].have.wronged repent to the calf; turn, ves by your
your Maker then. in repen- worship of
‫سكم‬ َ ‫=أَنف‬yourselves and kill (the tance to your the calf: So
guilty Maker and turn (in re-
ِ‫= ِباتِخَاذِكم‬by.your.taking among) you. mortify your- pentance) to
َِ ‫= ْال ِع ْج‬the.calf.
‫ل‬ That is the selves; this will your Maker,
best you can be the best for and slay yo-
‫=فَتوب ٓوا‬So.turn.in.repentance do in the you in your urselves (the
‫= ِإلى‬to ‫ارئِك ِْم‬ٰ eyes of your Maker's sight". wrong-
ِ َ‫=ب‬your.Creator, Maker.' He And thereupon doers); that
‫=فَا ْقتل ٓوا‬and.kill accepted He accepted will be better

َ ‫=أَنف‬yourselves. ‫= ٰذ ِلك ِْم‬That tance: He is ce: for, behold, sight of your

your repen- your repentan- for you in the
‫سك ِْم‬
ِ‫(= َخيْر‬is).better ‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you the Ever Re- He alone is the Maker." Then
lenting and Acceptor of He turned
َ‫= ِعن ِد‬with ‫ار ِئك ِْم‬ ِ ‫= َب‬your.Creator.` the Most Repentance, towards you
َِ َ ‫=فَِت‬Then.He.turned
‫اب‬ Merciful. the Dispenser (in forgive-
of Grace. ness): For
‫عليْك ِْم‬ َ َ =towards.you. He is Oft-
‫= ِإنَهۥ‬Indeed.He! ‫=ه َِو‬He Most Merci-
ِ‫(=الت َواب‬is).the.Oft-returning, ful.

ِ‫الر ِحيم‬ َ =the.Most.Merciful.

‫= َوإِ ِْذ‬And.when ‫=ق ْلت ِْم‬you.said, Remember
2. And (remem- And remem-
when you ber) when you ber ye said:
‫`= ٰيموسٰ ى‬O.Musa! ‫=لَن‬Never said, 'Moses, said, "O Mo- "O Moses!
َِ َ‫ل‬.َِ‫(=نُّؤْ ِمن‬will).we.believe.you we
‫ك‬ will not ses. indeed we We shall ne-
believe you shall not belie- ver believe in
‫= َحتّٰى‬until ‫=ن ََرى‬we.see until we see ve thee unto thee until we
God face to we see God see Allah
ََِ =Allah ً ‫= َج ْه َرِة‬manifestly.` face.' At that, face to face!" - manifestly,"
ِ‫=فَأ َ َخذَتْكم‬So.seized.you thunderbolts whereupon the but ye were
struck you thunderbolt of dazed with
ِ‫ص ِعقَة‬ ّٰ ‫=ال‬the.thunderbolt as you loo- punishment thunder and
‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬while.you ked on. overtook you lighting even
before your as ye looked
َِ‫(=تَنظرون‬were).looking. very eyes. on.

‫=ث َِم‬Then ‫= َب َع ْث ٰنكم‬We.revived.you Then

2. We re- But We raised Then We rai-
vived you af- you again after sed you up
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after ‫= َم ْو ِتك ِْم‬your.death, ter your de- you had been after your
‫=لَعَلَك ِْم‬so.that.you.may ath, so that as dead, so death: Ye
you might be that you might had the
َِ‫(=ت َ ْشكرون‬be).grateful. thankful. have cause to chance to be
be grateful. grateful.

‫ظلَ ْلنَا‬ َ ‫= َو‬And.We.shaded

2. We made And We cau- And We gave
the clouds sed the clouds you the sha-
ِ‫علَيْكم‬ َ =[over].you cover you to comfort you de of clouds
َِ ‫(= ْالغَ َم‬with).[the].clouds
‫ام‬ with shade, with their sha- and sent
and sent de, and sent down to you
‫= َوأَنزَ ْلنَا‬and.We.sent.down manna and down unto you Manna and
quails down manna and quails, sa-
ِ‫علَيْكم‬ َ =to.you ‫ن‬ َِ ‫[= ْال َم‬the].manna to you, sa- quails. (sa- ying: "Eat of
ِ‫س ْل ٰوى‬ َ ‫= َوال‬and.[the].quails, ying, 'Eat the ying,) "Partake the good
good things of the good things We
‫`=كلوا‬Eat ‫= ِمن‬from We have things which have provi-
provided for We have pro- ded for you:"
ِِ ‫ط ِي ٰب‬
‫ت‬ َ =(the).good.things ‫= َما‬that you.' It was vided for you (But they re-
‫= َرزَ ْق ٰنك ِْم‬We.have.provided.you.` not Us they as sustenan- belled); to us
wronged; ce." And (by all they did no
‫= َو َما‬And.not they wron- their sinning) harm, but
‫ظلَمونَا‬ َ =they.wronged.Us, ged them- they did no
they harmed
harm unto Us- their own so-
‫= َو ٰل ِكن‬but ‫= َكان ٓوا‬they.were but (only) aga- uls.

َ ‫(=أَنف‬to).themselves
inst their own
‫سه ِْم‬ selves did they
َِ‫ظ ِلمون‬ ْ َ‫=ي‬doing.wrong. sin.

‫= َوإِ ِْذ‬And.when ‫=ق ْلنَا‬We.said,

2. Remember And (remem- And remem-
when We ber the time) ber We said:
‫`=ادْخلوا‬Enter ‫= ٰه ِذِِه‬this said, 'Enter when We said: "Enter this
َ‫= ْالقَ ْريَ ِة‬town, ‫=فَكلوا‬then.eat this town "Enter this town, and eat
and eat fre- land, and eat of the plenty
‫= ِم ْن َها‬from.[it] ِ‫= َحيْث‬wherever ely there as of its food as therein as ye
you will, but you may desi- wish; but en-
‫= ِشئْت ِْم‬you.wish[ed] enter its gate re. abundantly; ter the gate
humbly and but enter the with humility,
‫غدًا‬ َ ‫= َر‬abundantly, say, “Relieve gate humbly in posture
‫= َوادْخلوا‬and.enter us!” Then and say, `Re- and in words,
َِ َ‫= ْالب‬the.gate
‫اب‬ We shall for- move Thou
give you from us the
and We shall
forgive you
‫=س َجدًا‬prostrating. your sins burden of our your faults
and increase sins', (where- and increase
‫= َوقولوا‬And.say, the rewards upon) We shall (the portion
ِ‫طة‬ َ ‫`= ِح‬Repentance,` of those who forgive you of) those who
do good.' your sins, and do good."
‫=نَ ْغ ِف ِْر‬We.will.forgive ‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you shall amply
‫َط ٰيك ِْم‬ٰ ‫=خ‬your.sins. reward the
doers of
ِ‫سن َِزيد‬ َ ‫= َو‬And.We.will.increase good."

َِ‫= ْالم ْح ِسنِين‬the.good-


ِ‫=فَبَدَ َل‬But.changed
2. But the But those who But the
wrongdoers were bent on transgres-
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who substituted a evildoing subs- sors changed
different tituted another the word
‫ظلَموا‬ َ =wronged ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫(=قَ ْو‬the).word word from saying for that from that
َِ ‫غي‬
‫ْر‬ َ =other.(than) the one they which had which had
had been gi- been given been given
‫=الَذِى‬that.which ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ِقي‬was.said ven. So, be- them: and so them; so We
‫=لَه ِْم‬to.them; cause they
We sent down sent on the
upon those transgres-
‫=فَأَنزَ ْلنَا‬so.We.sent.down disobeyed, evildoers a sors a plague

َ =upon َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who
We sent a plague from from heaven,
‫علَى‬ plague down heaven in for that they
‫ظلَموا‬ َ =wronged, from the he- requital for all infringed
avens upon their iniquity. (Our com-
‫= ِر ْج ًزا‬a.punishment َِ‫= ِمن‬from the wrong- mand) repea-
‫س َما ٓ ِِء‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.sky ‫=بِ َما‬because doers. tedly.

‫= َكانوا‬they.were
َِ‫= َي ْفسقون‬defiantly.disobeying.
2. Remember And (remem- And remem-
60 ‫= َو ِإ ِِذ‬And.when when Moses ber) when Mo- ber Moses
‫موسٰ ى‬.‫=ا ْستَس ْٰقى‬Musa.asked.for. prayed for ses prayed for prayed for
water for his water for his water for his
water ‫هۦ‬ ِ ‫= ِلقَ ْو ِم‬for.his.people, people and people and We people; We
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫[=فَق ْلنَا‬so].We.said, We said to replied, "Strike said: "Strike

him, 'Strike the rock with the rock with
‫`=اض ِْرب‬Strike the rock with thy staff!"- thy staff."
your staff.' whereupon Then gushed
َِ ‫ص‬
‫اك‬ َ ‫= ِب َع‬with.your.staff Twelve twelve springs forth theref-
‫= ْال َح َج َِر‬the.stone.` springs gus- gushed forth rom twelve
hed out, and from it, so that springs.
ِْ ‫=فَانفَ َج َر‬Then.gushed.forth
‫ت‬ each group all the people Each group
ِ‫= ِم ْنه‬from.it َ‫ع ْش َرِة‬ ْ
َ .‫=اثنَتَا‬twelve knew its knew whence knew its own
drinking pla- to drink. (And place for
ِ‫ع ْينًا‬ َ =springs. ‫ع ِل َِم‬ َ .‫=قَ ِْد‬Knew ce. 'Eat and Moses said:) water. So eat
drink the "Eat and drink and drink of
ُِّ ‫=ك‬all ِ‫(=أنَاس‬the).people
‫ل‬ sustenance the sustenan- the suste-
‫= َم ْش َر َبه ِْم‬their.drinking.place. God has ce provided by nance provi-
provided and God, and do ded by Allah,
‫`=كلوا‬Eat ‫= َوا ْش َربوا‬and.drink do not cause not act wic- and do no
corruption in kedly on earth evil nor
‫= ِمن‬from the land.' by spreading mischief on
ِِ ‫(= ِر ْز‬the).provision.(of)
‫ق‬ corruption." the (face of
the) earth.
َِ =Allah, ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.(do).not
‫=ت َ ْعث َ ْوا‬act.wickedly ‫=فِى‬in
ِ ِ ‫= ْاْل َ ْر‬the.earth
َِ‫=م ْف ِسدِين‬spreading.corruption.`
‫= َو ِإ ِْذ‬And.when ‫=ق ْلت ِْم‬you.said, Remember
2. And (remem- And remem-
when you ber) when you ber ye said:
‫`= ٰيموسٰ ى‬O.Musa! ‫=لَن‬Never.(will) said, 'Moses, said: "O Mo- "O Moses!
ْ َ‫=ن‬we.endure ‫ع ٰلى‬
we cannot ses, indeed we we cannot
‫ص ِب َِر‬ َ =[on] bear to eat cannot endure endure one
ِ‫ط َعام‬ َ =food ِ‫(= ٰو ِحد‬of).one.(kind), only one but one kind of kind of food
kind of food, food; pray, (always); so
ِ‫=فَادْع‬so.pray ‫=لَنَا‬for.us so pray to then, to thy beseech thy
your Lord to Sustainer that Lord for us to
َِ ‫(= َرب‬to).your.Lord
‫َك‬ bring out for He bring forth produce for
ِْ‫=ي ْخ ِرج‬to.bring.forth ‫=لَنَا‬for.us us some of for us aught of us of what
the earth's what grows the earth
‫= ِم َما‬out.of.what ِ‫=تن ِبت‬grows produce, its from the earth groweth, -its
ِ‫= ْاْل َ ْرض‬the.earth, ِ‫= ِمن‬of herbs and - of its herbs, pot-herbs,
cucumbers, its cucumbers, and cucum-
‫=بَ ْق ِل َها‬its.herbs, its garlic, its garlic, its bers, Its gar-
‫[= َوقِثا ٓ ِئ َها‬and].its.cucumbers, َ lentils, and lentils, its on- lic, lentils,
onions.' He ions." Said and onions."
‫وم َها‬ ِ ‫[= َوف‬and].its.garlic, said, 'Would (Moses): He said: "Will
you exchan- "Would you ta- ye exchange
‫عدَ ِس َها‬ َ ‫[= َو‬and].its.lentils, ge better for ke a lesser the better for
ِ‫ص ِل َها‬ َ َ‫= َوب‬and.its.onions.` worse? Go thing in the worse?
to Egypt and exchange for Go ye down
َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said,
‫ل‬ there you will what is (so to any town,
َِ‫`=أت َ ْست َ ْبدِلون‬Would.you.exchange you have Go back in find what ye find what much) better? and ye shall

‫=الَذِى‬that.which ‫[=ه َِو‬it] asked for.' shame to want!" They

They were Egypt , and were covered
‫(=أَد ْٰنى‬is).inferior struck with then you can with humilia-
‫=بِالَذِى‬for.that.which ‫[=ه َِو‬it] humiliation have what you tion and mi-
and wretc- are asking for!" sery; they
ِ‫(= َخيْر‬is).better? hedness, And so, igno- drew on
and they in- miny and hu- themselves
‫=ا ْه ِبطوا‬Go.down curred the miliation the wrath of
‫ص ًرا‬ ْ ‫(= ِم‬to).a.city, ‫ن‬ َِ ِ ‫=فَإ‬so.indeed wrath of God overshadowed Allah. This
because them, and they because they
‫=لَكم‬for.you ‫(= َما‬is).what they persis- earned the went on re-
‫سألت ِْم‬ ْ َ َ =you.have.asked.(for).` tently rejec- burden of jecting the
ted His mes- God's con- Signs of Al-
ِْ َ‫= َوض ِرب‬And.were.struck
‫ت‬ sages and demnation: all lah and sla-
ِ‫علَ ْي ِهم‬ َ =on.them
killed prop- this, because ying His
hets contrary they persisted Messengers
َِ‫=الذِلة‬the.humiliation to all that is in denying the without just
right. All this truth of God's cause. This
ِ‫= َو ْال َم ْس َكنَة‬and.the.misery was because messages and because they
ِ‫ضب‬ َ َ‫ ِبغ‬.‫= َوبَآءو‬and.they.drew.on.t they disobe- in slaying the rebelled and
yed and we- prophets aga- went on
hemselves.wrath َِ‫= ِمن‬of re lawbrea- inst all right: all transgres-
َِ =Allah ‫ك‬ ٰ
َِ ‫=ذ ِل‬That.(was) kers. this, because sing.
they rebelled
‫=بِأنَه ِْم‬because.they َ (against God),
and persisted
‫= َكانوا‬used.to in transgres-
َِ‫=يَ ْكفرون‬disbelieve sing the bo-
unds of what is
ِِ ‫ـاي‬
‫ت‬ ٰ َٔ‫=بِـ‬in.(the).Signs right.
َِ =(of).Allah َِ‫= َو َي ْقتلون‬and.kill
َِ‫=النَبِيِـ ۧـن‬the.Prophets
ِِ ‫= ِب َغي‬without.(any)
ِِ ‫[=ا ْل َح‬the].right. ‫ك‬
‫ق‬ َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬That
‫(=بِ َما‬was).because
‫صوا‬ َ ‫ع‬ َ =they.disobeyed
‫= َو َكانوا‬and.they.were
َِ‫= َي ْعتَدون‬transgressing.
َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who The
2. (Muslim) VERILY, those Those who
62 ‫ن‬ believers, who have atta- believe (in
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believed the Jews, ined to faith (in the Qur´an),
َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬and.those.who the Christi- this divine and those
ans, and the writ), as well who follow
‫=هَادوا‬became.Jews Sabians- all as those who the Jewish
those who follow the (scriptures),
‫= َوالنَصٰ ٰرى‬and.the.Christians believe in Jewish faith, and the
َِ‫ص ِبــِين‬ ّٰ ‫= َوال‬and.the.Sabians.- God and the and the Chris- Christians
Last Day tians, and the and the Sa-
ِْ ‫= َم‬who َِ‫= َءا َمن‬believed
‫ن‬ and do Sabians -all bians,- any
َِ ِ‫=ب‬in.Allah ‫= َو ْاليَ ْو ِِم‬and.the.Day have their who
ِ‫اّلل‬ good- will believe in who believe
God and the in Allah and
‫[= ْاْل َ ِخ ِِر‬the].Last ‫ل‬ َِ ‫ع ِم‬ َ ‫= َو‬and.did rewards with Last Day and the Last Day,
their Lord. do righteous and work
‫=صٰ ِل ًحا‬righteous.deeds, No fear for deeds-shall righteo-
‫=فَلَه ِْم‬so.for.them them, nor have their usness, shall
will they gri- reward with have their
‫(=أ َ ْجره ِْم‬is).their.reward َ‫= ِعن ِد‬with eve. their Sustainer; reward with
and no fear their Lord; on
‫= َربِ ِه ِْم‬their.Lord ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.no need they ha- them shall be
ِ‫=خ َْوف‬fear ‫علَ ْي ِه ِْم‬ َ =on.them ve, and neither no fear, nor
shall they grie- shall they
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ‫=ه ِْم‬they
‫ل‬ ve. grieve.
َِ‫= َي ْحزَ نون‬will.grieve.
‫= َو ِإ ِْذ‬And.when ‫=أ َ َخ ْذنَا‬We.took Remember
2. AND LO! We And remem-
when We accepted your ber We took
‫= ِم ٰيثقَك ِْم‬your.covenant took your solemn pled- your cove-
pledge, and ge, raising nant and We
‫= َو َرفَ ْعنَا‬and.We.raised made the Mount Sinai raised above
ِ‫=فَ ْوقَكم‬over.you mountain high above you (The
tower high you, (and sa- towering he-
َِ ‫الط‬
‫ور‬ ُّ =the.mount, ‫`=خذوا‬Hold above you, ying;) "Hold ight) of Mo-
ٓ ‫= َمِا‬what and said, fast with (all unt (Sinai) :
'Hold fast to your) strength (Saying):
‫= َءاتَي ْٰنكم‬We.have.given.you what We ha- unto what We "Hold firmly
ve given you have vouchsa- to what We
ِ‫=بِق َوة‬with.strength, and bear its fed you, and have given
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫= َوا ْذكروا‬and.remember ‫= َما‬what contents in bear in mind

mind, so that all that is the-
you and
bring (ever)
‫(=فِي ِِه‬is).in.it, ‫=لَعَلَك ِْم‬perhaps.you you may be rein, so that to rememb-
َِ‫(=تَتَقون‬would.become).righteous.` conscious
of you might re-
main consci-
rance what is
ous of God!" Perchance
ye may fear

ِ‫=ث َم‬Then ‫=ت َ َولَيْتم‬you.turned.away Even

2. after And you tur- But ye turned
that you tur- ned away after back thereaf-
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after ‫ك‬ َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬that. ned away. that-! And had ter: Had it not
Had it not it not been for been for the
َِ ‫=فَلَ ْو‬So.if.not
‫ل‬ been for God's favour Grace and
َِ .ِ‫(=فَضْل‬for.the).Grace.of.Allah God's favour upon you and Mercy of Al-
and mercy His grace, you lah to you, ye
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =upon.you on you, you would surely had surely
would certa- have found been among
‫= َو َر ْح َمتهۥ‬and.His.Mercy, inly have yourselves the lost.
‫=لَكنتم‬surely.you.would.have.been been lost. among the
َِ‫= ِمن‬of َِ‫= ْال ٰخ ِس ِرين‬the.losers.

‫= َولَ َق ِْد‬And.indeed,
2. You know for you are And well ye
about those well aware of knew those
ِ‫ع ِل ْمتم‬ َ =you.knew of you who those from amongst you
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who broke the
among you who transg-
who profaned ressed in the
‫=ا ْعتَدَ ْوا‬transgressed and so We the Sabbath, matter of the
said to them, whereupon We Sabbath: We
‫= ِمنك ِْم‬among.you 'Be like said unto said to them:
apes! Be them, "Be as "Be ye apes,
ِِ ‫س ْب‬
‫ت‬ َ ‫ال‬.‫=فِى‬in.the.(matter.of).Sabba outcasts!' apes despi- despised and
th. ‫=فَق ْلنَا‬So.We.said cable!" rejected."
‫=لَه ِْم‬to.them, ‫`=كونوا‬Be
ً ‫=قِ َردَِة‬apes, َِ‫= ٰخ ِســِين‬despised.`
‫=فَ َجعَ ْل ٰن َها‬So.We.made.it
2. We made and set them So We made
this an up as a war- it an example
ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫=ن َٰك‬a.deterrent.punishment example to ning example to their own
those people for their time time and to
‫= ِل َما‬for.those who were and for all ti- their poste-
‫ َيدَ ْي َها‬.َِ‫(= َبيْن‬in).front.of.them there at the mes to come, rity, and a
time and to as well as an lesson to
‫خ َْل َف َها‬.‫= َو َما‬and.those.after.them those who admonition to those who
ً‫ظ ِة‬ َ ‫= َو َم ْو ِع‬and.an.admonition came after all who are fear Allah.
them, and a conscious of
َِ‫= ِل ْلمت َ ِقين‬for.those.who.fear.(Allah). lesson to all God.
who are
mindful of

ِ‫= َو ِإ ْذ‬And.when
2. Remember AND LO! Mo- And remem-
when Moses ses said unto ber Moses
‫موسٰ ى‬.‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬Musa.said said to his his people: said to his
people, 'God "Behold, God people: "Al-
‫= ِلقَ ْو ِم ِه ِٓۦ‬to.his.people, commands bids you to lah com-
ََِ .‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫`= ِإ‬Indeed,.Allah you to sacri- sacrifice a mands that
fice a cow.' cow." They ye sacrifice a
‫=يَأْمرك ِْم‬commands.you ‫=أَن‬that They said, said: "Dost heifer." They
‫=ت َ ْذ َبحوا‬you.slaughter 'Are you ma- thou mock at said: "Makest
king fun of us?" He thou a laug-
ً ‫=بَقَ َرِة‬a.cow.` ‫=قَال ٓوا‬They.said, us?' He answered: "I hing-stock of
‫`=أَتَت َ ِخذنَا‬Do.you.take.us answered, seek refuge us?" He said:
'God forbid with God aga- "Allah save
ِ‫(=هز ًوا‬in).ridicule.` ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, that I should inst being so me from be-
be so igno- ignorant!" ing an igno-
ِ‫`=أَعوذ‬I.seek.refuge ‫اّلل‬ َِِ ِ‫=ب‬in.Allah rant.' rant (fool)!"
ِْ ‫=أ‬that َِ‫=أكون‬I.be َِ‫= ِمن‬among َ
َِ‫= ْالجٰ ِه ِلين‬the.ignorant.`
‫= َقالوا‬They.said, ِ‫`=ادْع‬Pray
2. They said, Said they: They said:
'Call on your "Pray on our "Beseech on
‫=لَنَا‬for.us ‫َك‬ َِ ‫(= َرب‬to).your.Lord Lord for us, behalf unto thy our behalf
‫=ي َب ِين‬to.make.clear ‫=لَنَا‬to.us to show us Sustainer that Thy Lord to
what sort of He make clear make plain to
‫= َما‬what ‫ى‬ َِ ‫= ِه‬it.(is).` cow it should to us what she us what (hei-
be.' He is to be like." fer) it is!" He
َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, ‫`= ِإنَهۥ‬Indeed,.He answered, (Moses) rep- said; "He
ِ‫=يَقول‬says, ‫[`=إِنَ َها‬Indeed].it 'God says it lied: "Behold, says: The
should be He says it is to heifer should
ِ‫(= َبقَ َرة‬is).a.cow ‫ل‬ َِ =not neither too be a cow neit- be neither
old nor too her old nor too old nor
ِ‫ارض‬ ِ َ‫=ف‬old ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.not young, but in immature, but too young,
ِ‫=بِ ْكر‬young, ِ‫ع َوان‬ َِ =middle.aged between, so of art age in- but of midd-
do as you between. Do, ling age.
َِ‫= َبيْن‬between ‫ك‬ َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬that,` are com- then, what you Now do what
‫=فَافعَلوا‬so.do ‫= َما‬what manded.' have been
ye are com-
َِ‫=تؤْ َمرون‬you.are.commanded.`
‫=قَالوا‬They.said, ِ‫`=ادْع‬Pray
2. They said, Said they: They said:
'Call on your "Pray on our "Beseech on
‫=لَنَا‬for.us ‫َك‬ َِ ‫(= َرب‬to).your.Lord Lord for us, behalf unto thy our behalf
‫=ي َبيِن‬to.make.clear ‫=لَنَا‬to.us to show us Sustainer that Thy Lord to
what colour He make clear make plain to
‫= َما‬what ِ‫(=لَ ْون َها‬is).its.color.` it should be.' to us what her us Her co-
He answe- colour should lour." He
َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, ‫`= ِإنَهۥ‬Indeed,.He red, 'God be. "(Mopes) said: "He
ِ‫= َيقول‬says, ‫[`= ِإنَ َها‬Indeed].it.is says it sho- answered:
uld be a
says: A fawn-
"Behold; He coloured hei-
ِ‫=بَقَ َرة‬a.cow ِ‫ص ْف َرآء‬ َ =yellow, bright yellow says it is to be fer, pure and
ِ‫=فَاقِع‬bright ‫(=لَ ْون َها‬in).its.color, cow, plea- a yellow cow, rich in tone,
sing to the bright of hue, the admira-
‫=تَس ُِّر‬pleasing eye.' pleasing to the tion of behol-
beholder." ders!"
َِ‫(=النّٰ ِظ ِرين‬to).those.who.see.(it).``
‫= َقالوا‬They.said, ِ‫`=ادْع‬Pray
2. They said, Said' they: They said:
'Call on your "Pray on our "Beseech on
‫=لَنَا‬for.us ‫َك‬ َِ ‫(= َرب‬to).your.Lord Lord for us, behalf unto thy our behalf
‫=ي َب ِين‬to.make.clear ‫=لَنَا‬to.us to show us Sustainer that Thy Lord to
(exactly) He make clear make plain to
‫= َما‬what ‫ى‬ َِ ‫= ِه‬it.(is). ‫ن‬ َ
ِ ِ‫=إ‬Indeed, what it is: all to us what she us what she
cows are is to be like, for is: To us are
‫[= ْال َبقَ َِر‬the].cows ‫=ت َ ٰش َب َِه‬look.alike more or less to us all cows all heifers
‫علَ ْينَا‬
َ =to.us. ٓ ‫= َو ِإنَِا‬And.indeed.we, alike to us. resemble one alike: We
With God's another; and wish indeed
‫= ِإن‬if ‫اّلل‬ َِ .‫شا ٓ َِء‬
َ =wills.Allah, will, we shall then, if God so for guidance,
be guided.' wills, we shall if Allah wills."
َِ‫(=لَم ْهتَدون‬will).surely.be.those.who. truly be guided
are.guided.` aright!"

ِ‫=قَا َل‬He.said, ‫`= ِإنَهۥ‬Indeed,.He

2. He replied, 'It (Moses) He said: "He
is a perfect answered: says: A hei-
ِ‫=يَقول‬says, ‫[`= ِإنَ َها‬Indeed].it and unble- "Behold, He fer not trai-
mished cow, says it is to be ned to till the
ِ‫(=بَقَ َرة‬is).a.cow ‫ل‬ َِ =not not trained to a cow not bro- soil or water
ِ‫=ذَلول‬trained ِ‫=تثِير‬to.plough till the earth ken-in to plo- the fields;
or water the ugh the earth sound and
َِ ‫= ْاْل َ ْر‬the.earth, ‫ل‬
‫ض‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.not fields.' They or to water the without ble-
‫=ت َ ْس ِقى‬water ‫ث‬ َِ ‫= ْال َح ْر‬the.field; said, 'Now crops, free of
you have fault, without
mish." They
said: "Now
ِ‫سلَ َمة‬
َ ‫=م‬sound, ‫ل‬ َِ =no brought the markings of hast thou
truth,' and so any other co- brought the
َ‫= ِشيَ ِة‬blemish ِ‫=فِي َها‬in.it.`` they slaugh- lour."Said truth." Then
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫=قَالوا‬They.said, َِ‫`= ْال ٰـن‬Now tered it, tho- they: "At last they offered
ugh they al- thou hast bro- her in sacrifi-
َِ ْ‫= ِجئ‬you.have.come
‫ت‬ most failed ught out the ce, but not
ِِ ‫= ِب ْال َح‬with.the.truth.`
‫ق‬ to do so. truth!"-and the- with good-
reupon they will.
‫=فَذَبَحوهَا‬So.they.slaughtered.it, sacrificed her,
although they
‫= َو َما‬and.not had almost left
‫= َكادوا‬they.were.near it undone.

َِ‫(=يَ ْفعَلون‬to).doing.(it).
‫= َوإِ ِْذ‬And.when ‫= َقت َ ْلت ِْم‬you.killed Then,
2. when For, O children Remember
you (Israeli- of Israel, be- ye slew a
‫سا‬ ً ‫=نَ ْف‬a.man, tes) killed cause you had man and fell
someone slain a human into a dispute
‫=فَاد ٰ ّْٰٰٔرت ِْم‬then.you.disputed and started being and then among your-
ِ‫=فِي َها‬concerning.it, ‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬but.Allah to blame one cast the blame selves as to
another- alt- for this (crime) the crime:
ِ‫(=م ْخ ِرج‬is).the.One.Who.brought.fo hough God upon one But Allah
was to bring another - was to bring
rth ‫ما‬ َ =what ‫=كنت ِْم‬you.were what you although God forth what ye
َِ‫=ت َ ْكتمون‬concealing. had concea- will bring to did hide.
led to light- light what you
would conce-

‫=فَق ْلنَا‬So.We.said,
2. We said, 'St- We said: So We said:
rike the "Apply this "Strike the
ِ‫`=اض ِْربوه‬Strike.him (body) with a (principle) to (body) with a
part of (the some of those piece of the
ِ‫ض َها‬ ِ ‫=بِ َب ْع‬with.a.part.of.it.` cow)': thus (cases of un- (heifer)."
َِ ‫= َك ٰذ ِل‬Like.this
‫ك‬ God brings resolved mur- Thus Allah
the dead to der): in this bringeth the
َِ .‫ى‬
‫اّلل‬ ِِ ‫=ي ْح‬Allah.revives life and way God sa- dead to life
‫= ْال َم ْو ٰتى‬the.dead, shows His ves lives from and showeth
signs so that death and you His
‫= َوي ِريك ِْم‬and.shows.you you may un- shows you His Signs: Perc-
derstand. will, so that hance ye
‫= َء ٰايتِ ِهۦ‬His.Signs, you might (le- may unders-
‫=لَ َعلَك ِْم‬perhaps.you.may arn to) use tand.
your reason."
َِ‫=ت َ ْع ِقلون‬use.your.intellect.
ِْ ‫س‬ َ ‫ َق‬.‫=ث َِم‬Then.hardened
2. Even after And yet, after Thenceforth
74 ‫ت‬ that, your all this, your were your
‫=قلوبكم‬your.hearts hearts be- hearts harde- hearts har-
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after ‫ك‬ َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬that came as
hard as
ned and be- dened: They
came like became like
َِ ‫=ف ِه‬so.they
‫ى‬ َ rocks, or rocks, or even a rock and
even harder, harder: for, even worse
ِِ‫ارة‬ َ ‫(= َك ْال ِح َج‬became).like.[the].ston for there are behold, there in hardness.
es ‫و‬ ِْ َ ‫=أ‬or ُّ ‫ش ِد‬ َ َ ‫=أ‬stronger rocks from are rocks from For among
which stre- which streams rocks there
ً ‫(=قَس َْوِة‬in).hardness. ams spring gush forth; are some
out, and so- and, behold, from which
َِ ‫= َو ِإ‬And.indeed, َِ‫= ِمن‬from
‫ن‬ me from there are some rivers gush
ِِ‫ارة‬ ْ
َ ‫=ال ِح َج‬the.stones which water from which, forth; others
comes when when they are there are
‫=لَ َما‬certainly.(there.are.some).which they split cleft, water is- which when
ِ‫=يَت َ َف َجر‬gush.forth ِ‫= ِم ْنه‬from.it open, and sues; and, be- split asunder
others which hold, there are send forth
ِ‫[= ْاْل َ ْنهٰ ر‬the].rivers, fall down in some that fall water; and
awe of God: down for awe others which
َِ ‫= َو ِإ‬and.indeed, ‫= ِم ْن َها‬from.them He is not of God And sink for fear
‫=لَ َما‬certainly.(there.are.some).which unaware of God is not of Allah. And
what you do. unmindful of Allah is not
ِ‫شقَق‬ َ ‫= َي‬split, what you do! unmindful of
ِ‫=فَيَ ْخرج‬so.comes.out ِ‫= ِم ْنه‬from.it what ye do.

ِ‫[= ْال َمآء‬the].water,

َِ ‫= َو ِإ‬and.indeed, ‫= ِم ْن َها‬from.them
‫=لَ َما‬certainly.(there.are.some).which
ِ‫= َي ْه ِبط‬fall.down ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from
‫= َخ ْشيَ ِِة‬fear ِ‫اّلل‬ َِ =(of).Allah.
َِ .‫= َو َما‬And.Allah.(is).not
ِ‫= ِب ٰغ ِفل‬unaware ‫ع َما‬ َ =of.what
َِ‫=ت َ ْع َملون‬you.do.
75 َِ‫ط َمعون‬ ْ َ ‫=أَفَت‬Do.you.hope ‫=أَن‬that So can you CAN YOU, Can ye (o ye
(believers) then, hope that men of Faith)
‫=يؤْ ِمنوا‬they.will.believe hope that they will belie- entertain the
such people ve in what you hope that
‫[=لَك ِْم‬for].you will believe are preaching - they will beli-
َِ‫ َكان‬.‫= َوقَ ِْد‬while.indeed.(there).has.b you, when seeing that a eve in you?-
some of good many of Seeing that a
een ِ‫=فَ ِريق‬a.party them used to them were party of them
‫= ِم ْنه ِْم‬of.them, hear the
words of
wont to listen heard the
to the word of Word of Al-
َِ‫(= َي ْس َمعون‬who.used.to).hear God and God and then, lah, and per-
َِِ .‫(= َك ٰل َِم‬the).words.of.Allah,
‫اّلل‬ then delibe- after having verted it
rately twist understood it, knowingly af-
‫=ث َِم‬then ‫=ي َح ِرفونَهۥ‬they.distort.it them, even to pervert it ter they un-
when they knowingly? derstood it.
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after ‫[= َما‬what] understood
ِ‫عقَلوه‬ َ =they.understood.it, them?

‫= َوه ِْم‬while.they َِ‫= َي ْعلَمون‬know?

‫= َو ِإذَا‬And.when ‫=لَقوا‬they.meet When
2. they For, when they Behold!
meet the be- meet those when they
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who lievers, they who have atta- meet the
say, 'We too ined to faith. men of Faith,
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d], believe.' But they say, "We they say:
‫=قَال ٓوا‬they.say, when they believe (as you "We believe":
are alone believe)" - but But when
‫`= َءا َمنَا‬We.have.believed.` with each when they find they meet
‫= َو ِإذَا‬But.when other they themselves each other in
say, 'How alone with one private, they
ِ َ ‫=خ‬meet.in.private
‫َل‬ could you tell another, they say: "Shall
them about say. "Do you you tell them
‫= َب ْعضه ِْم‬some.of.them God's reve- inform them of what Allah
ِ‫بَ ْعض‬.‫= ِإلى‬with.some.(others), lation (to what God has hath revea-
us)? They disclosed to led to you,
‫=قَال ٓوا‬they.say, will be able you, so that that they may
‫`=أت َحدِثونَهم‬Do.you.tell.them to use it to they might use engage you
argue aga- it in argument in argument
‫=بِ َما‬what inst you be- against you, about it befo-
fore your quoting the re your
َِ .‫ح‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ َ ‫=فَت‬Allah.has.revealed Lord! Have words of your Lord?"- Do
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =to.you you no sen- Sustainer? Will ye not un-
se?' you not. then, derstand
‫= ِلي َحا ٓ ُّجوكم‬so.that.they.argue.with.y use your rea- (their aim)?
ou ‫هۦ‬ ِ ‫= ِب‬therewith َ‫= ِعن ِد‬before
‫= َربِك ِْم‬your.Lord?
ِ َ َ‫=أَف‬Then.do.(you).not
َِ‫=ت َ ْع ِقلون‬understand?`
َِ ‫=أ َ َو‬Do.not َِ‫=يَ ْع َلمون‬they.know Do they not Do they not Know they
77 ‫ل‬ know that know, then, not that Allah
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫=أ َ َن‬that َ‫اّلل‬

َِ =Allah ِ‫= َي ْعلَم‬knows God is well
aware of
that God is knoweth
aware of all what they
‫= َما‬what َِ‫=ي ِس ُّرون‬they.conceal what they that they would conceal and
conceal and conceal as what they re-
‫= َو َما‬and.what what they well as of all veal?
َِ‫=ي ْع ِلنون‬they.declare? reveal? that they bring
into the open?

ِ‫= َو ِم ْنه ْم‬And.among.them

2. Some of And there are And there
them are among them are among
َِ‫(=أ ِميُّون‬are).unlettered.ones, uneducated, unlettered pe- them illitera-
َِ‫ َي ْعلَمون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =(who).do.not.know and know ople who have tes, who
the Scripture no real know not the
ٰ ْ
َِ ‫=ال ِكت‬the.book ‫ل‬
‫ب‬ ٓ َ
ِ ِ‫=إ‬except only through knowledge of Book, but
wish-ful thin- the divine writ, (see therein
َِ ِ‫=أ َ َمان‬wishful.thinking
‫ى‬ king. They (following) only their own)
ِْ ِ‫= َوإ‬and.not ‫=ه ِْم‬they
‫ن‬ rely on gu- wishful beliefs desires, and
esswork. and depending they do not-
َِ ‫(= ِإ‬do.anything).except
‫ل‬ on nothing but hing but con-
conjecture. jecture.
ِ‫= َف َويْل‬So.woe َِ‫= ِللَذِين‬to.those.who So
2. woe to Woe, then, un- Then woe to
those who to those who those who
َِ‫=يَ ْكتبون‬write ‫ب‬ َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.book write somet- write down, write the
‫= ِبأ َ ْيدِي ِه ِْم‬with.their.(own).hands hing down with their own Book with
with their hands, (so- their own
‫=ث َِم‬then, َِ‫=يَقولون‬they.say, own hands mething which hands, and
and then they claim to then
‫`= ٰهذَا‬This claim, 'This be) divine writ, say:"This is
َِِ .‫ ِعن ِِد‬.‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ ِْ ‫(= ِم‬is).from.Allah,` is from God,' and then say. from Allah,"
in order to "This is from to traffic with
َ ْ
‫= ِليَشتروا‬to.barter ‫=بِ ِهۦ‬with.it make some God," in order it for mise-
small gain. to acquire a rable price!-
‫(=ث َ َمنًا‬for).a.price ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫=قَ ِلي‬little. Woe to them trifling gain Woe to them
ِ‫=ف َويْل‬So.woe ‫=لهم‬to.them َ for what their thereby; woe, for what their
hands have then, unto hands do wri-
‫= ِم َما‬for.what ‫ت‬ ِْ ‫= َكت َ َب‬have.written written! Woe them for what te, and for
‫=أ َ ْيدِي ِه ِْم‬their.hands to them for their hands the gain they
all that they have written, make the-
ِ‫= َو َويْل‬and.woe ‫=لَهم‬to.them have earned! and woe unto reby.
them for all
‫= ِم َما‬for.what َِ‫=يَ ْك ِسبون‬they.earn. that they may
have gained!

‫= َوقَالوا‬And.they.say, ‫`= َلن‬Never They

2. say, And they say, And they
'The Fire will "The fire will say: "The Fi-
‫سنَا‬ َ ‫=ت َ َم‬will.touch.us ِ‫=النَار‬the.Fire only touch most certainly re shall not
َِٓ ِ‫=إ‬except ‫(=أَيَا ًما‬for).days
‫ل‬ us for a few not touch us touch us but
days.' Say to for more than for a few
ً ‫= َم ْعدودَِة‬numbered.` ‫ل‬ ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, them, 'Have a limited num- numbered
you received ber of days." days:" Say:
‫`=أَت َ َخ ْذت ِْم‬Have.you.taken a promise Say (unto "Have ye ta-
from God- them): "Have ken a promi-
َ‫= ِعن ِد‬from ‫اّلل‬ َِِ =Allah for God ne- you received a se from Al-
‫ع ْهدًا‬ َ =a.covenant, ‫=فَلَن‬so.never ver breaks promise from lah, for He
His promise- God - for God never breaks
َِ .‫ف‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫=ي ْخ ِل‬will.Allah.break or are you never breaks His promise?
ِٓ‫ع ْهدَهۥ‬ َ =His.Covenant? ِ
‫م‬ْ َ ‫أ‬ =Or saying things His promise - or is it that ye
about Him of or do you attri- say of Allah
َِ‫(=تَقولون‬do).you.say which you bute to God what ye do
‫علَى‬ َ =against ِ‫اّلل‬ َِ =Allah ‫= َما‬what have no real something
knowledge?' which you
not know?"

َِ‫تَ ْعلَمون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =you.(do).not.know?` cannot know?"

‫=بَ ٰلى‬Yes, ‫= َمن‬whoever

2. Truly those Yea! Those Nay, those
who do evil who earn evil who seek
َِ ‫س‬
‫ب‬ َ ‫= َك‬earned ً‫سيِئ َ ِة‬ َ =evil and are sur- and by their gain in evil,
‫ ِب ِهۦ‬.‫ت‬ ِْ ‫ط‬ َ ٰ‫= َوأَح‬and.surrounded.him rounded by sinfulness are and are girt
their sins will engulfed - they round by
‫َط ٓيــَٔتهۥ‬ ِ ‫=خ‬his.sins.- be the inha- are destined their sins,-

َِ ِ‫[=فَأ ْو ٰلٓئ‬so].those
bitants of the for the fire. they are
‫ك‬ Fire, there to therein to abi- companions
ِ‫صحٰ ب‬ ْ َ ‫(=أ‬are.the).companions remain, de; of the Fire:
Therein shall
ِِ َ‫(=الن‬of).the.Fire; ‫=ه ِْم‬they
‫ار‬ they abide
(For ever).
‫=فِي َها‬in.it
َِ‫(= ٰخ ِلدون‬will).abide.forever.
َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬And.those.who
2. while those whereas those But those
who believe who attain to who have fa-
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believed and do good faith and do ith and work
deeds will be righteous de- righteo-
‫ع ِملوا‬ َ ‫= َو‬and.did the inhabi- eds -they are usness, they
ِِ ٰ‫ص ِلح‬
‫ت‬ ّٰ ‫=ال‬righteous.deeds, tants of the destined for are compa-

َِ ِ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓئ‬those
Garden, the- paradise, the- nions of the
‫ك‬ re to remain. rein to abide. Garden: The-
ِ‫صحٰ ب‬ َ
ْ ‫(=أ‬are.the).companions rein shall
they abide
َ‫(= ْال َجن ِِة‬of).Paradise; ‫=ه ِْم‬they (For ever).
‫=فِي َها‬in.it
َِ‫(= ٰخ ِلدون‬will).abide.forever.
‫= َوإِ ِْذ‬And.when ‫=أ َ َخ ْذنَا‬We.took Remember
2. AND LO! We And remem-
when We accepted this ber We took
َِ‫(= ِم ٰيثق‬the).covenant took a pled- solemn pledge a covenant
ge from the from (you,) ' from the
ِٓ ‫(=بَ ِن‬from.the).Children
‫ى‬ Children of the children of Children of
‫ل‬ ٓ
َِ ‫(=إِس ْٰر ِءي‬of).Israel, Israel: Israel: "You Israel (to this
'Worship no- shall worship effect):
َِ‫تَ ْعبدون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =`You.will.not.worship ne but God; none but God; Worship no-
َِ ِ‫=إ‬except ‫اّلل‬
‫ل‬ ََِ =Allah, be good to and you shall ne but Allah;
your parents do good unto treat with
ِِ ‫= َو ِب ْال ٰو ِلدَي‬and.with.[the].parents and kinsfolk, your parents kindness
to orphans and kinsfolk, your parents
‫سانًا‬ َ ‫(= ِإ ْح‬be).good and the and the orp- and kindred,
ٰ ْ
‫الق ْربى‬.‫= َوذِى‬and.(with).relatives poor; speak hans, and the and orphans
good words poor; and you and those in
‫= َو ْال َي ٰتمٰ ى‬and.[the].orphans to all people; shall speak un- need; speak
ِِ ‫= َو ْال َمسٰ ِك‬and.the.needy,
‫ين‬ keep up the to all people in fair to the
prayer and a kindly way; people; be
‫= َوقولوا‬and.speak pay the and you shall steadfast in
prescribed be constant in prayer; and
ِ ِ َ‫= ِللن‬to.[the].people
‫اس‬ alms.' Then prayer; and practise re-
ً‫=ح ْسنا‬good, all but a few you shall gular charity.
of you turned spend in cha- Then did ye
‫= َوأَقِيموا‬and.establish away and rity. ”And yet, turn back,
َ ‫ص ٰلوِة‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.prayer paid no
save for a few except a few
of you, you among you,
‫= َو َءاتوا‬and.give turned away: and ye
for you are backslide
َ ‫الز ٰكوِة‬ َ =the.zakah.` ‫=ث َِم‬Then obstinate folk! (even now).
‫=ت َ َولَيْت ِْم‬you.turned.away,
َِ ‫= ِإ‬except ً‫ل‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫=قَ ِلي‬a.few
‫= ِمنك ِْم‬of.you,
‫= َوأَنتم‬and.you.(were)
َِ‫= ُّم ْع ِرضون‬refusing.
‫= َو ِإ ِْذ‬And.when ‫=أ َ َخ ْذنَا‬We.took We
2. took a And lo! We ac- And remem-
pledge from cepted your ber We took
‫= ِم ٰيثقَك ِْم‬your.covenant, you, 'Do not solemn pledge your cove-
َِ‫ت َ ْس ِفكون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =`You.will.not.shed shed one that you would nant (to this
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= ِد َما ٓ َءك ْم‬your.blood another's

blood or dri-
not shed one effect): Shed
another's no blood
َِ‫ت ْخ ِرجون‬.‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.(will).not.evict ve one anot- blood, and amongst you,

َ ‫=أَنف‬yourselves ‫= ِمن‬from
her from would not drive nor turn out
‫سكم‬ your home- one another your own pe-
‫=د ِٰي ِرك ِْم‬your.homes,` ‫=ث َِم‬then lands.' You from your ho- ople from
acknowled- melands - your homes:
‫=أ َ ْق َر ْرت ِْم‬you.ratified ged it at the whereupon and this ye
‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬while.you time, and
you can tes-
you ack- solemnly rati-
nowledged it; fied, and to
َِ‫(=ت َ ْش َهدون‬were).witnessing. tify to this. and thereto this ye can
you bear wit- bear witness.
ness (even

ِ‫=ث َم‬Then ‫=أَنت ِْم‬you

2. Yet here you And yet, it is After this it is
are, killing you who slay ye, the same
‫ل ِِء‬ ٓ َ ‫(= ٰ ٓهؤ‬are).those one another one another people, who
and driving and drive so- slay among
َِ‫(=ت َ ْقتلون‬who).kill some of your me of your yourselves,
‫سك ِْم‬ َ
َ ‫=أنف‬yourselves own people own people and banish a
from their from their ho- party of you
َِ‫= َوت ْخ ِرجون‬and.evict homes, hel- melands, ai- from their
ً‫=فَ ِريقا‬a.party ‫= ِمنكم‬of.you ping one ding one anot- homes; as-
another in her against sist (Their
‫= ِمن‬from ‫=د ِٰي ِر ِه ِْم‬their.homes, sin and agg- them in sin enemies)
َِ‫=ت َ ٰظ َهرون‬you.support.one.another ression aga- and hatred; but against them,
inst them. If if they come to in guilt and
‫علَ ْي ِهم‬ َ =against.them ‫اْلثْ ِِم‬ ِ ْ ِ‫=ب‬in.sin they come to you as capti- rancour; and
you as capti- ves, you ran- if they come
ِِ ‫= َو ْالعد ْٰو‬and.[the].transgression. ves, you still som them - to you as
pay to set although the captives, ye
‫= َوإِن‬And.if them free, very (act of) ransom
‫= َيأْتوك ِْم‬they.come.to.you although you driving them them, though
had no right away has been it was not
‫(=أسٰ ٰرى‬as).captives, to drive them made unlawful lawful for you
‫=تفدوه ِْم‬you.ransom.them; ٰ out. So do to you! . Do to banish
you believe you, then, be- them. Then
‫= َوه َِو‬while.it in some lieve in some is it only a
parts of the parts of the di- part of the
ِ‫(=م َح َرم‬was).forbidden Scripture vine writ and Book that ye
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =to.you and not in deny the truth believe in,
others? The pf other parts? and do ye re-
‫= ِإ ْخ َراجه ِْم‬their.eviction. punishment What, then, ject the rest?
َِ‫=أفتؤْ ِمنون‬So.do.you.believe َ َ for those of could be the but what is
you who do reward of tho- the reward
ِ ِ ‫= ِب َب ْع‬in.part.(of)
‫ض‬ this will be se among you for those
ِِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book
‫ب‬ nothing but who do such among you
disgrace in things but ig- who behave
َِ‫= َوتَ ْكفرون‬and.disbelieve this life, and nominy in the like this but
on the Day life of this disgrace in
ِ‫=بِ َب ْعض‬in.part? ‫=فَ َما‬Then.what of Resurrec- world and, on this life?- and
ِ‫(= َجزَ آء‬should.be.the).recompense tion they will the Day of Re- on the Day of
be condem- surrection, Judgment
‫(= َمن‬for.the.one).who ِ‫= َي ْف َعل‬does ned to the commitment to they shall be
َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬that ‫= ِمنك ِْم‬among.you,
‫ك‬ harshest most grievous consigned to
torment: God suffering? For the most gri-
َِ ‫= ِإ‬except ِ‫= ِخ ْزى‬disgrace
‫ل‬ is not God is not evous pe-
unaware of unmindful of nalty. For Al-
‫=فِى‬in ‫= ْال َح ٰيوِِة‬the.life what you do. what you do. lah is not
ِْ‫(=الدُّنيَا‬of).the.world; unmindful of
what ye do.
‫= َو َي ْو َِم‬and.(on.the).Day
‫= ْال ِق ٰي َم ِِة‬of.[the].Resurrection
َِ‫=ي َردُّون‬they.will.be.sent.back
ِٓ ‫= ِإ ٰل‬to ‫(=أَش َِِد‬the).most.severe
ِِ ‫= ْالعَذَا‬punishment?
َِ .‫= َو َما‬And.Allah.(is).not
ِ‫=بِ ٰغ ِفل‬unaware ‫ع َما‬ َ =of.what
َِ‫=ت َ ْع َملون‬you.do.
َِ ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓ ِئ‬Those
2. These are All who buy These are
86 ‫ك‬ the people the life of this the people
َِ‫(=الَذِين‬are).the.ones.who who buy the world at the who buy the
‫=ا ْشت َ َروا‬bought َ‫= ْال َح ٰيوِة‬the.life life of this price of the life life of this
world at the to come - their world at the
‫(=الدُّ ْن َيا‬of).the.world price of the suffering shall price of the
Hereafter: not be lighte- Hereafter:
ِِ‫=بِ ْاْل َ ِخ َرة‬for.the.Hereafter; their torment ned, nor shall their penalty
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬so.not
‫ل‬ will not be they be succo- shall not be
lightened, ured! lightened nor
ِ‫=ي َخفَف‬will.be.lightened nor will they shall they be
be helped. helped.
ِ‫ع ْنهم‬ َ =for.them
ِ‫= ْال َعذَاب‬the.punishment
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ‫=ه ِْم‬they
َِ‫صرون‬ َ ‫=ين‬will.be.helped.
‫= َولَقَ ِْد‬And.indeed ‫= َءات َ ْينَا‬We.gave We
2. gave For, indeed, We gave
Moses the We vouchsa- Moses the
‫سى‬ َ ‫=مو‬Musa ‫ب‬ َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book Scripture fed unto Mo- Book and fol-
and We sent ses the divine lowed him up
‫= َوقَفَ ْينَا‬and.We.followed.up messengers writ and cau- with a suc-
‫ َب ْع ِدهِۦ‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after.him after him in sed apostle af- cession of
succession. ter apostle to messengers;
ِِ ‫الرس‬
‫ل‬ ُّ ِ‫=ب‬with.[the].Messengers. We gave Je- follow him; and We gave Je-
‫= َو َءات َ ْينَا‬And.We.gave sus, son of We vouchsa- sus the son
Mary, clear fed unto Je- of Mary Clear
‫سى‬ َ ‫= ِعي‬Isa, َِ‫(=ابْن‬the).son signs and sus, the son of (Signs) and
strengthened Mary, all evi- strengthened
‫(= َم ْريَ َِم‬of).Maryam, him with the dence of the him with the
ِِ ‫[= ْال َب ِي ٰن‬the].clear.signs
‫ت‬ Holy Spirit. truth, and holy spirit. Is
So how is it strengthened it that whe-
ِ‫= َوأَيَد ْٰنه‬and.We.supported.him that, whene- him with holy never there
ِ ِ ‫ ْالقد‬.ِ‫وح‬
‫س‬ ِ ‫= ِبر‬with.the.Holy.Spirit. ver a mes- inspiration.
comes to you
(Yet) is it not a messenger
‫=أَفَكلَ َما‬Is.it.(not).so.(that).whenever brings you so that every with what ye
something time an apost- yourselves
‫= َجا ٓ َءك ِْم‬came.to.you you do not le came unto desire not, ye
ِ‫= َرسول‬a.Messenger like, you be- you with so- are puffed up
come arro- mething that with pride?-
‫=بِ َما‬with.what gant, calling was not to Some ye cal-
ِٓ ‫تَ ْه ٰو‬.‫ل‬
‫ى‬ َِ =(do).not.desire some impos- your liking, you led impos-
tors and kil- gloried in your tors, and ot-
ِ‫=أَنفسكم‬yourselves, ling others? arrogance, and hers ye slay!
to some of
‫=ا ْست َ ْكبَ ْرت ِْم‬you.acted.arrogantly? them you gave
‫=فَفَ ِريقًا‬So.a.party the lie, while
others you
‫= َكذَبْت ِْم‬you.denied, would slay?
‫= َوفَ ِريقًا‬and.a.party
َِ‫=ت َ ْقتلون‬you.kill(ed).
‫= َو َقالوا‬And.they.said,
2. They say, But they say, They say,
'Our hearts "Our hearts "Our hearts
‫`=قلوبنَا‬Our.hearts are impenet- are already full are the
ِۚ‫(=غ ْلف‬are).wrapped.` ‫= َبل‬Nay, rably wrap- of knowledge." wrappings
ped (against Nay, but God (which pre-
َِ .ِ‫=لَعَنَهم‬Allah.has.cursed.them whatever has rejected serve Allah´s
you say),' them because Word: we
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= ِبك ْف ِر ِه ْم‬for.their.disbelief; but God has

of their refusal need no mo-
to acknowled- re)." Nay, Al-
ً‫ل‬ِ ‫=فَقَ ِلي‬so.little ‫(= َما‬is).what them for ge the truth: lah´s curse is
their disbe- for, few are the on them for
َِ‫=يؤْ ِمنون‬they.believe. lief: they ha- things in which their blasp-
ve little faith. they believe. hemy: Little
is it they be-

‫= َولَ َما‬And.when
2. When a And whenever And when
Scripture there came un- there comes
‫= َجا ٓ َءه ِْم‬came.to.them came to to them a to them a
ِ‫= ِك ٰتب‬a.Book them from (new) revela- Book from
God confir- tion from God, Allah, con-
َِِ .‫ ِعن ِِد‬.‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from.Allah ming what confirming the firming what
they already truth already in is with them,-
ِ‫صدِق‬ َ ‫م‬=confirming had, and their posses- although
when they sion-and (bear from of old
‫ َمعَه ِْم‬.‫= ِل َما‬what.(was).with.them, had been in mind that) they had
‫= َو َكانوا‬though.they.used.to praying for aforetime they prayed for
victory aga- used to pray victory aga-
ِ‫قَبْل‬.‫= ِمن‬before inst the dis- for victory over inst those
َِ‫(= َي ْست َ ْف ِتحون‬that),.pray.for.victory believers, those who we- without Fa-
even when re bent on ith,- when
‫علَى‬ َ =over َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who there came denying the there comes
to them so- truth -: whene- to them that
‫= َكفَروا‬disbelieved.- mething they ver there came which they
‫=فَلَ َما‬then.when knew (to be unto them so- (should) ha-
true), they mething which ve recogni-
‫= َجا ٓ َءهم‬came.to.them ‫= َما‬what disbelieved they recogni- sed, they re-
‫ع َرفوا‬ َ =they.recognized, in it: God re- zed (as the
jects those truth), they
fuse to belie-
ve in it but
‫= َكفَروا‬they.disbelieved ِ‫=بِ ِهۦ‬in.it. who disbeli- would deny it. the curse of
ِ‫=فَلَ ْعنَة‬So.(the).curse ِ‫اّلل‬ َِ =(of).Allah eve. And God's re- Allah is on
jection is the those without
‫علَى‬ َ =(is).on due of all who Faith.
َِ‫= ْال ٰك ِف ِرين‬the.disbelievers.
deny the truth.

َ ْ‫=بِئ‬Evil.(is).that
2. Low indeed Vile is that Miserable is
90 ‫س َما‬ is the price (false pride) for the price for
‫ ِب ِه ِٓۦ‬.‫(=ا ْشت َ َر ْوا‬for).which.they.have. for which which they ha- which they
َ ‫=أَنف‬themselves,
they have ve sold their have sold
sold ‫م‬ ِْ ‫سه‬ sold their own selves by their souls, in
َ‫=أن‬that ‫=يَ ْكفروا‬they.disbelieve souls by denying the that they
denying the truth of what deny (the re-
ٓ ‫= ِب َمِا‬in.what God-sent God has bes- velation)
َِ .‫ل‬
‫اّلل‬ َ
َِ َ‫=أنز‬Allah.has.revealed, truth, out of towed from on which Allah
envy that high, out of has sent
‫= َب ْغيًا‬grudging ‫=أَن‬that God should envy that God down, in in-
send His bo- should bestow solent envy
َِ .‫ل‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫=ين َِز‬Allah.sends.down unty to any aught of His that Allah of
‫= ِمن‬of ‫ض ِل ِهۦ‬ َ
ْ ‫=ف‬His.Grace of His ser- favour upon His Grace
vants He whomsoever should send
‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =on ‫= َمن‬whom pleases. The He wills of His it to any of
ِ‫شآء‬ َ َ‫=ي‬He.wills ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from disbelievers servants: and His servants
have ended thus have they He pleases:
‫= ِع َبا ِدهِۦ‬His.servants. up with earned the Thus have
wrath upon burden of they drawn
ِ‫ضب‬ َ َ‫ ِبغ‬.‫=فَبَآءو‬So.they.have.draw wrath, and a God's con- on themsel-
n.(on.themselves).wrath humiliating demnation, ves Wrath
‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =upon ِ‫ضب‬ َ ‫غ‬ َ =wrath. torment over and over. upon Wrath.
awaits them. And for those And humilia-
َِ‫= َو ِل ْل ٰك ِف ِرين‬And.for.the.disbelievers who deny the ting is the
ِ‫عذَاب‬ َ =(is).a.punishment truth there is punishment
shameful suf- of those who
ِ‫= ُّم ِهين‬humiliating. fering in store. reject Faith.

‫= َو ِإذَا‬And.when ‫ل‬
91 َِ ‫=قِي‬it.is.said When it is For when they When it is
said to them, are told, "Beli- said to them,
‫=لَه ِْم‬to.them, ‫`= َء ِامنوا‬Believe 'Believe in eve in what "Believe in
God's reve- God has bes- what Allah
ٓ ‫= ِب َمِا‬in.what lations,' they towed from on Hath sent
َِ .‫ل‬
‫اّلل‬ َ
َِ َ‫=أنز‬Allah.has.revealed,` reply, 'We high," they down, "they
believe in reply, "We be- say, "We be-
‫=قَالوا‬they.say, what was re- lieve (only) in lieve in what
ِ‫`=نؤْ ِمن‬We.believe ٓ ‫= ِب َمِا‬in.what vealed to us,' what has been was sent
but they do bestowed on down to us:"
َِ ‫نز‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫=أ‬was.revealed ‫علَ ْينَا‬ َ =to.us.` not believe us"-and they yet they re-
َِ‫= َو َي ْكفرون‬And.they.disbelieve inmewhat af-
ca- deny the truth ject all besi-
of everything des, even if it
‫= ِب َما‬in.what terwards, else, although be Truth con-
though it is it be a truth firming what
‫(= َو َرآ َءهۥ‬is).besides.it, the truth confirming the is with them.
‫= َوه َِو‬while.it ‫ق‬ ُِّ ‫(= ْال َح‬is).the.truth confirming one already in Say: "Why
what they al- their posses- then have ye
‫ص ِدقًا‬ َ ‫=م‬confirming ‫= ِل َما‬what ready have. sion. Say slain the
Say (Mu- "Why, then, prophets of
‫(= َم َعه ِْم‬is).with.them. ‫ل‬ ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, hammad), did you slay Allah in times
‫`=فَ ِل َِم‬Then.why 'Why did you God's prop- gone by, if ye
kill God's hets aforetime, did indeed
َِ‫(=ت َ ْقتلون‬did).you.kill prophets in if you were believe?"
‫اّلل‬ َ
َِِ .‫(=أن ِب َيا ٓ َِء‬the).Prophets.of.Allah you were vers?" the past if (truly) belie-

ِ‫قَبْل‬.‫= ِمن‬before, ‫= ِإن‬if true belie-

َِ‫= ُّمؤْ ِم ِنين‬believers?`
‫= َولَقَ ِْد‬And.indeed
2. Moses bro- And indeed, There came
ught you there came un- to you Moses
‫= َجا ٓ َءكم‬came.to.you clear signs, to you Moses with clear
but then, with all evi- (Signs); yet
‫= ُّموسٰ ى‬Musa while he was dence of the ye worship-
ِِ ‫=بِ ْالبَِيِ ٰن‬with.[the].clear.signs,
‫ت‬ away, you truth - and the- ped the calf
chose to reupon. in his (Even) after
‫=ث َِم‬then ِ‫=ات َ َخ ْذتم‬you.took worship the absence, you that, and ye
َِ ‫= ْال ِع ْج‬the.calf
‫ل‬ calf- you did took to wors- did behave
wrong.' hipping the wrongfully.
‫ َب ْع ِدهِۦ‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after.him (golden) calf,
‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬and.you and acted wic-
َِ‫(=ظ ِلمون‬were).wrongdoers.ٰ
‫= َو ِإ ِْذ‬And.when ‫=أ َ َخ ْذنَا‬We.took Remember
2. And, lo, We And remem-
when We accepted your ber We took
َ ٰ
‫= ِميثقك ِْم‬your.covenant took your solemn pled- your cove-
pledge, ma- ge, raising nant and We
‫= َو َرفَ ْعنَا‬and.We.raised king the mo- Mount Sinai raised above
ِ‫=فَ ْوقَكم‬over.you untain tower high above you (the
above you, you, (saying,) towering he-
َِ ‫الط‬
‫ور‬ ُّ =the.mount, ‫`=خذوا‬Hold and said, "Hold fast with ight) of Mo-
ٓ ‫= َمِا‬what ‫= َءاتَي ْٰنكم‬We.gave.you, 'Hold on
firmly to
(all your) unt (Sinai):
strength unto (Saying):
ِ‫=بِق َوة‬with.firmness what We ha- what We have "Hold firmly
ve given vouchsafed to what We
ِ‫= َوا ْس َمعوا‬and.listen.` you, and lis- you, and hear- have given
‫=قَالوا‬They.said, ten to (what ken unto it!" you, and he-
We say).' (But) they say, arken (to the
‫س ِم ْعنَا‬ َ =`We.heard They said, "We have he- Law)": They
'We hear ard, but we di- said:" We
‫ص ْينَا‬ َ ‫ع‬ َ ‫= َو‬and.we.disobeyed.` and we di- sobey" - for hear, and we
‫= َوأش ِربوا‬And.they.were.made.to.dr sobey,' and their hearts are disobey:"
through their filled to overf- And they had
ink ‫=فِى‬in ِ‫=قلو ِب ِهم‬their.hearts disbelief they lowing with lo- to drink into
َِ ‫(= ْال ِع ْج‬love.of).the.calf
‫ل‬ were made ve of the (gol- their hearts
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= ِبك ْف ِر ِه ْم‬because.of.their.disbelief. tolovedrink (the

of) the
den) calf be- (of the taint)
cause of their of the calf
ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, ‫س َما‬
‫ل‬ َ ْ‫`=بِئ‬Evil.(is).that calf deep in- refusal to ack- because of
‫ ِب ِه ِٓۦ‬.‫= َيأْمركم‬orders.you.(to.do).it toarts.their he- nowledge the their Faith-
truth. Say: "Vi- lessness.
‫= ِإيمٰ نك ِْم‬your.faith, ‫= ِإن‬if le is what this Say: "Vile in-
(false) belief of deed are the
‫=كنتم‬you.are َِ‫= ُّمؤْ ِمنِين‬believers.` yours enjoins behests of
upon you-if in- your Faith if
deed you are ye have any
believers!" faith!"

ِ‫=ق ْل‬Say, ‫`= ِإن‬If.- ‫َت‬ ِْ ‫= َكان‬is

2. Say, 'How Say: "If an af- Say: "If the
evil are the terlife with God last Home,
ِ‫=لَكم‬for.you ِ‫=الدَار‬the.home things your is to be for you with Allah, be
ِ‫(= ْاْل َ ِخ َرة‬of).the.Hereafter belief com- alone, to the for you spe-
mands you exclusion of all cially, and
َِ .َ‫= ِعن ِد‬with.Allah to do, if you other people, not for anyo-
really are be- then. you sho- ne else, then
ً‫ص ِة‬ َ ‫=خَا ِل‬exclusively, lievers!' Say, uld long for seek ye for
'If the last death-if what death, if ye
ِِ ‫د‬.‫= ِمن‬excluding
‫ون‬ home with you say is are sincere."
ِ ِ َ‫=الن‬the.mankind,
‫اس‬ God is to be true!"
for you alone
‫=فَت َ َمنَوا‬then.wish and no one
َِ ‫(= ْال َم ْو‬for).[the].death, ‫= ِإن‬if
‫ت‬ else, then
you should
‫=كنت ِْم‬you.are َِ‫=صٰ ِدقِين‬truthful.` long for de-
ath, if your
claim is true.'

‫= َولَن‬And.never.(will)
2. But they will But never will But they will
never long they long for it, never seek
ِ‫=يَتَ َمنَ ْوه‬they.wish.for.it, ‫=أَبَدًا‬ever, for death, because (they for death, on
because of are aware) of account of
‫= ِب َما‬because what they what their the (sins)
ِْ ‫(=قَدَ َم‬of.what).sent.ahead
‫ت‬ have stored hands have which their
up with their sent ahead in hands have
‫=أ َ ْيدِي ِه ِْم‬their.hands. own hands: this world: and sent on befo-
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫ع ِليم‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(is).All- God is fully God has full re them. and
aware of the knowledge of Allah is well-
Knower evildoers. evildoers. acquainted
ّٰ ‫=بِال‬of.the.wrongdoers.
َِ‫ظ ِل ِمين‬ with the

ِ‫= َولَت َ ِجدَنَه ْم‬And.surely.you.will.find.t (Prophet),

2. And thou wilt Thou wilt in-
you are sure most certainly deed find
hem ‫ص‬ َِ ‫(=أ َ ْح َر‬the).most.greedy to find them find that they them, of all
clinging to li- cling to life mo- people, most
ِ ِ َ‫(=الن‬of).[the].mankind
‫اس‬ fe more ea- re eagerly than greedy of li-
‫على‬ ٰ َ =for ِ‫= َح ٰيوة‬life, gerly than any other pe- fe,-even mo-
any other ople, even mo- re than the
َِ‫= َو ِمن‬and.(greedier).than people, even re than those idolaters:
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who the polythe- who are bent Each one of
ists. Any of on ascribing them wishes
ْ َ
ِ‫=أش َركوا‬associate[d].partners.(with. them would divinity to other He could be
wish to be beings beside given a life of
Allah). ُّ‫د‬ ِ ‫= َي َو‬Loves given a life God: every a thousand
‫(=أ َحده ِْم‬each).one.of.them ‫=ل ِْو‬if َ of a thou- one of them years: But
sand years, would love to the grant of
ِ‫=ي َع َمر‬he.could.be.granted.a.life though even live a thousand such life will
َِ ‫(=أ َ ْل‬of).a.thousand ِ‫سنَة‬
‫ف‬ َ =year(s). such a long years, altho- not save him
life would not ugh the grant from (due)
‫= َو َما‬But.not ‫=ه َِو‬it save them of long life co- punishment.
from the uld not save For Allah
‫(= ِبمزَ ْح ِز ِح ِهۦ‬will).remove.him torment: God him from suffe- sees well all
َِ‫= ِمن‬from ‫ب‬ ِِ ‫= ْالعَذَا‬the.punishment sees everyt- ring (in the he- that they do.
hing they do. reafter): for
‫=أَن‬that God sees all
that they do.
‫=ي َع َم َِر‬he.should.be.granted.life.
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫صير‬
‫اّلل‬ ِ َ‫(=ب‬is).All-
Seer ‫= ِب َما‬of.what
َِ‫=يَ ْع َملون‬they.do.
ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, ‫`= َمن‬Whoever َِ‫= َكان‬is Say
2. (Prop- SAY (O Prop- Say: Whoe-
97 ‫ل‬ het), 'If an- het): "Whoso- ver is an
‫عد ًّوا‬ َ =an.enemy yone is an ever is an enemy to
enemy of enemy of Gab- Gabriel-for
َِ ‫= ِل ِجب ِْري‬to.Jibreel.-
‫ل‬ Gabriel- who riel" -who,, ve- he brings
َ َ
‫=فإِنهۥ‬then.indeed.he by God's le- rily, by God's down the
ave brought leave, has (revelation)
‫=ن ََزلَهۥ‬brought.it.down ‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =on down the brought down to thy heart
َِ ِ‫=قَ ْلب‬your.heart
‫ك‬ Quran to upon thy heart by Allah´s
your heart this (divine will, a con-
ِِ ‫= ِبإ ِ ْذ‬by.(the).permission
‫ن‬ confirming writ) which firmation of
previous confirms the what went
َِ =(of).Allah ‫ص ِدقًا‬
ِ‫اّلل‬ َ ‫=م‬confirming scriptures as truth of whate- before, and
‫= ِل َما‬what a guide and ver there still guidance and
good news remains (of glad tidings
‫ َيدَ ْي ِِه‬.َِ‫(= َبيْن‬was).before.it for the faith- earlier revela- for those who
ful- tions), and is a believe,-
‫= َوهدًى‬and.a.guidance guidance and
‫= َوب ْش ٰرى‬and.glad.tiding(s) a glad tiding
َِ‫= ِل ْلمؤْ ِم ِنين‬for.the.believers.`
for the belie-

‫= َمن‬Whoever َِ‫= َكان‬is

2. if anyone is whosover is an Whoever is
an enemy of enemy of God an enemy to
‫عد ًّوا‬ َ =an.enemy ‫ّلل‬ َِِ ِ =(to).Allah God, His an- and His angels Allah and His
‫= َو َم ٰلٓ ِئ َكتِ ِهۦ‬and.His.Angels, gels and His and His mes- angels and
messengers, sage-bearers, messengers,
‫= َورس ِل ِهۦ‬and.His.Messengers, of Gabriel including Gab- to Gabriel
and Michael, riel and Mic- and Michael,-
َِ ‫= َو ِجب ِْري‬and.Jibreel,
‫ل‬ then God is hael, (should Lo! Allah is
َِ ‫يك‬
‫ل‬ ٰ ‫= َو ِم‬and.Meekael, certainly the know that,) ve- an enemy to
enemy of rily, God is the those who
َِ ِ ‫=فَإ‬then.indeed َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah such disbeli- enemy of all reject Faith.
evers.' who deny the
ِ‫عدو‬ َ =(is).an.enemy truth.
َِ‫= ِل ْل ٰك ِف ِرين‬to.the.disbelievers.
ِْ َ‫= َولَق‬And.indeed
2. For We have For, clear We have
99 ‫د‬
sent down messages in- sent down to
ٓ ‫=أَنزَ ْلنَِا‬We.revealed ‫ْك‬ َِ ‫= ِإلَي‬to.you clear mes- deed have We thee Manifest
sages to you bestowed Signs (ayat);
ِ‫= َء ٰايت‬Verses ِ‫= َب ِي ٰنت‬clear, and only upon thee from and none re-
‫= َو َما‬and.not those who on high; and ject them but
defy (God) none denies those who
ٓ ‫بِ َهِا‬.ِ‫=يَ ْكفر‬disbelieves.in.them would refuse their truth save are perverse.
َِ ‫= ِإ‬except
‫ل‬ to believe the iniquitous.
َِ‫= ْال ٰف ِسقون‬the.defiantly.disobedient.
َ َ‫=أ َ َوكل‬And.is.(it.not.that).whenever whenever every time case) that
2. How is it that Is it not so that Is it not (the
100 ‫ما‬

‫= ٰع َهدوا‬they.took they make a they made a every time

covenant or promise (unto they make a
‫ع ْهدًا‬ َ =a.covenant, a pledge, God), some of covenant,
َ‫=نَبَذهۥ‬threw.it.away ِ‫=فَ ِريق‬a.party some of them cast it some party
them throw it aside? Nay, among them
ِ‫= ِم ْنهم‬of.them? ‫ل‬ ِْ ‫= َب‬Nay, away? In indeed: most throw it asi-
َ ْ َ
‫=أكثره ِْم‬most.of.them ‫ل‬ َِ =(do).not them do not ofbelieve.
fact, most of them do not de?- Nay,
Most of them
َِ‫=ي ِمنون‬believe. believe. are faithless.
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫= َولَ َما‬And.when
2. When God And (even And when
sent them a now,) when there came
‫= َجا ٓ َءه ِْم‬came.to.them messenger there has co- to them a
confirming me unto them messenger
ِ‫= َرسول‬a.Messenger the Scriptu- an apostle from Allah,
َِِ .‫ ِعن ِِد‬.‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from.Allah res they al- from God, con- confirming
ready had, firming the what was
‫ ِل َما‬.ِ‫صدِق‬ َ ‫=م‬confirming.what some of tho- truth already in with them, a
se who had their posses- party of the
‫(= َم َعه ِْم‬was).with.them, received the sion, some of people of the
َ‫=نَبَ ِذ‬threw.away ِ‫=فَ ِريق‬a.party Scripture be- those who we- Book threw
َِ‫= ِمن‬of َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who fore threw re granted re- away the
the Book of velation afore- Book of Allah
‫=أوتوا‬were.given God over time cast the behind their
their shoul- divine writ be- backs, as if
َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book
‫ب‬ ders as if hind their (it had been
َِِ .‫ب‬
‫اّلل‬ ٰ
َِ ‫= ِكت‬Allah`s.Book they had no backs as tho- something)
knowledge, ugh unaware they did not
‫= َو َرآ َِء‬behind (of what it know!
‫ور ِه ِْم‬ ِ ‫=ظه‬their.backs
‫= َكأَنَه ِْم‬as.if.they ‫ل‬ َِ =(do).not.
َِ‫=يَ ْعلَمون‬know
َ َ ‫= َوات‬And.they.followed
2. and followed and follow (ins- They fol-
102 ‫بعوا‬
what the evil tead) that lowed what
‫= َما‬what ‫=تَتْلوا‬recite(d) ones had which the evil the evil ones
ِ‫ش ٰي ِطين‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.devils ‫ع ٰلى‬ fabricated ones used to gave out (fal-
َ =over about the practice during sely) against
ِِ ‫(=م ْل‬the).kingdom
‫ك‬ Kingdom of Solomon's re- the power of
Solomon ins- ign - for it was Solomon: the
َِ‫(=سلَيْمٰ ن‬of).Sulaiman. tead. Not not Solomon blasphemers
‫= َو َما‬And.not ‫= َكفَ َِر‬disbelieved mon himself who that Solo- denied Were, not
the truth, but Solomon, but
ِ‫=سلَيْمٰ ن‬Sulaiman ‫ن‬ َِ ‫[= َو ٰل ِك‬and].but was a disbe- those evil ones the evil ones,
liever; it was denied it by teaching men
َِ‫ش ٰي ِطين‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.devils the evil ones teaching peop- Magic, and
‫= َكفَروا‬disbelieved, who were le sorcery -; such things
disbelievers. and (they fol- as came
َِ‫=ي َع ِلمون‬they.teach They taught low) that which down at
َِ َ‫=الن‬the.people
‫اس‬ people
has come babylon to
down through the angels
‫الس ْح َِر‬ ِ =[the].magic and what the two angels Harut and
was revea- in Babylon, Marut. But
ٓ ‫= َو َمِا‬and.what led in Baby- Hurut and Ma- neither of
َِ ‫نز‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫=أ‬was.sent.down ‫علَى‬ َ =to lon to the rut-although these taught
two angels these two ne- anyone
ِِ ‫= ْال َملَ َكي‬the.two.angels
‫ْن‬ Harut and ver taught it to (Such things)
َِ ‫=بِبَا ِب‬in.Babylon, ‫وت‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ٰهر‬Harut Marut. Yet anyone without without sa-
these two first declaring, ying: "We are
َِ ‫= َومٰ ر‬and.Marut.
‫وت‬ never taught "We are but a only for trial;
anyone wit- temptation to so do not
‫= َو َما‬And.not hout first evil: do not, blaspheme."
ِِ ‫=ي َع ِل َم‬they.both.teach ‫ن‬
‫ان‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬any warning him, then, deny They learned
'We are sent (God's) truth!" from them
ِ‫=أ َ َحد‬one ‫= َحتّٰى‬unless only to And they learn the means to
َِٓ ‫=يَق‬they.[both].say, ‫`=إِنَ َما‬Only not disbelie- from
‫ول‬ tempt- do these two sow discord
how to create between man
ِ‫=ن َْحن‬we ِ‫(=فِِتْنَة‬are).a.trial, ve.' From discord and wife. But
these two, between a they could
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬so.(do).not ‫=تَ ْكف ِْر‬disbelieve.` they learned man and his not thus
َِ‫=فَ َيت َ َعلَمون‬But.they.learn what can wife; but whe- harm anyone
cause dis- reas they can except by Al-
‫= ِم ْنه َما‬from.those.two ‫= َما‬what cord harm none lah´s permis-
between thereby save sion. And
َِ‫[=يفَ ِرقون‬they].causes.separation man and wi- by God's lea- they learned
‫= ِب ِهۦ‬with.it َِ‫= َبيْن‬between fe, although ve, they acqui- what harmed
they harm no re a knowled- them, not
‫= ْال َم ْر ِِء‬the.man one with it ge that only what profited
ِ‫= َوزَ ْو ِج ِهۦ‬and.his.spouse. except by harms them- them. And
God's leave. selves and they knew
‫= َو َما‬And.not ‫=هم‬they.(could) They learned does not bene- that the bu-
what harmed fit them - alt- yers of (ma-
َِ‫ضا ٓ ِرين‬ َ ِ‫=ب‬at.all.[be.those.who].harm them, not hough they gic) would
‫= ِب ِهۦ‬with.it ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬any ِ‫=أ َ َحد‬one what benefi- know; indeed, have no sha-
ted them, that he who re in the
َِ ِ‫=إ‬except ‫ن‬
‫ل‬ ِِ ‫=بِإ ِ ْذ‬by.permission knowing full acquires this happiness of
ِِ َ =(of).Allah.
‫اّلل‬ well that (knowledge) the Hereaf-
whoever ga- shall have no ter. And vile
َِ‫= َو َيت َ َعلَمون‬And.they.learn ined (this share in the was the price
knowledge) good of the life for which
‫= َما‬what ‫=يَض ُّره ِْم‬harms.them would lose to come. For, they did sell
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ‫= َين َفعه ِْم‬profits.them. any share in vile indeed is their souls, if
the Hereaf- that (art) for they but
‫= َولَقَ ِْد‬And.indeed ter. Evil in- which they ha- knew!
‫ع ِلموا‬ َ =they.knew deed is the ve sold their
(price) for own selves -
ِِ ‫=لَ َم‬that.whoever
‫ن‬ which they had they but
sold their known it!
ِ‫=ا ْشت َ ٰرىه‬buys.it, ‫= َما‬not souls, if only
‫=لَهۥ‬for.him ‫=فِى‬in they knew.

‫= ْاْل َ ِخ َرِِة‬the.Hereafter ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬any

ِ‫=خَلق‬share. ٰ
َِ ْ‫= َولَبِئ‬And.surely.evil
‫(= َما‬is).what ‫=ش ََر ْوا‬they.sold
‫= ِب ِه ِٓۦ‬with.it ‫سه ِْم‬ َ ‫=أَنف‬themselves,
‫=لَ ِْو‬if ‫= َكانوا‬they.were
َِ‫(= َي ْعلَمون‬to).know.
ِْ َ‫= َول‬And.if ‫[=أَنَه ِْم‬that].they
2. If they had And had they If they had
103 ‫و‬
believed and but believed kept their Fa-
‫(= َءا َمنوا‬had).believed been mindful and been ith and guar-
of God, their conscious of ded themsel-
‫= َواتَقَ ْوا‬and.feared.(Allah), reward from Him, reward ves from evil,
ِ‫=لَ َمثو َبة‬surely.(the).reward Him would from God far better had
have been would indeed been the
‫ ِعن ِِد‬.‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from ‫اّلل‬ َِِ =Allah far better, if have brought reward from
ِ‫(= َخيْر‬would.have.been).better, only knew.
they them good-had their Lord, if
they but known they but
‫=لَ ِْو‬if ‫= َكانوا‬they.were it! knew!
َِ‫(=يَ ْعلَمون‬to).know.
َ ُّ‫= ٰيٓأَي‬O.you َِ‫=الَذِين‬who
2. Believers, do O YOU who O ye of Faith!
104 ‫ها‬
not say (to have attained Say not (to
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d]! ‫ل‬ َِ =`(Do).not the Prophet), to faith! Do not the Messen-
'Raina,' but say (to the ger) words of
‫=تَقولوا‬say ‫`= ٰر ِعنَا‬Raina` say, 'Unzur- Prophet), "Lis- ambiguous
‫= َوقولوا‬and.say na,' and lis- ten to us," but import, but
ten (to him): rather say, words of res-
‫`=انظ ْرنَا‬Unzurna` an agonizing "Have patien- pect; and
torment ce with us," hearken (to
ِ‫= َوا ْس َمعوا‬and.listen. awaits those and hearken him): To tho-
َِ‫= َو ِل ْل ٰك ِف ِرين‬And.for.the.disbelievers who ignore (unto him), se without
(God's since grievous Faith is a gri-
ِ‫عذَاب‬ َ =(is).a.punishment words). suffering evous pu-
ِ‫=أ َ ِليم‬painful. awaits those nishment.
who deny the
105 ‫(= َما‬Do).not ُّ‫=يَ َو ِد‬like Neither tho- Neither those It is never the
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who se People of from among wish of those

the Book the followers of without Faith
‫= َكفَروا‬disbelieve ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from who disbeli- earlier revela- among the
ِِ ‫ ْال ِك ٰت‬.‫ل‬
‫ب‬ ِِ ‫(=أ َ ْه‬the).People.of.the.Bo eve nor the tion who are People of the
idolaters bent on den- Book, nor of
ok ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.not would like ying the truth, the Pagans,
anything nor those who that anything
َِ‫= ْالم ْش ِر ِكين‬those.who.associate.pa good to be ascribe divinity good should
rtners.(with.Allah), ‫=أَن‬that
sent down to to other beings come down
you from beside God, to you from
َِ ‫(=ين ََز‬there.should).be.sent.down your Lord, would like to your Lord.
but God see any good But Allah will
‫علَيْكم‬ َ =to.you ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬any chooses for ever bestowed choose for
ِ‫= َخيْر‬good ‫= ِمن‬from His grace upon you from His special
whoever He on high by Mercy whom
‫= َربِك ِْم‬your.Lord. ‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah will: His bo- your Sustainer; He will - for
ُِّ َ ‫= َي ْخت‬chooses
‫ص‬ unty has no but God sing- Allah is Lord
limits. les out for His of grace
‫=بِ َر ْح َمتِ ِهۦ‬for.His.Mercy grace whom abounding.
He wills-for
‫= َمن‬whom ِ‫شآء‬ َ ‫= َي‬He.wills. God is limitless
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah
‫اّلل‬ in His great
ِِ ‫ض‬
‫ل‬ ْ َ‫ ْالف‬.‫(=ذو‬is.the).Possessor.of.[th
e].Bounty ‫يم‬ ِِ ‫[= ْال َع ِظ‬the].Great.
ِْ ‫س‬
2. Any revela- Any message None of Our
106 ‫خ‬ َ ‫نَن‬.‫= َما‬What.We.abrogate tion We cau- which, We an- revelations
ِْ ‫(= ِم‬of) ِ‫= َءايَة‬a.sign ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or se to be su- nul or consign do We abro-
‫[=نن ِس َها‬We].cause.it.to.be.forgotten, perseded forgotten,
or to oblivion We gate or cau-
replace with a se to be for-
ِِ ‫=نَأ‬We.bring ِ‫=بِ َخيْر‬better
‫ت‬ We replace better or a si- gotten, but
with somet- milar one. Dost We substitu-
ٓ ‫= ِم ْن َهِا‬than.it ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or hing better thou not know te something
ٓ ‫= ِمث ِل َهِا‬similar.(to).it. ‫=ألَ ِْم‬Do.not oryousimilar. َ Do that God has better or si-
(Prop- the power to milar:
‫=ت َ ْعلَ ِْم‬you.know ‫ن‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that het) not will anything? Knowest
ََِ =Allah ‫على‬
‫اّلل‬ ٰ َ =over
know that
God has
thou not that
Allah Hath
ِ‫ش ْىء‬ َ .‫ل‬ ِِ ‫=ك‬everything power over power over
everything? all things?
ِْ َ‫=أَل‬Do.not ‫=ت َ ْعلَ ِْم‬you.know
2. Do you not Dost thou not Knowest
107 ‫م‬
know that know that thou not that
َِ َ ‫=أ‬that, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah ‫=لَهۥ‬for.Him control of the God's is the to Allah be-
ِ‫(=م ْلك‬is.the).Kingdom heavens and dominion over longeth the
the earth be- the heavens dominion of
ِِ ‫(=السَمٰ ٰو‬of).the.heavens
‫ت‬ longs to and the earth, the heavens
Him? You and that besi- and the
ِ ِ ‫= َو ْاْل َ ْر‬and.the.earth?
‫ض‬ (believers) des God you earth? And
‫= َو َما‬And.not ‫(=لَكم‬is).for.you have no pro- have none to besides Him
tector or hel- protect you or ye have neit-
ِِ ‫د‬.‫= ِمن‬besides ‫اّلل‬
‫ون‬ َِِ =Allah per but God. bring you suc- her patron
cour? nor helper.
‫= ِمن‬any ِ‫= َو ِلى‬protector
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ِ‫َصير‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫=ن‬any.helper.
ِْ َ ‫=أ‬Or َِ‫(=ت ِريدون‬do).you.wish Do
2. you wish Would you, Would ye
108 ‫م‬
to demand of perchance, question your
‫=أَن‬that ‫=تَسْــَٔلوا‬you.ask your mes- ask of the Messenger
senger so- Apostle who as Moses
‫= َرسولَك ِْم‬your.Messenger mething si- has been sent was questio-
‫= َك َما‬as ‫ل‬ َِ ِ‫=سئ‬was.asked milar to what unto you what ned of old?
was deman- was asked afo- but whoever
‫=موسٰ ى‬Musa ِ‫قَبْل‬.‫= ِمن‬before? ded of Mo- retime of Mo- changeth
ses? Whoe- ses? But who- from Faith to
‫= َو َمن‬And.whoever ver exchan- ever chooses Unbelief,
ِِ َ‫=يَتَبَد‬exchanges
‫ل‬ ges faith for to deny the Hath strayed
‫[= ْالك ْف َِر‬the].disbelief
disbelief has (evidence of without doubt
strayed far the) truth, ins- from the
ِِ ٰ‫اْليم‬
‫ن‬ ِ ْ ‫= ِب‬with.[the].faith, from the tead of belie- even way.
right path. ving in it, has
‫=فَقَ ِْد‬so.certainly already stra-
yed from the
َِ ‫ض‬
‫ل‬ َ =he.went.astray.(from) right path.
‫س َوآ َِء‬ َ =(the).evenness
ِِ ‫سبِي‬
‫ل‬ َ ‫(=ال‬of).the.way.
‫ َكثِير‬.َ‫= َو ِد‬Wish[ed].many
2. Even after Out of their Quite a num-
109 ِ
the truth has selfish envy, ber of the
ِْ ‫= ِم‬from
‫ن‬ become many among People of the
ِِ ‫ ْال ِك ٰت‬.‫ل‬
‫ب‬ ِِ ‫(=أ َ ْه‬the).People.of.the.Bo them, many the
clear to followers of Book wish
earlier revela- they could
ok ‫و‬ ِْ َ‫=ل‬if of the Peop- tion would like Turn you
le of the to bring you (people)
‫=يَردُّونَكم‬they.could.turn.you.back Book wish back to den- back to infi-
they could ying the truth delity after ye
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after turn you after you have have belie-
‫= ِإيمٰ ِنك ِْم‬your.(having).faith back to dis- attained to fa- ved, from
belief after ith - (even) af- selfish envy,
‫ارا‬ ً َ‫(=كف‬to).disbelievers, you have be- ter the truth after the
‫سدًا‬ َ َ ‫ح‬ =(out.of).jealousy lieved, out of has become Truth hath
their selfish clear unto become Ma-
‫ ِعن ِِد‬.‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from envy. Forgi- them. None nifest unto
‫=أَنف ِس ِهم‬themselves, ve and for- the less, forgi- them: But
bear until ve and forbear, forgive and
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫(= ِمن‬even).after ‫[= َما‬what] God gives until God shall overlook, Till
his com- make manifest Allah ac-
َِ‫=ت َ َبيَن‬became.clear ِ‫=لَهم‬to.them, mand: He His will: be- complish His
ُِّ ‫= ْال َح‬the.truth.
‫ق‬ has power hold, God has purpose; for
over all the power to Allah Hath
‫=فَاعْفوا‬So.forgive things. will anything. power over
all things.
‫صفَحوا‬ ْ ‫= َوا‬and.overlook
‫= َحتّٰى‬until ‫اّلل‬ َِ .‫ى‬ َِ ِ‫= َيأْت‬Allah.brings
‫=بِأ َ ْم ِر ِه ِٓۦ‬His.Command.
َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah ‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =on
ِِ ‫=ك‬every ِ‫ش ْىء‬
‫ل‬ َ =thing
110 ‫وأَقِيموا‬
2. Keep up the And be cons- And be
َ =And.establish prayer and tant in prayer, steadfast in
َ ‫ص ٰلوِة‬ َ ‫ال‬ =the.prayer pay the and render the prayer and
prescribed purifying dues; regular in
‫= َو َءاتوا‬and.give alms. Wha- for, whatever charity: And
َ ‫الز ٰكوِة‬ َ =[the].zakah. tever good good deed you whatever
you store up send ahead for good ye send
‫= َو َما‬And.whatever for yoursel- your own sel- forth for your
‫=تقَدِموا‬you.send.forth ves, you will ves, you shall souls before
find it with find it with you, ye shall
‫= ِْلَنف ِسكم‬for.yourselves ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬of God: He God: behold, find it with Al-
sees everyt- God sees all lah: for Allah
ِ‫= َخيْر‬good.(deeds), hing you do. that you do. sees Well all
ِ‫=ت ِجدوه‬you.will.find.it َ that ye do.

ِِ َ .َ‫= ِعن ِد‬with.Allah.

ََِ .‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ِِ‫=إ‬Indeed,.Allah ‫= ِب َما‬of.what
َِ‫=ت َ ْع َملون‬you.do ِ‫صير‬ ِ ‫(= َب‬is).All-
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫= َوقَالوا‬And.they.said, ‫`=لَن‬Never They

2. also AND THEY And they
say, 'No one claim, "None say: "None
َِ ‫=يَدْخ‬will.enter
‫ل‬ will enter Pa- shall ever en- shall enter
َ‫= ْال َجنَ ِة‬the.Paradise ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬except radise un- ter paradise Paradise un-
less he is a unless he be a less he be a
‫= َمن‬who َِ‫= َكان‬is Jew or a Jew" - or, "a Jew or a
Christian.' Christian". Christian."
‫(=هودًا‬a).Jew[s] ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or This is their Such are their Those are
own wishful wishful beliefs! their (vain)
ِ‫(=نَصٰ ٰرى‬a).Christian[s].` thinking. Say: "Produce desires. Say:
َِ ‫=تِ ْل‬That
‫ك‬ (Prophet), an evidence "Produce
‫(=أ َ َما ِنيُّه ِْم‬is).their.wishful.thinking. say, 'Produ- for what you your proof if
ce your evi- are claiming, if ye are truth-
ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, ‫`=هَاتوا‬Bring
‫ل‬ dence, if you what you say ful."
are telling is true!"
‫=ب ْر ٰهنَك ِْم‬your.proof ‫=إِن‬if the truth.'
‫=كنت ِْم‬you.are
َِ‫[=صٰ ِدقِين‬those.who.are].truthful.`
112 ‫=بَلى‬Yes, ‫ن‬
ٰ ِْ ‫= َم‬whoever In fact, any Yea, indeed: Nay,-
who direct everyone who whoever
‫=أ َ ْسلَ َِم‬submits ‫= َو ْج َههۥ‬his.face themselves surrenders his submits His
wholly to whole being whole self to
َِِ ِ =to.Allah ‫= َوه َِو‬and.he
‫ّلل‬ God and do unto God, and Allah and is a
ِ‫(=م ْح ِسن‬is).a.good-doer, good will ha- is a doer of doer of
ve their good withal, good,- He
ٓ‫=فَلَهِۥ‬so.for.him reward with shall have his will get his
‫(=أ ْجرهۥ‬is).his.reward َ‫= ِعن ِد‬with their Lord: reward with his reward with
no fear for Sustainer; and his Lord; on
‫= َر ِب ِهۦ‬his.Lord. ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.no them, nor all such need such shall be
will they gri- have no fear, no fear, nor
ِ‫=خ َْوف‬fear eve. and neither shall they
‫عل ْي ِه ِْم‬ َ َ =(will.be).on.them shall they grie- grieve.
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ‫=ه ِْم‬they
َِ‫(=يَ ْحزَ نون‬will).grieve.
ِِ َ‫= َو َقال‬And.said
2. The Jews Furthermore, The Jews
113 ‫ت‬
say, 'The the Jews as- say: "The
ِ‫= ْال َيهود‬the.Jews, ‫ت‬ ِِ ‫س‬ َ ‫ي‬
ْ َ ‫ل‬ =`Not Christians sert, "The Christians
have no gro- Christians ha- have naught
‫=النَصٰ ٰرى‬the.Christians und whatso- ve no valid (to stand)
‫على‬ ٰ َ =(are).on ِ‫ش ْىء‬ َ =anything,` ever to stand ground for upon; and
on,' and the their beliefs," the Christi-
ِِ َ‫= َوقَال‬and.said
‫ت‬ Christians while the ans say:
‫=النَصٰ ٰرى‬the.Christians, say, 'The Christians
Jews have sert, "The
as- "The Jews
have naught
ِِ ‫س‬
‫ت‬ َ ‫ي‬
ْ َ ‫ل‬ =`Not ‫ود‬
ِ ‫ه‬ ‫ي‬
َ ْ
‫ال‬ =the.Jews no ground Jews have no (To stand)
‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =(are).on ِ‫ش ْىء‬
whatsoever valid ground upon." Yet
َ =anything,` to stand on,' for their beli- they (Profess
‫= َوه ِْم‬although.they َِ‫=يَتْلون‬recite though they efs" - and both to) study the
both read quote the divi- (same) Book.
َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book. ‫ك‬
‫ب‬ َِ ‫= َك ٰذ ِل‬Like.that the Scriptu- ne writ! Even Like unto
َِ ‫=قَا‬said َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who
‫ل‬ re, and those thus, like unto their word is
who have no what they say, what those
َِ =(do).not َِ‫= َي ْعلَمون‬know,
‫ل‬ knowledge have (always) say who
َِ ْ‫= ِمث‬similar ‫=قَ ْو ِل ِه ِْم‬their.saying. me; God will who were de- Allah will
say the sa- spoken those know not; but
َِ َ‫[=ف‬So].Allah ِ‫=يَ ْحكم‬will.judge judge
‫اّلل‬ between
void of judge
knowledge;" between
‫= َب ْينَه ِْم‬between.them them on the but it is God them in their
Day of Re- who will judge quarrel on
‫(=يَ ْو َِم‬on.the).Day surrection between them the Day of
‫(= ْال ِق ٰي َم ِِة‬of).Resurrection concerning on Resurrec- Judgment.
their diffe- tion Day with
‫=فِي َما‬in.what ‫= َكانوا‬they.were rences. regard to all on
‫[=فِي ِِه‬in.it] َِ‫=يَ ْخت َ ِلفون‬differing. which they we-
re wont to dif-

ِ‫= َو َم ْن‬And.who
2. Who could Hence, who And who is
be more could be more more unjust
ِ‫ظلَم‬ ْ َ ‫(=أ‬is).more.unjust wicked than wicked than than he who
those who those who bar forbids that in
‫= ِم َمن‬than.(one).who prohibit the the mention of places for the
‫= َمنَ َِع‬prevents mention of God's name worship of
God's name from (any of) Allah, Allah´s
َ‫(= َمسٰ ِج ِد‬the).masajid in His places His houses of name should
َِِ =(of).Allah ‫=أن‬to
‫اّلل‬ َ of worship worship and be celebra-
and strive to strive for their ted?-whose
‫=ي ْذ َك َِر‬be.mentioned ‫=فِي َها‬in.them have them ruin, (although) zeal is (in
deserted? they have no fact) to ruin
‫=اسْمهۥ‬His.name, Such people right to enter them? It was
‫سعٰ ى‬ َ ‫= َو‬and.strives ‫=فِى‬for should not them save in not fitting that
enter them fear (of God)? such should
ٓ ‫=خ ََرا ِب َهِا‬their.destruction? without fear: For them, in themselves
ٓ ٰ
َِ ِ‫=أ ْولئ‬Those! ‫= َما‬Not َِ‫= َكان‬it.is there
‫ك‬ is disg- this world, the- enter them
race for re is ignominy except in
‫=له ِْم‬for.them ‫=أن‬that َ them in this in store; and fear. For
world and for them, in the them there is
ٓ ‫= َيدْخلو َهِا‬they.enter.them painful pu- life to come, nothing but
ِ ‫= ِإ‬except nishment in awesome suf- disgrace in
the Hereaf- fering. this world,
َِ‫(= َخا ٓ ِئفِين‬like).those.in.fear. ter. and in the
‫=لَه ِْم‬For.them ‫=فِى‬in world to co-
me, an exce-
ْ‫=الدُّنيَا‬the.world eding tor-
ِ‫(= ِخ ْزى‬is).disgrace
‫= َولَه ِْم‬and.for.them ‫=فِى‬in
‫= ْاْل َ ِخ َرِِة‬the.Hereafter
ِ‫عذَاب‬ َ =(is).a.punishment
ِ‫ع ِظيم‬ َ =great.
115 ‫ّلل‬ َِِ ِ ‫= َو‬And.for.Allah The East
and the
And God's is To Allah be-
the east and long the east
ِ‫(= ْال َم ْش ِرق‬is).the.east West belong the west: and and the
ِ‫= َو ْال َم ْغ ِرب‬and.the.west, to God: whe- wherever you West: Whit-
rever you turn, there is hersoever ye
‫=فَأ َ ْينَ َما‬so.wherever turn, there is God's counte- turn, there is
His Face. nance. Behold, the presence
‫=ت َولُّوا‬you.turn ‫[=فَث َ َِم‬so].there God is all God is infinite, of Allah. For
ِ‫(= َو ْجه‬is.the).face ‫اّلل‬ ِِ َ =(of).Allah. pervading
and all
all-knowing. Allah is all-
َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah knowing. all-Knowing.
ِ‫(= ٰو ِسع‬is).All-Encompassing,
ِ‫ع ِليم‬ َ =All-Knowing.
116 ‫وقَالوا‬
2. They have And yet some They say:
َ =And.they.said, asserted, people assert, "Allah hath
َِ .َ‫`=ات َ َخ ِذ‬Allah.has.taken
‫اّلل‬ 'God has a "God has ta- begotten a
child.' May ken unto Him- son" :Glory
ِ‫= َولَدًا‬a.son.` He be exal- self a son!" be to Him.-
‫=سبْحٰ نَهۥ‬Glory.be.to.Him! ted! No! Limitless is He Nay, to Him
Everything in in His glory! belongs all
‫=بَل‬Nay, ‫=لَهۥ‬for.Him the heavens Nay, but His is that is in the
and earth all that is in the heavens and
‫(= َما‬is).what ‫(=فِى‬is).in belongs to heavens and on earth:
ِِ ‫=السَمٰ ٰو‬the.heavens
‫ت‬ Him, everyt- on earth; all everything
ِ ِ ‫= َو ْاْل َ ْر‬and.the.earth. ِ‫=كل‬All voutly obeys obey His will. worship to
hing de- things devoutly renders
His will. Him.
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

َِ‫(= ٰقنِتون‬are).humbly.obedient.
2. He is the The Originator To Him is
117 ِ ‫(=بَد‬The).Originator
‫ِيع‬ Originator of is He of the due the pri-
ِِ ‫(=السَمٰ ٰو‬of).the.heavens
‫ت‬ the heavens heavens and mal origin of
ِ ِ ‫= َو ْاْل َ ْر‬and.the.earth!
‫ض‬ and the the earth: and the heavens
earth, and when He wills and the
‫= َوإِذَا‬And.when when He a thing to be, earth: When
decrees so- He but says He decreeth
ِٓ ‫ض‬
‫ى‬ ٰ َ‫=ق‬He.decrees mething, He unto it, "Be" - a matter, He
‫=أ ْم ًرا‬a.matter, ‫[=فَإِنَ َما‬so].only says only, and it is. saith to it:
'Be,' and it is. "Be," and it
ِ‫= َيقول‬He.says ‫=لَهۥ‬to.it is.
‫`=كن‬Be,` ِ‫=فَيَكون‬and.it.becomes.
َِ ‫= َو َقا‬And.said َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who Those
2. who AND (only) Say those
118 ‫ل‬
have no those who are without
َِ =(do).not َِ‫=يَ ْعلَمون‬know,
‫ل‬ knowledge devoid of knowledge:
also say, 'If knowledge "Why spea-
َِ ‫`=لَ ْو‬Why.not
‫ل‬ only God say, "Why keth not Al-
َِ .‫=ي َك ِلمنَا‬Allah.speaks.to.us
‫اّلل‬ would speak does God not lah unto us?
to us!' or 'If speak unto us, or why co-
‫=أ َ ِْو‬or ٓ ‫=تَأ ْ ِتينَِا‬comes.to.us only a mira- nor is a (mira- meth not un-
ِ‫= َءايَة‬a.sign?` ‫ك‬ ٰ
َِ ‫= َكذ ِل‬Like.that culous sign culous) sign to us a
would come shown to us?" Sign?" So
َِ ‫=قَا‬said َِ‫=الَذِين‬those
‫ل‬ to us!' Peop- Even thus, like said the pe-
le before unto what ople before
‫قَ ْب ِل ِهم‬.‫= ِمن‬before.them them said they, say, spo- them words
َِ ْ‫= ِمث‬similar ‫=قَ ْو ِل ِه ا ِْم‬their.saying. the same ke those who of similar im-
things: their lived before port. Their
ِْ ‫=ت َ ٰش َب َه‬Became.alike
‫ت‬ hearts are all their time their hearts are
‫=قلوبه ِْم‬their.hearts. ‫=قَ ِْد‬Indeed, alike. We hearts are all alike. We ha-
have made alike. Indeed, ve indeed
‫=بَيَِنَا‬We.have.made.clear Our signs We have made made clear
clear enough all the signs the Signs un-
ِِ ‫= ْاْل َ ٰي‬the.signs ِ‫= ِلقَ ْوم‬for.people to those who manifest unto to any people
َِ‫(=يوقِنون‬who).firmly.believe. have solid people who who hold
faith. are endowed firmly to Faith
with inner cer- (in their he-
tainty. arts).
119 ٓ ‫= ِإنَِا‬Indeed.We! We have
sent you
Verily, We ha- Verily We
ve sent thee have sent
َِ ‫س ْل ٰن‬
‫ك‬ َ ‫[=أ َ ْر‬We].have.sent.you (Prophet) (O Prophet) thee in truth
ِِ ‫= ِب ْال َح‬with.the.truth,
‫ق‬ with the with the truth, as a bearer
truth, bea- as a bearer of of glad ti-
‫يرا‬ ً ‫(=بَ ِش‬as).a.bearer.of.good.news ring good glad tidings dings and a
news and and a warner: warner: But
ِ‫ِيرا‬ ً ‫= َونَذ‬and.(as).a.warner. warning. You and thou shalt of thee no
َِ ‫= َو‬And.not
‫ل‬ will not be not be held question
responsible accountable shall be as-
ِ‫=تسْــَٔل‬you.will.be.asked for the inha- for those who ked of the
bitants of the are destined Companions
ِْ ‫ع‬
‫ن‬ َ =about Blaze. for the blazing of the Bla-
ِِ ٰ‫صح‬
‫ب‬ َ
ْ ‫(=أ‬the).companions fire. zing Fire.

ِِ ‫(= ْال َج ِح‬of).the.blazing.Fire.

120 ‫ولَن‬
2. The Jews For, never will Never will the
َ =And.never and the the Jews be Jews or the
‫ضى‬ ٰ ‫=ت َ ْر‬will.be.pleased Christians pleased with Christians be

َ =with.you ِ‫= ْاليَهود‬the.Jews pleased with the Christians, thee unless

will never be thee. nor yet satisfied with
َِ ‫ع‬
َِ ‫= َو‬and.[not]
‫ل‬ you unless unless thou thou follow
you follow follow their their form of
‫=النَصٰ ٰرى‬the.Christians their ways. own creeds. religion. Say:
‫= َحتّٰى‬until ‫=تَتَبِ َِع‬you.follow Say, 'God's Say: "Behold, "The Gui-
guidance is God's guidan- dance of Al-
‫= ِملَتَه ِْم‬their.religion. ‫ل‬ ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, the only true ce is the only lah,-that is
guidance.' If true guidance." the (only)
َِ ِ‫`=إ‬Indeed,
‫ن‬ you were to And, indeed, if Guidance."
َِِ .‫(=هدَى‬the).Guidance.of.Allah, follow their thou shouldst Wert thou to
desires after follow their er- follow their
‫=ه َِو‬it ِ‫(= ْاله ٰدى‬is).the.Guidance.` the rant views af- desires after
ِِ ِ‫= َولَئ‬And.if ‫ت‬
‫ن‬ َِ ‫=اتَبَ ْع‬you.follow that has co- ter
knowledge all the the knowled-
knowledge that ge which
‫=أ َ ْه َوآ َءهم‬their.desires َ‫= َب ْع ِد‬after me to you, has come unto hath reached
you would thee. thou thee, then
find no one wouldst have wouldst thou
َِ ‫= َجا ٓ َء‬has.come.to.you َِ‫= ِمن‬of toyouprotect
‫ك‬ from
none to protect find neither
thee from God, Protector nor
‫= ْال ِع ْل ِِم‬the.knowledge, ‫= َما‬not God or help and none to helper aga-
َِ َ‫=ل‬for.you َِ‫= ِمن‬from ‫اّلل‬
‫ك‬ َِِ =Allah you. bring thee
inst Allah.

‫= ِمن‬any ِ‫= َو ِلى‬protector

َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ِ‫َصير‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫=ن‬any.helper.
121 َِ‫=الَذِين‬Those,
2. Those to Those unto Those to
whom We whom We ha- whom We
ِ‫= َءاتَي ْٰنهم‬We.have.given.them have given ve vouchsafed have sent the
َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book ‫=يَتْلونَهۥ‬recite.it the
‫ب‬ Scriptu- the divine writ Book study it
re, who fol- (and who) fol- as it should
َِ ‫(= َح‬as.it.has.the).right
‫ق‬ low it as it low it as it be studied:
deserves, ought to be fol- They are the
‫(=تِ َل َوتِ ِه ِٓۦ‬of).its.recitation. are the ones lowed -it is ones that be-
َِ ِ‫=أ ْولئ‬Those.(people)
‫ك‬ ٰ who truly be- they who lieve therein:
lieve in it. (truly) believe Those who
َِ‫=يؤْ ِمنون‬believe ‫= ِب ِهۦ‬in.it. Those who in it; whereas reject faith
deny its truth all who choose therein,- the
‫= َو َمن‬And.whoever will be the to deny its loss is their
‫=يَِكف ِْر‬disbelieves ‫=بِ ِهۦ‬in.it, losers. truth -it is they, own.
َِ ِ‫=فَأ ْو ٰلئ‬then.those, ِ‫=هم‬they
they who are
the losers!
َِ‫(=الخ ِسرون‬are).the.losers. ٰ ْ
ِٓ ِ‫= ٰي َبن‬O.Children
2. Children of O CHILDREN O Children of
122 ‫ى‬
Israel, re- of Israel ! Re- Israel! call to
َِ ‫(= ِإس ٰ ْٓر ِءي‬of).Israel!
‫ل‬ member how member those mind the
‫=ا ْذكروا‬Remember I blessed blessings of special fa-
you and fa- Mine with vour which I
َِ ‫=نِ ْع َم ِت‬My.Favor ‫ى‬
‫ى‬ َ
ِٓ ِ‫=الت‬which voured you which I graced bestowed
over other you, and how I upon you,
ِ‫=أ َ ْن َع ْمت‬I.bestowed people, favoured you and that I
‫عليْك ِْم‬ َ َ
َ =upon.you ‫= َوأنِى‬and.that.I above all other preferred you
people; to all others
‫[=فَض َْلتك ِْم‬I].preferred.you (for My Mes-

َ =over َِ‫= ْالعٰ لَ ِمين‬the.worlds.

123 ‫واتَقوا‬
2. and beware and remain Then guard
َ =And.fear ‫= َي ْو ًما‬a.day of a Day conscious of yourselves
َِ =not ‫=تَ ْج ِزى‬will.avail
‫ل‬ when no (the coming of) against a-
soul can a Day when no Day when
ِ‫=نَ ْفس‬a.soul stand in for human being one soul
ِ‫نَ ْفس‬.‫عن‬ َ =(another).soul another. No shall in the le- shall not
compensa- ast avail anot- avail another,
‫شيْــًٔا‬ َ =anything ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.not tion will be her, nor shall nor shall
ِ‫=يق َبل‬will.be.accepted ‫= ِم ْن َها‬from.it accepted ransom be ac- compensa-
from it, nor cepted from tion be ac-
ِ‫عدْل‬ َ =any.compensation, intercession any of them, cepted from
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ‫=تَن َفع َها‬will.benefit.it be
‫ل‬ of use to nor shall inter- her nor shall
it, nor will cession be of intercession
ِ‫=شَف َعة‬any.intercession, anyone be any use to profit her nor
helped. them, and no- shall anyone
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= َو َل‬and.not ‫=ه ِْم‬they ne shall be

be helped
(from outsi-
َِ‫صرون‬ َ ‫=ين‬will.be.helped. de).

ِٓ ‫=ا ْبت َ ٰل‬tried

2. When Abra- And (remem- And remem-
124 ‫ذ‬ِِ ِ‫= َوإ‬And.when ‫ى‬ ham's Lord ber this:) when ber that Ab-
‫= ِإب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـ َِم‬Ibrahim ‫= َربُّهۥ‬his.Lord tested him his Sustainer raham was
with certain tried Abraham tried by his
ِ‫= ِب َكلِمٰ ت‬with.words command- by (His) com- Lord with
َ‫ن‬ َ َ َ
ِ ‫=فأت َمه‬and.he.fulfilled.them, ments, which mandments certain com-
he fulfilled, and the latter mands,
َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, ‫`= ِإنِى‬Indeed.I
‫ل‬ He said, 'I fulfilled them, which he ful-
َِ ‫(= َجا ِعل‬am).the.One.to.make.you will
‫ك‬ make He said: "Be- filled: He
you a leader hold, I shall said: "I will
ِ ِ َ‫= ِللن‬for.the.mankind
‫اس‬ of people.' make thee a make thee
ِ‫= ِإ َما ًما‬a.leader.` ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, Abraham leader of men. an Imam to
asked, 'And "Abraham as- the Nations."
‫`= َو ِمن‬And.from will You ma- ked: "And (wilt He pleaded:
ke leaders Thou make le- "And also
ِ‫=ذ ِريَ ِتى‬my.offspring?` from my aders) of my (Imams) from
َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, ‫ل‬
‫ل‬ َِ =`(Does).not descendants offspring as my offsp-
too?' God well? "(God) ring!" He
ِ‫= َينَال‬reach ‫ع ْهدِى‬ َ =My.Covenant answered, answered: "My answered:
َِ‫ظ ِل ِمين‬ ّٰ ‫(=ال‬to).the.wrongdoers.` 'My pledge covenant does "But My
does not not embrace Promise is
hold for tho- the evildoers." not within the
se who do reach of evil-
evil.' doers."

ِ‫= َو ِإ ْذ‬And.when ‫= َج َع ْلنَا‬We.made

2. We made AND LO! We Remember
the House a made the We made the
َِ ‫= ْالبَي‬the.House
‫ْت‬ resort and a Temple a goal House a pla-
ً‫= َمثَا َب ِة‬a.place.of.return sanctuary for to which peop- ce of as-
people, sa- le might repair sembly for
ِ ِ َ‫= ِللن‬for.mankind
‫اس‬ ying, 'Take again and ag- men and a
the spot ain, and a place of sa-
‫= َوأ َ ْمنًا‬and.(a.place.of).security
where Abra- sanctuary: ta- fety; and take
‫= َوات َ ِخذوا‬and.(said),.`Takeham stood ke then, the ye the station
as your pla- place whereon of Abraham
‫[= ِمن‬from] ce of prayer.' Abraham once as a place of
We com- stood as your prayer; and
ِِ َ‫(= َمق‬the).standing.place
‫ام‬ manded Ab- place of pra- We covenan-
‫(= ِإب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـ َِم‬of).Ibrahim,
raham and yer." And thus ted with Ab-
Ishmael: 'Pu- did We com- raham and
ِ‫صلًّى‬ َ ‫(=م‬as).a.place.of.prayer.`
rify My Hou- mand Abra- Isma´il, that
ٓ ‫ع ِه ْدنَِا‬ se for those ham and
َ ‫= َو‬And.We.made.a.covenant they should
who walk ro- Ishmael: "Pu- sanctify My
ِٓ ‫=إِ ٰل‬with ‫=إِب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـ َِم‬Ibrahim
‫ى‬ und it, those rify My Temple House for
َِ ‫= َو ِإسْمٰ ِعي‬and.Ismail ‫[=أَن‬that],
who stay for those who those who
‫ل‬ there, and will walk aro- compass it
‫ط ِه َرا‬ َ =`[You.both].purify
those who und it, and round, or use
bow and those who will it as a ret-
َِ ِ‫=بَ ْيت‬My.House
‫ى‬ prostrate abide near it in reat, or bow,
َ ‫= ِل‬for.those.who.circumamb
َِ‫لطآئِ ِفين‬ themselves meditation, or prostrate
in worship.' and those who themselves
ulate will bow down (therein in
َِ‫َو ْالعٰ ِك ِفين‬
=and.those.who.seclude.t and prostrate prayer).
hemselves.for.devotion.and.prayer themselves (in
ِ‫الر َك ِع‬ ُّ ‫َو‬
‫سجو ِِد‬ ُّ ‫=ال‬and.those.who.prostrate.`
ِْ ِ‫= َوإ‬And.when ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬said
2. Abraham And, lo, Abra- And remem-
126 ‫ذ‬
said, 'My ham prayed: ber Abraham
ِ‫= ِإب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـم‬Ibrahim, ‫ب‬ ِِ ‫`= َر‬My.Lord Lord, make "O my Sustai- said: "My
this land se- ner! Make this Lord, make
ِْ َ‫اجع‬
‫ل‬ ْ =make ‫= ٰهذَا‬this cure and a land secure, this a City of
‫= َبلَدًا‬a.city ‫= َء ِامنًا‬secure provide with and grant its Peace, and
produce tho- people fruitful feed its pe-
ِْ ‫ارز‬
‫ق‬ ْ ‫= َو‬and.provide se of its pe- sustenance - ople with fru-
‫=أ َ ْهلَهۥ‬its.people َِ‫= ِمن‬with ople who be- such of them its,-such of
lieve in God as believe in them as beli-
ِِ ‫=الث َ َم ٰر‬fruits, ‫ن‬
‫ت‬ ِْ ‫(= َم‬to).whoever and the Last God and the eve in Allah
Day.' God Last Day." and the Last
َِ‫= َءا َمن‬believed ‫= ِم ْنهم‬from.them said, 'As for (God) answe- Day." He
َِِ ‫= ِب‬in.Allah ‫= َو ْال َي ْو ِِم‬and.the.Day those who red: "And said: "(Yea),
disbelieve, I whoever shall and such as
‫= ْاْل َ ِخ ِِر‬the.Last,` ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, will grant deny the truth, reject Faith,-
them enjoy- him will I let for a while
‫`= َو َمن‬And.whoever ment for a enjoy himself will I grant
‫= َكفَ َِر‬disbelieved, short while for a short whi- them their
and then le -but in the pleasure, but
‫[=فَأ َمتِعهۥ‬then].I.will.grant.him.enjoy subject them end I shall dri- will soon dri-
ment ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫=قَ ِلي‬a.little; ‫=ث َِم‬then to the tor- ve him to suf- ve them to
ment of the fering through the torment
ٓ‫ط ُّرهۥ‬ َ ‫ض‬ ْ َ ‫=أ‬I.will.force.him ‫= ِإ ٰلى‬to Fire- an evil fire: and how of Fire,- an
ِِ ‫عذَا‬
‫ب‬ َ =(the).punishment destination.' vile a journey's evil destina-
end!" tion (in-
ِِ َ‫(=الن‬of).the.Fire,
‫ار‬ deed)!"
َِ ْ‫= َو ِبئ‬and.evil
ِ‫صير‬ ِ ‫(= ْال َم‬is).the.destination.
ِْ ‫= َو ِإ‬And.when
2. As Abraham And when Ab- And remem-
127 ‫ذ‬
and Ishmael raham and ber Abraham
ِ‫ ِإب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـم‬.ِ‫=يَ ْرفَع‬Ibrahim.(was).raisin built up the Ishmael were and Isma´il
g َ‫د‬ ِ ‫= ْالقَ َوا ِع‬the.foundations foundations raising the fo- raised the
of the House undations of foundations
ِِ ‫ ْال َب ْي‬.َِ‫= ِمن‬of.the.House
‫ت‬ (they pra- the Temple , of the House
yed), 'Our (they prayed:) (With this
ِ‫= َو ِإسْمٰ ِعيل‬and.Ismail, Lord, accept "O our Sustai- prayer): "Our
(this) from ner! Accept Lord! Accept
‫(= َربَنَا‬saying),.`Our.Lord! us. You are Thou this from (this service)
ِْ ‫=تَقَب‬Accept ٓ ‫= ِمنَِا‬from.us.
‫َل‬ the All Hea- us: for, verily, from us: For
َِ َ‫=إِن‬Indeed.You! ‫نت‬
‫ك‬ َِ َ ‫[=أ‬You].(are) ring, the All Thou alone art Thou art the
Knowing. all-hearing, all- All-Hearing,
ِ‫س ِميع‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.All-Hearing, knowing! the All-
ِ‫= ْال َع ِليم‬the.All-Knowing.
2. Our Lord, O our Sustai- "Our Lord!
128 ‫ربَنَا‬ َ =Our.Lord! make us de- ner! Make us make of us
‫اجعَ ْلنَا‬ ْ ‫[= َو‬and].Make.us voted to surrender our- Muslims,
You; make selves unto bowing to
ِِ ‫=م ْس ِل َمي‬both.submissive
‫ْن‬ our descen- Thee, and ma- Thy (Will),
َِ َ‫=ل‬to.You. ‫= َو ِمن‬And.from
‫ك‬ dants into a ke out of our and of our
community offspring a progeny a
ٓ ‫=ذ ِريَ ِتنَِا‬our.offspring devoted to community people Mus-
ً‫=أ َم ِة‬a.community You. Show that shall sur- lim, bowing
us how to render itself to Thy (will);
ً‫= ُّم ْس ِل َم ِة‬submissive ‫ك‬ َِ َ‫=ل‬to.You. worship and unto Thee, and and show us
‫= َوأ َ ِرنَا‬And.show.us
accept our show us our our place for
repentance, ways of wors- the celebra-
‫= َمنَا ِس َكنَا‬our.ways.of.worship for You are hip, and ac- tion of (due)
the Ever Re- cept our re- rites; and
ِْ‫= َوتب‬and.turn ٓ ‫علَ ْينَِا‬ َ =to.us. lenting, the pentance: for, turn unto us
َِ َ‫= ِإن‬Indeed.You! ‫نت‬
‫ك‬ َ
َِ ‫[=أ‬You].(are) Most Merci- verily, Thou (in Mercy);
ful. alone art the for Thou art
ِ‫=الت َواب‬the.Oft-returning, Acceptor of the Oft-
Repentance, Returning,
ِ‫الر ِحيم‬ َ =the.Most.Merciful the Dispenser Most Merci-
of Grace! ful.
2. Our Lord, O our Sustai- "Our Lord!
129 ‫= َربَنَا‬Our.Lord! make a ner! Raise up send
ِْ ‫[= َوا ْب َع‬And].raise.up
‫ث‬ messenger from the midst amongst
of their own of our off them a Mes-
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali
rise up from spring an senger of
ِ‫=فِي ِه ْم‬in.them among them, apostle from their own,
ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫= َرسو‬a.Messenger to recite among them- who shall re-
Your revela- selves, who hearse Thy
‫= ِم ْنه ِْم‬from.them tions to shall convey Signs to
‫(=يَتْلوا‬who).will.recite them, teach unto them Thy them and
them the messages, instruct them
‫علَ ْي ِه ِْم‬ َ =to.them Scripture and impart un- in scripture
َِ ِ‫= َء ٰايت‬Your.Verses
‫ك‬ and wisdom, to them revela- and wisdom,
and purify tion as well as and sanctify
ِ‫= َويعَ ِلمهم‬and.will.teach.them them: You wisdom, and them: For
َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book
‫ب‬ are the cause them to Thou art the
Mighty, the grow in purity: Exalted in
َ‫= َو ْال ِح ْك َم ِة‬and.the.wisdom Wise.' for, verily, Might, the
Thou alone art Wise."
‫= َويزَ ِكي ِه ِْم‬and.purify.them. almighty, truly
َِ َ‫= ِإن‬Indeed.You! ‫نت‬
‫ك‬ َ
َِ ‫=أ‬You.(are) wise!

ِ‫= ْالعَ ِزيز‬the.All-Mighty

ِ‫= ْال َح ِكيم‬the.All-Wise.`
2. Who but a And who, un- And who
130 ‫من‬ َ ‫= َو‬And.who fool would less he be turns away
‫عن‬ َ .ِ‫غب‬ َِ ‫=يَ ْر‬will.turn.away.from forsake the weak of mind, from the reli-
‫إِب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـ َِم‬.‫= ِملَ ِِة‬Ibrahim`s.religion religion of would want to gion of Abra-
Abraham? abandon Ab- ham but such
َِ ‫= ِإ‬except ‫= َمن‬who َ‫س ِف ِه‬
‫ل‬ َ =fooled We have raham's creed, as debase
chosen him seeing that We their souls
‫سه ۥ‬ َ ‫=نَ ْف‬himself? ‫= َولَقَ ِِد‬And.indeed in this world have indeed with folly?
ِ‫طفَي ْٰنه‬ َ ‫ص‬ ْ ‫=ا‬We.chose.him and he will raised him
rank among high in this
Him We cho-
se and ren-
ِ‫الدُّ ْنيَا‬.‫=فِى‬in.the.world, the righteous world, and dered pure in
in the Here- that, verily, in this world:
‫= َوإِنَهۥ‬and.indeed.he, ‫=فِى‬in, after. the life to co- And he will
‫= ْاْل ِخ َرِِة‬the.Hereafter َ me he shall be be in the He-
among the reafter in the
َِ‫=لَ ِمن‬surely.(will.be).among righteous? ranks of the
َِ‫ص ِل ِحين‬ ّٰ ‫=ال‬the.righteous.
ِْ ‫= ِإ‬When ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬said ‫=لَهۥ‬to.him His
2. Lord said When his Sus- Behold! his
131 ‫ذ‬
to him, 'De- tainer said to Lord said to
‫= َربُّهِٓۥ‬his.Lord vote yourself him, "Surren- him: "Bow
‫`=أ َ ْس ِل ِْم‬Submit.(yourself),` to Me.' Ab- der thyself un- (thy will to
raham rep- to Me!" - he Me):" He
َِ ‫=قَا‬he.said,
‫ل‬ lied, 'I devote answered, "I said: "I bow
myself to the have surrende- (my will) to
ِ‫`=أ َ ْسلَ ْمت‬I.(have).submitted.(myself) Lord of the red myself un- the Lord and
Universe,' to (Thee,) the Cherisher of
ِِ ‫= ِل َر‬to.(the).Lord
‫ب‬ Sustainer of all the Univer-
َِ‫(= ْالعٰ لَ ِمين‬of).the.worlds.` the worlds." se."

ّٰ ‫= َو َو‬And.enjoined ٓ ‫[= ِب َهِا‬it] and

2. com- And this very And this was
132 ‫صى‬
manded his thing did Abra- the legacy
ِ‫=إِب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـم‬Ibrahim sons to do ham bequeath that Abraham
the same, as unto his child- left to his
‫(= َب ِني ِِه‬upon).his.sons did Jacob: ren, and (so sons, and so
ِ‫= َو َي ْعقوب‬and.Yaqub, 'My sons, did) Jacob: "O did Jacob;
God has my children! "Oh my sons!
َِ ‫`= ٰي َب ِن‬O.my.sons!
‫ى‬ chosen Behold, God Allah hath
ََِ .‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed,.Allah (your) reli- has granted chosen the
gion for you, you the purest Faith for you;
‫ط ٰفى‬ َ ‫ص‬ ْ ‫=ا‬has.chosen so make su- faith; so do not then die not
re you devo- allow death to except in the
ِ‫=لَكم‬for.you َِ‫=الدِين‬the.religion, te yoursel- overtake you Faith of Is-
َِ ‫تَموت‬.‫ل‬
‫ن‬ ِ َ َ‫=ف‬so.you.should.not.die ves to Him, ere you have lam."
to your dying surrendered
َِ ‫= ِإ‬except ‫= َوأَنتم‬while.you
‫ل‬ moment.' yourselves un-
to Him."
َِ‫(= ُّم ْس ِلمون‬are).submissive.`
ِْ َ ‫=أ‬Or ‫=كنت ِْم‬were.you
2. Were you Nay, but you Were ye wit-
133 ‫م‬
(Jews) there (yourselves, O nesses when
‫=ش َهدَآ َِء‬witnesses ‫=إِ ِْذ‬when to see when children of Is- death appea-
‫ض َِر‬ َ ‫= َح‬came.to ‫وب‬ َِ ‫= َي ْعق‬Yaqub death came rael ,) bear red before
upon Jacob? witness that Jacob? Be-
ِ‫[= ْال َم ْوت‬the].death, ْ‫= ِإ ِذ‬when When he when death hold, he said
said to his was approac- to his sons:
َِ ‫=قَا‬he.said ‫= ِلبَنِي ِِه‬to.his.sons, sons, 'What hing Jacob, he "What will ye
will you said unto his worship after
‫`= َما‬What worship after sons: "Whom me?" They
َِ‫=ت َ ْعبدون‬will.you.worship I am gone?' will you wors- said: "We
they replied, hip after I am shall worship
‫ َب ْعدِى‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after.me?` 'We shall gone?" They Thy god and
‫=قَالوا‬They.said, worship your answered: the god of
God and the "We will wors- thy fathers,
ِ‫`=نَ ْعبد‬We.will.worship God of your hip thy God, of Abraham,
َِ ‫= ِإل َه‬your.God
‫ك‬ ٰ fathers, Ab- the God of thy Isma´il and
raham, forefathers Ab- Isaac,- the
َ‫= َوإِ ٰل ِه‬and.(the).God Ishmael, and raham and one (True)
Isaac, one Ishmael and Allah: To Him
َِ ِ‫(= َءا َبآئ‬of).your.forefathers,
‫ك‬ single God: Isaac, the One we bow (in
‫= ِإب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـ َِم‬Ibrahim we devote God; and unto Islam)."
ourselves to Him will we
َِ ‫= َو ِإسْمٰ ِعي‬and.Ismail
‫ل‬ Him.' surrender our-
َِ‫= َو ِإ ْسحٰ ق‬and.Ishaq.- ‫= ِإل ًها‬God ٰ selves."

‫= ٰو ِحدًا‬One. ِ‫= َون َْحن‬And.we

َِ‫(=م ْس ِلمون‬are).submissive.`
َِ ‫=تِ ْل‬This ِ‫(=أ َمة‬was).a.community That
2. com- Now those pe- That was a
134 ‫ك‬
munity pas- ople have pas- people that
ِْ َ‫ َخل‬.‫(=قَ ِْد‬which).has.passed.away, sed away. sed away; unto hath passed
What they them shall be away. They
‫=لَ َها‬for.it earned be- accounted shall reap the
ِْ َ‫سب‬
‫ت‬ َ ‫ َك‬.‫= َما‬what.it.earned longs to what they have fruit of what
them, and earned, and they did, and
‫= َولَكم‬and.for.you ‫= َما‬what what you unto you, what ye of what ye
‫سبْت ِْم‬ َ ‫= َك‬you.earned. ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.not to you: you you
earn belongs have ear- do! Of their
ned; and you merits there
َِ‫=تسْــَٔلون‬you.will.be.asked will not be will not be, is no ques-
answerable judged on the tion in your
‫ع َما‬ َ =about.what for their de- strength of case!
‫= َكانوا‬they.used.to َِ‫=يَ ْع َملون‬do. eds. what they did.

135 ‫وقَالوا‬
2. They say, AND THEY They say:
َ =And.they.said, ‫`=كونوا‬Be 'Become say, "Be Jews" "Become
‫=هودًا‬Jews ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or Jews or - or, "Christi- Jews or
Christians, ans" - "and Christians if
‫=نَصٰ ٰرى‬Christians, and you will you shall be on ye would be
ِ‫(=ت َ ْهتَدوا‬then).you.will.be.guided.` be rightly gu- the right path." guided (To
ided.' Say Say: "Nay, but salvation)."
ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, ‫ل‬
‫ل‬ ِْ ‫`= َب‬Nay, (Prophet), (ours is) the Say thou:
َ‫(= ِملَ ِة‬the).religion 'No, (ours is) creed of Abra- "Nay! (I
the religion ham, who tur- would rather)
‫(= ِإب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـ َِم‬of).Ibrahim, of Abraham, ned away from the Religion
the upright, all that is false, of Abraham
ِ‫(= َح ِنيفًا‬the).upright; ‫= َو َما‬and.not who did not and was not of the True, and
َِ‫= َكان‬he.was َِ‫= ِمن‬of worship any those who asc- he joined not
god besides ribe divinity to gods with Al-
َِ‫= ْالم ْش ِر ِكين‬those.who.associated.p God.' aught beside lah."
artners.(with.Allah).` God."
2. So (you beli- Say: "We beli- Say ye: "We
136 ‫=قول ٓوا‬Say, evers), say, eve in God, believe in Al-
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫`= َءا َمنَا‬We.have.believed 'We believe and in that

in God and which has
lah, and the
revelation gi-
َِ ِ‫=ب‬in.Allah ٓ ‫= َو َمِا‬and.what
ِ‫اّلل‬ in what was been bes- ven to us,
sent down to towed from on and to Abra-
َِ ‫نز‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫(=أ‬is).revealed ‫= ِإلَ ْينَا‬to.us us and what high upon us, ham, Isma´il,
ٓ ‫= َو َمِا‬and.what was sent and that which Isaac, Jacob,
down to Ab- has been bes- and the Tri-
َِ ‫نز‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫=أ‬was.revealed ‫ى‬ ِٓ ‫=إِ ٰل‬to raham, towed upon bes, and that
Ishmael, Abraham and given to Mo-
‫= ِإب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـ َِم‬Ibrahim Isaac, Ja- Ishmael and ses and Je-
َِ ‫= َوإِسْمٰ ِعي‬and.Ismail
‫ل‬ cob, and the Isaac and Ja- sus, and that
Tribes, and cob and ,their given to (all)
َِ‫= َو ِإ ْسحٰ ق‬and.Ishaq what was gi- descendants, prophets
َِ ‫= َو َي ْعق‬and.Yaqub
‫وب‬ ven to Mo- and that which from their
ses, Jesus, has been Lord: We
ِِ َ‫= َو ْاْل َ ْسب‬and.the.descendants, and all the vouchsafed to make no dif-
ٓ ‫= َو َمِا‬and.what ‫ى‬ َِ ِ‫=أوت‬was.given prophets by Moses and Je- ference
their Lord. sus; and that between one
‫(=موسٰ ى‬to).Musa We make no which has and another
distinction been vouchsa- of them: And
‫= َو ِعيسٰ ى‬and.Isa ٓ ‫= َو َمِا‬and.what between any fed to all the we bow to Al-
َِ ِ‫=أوت‬was.given
‫ى‬ of them, and (other) prop- lah (in Is-
we devote hets by their lam)."
َِ‫(=النَبِيُّون‬to).the.Prophets ourselves to Sustainer: we
Him.' make no dis-
‫= ِمن‬from ‫= َر ِب ِه ِْم‬their.Lord. tinction
َِ =Not ِ‫=نفَ ِرق‬we.make.distinction
‫ل‬ between any
َِ‫= َبيْن‬between ِ‫=أ َ َحد‬any
of them. And it
is unto Him
‫= ِم ْنه ِْم‬of.them. ِ‫= َون َْحن‬And.we that we sur-
render oursel-
‫=لَهۥ‬to.Him ves."
َِ‫(=م ْس ِلمون‬are).submissive..`
ِْ ِ ‫= َفإ‬So.if ‫= َءا َمنوا‬they.believe[d] So
2. if they And if (others) So if they be-
137 ‫ن‬
believe like come to belie- lieve as ye
ِِ ْ‫=بِ ِمث‬in.(the).like ٓ ‫(= َمِا‬of).what you do, they ve in the way believe, they
will be rightly you believe, are indeed
‫= َءا َمنتم‬you.have.believed guided. But if they will in- on the right
‫=بِ ِهۦ‬in.[it], ‫=فَقَ ِِد‬then.indeed, they turn deed find path; but if
their backs, themselves on they turn
ِ‫=ا ْهتَدَوا‬they.are.(rightly).guided. then they will the right path; back, it is
‫= َو ِإن‬But.if ‫=ت َ َولَ ْوا‬they.turn.away, be entrenc- and if they turn they who are
hed in oppo- away, it is but in schism;
‫=فَإِنَ َما‬then.only ‫=ه ِْم‬they sition. God they who will but Allah will
‫(= ِفى‬are).in ِ‫= ِشقَاق‬dissension. will protect be deeply in suffice thee
you from the wrong, and as against
َِ .ِ‫سيَ ْك ِفي َكهم‬
‫اّلل‬ َ َ‫=ف‬So.Allah.will.suffic the All Hea- God
them: He is will pro- them, and He
tect thee from is the All-
e.you.against.them, ‫و‬ َِ ‫= َوه‬and.He ring, the All them: for He Hearing, the
Knowing. alone is all- All-Knowing.
ِ‫س ِميع‬ َ ‫(=ال‬is).the.All-Hearing, And say (be- hearing, all-
ِ‫= ْالعَ ِليم‬the.All-Knowing. lievers), knowing.

138 َ‫ة‬
2. '(Our life) ta- (Say: "Our life (Our religion
ِ ‫ص ْب َغ‬ ِ =(The).color.(religion) kes its colour takes its) hue is) the Bap-
ِِ َ =(of).Allah! ‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ ِْ ‫= َو َم‬And.who from God, from God! And tism of Allah:
َ ‫(=أ َ ْح‬is).better َِ‫= ِمن‬than
and who gi- who could give And who can
ِ‫سن‬ ves a better a better hue baptize bet-
ً‫ص ْبغَ ِة‬ َِِ =Allah.at.coloring?
ِ .‫اّلل‬ colour than (to life) than ter than Al-
God? It is God, if we but lah? And it is
ِ‫= َون َْحن‬And.we ‫=لَهۥ‬to.Him Him we truly worship He Whom we
َِ‫(= ٰعبِدون‬are).worshippers. worship.' Him?" worship.

ِ‫=ق ْل‬Say,
2. Say (Prop- Say (to the Say: Will ye
het) (to the Jews and the dispute with
‫`=أَت َحا ٓ ُّجو َننَا‬Do.you.argue.with.us Jews and Christians): us about Al-
Christians), "Do you argue lah, seeing
‫=فِى‬about ‫اّلل‬ َِِ =Allah 'How can with us about that He is our
‫= َوه َِو‬while.He ‫(= َربُّنَا‬is).our.Lord you argue God? But He Lord and
with us is our Sustai- your Lord;
‫= َو َربُّك ِْم‬and.your.Lord? about God ner as well as that we are
ٓ ‫= َولَنَِا‬And.for.us when He is your Sustainer responsible
our Lord and - and unto us for our do-
‫(=أَعْمٰ لنَا‬are).our.deeds your Lord? shall be acco- ings and ye
Our deeds unted our de- for yours;
‫= َولَك ِْم‬and.for.you belong to us, eds, and unto and that We
‫(=أَعْمٰ لك ِْم‬are).your.deeds and yours to you, your de- are sincere
you. We de- eds; and it- is (in our faith)
ِ‫= َون َْحن‬and.we ‫=لَهۥ‬to.Him vote oursel- unto Him alone in Him?
َِ‫(=م ْخ ِلصون‬are).sincere. ves entirely that we devote
to Him. ourselves.

ِ‫=أ َ ْم‬Or َِ‫(=تَقولون‬do).you.say

2. Or are you Do you claim Or do ye say
saying that that Abraham that Abra-
ِ ِ‫=إ‬that ‫=إِب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـ َِم‬Ibrahim Abraham, and Ishmael ham, Isma´il
Ishmael, and Isaac and Isaac, Jacob
َِ ‫= َو ِإسْمٰ ِعي‬and.Ismail
‫ل‬ Isaac, Ja- Jacob and and the Tri-
َِ‫= َوإِ ْسحٰ ق‬and.Ishaq cob, and the their descen- bes were
Tribes were dants were Jews or
َِ ‫= َو َي ْعق‬and.Yaqub
‫وب‬ Jews or `Jews' or Christians?
َ‫ط‬ َ ْ Christians?' `Christians'? Say: Do ye
ِ ‫= َواْل ْسبَا‬and.the.descendants (Prophet), Say: "Do you know better
‫= َكانوا‬were ‫=هودًا‬Jews ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or ask them, know more than Allah?
'Who knows than God Ah! who is
ِ‫=نَصٰ ٰرى‬Christians?` ‫ل‬ ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, better: you does? And more unjust
‫`= َءأَنت ِْم‬Are.you or God? who could be than those
Who could more wicked who conceal
ِ‫=أ َ ْعلَم‬better.knowing be more than he who the testimony
َِ .‫=أ ِِم‬or.(is).Allah?`
‫اّلل‬ wicked than suppresses a they have
those who testimony gi- from Allah?
ِ ‫= َو َم‬And.who hide a testi- ven to him by but Allah is
ِ‫ظلَم‬ ْ َ ‫(=أ‬is).more.unjust mony (they God? Yet God not unmindful
received) is not unmind- of what ye
‫= ِم َمن‬than.(the.one).who from God?
God is not do.
ful of what you do!

‫= َكت َ َِم‬concealed ً ‫=شَهٰ دَِة‬a.testimony unmindful of

‫(= ِعندَهۥ‬that).he.has َِ‫= ِمن‬from what you do.'
َِ =Allah? ‫= َو َما‬And.not
َِ =(is).Allah ِ‫= ِب ٰغ ِفل‬unaware
‫ع َما‬ َ =of.what َِ‫=ت َ ْع َملون‬you.do.
َِ ‫=تِ ْل‬This ِ‫(=أ َمة‬was).a.community That
2. com- Now those pe- That was a
141 ‫ك‬
munity pas- ople have pas- people that
ِْ َ‫ َخل‬.‫(=قَ ِْد‬which).has.passed.away. sed away: sed away; unto hath passed
what they them shall be away. They
‫=لَ َها‬For.it ‫= َما‬what earned be- accounted shall reap the
ِ َ‫سب‬ َ
َ ‫=ك‬it.earned longs to what they have fruit of what
them, and earned, and they did, and
‫= َولَكم‬and.for.you ‫= َما‬what what you unto you, what ye of what ye
‫سبْت ِْم‬ َ ‫= َك‬you.have.earned. earn belongs you have ear- do! Of their
to you. You ned; and you merits there
َِ ‫= َو‬And.not
‫ل‬ will not be will not be jud- is no ques-
answerable ged on the tion in your
َِ‫=تسْــَٔلون‬you.will.be.asked for their de- strength of case:
‫ع َما‬ َ =about.what eds. what they did.

‫= َكانوا‬they.used.to َِ‫= َي ْع َملون‬do.

2. The foolish THE WEAK- The fools
142 ِ ‫س َيقول‬ َ =Will.say people will MINDED among the
ِ‫سفَ َهآء‬ ُّ ‫=ال‬the.foolish.ones say, 'What among people people will
has turned will say, "What say: "What
َِ‫= ِمن‬from ‫اس‬ ِ ِ َ‫=الن‬the.people, them away has turned hath turned
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫`= َما‬What ‫(= َولّٰه ِْم‬has).turned.them from the them away them from
prayer direc- from the direc- the Qibla to
‫عن‬ َ =from tion they tion of prayer which they
used to fa- which they ha- were used?"
ِ‫= ِق ْبلَ ِت ِهم‬their.direction.of.prayer ce?' Say, ve hitherto ob- Say: To Allah
‫=التِى‬which َ 'East and served?" Say: belong both
West belong "God's is the east and
‫= َكانوا‬they.were.used.to to God. He east and the West: He gu-
ِ‫علَ ْي َها‬ َ =[on.it].` ‫=قل‬Say, guides who- west; He gui- ideth whom
ever He will des whom He He will to a
َِ ِ =`For.Allah to the right wills onto a Way that is
ِ‫(= ْال َم ْش ِرق‬is).the.east way.' straight way." straight.

ِ‫= َو ْال َم ْغ ِرب‬and.the.west.

‫=يَ ْهدِى‬He.guides ‫= َمن‬whom
ِ‫شآء‬ َ ‫= َي‬He.wills ‫= ِإ ٰلى‬to
ِ‫ص ٰرط‬ ِ =a.path ِ‫= ُّم ْست َ ِقيم‬straight.`
َِ ‫= َو َك ٰذ ِل‬And.thus
2. We have And thus have Thus, have
143 ‫ك‬
made you We willed you We made of
‫= َج َع ْل ٰنك ِْم‬We.made.you (believers) to be a com- you an Um-
ً‫=أ َم ِة‬a.community into a just munity of the mat justly ba-
community, middle way, so lanced, that
ً‫سطا‬ َ ‫(= َو‬of.the).middle.way so that you that (with your ye might be
may bear lives) you witnesses
‫= ِلتَكونوا‬so.that.you.will.be witness (to might bear over the na-
‫=ش َهدَآ َِء‬witnesses ‫على‬ َ َ =over fore others truth before all tions,
the truth) be- witness to the and the
Messenger a
ِ ِ َ‫=الن‬the.mankind,
‫اس‬ and so that mankind, and witness over
the Messen- that the Apost- yourselves;
َِ‫= َو َيكون‬and.will.be ger may le might bear and We ap-
ِ‫الرسول‬ َ =the.Messenger bear witness witness to it pointed the
(to it) before before you. Qibla to
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =on.you ِ‫ش ِهيدًا‬ َ =a.witness. you. We only And it is only which thou
‫= َو َما‬And.not ‫= َجعَ ْلنَا‬We.made made the di- to the end that wast used,
rection the We might ma- only to test
َ‫= ْال ِق ْبلَ ِة‬the.direction.of.prayer one you ke a clear dis- those who
used to face tinction followed the
(Prophet) in between those Messenger
َِ ‫=ك‬you.were.used.to
‫نت‬ order to dis- who follow the from those
tinguish tho- Apostle and who would
ٓ ‫علَ ْي َهِا‬ َ =[on.it] ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬except se who fol- those who turn turn on their
‫= ِلنَ ْعلَ َِم‬that.We.make.evident low the Mes- about on their heels (From
senger from heels that We the Faith).
‫(= َمن‬he).who ِ‫= َيت َ ِبع‬follows those who have appoin- Indeed it was
turn on their ted (for this (A change)
َِ ‫الرسو‬
‫ل‬ َ =the.Messenger heels: that community) momentous,
‫= ِم َمن‬from.(he).who test was the direction of except to
hard, except prayer which those guided
ِ‫= َينقَ ِلب‬turns.back ‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =on for those thou (O Prop- by Allah. And
God has gu- het) hast for- never would
‫ع ِقبَ ْي ِِه‬ َ =his.heels. ided. God merly obser- Allah Make
‫= َو ِإن‬And.indeed, ‫ت‬ ِْ َ‫= َكان‬it.was would never ved: for this your faith of
let your faith was indeed a no effect. For
ً ‫يرِة‬ َ ِ‫=لَ َكب‬certainly.a.great.(test) go to waste hard test for all Allah is to all
ِ ِ‫=إ‬except ‫على‬ َ َ =for (believers), but those people Most
for God is whom God has surely full of
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.whom most com- guided aright. kindness,
passionate But God will Most Merci-
َِ .‫= َهدَى‬Allah.guided.
‫اّلل‬ and most surely not lose ful.
‫= َو َما‬And.not ‫اّلل‬ َِ .َِ‫= َكان‬will.Allah merciful sight of your
towards pe- faith-for, be-
‫ضي َِع‬ ِ ‫= ِلي‬let.go.waste ople. hold, God is
‫=إِيمٰ نَك ِْم‬your.faith. most compas-
ََِ .‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed,.Allah towards man,
a dispenser of
ِ ِ َ‫(=بِالن‬is).to.[the].mankind
‫اس‬ grace.
ِ‫=لَ َرءوف‬Full.of.Kindness,
ِ‫= َر ِحيم‬Most.Merciful.
ِْ َ‫=ق‬Indeed, ‫=نَ ٰرى‬We.see
2. Many a time We have seen We see the
144 ‫د‬
We have thee (O Prop- turning of thy
َِ ُّ‫(=تَقَل‬the).turning
‫ب‬ seen you het) often turn face (for gui-
(Prophet) thy face dance to the
َِ ‫(= َو ْج ِه‬of).your.face
‫ك‬ turn your fa- towards hea- heavens:
‫=فِى‬towards ‫س َما ٓ ِِء‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.heaven. ce towards ven (for gui- now Shall
Heaven, so dance): and We turn thee
َِ َ‫=فَلَن َو ِل َين‬So.We.will.surely.turn.you We are tur- now We shall to a Qibla
ً‫(=قِ ْبلَ ِة‬to.the).direction.of.prayer ning you indeed make that shall
towards a thee turn in please thee.
ِ‫ض َها‬ ٰ ‫=ت َ ْر‬you.will.be.pleased.with. prayer direc- prayer in a di- Turn then
tion that ple- rection which Thy face in
ِِ ‫=فَ َو‬So.turn ‫ك‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو ْج َه‬your.face ases you. will fulfil thy the direction
ْ ‫=ش‬towards.the.direction
‫َط َِر‬ Turn your desire. Turn, of the sacred
face in the then, thy face Mosque:
ِِ ‫ ْال َح َر‬.‫(= ْال َمس ِْج ِِد‬of).the.Al-
‫ام‬ direction of towards the Wherever ye
Masjid.Al-Haraam the Sacred Inviolable Ho- are, turn your
Mosque: use of Wors- faces in that
‫ َما‬.ِ‫َو َحيْث‬=and.wherever
wherever hip; and whe- direction.
‫كنت ِْم‬
=you.are ‫فَ َولُّوا‬
=[so].turn you (belie- rever you all The people
vers) may may be, turn of the Book
‫وجوهَك ِْم‬ =your.faces be, turn your your faces know well
‫َط َرهۥ‬ ْ ‫ش‬
=(in).its.direction. faces to it. towards it (in that that is
Those who prayer). And, the truth from
َِ ‫َو ِإ‬
‫ن‬ =And.indeed, were given verily, those their Lord.
the Scripture who have Nor is Allah
know with been vouchsa- unmindful of
‫أوتوا‬=were.given certainty that fed revelation what they do.
َِ ‫ْال ِك ٰت‬
this is the aforetime
‫ب‬ =the.Book Truth from know well that
َِ‫لَيَ ْعلَمون‬
=surely.know ِ‫أَنَه‬
=that.it their Lord: this (com-
God is not mandment)
ُِّ ‫ْال َح‬
‫ق‬ =(is).the.truth =from ‫ِمن‬unaware of comes in truth
what they from their Sus-
‫َربِ ِه ِْم‬
=their.Lord. =And.not ‫َو َما‬ do. tainer; and
=(is).Allah ِ‫بِ ٰغ ِفل‬
=unaware God is not
unaware of
‫ع َما‬ َ
=of.what َِ‫يَ ْع َملون‬
=they.do. what they do.

ِْ ‫= َولَ ِئ‬And.even.if
2. Yet even if And yet, even Even if thou
145 ‫ن‬
you brought if thou wert to wert to bring
َِ ‫=أَتَي‬you.come
‫ْت‬ every proof place all evi- to the people
َِ‫(=الَذِين‬to).those.who to those who dence before of the Book
were given those who ha- all the Signs
‫=أوتوا‬were.given the Scriptu- ve been (together),
re, they vouchsafed they would
َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book ‫ل‬
‫ب‬ ِِ ‫=بِك‬with.all would not earlier revela- not follow
follow your tion, they Thy Qibla;
ِ‫(= َءا َية‬the).signs, ‫= َما‬not prayer direc- would not fol- nor art thou
‫=ت َ ِبعوا‬they.would.follow tion, nor will low thy direc- going to fol-
you follow tion of prayer; low their Qib-
َِ َ ‫=قِ ْبلَت‬your.direction.of.prayer,
‫ك‬ theirs, nor and neither la; nor in-
ٓ ‫= َو َمِا‬and.not ‫نت‬ َِ َ ‫(=أ‬will).you.(be) indeed will mayest thou deed will
any of them follow their di- they follow
ِ‫=بِتَابِع‬a.follower follow one rection of pra- each other´s
‫(= ِق ْبلَتَه ِْم‬of).their.direction.of.prayer. another's di- yer, nor even Qibla. If thou
rection. If do they follow after the
‫= َو َما‬And.not you (Prop- one another's knowledge
het) were to direction. And hath reached
‫=بَ ْعضهم‬some.of.them follow their if thou shouldst thee, Wert to
ِ‫(= ِبتَا ِبع‬are).followers desires, after follow their er- follow their
the rant views af- (vain) desi-
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

َ‫(=قِ ْبلَ ِة‬of.the).direction.of.prayer knowledge ter all the res,-then

brought to knowledge that wert thou In-
ِ‫(=بَ ْعض‬of.each).other. you, you has come unto deed (cle-
ِِ ‫= َولَ ِئ‬And.if ‫ت‬
‫ن‬ َِ ‫=ات َ َب ْع‬you.followed ing wrong. wouldst surely arly)
would be do- thee thou
in the

‫=أ َ ْه َوآ َءهم‬their.desires be among the

‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after ‫[= َما‬what]
َِ ‫= َجا ٓ َء‬came.to.you َِ‫= ِمن‬of
‫= ْال ِع ْل ِِم‬the.knowledge,
َِ َ‫= ِإن‬indeed,.you ‫(= ِإذًا‬would).then
َِ‫(=لَ ِمن‬be).surely.among
َِ‫ظ ِل ِمين‬ ّٰ ‫=ال‬the.wrongdoers.
146 َِ‫(=الَذِين‬To).those.whom
2. Those We They unto The people
gave Scrip- whom We ha- of the Book
ِ‫= َءاتَي ْٰنهم‬We.gave.[them] ture know it ve vouchsafed know this as
َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book,
‫ب‬ as well as revelation afo- they know
they know retime know it their own
‫= َي ْع ِرفونَهۥ‬they.recognize.it their own as they know sons; but
sons, but their own child- some of
‫= َك َما‬like َِ‫=يَ ْع ِرفون‬they.recognize some of ren: but, be- them conceal
‫=أ َ ْبنَا ٓ َءه ِْم‬their.sons. them hide hold, some of the truth
the truth that them which they
َِ ‫= َو ِإ‬And.indeed, ‫=فَ ِريقًا‬a.group they know. knowingly themselves
suppress the know.
‫= ِم ْنه ِْم‬of.them truth -
َِ‫=لَ َي ْكتمون‬surely.they.conceal
َِ ‫= ْال َح‬the.Truth ‫= َوه ِْم‬while.they
َِ‫=يَ ْعلَمون‬know.
ُِّ ‫= ْال َح‬The.Truth ‫(= ِمن‬is).from The
2. truth is the truth from The Truth is
147 ‫ق‬
from your thy Sustainer! from thy
َِ ‫= َر ِب‬your.Lord, ‫ل‬
‫ك‬ ِ َ َ‫=ف‬so.(do).not Lord, so do Be not, then, Lord; so be
not be one of among the do- not at all in
َِ ‫=تَكون‬be َِ‫= ِمن‬among
‫َن‬ those who ubters: doubt.
َِ‫= ْالم ْمت َ ِرين‬the.doubters. doubt.
2. Each com- for, every To each is a
148 ِ ‫= َو ِلكل‬And.for.everyone munity has community fa- goal to which
ِ‫(= ِو ْج َهة‬is).a.direction.- ‫=ه َِو‬he its own di- ces a direction Allah turns
rection to of its own, of him; then
ِ‫=م َو ِلي َها‬turns.towards.it, which it which He is strive toget-
‫=فَا ْست َ ِبقوا‬so.race turns: race to the focal point. her (as in a
do good de- Vie, therefore, race)
ِِ ‫(= ْال َخي ْٰر‬to).the.good.
‫ت‬ eds and with one anot- Towards all
‫ َما‬.َِ‫=أَيْن‬Wherever wherever her in doing that is good.
you are, God good works. Wheresoever
‫=تَكونوا‬you.will.be will bring you Wherever you ye are, Allah
ِِ ْ ‫=يَأ‬Allah.will.bring.you God has will gather you Together.
together. may be, God will bring you
َِ .ِ‫بِكم‬.‫ت‬
ِ‫= َج ِميعًا‬together. power to do all unto Him- For Allah
everything. self: for, verily, Hath power
ََِ .‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed,.Allah ‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =(is).on God has the over all
power to will things.
ِِ ‫=ك‬every ِ‫ش ْىء‬
‫ل‬ َ =thing anything.
ِْ ‫= َو ِم‬And.from ِ‫= َحيْث‬wherever (Prophet),
2. Thus, from From when-
149 ‫ن‬
wherever wherever thou cesoever
َِ ‫=خ ََر ْج‬you.start.forth,
‫ت‬ you may ha- mayest come Thou startest
ِِ ‫[=فَ َو‬so].turn ‫ك‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو ْج َه‬your.face ve started forth, turn thy forth, turn
out, turn face (in prayer) Thy face in
‫(=شَط َِر‬in.the).direction your face in towards the the direction
the direction Inviolable Ho- of the sacred
ِِ ‫ ْال َح َر‬.‫(= ْال َمس ِْج ِِد‬of).Al-Masjid.Al- of the Sac- use of Wors- Mosque; that
Haraam. ‫= َو ِإنَهۥ‬And.indeed,.it
red Mosque- hip-for,. be- is indeed the
this is the hold, this truth from the
ُِّ ‫(=لَ ْل َح‬is).surely.the.truth
‫ق‬ truth from (command- Lord. And Al-
your Lord: ment) comes lah is not
‫= ِمن‬from ‫ك‬ َِ ‫= َر ِب‬your.Lord. He is not in truth from unmindful of
‫= َو َما‬And.not ‫اّلل‬ َِ =(is).Allah unaware of thy Sustainer; what ye do.
what you do- and God is not
ِ‫=بِ ٰغ ِفل‬unaware ‫ع َما‬ َ =of.what unaware of
what you do.
َِ‫=ت َ ْع َملون‬you.do.
ِْ ‫= َو ِم‬And.from ِ‫= َحيْث‬wherever wherever
2. Hence, from So from
150 ‫ن‬
you may ha- wherever thou whencesoe-
َِ ‫=خ ََر ْج‬you.start.forth
‫ت‬ ve started mayest come ver Thou
ِِ ‫[=فَ َو‬so].turn ‫ك‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو ْج َه‬your.face out, turn forth, turn thy startest forth,
your face in face (in prayer) turn Thy face
‫َط َِر‬ْ ‫(=ش‬in.the).direction the direction towards the in the direc-
of the Sac- Inviolable Ho- tion of the
ِِ ‫ ْال َح َر‬.‫(= ْال َمس ِْج ِِد‬of).Al-Masjid.Al- red Mosque; use of Wors- sacred
Haraam. wherever hip; and whe- Mosque; and
any of you rever you all wheresoever
‫ َما‬.ِ‫َو َحيْث‬ =And.wherever
may be, turn may be, turn ye are, Turn
‫كنت ِْم‬ =you.(all).are ‫فَ َولُّوا‬
=[so].turn your faces your faces your face
towards it, towards it, so thither: that
‫وجوهَك ِْم‬ =your.faces so that peop- that people there be no
‫َط َرهۥ‬ ْ ‫ش‬
=(in).its.direction, le may have should have ground of
no argument no argument dispute aga-
ِ َ َ ‫ِلئ‬
‫ل‬ =so.that.not =will.be َِ‫َيكون‬
against you- against you inst you
ِ ِ َ‫ِللن‬
‫اس‬ =for.the.people
except for unless they among the
the wrong- are bent upon people,
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ
=against.you doers among wrongdoing. except those
them: do not And hold not of them that
ِ‫ح َجة‬=any.argument َِ ‫ِإ‬
=except fear them; them in awe, are bent on
=those.who fear Me- and but stand in wickedness;
so that I may awe of Me, so fear them
‫ظلَموا‬ =wronged َ perfect My and (obey Me,) not, but fear
‫ِم ْنه ِْم‬
favour on so that I might Me; and that
you and you bestow upon I may comp-
ِ َ َ‫ف‬
‫ل‬=so.(do).not may be gui- you the full lete My favo-
ded, measure of My urs on you,
‫ت َ ْخش َْوه ِْم‬
=fear.them, blessings., and and ye May
‫اخش َْونِى‬ ْ ‫َو‬
=but.fear.Me. that you might (consent to)
follow the right be guided;
‫َو ِْل ِت َِم‬
=And.that.I.complete path.
‫=نِ ْع َم ِتى‬My.favor
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =upon.you
‫[= َولَ َعلك ِْم‬and].so.that.you.may
َِ‫(=ت َ ْهتَدون‬be).guided.
151 ٓ ‫ا‬ ِ‫= َك َم‬As ‫س ْلنَا‬ َ ‫=أ َ ْر‬We.sent
2. just as We Even as We A similar (fa-
have sent have sent unto vour have ye
‫= ِفيك ِْم‬among.you among you a you an apostle already rece-
Messenger from among ived) in that
ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫= َرسو‬a.Messenger of your own yourselves to We have
‫= ِمنك ِْم‬from.you to recite Our convey unto sent among
revelations you Our mes- you a Mes-
‫(= َيتْلوا‬who).recites ‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =to.you to you, purify sages, and to senger of
‫= َء ٰايتِنَا‬Our.verses you and te- cause you to your own,
ach you the grow in purity, rehearsing to
‫= َويزَ ِكيك ِْم‬and.purifies.you Scripture, and to impart you Our
wisdom, and unto you reve- Signs, and
ِ‫= َوي َع ِلمكم‬and.teaches.you (other) lation and wis- sanctifying
َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book
‫ب‬ things you dom, and to you, and inst-
did not teach you that ructing you in
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

َ‫= َو ْال ِح ْك َم ِة‬and.the.wisdom know. which you Scripture and

knew not: Wisdom, and
‫= َويعَ ِلمكم‬and.teaches.you in new
‫= َما‬what ‫=لَ ِْم‬not
َِ‫=ت َ ْعلَمون‬knowing.
ِٓ ‫=فَا ْذكرو ِن‬So.remember.Me,
2. So remem- so remember Then do ye
152 ‫ى‬
ber Me; I will Me, and I shall remember
‫=أ َ ْذك ْرك ِْم‬I.will.remember.you remember remember you; Me; I will re-
you. Be and be grateful member you.
‫= َوا ْشكروا‬and.be.grateful thankful to unto Me, and Be grateful to
‫= ِلى‬to.Me Me, and ne- deny Me not. Me, and re-
ver ungrate- ject not Faith.
ِِ ‫ت َ ْكفر‬.‫ل‬
‫ون‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.(do).not.be.ungr ful.

‫= ٰيٓأَيُّ َها‬O.you َِ‫=الَذِين‬who

2. You who be- O YOU who O ye who be-
lieve, seek have attained lieve! seek
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d]! help through to faith! Seek help with pa-
steadfast- aid in steadfast tient perse-
‫=ا ْست َ ِعينوا‬Seek.help ness and patience and verance and
ِِ ‫صب‬
‫ْر‬ َ ‫=بِال‬through.patience prayer, for prayer: for, prayer; for
God is with behold, God is Allah is with
‫ص ٰلو ِِة‬ َ ‫= َوال‬and.the.prayer. the stead- with those who those who
َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah fast. are patient in patiently per-
adversity. severe.
‫(= َم َِع‬is).with
َِ‫ص ِب ِرين‬ ّٰ ‫=ال‬the.patient.ones.
154 ‫تَقولوا‬.‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not.say
2. Do not say And say not of And say not
that those those who are of those who
‫= ِل َمن‬for.(the.ones).who who are kil- slain in God's are slain in
led in God's cause, "They the way of
ِ‫=ي ْقتَل‬are.slain ‫= ِفى‬in cause are are dead": Allah: "They
ِِ ‫سبِي‬
‫ل‬ َ =(the).way ‫اّلل‬ َِِ =(of).Allah dead; they nay, they are are dead."
are alive, alive, but you Nay, they are
ِۚ‫(`=أ َ ْم ٰوت‬They.are).dead.` though you perceive it not. living, though
‫ل‬ َ
ِْ َ‫=ب‬Nay, ِ‫(=أ ْحيَآء‬they.are).alive do not reali- ye perceive
ze it. (it) not.
‫[= َو ٰل ِكن‬and].but
َِ‫ت َ ْشعرون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =you.(do).not.perceive.
‫= َولَنَبْل َونَكم‬And.surely.We.will.test.y We
2. shall cer- And most cer- Be sure we
tainly test tainly shall We shall test you
ou ِ‫ىء‬ ْ ‫ش‬
َ ‫ب‬
ِ =with.something you with fear try you by me- with somet-
َِ‫= ِمن‬of ‫ف‬ ِِ ‫[= ْالخ َْو‬the].fear and hunger, ans of danger, hing of fear
and loss of and hunger, and hunger,
ِ ‫= َو ْالج‬and.[the].hunger
property, li- and loss of some loss in
ves, and worldly goods, goods or li-
ِ‫= َونَ ْقص‬and.loss َِ‫= ِمن‬of crops. But of lives and of ves or the
ِِ ‫[= ْاْل َ ْم ٰو‬the].wealth
‫ل‬ (Prophet), (labour's) fru- fruits (of your
give good its. But give toil), but give
ِ ِ ‫= َو ْاْلَنف‬and.[the].lives
‫س‬ news to tho- glad tidings glad tidings
ِِ ‫= َوالث َ َم ٰر‬and.[the].fruits,
‫ت‬ se who are unto those to those who
steadfast, who are pati- patiently per-
‫= َِو َب ِش ِِر‬but.give.good.news ent in adversity severe,

َِ‫صبِ ِرين‬ ّٰ ‫(=ال‬to).the.patient.ones.

156 َِ‫=الَذِين‬Those.who, ٓ ‫=إِذ َِا‬when
2. those who who, when ca- Who say,
say, when lamity befalls when afflic-
‫=أَصٰ َبتْهم‬strikes.them afflicted with them, say, ted with ca-
a calamity, "Verily, unto lamity: "To
ِ‫صيبَة‬ ِ ‫= ُّم‬a.misfortune, 'We belong God do we be- Allah We be-
‫=قال ٓوا‬they.say, to God and long and, ve- long, and to
to Him we rily, unto Him Him is our re-
َِِ ِ .‫`= ِإنَا‬Indeed,.we.belong.to.Allah shall return.' we shall re- turn":-
ٓ ‫= َوإِنَِا‬and.indeed.we turn."

‫= ِإلَ ْي ِِه‬towards.Him
َِ‫= ٰر ِجعون‬will.return.`
َِ ِ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓئ‬Those ‫ع َل ْي ِه ِْم‬
157 ‫ك‬ َ =on.them These will be It is they upon They are
given bles- whom their those on
ِ‫صلَ ٰوت‬ َ =(are).blessings sings and Sustainer's whom (Des-
mercy from blessings and cend) bles-
‫ َر ِب ِه ِْم‬.‫= ِمن‬from.their.Lord their Lord, grace are bes- sings from
ِ‫= َو َر ْح َمة‬and.Mercy. and it is they towed, and it is Allah, and

َِ ‫= َوأ ْو ٰلٓ ِئ‬And.those ِ‫[=هم‬they] rightly gui- are on the right they are the
who are they, they who Mercy, and
َِ‫(= ْالم ْهتَدون‬are).the.guided.ones. ded. path! ones that re-
ceive gui-

ِ‫= ِإ َن‬Indeed, ‫صفَا‬

2. Safa and (Hence,) be- Behold! Safa
158 َ ‫=ال‬the.Safa Marwa are hold, As-Safa and Marwa
َ‫= َو ْال َم ْر َوِة‬and.the.Marwah among the and Al-Marwah are among
‫ش َعآئِ ِِر‬ َ .‫(= ِمن‬are).from.(the).symbol rites of God, are among the the Symbols
so for those symbols set up of Allah. So if
s ‫اّلل‬ ِِ َ =(of).Allah. who make by God; and those who
major or mi- thus, no wrong visit the Hou-
ِْ ‫=فَ َم‬So.whoever
‫ن‬ nor pilgrima- does he who, se in the Se-
ge to the having come ason or at
َِ ‫= َح‬performs.Hajj
‫ج‬ House it is to the Temple other times,
َِ ‫(= ْالبَي‬of).the.House ‫=أ َ ِِو‬or
‫ْت‬ no offence to on pilgrimage should com-
circulate or on a pious pass them
‫=ا ْعت َ َم َِر‬performs.Umrah, between the visit, strides to round, it is no
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬so.no ‫ح‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫=جنَا‬blame two. Anyone and fro sin in them.
who does between these And if any
‫علَ ْي ِِه‬ َ =on.him ‫=أَن‬that good of his two: for, if one one obeyeth
َِ ‫=يَط َو‬he.walks
‫ف‬ َ own accord does more his own im-
will be good than he pulse to
ِ‫=بِ ِه َما‬between.[both.of].them. rewarded, is bound to do- good,- be su-
for God behold, God is re that Allah
‫= َو َمن‬And.whoever rewards responsive to is He Who
َِ ‫=تَط َو‬voluntarily.does
‫ع‬ good deeds, gratitude, all- recogniseth
and knows knowing. and knoweth.
‫= َخي ًْرا‬good, everything.

َ‫اّلل‬ َِ .‫ن‬ َِ ِ ‫=فَإ‬then.indeed,.Allah

ِ‫(=شَا ِكر‬is).All-Appreciative,
ِ‫ع ِليم‬ َ =All-Knowing.
َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who As
2. for those BEHOLD, as Those who
159 ‫ن‬
who hide the for those who conceal the
َِ‫=يَ ْكتمون‬conceal ٓ ‫= َمِا‬what proofs and suppress clear (Signs)
‫=أَنزَ ْلنَا‬We.revealed َِ‫= ِمن‬of guidance We aught of the We have
send down, evidence of sent down,
ِِ ‫= ْالبَيِ ٰن‬the.clear.proofs,
‫ت‬ after We ha- the truth and of and the Gui-
ve made the guidance dance, after
‫= َو ْاله ٰدى‬and.the.Guidance, them clear to which We ha- We have
people in the ve bestowed made it clear
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after Scripture, from on high, for the peop-
ِ‫بَيَنّٰه‬.‫[= َما‬what].We.made.clear God rejects after We have le in the
them, and so made it clear Book,-on
ِ ِ َ‫= ِللن‬to.the.people ‫= ِفى‬in
‫اس‬ do others, unto mankind them shall be
ٰ ْ
ِِ ‫=ال ِكت‬the.Book.- ‫ك‬
‫ب‬ ٓ ٰ
َِ ِ‫=أ ْولئ‬those, through the di- Allah´s cur-
vine writ - the- se, and the
َِ .ِ‫=يَ ْلعَنهم‬Allah.curses.them
‫اّلل‬ se it is whom curse of tho-
ِ‫= َو َيل َعنهم‬and.curse.them God will reject, se entitled to
and whom all curse,-
َِ‫=اللّٰ ِعنون‬the.ones.who.curse. who can judge
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali
will reject.

ِ‫= ِإ َل‬Except َِ‫=الَذِين‬those

2. unless they Excepted, Except those
repent, make however, shall who repent
‫=تَابوا‬who.repent[ed] amends, and be they that and make

ْ َ ‫= َوأ‬and.reform[ed]
declare the repent, and put amends and
‫صلَحوا‬ truth. I will themselves to openly decla-
‫= َو َبيَنوا‬and.openly.declar[ed]. certainly ac- rights, and re (the

َِ ِ‫=فَأ ْو ٰلٓئ‬Then.those,
cept their re- make known Truth): To
‫ك‬ pentance: I the truth: and it them I turn;
ِ‫=أَتوب‬I.will.accept.repentance am the Ever is they whose for I am Oft-
Relenting, repentance I returning,
‫علَ ْي ِه ِْم‬ َ =from.them, the Most shall accept- Most Merci-
‫= َوأَنَا‬and.I.(am) Merciful. for I alone am ful.
the Acceptor of
ِ‫=الت َ َواب‬the.Acceptor.of.Repentance Repentance,
the Dispenser
, ِ‫حيم‬ ِ ‫الر‬ َ =the.Most.Merciful. of Grace.

161 َِ‫الَذِين‬.‫ن‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed,.those.who

2. As for those Behold, as for Those who
who disbeli- those who are reject Faith,
‫=كفروا‬disbelieve[d] َ َ eve and die bent on den- and die re-
as disbelie- ying the truth jecting,- on
‫= َو َماتوا‬and.die[d] vers, God re- and die as de- them is Al-
‫= َوه ِْم‬while.they jects them, niers of the lah´s curse,
as do the truth -their due and the cur-
ِ‫(=كفَار‬were).disbelievers, angels and is rejection by se of angels,
ٓ ٰ َ
َِ ِ‫=أ ْولئ‬those, ‫عل ْي ِه ِْم‬
‫ك‬ َ =on.them all people. God, and by and of all
the angels,, mankind;
ِ‫(=لَ ْعنَة‬is.the).curse ِ‫اّلل‬ َِ =(of).Allah, and by all
‫= َو ْال َم ٰلئِ َك ِِة‬and.the.Angels,ٓ (righteous)
ِ ِ ‫= َوالن‬and.the.mankind,
‫اس‬ َ
َِ‫=أ َ ْج َم ِعين‬all.together.
162 َِ‫خ ِلدِين‬ ٰ =(Will).abide.forever They will re- In this state They will
main in this shall they abi- abide the-
ِ‫=فِي َها‬in.it. state of re- de; (and) neit- rein: Their
ِ‫ي َخفَف‬.‫ل‬ َِ =Will.not.be.lightened jection: their her will their penalty will
punishment suffering, be not be lighte-
ِ‫ع ْنهم‬ َ =for.them will not be lightened, nor ned, nor will
lightened, will they be respite be
ِ‫= ْالعَذَاب‬the.punishment nor will they granted respi- their (lot).
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ‫=ه ِْم‬they
‫ل‬ be reprieved. te.

َِ‫ظرون‬ َ ‫=ين‬will.be.reprieved.
ِْ ‫= َو ِإ ٰلهك‬And.your.God
2. Your God is AND YOUR And your Al-
163 ‫م‬
the one God: GOD is the lah is One Al-
ِ‫ ٰو ِحد‬.ِ‫(=إِله‬is).one.God; ٰ there is no One God: the- lah: There is

َ‫ ِإ ٰل ِه‬.‫ل‬
god except re is no deity no god but
َِٓ =(there.is).no.god Him, the save Him, the He, Most
َِ ِ‫=إ‬except ‫=ه َِو‬Him,
‫ل‬ Lord of Most Gracious, Gracious,
Mercy, the the Dispenser Most Merci-
ِ‫الر ْحمٰ ن‬ َ =the.Most.Gracious, Giver of of Grace. ful.
ِ‫الر ِحيم‬ َ =the.Most.Merciful.
َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, ‫=فِى‬in
2. In the crea- Verily, in the Behold! in
164 ‫ن‬
tion of the creation of the the creation
ِِ ‫(=خ َْل‬the).creation
‫ق‬ heavens and heavens and of the hea-
earth; in the of the earth, vens and the
ِِ ‫(=السَمٰ ٰو‬of).the.heavens
‫ت‬ alternation of and the suc- earth; in the
ِ ِ ‫= َواْل ْر‬and.the.earth,
‫ض‬ َ ْ night and cession of alternation of
day; in the night and day: the night and
ِِ ‫اخ ِت ٰل‬
‫ف‬ ْ ‫= َو‬and.alternation ships that and in the the day; in
ِِ ‫=ال ْي‬of.the.night
‫ل‬ sail the seas ships that the sailing of
with goods speed through the ships
ِِ ‫= َوالنَ َه‬and.the.day,
‫ار‬ for people; in the sea with through the
ِِ ‫= َو ْالف ْل‬and.the.ships ‫=الَتِى‬which which God to man: and in profit of
the water what is useful ocean for the
‫=ت َ ْج ِرى‬sail ‫=فِى‬in sends down the waters mankind; in
from the sky which God the rain
‫= ْال َب ْح ِِر‬the.sea ‫= ِب َما‬with.what to give life to sends down which Allah
ِ‫=يَنفَع‬benefits ‫اس‬ َِ َ‫[=الن‬the].people, the earth from the sky, Sends down
when it has giving life the- from the
ٓ ‫= َو َمِا‬and.what been barren, reby to the skies, and
َِ َ‫=أَنز‬Allah.(has).sent.down kinds of cre- had, been life- He gives the-
scattering all earth after it the life which
َِ .‫ل‬
‫س َما ٓ ِِء‬ َ ‫ال‬.َِ‫= ِمن‬from.the.sky atures over less, and cau- rewith to an
it; in the sing all man- earth that is
ِ‫ َمآء‬.‫[= ِمن‬of].water, changing of ner of living dead; in the
‫بِ ِِه‬.‫=فَأ َ ْحيَا‬giving.life.thereby the winds creatures to beasts of all
and clouds multiply the- kinds that He
َِ ‫(= ْاْل َ ْر‬to).the.earth َ‫=بَ ْع ِد‬after that run their reon: and in scatters
appointed the change of through the
‫= َم ْوتِ َها‬its.death, courses the winds, and earth; in the
ِ َ‫= َوب‬and.dispersing ‫=فِي َها‬therein sky and the between the clouds that change of
run their appo- the winds,
ِِ ‫ك‬.‫[= ِمن‬of].every
‫ل‬ earth: there inted courses and the clo-
ِ‫=دَآبَة‬moving.creature, are signs in between sky uds which
all these for and earth: (in they Trail like
ِِ ‫ص ِر‬
‫يف‬ َ
ْ ‫= َوت‬and.directing those who all this) there their slaves
use their are messages between the
ِ‫ح‬ ِ ‫الر ٰي‬ ِ =(of).the.winds minds. indeed for pe- sky and the
ِِ ‫س َحا‬
‫ب‬ َ ‫= َوال‬and.the.clouds ople who use earth;- (Here)
their reason. indeed are
‫س َخ ِِر‬ َ ‫[= ْالم‬the].controlled Signs for a
people that
َِ‫=بَيْن‬between ‫س َما ٓ ِِء‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.sky are wise.
ِ ِ ‫= َواْل ْر‬and.the.earth,
‫ض‬ َ ْ
ِ‫= َْل َ ٰيت‬surely.(are).Signs
ِ‫= ِلقَ ْوم‬for.a.people
َِ‫= َي ْع ِقلون‬who.use.their.intellect.
2. Even so, And yet there Yet there are
165 َِ‫من‬ ِ ‫= َو‬And.among there are are people men who ta-
ِ ِ َ‫=الن‬the.mankind ‫= َمن‬who some who who choose to ke (for wors-
ِ‫=يَت َ ِخذ‬takes ‫ون‬ ِِ ‫د‬.‫= ِمن‬besides choose to believe in be- hip) others
worship ot- ings that alle- besides Al-
َِِ =Allah ‫=أَندَادًا‬equals.
‫اّلل‬ hers besides gedly rival lah, as equal
God as rivals God, loving (with Allah):
‫=ي ِحبُّونَه ِْم‬They.love.them to Him, lo- them as (only) They love
ِِ َ .‫ب‬
‫اّلل‬ ِِ ‫= َكح‬as.(they.should).love.Alla ving them God should be them as they
with the love loved: whereas should love
h. َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬And.those.who due to God, those who ha- Allah. But
but the beli- ve attained to those of Fa-
‫= َءا َمن ٓوا‬believe[d] evers have faith love God ith are overf-
ُّ ‫ش ِد‬ َ
َ ‫(=أ‬are).stronger ‫(=حبًّا‬in).love greater love more than all lowing in
for God. If else. If they their love for
ِِ َ ِ =for.Allah. ‫= َولَ ِْو‬And.if
‫ّلل‬ only the ido- who are bent Allah. If only
‫= َي َرى‬would.see َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who laters could on evildoing the unrighte-
see- as they could but see - ous could
‫ظلَم ٓوا‬ َ =wronged, ‫= ِإ ِْذ‬when will see as see they see, behold,
when they will when they they would
َِ‫=يَ َر ْون‬they.will.see face the tor- are made to see the pe-
َِ َ‫=ال َعذ‬the.punishment ‫ن‬
‫اب‬ ْ َ
َِ ‫=أ‬that ment- that all suffer (on Re- nalty: that to
power be- surrection Allah belongs
‫ َج ِميعًا‬.‫ّلل‬ َِِ ِ .َ ‫= ْالق َوِة‬all.the.power.belo longs to Day) -that all all power,
ngs.to.Allah God, and might belongs and Allah will
ََِ .‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ َ ‫= َوأ‬and.[that].Allah that God pu-
nishes seve-
to God alone,
and that God
strongly en-
force the pe-
ِ‫شدِيد‬َ =(is).severe rely. is severe in nalty.

ِِ ‫(= ْال َعذَا‬in).[the].punishment.

(meting out)
‫ب‬ punishment!
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= ِإ ْذ‬When َ‫=ت َ َب َرِأ‬will.disown

2. When those (On that Day) Then would
who have it will come to those who
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who been fol- pass that tho- are followed
lowed di- se who had clear them-
‫=ات ُّ ِبعوا‬were.followed sown their been (falsely) selves of
َِ‫ ِالَذِين‬.َِ‫[= ِمن‬from].those followers, adored shall those who
when they all disown their follow (them)
‫=اتَبَعوا‬who.followed see the suf- followers, and : They would
‫= َو َرأوا‬and.they.will.see fering, when the latter shall see the pe-
all bonds see the suffe- nalty, and all
َِ َ‫= ْالعَذ‬the.punishment,
‫اب‬ between ring (that relations
ِْ ‫ط َع‬
‫ت‬ َ ‫[= َوت َ َق‬and].will.be.cut.off them
are se- awaits them), between
with all their them would
ِ‫=بِ ِهم‬for.them hopes cut to be cut off.
ِ‫= ْاْل َ ْسبَاب‬the.relations.
َِ ‫= َوقَا‬And.said َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who the
2. followers And then those And those
167 ‫ل‬
will say, 'If followers shall who followed
‫=ات َ َبعوا‬followed, only we had say: "Would would say: "If
َِ َ ‫أ‬.‫(`=لَ ِْو‬Only).if.[that] ‫=لَنَا‬for.us one
‫ن‬ last that we had a only We had
chance, we second chance one more
ً ‫= َك َرِة‬a.return, would di- (in life), so that chance, We
sown them we could di- would clear
َ ‫=فَنَت َ َب َرِأ‬then.we.will.disown as they now sown them as ourselves of
‫[= ِم ْنه ِْم‬from].them ‫= َك َما‬as disown us.' they have di- them, as they
In this way, sowned us!" have cleared
‫=ت َ َب َرءوا‬they.disown God will ma- Thus will God themselves
َِ ‫= َك ٰذ ِل‬Thus
ke them see show them of us." Thus
ِ‫[= ِمنَا‬from].us.` ‫ك‬ their deeds their works (in will Allah
َِ .ِ‫=ي ِري ِهم‬Allah.will.show.them as a source a manner that show them
of bitter reg- will cause (The fruits of)
‫=أَعْمٰ لَهِ ِْم‬their.deeds ret: they them) batter their deeds
shall not lea- regrets; but as (nothing
ِ‫س ٰرت‬ َ ‫(= َح‬as).regrets ve the Fire. they will not but) regrets.
‫علَ ْي ِه ِْم‬ َ =for.them. ‫= َو َما‬And.not come out of Nor will there
the fire. be a way for
‫=هم‬they َِ‫=بِ ٰخ ِر ِجين‬will.come.out them out of
َِ‫= ِمن‬from ‫ار‬ ِِ َ‫=الن‬the.Fire. the Fire.

‫النَاس‬.‫= ٰ ٓيأَيُّ َها‬O.mankind!

2. People, eat O MANKIND! O ye people!
168 ِ
what is good Partake of Eat of what is
‫=كلوا‬Eat ‫= ِم َما‬of.what and lawful what is lawful on earth,
ِ ِ ‫ ْاْل َ ْر‬.‫(=فِى‬is).in.the.earth.- from
‫ض‬ the and good on Lawful and
earth, and earth, and fol- good; and do
ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫= َح ٰل‬lawful ‫ط ِيبًا‬ َ =(and).good. do not follow low not Sa- not follow the
Satan's fo- tan's footsteps: footsteps of
َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not ‫=تَتَبِعوا‬follow otsteps, for for, verily, he is the evil one,
he is your your open foe, for he is to
ِِ ‫(=خط ٰو‬the).footsteps.(of)
‫ت‬ sworn you an
ِِ ‫شي ْٰط‬
‫ن‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.Shaitaan. enemy. avowed
‫=إِنَهۥ‬Indeed,.he ‫(=لَك ِْم‬is).to.you
ِ‫عدو‬ َ =an.enemy ِ‫= ُّم ِبين‬clear.
َ َ‫= ِإن‬Only
2. He always and bids you For he com-
169 ‫ما‬
commands only to do evil, mands you
‫=يَأْمركم‬he.commands.you you to do and to commit what is evil
what is evil deeds of abo- and shame-
‫س ٓو ِِء‬ ُّ ‫= ِبال‬to.(do).the.evil and inde- mination, and ful, and that
‫شا ٓ ِِء‬ ْ
َ ‫= َوالفَ ْح‬and.the.shameful cent, and to to attribute un- ye should
say things to God somet- say of Allah
‫= َوأَن‬and.that ‫=تَقولوا‬you.say about God hing of which that of which
‫علَى‬ َ =about ‫اّلل‬ َِِ =Allah ‫= َما‬what that you do you have no ye have no
not really knowledge. knowledge.
َِ =not َِ‫=تَ ْعلَمون‬you.know.
‫ل‬ know.

170 ‫و ِإذَا‬
َ =And.when ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قِي‬it.is.said But when it But when they When it is
is said to are told, "Fol- said to them:
ِ‫=لَهم‬to.them, ‫`=ات َ ِبعوا‬Follow them, 'Follow low what God "Follow what
the message has bestowed Allah hath
ٓ ‫= َمِا‬what that God has from on high," revealed:"
َِ .‫ل‬
‫اّلل‬ َ
َِ َ‫=أنز‬Allah.has.revealed,` sent down,' some answer, They say:
they answer, "Nay, we shall "Nay! we
‫=قَالوا‬they.said, ‫ل‬ ِْ ‫`= َب‬Nay 'We follow follow (only) shall follow
ِ‫=نَتبِع‬we.follow ٓ ‫= َمِا‬what the ways of that which we the ways of
our fathers.' found our fore- our fathers."
َ ْ َ
‫=ألف ْينَا‬we.found ‫عل ْي ِِه‬ َ َ =[on.it] What! Even fathers belie- What! even
ٓ ‫= َءابَا ٓ َءنَِا‬our.forefathers.(following)`. though their ving in and do- though their
fathers un- ing." Why, fathers Were
َ‫=أ َ َول ِْو‬Even.though َِ‫[= َكان‬were] derstood even if their fo- void of wis-
nothing and refathers did dom and
‫= َءا َبآؤه ِْم‬their.forefathers were not gu- not use their guidance?
َِ‫ َي ْع ِقلون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =(did).not.understand ided? reason at all,
and were de-
‫شيْــًٔا‬ َ =anything void of all gui-
َِ‫يَ ْهتَدون‬.‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.they.were.not.gui

ِ َ ‫= َو َمث‬And.(the).example
2. Calling to And so, the The parable
171 ‫ل‬ disbelievers parable of tho- of those who
َِ‫(=الَذِين‬of).those.who is like a se who re bent reject Faith is
herdsman on denying the as if one we-
‫= َكفَروا‬disbelieve[d] calling to truth is that of re to shout
ِِ َ ‫(= َك َمث‬is).like.(the).example
‫ل‬ things that the beast Like a goat-
hear nothing which hears herd, to
‫(=الَذِى‬of).the.one.who but a shout the shepherd's things that
ِ‫=يَ ْن ِعق‬shouts ‫=بِ َما‬at.what and a cry:
they are
cry, and hears listen to not-
in it nothing hing but calls
ِ‫يَ ْس َمع‬.‫ل‬ َِ =(does).not.hear deaf, dumb, but the sound and cries:
and blind, of a voice and Deaf, dumb,
َِ ‫= ِإ‬except ‫عا ٓ ًِء‬
‫ل‬ َ ‫=د‬calls and they un- a call. Deaf are and blind,
‫= َونِدَآ ًِء‬and.cries.- ِ‫=صم‬deaf derstand they, and they are void
nothing. dumb, and of wisdom.
ِ‫=ب ْكم‬dumb, ِ‫(=ع ْمى‬and).blind, blind: for they
‫[=فَه ِْم‬so].they do not use
their reason.
َِ‫ َي ْع ِقلون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =(do).not.understand.
172 َِ‫الَذِين‬.‫ها‬ َ ُّ‫= ٰيٓأَي‬O.you.who
2. You who be- O you who ha- O ye who be-
lieve, eat the ve attained to lieve! Eat of
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d]! ‫=كلوا‬Eat good things faith! Partake the good
We have of the good things that
ِِ ‫طيِ ٰب‬
‫ت‬ َ .‫= ِمن‬from.(the).good provided for things which We have
‫= َما‬what you and be We have pro- provided for
grateful to vided for you you, and be
‫= َرزَ ْق ٰنك ِْم‬We.have.provided.you God, if it is as sustenance, grateful to Al-
‫= َوا ْشكروا‬and.be.grateful Him that you
and render lah, if it is
thanks unto Him ye
َِِ ِ =to.Allah ‫= ِإن‬if ‫=كنت ِْم‬you
‫ّلل‬ God, if it is worship.
(truly) Him that
َِ‫ت َ ْعبدون‬.ِ‫=إِيَاه‬worship.Him.alone. you worship.

‫= ِإنَ َما‬Only ‫= َح َر َِم‬He.has.forbidden

2. He has only He has forbid- He hath only
forbidden den to you forbidden
ِ‫علَيْكم‬ َ =to.you you carrion, only carrion, you dead
َ‫= ْال َم ْيت َ ِة‬the.dead.animals, blood, pig's
meat, and
and blood, and meat, and
the flesh of blood, and
‫= َوالد ََِم‬and.[the].blood, animals over swine, and that the flesh of
which any over which any swine, and
‫= َولَ ْح َِم‬and.flesh, name other name other that on which
ِ ‫(= ْال ِخ‬of).swine,
than God's than God's has any other
ِِ ‫نز‬
‫ير‬ has been in- been invoked; name hath
َِ ‫أ ِه‬.ٓ ‫= َو َمِا‬and.what.has.been.dedic
‫ل‬ voked. But if but if one is been invoked
anyone is driven by ne- besides that
ated ‫هۦ‬ ِ ِ‫[=ب‬with.it] forced to eat cessity - neit- of Allah. But
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= ِلغَي ِْر‬to.other.than ِ‫اّلل‬ َِ =Allah. such things her coveting it if one is for-
by hunger, nor exceeding ced by ne-
ِِ ‫=فَ َم‬So.whoever
‫ن‬ rather than his immediate cessity, wit-
‫(=اضْط َِر‬is).forced.by.necessity desire or need -no sin hout wilful di-
excess, he shall be upon sobedience,
َِ ‫غي‬
‫ْر‬ َ =without commits no him: for, be- nor transg-
sin: God is hold, God is ressing due
ِ‫(=بَاغ‬being).disobedient most merci- much- limits,- then
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ِ‫عاد‬
‫ل‬ ful
َ =transgressor, ving. and forgi- forgiving, a is he gu-
dispenser of iltless. For
ِٓ َ َ‫=ف‬then.no ‫=إِثْ َِم‬sin
‫ل‬ grace. Allah is Oft-
‫علَ ْي ِِه‬ َ =on.him. Most Merci-
ََِ .‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed,.Allah ful.

ِ‫= َر ِحيم‬Most.Merciful.
174 َِ‫الَذِين‬.‫ن‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed,.those.who
2. As for those VERILY, as for Those who
who conceal those who conceal Al-
َِ‫=يَ ْكتمون‬conceal the Scripture suppress lah´s revela-
َِ .‫ل‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ َ‫أَنز‬.ٓ ‫= َمِا‬what.Allah.(has).reve sent down revelation tions
that God aught of the in the
Book, and
aled ‫ب‬ ِِ ‫ ْال ِك ٰت‬.َِ‫= ِمن‬of.the.Book, and sell it for which God has purchase for
a small pri- bestowed from them a mise-
َِ‫= َويَ ْشتَرون‬and.they.purchase ce, they only on high, and rable profit,-
‫= ِب ِهۦ‬there.with ‫=ث َ َمنًا‬a.gain fill their bel- barter it away they swallow
lies with Fire. for a trifling into themsel-
ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫=قَ ِلي‬little. ‫ك‬ َِ ِ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓئ‬Those, God will not gain - they but ves naught
َِ‫ َيأْكلون‬.‫= َما‬not.they.eat speak to fill their bellies but Fire; Al-
them on the with fire. And lah will not
‫بطو ِن ِه ِْم‬.‫=فِى‬in.their.bellies Day of Re- God will not address
surrection, speak unto them on the
َِ ِ‫=إ‬except ‫ار‬
‫ل‬ َِ َ‫=الن‬the.Fire. nor will He them on the Day of Re-
َِ .ِ‫ي َك ِلمهم‬.‫ل‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah.will.not. purify them: Day of Resur- surrection.
an agonizing rection, nor will Nor purify
speak.to.them ‫م‬ َِ ‫(= َي ْو‬on.the).Day torment He cleanse them: Gri-
‫(= ْال ِق ٰي َم ِِة‬of).[the].Judgment
awaits them. them (of their evous will be
sins); and gri- their penalty.
‫يزَ ِكي ِه ِْم‬.‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.He.will.not.purify.t evous suffe-
ring awaits
hem, ‫م‬ ِْ ‫= َولَه‬and.for.them them.
ِ‫عذَاب‬ َ =(is).a.punishment
ِ‫=أ َ ِليم‬painful.
َِ ِ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓئ‬Those
2. These are It is they who They are the
175 ‫ك‬
the ones take error in ones who
َِ‫(=الَذِين‬are).they.who who exchange for buy Error in
exchange guidance, and place of Gui-
‫=ا ْشت َ َروا‬purchase[d] guidance for suffering in dance and
َ‫[=الض َٰللَ ِة‬the].astraying error, and exchange for Torment in
forgiveness forgiveness: place of For-
‫= ِب ْاله ٰدى‬for.[the].Guidance, for torment. yet how little giveness. Ah!
‫اب‬ َ ْ
َِ ‫= َوالعَذ‬and.[the].punishment What can do they seem what bold-
make them to fear the fire! ness (They
‫= ِب ْال َم ْغ ِف َر ِِة‬for.[the].forgiveness. patient in the show) for the
face of the Fire!
ٓ ‫=فَ َمِا‬So.what.(is) Fire?
‫صبَ َره ِْم‬ ْ َ ‫=أ‬their.endurance
‫علَى‬ َ =on ‫ار‬ ِِ َ‫=الن‬the.Fire!
َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬That ‫ن‬ َِ َ ‫(= ِبأ‬is).because
2. This is be- Thus it is: sin- (Their doom
176 ‫ك‬
cause God ce it is God is) because
ََِ =Allah ‫ل‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫=ن ََز‬revealed has sent the who bestows Allah sent
َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book
‫ب‬ Scripture
with the
the divine writ down the
from on high, Book in truth
ِِ ‫= ِبال َح‬with.[the].Truth.
‫ق‬ Truth; those setting forth but those
who pursue the truth, all who seek
َِ ِ‫= َوإ‬And.indeed, َِ‫=الَذِين‬those differences those who set causes of
‫اختَلَفوا‬ ْ =who.differed ‫=فِى‬in in the Scrip- their own vi- dispute in the
ture are de- ews against Book are in a
ِِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book
‫ب‬ eply ent- the divine writ schism Far
renched in are, verily, (from the
‫(=لَ ِفى‬are).surely.in ِ‫= ِشقَاق‬schism opposition. most deeply in purpose).
ِ‫=بَ ِعيد‬far. the wrong.

َِ ‫=لَي‬It.is.not
2. Goodness True piety It is not righ-
177 ‫ْس‬
does not does not con- teousness
‫[= ْالبِ َِر‬the].righteousness ‫=أَن‬that consist in sist in turning that ye turn
‫=ت َولُّوا‬you.turn turning your your faces
face towards towards the Towards east
your faces

‫=وجوهَك ِْم‬your.faces East or east or the or West; but

West. The west - but truly it is righteo-
َِ ‫= ِق َب‬towards ‫ق‬
‫ل‬ ِِ ‫= ْال َم ْش ِر‬the.east truly good pious is he usness- to
ِِ ‫= َو ْال َم ْغ ِر‬and.the.west,
‫ب‬ are those who believes believe in Al-
who believe in God, and lah and the
َِ ‫[= َو ٰل ِك‬and].but
‫ن‬ in God and the Last Day; Last Day,
‫= ْال ِب َِر‬the.righteous[ness] the Last and the an- and the An-
Day, in the gels, and reve- gels, and the
ِْ ‫(= َم‬is.he).who َِ‫= َءا َمن‬believes angels, the lation, and the Book, and
Scripture, prophets; and the Messen-
َِِ ‫= ِب‬in.Allah ‫= َو ْال َي ْو ِِم‬and.the.Day and the spends his gers; to
‫[= ْاْل َ ِخ ِِر‬the].Last, prophets;
who give
substance - spend of
however much your subs-
‫= َو ْال َم ٰلٓئِ َك ِِة‬and.the.Angels, away some he himself may tance, out of
ِِ ‫= َو ْال ِك ٰت‬and.the.Book,
of their we- cherish - it - love for Him,
‫ب‬ alth, upon his near for your kin,
َِ‫= َوالنَبِيِـ ۧـن‬and.the.Prophets, however of kin, and the for orphans,
much they orphans, and for the ne-
‫= َو َءاتَى‬and.gives cherish it, to the needy, and edy, for the
َِ ‫=ال َما‬the.wealth
‫ل‬ their relati- the wayfarer, wayfarer, for
ves, to orp- and the beg- those who
‫حبِ ِهۦ‬.‫على‬ ٰ َ =in.spite.of.his.love.(for.i hans, the gars, and for ask, and for
t) needy, tra- the freeing of the ransom
‫ ْالق ْر ٰبى‬.‫ذَ ِوى‬
vellers and human beings of slaves; to
=(to).the.near.relative beggars, and from bondage; be steadfast
s, ‫َو ْاليَ ٰتمٰ ى‬
=and.the.orphans, to liberate and is constant in prayer,
those in in prayer, and and practice
َِ‫َو ْال َمسٰ ِكين‬
=and.the.needy, bondage; renders the regular cha-
those who purifying dues; rity; to fulfil
ِِ ‫سبِي‬
‫ل‬ َ ‫ال‬.َِ‫َوابْن‬
keep up the and (truly pi- the contracts
َِ‫سآئِ ِلين‬ َ ‫َوال‬
=and.those.who.ask, prayer and ous are) they which ye ha-
pay the who keep their ve made;
=and.in prescribed promises whe- and to be
ِِ ‫الرقَا‬
‫ب‬ =freeing.the.necks.(slaves) alms; who never they
ِ firm and pa-
keep pled- promise, and tient, in pain
َِ َ‫َوأَق‬
=and.(who).establish ges whene- are patient in (or suffering)
َ ‫ص ٰلوِة‬ َ ‫ال‬
ver they ma- misfortune and and adver-
ke them; hardship and sity, and
‫َو َءاتَى‬
=and.give who are in time of peril: throughout
steadfast in it is they that all periods of
َ ‫الز ٰكوِة‬
=the.zakah,َ misfortune, have proved panic. Such
َِ‫َو ْالموفون‬
=and.those.who.fulfill adversity, themselves are the peop-
and times of true, and it is le of truth,
‫ِب َع ْه ِد ِه ِْم‬
=their.covenant =when danger. ‫ِإذَا‬ they, they who the Allah-
These are are conscious fearing.
ِ‫ٰع َهدوا‬
=they.make.it; the ones of God.
َِ‫صبِ ِرين‬ ّٰ ‫َوال‬
=and.those.who.are.pati who are true,

َ ْ ‫ ْال َبأ‬.‫فِى‬
and it is they
ent ‫سا ٓ ِِء‬
=in.[the].suffering who are
‫َوالض ََرآ ِِء‬
=and.[the].hardship, aware of
َِ‫َو ِحين‬
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫(= ْال َبأ ْ ِس‬of).[the].stress.

َِ ِ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓئ‬Those
ِ‫صدَقوا‬ َ =are.true
َِ ِ‫= َوأ ْو ٰلئ‬and.those, ِ‫[=هم‬they]
َِ‫(= ْالمتَقون‬are).the.righteous..
َ ُّ‫= ٰيٓأَي‬O.you َِ‫=الَذِين‬who
2. You who be- O YOU who O ye who be-
178 ‫ها‬
lieve, fair ret- have attained lieve! the law
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d]! ribution is to faith! Just of equality is
prescribed retribution is prescribed to
َِ ‫=ك ِت‬Prescribed ِ‫علَيْكم‬
‫ب‬ َ =for.you for you in ordained for you in cases
ِ‫صاص‬ َ ‫(= ْال ِق‬is).the.legal.retribution cases of you in cases of of murder:
murder: the killing: the free the free for
ِ‫ ْالقَتْلَى‬.‫=فِى‬in.(the.matter.of).the.mu free man for for the free, the free, the
rdered, ‫ر‬ ُِّ ‫= ْالح‬the.freeman the free
man, the
and the slave slave for the
for the slave, slave, the
‫=بِ ْالح ِِر‬for.the.freeman, slave for the and the woman for
ِ‫= َو ْال َعبْد‬and.the.slave
slave, the woman for the the woman.
female for woman. And if But if any
‫= ِب ْال َع ْب ِِد‬for.the.slave, the female. something (of remission is
But if the his guilt) is re- made by the
‫= َو ْاْل ٰنثى‬and.the.female culprit is mitted to a gu- brother of the
ِ‫= ِب ْاْلنثى‬for.the.female. pardoned by ilty person by slain, then
his aggrie- his brother, grant any re-
ِْ ‫=فَ َم‬But.whoever
‫ن‬ ved brother, this (remis- asonable
this shall be sion) shall be demand, and
َِ ‫=ع ِف‬is.pardoned ‫[=لَهۥ‬for.it]
‫ى‬ adhered to adhered to compensate
‫أ ِخي ِِه‬.‫ن‬ َ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from.his.brother fairly, and with fairness, him with
the culprit and restitution handsome
ِ‫ش ْىء‬ َ =anything, shall pay to his fellow- gratitude, this
ِ‫=فَاتِ َباع‬then.follows.up what is due man shall be is a conces-
in a good made in a go- sion and a
ِِ ‫=بِ ْال َم ْعر‬with.suitable
‫وف‬ way. This is odly manner. Mercy from
an alleviation This is an alle- your Lord.
ِ‫[= َوأَدَآء‬and].payment ‫= ِإلَ ْي ِِه‬to.him from your viation from After this
ِ‫=بِإ ِ ْحسٰ ن‬with.kindness. Lord and an your Sustainer, whoever
act of mercy. and an act of exceeds the
َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬That.(is)
‫ك‬ If anyone His grace. And limits shall be
ِ‫=ت َ ْخ ِفيف‬a.concession ‫= ِمن‬from eds these for then exce- him who, in grave pe-
none the less, nalty.
‫= َربِك ِْم‬your.Lord limits, gri- wilfully transg-
evous suffe- resses the bo-
ِ‫= َو َر ْح َمة‬and.mercy. ring awaits unds of what is
ِِ ‫=فَ َم‬Then.whoever
‫ن‬ him. right, there is
grievous suffe-
‫=ا ْعت َ ٰدى‬transgresses َ‫=بَ ْع ِد‬after ring in store:
َِ ‫=ذ ِل‬that, ‫=فَلَهۥ‬then.for.him
ِ‫عذَاب‬ َ =(is).a.punishment
ِ‫=أ َ ِليم‬painful.
ِْ ‫= َولَك‬And.for.you
2. Fair retribu- for, in (the law In the Law of
179 ‫م‬
tion saves li- of) just retribu- Equality the-
ِِ ‫ص‬
‫اص‬ َ ‫ق‬ِ ْ
‫ال‬ . ‫ى‬‫ف‬
ِ =in.the.legal.retributi fe for you, tion, O you re is (saving
people of who are en- of) Life to
on ِ‫ح ٰيوة‬ َ =(is).life, understan- dowed with in- you, o ye
ِِ ‫ ْاْلَل ٰب‬.‫= ٰيٓأ ْو ِلى‬O.men.of.understan ding, so that sight, there is men of un-
‫ب‬ ْ
you may gu- life for you, so derstanding;
ding! ‫م‬ ِْ ‫=لَعَلَك‬So.that.you.may ard yoursel- that you might that ye may
َِ‫(=تَتَقون‬become).righteous. ves against remain consci- restrain yo-
what is ous of God! urselves.
When death
one of you
who leaves

َ ِ‫=كت‬Prescribed ‫علَيْك ِْم‬

2. it is prescri- IT IS ordained It is prescri-
180 ِ‫ب‬ َ =for.you bed that he for you, when bed, when
‫= ِإذَا‬when ‫ض َِر‬ َ ‫= َح‬approaches should make death appro- death appro-
ِ‫=أ َ َحدَكم‬any.of.you a proper
bequest to
aches any of aches any of
you and he is you, if he le-
ِ‫[= ْال َم ْوت‬the].death, ‫=إِن‬if parents and leaving behind ave any go-
close relati- much wealth, ods that he
َِ ‫=ت َ َر‬he.leaves ‫= َخي ًْرا‬good
‫ك‬ ves- a duty to make make a
ِ‫صيَة‬ ِ ‫(= ْال َو‬making).the.will incumbent
on those
bequests in fa- bequest to
vour of his pa- parents and
ِِ ‫= ِل ْل ٰو ِلدَي‬for.the.parents
‫ْن‬ who are rents and (ot- next of kin,
َِ‫= َو ْاْل َ ْق َر ِبين‬and.the.near.relatives mindful of
her) near of kin according to
in accordance reasonable
ِِ ‫=بِ ْال َم ْعر‬with.due.fairness
‫وف‬ with what is usage; this is
fair: I this is due from the
‫= َحقًّا‬a.duty ‫علَى‬ َ =on binding on all Allah-fearing.
َِ‫= ْالمت َ ِقين‬the.righteous.ones. who are cons-
cious of God.

ِ ‫=فَ َم‬Then.whoever
2. If anyone al- And if anyone If anyone
181 ‫ن‬ ters the alters such a changes the
‫= َبدَلَهۥ‬changes.it ‫= َب ْعدَ َما‬after.what bequest after provision._ af- bequest after
hearing it, ter having co- hearing it,
‫س ِم َعهۥ‬ َ =he.(has).heard.[it], the guilt of me to know it, the guilt shall
ٓ ‫=فَإِنَ َمِا‬so.only ‫=إِثْمهۥ‬its.sin the alteration the sin of ac- be on those
will fall on ting thus shall who make
‫علَى‬ َ =(would.be).on them: God is fall only upon the change.
َِ‫=الذِين‬those.who all hearing those who ha- For Allah
and all ve altered it. hears and
‫=ي َبدِلونَه ِٓۥ‬alter.it. ‫ن‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, knowing. Verily, God is knows (All
all-hearing, all- things).
ََِ =Allah ِ‫س ِميع‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(is).All-Hearing, knowing.
ِ‫ع ِليم‬ َ =All-Knowing.
ِْ ‫=فَ َم‬But.whoever ‫َاف‬
182 ‫ن‬ َِ ‫=خ‬fears But if anyone If, however, But if anyone
knows that one has rea- fears partia-
‫= ِمن‬from ِ‫(= ُّموص‬the).testator the testator son to fear that lity or wrong-
‫(= َجنَفًا‬any).error ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or ‫= ِإثْ ًما‬sin, has made a the testator doing on the
mistake, or has committed part of the
َِ َ‫صل‬
‫ح‬ ْ َ ‫=فَأ‬then.reconciles done wrong, a mistake or a testator, and
and so puts (deliberate) makes peace
‫=بَ ْينَه ِْم‬between.them, things right wrong, and between
ِٓ َ َ‫=ف‬then.(there.is).no ‫=إِثْ َِم‬sin
‫ل‬ between the thereupon (The parties
parties, he brings about a concerned),
‫علَ ْي ِِه‬ َ =on.him. ‫ن‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, will incur no settlement there is no
sin: God is between the wrong in him:
ََِ =Allah ِ‫(=غَفور‬is).Oft-
‫اّلل‬ most forgi- heirs, he will For Allah is
Forgiving, ِ‫حيم‬ ‫ر‬
ِ َ =All-Merciful. ving and incur no sin Oft-forgiving,
merciful. (thereby). Ve- Most Merci-
rily, God is ful.
forgiving, a
dispenser of

‫= ٰ ٓيأَيُّ َها‬O.you َِ‫=الَذِين‬who

2. You who be- O YOU who O ye who be-
lieve, fasting have attained lieve! Fasting
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d]! is prescribed to faith! Fas- is prescribed
for you, as it ting is ordai- to you as it
َِ ِ‫=كت‬Is.prescribed ِ‫علَيْكم‬
‫ب‬ َ =for.you was prescri- ned for you as was prescri-
ِ‫الص َيام‬ِ =[the].fasting ‫= َك َما‬as bed for those it was ordained bed to those
before you, for those befo- before you,
َِ ِ‫=كت‬was.prescribed ‫علَى‬
‫ب‬ َ =to so that you re you, so that that ye may
may be you might re- (learn) self-
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

َِ‫=الَذِين‬those mindful of main consci- restraint,-

God. ous of God:
‫قَ ْب ِلك ِْم‬.‫= ِمن‬before.you,
‫=لَ َعلَك ِْم‬so.that.you.may
ً ‫(=أَيَا‬Fasting.for).days
2. Fast for a (fasting) during (Fasting) for
184 ‫ما‬
specific a certain num- a fixed num-
ِ‫= َم ْعدو ٰدت‬numbered. number of ber of days. ber of days;
days, but if But whoever of but if any of
‫=فَ َمن‬So.whoever one of you is you is ill, or on you is ill, or
‫ ِمنكم‬.َِ‫= َكان‬among.you.is ill, or on a a journey, on a journey,
journey, on (shall fast ins- the prescri-
‫ضا‬ ً ‫= َم ِري‬sick ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or ‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =on other days tead for the bed number
ِ‫سفَر‬ َ =a.journey, later. For same) number (Should be
those who of other days; made up)
ِ‫=فَ ِعدَة‬then.a.prescribed.number can fast only and (in such from days la-
ِْ ‫= ِم‬of ِ‫=أَيَام‬days ‫َر‬
with extreme cases) it is in- ter. For those
‫ن‬ َِ ‫=أخ‬other. difficulty, cumbent upon who can do it
‫علَى‬ َ ‫= َو‬And.on َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who there is a those who can (With hards-
way to com- afford it to ma- hip), is a ran-
‫=ي ِطيقونَهۥ‬can.afford.it, pensate- ke sacrifice by som, the fe-
ِ‫=فِ ْديَة‬a.ransom ِ‫ط َعام‬ َ =(of).feeding person. But feeding
feed a needy a ne- eding of one
edy person. that is indi-
ِ‫= ِم ْس ِكين‬a.poor. if anyone And whoever gent. But he
does good of does more that will give
‫=فَ َمن‬And.whoever his own ac- good than he more, of his
َِ ‫ط َو‬
‫ع‬ َ َ ‫=ت‬volunteers ‫= َخي ًْرا‬good cord, it is is bound to do own free
better for does good un- will,- it is bet-
‫=فَه َِو‬then.it ِ‫(= َخيْر‬is).better him, and fas- to himself the- ter for him.
ِ‫=لَهۥ‬for.him. ‫= َوأَن‬And.to ting is better reby; for to fast And it is bet-
for you, if is to do good ter for you
‫=تصوموا‬fast ِ‫(= َخيْر‬is).better only you unto yoursel- that ye fast, if
knew. ves - if you but ye only
‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you, ‫= ِإن‬if ‫=كنت ِْم‬you knew it. knew.
َِ‫=ت َ ْعلمون‬know.
2. It was in the It was the Ramadhan is
185 ‫ش ْه ِر‬ َ =Month month of month of Ra- the (month)
َِ‫ضان‬ َ ‫(= َر َم‬of).Ramadhaan Ramadan madan in in which was
ِٓ ‫(=الَذ‬is).that ‫ل‬
‫ِى‬ َِ ‫نز‬ that the which the
ِ ‫=أ‬was.revealed Quran was Qur'an was the Qur´an,
sent down

‫=فِي ِِه‬therein ِ‫= ْالق ْر َءان‬the.Quran, revealed as (first) bes- as a guide to

guidance for towed from on mankind, al-
‫=هدًى‬a.Guidance mankind, high as a gui- so clear
ِ ِ َ‫= ِللن‬for.mankind
‫اس‬ clear mes- dance unto
sages giving man and a
(Signs) for
guidance and
ِ‫= َو َب ِي ٰنت‬and.clear.proofs َِ‫= ِمن‬of guidance self-evident judgment
‫[= ْاله ٰدى‬the].Guidance and distingu- proof of that (Between
ishing guidance, and right and
‫ان‬ َ
ِِ ‫= َوالف ْرق‬and.the.Criterion. ْ between as the stan- wrong). So
right and dard by which every one of
‫=فَ َمن‬So.whoever َ‫ش ِه ِد‬ َ =witnesses wrong. So to discern the you who is
any one of true from the present (at
ِ‫= ِمنكم‬among.you you who is false. Hence, his home)
‫ش ْه َِر‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.month, present that whoever of during that
ِ‫=فَ ْليَص ْمه‬then.he.should.fast.in.it, uld fast, and see this month spend it in
month sho- you lives to month should

‫= َو َمن‬and.whoever َِ‫= َكان‬is anyone who shall fast thro- fasting, but if
is ill or on a ughout it; but any one is ill,
‫ضا‬ ً ‫= َم ِري‬sick ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or ‫ع ٰلى‬ َ =on journey sho- he that is ill, or or on a jour-
uld make up on a journey, ney, the
ِ‫سفَر‬ َ =a.journey for the lost (shall fast ins- prescribed
ِ‫=فَ ِعدَة‬then.prescribed.number.(shoul days by fas- tead for the period (Sho-
ting on other same) number uld be made
d.be.made.up) ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from days later. of other days. up) by days
ِ‫=أيَام‬days ‫َر‬َ َِ ‫=أخ‬other. God wants God wills that later. Allah
ease for you, you shall have intends every
َِ .ِ‫=ي ِريد‬Allah.intends
‫اّلل‬ not hardship. ease, and facility for
ِ‫=بِكم‬for.you ‫ْر‬ َِ ‫[= ْاليس‬the].ease you to comp- you to suffer you;
He wants does not will He does
not want to
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not ِ‫=ي ِريد‬intends
‫ل‬ lete the hardship; but put to difficul-
prescribed (He desires) ties. (He
ِ‫= ِبكم‬for.you period and to that you comp- wants you) to
َِ ‫[=العس‬the].hardship,
‫ْر‬ ْ glorify Him lete the num- complete the
for having ber (of days prescribed
‫= َو ِلت ْك ِملوا‬so.that.you.complete guided you, required), and period, and
َ ‫= ْال ِعدَِة‬the.prescribed.period so that you that you extol to glorify Him
may be God for His in that He
‫= َو ِلت َك ِبروا‬and.that.you.magnify thankful. having guided has guided
ََِ =Allah ‫ع ٰلى‬
you aright, and you; and
‫اّلل‬ َ =for ‫[= َما‬what] that you render perchance ye
‫= َهدىك ِْم‬He.guided.you your thanks shall be gra-
(unto Him). teful.
‫= َولَ َعلَك ِْم‬so.that.you.may
َِ‫(=ت َ ْشكرون‬be).grateful.
186 ‫و ِإذَا‬ َِ َ‫سأَل‬
َ =And.when ‫ك‬ َ =ask.you (Prophet), if AND IF My When My
My servants servants ask servants ask
‫= ِع َبادِى‬My.servants ask you thee about Me thee concer-
about Me, I - behold, I am ning Me, I
‫عنِى‬ َ =about.Me, am near. I near; I respond am indeed
‫=فإِنِى‬then.indeed.I.am respond to to the call of close (to
those who him who calls, them): I listen
ِ‫=قَ ِريب‬near. ِ‫=أ ِجيب‬I.respond call Me, so whenever he to the prayer
let them res- calls unto Me: of every
َ ‫(=دَع َْوِة‬to.the).invocation pond to Me, let them, then, suppliant
ِِ ‫(=الد‬of).the.supplicant ‫= ِإذَا‬when and believe respond unto when he cal-
in Me, so Me, and belie- leth on Me:
ِِ ‫ع‬
‫ان‬ َ َ‫=د‬he.calls.Me. that they ve in Me, so Let them al-
ْ َ
‫ ِلى‬.‫=فليَ ْست َ ِجيبوا‬So.let.them.respo may be gui- that they might so, with a
ded. follow the right will, Listen to
way. My call, and
‫ ِبى‬.‫= َو ْليؤْ ِمنوا‬and.let.them.believe. believe in
in.Me, ‫م‬ِْ ‫=لَعَلَه‬so.that.they.may Me: That
they may
َِ‫(= َي ْرشدون‬be).led.aright. walk in the
right way.

ِ‫=أ ِح َل‬Permitted ‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you

2. You (belie- IT IS lawful for Permitted to
vers) are you to go in you, on the
َ‫(=لَ ْيلَ ِة‬in.the).nights permitted to unto your night of the
lie with your wives during fasts, is the
ِِ َ‫الصي‬
‫ام‬ ِ =(of).fasting wives during the night pre- approach to
ِ‫الرفَث‬ َ =(is).the.approach ‫= ِإ ٰلى‬to the night of ceding the your wives.
the fast: they (day's) fast: They are
‫سآئِك ِْم‬ َِ ‫=ه‬They
َ ِ‫=ن‬your.wives. ‫ن‬ are (close) they are as a your gar-
ِ‫(= ِلبَاس‬are).garments ‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you as garments garment for ments and ye
to you, as you, and you are their
‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬and.you you are to are as a gar- garments. Al-
them. God ment for them. lah knoweth
ِ‫(= ِلبَاس‬are).garments was aware God is aware what ye used
َِ ِ‫=لَه‬for.them.
‫ن‬ that you we- that you would to do secretly
re betraying have deprived among your-
َِ .‫ع ِل َِم‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =Allah.knows yourselves, yourselves of selves; but
‫=أَنَك ِْم‬that.you ‫=كنت ِْم‬used.to so He turned this right, and He turned to
to you in so He has tur- you and for-
َِ‫=ت َ ْختَانون‬deceive mercy and ned unto you gave you; so

َ ‫=أَنف‬yourselves,
pardoned in His mercy now associa-
‫سك ِْم‬ you: now and removed te with them,
َِ َ ‫=فَت‬so.He.turned
‫اب‬ you can lie this hardship and seek
with them- from you. Now, what Allah
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =towards.you seek what then, you may Hath ordai-
God has or- lie with them ned for you,
َ ‫= َو‬and.He.forgave
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫عنك ْم‬ َ =[on].you. َِ‫= َف ْال ٰـن‬So.now dained for skin to skin, and eat and
you- eat and and avail your- drink, until
َِ ‫= ٰب ِشروه‬have.relations.with.them drink until selves of that the white
the white which God has thread of
‫= َوا ْبتَغوا‬and.seek ‫= َما‬what thread of ordained for dawn appear
َِ .‫ب‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ َ ‫= َكت‬Allah.has.ordained dawn beco- you, and eat to you dis-
mes distinct and drink until tinct from its
‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you. ‫= َوكلوا‬And.eat from the you can dis- black thread;
‫= َوا ْش َربوا‬and.drink ‫= َحتّٰى‬until fast until cern black. Then the white then comple-
streak of dawn te your fast
َِ‫=يَتَبَيَن‬becomes.distinct nightfall. Do against the Till the night
ِ‫=لَكم‬to.you ِ‫خيْط‬ َِ ‫= ْال‬the.thread them during night, and then appears;
not lie with blackness of
do not asso-

ِ‫[= ْاْل َ ْب َيض‬the].white َِ‫= ِمن‬from the nights of resume fasting ciate with
your devoti- until nightfall; your wives
ِِ ‫= ْال َخي‬the.thread
‫ْط‬ onal retreat but do not lie while ye are
‫[= ْاْلس َْو ِِد‬the].black َِ‫= ِمن‬of َ in the with them skin in retreat in
mosques: to skin when the mosques.
‫[= ْالفَ ْج ِِر‬the].dawn. ‫=ث َِم‬Then these are the you are about Those are
‫=أ َ ِت ُّموا‬complete ‫ام‬
bounds set to abide in Limits (set
َِ ‫الص َي‬ ِ =the.fast by God, so meditation in by) Allah:
‫= ِإلَى‬till ‫ل‬ ِِ ‫=الَ ْي‬the.night. do not go houses of
near them. worship. The- nigh thereto.
Approach not

َِ ‫ت ٰب ِشروه‬.‫ل‬
‫ن‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not.have. In this way se are the bo- Thus doth Al-
relations.with.them ‫م‬ ِْ ‫= َوأَنت‬while.you God makes unds set by lah make
His messa- God: do not, clear His
َِ‫(= ٰع ِكفون‬are).secluded ‫=فِى‬in ges clear to then, offend Signs to
‫= ْال َمسٰ ِج ِِد‬the.masajid. ‫ك‬ َِ ‫= ِت ْل‬These they may (for) it is thus they may le-
people, that against them - men: that

َِِ .ِ‫(=حدود‬are.the).limits.(set.by).Al guard

‫اّلل‬ them- that God ma- arn self-
selves aga- kes clear His restraint.
lah, ‫ل‬ ِ َ َ‫=ف‬so.(do).not inst doing messages un-
ِ‫=ت َ ْق َربوهَا‬approach.them. wrong. to mankind, so
that they might
َِ ‫= َك ٰذ ِل‬Thus
‫ك‬ remain consci-
ous of Him.
َِ .ِ‫=ي َب ِين‬Allah.makes.clear
‫= َء ٰايتِ ِهۦ‬His.verses
ِ ِ َ‫= ِللن‬for.[the].people
‫=لَ َعلَه ِْم‬so.that.they.may
ٓ ‫تَأْكل‬.‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not.eat
2. Do not con- AND DEVOUR And do not
188 ‫وا‬
sume your NOT one eat up your
‫=أ َ ْم ٰولَكم‬your.properties property another's pos- property
wrongfully, sessions among your-
‫=بَ ْينَكم‬among.yourselves nor use it to wrongfully, and selves for
ِِ ‫=بِ ْال ٰب ِط‬wrongfully
‫ل‬ bribe judges, neither employ vanities, nor
intending legal artifices use it as bait
‫= َوتدْلوا‬and.present ٓ ‫[= ِب َهِا‬with].it sinfully and with a view to for the jud-
‫=إِلَى‬to ‫ام‬ ِِ ‫= ْالح َك‬the.authorities knowingly consume
to devouring sin- ges, with in-
fully, and tent that ye
‫= ِلت َِأ ْكلوا‬so.that.you.may.eat parts of ot- knowingly, may eat up
her people's anything that wrongfully
‫=فَ ِريقًا‬a.portion ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from property. by right be- and
ِِ ‫(=أ ْم ٰو‬the).wealth
‫ل‬ َ longs to ot- knowingly a
hers. little of (ot-
ِ ِ َ‫(=الن‬of).the.people
‫اس‬ her) people´s
‫اْلثْ ِِم‬ ِ ْ ِ‫=ب‬sinfully ‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬while.you

َِ‫=ت َ ْعلَمون‬know.
2. They ask THEY WILL They ask
189 ‫َك‬ َِ ‫= َيسْــَٔلون‬They.ask.you you (Prop- ASK thee thee concer-
ِِ ‫ع‬
‫ن‬ َ =about het) about about the new ning the New
‫= ْاْل َ ِهلَ ِِة‬the.new.moons. ‫ل‬ ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, crescent moons. Say: Moons. Say:
moons. Say, "They indicate They are but
َِ ‫`= ِه‬They
‫ى‬ 'They show the periods for signs to mark
the times (various do- fixed periods
ِ‫(= َم ٰوقِيت‬are).indicators.of.periods appointed for ings of) man- of time in
ِ ِ َ‫= ِللن‬for.the.people,
‫اس‬ people, and kind, including (the affairs
for the pilg- the pilgrima- of) men, and
ِِ ‫= َو ْال َح‬and.(for).the.Hajj.`
‫ج‬ rimage.' Go- ge." However, for Pilgrima-
odness does piety does not ge. It is no
َِ ‫= َولَي‬And.it.is.not
‫ْس‬ not consist consist in your virtue if ye
‫[= ْال ِب ُِّر‬the].righteousness ‫= ِبأَن‬that of entering entering hou- enter your
houses by ses from the houses from
‫=تَأْتوا‬you.come the back rear, (as it we- the back: It is
َِ ‫(= ْالبي‬to).the.houses ‫= ِمن‬from truly good re,)
‫وت‬ (door); the but truly virtue if ye
pious is he fear Allah.
‫ورهَا‬ ِ ‫ه‬ ‫ظ‬ =their.backs, person is the who is consci- Enter houses
َِ ‫[= َو ٰل ِك‬and].but
one who is ous of God. through the
‫ن‬ mindful of Hence, enter proper doors:
‫[= ْال ِب َِر‬the].righteous God. So en- houses thro- And fear Al-
ter your hou- ugh their do- lah: That ye
ِِ ‫(= َم‬is.one).who
‫ن‬ ses by their ors, and re- may prosper.
ِ‫=ات َ ٰقى‬fears.(Allah). (main) doors main consci-
and be mind- ous of God, so
‫= َوأْتوا‬And.come ful of God so that you might
َِ ‫(= ْالبي‬to).the.houses ‫ن‬
that you may attain to a
‫وت‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from prosper. happy state.
ِ‫=أَب ْٰو ِب َها‬their.doors.
‫= َواتَقوا‬And.fear ‫اّلل‬ ََِ =Allah
‫=لَ َعلَك ِْم‬so.that.you.may
َِ‫(=ت ْف ِلحون‬be).successful.
190 ‫و ٰقتِلوا‬
2. Fight in AND FIGHT in Fight in the
َ =And.fight ‫=فِى‬in God's cause God's cause cause of Al-
ِِ ‫سبِي‬
‫ل‬ َ =(the).way ‫اّلل‬ َِِ =(of).Allah against tho- against those lah those
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who se who fight who wage war who fight
you, but do against you, you, but do
‫=يقتِلونَك ِْم‬fight.you ٰ not overstep but do not not transg-
the limits: commit agg- ress limits;
ِ‫ت َ ْعتَد ٓوا‬.‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.(do).not.transgress God does ression-for, ve- for Allah lo-
. ‫ن‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, ‫اّلل‬ ََِ =Allah not love tho- rily, God does veth not
se who not love agg- transgres-
ُِّ‫ي ِحب‬.‫ل‬ َِ =(does).not.like overstep the ressors. sors.
َِ‫= ْالم ْعتَدِين‬the.transgressors. limits.

ِْ ‫= َوا ْقتلوه‬And.kill.them
2. Kill them And slay them And slay
191 ‫م‬
wherever wherever you them where-
ِ‫= َحيْث‬wherever you encoun- may come ver ye catch
ter them, upon them, them, and
‫=ث َ ِق ْفتموه ِْم‬you.find.them, and drive and drive them turn them out
‫= َوأ َ ْخ ِرجوهم‬and.drive.them.out them out away from from where
from where wherever they they have
ِْ ‫= ِم‬from ِ‫= َحيْث‬wherever
‫ن‬ they drove drove you Turned you
‫=أ ْخ َرجوك ِْم‬they.drove.you.out, persecution ression is even out; you out, for away - for opp- for tu-
mult and
ِ‫= َو ْال ِفتْنَة‬and.[the].oppression is more seri- worse than kil- oppression
َ َ ‫(=أ‬is).worse َِ‫= ِمن‬than
ous than kil- ling. And fight are worse
ُّ ‫ش ِد‬ ling. Do not not against than slaugh-
‫ل‬ ْ
ِِ ْ‫[=القَت‬the].killing. fight them at them near the ter; but fight
the Sacred Inviolable Ho- them not at
َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not
‫ل‬ Mosque un- use of Worship the Sacred
‫=تقتِلوه ِْم‬fight.them َ‫= ِعن ِد‬near less they unless they Mosque, un-
fight you the- fight against less they
ِِ ‫ ْال َح َر‬.‫= ْال َمس ِْج ِِد‬Al-Masjid.Al- re. If they do you there first; (first) fight
fight you, kill but if they fight you there;
Haraam ‫حتّٰى‬ َ =until them- this is against you, but if they
‫=يقتِلوك ِْم‬they.fight.you ‫=فِي ِِه‬in.it. what such slay them: fight you,
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫=فَإِن‬Then.if disbelievers such shall be slay them.

deserve- the recompen- Such is the
‫= ٰقتَلوك ِْم‬they.fight.you, se of those reward of
who deny the those who
‫=فَا ْقتلوه ِْم‬then.kill.them. truth. suppress fa-
‫ك‬ ٰ
َِ ‫= َكذ ِل‬Such ith.

ِ‫(= َجزَ آء‬is.the).reward

َِ‫(= ْال ٰك ِف ِرين‬of).the.disbelievers.
ِِ ِ ‫=فَإ‬Then.if ‫=انتَ َه ْوا‬they.cease, but
2. if they But if they de- But if they
192 ‫ن‬
stop, then sist-behold, cease, Allah
َِ ِ ‫=فَإ‬then.indeed, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah God is most God is much- is Oft-
forgiving and forgiving, a forgiving,
ِ‫(=غَفور‬is).Oft-Forgiving, merciful. dispenser of Most Merci-
ِ‫= َر ِحيم‬Most.Merciful. grace. ful.

ِْ ‫= َو ٰقتِلوه‬And.fight.(against).them Fight
2. them Hence, fight And fight
193 ‫م‬
until there is against them them on until
‫= َحتّٰى‬until َِ‫تَكون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =(there).is.no no more until there is there is no
persecution, no more opp- more Tumult
ِ‫=فِتْنَة‬oppression, and worship, ression and all or oppres-
َِ‫= َو َيكون‬and.becomes is devoted to worship is de- sion, and
God. If they voted to God there prevail
ِ‫=الدِين‬the.religion ‫ّلل‬ ِِ َ ِ =for.Allah cease hostili- alone; but if justice and
ِِ ِ ‫=فَإ‬Then.if ‫=انتَ َه ْوا‬they.cease ties,
‫ن‬ there they desist, faith in Allah;
can be no then all hosti- but if they
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬then.(let.there.be).no
‫ل‬ (further) hos- lity shall cea- cease, Let
tility, except se, save aga- there be no
َِ‫=عد ْٰون‬hostility ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬except towards agg- inst those who hostility
‫على‬ َ َ =against ressors. (wilfully) do except to
wrong. those who
ّٰ ‫=ال‬the.oppressors.
َِ‫ظ ِل ِمين‬ practise opp-
194 ‫ش ْه ِر‬ َ ‫=ال‬The.month A sacred Fight during The prohibi-
month for a the sacred ted month for
ِ‫[= ْال َح َرام‬the].sacred sacred months if you the prohibi-
month: viola- are attacked: ted month,-
‫ش ْه ِِر‬ َ ‫(= ِبال‬is).for.the.month tion of sanc- for a violation and so for all
ِِ ‫[=ال َح َر‬the].sacred,
‫ام‬ ْ tity (calls for) of sanctity is things prohi-
fair retribu- (subject to the bited,- there
ِ‫= َو ْالحرمٰ ت‬and.for.all.the.violations tion. So if law of) just ret- is the law of
anyone ribution. Thus, equality. If
ِ‫صاص‬ َ ِ‫(=ق‬is).legal.retribution. commits if anyone then any one
ِِ ‫=فَ َم‬Then.whoever
‫ن‬ aggression commits agg- transgresses
against you, ression against the prohibi-
‫=ا ْعت َ ٰدى‬transgressed attack him you, attack him tion against
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =upon.you as he attac- just as he has you, Transg-
ked you, but attacked you - ress ye li-
‫=فَا ْعتَدوا‬then.you.transgress be mindful of but remain kewise aga-
‫علَ ْي ِِه‬ َ =on.him God, and conscious of inst him. But
know that He God, and know fear Allah,
ِِ ْ‫=بِ ِمث‬in.(the).same.manner
‫ل‬ is with those that God is and know
who are with those who that Allah is
‫(= َما‬as) ‫=ا ْعت َ ٰدى‬he.transgressed mindful of are conscious with those
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =upon.you. Him. of Him. who restrain
‫= َواتَقوا‬And.fear ‫اّلل‬ ََِ =Allah
‫= َوا ْعلَم ٓوا‬and.know ‫ن‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that
ََِ =Allah ‫(= َم َِع‬is).with
َِ‫= ْالمت َ ِقين‬those.who.fear.(Him).
ِ ‫= َوأَن‬And.spend ‫= ِفى‬in
2. Spend in And spend And spend of
195 ‫فقوا‬
God's cause: (freely) in your subs-
ِِ ‫س ِبي‬
‫ل‬ َ =(the).way ِ ِ
َ =(of).Allah do not cont- God's cause, tance in the
ribute to your and let not cause of Al-
َِ ‫= َو‬and.(do).not
‫ل‬ destruction your own lah, and ma-
‫=ت ْلقوا‬throw.(yourselves) with your hands throw ke not your
own hands, you into dest- own hands
‫[=بِأ َ ْيدِيك ِْم‬with.your.hands] but do good, ruction; and contribute to
‫= ِإلَى‬into for God lo- persevere in (your) dest-
ves those doing good: ruction; but
‫[=الت َ ْهل َك ِِة‬the].destruction. who do behold, God do good; for
ِ‫= َوأ َ ْح ِسن ٓوا‬And.do.good;
good. loves the Allah loveth
doers of good. those who do
َِ ‫= ِإ‬indeed, ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ ََِ =Allah good.

ُِّ‫=ي ِحب‬loves
َِ‫= ْالم ْح ِس ِنين‬the.good-doers.
ُّ ‫= َوأ َ ِت‬And.complete
2. Complete AND PER- And comple-
196 ‫موا‬
the pilgrima- FORM the te the Hajj or
َِ ‫= ْال َح‬the.Hajj
‫ج‬ ges, major pilgrimage and ´umra in the
َ‫= َو ْالع ْم َرِة‬and.the.Umrah and minor, the pious visit service of Al-
for the sake (to Mecca ) in lah. But if ye
ِِ َ ِ =for.Allah. ‫ن‬
‫ّلل‬ ِْ ِ ‫=فَإ‬And.if of God. If honour of God; are preven-
you are pre- and if you are ted (From
‫ص ْرت ِْم‬ ِ ‫=أ ْح‬you.are.held.back vented (from held back, give completing
‫=فَ َما‬then.(offer).whatever doing so), instead whate- it), send an
then (send) ver offering offering for
‫س َِر‬ َ ‫ي‬ْ َ ‫ت‬ ‫س‬
ْ ‫ا‬ =(can.be).obtained.with.eas whatever of- you can easily sacrifice,
fering for afford. And do such as ye
e َِ‫= ِمن‬of sacrifice you not shave your may find, and
ِِ ‫= ْال َهد‬the.sacrificial.animal.
‫ْى‬ can afford, heads until the do not shave
and do not offering has your heads
َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not ‫=ت َ ْح ِلقوا‬shave shave your been sacrifi- until the offe-
‫سك ِْم‬ َ ‫=رءو‬your.heads ‫= َحتّٰى‬until heads until ced; but he ring reaches
the offering from among the place of
‫=يَبْل َِغ‬reaches has reached you who is ill sacrifice. And
ِ‫= ْال َهدْى‬the.sacrificial.animal
the place of or suffers from if any of you
sacrifice. If an ailment of is ill, or has
ِ‫(= َم ِحلَهۥ‬to).its.destination. any of you is the head shall an ailment in
ill, or has an redeem him- his scalp,
‫=فَ َمن‬Then.whoever َِ‫= َكان‬is ailment of self by fasting, (Necessita-
‫= ِمنكم‬among.you ‫ضا‬ ً ‫= َم ِري‬ill the scalp, he or alms, or ting shaving),
should com- (any other) act (He should)
‫=أ َ ِْو‬or ‫= ِب ِه ِٓۦ‬he.(has) pensate by of worship. in compensa-
fasting, or And if you are tion either
‫=أَذًى‬an.ailment ‫= ِمن‬of feeding the hale and secu- fast, or feed
‫= َرأ ِس ِهۦ‬his.head ْ poor, or offe- re, then he the poor, or
ring sacrifi- who takes ad- offer sacrifi-
ِ‫=فَ ِف ْديَة‬then.a.ransom ‫= ِمن‬of ce. When vantage of a ce; and when
ِ‫ص َيام‬ ِ =fasting ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or you are in pious visit be- ye are in pe-
safety, an- fore the (time aceful condi-
ِ‫صدَقَة‬ َ =charity ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or yone wishing of) pilgrimage tions (again),
to take a shall give wha- if any one
ِ‫=نسك‬sacrifice. ٓ‫=فَإِذَِا‬Then.when break tever offering wishes to
‫=أ ِمنت ِْم‬you.are.secure between the he can easily continue the
minor pilgri- afford; whe- ´umra on to
‫=فَ َمن‬then.whoever mage and reas he who the hajj, He
‫=ت َ َمت َ َِع‬took.advantage the major
one must
cannot afford it must make
shall fast for an offering,
‫= ِب ْالع ْم َرِِة‬of.the.Umrah make wha- three days du- such as he
tever offering ring the pilgri- can afford,
‫=إِلَى‬followed ِ‫ج‬ ِ ‫(= ْال َح‬by).the.Hajj, he can af- mage and for but if he can-
‫=فَ َما‬then.(offer).whatever ford. If he
lacks the
seven days af- not afford it,
ter your return: He should
‫س َِر‬ َ ‫(=ا ْست َ ْي‬can.be).obtained.with.eas means, he that is, ten full fast three
should fast (days). All this days during
e َِ‫= ِمن‬of for three relates to him the hajj and
ِِ ‫= ْال َهد‬the.sacrificial.animal.
‫ْى‬ days during who does not seven days
the pilgrima- live near the on his return,
‫=فَ َمن‬But.whoever ‫(=لَ ِْم‬can)not ge, and se- Inviolable Ho- Making ten
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= َي ِج ْد‬find.- ِ‫ص َيام‬ ِ َ‫=ف‬then.a.fast ven days on use of Wors-

his return, hip. And re-
days in all.
This is for
‫(=ث َ ٰلث َ ِِة‬of).three ِ‫=أَيَام‬days making ten main consci- those whose
‫= ِفى‬during ِ‫ج‬ ِ ‫= ْال َح‬the.Hajj days in all. ous of God,
This applies and know that
household is
not in (the
ِ‫س ْب َعة‬ َ ‫= َو‬and.seven.(days) to those God is severe precincts of)
whose hou- in retribution. the Sacred
‫=إِذَا‬when ‫= َر َج ْعت ِْم‬you.return. sehold is not Mosque. And
َِ ‫=تِ ْل‬This ِ‫عش ََرة‬
‫ك‬ َ =(is).ten.(days) near the
fear Allah,
and know
ِ‫املَة‬ ِ ‫= َك‬in.all. ‫ك‬ َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬That Mosque. that Allah Is
Always be strict in pu-
‫(= ِل َمن‬is).for.(the.one).whose, mindful of nishment.
‫=لَ ِْم‬not ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫=يَك‬is ‫=أ َ ْهلهۥ‬his.family God, and be
aware that
‫اض ِرى‬ ِ ‫= َح‬present He is stern in
ِِ ‫ ْال َح َر‬.‫(= ْال َمس ِْج ِِد‬near).Al-
‫ام‬ His retribu-
ِ‫اّلل‬ َ َ .‫= َواتَقوا‬And.fear.Allah
‫= َوا ْعلَم ٓوا‬and.know ‫ن‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that
ََِ =Allah ِ‫شدِيد‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(is).severe
ِِ ‫(= ْال ِعقَا‬in).retribution.
ُِّ ‫(= ْال َح‬For).the.Hajj
2. The pilgri- The pilgrimage For Hajj are
197 ‫ج‬
mage takes shall take pla- the months
ِ‫(=أ َ ْشهر‬are).months place during ce in the well known. If
the prescri- months appo- any one un-
ِ‫= َم ْعلومٰ ت‬well.known, bed months. inted for it. And dertakes that
‫=فَ َمن‬then.whoever There should whoever un- duty therein,
be no inde- dertakes the Let there be
َِ ‫=فَ َر‬undertakes ‫ن‬
‫ض‬ َِ ‫=فِي ِه‬therein cent speech, pilgrimage in no obscenity,
َِ ‫= ْال َح‬the.Hajj ‫ل‬
‫ج‬ ِ َ َ‫=ف‬then.no misbehavi- those (months) nor wicked-
our, or quar- shall, while on ness, nor
َِ َ‫= َرف‬sexual.relations ‫ل‬
‫ث‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.no relling for pilgrimage, wrangling in
َِ‫=فسوق‬wickedness ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬and.no anyone un- abstain from the Hajj. And
dertaking the lewd speech, whatever
َِ ‫= ِجدَا‬quarrelling ‫=فِى‬during pilgrimage- from all wicked good ye do,
whatever conduct, and (be sure) Al-
ِِ ‫= ْال َح‬the.Hajj. ‫= َو َما‬And.whatever good you do, from quarrel- lah knoweth
‫=ت َ ْف َعلوا‬you.do ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬of God is well ling; and wha- it. And take a
aware of it. tever good you provision
ِ‫= َخيْر‬good Provide well may do, God is (With you) for
for yoursel- aware of it. the journey,
َِ .ِ‫=يَ ْعلَ ْمه‬Allah.knows.it.
‫اّلل‬ ves: the best And make pro- but the best
‫= َوت َزَ َودوا‬And.take.provision, provision is vision for your- of provisions
to be mindful selves - but, is right con-
َِ ِ ‫(=فَإ‬but).indeed, ‫ْر‬
‫ن‬ َِ ‫(= َخي‬the).best of God- verily, the best duct. So fear
َ =provision
‫الزا ِِد‬ always be of all provisi- Me, o ye that
mindful of ons is God- are wise.
ِ‫(=الت َ ْق ٰوى‬is).righteousness. Me, you who conscious-
have unders- ness: remain,
ِِ ‫= َواتَق‬And.fear.Me,
‫ون‬ tanding- then, consci-
‫= ٰيأ ْو ِلى‬O.men ous of Me, O
you who are
ِِ ‫(= ْاْل َ ْل ٰب‬of).understanding!
‫ب‬ endowed with

َ ‫=لَي‬Not.is ‫علَيْك ِْم‬

2. but it is no (However,) It is no crime
198 ِ‫ْس‬ َ =on.you offence to you will be in you if ye
ِ‫=جنَاح‬any.sin ‫=أن‬that َ seek some committing no seek of the
bounty from sin if (during bounty of
‫=ت َ ْبتَغوا‬you.seek ً‫ل‬ ِ‫ض‬ ْ َ‫=ف‬bounty your Lord. the pilgrimage) your Lord
‫= ِمن‬from ‫= َر ِبك ِْم‬your.Lord. When you you seek to (during pilg-
surge down obtain any bo- rimage).
ٓ‫=فَإِذَِا‬And.when from Arafat unty from your Then when
‫=أَفَضْتم‬you.depart ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬from remember
God at the
Sustainer. And ye pour down
when you sur- from (Mount)
ِ‫ع َر ٰفت‬ َ =(Mount).Arafat sacred pla- ge downward Arafat, celeb-
‫=فَا ْذكروا‬then.remember ce. Remem-
ber Him: He
in multitudes rate the prai-
from `Arafat, ses of Allah
ََِ =Allah َ‫= ِعن ِد‬near
‫اّلل‬ has guided remember God at the Sacred
you. Before at the holy pla- Monument,
‫= ْال َم ْش َع ِِر‬the.Monument that you we- ce, and re- and celebra-
ِِ ‫[= ْال َح َر‬the].Sacred.
‫ام‬ re astray. member Him te His prai-
as the One ses as He
ِ‫= َوا ْذكروه‬And.remember.Him who guided has directed
you after you you, even
‫= َك َما‬as had indeed though, befo-
‫= َه ٰدىك ِْم‬He.(has).guided.you, been lost on re this, ye
your way; went astray.
‫[= َو ِإن‬and].though ‫=كنتم‬you.were
‫[= ِمن‬from] ‫=قَ ْب ِل ِهۦ‬before.[it],
َِ‫=لَ ِمن‬surely.among
َِ‫ضا ٓ ِلين‬
َ ‫=ال‬those.who.went.astray.
َِ ‫=ث‬Then ‫=أَفِيضوا‬depart
2. Surge down and surge Then pass
199 ‫م‬
where the onward toget- on at a quick
ِْ ‫= ِم‬from ِ‫= َحيْث‬wherever
‫ن‬ rest of the her with the pace from
َِ َ‫=أَف‬depart ِ‫=النَاس‬the.people
‫اض‬ people do,
and ask for-
multitude of all
the other pe-
the place
whence it is
‫= َوا ْست َ ْغ ِفروا‬and.ask.forgiveness giveness of ople who sur- usual for the
God: He is ge onward, multitude so
َِ َ =(of).Allah. ‫ن‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, most forgi- and ask God to do, and
ving and to forgive you ask for Al-
ََِ =Allah ِ‫(=غَفور‬is).Oft-
‫اّلل‬ merciful. your sins: for, lah´s forgive-
Forgiving, ِ‫حيم‬ ِ ‫= َر‬All-Merciful. verily, God is ness. For Al-
much- lah is Oft-
forgiving, a forgiving,
dispenser of Most Merci-
grace. ful.

2. When you And when you So when ye
have comp- have perfor- have ac-
‫ضيْتم‬ َ َ‫=ق‬you.complete[d] leted your ri- med your acts complished
tes, remem- of worship, your holy ri-
‫= َم ٰن ِس َكك ِْم‬your.acts.of.worship ber God as (continue to) tes, celebrate
‫=فَا ْذكروا‬then.remember much as you bear God in the praises of
remember mind as you Allah, as ye
ََِ =Allah
‫اّلل‬ your own would bear used to ce-
‫= َك ِذ ْك ِرك ِْم‬as.you.remember fathers, or your own fat-
even more. hers in mind-
lebrate the
praises of
‫= َءابَا ٓ َءك ِْم‬your.forefathers ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or There are nay, with a yet your fathers,-
َ َ ‫(=أ‬with).greater
some who keener re- yea, with far
َ ‫ش ِد‬ pray, 'Our membrance! more Heart
ِ‫= ِذ ْك ًرا‬remembrance. Lord, give us For there are and soul.
good in this people who There are
َِ‫=فَ ِمن‬And.from ‫اس‬ ِ ِ َ‫=الن‬the.people world,' and (merely) pray, men who
they will ha- "O our Sustai- say: "Our
‫= َمن‬who ِ‫= َيقول‬say, ve no share ner! Give us in Lord! Give us
ٓ ‫`= َربَنَِا‬Our.Lord! ‫= َءاتِنَا‬Grant.us in the Here- this world" - (Thy boun-
after; and such shall ties) in this
‫= ِفى‬in ‫=الدُّ ْن َيا‬the.world.` not partake in world!" but
‫= َو َما‬And.not ‫=لَهۥ‬for.him ‫=فِى‬in the blessings
of the life to
they will have
no portion in
‫= ْاْل َ ِخ َرِِة‬the.Hereafter ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫[= ِم‬of] come. the Hereaf-
ِ‫=خ َٰلق‬any.share. ter.

201 ‫نهم‬ ْ ‫= َو ِم‬And.from.those ‫= َمن‬who others pray,
'Our Lord,
But there are
among them
And there
are men who
ِ‫=يَقول‬say, ٓ ‫`= َربَنَِا‬Our.Lord! give us good such as pray, say: "Our
in this world "O our Sustai- Lord! Give us
‫= َءا ِتنَا‬Grant.us ‫= ِفى‬in and in the ner! Grant us good in this
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫=الدُّ ْن َيا‬the.world ً‫سنَ ِة‬ َ ‫= َح‬good Hereafter,

and protect
good in this
world and
world and
good in the
‫= َوفِى‬and.in us from the good in the life Hereafter,
‫= ْاْل َ ِخ َرِِة‬the.Hereafter torment of
the Fire.'
to come, and
keep us safe
and defend
us from the
ً‫سنَ ِة‬ َ ‫= َح‬good, ‫= َوقِنَا‬and.save.us from suffering torment of
through the fi- the Fire!"
َِ َ‫عذ‬
‫اب‬ َ =(from.the).punishment re":
ِِ َ‫(=الن‬of).the.Fire.`
َِ ِ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓئ‬Those.- ‫=لَه ِْم‬for.them
2. They will ha- it is these. that To these will
202 ‫ك‬
ve the share shall have their be allotted
ِ‫َصيب‬ ِ ‫(=ن‬is).a.share ‫= ِم َما‬of.what they have portion (of what they
worked for: happiness) in have earned;
ِ‫سبوا‬ َ ‫= َك‬they.earned, God is swift return for what and Allah is
َِ ‫= َو‬and.Allah ِ‫س ِريع‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(is).swift in reckoning. they have ear- quick in ac-
ned. And God count.
ِِ ‫سا‬
‫ب‬ َ ‫(= ْال ِح‬in.taking).account. is swift in rec-

‫= َوا ْذكروا‬And.remember
2. Remember And bear God Celebrate the
God on the in mind during praises of Al-
ََِ =Allah ‫ى‬
‫اّلل‬ ِٓ ِ‫=ف‬during ِ‫=أَيَام‬days appointed the appointed lah during
days. If an- days; but he the Appoin-
ِ‫= َم ْعدو ٰدت‬numbered. yone is in a who hurries ted Days. But
‫=فَ َمن‬Then.(he).who hurry to lea- away within if any one
ve after two two days shall hastens to
َِ ‫=ت َ َع َج‬hurries ‫=فِى‬in
‫ل‬ days, there incur no sin, leave in two
ِِ ‫= َي ْو َمي‬two.days ‫ل‬
‫ْن‬ ِٓ َ َ‫=ف‬then.no isonnohim,blame and he who days, there is
nor tarries longer no blame on
‫= ِإثْ َِم‬sin ‫علَ ْي ِِه‬ َ =upon.him, is there any shall incur no him, and if
‫= َو َمن‬and.whoever ‫=تَأ َ َخ َِر‬delays anyone who that he is stays on, the-
blame on sin, provided any one

ِٓ َ َ‫=ف‬then.no ‫= ِإثْ َِم‬sin

‫ل‬ stays on, so conscious of re is no bla-
long as they God. Hence, me on him, if
‫علَ ْي ِِه‬ َ =upon.him are mindful remain consci- his aim is to
ِِ ‫= ِل َم‬for.(the.one).who ِ‫=ات َ ٰقى‬fears. ofmindful
‫ن‬ God. Be ous of God, do right.
of and know that Then fear Al-
‫= َواتَقوا‬And.fear ‫اّلل‬ ََِ =Allah God, and unto Him you lah, and
remember shall be gathe- know that ye
‫= َوا ْعلَم ٓوا‬and.know that you will red. will surely be
‫=أنَك ِْم‬that.you ‫= ِإلَ ْي ِِه‬unto.Him be gathered gathered un-
to Him. to Him.
َِ‫=ت ْحشَرون‬will.be.gathered.
ِ ِ َ‫=الن‬the.people There
2. is (a NOW THERE There is the
204 َِ‫من‬ ِ ‫= َو‬And.of ‫اس‬ kind of) man IS a kind of type of man
‫(= َمن‬is.the.one).who whose views man whose vi- whose spe-
on the life of ews on the life ech about
َِ ‫=ي ْع ِجب‬pleases.you
‫ك‬ this world of this world this world´s
‫(=ق ْولهۥ‬with).his.speech ‫=فِى‬in may please may please life May
you (Prop- thee greatly, dazzle thee,
‫= ْال َح ٰيوِِة‬the.life het), he even and (the more and he calls
‫(=الدُّ ْنيَا‬of).the.world, calls on God so as) he cites Allah to wit-
to witness God as wit- ness about
ِ‫= َويش ِهد‬and.he.calls.to.witness what is in his ness to what is what is in his
ََِ =Allah ‫ع ٰلى‬
‫اّلل‬ heart, yet he in his heart
َ =on ‫= َما‬what is the bitte- and is, moreo- he the most
heart; yet is

‫(=فِى‬is).in ‫=قَ ْلبِ ِهۦ‬his.heart, rest of oppo- ver, excee- contentious

nents. dingly skillful in of enemies.
‫= َوه َِو‬and.he argument.
ْ َ َ
َ ‫ال ِخ‬.ُّ‫(=أل ِد‬is).the.most.quarrels
ِِ ‫ص‬

‫= َوإِذَا‬And.when
2. When he le- But whenever When he
aves, he he prevails, he turns his
‫=ت َ َولّٰى‬he.turns.away sets out to goes about the back, His aim
spread cor- earth sprea- everywhere
‫سعٰ ى‬ َ =he.strives ‫=فِى‬in ruption in the ding corruption is to spread
ِ ِ ‫=اْل ْر‬the.earth
‫ض‬ َ ْ land, destro- and destroying mischief
ying crops (man's) tilth through the
َ‫= ِلي ْف ِس ِد‬to.spread.corruption and live- and progeny: earth and
stock- God and God does destroy crops
‫[=فِي َها‬in.it], ‫ك‬ َِ ‫= َوي ْه ِل‬and.destroys does not like not love cor- and cattle.
َِ ‫= ْال َح ْر‬the.crops
‫ث‬ corruption. ruption. But Allah lo-
veth not
َِ ‫= َوالنَ ْس‬and.progeny.
‫ل‬ mischief.
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ‫ل‬
‫اّلل‬ َ
ِ =(does).not
ُِّ‫=ي ِحب‬love
َ‫سا ِد‬ َ َ‫[= ْالف‬the].corruption.
206 ‫وإِذَا‬
َ =And.when ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قِي‬it.is.said When he is And whenever When it is
told, 'Beware he is told, "Be said to him,
ِ‫=لَه‬to.him ‫ق‬ ِِ َ ‫`=ات‬Fear َ‫اّلل‬ َِ =Allah,` of God,' his conscious of "Fear Allah",
ِ‫=أ َ َخذَتْه‬takes.him arrogance God," his false He is led by
leads him to pride drives arrogance to
َِ‫(= ْال ِعزة‬his).pride sin. Hell is him into sin: (more) crime.
enough for wherefore hell Enough for
‫اْلثْ ِِم‬ ِ ْ ‫= ِب‬to.[the].sins. him: a dre- will be his al- him is Hell;-
‫=فَ َحسْبهۥ‬Then.enough.for.him adful resting lotted portion- An evil bed
place. and how vile a indeed (To
ِ‫(= َج َهنَم‬is).Hell.- resting-place! lie on)!
َِ ْ‫[= َولَبِئ‬and].surely.an.evil
ِ‫[= ْال ِم َهاد‬the].resting-place.
ِ ِ َ‫=الن‬the.people But
2. there is But there is And there is
207 َِ‫من‬ ِ ‫= َو‬And.of ‫اس‬ also a kind (also) a kind of the type of
‫(= َمن‬is.the.one).who ‫= َي ْش ِرى‬sells of man who man who man who gi-
gives his life would willingly ves his life to
ِ‫سه‬ َ ‫=نَ ْف‬his.own.self ‫=ا ْب ِتغَا ٓ َِء‬seeking away to ple- sell his own earn the ple-
ِِ ‫ضا‬
‫ت‬ َ ‫= َم ْر‬pleasure ase God, self in order to asure of Al-
and God is please God: lah: And Al-
ِِ َ =(of).Allah. ‫اّلل‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah most com- and God is lah is full of
passionate most compas- kindness to
ِ‫(= َرءوف‬is).full.of.Kindness to His ser- sionate (His) devo-
‫= ِب ْال ِع َبا ِِد‬to.His.servants. vants. towards His tees.

‫= ٰ ٓيأَيُّ َها‬O.you َِ‫=الَذِين‬who

2. You who be- O you who ha- O ye who be-
lieve, enter ve attained to lieve! Enter
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d]! ‫=ادْخلوا‬Enter wholehear- faith! Surren- into Islam
‫=فِى‬in ‫الس ْل ِِم‬ ِ =Islam
tedly into
der yourselves whole-
wholly unto heartedly;
ً‫= َكآفَ ِة‬completely, to Godbeen God, and fol- and follow
decided by low not Sa- not the foots-
َِ ‫= َو‬and.(do).not ‫=تَت َ ِبعوا‬follow
‫ل‬ then: and do tan's footsteps, teps of the
not follow in for, verily, he is evil one; for
ِِ ‫=خط ٰو‬footsteps
‫ت‬ Satan's fo- your open foe. he is to you
ِِ ‫شي ْٰط‬
‫ن‬ َ ‫(=ال‬of).the.Shaitaan. otsteps, for an avowed
he is your enemy.
‫=إِنَهۥ‬Indeed,.he ‫(=لَك ِْم‬is).for.you sworn
ِ‫عدو‬ َ =an.enemy ِ‫= ُّم ِبين‬open. enemy.

209 ‫=فَإِن‬Then.if ‫=زَ لَ ْلتم‬you.slip

2. If you slip And if you If ye backsli-
back after should stumble de after the
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after ‫[= َما‬what] clear proof after all evi- clear (Signs)
has come to dence of the have come to
ِ‫= َجا ٓ َءتْكم‬came.to.you you, then be truth has come you, then
ِ‫(= ْالبَ ِي ٰنت‬from).the.clear.proofs, aware that unto you, then know that Al-
God is al- know that, ve- lah is Exalted
‫=فَا ْعلَم ٓوا‬then.know ‫ن‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that mighty and rily, God is al- in Power,
wise. mighty, wise. Wise.
ََِ =Allah ِ‫ع ِزيز‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(is).All-Mighty,
ِ‫= َح ِكيم‬All-Wise.
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫=ه َْل‬Are َِ‫= َينظرون‬they.waiting Are

2. these Are these pe- Will they wait
people wai- ople waiting, until Allah
َِٓ ِ‫[=إ‬except] ‫=أَن‬that
‫ل‬ ting for God perchance, for comes to
‫اّلل‬ ْ
َِ .ِ‫= َيأ ِت َيهم‬Allah.comes.to.them tothem come to God to reveal them in ca-
in the Himself unto nopies of
ِ‫ظلل‬.‫=فِى‬in.(the).shadows َِ‫= ِمن‬of shadows of them in the clouds, with
the clouds, shadows of the angels (in
ِِ ‫[= ْالغَ َم‬the].clouds,
‫ام‬ together with clouds, toget- His train) and
ٓ ٰ ْ
ِ‫= َوال َملئِ َكة‬and.the.Angels, the angels? her with the the question
But the mat- angels - altho- is (thus) sett-
ِ‫ ْاْل َ ْمر‬.‫ى‬َِ ‫ض‬ ِ ‫= َوق‬and.the.matter.is.d ter would al- ugh (by then) led? but to
ecreed? ‫= َو ِإلَى‬And.to ‫اّلل‬ َِِ =Allah ready have all will have Allah do all
been deci- been decided, questions go
ِ‫=ت ْر َجع‬return ded by then: and unto God back (for de-
all matters all things will cision).
ِ‫(= ْاْلمور‬all).the.matters. are brought have been
back to God. brought back?

ِ‫س ْل‬
2. (Prophet), Ask the child- Ask the
211 َ =Ask ‫ى‬ ِٓ ‫(= َب ِن‬the).Children ask the ren of Israel Children of
َِ ‫(= ِإس ٰ ْٓر ِءي‬of).Israel,
‫ل‬ Children of how many a Israel how
Israel how clear message many clear
‫= َك ِْم‬how.many many clear We have given (Signs) We
‫= َءاتَي ْٰنهم‬We.gave.them ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬of signs We them! And if have sent
brought one alters them. But if
ِ‫بَ ِينَة‬.ِ‫(= َءايَة‬the).clear.Sign(s). them. If an- God's blessed any one, af-
yone alters message after ter Allah´s
‫= َو َمن‬And.whoever God's bles- it has reached favour has
ِْ ‫=يبَد‬changes َ‫=نِ ْع َم ِة‬Favor
‫ِل‬ sings after him - verily, come to him,
he has rece- God is severe substitutes
َِ =(of).Allah ‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after ived them, in retribution! (something
‫[= َما‬what] God is stern else), Allah is
in punish- strict in pu-
ِ‫= َجا ٓ َءتْه‬it.(has).come.to.him.- ment. nishment.
َِ ِ ‫=فَإ‬then.indeed, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah
ِ‫شدِيد‬ َ =(is).severe
ِِ ‫= ْال ِعقَا‬in.[the].chastising.
2. The life of Unto those The life of
212 َِ‫=زيِن‬Beautified this world is who are bent this world is
َِ‫= ِللَذِين‬for.those.who made to on denying the alluring to
seem glamo- truth the life of those who
‫= َكفَروا‬disbelieve[d] rous to the this world (alo- reject faith,
ِ‫(= ْال َح ٰيوة‬is).the.life disbelievers, ne) seems go- and they
and they la- odly; hence, scoff at those
‫(=الدُّ ْنيَا‬of).the.world, ugh at those they scoff at who believe.
who believe. those who ha- But the righ-
َِ‫= َويَ ْسخَرون‬and.they.ridicule But those ve attained to teous will be
َِ‫[= ِمن‬of] َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who who are faith: but they above them
ِ‫= َءا َمن ا‬believe[d].
mindful of who are cons- on the Day of
‫وا‬ God will be cious of God Resurrection;
َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬And.those.who above them shall be above for Allah bes-
on the Day them on Re- tows His
‫=اتَقَ ْوا‬fear.(Allah), of Resurrec- surrection Day. abundance
‫(=فَ ْوقَه ِْم‬they.will.be).above.them tion: God
And God without mea-
grants suste- sure on
‫(= َي ْو َِم‬on.the).Day immeasu- nance unto whom He
‫(= ْال ِق ٰي َم ِِة‬of).Resurrection.
rably for whom He wills, will.
whoever He beyond all rec-
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫= َي ْرزق‬provides pleases. koning.
‫= َمن‬whom ِ‫شآء‬ َ َ‫=ي‬He.wills
ِِ ‫=بِ َغي‬without ِ‫ساب‬
‫ْر‬ َ ‫= ِح‬measure.
213 َِ‫كان‬ َ =Was ِ‫=النَاس‬mankind Mankind was ALL MANKIND Mankind was
a single were once one one single
ً‫=أ َم ِة‬a.community ً ‫= ٰو ِحدَِة‬single, community, single commu- nation, and
َِ .‫ث‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ َ‫=فَبَع‬then.Allah.raised.up then God nity; (then they Allah sent
sent prop- began to differ Messengers
َِ‫[=النَ ِب ِيـ ۧـن‬the].Prophets hets to bring - ) whereupon with glad ti-
good news God raised up dings and
َِ‫(=مبَ ِش ِرين‬as).bearers.of.glad.tiding and warning, the prophets warnings;
and with as heralds of and with
s َِ‫ِرين‬ ِ ‫= َومنذ‬and.(as).warners, them He glad tidings them He sent
َِ َ‫= َوأَنز‬and.sent.down
‫ل‬ sent the and as war- the Book in
ِ‫= َم َعهم‬with.them ‫ب‬ َِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book with the ners,
Scripture and thro- truth, to jud-
ugh them bes- ge between
ِِ ‫= ِب ْال َح‬in.[the].truth
‫ق‬ Truth, to towed revela- people in
judge tion from on matters whe-
‫= ِليَ ْحك َِم‬to.judge َِ‫=بَيْن‬between between pe- high, setting rein they dif-
ِ ِ َ‫[=الن‬the].people ‫=فِي َما‬in.what ople
‫اس‬ in their forth the truth, fered; but the
disagree- so that it might People of the
‫اختَلَفوا‬ ْ =they.differed ‫[=فِي ِِه‬in.it]. ments. It decide Book, after
was only between peop- the clear
‫= َو َما‬And.(did).not those to le with regard Signs came
َِ َ‫اختَل‬
‫ف‬ ْ =differ[ed] ‫= ِفي ِِه‬in.it whom it was to all on which to them, did
given who they had come not differ
َِ ‫= ِإ‬except َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who
‫ل‬ disagreed to hold diver- among
about it after gent views. themselves,
ِ‫=أوتوه‬were.given.it clear signs Yet none other except thro-
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after ‫[= َما‬what] had come to than the ugh selfish
them, beca- selfsame pe- contumacy.
ِ‫= َجا ٓ َءتْهم‬came.to.them use of rivalry ople who had Allah by His
ِ‫= ْال َب ِي ٰنت‬the.clear.proofs, between been granted Grace Gui-
them. So by this (revela- ded the beli-
‫(=بَ ْغِيًا‬out.of).jealousy His leave tion) began, evers to the
God guided out of mutual Truth, con-
‫=بَ ْينَه ِْم‬among.themselves. the believers jealousy, to di- cerning that
َِ .‫=فَ َهدَى‬And.Allah.guided
‫اّلل‬ to the truth sagree about wherein they
they had dif- its meaning af- differed. For
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who fered about: ter all evidence Allah guided
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d] God guides of the truth had whom He will
whoever He come unto to a path that
‫= ِل َما‬regarding.what will to a them. But God is straight.
‫اختَلَفوا‬ ْ =they.differed ‫[=فِي ِِه‬in.it] straight path. guided the be-
lievers unto
َِ‫= ِمن‬of ‫ق‬ ِِ ‫= ْال َح‬the.Truth the truth about
which, by His
ِ‫=بِإ ِ ْذنِ ِهۦ‬with.His.permission. leave, they
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ‫= َي ْهدِى‬guides
‫اّلل‬ had disagreed:
for God guides
‫= َمن‬whom ِ‫شآء‬ َ َ‫=ي‬He.wills onto a straight
‫=إِ ٰلى‬to way him that
wills (to be gu-
ِ‫ ُّم ْستَ ِقيم‬.ِ‫ص ٰرط‬ ِ =a.straight.path. ided).

ِْ َ ‫=أ‬Or ‫(= َح ِسبْت ِْم‬do).you.think

2. Do you sup- (But) do you Or do ye
214 ‫م‬
pose that think that you think that ye
‫=أَن‬that ‫=تَدْخلوا‬you.will.enter you will enter could enter pa- shall enter
َ‫= ْال َجنَ ِة‬Paradise ‫= َولَ َما‬while.not the Garden ra-dise without the Garden
without first having suffe- (of bliss) wit-
‫(=يَأْتِكم‬has).come.to.you having suffe- red like those hout such
red like tho- (believers) (trials) as
ِ‫= َمثَل‬like.(came.to) se before who passed came to tho-
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who you? They away before se who pas-
were afflic- you? Misfortu- sed away be-
‫= َخلَ ْوا‬passed.away ted by mis- ne and hards- fore you?
fortune and hip befell they encoun-
ِ‫قَ ْب ِلكم‬.‫= ِمن‬before.you? hardship, them, and so tered suffe-
ِ‫ستْهم‬ َ ‫= َم‬Touched.them and they we- shaken were ring and ad-
re so shaken they that the versity, and
ِ‫سآء‬َ ْ ‫[= ْالبَأ‬the].adversity that even apostle, and were so sha-
ِ‫= َوالض ََرآء‬and.[the].hardship, (their) mes- the believers ken in spirit
senger and with him, that even the
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫= َوز ْل ِزلوا‬and.they.were.shaken the believers would exclaim, Messenger

with him "When will and those of
‫= َحتّٰى‬until ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=يَقو‬said cried, 'When God's succour faith who we-
will God's come?" Oh, re with him
ِ‫الرسول‬ َ =the.Messenger help arrive?' verily, God's cried: "When
َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬and.those.who Truly, God's succour is (will come)
help is near. (always) near! the help of
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believed ‫= َمعَهۥ‬with.him, Allah?" Ah!
‫`= َمتى‬When Verily, the
help of Allah
َِ .ِ‫صر‬ ْ َ‫(=ن‬will).Allah`s.help.(come) is (always)
?` ‫ل‬ َِٓ َ ‫=أ‬Unquestionably, near!

َِ ‫[= ِإ‬Indeed] ‫ص َِر‬

‫ن‬ ْ َ‫=ن‬help
َِ =(of).Allah ِ‫(=قَ ِريب‬is).near.
2. They ask THEY WILL They ask
215 ِ‫=يَسْــَٔلون ََك‬They.ask.you you (Prop- ASK thee as to thee what
‫= َماذَا‬what het) what what they sho- they should
they should uld spend on spend (In
َِ‫=ين ِفقون‬they.(should).spend. give. Say, others. Say: charity). Say:
ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, ٓ ‫`= َمِا‬Whatever
‫ل‬ 'Whatever "Whatever of Whatever ye
you give your wealth spend that is
‫=أَنفَ ْقتم‬you.spend ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬of should be for you spend good, is for
parents, clo- shall (first) be parents and
ِ‫= َخيْر‬good, se relatives, for your pa- kindred and
ِِ ‫(=فَ ِل ْل ٰو ِلدَي‬is).for.parents,
‫ْن‬ orphans, the rents, and for orphans and
َِ‫= َو ْاْل َ ْق َر ِبين‬and.the.relatives,
needy, and the near of kin, those in want
travellers. and the orp- and for way-
‫= َو ْال َي ٰتمٰ ى‬and.the.orphans, God is well hans, and the farers. And
aware of needy, and the whatever ye
ِِ ‫= َو ْال َمسٰ ِك‬and.the.needy,
‫ين‬ whatever wayfarer; and do that is
good you do. whatever good good, -Allah
ِِ ‫سبِي‬
‫ل‬ َ ‫ال‬.‫ْن‬ِِ ‫= َواب‬and.the.wayfarer. you do, verily, knoweth it
‫= َو َما‬And.whatever ‫=ت َ ْف َعلوا‬you.do God has full well.
ِْ ‫= ِم‬of ِ‫= َخيْر‬good.
‫ن‬ thereof."
َِ ِ ‫=فَإ‬So.indeed, ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ ََِ =Allah
‫=بِ ِهۦ‬of.it ِ‫ع ِليم‬ َ =(is).All-Aware.
2. Fighting is FIGHTING is Fighting is
216 ‫ب‬ َِ ِ‫=كت‬Is.prescribed ordained for ordained for prescribed
ِ‫علَيْكم‬ َ =upon.you you, though you, even tho- for you, and
ِ‫[= ْال ِقتَال‬the].fighting ‫= َوه َِو‬while.it you dislike it. ugh it be hate- ye dislike it.
You may dis- ful to you; but But it is pos-
ِ‫(=ك ْره‬is).hateful ‫=لَك ِْم‬to.you. like somet- it may well be sible that ye
hing altho- that you hate a dislike a
ِٓ ٰ‫عس‬
‫ى‬ َ ‫= َو‬But.perhaps ‫[=أَن‬that] ugh it is thing the while thing which is
‫=ت َ ْك َرهوا‬you.dislike ‫شيْــًٔا‬ َ =a.thing good for you, it is good for good for you,
or like so- you, and it and that ye
‫= َوه َِو‬and.it ِ‫(= َخيْر‬is).good mething alt- may well be love a thing
‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you; ‫ى‬ ِٓ ٰ‫عس‬ hough it is that you love a which is bad
َ ‫= َو‬and.perhaps bad for you: thing the while for you. But
‫[=أَن‬that] ‫=ت ِحبُّوا‬you.love God knows it is bad for Allah
and you do you: and God knoweth, and
‫شيْــًٔا‬َ =a.thing ‫= َوه َِو‬and.it not.' knows, whe- ye know not.
ِ‫(=شَر‬is).bad ‫=لك ِْم‬for.you. reas you do
not know.
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫=يَ ْعلم‬knows
‫اّلل‬ َ
‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬while.you
َِ‫تَ ْعلَمون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =(do).not.know.
2. They ask They will ask They ask
217 ِ‫=يَسْــَٔلون ََك‬They.ask.you you (Prop- thee about thee concer-
ِِ ‫ع‬
‫ن‬ َ =about ِ
‫ر‬ ‫ه‬
ِْ َ
‫ش‬ ‫ال‬ =the.month het) about fighting in the ning fighting
ِِ ‫[= ْال َح َر‬the].sacred.-
‫ام‬ fighting in sacred month. in the Prohi-
the prohibi- Say: "Fighting bited Month.
ِ‫(=قِتَال‬concerning).fighting ted month. in it is an Say: "Figh-
Say, 'Figh- awesome thing ting therein is
‫=فِي ِِه‬in.it. ‫ل‬ ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, ting in that (grave transg- a grave (of-
ِ‫`=قِتَال‬Fighting ‫=فِي ِِه‬therein month is a ression); but fence); but
great offen- turning men graver is it in
ِ‫(= َك ِبير‬is).a.great.(sin); ce, but to bar away from the the sight of
others from path of God Allah to pre-
ِ‫صد‬ َ ‫= َو‬but.hindering.(people) God's path, and denying vent access
‫عن‬ َ =from ‫ل‬ ِِ ‫سبِي‬
َ =(the).way to disbelieve Him, and (tur- to the path of
in Him, pre- ning them Allah, to
َِ =(of).Allah, ِ‫= َوك ْفر‬and.disbelief vent access away from) the deny Him, to
to the Sac- Inviolable Ho- prevent ac-
‫=بِ ِهۦ‬in.Him red Mosque, use of Worship cess to the
ِِ ‫ ْال َح َر‬.‫= َو ْال َمس ِْج ِِد‬and.(preventing and expel its and expelling Sacred
.access.to).Al-Masjid.Al-Haraam, people, are its people the- Mosque, and
still greater re from - (all drive out its
ِ ‫= َو ِإ ْخ َر‬and.driving.out
‫اج‬ offences in this) is yet mo- members."
‫=أ َ ْه ِل ِهۦ‬its.people ِ‫= ِم ْنه‬from.it, God's eyes: re awesome Tumult and
persecution (greater oppression
ِ‫(=أ َ ْكبَر‬is).greater.(sin) َ‫= ِعن ِد‬near is worse transgression) are worse
than killing.' in the sight of than slaugh-
َِ =Allah. They will not God, since ter. Nor will
ِ‫= َو ْال ِفتْنَة‬And.[the].oppression stop fighting oppression is they cease
you (belie- more aweso- fighting you
ِ‫(=أ َ ْكبَر‬is).greater َِ‫= ِمن‬than vers) until me (greater until they turn
ِِ ْ‫[= ْالقَت‬the].killing.` ‫ل‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.not they make transgression) you back
you revoke than killing." from your fa-
َِ‫= َيزَ الون‬they.will.cease your faith, if (Your ene- ith if they
‫(=ي ٰقتِلونَك ِْم‬to).fight.with.you they can. If mies) will not can. And if
any of you cease to fight any of you
‫= َحتّٰى‬until revoke your against you till Turn back
faith and die they have tur- from their fa-
‫=يَردُّوك ِْم‬they.turn.you.away as disbelie- ned you away ith and die in
‫عن‬ َ =from ‫=دِي ِنك ِْم‬your.religion, vers, your from your faith, unbelief, their
deeds will if they can. But works will
ِِ ‫= ِإ‬if ِ‫=ا ْست َ ٰطعوا‬they.are.able.
‫ن‬ come to not- if any of you bear no fruit
hing in this should turn in this life
‫= َو َمن‬And.whoever world and away from his and in the
‫= َي ْرت َ ِد ِْد‬turns.away the Hereaf- faith and die Hereafter;
ter, and you as a denier of they will be
‫= ِمنك ِْم‬among.you ‫عن‬ َ =from will be inha- the truth - the- companions
‫=دِينِ ِهۦ‬his.religion, bitants of the se it is whose of the Fire
Fire, there to works will go and will abi-
ِْ ‫=فَ َيم‬then.dies ‫= َوه َِو‬while.he
‫ت‬ remain. for nought in de therein.
this world and
ِ‫(= َكافِر‬is).a.disbeliever in the life to
َِ ‫=فَأ ْو ٰلٓ ِئ‬for.those
‫ك‬ come; and
these it is who
ِْ ‫ط‬
‫ت‬ َ ‫= َح ِب‬became.worthless are destined
‫=أَعْمٰ له ِْم‬their.deeds ‫=فِى‬in for the fire,
therein to abi-
‫=الدُّ ْنيَا‬the.world de.
ِِ‫= َو ْاْل َ ِخ َرة‬and.the.Hereafter.
َِ ‫= َوأ ْو ٰلٓ ِئ‬And.those
ِ‫صحٰ ب‬ ْ َ ‫(=أ‬are).companions
ِِ َ‫(=الن‬of).the.Fire, ‫=ه ِْم‬they
‫=فِي َها‬in.it
َِ‫(= ٰخ ِلدون‬will).abide.forever.
َِ ِ‫=إ‬Indeed, َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who
2. But those Verily, they Those who
218 ‫ن‬
who have who have atta- believed and
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believed believed, ined to faith, those who
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬and.those.who migrated, and they who suffered exile

and striven have forsaken and fought
‫=هَا َجروا‬emigrated for God's the domain of (and strove
cause, it is evil and are and strugg-
‫= َوجٰ َهدوا‬and.strove ‫= ِفى‬in they who striving hard in led) in the
ِِ ‫سبِي‬
‫ل‬ َِِ =(of).Allah.-
َ =(the).way ‫اّلل‬ can look God's cause - path of Al-

َِ ِ‫=أ ْو ٰلٓئ‬those, َِ‫=يَ ْرجون‬they.hope God's mercy: may look ve the hope
forward to these it is who lah,- they ha-
God is most forward to of the Mercy
َِ ‫(= َر ْح َم‬for).Mercy
‫ت‬ forgiving and God's grace: of Allah: And
َِ =(of).Allah. ‫اّلل‬َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah merciful. for God is Allah is Oft-
much- forgiving,
ِ‫(=غَفور‬is).Oft-Forgiving, forgiving, a Most Merci-
ِ‫= َر ِحيم‬All-Merciful. dispenser of ful.
2. They ask THEY WILL They ask
219 ِ‫=يَسْــَٔلون ََك‬They.ask.you you (Prop- ASK thee thee concer-
ِِ ‫ع‬
‫ن‬ َ =about het) about about intoxi- ning wine
‫[= ْالخ َْم ِِر‬the].intoxicants intoxicants cants and ga-
and gamb- mes of chan-
and gamb-
ling. Say: "In
‫= َو ْال َم ْي ِس ِِر‬and.[the].games.of.chanc ling: say, ce. Say: "In them is great
'There is both there is sin, and so-
e ‫ل‬ ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, great sin in great evil as me profit, for
ٓ ‫`=فِي ِه َمِا‬In.both.of.them both, and well as some
some benefit benefit for
men; but the
sin is greater
ِ‫(= ِإثْم‬is).a.sin ِ‫= َك ِبير‬great, for people: man; but the than the pro-
the sin is evil which they fit." They ask
ِ‫= َو َم ٰن ِفع‬and.(some).benefits greater than cause is grea- thee how
ِ ِ َ‫= ِللن‬for.[the].people.
‫اس‬ the benefit.' ter than the much they
They ask benefit which are to spend;
ٓ ‫= َو ِإثْمه َمِا‬But.sin.of.both.of.them you what they bring." Say: "What is
ِ‫(=أ َ ْكبَر‬is).greater ‫= ِمن‬than they should And they will
give: say, ask thee as to
beyond your
needs." Thus
ِ‫(=نَ ْف ِع ِه َما‬the).benefit.of.(the).two.` 'Give what what they sho- doth Allah
you can spa- uld spend (in Make clear to
َِ ‫= َويَسْــَٔلون‬And.they.ask.you
‫َك‬ re.' In this God's cause). you His
‫= َماذَا‬what way, God Say: "Whate-
makes His ver you can
Signs: In or-
der that ye
َِ‫=ين ِفقون‬they.(should).spend. messages spare." In this may consi-
ِِ ‫=ق‬Say, ‫`= ْالعَ ْف َِو‬The.surplus.`
‫ل‬ clear to you, way God ma-
so that you kes clear unto

َِ ‫= َك ٰذ ِل‬Thus
‫ك‬ may reflect you His mes-
sages, so that
َِ .ِ‫=ي َبيِن‬Allah.makes.clear
‫اّلل‬ you might ref-
ِ‫=لَكم‬to.you ‫ت‬ ِِ ‫[= ْاْل َ ٰي‬the].Verses lect

‫=لَ َعلَك ِْم‬so.that.you.may

َِ‫=تَت َ َف َكرون‬ponder,
220 ‫=فِى‬Concerning ‫نيَا‬ ْ ُّ‫=الد‬the.world
on this world on this world (Their bea-
and the next. and on the life rings) on this
‫= َو ْاْل َ ِخ َر ِِة‬and.the.Hereafter.
They ask to come. And life and the
you about they will ask Hereafter.
َِ ‫= َويَسْــَٔلون‬They.ask.you
‫َك‬ (the property thee about They ask
ِِ ‫ع‬
‫ن‬ َ =about ِ‫= ْال َي ٰتمٰ ى‬the.orphans.
of) orphans: (how to deal thee concer-
say, 'It is with) orphans. ning orp-
ِْ ‫=ق‬Say,
‫ل‬ good to set Say: "To imp- hans. Say:
ِ‫ص َلح‬ things right rove their con- "The best
ْ ِ‫`=إ‬Setting.right.(their.affairs)
for them. If dition is best." thing to do is
‫=له ِْم‬for.them ِ‫(= َخيْر‬is).best.
you combine And if you sha- what is for
their affairs re their life, their good; if
‫= َو ِإن‬And.if with yours, (remember ye mix their
‫=تخَا ِلطوه ِْم‬you.associate.with.the
remember that) they are affairs with
m they are your your brethren: yours, they
brothers and for God distin- are your
ِ‫فَإ ِ ْخ ٰونك ْم‬
=then.they.(are).your.broth sisters: God guishes brethren; but
ers. َِ ‫َو‬
=And.Allah =knows ‫يَ ْعلَ ِم‬
knows those between him Allah knows
who spoil who spoils the man who
َ‫ْالم ْف ِس ِد‬
=the.corrupter َِ‫ِمن‬
=from things and things and him means misc-
ْ ‫ْالم‬
those who who improves. hief from the
ِ‫ح‬ ِ ‫ص ِل‬ =the.amender. improve And had God man who
‫َولَ ِْو‬
=And.if them. Had so willed, He means good.
He so willed, would indeed And if Allah
َِ .‫شا ٓ َِء‬
‫اّلل‬ َ
=Allah.(had).willed He could ha- have imposed had wished,
‫َْل َ ْع َنتَك ِْم‬
ve made you on you hards- He could ha-
vulnerable hips which you ve put you in-
you.in.difficulties. ِ‫ِإ َن‬
=Indeed, too: He is would not have to difficulties:
almighty and been able to He is indeed
ََ =Allah ِ ‫ع ِز‬
‫يز‬ َ
=(is).All-Mighty, wise.' bear: (but,) Exalted in
ِ‫ح ِكيم‬
=All-Wise.` behold, God is Power, Wi-
almighty, wise! se."

ِ‫= َو َل‬And.(do).not
2. Do not marry AND DO NOT Do not marry
idolatresses marry women unbelieving
‫[=تن ِكحوا‬you].marry until they be- who ascribe women (ido-
ِِ ‫[= ْالم ْش ِر ٰك‬the].polytheistic.women lieve:
‫ت‬ a beli- divinity to laters), until
eving slave aught beside they believe:
‫= َحتّٰى‬until ‫ن‬ َِ ‫=يؤْ ِم‬they.believe. woman is God ere they A slave
certainly bet- attain to (true) woman who
ِ‫ ُّمؤْ ِمنَة‬.ِ‫= َو َْل َ َمة‬And.a.believing.bon ter than an belief: for any believes is
idolatress, believing better than
dwoman ِ‫خيْر‬ َ =(is).better even though bondwoman an unbelie-
‫= ِمن‬than she may (of God) is cer- ving woman,
please you. tainly better even though
ِ‫= ُّم ْش ِر َكة‬a.polytheistic.woman And do not than a woman she allures
َ‫[= َول ِْو‬and].even.if give your who ascribes you. Nor
women in divinity to marry (your
‫=أ َ ْع َج َبتْك ِْم‬she.pleases.you. marriage to aught beside girls) to un-
َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not
‫ل‬ idolaters un- God, even
til they belie- though she
believers un-
til they belie-
‫=تن ِكحوا‬give.in.marriage.(your.wom ve: a belie- please you ve: A man
en) ving slave is greatly. And do slave who
َِ‫ْالم ْش ِر ِكين‬
certainly bet- not give your believes is
=(to).[the].polytheistic.me ter than an women in mar- better than
n =until‫َحتّٰى‬ idolater, riage to men an unbelie-
even though who ascribe ver, even
ِ‫يؤْ ِمنوا‬
=they.believe, he may ple- divinity to though he al-
ِ‫ ُّمؤْ ِمن‬.ِ‫َولَعَبْد‬
ase you. aught beside lures you.
Such people God ere they Unbelievers
man ِ‫َخيْر‬
=(is).better ‫ِمن‬
=than call (you) to attain to (true) do (but) bec-
the Fire, whi- belief: for- any kon you to
ِ‫ُّم ْش ِرك‬
=a.polytheistic.man le God calls believing the Fire. But
‫َولَ ِْو‬
=[and].even.if (you) to the bondman (of Allah bec-
Garden and God) is certa- kons by His
‫أ َ ْع َج َبك ِْم‬
=he.pleases.you. forgiveness inly better than Grace to the
َِ ِ‫أ ْو ٰلٓئ‬
‫ك‬ =[Those]
by His leave. a man who Garden (of
He makes ascribes divi- bliss) and
=they.invite =to ‫ِإلَى‬ His messa- nity to aught forgiveness,
ges clear to beside God, and makes
ِِ َ‫الن‬
=the.Fire, ِ‫اّلل‬
َ ‫َو‬
=and.Allah people, so even though His Signs
‫يَدْع ٓوا‬
=invites =to ‫إِلَى‬ that they
may bear
he please you clear to man-
greatly. (Such kind: That
‫ْال َجنَ ِِة‬
=Paradise them in as) these invite they may ce-
‫َو ْال َم ْغ ِف َرِِة‬
mind. unto the fire, lebrate His
whereas God praise.
ِ‫ِبإ ِ ْذ ِن ِهۦ‬
=by.His.permission. invites unto
paradise, and
=And.He.makes.clear unto (the achi-
‫َء ٰايتِ ِهۦ‬
=His.Verses evement of)
forgiveness by
ِ ِ َ‫ِللن‬
=for.the.people His leave; and
‫لَعَلَه ِْم‬
He makes
clear His mes-
َِ‫َيتَذَ َكرون‬
=take.heed. sages unto
mankind, so
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali
that they might
bear them in
2. They ask AND THEY will They ask
222 ِ‫= َو َيسْــَٔلون ََك‬And.they.ask.you you (Prop- ask thee about thee concer-
ِِ ‫ع‬
‫ن‬ َ =about het) about (woman's) ning wo-
ِ ِ ‫[= ْال َم ِح‬the].menstruation.
‫يض‬ menstrua-
tion. Say,
monthly cour- men´s cour-
ses. Say: "It is ses. Say:
ِْ ‫=ق‬Say, ‫`=ه َِو‬It ‫(=أَذًى‬is).a.hurt, 'Menstrua- a vulnerable They are a
tion is a pa- condition. hurt and a
‫=فَا ْعت َ ِزلوا‬so.keep.away.(from) inful condi- Keep, therefo- pollution: So
‫سا ٓ َِء‬َ ِ‫[=الن‬the].women ‫=فِى‬during tion, so keep re, aloof from keep away
away from women during from women
ِ ِ ‫(= ْال َم ِح‬their).[the].menstruation. women du- their monthly in their cour-
ring it. Do courses, and ses, and do
َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not
‫ل‬ not approach do not draw not approach
‫ن‬ ْ
َِ ‫=تَق َربوه‬approach.them them until near unto them them until
they are cle- until they are they are
‫= َحتّٰى‬until ansed; when cleansed; and clean. But
َِ‫= َيطه ْرن‬they.are.cleansed. they are cle- when they are when they
ansed, you cleansed, go in have purified
‫=فَإِذَا‬Then.when may appro- unto them as themselves,
ach them as God has bid- ye may app-
َِ‫ط َه ْرن‬ َ َ ‫=ت‬they.are.purified, God has or- den you to do." roach them
‫ن‬ ْ
َِ ‫=فَأتوه‬then.come.to.them dained. God Verily, God lo- in any man-
loves those ves those who ner, time, or
ِْ ‫= ِم‬from ِ‫= َحيْث‬where
‫ن‬ who turn to turn unto Him place ordai-
‫اّلل‬ َ
َِ .ِ‫=أ َم َركم‬Allah.has.ordered.you.` Him, and He in repentance ned for you
loves those and He loves by Allah. For
َِ ِ‫=إ‬Indeed, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah who keep those who Allah loves
themselves keep themsel- those who
ُِّ‫=ي ِحب‬loves clean. ves pure. turn to Him
َِ‫=الت َ ّٰو ِبين‬those.who.turn.in.repentanc constantly
and He loves
e ُِّ‫حب‬ ِ ‫= َوي‬and.loves those who
َِ‫ط ِه ِرين‬ ْ
َ َ ‫=المت‬those.who.purify.them keep them-
selves pure
selves. and clean.

ِ‫سآؤك ْم‬
2. Your wives Your wives are Your wives
223 َ ِ‫=ن‬Your.wives are your fi- your tilth; go, are as a tilth
ِ‫(= َح ْرث‬are).a.tilth ‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you, elds, so go then, unto your unto you; so
‫=فَأْتوا‬so.come into your fi- tilth as you approach
elds whiche- may desire, your tilth
‫(= َح ْرثَك ِْم‬to).your.tilth ‫=أَنّٰى‬when ver way you but first provi- when or how
like, and de something ye will; but
‫= ِشئْت ِْم‬you.wish, send (so- for your souls, do some
‫= َوقَدِموا‬and.send.forth.(good.deeds good) ahead and
mething remain good act for
conscious of your souls
) ‫م‬ ِْ ‫= ِْلَنف ِسك‬for.yourselves. for yoursel- God, and know beforehand;
ves. Be that you are and fear Al-
ََِ .‫= َواتَقوا‬And.be.conscious.(of).Al mindful of destined to lah. And
lah ‫علَم ٓوا‬ ْ ‫= َوا‬and.know God: re- meet Him. And know that ye
member that give glad ti- are to meet
‫=أَنَكم‬that.you you will meet dings unto Him (in the
ِ‫(= ُّملقوه‬will).meet.Him. Him.' (Prop- those who be- Hereafter),
het), give lieve. and give
‫= َوبَ ِش ِِر‬And.give.glad.tidings good news (these) good
َِ‫(= ْالمؤْ ِم ِنين‬to).the.believers.
to the belie- tidings to
vers. those who

ِ‫= َو َل‬And.(do).not ‫=ت َ ْجعَلوا‬make (Believers),

2. AND DO NOT And make
do not allow allow your not Allah´s
ََِ =Allah`s.(name)
‫اّلل‬ your oaths in oaths in the (name) an
ً‫ض ِة‬ َ ‫=ع ْر‬an.excuse
God's name name of God excuse in
to hinder you to become an your oaths
‫= ِْلَيْمٰ ِنك ِْم‬in.your.oaths ‫=أَن‬that from doing obstacle to vir- against doing
good, being tue and God- good, or ac-
‫=تَبَ ُّروا‬you.do.good, mindful of consciousness ting rightly, or
‫= َوتَتَقوا‬and.be.righteous God and and the pro- making pea-
making pea- motion of pea- ce between
‫ص ِلحوا‬ ْ ‫= َوت‬and.make.peace ce between ce between persons; for
َِ‫=بَيْن‬between ‫اس‬ ِ ِ َ‫[=الن‬the].people. people. God men: for God Allah is One
hears and is all-hearing, Who heareth
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫س ِميع‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(is).All- knows all-knowing. and knoweth
everything: all things.
Hearing, ِ‫ع ِليم‬ َ =All-Knowing.
َِ =Not
2. He will not God will not Allah will not
225 ‫ل‬
call you to take you to call you to
َِ .ِ‫اخذكم‬
‫اّلل‬ ِ ‫=ي َؤ‬will.Allah.take.you.to. account for task for oaths account for
task oaths you which you may thoughtless-
ِ‫= ِباللَ ْغ ِو‬for.(what.is).unintentional have uttered have uttered ness in your
unintentio- without tho- oaths, but for
ِٓ ِ‫=ف‬in ‫=أَيْمٰ نِك ِْم‬your.oaths,
‫ى‬ nally, but He ught, but will the intention
will call you take you to in your he-
‫[= َو ٰل ِكن‬and].but to account task (only) for arts; and He
for what you what your he- is Oft-
‫اخذكم‬ ِ ‫=ي َؤ‬He.takes.you.to.task mean in your arts have con- forgiving,
‫= ِب َما‬for.what hearts. God ceived (in ear- Most Forbea-
is most for- nest): for God ring.
ِْ َ‫سب‬
‫ت‬ َ ‫(= َك‬have).earned giving and is much-
‫=قلوبك ِْم‬your.hearts. forbearing. forgiving, for-
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫(=غَفور‬is).Oft-
Forgiving, ِ‫ح ِليم‬ َ =Most.Forbearing.
226 َِ‫= ِللَذِين‬For.those.who
2. For those Those who ta- For those
who swear ke an oath that who take an
َِ‫=يؤْ لون‬swear.(off) ‫= ِمن‬from that they will they will not oath for abs-
not approach approach their tention from
‫سآئِ ِه ِْم‬ َ ِ‫=ن‬their.wives their wives, wives shall ha- their wives, a
ِ‫(=ت َ َربُّص‬is.a).waiting.(of) there shall ve four months waiting for
be a waiting of grace; and if four months
‫=أ َ ْر َب َع ِِة‬four ِ‫=أ َ ْشهر‬months, period of they go back is ordained; if
‫=فَإِن‬then.if ‫=فَآءو‬they.return.- four months: (on their oath) then they re-
if they go -behold, God turn, Allah is
َِ ِ ‫=فَإ‬then.indeed, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah back, re- is much- Oft-forgiving,
member God forgiving, a Most Merci-
ِ‫(=غَفور‬is).Oft-.Forgiving, will be most dispenser of ful.
ِ‫= َر ِحيم‬Most.Merciful. forgiving and grace.

ِ‫= َو ِإ ْن‬And.if ‫عزَ موا‬

2. but if they But if they are But if their in-
227 َ =they.resolve are determi- resolved on di- tention is firm
َِ‫الط ٰلق‬
َ =(on).[the].divorce.- ned to divor- vorce -behold, for divorce,
ce, remem- God is all- Allah heareth
َِ ِ ‫=فَإ‬then.indeed, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah ber that God hearing, all- and knoweth
ِ‫س ِميع‬ َ =(is).All-Hearing, ِ‫ع ِليم‬
َ =All- hears and knowing. all things.
Knowing. knows all.

ِ‫طلَ ٰقت‬ َ ‫= َو ْالم‬And.the.women.who.ar

2. Divorced And the divor- Divorced
women must ced women women shall
e.divorced َِ‫صن‬ ْ َ‫=يَتَ َرب‬shall.wait wait for three shall undergo, wait concer-
َِ ‫= ِبأنف ِس ِه‬concerning.themselves
‫ن‬ monthly pe- without re-
riods before marrying, a
ning them-
selves for
َ‫(=ث َ ٰلث َ ِة‬for).three remarrying, waiting-period three
and, if they of three monthly peri-
ِ‫=قر ٓوء‬monthly.periods. really believe monthly cour- ods. Nor is it
َِ ‫= َو‬And.(it.is).not ‫ل‬
‫ل‬ ُِّ ‫=يَ ِح‬lawful in God and ses: for it is not lawful for
the Last lawful for them them to hide
َِ ‫=لَه‬for.them ‫=أَن‬that
‫ن‬ Day, it is not to conceal what Allah
lawful for what God may Hath created
َِ‫= َي ْكت ْمن‬they.conceal ‫= َما‬what them to con- have created in their
َِ .َِ‫= َخلَق‬Allah.(has).created
‫اّلل‬ ceal what in their wombs, wombs, if
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= ِف ٓى‬in ‫ن‬ ِ ‫=أ َ ْر َح‬their.wombs, God

َِ ‫ام ِه‬ has if they believe they have fa-
created in in God and the ith in Allah
‫=إِن‬if ‫ن‬ َِ ‫=ك‬they ‫ن‬ َِ ‫=يؤْ ِم‬believe their wombs: Last Day. And and the Last
َِ ‫= ِب‬in.Allah ‫= َو ْال َي ْو ِِم‬and.the.Day their
ِ‫اّلل‬ hus- during this pe- Day. And
bands would riod their hus- their hus-
‫[= ْاْل َ ِخ ِِر‬the].Last. do better to bands are fully bands have
take them entitled to take the better
َِ ‫= َوبعو َلته‬And.their.husbands back during them back, if right to take
ُِّ ‫(=أ َ َح‬have).better.right
‫ق‬ this period, they desire re- them back in
provided conciliation; that period, if
َِ ‫=بِ َر ِد ِه‬to.take.them.back ‫=فِى‬in they wish to but, in accor- they wish for
َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬that.(period) ‫ن‬
‫ك‬ ِْ ‫= ِإ‬if put things dance with jus- reconcilia-
right. Wives tice, the rights tion. And
‫=أ َراد ٓوا‬they.wish َ have (rights) of the wives women shall
similar to (with regard to have rights
ِ‫ص ٰل ًحا‬ ْ ِ‫(=إ‬for).reconciliation. their (obliga- their hus- similar to the
َِ ‫= َولَه‬And.for.them.(wives)
‫ن‬ tions), ac- bands) are rights against
cording to equal to the them, accor-
ِ‫(= ِمثْل‬is.the).like what is re- (husbands') ding to what
cognized to rights with re- is equitable;
be fair, and gard to them, but men ha-
َِ ‫عل ْي ِه‬
‫ن‬ َ َ =(is).on.them husbands although men ve a degree
have a deg- have prece- (of advanta-
ِِ ‫=بِ ْال َم ْعر‬in.a.reasonable.manne ree (of right) dence over ge) over
r, ‫ل‬ ِِ ‫= َو ِل ِلر َجا‬and.for.the.men over them: them (in this them. And
(both should respect). And Allah is Exal-
َِ ‫علَ ْي ِه‬
‫ن‬ َ =over.them.(wives) remember God is al- ted in Power,
that) God is mighty, wise. Wise.
ِ‫(=دَ َر َجة‬is).a.degree. almighty and
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫ع ِزيز‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(is).All- wise.
Mighty, ِ‫ح ِكيم‬ َ =All-Wise.
‫الط ٰلق‬ َ =The.divorce
2. Divorce can A divorce may A divorce is
229 ِ
happen twi- be (revoked) only permis-
ِِ َ ‫(= َم َرت‬is).twice.
‫ان‬ ce, and twice, where- sible twice:
(each time) upon the mar- after that, the
ِ‫ساك‬ َ ‫=فَإ ِ ْم‬Then.to.retain wives either riage must eit- parties sho-
ِ‫= ِب َم ْعروف‬in.a.reasonable.manner be kept on in her be resu- uld either
an acceptab- med in fair- hold Toget-
‫=أ َ ِْو‬or ِ‫=تَس ِْريح‬to.release.(her) le manner or ness or dissol- her on equi-
ِ‫=بِإ ِ ْحسٰ ن‬with.kindness. released in a ved in a goodly table terms,
good way. It manner. And it or separate
َِ ‫= َو‬And.(it.is).not ‫ل‬
‫ل‬ ُِّ ‫= َي ِح‬lawful is not lawful is not lawful for with kind-
‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you ‫=أَن‬that for you to ta- you to take
ke back
ness. It is not
back anything lawful for
‫=تَأْخذوا‬you.take.(back) anything that of what you you, (Men),
you have gi- have ever gi- to take back
ٓ ‫= ِم َمِا‬whatever ven (your ven to your any of your
َِ ‫= َءاتَيْتموه‬you.have.given.them.( except whe- both (partners) gifts
‫ن‬ wives), wives unless (from
your wives),
wives) ‫شيْــًٔا‬ َ =anything, re both fear have cause to except when
َِٓ ِ‫=إ‬except ‫=أَن‬if
that they fear that they both parties
‫ل‬ cannot main- may not be ab- fear that they
ٓ ‫= َيخَافَِا‬both.fear ‫ل‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that.not tain (the le to keep wit- would be
marriage) hin the bounds unable to
‫=ي ِقي َما‬they.both.(can).keep within the set by God: keep the li-
bounds set hence, if you mits ordained
ِِ َ .َ‫(=حدو ِد‬the).limits.of.Allah. by God: if have cause to by Allah. If ye
ِْ ِ ‫=فَإ‬But.if ‫= ِخ ْفت ِْم‬you.fear
‫ن‬ you (arbi- fear that the (judges) do
َِ َ ‫=أ‬that.not
ters) suspect two may not indeed fear
‫ل‬ that the co- be able to that they
‫=ي ِقي َما‬they.both.(can).keep uple may not keep within the would be
be able to do bounds set by unable to
َِِ .َ‫(=حدو ِد‬the).limits.of.Allah
‫اّلل‬ this, then God, there keep the li-
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬then.(there.is).no ‫ح‬
‫ل‬ there will be shall be no sin mits ordained
َِ ‫=جنَا‬sin no blame on upon either of by Allah, the-
‫علَ ْي ِه َما‬ َ =on.both.of.them either of them for what re is no bla-
them if the the wife may me on either
‫=فِي َما‬in.what ‫ت‬ ِْ َ‫=ا ْفتَد‬she.ransoms woman opts give up (to her of them if she
ِ‫= ِب ِهۦ‬concerning.it. ‫ك‬ َِ ‫= ِت ْل‬These tomething
give so- husband) in give somet-
for order to free hing for her
َِِ .ِ‫(=حدود‬are.the).limits.of.Allah, her release. herself. These freedom.
These are are the bounds These are
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬so.(do).not
‫ل‬ the bounds set by God; do the limits or-
ِ‫=ت َ ْعتَدوهَا‬transgress.them. set by God: not, then, dained by Al-
do not overs- transgress lah; so do not
‫= َو َمن‬And.whoever tep them. It them: for they transgress
َ‫= َيتَ َع ِد‬transgresses is those who who transg- them if any
overstep ress the bo- do transg-
َِِ .َ‫(=حدو ِد‬the).limits.of.Allah
‫اّلل‬ God's bo- unds set by ress the li-
َِ ِ‫=فَأ ْو ٰلٓئ‬then.those.- ِ‫=هم‬they unds
‫ك‬ who God-it is they, mits ordained
are doing they who are by Allah,
َِ‫ظ ِلمون‬ ّٰ ‫=ال‬the.wrongdoers. wrong. evildoers! such persons
as well as

2. If a husband And if he di- So if a hus-
re-divorces vorces her (fi- band divor-
‫طلَقَ َها‬ َ =he.divorces.her.(finally), his wife after nally), she ces his wife
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬then.(she.is).not ‫ل‬
‫ل‬ ُِّ ‫=ت َ ِح‬lawful the second shall thereafter (irrevocably),
divorce, she not be lawful He cannot,
‫=لَهۥ‬for.him ِ‫بَ ْعد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after.(that) will not be unto him un- after that, re-
lawful for less she first marry her un-
‫= َحتّٰى‬until ‫ح‬ َِ ‫=تَن ِك‬she.marries him until she takes another til after she
has taken man for hus- has married
‫=زَ ْو ًجا‬a.spouse another hus- band; then, if another hus-
‫غي َْرهۥ‬ َ =other.than.him. band; if that the latter di- band and He
one divorces vorces her, has divorced
‫=فَإِن‬Then.if her, there there shall be her. In that
‫طلَقَ َها‬ َ =he.divorces.her will be no no sin upon case there is
blame if she either of the no blame on
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬then.no ‫ح‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫=جنَا‬sin and the first two if they re- either of
ٓ ‫عل ْي ِه َمِا‬ َ َ =on.them ‫=أن‬if َ husband re- turn to one them if they
turn to one another- re-unite, pro-
ٓ ‫= َيت َ َرا َج َعِا‬they.return.to.each.other another, provided that vided they
‫= ِإن‬if ٓ ‫ظنَِا‬ َ =they.believe ‫=أَن‬that provided both of them feel that they
they feel that think that they can keep the
‫=ي ِقي َما‬they.(will.be.able.to).keep they can will be able to limits ordai-
keep within keep within the ned by Allah.
ِِ َ .َ‫(=حدو ِد‬the).limits.of.Allah. the bounds bounds set by Such are the
َِ ‫= َوتِ ْل‬And.these
‫ك‬ set by God. God: for these limits ordai-
These are are the bounds ned by Allah,
َِِ .ِ‫(=حدود‬are.the).limits.of.Allah. God's bo- of God which which He
unds, which He makes makes plain
‫=ي َب ِين َها‬He.makes.them.clear He makes clear unto pe- to those who
ِ‫= ِلقَ ْوم‬to.a.people clear for tho- ople of (innate) understand.
se who knowledge.
َِ‫= َي ْعلَمون‬who.know. know.

231 ‫و ِإذَا‬
2. When you And so, when When ye di-
َ =And.when divorce wo- you divorce vorce wo-
ِ‫طلَ ْقتم‬ َ =you.divorce men and women and men, and
they have they are about they fulfil the
‫سا ٓ َِء‬
َ ‫الن‬ ِ =the.women reached their to reach the term of their
َِ‫=فَبَلَ ْغن‬and.they.reach set time, end of their (´Iddat), eit-
then either waiting-term, her take
َِ ‫=أ َ َجلَه‬their.(waiting).term,
‫ن‬ keep or rele- then either re- them back on
‫ن‬ َ
َِ ‫=فَأ ْم ِسكوه‬then.retain.them ase them in tain them in a equitable
a fair man- fair manner or terms or set
ِ‫=بِ َم ْعروف‬in.a.fair.manner ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or ner. Do not let them go in them free on
hold on to a fair manner. equitable
َِ ‫س ِرحوه‬
‫ن‬ َ =release.them them with in- But do not re- terms; but do
ِ‫= ِب َم ْعروف‬in.a.fair.manner. tent to harm tain them aga- not take
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= َو َل‬And.(do).not them and inst their will in them back to

commit agg- order to hurt injure them,
َِ ‫=ت ْم ِسكوه‬retain.them
‫ن‬ ression: an- (them): for he (or) to take
yone who who does so undue ad-
‫ارا‬ ً ‫ض َر‬ ِ =to.hurt does this sins indeed vantage; if
ِ‫= ِلت َ ْعتَدوا‬so.that.you.transgress. wrongs him- against him- any one does
self. Do not self. And do that; He
‫= َو َمن‬And.whoever ‫ل‬ ِْ ‫=يَ ْف َع‬does make a not take (the- wrongs his
َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬that, ِْ‫=فَقَد‬then.indeed,
‫ك‬ mockery of se) messages own soul. Do
God's reve- of God in a not treat Al-
‫ظلَ َِم‬ َ =he.wronged ‫سهۥ‬ َ ‫=نَ ْف‬himself. lations; re- frivolous spirit; lah´s Signs
َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not ‫=تَت َ ِخذ ٓوا‬take member
‫ل‬ the and remember as a jest, but
favour He the blessings solemnly re-
ِِ ‫(= َء ٰاي‬the).Verses ‫اّلل‬
‫ت‬ َِِ =(of).Allah blessed you with which hearse Al-
with, and the God has gra- lah´s favours
ِ‫(=هز ًوا‬in).jest, Scripture ced you, and on you, and
‫= َواذكروا‬and.remember ْ and wisdom all the revela- the fact that
He sent to tion and the He sent
َِِ .‫ت‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫(=نِ ْع َم‬the).Favors.of.Allah teach you. wisdom which down to you
Be mindful of He has bes- the Book and
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =upon.you ٓ ‫= َو َمِا‬and.what God and towed on you Wisdom, for
َِ َ‫(=أَنز‬is).revealed ‫علَيْكم‬
‫ل‬ َ =to.you know that He from on high in your instruc-
has full order to ad- tion. And fear
َِ‫= ِمن‬of ‫ب‬ ِِ ‫= ْال ِك ٰت‬the.Book knowledge monish you Allah, and
‫= َو ْال ِح ْك َِم ِِة‬and.the.wisdom; of everyt-
thereby; and know that Al-
remain consci- lah is well
‫=يَ ِعظكم‬He.instructs.you ous of God, acquainted
and know that with all
ِ‫= ِب ِهۦ‬with.it. God has full things.
ََِ .‫= َواتَقوا‬And.fear.Allah
‫اّلل‬ knowledge of
‫= َوا ْعلَم ٓوا‬and.know ‫ن‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that
ََِ =Allah.(is) ‫ل‬
‫اّلل‬ ِِ ‫= ِبك‬of.every
ِ‫ش ْىء‬ َ =thing ِ‫ع ِليم‬ َ =All-Knower.
232 ‫وإِذَا‬
2. When you And when you When ye di-
َ =And.when divorce wo- divorce wo- vorce wo-
ِ‫طلَ ْقتم‬ َ =you.divorce men and men, and they men, and
they have have come to they fulfil the
‫سا ٓ َِء‬ َ ِ‫[=الن‬the].women reached their the end of their term of their
َِ‫=فبَلغن‬and.they.reached َ َ set time, do waiting-term, (´Iddat), do
not prevent hinder them not prevent
َِ ‫=أ َ َجلَه‬their.(waiting).term,
‫ن‬ them from not from marr- them from
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬then.(do).not
‫ل‬ remarrying ying other men marrying
their hus- if they have their (former)
َِ ‫=ت َ ْعضلوه‬hinder.them
‫ن‬ bands if they agreed with husbands, if
‫=أَن‬from.[that] َِ‫=يَن ِك ْحن‬marrying to do so in a fair manner. agree on
both agree each other in a they mutually

َِ ‫=أ َ ْز ٰو َجه‬their.husbands
‫ن‬ fair manner. This is an ad- equitable
Let those of monition unto terms. This
‫= ِإذَا‬when ‫ض ْوا‬ َ ‫=ت َ ٰر‬they.agree you who be- every one of instruction is
lieve in God you who belie- for all
‫=بَ ْينَهم‬between.themselves and the Last ves in God and amongst you,
ِِ ‫= ِب ْال َم ْعر‬in.a.fair.manner.
‫وف‬ Day take this the Last Day; it who believe
َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬That ِ‫عظ‬
to heart: that is the most vir- in Allah and
‫ك‬ َ ‫=يو‬is.admonished is more who- tuous (way) for the Last Day.
‫=بِ ِهۦ‬with.it ‫= َمن‬whoever lesome and you, and the That is (the
purer for cleanest. And course Ma-
َِ‫[= َكان‬is] ‫= ِمنك ِْم‬among.you you. God God knows, king for)
knows and whereas you most virtue
ِ‫=يؤْ ِمن‬believes ‫اّلل‬ َِِ ِ‫=ب‬in.Allah you do not. do not know. and purity
‫= َو ْال َي ْو ِِم‬and.the.Day amongst you
‫[= ْاْل َ ِخ ِِر‬the].Last; ‫= ٰذ ِلك ِْم‬that
and Allah
knows, and
‫(=أزكى‬is).more.virtuous ْ َ ye know not.

‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you
ِ‫ط َهر‬ ْ َ ‫= َوأ‬and.more.purer.
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫= َي ْعلَم‬knows
‫= َوأَنت ِْم‬and.you
َِ‫تَ ْعلَمون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =(do).not.know.
‫= َو ْال ٰو ِل ٰدت‬And.the.mothers
2. Mothers And the (divor- The mothers
233 ِ
suckle their ced) mothers shall give
َِ‫ض ْعن‬ ِ ‫=ي ْر‬shall.suckle children for may nurse such to their
َِ ‫=أ َ ْو ٰلدَه‬their.children
‫ن‬ two whole their children offspring for
years, if they for two whole two whole
ِِ ‫(= َح ْولَي‬for).two.years
‫ْن‬ wish to years, if they years, if the
complete the wish to comp- father desi-
ِِ ‫املَي‬
‫ْن‬ ِ ‫= َك‬complete, term, and lete the period res to comp-
ِْ ‫= ِل َم‬for.whoever َ‫=أ َ َرا ِد‬wishes maintenance ofit isnursing;
‫ن‬ clothing and and lete the term.
incumbent But he shall
‫=أَن‬to ‫=يتِ َِم‬complete must be bor- upon him who bear the cost
ne by the has begotten of their food
َ‫ع ِة‬ َ ‫ضا‬ َ ‫الر‬ َ =the.suckling. father in a the child to and clothing
‫علَى‬ َ َ ‫و‬ =And.upon fair manner. provide in a on equitable
No one sho- fair manner for terms. No
‫لَهۥ‬.‫= ْال َم ْولو ِِد‬the.father uld be bur- their suste- soul shall
َِ ‫(= ِر ْزقه‬is).their.provision
‫ن‬ dened with nance and have a bur-
more than clothing. No den laid on it
َِ ‫= َو ِكس َْوته‬and.their.clothing
‫ن‬ they can human being greater than
ِِ ‫=بِ ْال َم ْعر‬in.a.fair.manner.
bear: no shall be bur- it can bear.
‫وف‬ mother shall dened with No mother
َِ =Not ِ‫=ت َكلَف‬is.burdened
‫ل‬ be made to more than he shall be Tre-
suffer harm is well able to ated unfairly
ِ‫=نَ ْفس‬any.soul ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬except on account bear: neither on account of
ِ‫=و ْسعَ َها‬its.capacity. ‫ل‬ َِ =Not of her child, shall a mother her child. Nor
nor any fat- be made to father on ac-
‫ضا ٓ َِر‬ َ ‫ت‬=made.to.suffer her on acco- suffer because count of his
unt of his. of her child, child, an heir
ِ‫(= ٰو ِلدَة‬the).mother The same nor, because shall be
‫= ِب َولَ ِدهَا‬because.of.her.child duty is in- of his child, he chargeable in
cumbent on who has be- the same
َِ ‫= َو‬and.not
‫ل‬ the father's gotten it. And way. If they
‫لَهۥ‬.ِ‫(= َم ْولود‬the).father heir. If, by the same duty both decide
mutual con- rests upon the on weaning,
ِ‫= ِب َولَ ِدهِۦ‬because.of.his.child. sent and (father's) heir. by mutual
consultation, And if both consent, and
‫علَى‬ َ ‫= َو‬And.on the couple (parents) deci- after due
ِِ ‫= ْال َو ِار‬the.heirs
‫ث‬ wish to wean de, by mutual consultation,
(the child), consent and there is no
ِ‫(= ِمثْل‬is.a.duty).like ‫ك‬ َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬that. they will not counsel, upon blame on
be blamed, separation (of them. If ye
ِْ ِ ‫=فَإ‬Then.if
‫ن‬ nor will there mother and decide on a
‫=أ َ َرادَا‬they.both.desire be any bla- child), they will foster-mother
me if you incur no sin for your
ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫صا‬ َ ِ‫=ف‬weaning ‫عن‬ َ =through wish to en- (thereby); and offspring,
ِ‫=ت َ َراض‬mutual.consent gage a wet if you decide to there is no
nurse, provi- entrust your blame on
‫= ِم ْنه َما‬of.both.of.them ded you pay children to fos- you, provided
as agreed in ter-mothers, ye pay (the
ِ‫= َوتَشَاور‬and.consultation, a fair man- you will incur mother) what
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬then.no ‫ح‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫=جنَا‬blame ner. Be no sin provi- ye offered,
mindful of ded you ensu- on equitable
ِ‫علَ ْي ِه َما‬ َ =on.both.of.them. God, re, in a fair terms. But
ِْ ‫= َو ِإ‬And.if ‫=أ َ َردت ُِّْم‬you.want
‫ن‬ knowing
He sees
that manner, the fear Allah
safety of the and know
‫ضع ٓوا‬ ِ ‫ت َ ْست َ ْر‬.‫=أَن‬to.ask.another.wo everything child which that Allah
men.to.suckle ‫م‬ ِْ ‫=أ َ ْو ٰلدَك‬your.child you do. you are han- sees well
ding over. But what ye do.
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬then.(there.is).no
‫ل‬ remain consci-
ous of God,
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫=جنَا َح‬blame ‫ع َليْك ِْم‬ َ =on.you, and know that

God sees all
‫=إِذَا‬when ‫سلَ ْمتم‬ َ =you.pay that you do.
ٓ ‫= َمِا‬what ‫(= َءاتَيْتم‬is).due.(from).you
ِِ ‫=بِ ْال َم ْعر‬in.a.fair.manner.
ََِ .‫= َواتَقوا‬And.fear.Allah
‫= َوا ْعلَم ٓوا‬and.know ‫ن‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that
ََِ =Allah ‫=بِ َما‬of.what
َِ‫=ت َ ْع َملون‬you.do ِ‫صير‬ ِ ‫(= َب‬is).All-

َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬And.those.who
2. If any of you
And if any of If any of you
die and lea-
you die and die and leave
َِ‫=يتَ َوفَ ْون‬pass.away ve widows,
leave wives widows be-
the widows
behind, they hind, they
‫= ِمنك ِْم‬among.you should wait
shall undergo, shall wait
َِ‫= َويَذَرون‬and.leave.behind for four
without re- concerning
months and
marrying, a themselves
‫=أ َ ْز ٰو ًجا‬wives, ten nights
waiting-period four months
‫ن‬ َ
َِ ‫ ِبأنف ِس ِه‬.َِ‫صن‬
ْ َ‫(= َيت َ َرب‬the.widows). before re-
of four months and ten days:
and ten days; When they
should.wait.for.themselves When they whereupon, have fulfilled
َ‫أ َ ْربَعَ ِة‬
=(for).four ِ‫أ َ ْشهر‬
=months have comp- when they ha- their term,
leted this set ve reached the there is no
ِ‫ع ْش ًرا‬ َ ‫َو‬
=and.ten.(days). time, you will end of their blame on you
=Then.when َِ‫بَلَ ْغن‬
=they.reach not be bla- waiting-term, if they dispo-
med for there shall be se of them-
َِ ‫أ َ َجلَه‬
‫ن‬ =their.(specified).term, anything no sin in wha- selves in a
ِ َ َ‫ف‬
they may re- tever they may just and rea-
asonably do with their sonable
َِ ‫جنَا‬
‫ح‬ =blame ‫علَيْك ِْم‬َ
=upon.you choose to do persons in a manner. And
َِ‫فَ َع ْلن‬
with them- lawful manner. Allah is well
‫ِِفي َما‬
=for.what =they.do selves. God And God is acquainted
َِ ‫أَنف ِس ِه‬.‫ى‬
‫ن‬ ِٓ ِ‫ف‬
=concerning.themselve is fully aware aware of all
of what you that you do. do.
with what ye

s ِِ ‫بِ ْال َم ْعر‬

‫وف‬ =in.a.fair.manner. do.
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ‫= ِب َما‬of.what
َِ‫=ت َ ْع َملون‬you.do ِ‫(= َخ ِبير‬is).All-

ِ‫= َو َل‬And.(there.is).no
2. You will not But you will in- There is no
be blamed cur no sin if blame on you
َِ ‫=جنَا‬blame ‫علَيْك ِْم‬
‫ح‬ َ =upon.you whether you you give a hint if ye make an
give a hint of (an inten- offer of bet-
‫=فِي َما‬in.what ‫ع َرضْتم‬ َ =you.hint that you wish ded) marriage- rothal or hold
ِْ ‫ ِم‬.‫[= ِب ِهۦ‬with.it].of
‫ن‬ to marry the- offer to (any it in your he-
se women, of) these wo- arts. Allah
‫طبَ ِِة‬ ْ ‫= ِخ‬marriage.proposal or keep it to men, or if you knows that
‫سا ٓ ِِء‬ َ ِ‫[=الن‬to].the.women ‫=أ َ ِْو‬or yourselves- conceive such ye cherish
God knows an intention them in your
‫=أ َ ْكنَنت ِْم‬you.concealed.it ‫ى‬ ِٓ ِ‫=ف‬in that you in- without making hearts: But
‫=أَنف ِسك ِْم‬yourselves. tend to pro- it obvious: (for) do not make
pose to God knows a secret
َِ .‫ع ِل َِم‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =Allah.knows them. Do not that you intend contract with
make a sec- to ask them in them except
‫=أنَك ِْم‬that.you َ ret arrange- marriage. Do in terms Ho-
َِ ‫ست َ ْذكرونَه‬
‫ن‬ َ =will.mention.them, ment with not, however, nourable, nor
them; speak plight your resolve on
‫[= َو ٰل ِكن‬and].but ‫ل‬ َِ =(do).not to them ho- troth with them the tie of
nourably and in secret, but marriage till
َِ ‫=ت َوا ِعدوه‬promise.them.(widows) do not con- speak only in a the term
‫= ِس ًّرا‬secretly ‫ل‬ َِٓ ‫= ِإ‬except firm the mar- decent man- prescribed is
riage tie until ner; and do not fulfilled. And
‫=أَن‬that ‫=تَقولوا‬you.say the prescri- proceed with know that Al-
ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫=قَ ْو‬a.saying bed period tying the mar- lah Knoweth
reaches its riage-knot ere what is in
ِ‫= َم ْعروفًا‬honorable. end. Re- the ordained your hearts,
member that (term of wai- and take
َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not
‫ل‬ God knows ting) has come heed of Him;
‫=ت َ ْع ِزموا‬resolve.(on) what is in to its end. And and know
your souls, know that God that Allah is
ِ‫اح‬ ِ ‫النِ َك‬.َ ‫=ع ْقدَِة‬the.marriage.knot so be mind- knows what is Oft-forgiving,
‫= َحتّٰى‬until ‫=يَبْل َِغ‬reaches ful of Him. in your minds, Most Forbea-
Remember and therefore ring.
ِ‫= ْال ِك ٰتب‬the.prescribed.term that God is remain consci-
most forgi- ous of Him;
‫=أ َ َجلَهۥ‬its.end. ving and for- and know, too,
‫= َوا ْعلَم ٓوا‬And.know ‫ن‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that bearing. that much-
God is

ََِ =Allah ِ‫=يَ ْعلَم‬knows ‫= َما‬what

‫اّلل‬ forgiving, for-
ِٓ ِ‫(=ف‬is).within ‫=أَنف ِسك ِْم‬yourselves
‫ى‬ bearing.

ِ‫احذَروه‬ ْ َ‫=ف‬so.beware.of.Him.
‫= َوا ْعلَم ٓوا‬And.know ‫ن‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that
ََِ =Allah ِ‫(=غَفور‬is).Oft-
Forgiving, ِ‫ح ِليم‬ َ =Most.Forbearing.
َِ =(There.is).no ‫ح‬
236 ‫ل‬ َِ ‫=جنَا‬blame You will not You will incur There is no
be blamed if no sin if you blame on you
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =upon.you ‫=إِن‬if you divorce divorce women if ye divorce
ِ‫طلَ ْقتم‬ َ =you.divorce women while you have women befo-
when you not yet touc- re consum-
‫سا ٓ َِء‬ َ ِ‫[=الن‬the].women ‫= َما‬whom have not yet hed them nor mation or the
consumma- settled a fixation of
َِ ‫سوه‬
‫ن‬ ُّ ‫ت َ َم‬.‫=لَ ِْم‬you.have.not.touched ted the mar- dower upon their dower;
‫=أ َ ِْو‬nor ‫=ت َ ْف ِرضوا‬you.specified riage or fixed them; but but bestow
a bride-gift (even in such on them (A
َِ ‫=لَه‬for.them
‫ن‬ for them, but a case) make suitable gift),
ً‫ض ِة‬ make fair
َ ‫=فَ ِري‬an.obligation.(dower). provision for them - the according to
provision for the wealthy

َِ ‫= َو َمتِعوه‬And.make.provision.for.t them, the affluent accor- his means,

rich accor- ding to his and the poor
hem.- ‫علَى‬ َ =upon ding to his means, and according to
ْ means and the straitened his means;-
ِ‫=المو ِس ِع‬the.wealthy the poor ac- according to A gift of a re-
‫=قدَرهۥ‬according.to.his.means cording to his means - a asonable

َ ‫= َو‬and.upon ‫= ْالم ْقتِ ِِر‬the.poor duty for tho- equitable due from
his- this is a provision in an amount is
‫=قَدَرهۥ‬according.to.his.means.- se who do manner: this is those who
good. a duty upon all wish to do
‫= َم ٰتعًا‬a.provision who would do the right
ِِ ‫= ِبال َم ْعر‬in.a.fair.manner,
‫وف‬ good. thing.

‫= َحقًّا‬a.duty ‫علَى‬ َ =upon

َِ‫=الم ْح ِسنِين‬the.good-doers.
2. If you divor- And if you di- And if ye di-
237 ‫= َو ِإن‬And.if ce wives be- vorce them be- vorce them
َِ ‫طلَ ْقتموه‬
‫ن‬ َ =you.divorce.them fore con- fore having to- before con-
ِِ ‫قَ ْب‬.‫= ِمن‬before ‫[=أَن‬that]
‫ل‬ summating uched them, summation,
the marriage but after ha- but after the
َِ ‫سوه‬
‫ن‬ ُّ ‫=ت َ َم‬you.(have).touched.them but after ving settled a fixation of a
fixing a bri- dower upon dower for
‫= َوقَ ِْد‬while.already de-gift for them, then (gi- them, then
‫=فَ َرضْت ِْم‬you.have.specified them, then ve them) half the half of
give them of what you the dower (Is
َِ ‫=لَه‬for.them
‫ن‬ half of what have settled - due to them),
ً‫ض ِة‬ َ ‫=فَ ِري‬an.obligation.(dower),
you had pre- unless it be unless they
viously fixed, that they forgo remit it or
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ ‫ص‬
‫ف‬ ْ ِ‫=فَن‬then.(give).half unless they their claim or (the man´s
waive (their he in whose half) is remit-
‫(= َما‬of).what right), or un- hand is the ted by him in
less the one marriage-tie whose hands
‫=فَ َرضْت ِْم‬you.have.specified, who holds forgoes his is the marri-
َِٓ ‫= ِإ‬unless ‫[=أَن‬that]
‫ل‬ the marriage claim (to half age tie; and
tie waives of the dower): the remission
َِ‫=يَ ْعفون‬they.(women).forgo.(it) (his right). and to forgo (of the man´s
‫=أ َ ِْو‬or ‫= َي ْعف َوا‬forgoes Waiving what is due to half) is the
(your right) is you is more in nearest to
‫=الَذِى‬the.one nearer to accord with righteo-
godliness, so God- usness. And
‫= ِب َي ِدهِۦ‬in.whose.hands do not forget conscious- do not forget
ِ‫(=ع ْقدَة‬is.the).knot to be gene- ness. And for- Liberality
rous towards get not (that between yo-
ِ‫اح‬ ِ ‫(=النِ َك‬of).the.marriage. one another: you are to act urselves. For
‫= َوأَن‬And.that ‫=ت َ ْعف ٓوا‬you.forgo, God sees with) grace Allah sees
what you do. towards one well all that
ِ‫(=أ َ ْق َرب‬is).nearer another: verily, ye do.
God sees all
ِ‫= ِللت َ ْق ٰوى‬to.[the].righteousness. that you do.
َِ ‫= َو‬And.(do).not ‫سوا‬
‫ل‬ َ ‫=تَن‬forget
َِ ‫ض‬
‫ل‬ ْ َ‫= ْالف‬the.graciousness
‫= َب ْينَك ِْم‬among.you. ‫ن‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed,
ََِ =Allah ‫=بِ َما‬of.what
َِ‫=ت َ ْع َملون‬you.do ِ‫صير‬ ِ ‫(= َب‬is).All-

‫=حٰ ِفظوا‬Guard.strictly ‫علَى‬

238 َ =[on] Take care to BE EVER Guard strictly
do your pra- mindful of pra- your (habit
ِِ ‫صلَ ٰو‬
‫ت‬ َ ‫=ال‬the.prayers, yers, praying yers, and of of) prayers,
‫صلوِِة‬ ٰ َ ‫= َوال‬and.the.prayer.-
in the best praying in the especially
way, and most excellent the Middle
‫[=الوسْطى‬the].middle,ْ stand before way; and stand Prayer; and
God in devo- before God in stand before
‫= َوقوموا‬and.stand.up tion. devout obe- Allah in a de-
dience. vout (frame
َِ ِ =for.Allah of mind).
َِ‫= ٰقنِتِين‬devoutly.obedient.
ِْ ِ ‫= َفإ‬And.if ‫= ِخ ْفت ِْم‬you.fear
2. If you are in But if you are If ye fear (an
239 ‫ن‬
danger, pray in danger, enemy), pray
ً‫ل‬ َ
ِ ‫=ف ِر َجا‬then.(pray).on.foot ‫=أ ِْو‬or َ when you (pray) walking on foot, or ri-
are out wal- or riding; and ding, (as may
ِ‫=ر ْكبَانًا‬riding. ٓ‫=فَإِذَِا‬Then.when king or ri- when you are be most con-
‫=أ َ ِمنت ِْم‬you.are.secure ding; when again secure, venient), but
you are safe bear God in when ye are
‫=فَا ْذكروا‬then.remember again, re- mind - since it in security,
ََِ =Allah ‫= َك َما‬as
‫اّلل‬ member is He who ta- celebrate Al-
God, for He ught you what lah´s praises
‫علَ َمكم‬ َ =He.(has).taught.you has taught you did not in the man-
you what previously ner He has
‫= َما‬what ‫تَكونوا‬.‫=لَ ِْم‬you.were.not you did not know. taught you,
َِ‫=ت َ ْعلمون‬knowing. know. which ye
knew not

َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬And.those.who
2. If any of you AND IF any of Those of you
die and lea- you die and who die and
َِ‫=يتَ َوفَ ْون‬they.die ve widows, leave wives leave widows
make a behind, they should
‫= ِمنك ِْم‬among.you bequest for bequeath the- bequeath for
َِ‫= َويَذَرون‬and.leave.behind them: a reby to their their widows
year's main- widows (the a year´s ma-
‫(=أ َ ْز ٰو ًجا‬their).wives tenance and right to) one intenance
ً‫صيَ ِة‬ ِ ‫(= َو‬should.make).a.will no expulsion year's main- and residen-
from their tenance wit- ce; but if they
‫= ِْل َ ْز ٰو ِج ِهم‬for.their.wives, homes (for hout their be- leave (The
‫= َم ٰتعًا‬provision ‫= ِإلَى‬for that time). ing obliged to residence),
But if they leave (the there is no
ِِ ‫=ال َح ْو‬the.year ‫ْر‬
‫ل‬ َ =without
َِ ‫غي‬ leave of their dead hus- blame on you
own accord, band's home). for what they
ِ‫=إِ ْخ َِراج‬driving.(them).out. you will not If, however, do with
ِْ ِ ‫=فَإ‬But.if َِ‫=خ ََر ْجن‬they.leave be
‫ن‬ blamed they leave (of themselves,
for what they their own ac- provided it is
ِ َ َ‫=ف‬then.no ‫ح‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫=جنَا‬blame may reaso- cord), there reasonable.
nably choo- shall be no sin And Allah is
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =upon.you ‫= ِفى‬in se to do with in whatever Exalted in
‫= َما‬what َِ‫=فَ َعلن‬they.do themselves: they may do Power, Wise.
God is al- with themsel-
ِٓ ِ‫=ف‬concerning
‫ى‬ mighty and ves in a lawful
‫ن‬ َ
َِ ‫=أنف ِس ِه‬themselves ‫[= ِمن‬of] wise. manner. And
God is al-
ِ‫= َم ْعروف‬honorably. mighty, wise.
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫ع ِزيز‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(is).All-
Mighty, ِ‫ح ِكيم‬ َ =All-Wise.
ِِ ‫طلَ ٰق‬ َ ‫= َو ِل ْلم‬And.for.the.divorced.wo Divorced And the divor- For divorced
241 ‫ت‬
women shall ced women, women Main-
men, ِ‫(= َم ٰتع‬is).a.provision also have too, shall have tenance
ِِ ‫= ِب ْال َم ْعر‬in.a.fair.manner.-
‫وف‬ such main- (a right to) ma- (should be
tenance as intenance in a provided) on
ًّ‫= َحقا‬a.duty ‫علَى‬ َ =upon is conside- goodly man- a reasonable
red fair: this ner: this is a (scale). This
َِ‫= ْالمت َ ِقين‬the.righteous. is a duty for duty for all who is a duty on
those who are conscious the righte-
are mindful of God. ous.
of God.

ِ‫= َك ٰذ ِل َك‬Thus
2. In this way In this way Thus doth Al-
God makes God makes lah Make
َِ .ِ‫=ي َبيِن‬Allah.makes.clear
‫اّلل‬ His revelati- clear unto you clear His
‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you ‫= َء ٰايتِ ِهۦ‬His.Verses ons clear to His messages, Signs to you:
you, so that so that you In order that
َ َ
‫=لعَلك ِْم‬so.that.you.may you may might (learn to) ye may un-
grow in un- use your rea- derstand.
َِ‫=ت َ ْع ِقلون‬use.your.intellect. derstanding. son.

َِ َ ‫ت‬.‫=أَلَ ِْم‬Did.you.not.see ‫[= ِإلَى‬to] (Prophet),

2. ART THOU Didst thou
243 ‫ر‬
consider NOT aware of not Turn by
َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who those people those who for- vision to tho-
who aban- sook their ho- se who
‫=خ ََرجوا‬went.out ‫= ِمن‬from doned their melands in abandoned
‫=د ِٰي ِر ِه ِْم‬their.homes homeland in their thou- their homes,
fear of de- sands for fear though they
‫= َوه ِْم‬and.they ath, even of death- were thou-
though there whereupon sands (In
ِ‫(=ألوف‬were.in).thousands were thou- God said unto number), for
‫(= َحذَ َِر‬in).fear sands of them, "Die," fear of de-
ِِ ‫(= ْال َم ْو‬of).[the].death?
‫ت‬ them. God and later bro- ath? Allah
said to them, ught them said to them:
َِ ‫=فَقَا‬Then.said ِ‫=لَهم‬to.them
‫ل‬ 'Die!' and back to life ? "Die": Then
then brought Behold, God is He restored
َِ =Allah, ‫`=موتوا‬Die;` ‫=ث َِم‬then them back to indeed limit- them to life.
‫=أ َ ْح ٰيه ِْم‬He.restored.them.to.life. life again; less in His bo- For Allah is
God shows unty unto man full of bounty
َِ ‫= ِإ‬Indeed, َ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ َِ =Allah real favour to -but most pe- to mankind,
people, but ople are ung- but Most of
ِ‫فَضْل‬.‫(=لَذو‬is).surely.Possessor.of. most of them rateful. them are
bounty ‫علَى‬ َ =for are ungrate- ungrateful.
ِ ِ َ‫[=الن‬the].mankind
َِ ‫[= َو ٰل ِك‬and].but ‫=أ َ ْكث َ َِر‬most
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫اس‬ ِ َ‫(=الن‬of).the.people
َِ‫يَ ْشكرون‬.‫ل‬ َِ =are.not.grateful.
244 ‫و ٰقتِلوا‬
2. Fight in Fight, then, in Then fight in
َ =And.fight ‫=فِى‬in God's cause God's cause, the cause of
ِِ ‫س ِبي‬
‫ل‬ َ =(the).way ‫اّلل‬ َِِ =(of).Allah, and remem- and know that Allah, and
‫= َوا ْعلَم ٓوا‬and.know ‫ن‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that ber that He God is all- know that Al-
is all hearing hearing, all- lah Heareth
ََِ =Allah ِ‫س ِميع‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(is).All-Hearing, and all knowing. and knoweth
knowing. all things.
ِ‫ع ِليم‬ َ =All-Knowing.
2. Who will give Who is it that Who is he
245 ‫من‬ َ =Who God a good will offer up that will loan
‫الَذِى‬.‫(=ذَا‬is).the.one.who loan, which unto God a to Allah a
He will inc- goodly loan, beautiful
ِ‫=ي ْق ِرض‬will.lend ‫اّلل‬ ََِ =(to).Allah.- rease for him which He will loan, which
‫ضا‬ ً ‫=قَ ْر‬a.loan ‫سنًا‬ َ ‫= َح‬good, many times amply repay, Allah will do-
over? It is with manifold uble unto his
‫ض ِعفَهۥ‬ ٰ ‫=فَي‬so.(that).He.multiplies.it God who increase? For, credit and
ٓ‫=لَهِۥ‬for.him.- withholds
and God
God takes multiply
away, and He many times?
ً ‫يرِة‬ َ ِ‫ َكث‬.‫ضعَافًا‬ ْ َ ‫=أ‬manifolds who gives gives abun- It is Allah that
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫= َي ْق ِبض‬withholds abundantly,
‫اّلل‬ dantly; and it is giveth (you)
and it is to unto Him that Want or
ِ‫= َو َيبْصط‬and.grants.abundance, Him that you you shall be plenty, and to
will return. brought back. Him shall be
‫= َوإِلَ ْي ِِه‬and.to.Him your return.
َِ‫=ت ْر َجعون‬you.will.be.returned.
َِ َ ‫ت‬.‫=أَلَ ِْم‬Did.you.not.see
2. (Prophet), Art thou not Hast thou not
246 ‫ر‬
consider the aware of those Turned thy
‫[= ِإلَى‬towards] ‫ل‬ ِِ َ ‫= ْال َم‬the.chiefs leaders of elders of the vision to the
the Children children of Is- Chiefs of the
ِ‫= ِمن‬of ‫ى‬ ِٓ ‫(= َب ِن‬the).Children of Israel who rael , after the Children of
َِ ‫(= ِإس ْٰر ِءي‬of).Israel
‫ل‬ ٓ came after time of Moses, Israel after
Moses, how they said (the time of)
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after ‫ى‬ ِٓ ٰ‫=موس‬Musa, when they unto a prophet Moses? they
‫= ِإ ِْذ‬when ‫=قَالوا‬they.said said to one of theirs, "Rai- said to a
of their se up a king prophet (That
ِ‫= ِلنَبِى‬to.a.Prophet ِ‫=لَهم‬of.theirs, prophets, for us, (and) was) among
'Set up a we shall fight them: "Appo-
ِْ ‫`=ا ْب َع‬Appoint ‫=لَنَا‬for.us
‫ث‬ king for us in God's cau- int for us a
‫= َم ِل ًكا‬a.king, ‫ل‬ ِْ ِ‫=نُّ ٰقت‬we.may.fight and we shall se"? Said he: king, that we
fight in God's "Would you, May fight in
‫=فِى‬in ‫ل‬ ِِ ‫سبِي‬ َ =(the).way cause.' He perchance, ref- the cause of
ِِ َ =(of).Allah?` ‫ل‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, said, 'But rain from figh- Allah." He
could it be ting if fighting said: "Is it not
ِْ ‫`=ه‬Would ‫سيْت ِْم‬
‫َل‬ َ ‫ع‬ َ =you.perhaps.- that you is ordained for possible, if
would not you?" They ye were
‫= ِإن‬if ‫ب‬ َِ ‫=ك ِت‬prescribed fight, if it we- answered: commanded
ِ‫علَيْكم‬ َ =upon.you re ordained
for you?'
"And why sho- to fight, that
uld we not fight that ye will
ِ‫[= ْال ِقتَال‬the].fighting, ‫ل‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that.not They said, in God's cause not fight?"
ِ‫=ت ٰقتِلوا‬you.fight?` 'How could when we and They said:
we not fight our children "How could
‫=قَالوا‬They.said, ‫`= َو َما‬And.what in God's ca- have been dri- we refuse to
use when we ven from our fight in the
ٓ ‫=لَنَِا‬for.us ‫ل‬ َِ َ ‫=أ‬that.not and our homelands?" cause of Al-
َِ ‫=نق ِت‬we.fight ‫=فِى‬in
‫ل‬ children ha- Yet, when figh- lah, seeing
ve been dri- ting was ordai- that we were
ِِ ‫سبِي‬
‫ل‬ َ =(the).way ‫اّلل‬ َِِ =(of).Allah ven out of ned for them, turned out of
‫= َوقَ ِْد‬while.surely our home- they did turn our homes
land?' Yet back, save for and our fami-
‫=أ ْخ ِر ْجنَا‬we.have.been.driven.out when they a few of them; lies?" but
were com- but God had when they
‫= ِمن‬from ‫=د ِٰي ِرنَا‬our.homes manded to full knowledge were com-
ِ‫= َوأ ْبنَا ٓ ِئنَا‬and.our.children?` fight, all but of the evil- manded to
a few of doers. fight, they
‫=فَلَ َما‬Yet,.when them turned turned back,
away: God except a
َِ ِ‫=كت‬was.prescribed
‫ب‬ has full small band
ِ‫علَ ْي ِهم‬ َ =upon.them knowledge among them.
of those who But Allah
ِ‫= ْال ِقتَال‬the.fighting do wrong. Has full
‫=ت َ َول ْوا‬they.turned.away, knowledge of
those who do
َِ ِ‫=إ‬except ً‫ل‬
‫ل‬ ِ ‫=قَ ِلي‬a.few wrong.
‫= ِم ْنه ِْم‬among.them.
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ِ‫ع ِليم‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =(is).All-
َِ‫ظ ِل ِمين‬ ّٰ ‫= ِبال‬of.the.wrongdoers.
ِ‫= َوقَا َل‬And.said ‫=لَه ِْم‬to.them
2. Their prop- And their Their Prop-
het said to prophet said het said to
‫=نَ ِبيُّه ِْم‬their.Prophet, ‫ن‬ َِ ‫`= ِإ‬Indeed, them, 'God unto those el- them: "Allah
has now ap- ders: "Behold, hath appoin-
َِ =Allah ْ‫(=قَ ِد‬has).surely
َ‫اّلل‬ pointed Talut now God has ted Talut as
َِ ‫= َب َع‬raised ‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you
‫ث‬ to be your raised up Saul king over
king,' but to be your you." They
َِ ‫طال‬
‫وت‬ َ =Talut ِ‫(= َم ِل ًكا‬as).a.king.` they said, king." They said: "How
‫=قَال ٓوا‬They.said, 'How can he said: "How can can he exer-
be king over he have domi- cise authority
ِ‫ َيكون‬.‫=أَنّٰى‬How.can.be us when we nion over us over us when
ِ‫=لَه‬for.him ِ‫= ْالم ْلك‬the.kingship have a grea- when we have we are better
ter right to a better claim fitted than he
‫علَ ْينَا‬ َ =over.us, ِ‫= َون َْحن‬while.we rule than he? to dominion to exercise
He does not than he, and authority,
ُِّ ‫(=أ َ َح‬are).more.entitled
‫ق‬ even have he has not and he is not
ِِ ‫= ِب ْالم ْل‬to.kingship ِ‫= ِم ْنه‬than.him, alth.' He endowed with even
‫ك‬ great we- (even) been gifted,
with wealth in
َِ ْ‫يؤ‬.‫= َولَ ِْم‬and.he.has.not.been.give said, 'God abundant we- abundance?"
n ً‫ة‬
has chosen alth?" (The He said: "Al-
ِ َ‫سع‬َ =abundance َِ‫= ِمن‬of him over prophet) rep- lah hath
ِِ ‫[= ْال َما‬the].wealth?` ‫ل‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, you, and has lied: "Behold, Chosen him
given him God has exal- above you,
َِ ِ‫`=إ‬Indeed, ‫اّلل‬
‫ن‬ ََِ =Allah great ted him above and hath gif-
ِ‫ط ٰفه‬ َ ‫ص‬ ْ ‫=ا‬has.chosen.him knowledge you, and en- ted him
and stature. dowed him abundantly
‫علَيْك ِْم‬ َ =over.you God grants abundantly with
His authority with knowled- knowledge
‫= َوزَ ادَهۥ‬and.increased.him to whoever ge and bodily and bodily
ً‫ط ِة‬ َ ‫= َب ْس‬abundantly ‫=فِى‬in He pleases: perfection. And prowess: Al-
God is mag- God bestows lah Granteth
‫[= ْال ِع ْل ِِم‬the].knowledge nanimous, His dominion His authority
‫= َو ْال ِجس ِِْم‬and.[the].physique. all knowing.' upon whom He to whom He
wills: for God pleaseth. Al-
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah ‫=يؤْ تِى‬gives
‫اّلل‬ is infinite, all- lah careth for
knowing." all, and He
‫=م ْل َكهۥ‬His.kingdom ‫(= َمن‬to).whom knoweth all
ِ‫شآء‬ َ ‫= َي‬He.wills. ‫اّلل‬
َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah things."

ِ‫(= ٰو ِسع‬is).All-Encompassing,
ِ‫ع ِليم‬ َ =All-Knowing.`
َِ ‫= َوقَا‬And.said ‫=لَه ِْم‬to.them
2. Their prop- And their And (further)
248 ‫ل‬
het said to prophet said their Prophet
‫=نَ ِبيُّه ِْم‬their.Prophet, ‫ن‬ َِ ‫`= ِإ‬Indeed, them, 'The unto them: said to them:
sign of his "Behold, it "A Sign of his
َ‫= َءايَ ِة‬a.sign authority will shall be a sign authority is
‫(=م ْل ِك ِه ِٓۦ‬of).his.kingship be that the of his (rightful) that there
Ark (of the dominion that shall come to
‫(=أَن‬is).that Covenant) you will be you the Ark
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

‫= َيأْتِ َيك ِم‬will.come.to.you will come to granted a he- of the cove-

you. In it the- art endowed nant, with (an
ِ‫=التَابوت‬the.ark, ‫=فِي ِِه‬in.it re will be by your Susta- assurance)
(the gift of) iner with inner therein of se-
ِ‫س ِكينَة‬ َ =(is).a.tranquility ‫= ِمن‬from tranquillity peace and with curity from
‫= َربِك ِْم‬your.Lord, from your all that is en- your Lord,
Lord and re- during in the and the relics
ِ‫= َوبَ ِقيَة‬and.a.remnant ‫= ِم َما‬of.what lics of the angel-borne left by the
َِ ‫(=ت َ َر‬was).left
‫ك‬ followers of heritage left family of Mo-
Moses and behind by the ses and the
ِ‫(= َءال‬by.the).family Aaron, car- House of Mo- family of Aa-
ried by the ses and the ron, carried
‫(=موسٰ ى‬of).Musa angels. The- House of Aa- by angels. In
ِ‫= َو َءال‬and.family re is a sign ron. Herein, this is a
in this for behold, there symbol for
َِ‫(= ٰهرون‬of).Harun you if you shall indeed be you if ye in-
believe.' a sign for you deed have
ِ‫=ت َ ْح ِمله‬will.carry.it if you are faith."
ِ‫= ْال َم ٰلٓئِ َكة‬the.Angels. ‫ن‬ َِ ِ‫=إ‬Indeed, (truly) belie-
َِ ‫= ٰذ ِل‬that
‫= ِفى‬in ‫ك‬
ً‫(= َْلَيَ ِة‬is).surely.a.sign ‫=لَك ِْم‬for.you
‫=إِن‬if ‫=كنتم‬you.are
َِ‫= ُّمؤْ ِم ِنين‬believers.`
َ َ‫=فَل‬Then.when ‫ل‬ َ َ‫=ف‬set.out When
2. Talut And when Saul When Talut
249 ‫ما‬ َِ ‫ص‬ set out with set out with his set forth with
ِ‫طالوت‬ َ =Talut his forces, forces, he the armies,
‫= ِب ْالجنو ِِد‬with.the.forces he said to said: "Behold, he said: "Al-
them, 'God God will now lah will test
َِ ‫=قَا‬he.said, ‫ن‬
‫ل‬ َِ ‫`= ِإ‬Indeed, will test you try you by a ri- you at the
with a river. ver: he who stream: if any
ََِ =Allah ‫=م ْبت َ ِليكم‬will.test.you Anyone who shall drink of it drinks of its
drinks from it will not belong water, He
ِ‫= ِب َن َهر‬with.a.river. will not be- to me, whe- goes not with
‫=فَ َمن‬So.whoever ‫ب‬ َِ ‫=ش َِر‬drinks long with reas he who my army:
me, but an- shall refrain Only those
ِ‫= ِم ْنه‬from.it ‫ْس‬ َِ ‫=فَلَي‬then.he.is.not yone who from tasting it - who taste not
‫= ِم ِنى‬from.me, ‫= َو َمن‬and.whoever refrains from he, indeed, will of it go with
‫(=لَ ِْم‬does).not ِ‫ط َع ْمه‬ ْ َ‫=ي‬taste.it tasting it will belong to me; me: A mere
belong with but forgiven sip out of the
‫=فَإِنَهۥ‬then.indeed,.he me; if he shall be he
scoops up who shall
hand is
excused." but
ِٓ ‫(= ِم ِن‬is).from.me ‫ل‬
‫ى‬ َِ ِ‫=إ‬except just one scoop up but a they all drank
handful (he single hand- of it, except a
ِِ ‫= َم‬whoever ‫ف‬
‫ن‬ َِ ‫=ا ْغت َ َر‬takes will be excu- ful." However, few. When
ً‫(=غ ْرفَ ِة‬in.the).hollow sed).' But save for a few they crossed
they all of them, they the river,- He
ِ‫(=بِيَ ِدهِۦ‬of).his.hand.` drank (deep) all drank (their and the faith-
‫=فَش َِربوا‬Then.they.drank from it, fill) of it. And ful ones with
except for a as soon as he him,- they
ِ‫= ِم ْنه‬from.it ‫ل‬ َِ ِ‫=إ‬except few. When and those who said: "This
he crossed it had kept faith day We can-
ً‫ل‬ ِ ‫=قَ ِلي‬a.few ‫= ِم ْنه ِْم‬of.them. with those with him had not cope with
‫=فَلَ َما‬Then.when who had crossed the ri- Goliath and
kept faith, ver, the others his forces."
‫ه َِو‬.‫= َج َاوزَ هۥ‬he.crossed.it they said, said: "No but those
َِ‫= َوالذِين‬and.those.who 'We have no strength have who were
strength to- we today (to convinced
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believed ‫= َمعَهۥ‬with.him, day against stand up) aga- that they
Goliath and inst Goliath must meet
‫=قَالوا‬they.said, ‫ل‬ َِ =`No his warriors.' and his for- Allah, said:
َ‫طاقَ ِة‬ َ =strength ‫=لَنَا‬for.us But those ces!" (Yet) "How oft, by
who knew those who Allah´s will,
‫= ْاليَ ْو َِم‬today that they we- knew with cer- Hath a small
re going to tainty that they force vanqu-
َِ ‫= ِب َجال‬against.Jalut
‫وت‬ meet their were destined ished a big
ِ‫= َوجنو ِدهِۦ‬and.his.troops.` Lord said, to meet God, one? Allah is
'How often a replied: "How with those
َِ ‫=قَا‬Said َِ‫= ِالَذِين‬those.who
‫ل‬ small force often has a who stead-
َِ‫=يَظنُّون‬were.certain has defeated small host
a large army overcome a vere."
fastly perse-

‫=أَنَهم‬that.they with God's great host by

‫(= ُّملقوا‬would).meet ‫اّلل‬ َِِ =Allah, permission! God's leave!
God is with For God is with
‫`= َكم‬How.many ‫= ِمن‬of those who those who are
are stead- patient in ad-
ِ‫قَ ِليلَة‬.ِ‫= ِفئَة‬a.small.company fast.' versity."
ِْ َ‫غلَب‬
‫ت‬ َ =overcame
ً ‫يرِة‬ َ ‫ َك ِث‬.ً‫=فِئ َ ِة‬a.large.company
ِِ ‫= ِبإ ِ ْذ‬by.(the).permission
ِِ َ =(of).Allah. ‫اّلل‬
‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah
‫(= َم َِع‬is).with
َِ‫ص ِب ِرين‬ ّٰ ‫=ال‬the.patient.ones.`
َ َ‫= َول‬And.when
2. And when And when they When they
250 ‫ما‬
they met Go- came face to advanced to
‫=بَ َرزوا‬they.went.forth liath and his face with Goli- meet Goliath
warriors, ath and his and his for-
َِ ‫= ِل َجال‬to.(face).Jalut
‫وت‬ they said, forces, they ces, they
‫= َوجنو ِدهِۦ‬and.his.troops 'Our Lord, prayed: "O our prayed: "Our
pour patien- Sustainer! Lord! Pour
‫=قَالوا‬they.said, ٓ ‫`= َربَنَِا‬Our.Lord! ce on us, Shower us out cons-
ِْ ‫=أ َ ْف ِر‬Pour ‫علَ ْينَا‬
‫غ‬ َ =on.us make us with patience tancy on us
stand firm, in adversity, and make
‫صب ًْرا‬ َ =patience and help us and make firm our steps
against the our steps, and firm: Help us
ِْ ‫= َوثَ ِب‬and.make.firm
‫ت‬ disbelievers,' succour us against those
‫=أقدَا َمنَا‬our.feet, َ against the that reject fa-
people who ith."
‫= َوانص ْرنَا‬and.help.us deny the
‫علَى‬ َ =against truth!"

َِ‫ ْال ٰك ِف ِرين‬.‫= ْالقَ ْو ِِم‬the.disbelieving.pe


‫=فَ َهزَ موهم‬So.they.defeated.them and

2. so with And there- By Allah´s
God's per- upon, by God's will they rou-
ِِ ‫= ِبإ ِ ْذ‬by.(the).permission
‫ن‬ mission they leave, they ro- ted them;
َِ =of.Allah, ‫ل‬ َِ َ ‫= َوقَت‬and.killed defeated uted them.
them. David And David
and David
slew Goliath;
ِ‫=دَاوۥد‬Dawood ‫وت‬ َِ ‫= َجال‬Jalut, killed Goli- slew Goliath; and Allah
ath, and God and God bes- gave him
َِ .ِ‫= َو َءا ٰته‬and.Allah.gave.him gave him towed upon power and
َِ ‫= ْالم ْل‬the.kingdom
‫ك‬ sovereignty him dominion, wisdom and
and wisdom and wisdom, taught him
َِ‫= َو ْال ِح ْك َمة‬and.the.wisdom and taught and imparted whatever (el-
‫علَ َمهۥ‬
him what He to him the se) He willed.
َ ‫= َو‬and.taught.him pleased. If knowledge of And did not
‫= ِم َما‬that.which ِ‫شآء‬ َ ‫= َي‬He.willed. God did not whatever He Allah Check
drive some willed. And if one set of
َِ ‫= َولَ ْو‬And.if.not
‫ل‬ back by me- God had not people by
َِ .ِ‫(=دَ ْفع‬for).Allah`s.repelling
ِ‫اّلل‬ ans of others enabled peop- means of
the earth le to defend another, the
َِ َ‫[=الن‬the].people.-
‫اس‬ would be themselves earth would
completely against one indeed be full
‫ضه م‬ َ ‫=بَ ْع‬some.of.them corrupt, but another, cor- of mischief:
ِ‫= ِب َب ْعض‬with.others, God is bo- ruption would But Allah is
untiful to all. surely full of bounty
ِ‫ ْاْل َ ْرض‬.‫ت‬ ِِ َ‫سد‬ َ َ‫=لَف‬certainly.the.eart overwhelm the to all the
h.(would.have.been).corrupted, earth: but God worlds.
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫[= َو ٰل ِك َن‬and].but ‫اّلل‬ ََِ =Allah is limitless in

His bounty un-
ِ‫فَضْل‬.‫(=ذو‬is).Possessor.of.bounty to all the

َ =to َِ‫= ْالعٰ لَ ِمين‬the.worlds.

َِ ‫= ِت ْل‬These
2. These are THESE are These are
252 ‫ك‬
the revelati- God's messa- the Signs of
ِ‫(= َء ٰايت‬are.the).Verses ons of God ges: We con- Allah: we re-
which We vey them unto hearse them
َِِ =(of).Allah,
‫اّلل‬ recite to you thee, (O Prop- to thee in
‫=نَتْلوهَا‬We.recite.them (Muham- het,) setting truth: verily
mad) with forth the truth- Thou art one
َِ ‫علَي‬
‫ْك‬ َ =to.you the truth, for, verily, thou of the mes-
ِِ ‫= ِب ْال َح‬in.[the].truth.
‫ق‬ and you truly art among tho- sengers.
are one of se who have
َِ َ‫= َو ِإن‬And.indeed,.you
‫ك‬ the messen- been entrusted
gers. with a messa-
َِ‫(=لَ ِمن‬are).surely.of ge.
َِ‫س ِلين‬ َ ‫ر‬ ْ ‫م‬ ْ
‫ال‬ =the.Messengers.

َِ ‫=تِ ْل‬These.(are).the.Messe We
2. favoured Some of these Those mes-
253 ِ ‫الرسل‬ ُّ .‫ك‬ some of the- apostles have sengers We
ngers ‫=فَض َْلنَا‬We.(have).preferred se messen- We endowed endowed
gers above more highly with gifts,
‫ضه ِْم‬ َ ‫= َب ْع‬some.of.them others. God than others: some above
‫على‬ ٰ َ =over ‫ض‬ ِ ‫=بَ ْع ا‬others. spoke to among them others: To
some; others were such one of them
‫= ِم ْنهم‬Among.them He raised in as.were spo- Allah spoke;
rank; We ken to by God others He ra-
‫(= َمن‬were.those.with).whom gave Jesus, (Himself), and ised to deg-
َِ .‫= َكلَ َِم‬Allah.spoke,
‫اّلل‬ son of Mary, some He has rees (of ho-
Our clear raised yet hig- nour); to Je-
‫= َو َرفَ َِع‬and.He.raised signs and her.' And We sus the son
‫ضه ِْم‬ َ ‫=بَ ْع‬some.of.them strengthened vouchsafed of Mary We
him with the unto Jesus, gave clear
ِ‫(=دَ َرجٰ ت‬in).degrees. holy spirit. If the son of (Signs), and
God had so Mary, all evi- strengthened
‫= َو َءات َ ْينَا‬And.We.gave willed, their dence of the him with the
‫سى‬ َ ‫= ِعي‬Isa, َِ‫=ابْن‬son successors truth, and holy spirit. If
would not strengthened Allah had so
‫(= َم ْر َي َِم‬of).Maryam, have fought him with holy willed, suc-
ِِ ‫=البَ ِين‬the.clear.proofs
‫ت‬ ٰ ْ each other inspiration. ceeding ge-
after they And if God had nerations
ِ‫= َوأَيَد ْٰنه‬and.We.supported.him had been so willed, they would not
brought clear who succee- have fought
ِِ ‫= ِبر‬with.Spirit
‫وح‬ signs. But ded those among each
ِ ِ ‫[= ْالقد‬the].Holy. ‫= َولَ ِْو‬And.if they disag- (apostles) other, after
reed: some would not have clear (Signs)
َِ .‫شا ٓ َِء‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =Allah.(had).willed believed and contended with had come to
‫ل‬ ْ
َِ َ ‫اقتَت‬.‫(= َما‬would.have).not.fought.ea some disbe- one another them, but
lieved. If after all evi- they (chose)
ch.other َِ‫=الَذِين‬those.who God had so dence of the to wrangle,
‫ َب ْع ِد ِهم‬.ِ‫(= ِمن‬came).after.them, willed, they truth had come some belie-
would not to them; but ving and ot-
‫ َب ْع ِِد‬.ِ‫= ِمن‬after ‫[= َما‬what] have fought (as it was,) hers rejec-
each other, they did take ting. If Allah
ِ‫= َجا ٓ َءتْهم‬came.to.them but God to divergent had so wil-
ِ‫=البَ ِينت‬the.clear.proofs. ٰ ْ does what views, and led, they
He will. some of them would not
ِِ ‫[= َو ٰل ِك‬And].but
‫ن‬ attained to fa- have fought
‫اختَلَفوا‬ ْ =they.differed, ith, while some each other;
of them came but Allah Ful-
‫[=فَ ِم ْنهم‬so].of.them to deny the filleth His
truth. Yet if plan.
ِْ ‫(= َم‬are.some).who
‫ن‬ God had so
َِ‫= َءا َمن‬believed willed, they
would not have
‫= َو ِم ْنهم‬and.of.them contended with
one another:
‫(= َمن‬are.some).who ‫= َكفَ َِر‬denied. but God does
َ‫= َول ِْو‬And.if whatever He
َِ .‫شا ٓ َِء‬
‫اّلل‬ َ =Allah.(had).willed
‫ا ْقتَتَلوا‬.‫= َما‬they.(would.have).not.fou
ght.each.other, ‫ن‬ َِ ‫[= َو ٰل ِك‬and].but
ََِ =Allah ِ‫= َي ْف َعل‬does ‫= َما‬what
ِ‫=ي ِريد‬He.intends.
َ ُّ‫= ٰيٓأَي‬O.you َِ‫=الَذِين‬who
2. You who be- O YOU who O ye who be-
254 ‫ها‬
lieve, give have attained lieve! Spend
‫= َءا َمن ٓوا‬believe[d]! ‫=أَن ِفقوا‬Spend from what to faith! Spend out of (the
We have (in Our way) bounties) We
‫= ِم َما‬of.what provided for out of what We have provi-
‫= َرزَ ْق ٰنكم‬We.(have).provided.you, you, before have granted ded for you,
the Day co- you as suste- before the
ِِ ‫قَ ْب‬.‫= ِمن‬before ‫=أَن‬that
‫ل‬ mes when nance ere the- Day comes
َِ ِ‫=يَأت‬comes ِ‫= َي ْوم‬a.Day ‫ل‬
‫ى‬ َ
ِ =no there is no re come a Day when no
bargaining, when there will bargaining
ِ‫= َبيْع‬bargaining ‫= ِفي ِِه‬in.it no friends- be no bargai- (Will avail),
َِ ‫= َو‬and.no ِ‫=خلَة‬friendship
‫ل‬ hip, and no ning, and no nor friends-
intercession. friendship, and hip nor inter-
َ‫ل‬ ٰ
ِ ‫= َو‬and.no ِ‫=شَفعَة‬intercession. It is the dis- no interces- cession.
believers sion. And they Those who
َِ‫= َو ْال ٰك ِفرون‬And.the.deniers.- who are who deny the reject Faith
wrong. truth -it is they they are the
ِ‫=هم‬they who are evil- wrong-doers.
َِ‫ظ ِلمون‬ ّٰ ‫(=ال‬are).the.wrongdoers. doers!

َِٓ =(there.is).no
2. God: there is GOD - there is Allah! There
255 ‫اّلل‬ َِ =Allah.- ‫ل‬ no god but no deity save is no god but
َ‫= ِإ ٰل ِه‬God ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬except ‫=ه َِو‬Him, Him, the Him, the Ever- He,-the Li-
ُِّ ‫= ْال َح‬the.Ever-Living,
‫ى‬ Ever Living, Living, the
the Ever
ving, the
Self-Subsistent Self-
ِ‫= ْالقَيُّوم‬the.Sustainer.of.all.that.exists Watchful. Fount of All subsisting,
Neither Being. Neither Eternal. No
. ‫ل‬ َِ =Not ‫=تَأْخذهۥ‬overtakes.Him slumber nor slumber over- slumber can
ِ‫= ِسنَة‬slumber ‫ل‬ َِ ‫[= َو‬and].not sleep over- takes Him, nor seize Him
takes Him. sleep. His is all nor sleep.
ِ‫=ن َْوم‬sleep. ‫=لَهۥ‬To.Him.(belongs) All that is in that is in the His are all
the heavens heavens and things in the
‫= َما‬what(ever) ‫(=فِى‬is).in and in the all that is on heavens and
ِِ ‫=السَمٰ ٰو‬the.heavens
‫ت‬ earth be- earth. Who is on earth.
longs to Him. there that co- Who is there
‫= َو َما‬and.what(ever) ‫(=فِى‬is).in Who is there uld intercede can intercede
ِ ِ ‫= ْاْل َ ْر‬the.earth. ‫= َمن‬Who that
‫ض‬ can in- with Him, un- in His pre-
tercede with less it be by sence except
‫الَذِى‬.‫(=ذَا‬is).the.one.who Him except His leave? He as He permit-
by His lea- knows all that teth? He
ِ‫(=يَ ْشفَع‬can).intercede ve? He lies open befo- knoweth
ٓ‫= ِعندَهۥ‬with.Him ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬except knows what re men and all what (appea-
is before that is hidden reth to His
ِ‫=بِإ ِ ْذنِ ِهۦ‬by.His.permission. them and from them, creatures as)
ِ‫= َي ْعلَم‬He.knows ‫= َما‬what what is be- whereas they before or af-
hind them, cannot attain ter or behind
‫أ َ ْيدِي ِه ِْم‬.َِ‫(=بَيْن‬is).before.them but they do to aught of His them. Nor
not compre- knowledge sa- shall they
‫= َو َما‬and.what hend any of ve that which compass
‫(=خَلفَه ِْم‬is).behind.them. His He wills (them aught of His
knowledge to attain). His knowledge
َِ ‫= َو‬And.not
‫ل‬ except what eternal power except as He
He wills. His overspreads willeth. His
َِ‫=ي ِحيطون‬they.encompass throne the heavens Throne doth
ِ‫ش ْىء‬ َ ‫= ِب‬anything ‫ن‬ ِْ ‫= ِم‬of extends over and the earth, extend over
Word for Word (S.Shaikh/K.Khatri) A.Haleem M.Asad Yusuf Ali

ِ‫= ِع ْل ِم ِه ٓۦ‬His.Knowledge ‫ل‬ َِ ‫= ِإ‬except the heavens and their up- the heavens
and the holding wea- and the
‫[=بِ َما‬of].what ‫شا ٓ َِء‬ َ =He.willed. earth; it does ries Him not. earth, and
not weary And he alone He feeleth no
‫= َو ِس َِع‬Extends Him to pre- is truly exalted, fatigue in gu-
ِ‫=ك ْر ِسيُّه‬His.Throne serve them tremendous. arding and
both. He is preserving
ِِ ‫(=السَمٰ ٰو‬to).the.heavens
‫ت‬ the Most them for He
‫ض‬ َ
َِ ‫= َو ْاْل ْر‬and.the.earth. High, the is the Most
Tremen- High, the
َِ ‫= َو‬And.not ‫=يَــُٔودهۥ‬tires.Him dous.
‫ل‬ Supreme (in
ِ‫(= ِح ْفظه َما‬the).guarding.of.both.of.th
em. ‫و‬ َِ ‫= َوه‬And.He
ُِّ ‫(= ْالعَ ِل‬is).the.Most.High,
ِ‫= ْال َع ِظيم‬the.Most.Great.
َِٓ =(There.is).no
2. There is no THERE Let there be
256 ‫ل‬
compulsion SHALL BE no no compul-
َ‫=إِ ْك َراِه‬compulsion ‫=فِى‬in in religion: coercion in sion in reli-
true guidan- matters of fa- gion: Truth
ِِ ‫=الد‬the.religion. ‫=قَد‬Surely ce has be- ith. Distinct stands out
َِ‫=ت َ َبيَن‬has.become.distinct come distinct has now be- clear from
from error, come the right Error: whoe-
ِ‫الر ْشد‬ ُّ =the.right.(path) َِ‫= ِمن‬from so whoever way from (the ver rejects
ِِ ‫= ْالغ‬the.wrong.
‫َى‬ rejects false way of) error: evil and beli-
gods and be- hence, he who eves in Allah
‫=فَ َمن‬Then.whoever lieves in God rejects the hath grasped
has grasped powers of evil the most
‫= َي ْكف ِْر‬disbelieves the firmest and believes in trustworthy
ِِ ‫طغو‬
‫ت‬ ّٰ
ِ ‫=بِال‬in.false.deities hand-hold, God has in- hand-hold,
one that will deed taken that never
ِ‫= َويؤْ ِمن‬and.believes never break. hold of a sup- breaks. And
َِِ ‫= ِب‬in.Allah, ‫=فَقَ ِِد‬then.surely God
‫اّلل‬ is all port most unfa- Allah heareth
hearing and iling, which and knoweth
َِ ‫س‬
‫ك‬ َ ‫=ا ْست َ ْم‬he.grasped all knowing. shall never gi- all things.
‫= ِب ْالع ْر َوِِة‬the.handhold.-
ve way: for
God is all-
ٰ ْ
‫[=الوثقى‬the].firm, ْ hearing, all-
َِ ‫ص‬
‫ام‬ َ ‫ان ِف‬.‫ل‬ َِ =(which.will).not.break
ِ‫[=لَ َها‬for.it]. ‫اّلل‬ َِ ‫= َو‬And.Allah
ِ‫س ِميع‬ َ =(is).All-Hearing, ِ‫ع ِليم‬ َ =All-
2. God is the God is near Allah is the
257 ِ‫اّلل‬ َ =Allah ally of those unto those Protector of
ُِّ ‫(= َو ِل‬is.the).Protecting.Guardian who believe: who have faith, those who
َِ‫(=الَذِين‬of).those.who He brings taking them have faith:
them out of out of deep from the
‫= َءا َمنوا‬believe[d]. the depths of darkness into depths of
darkness the light - whe- darkness He
‫=ي ْخ ِرجهم‬He.brings.them.out and into the reas near unto will lead
َِ‫= ِمن‬from ‫ت‬ ِِ ٰ‫الظلم‬ ُّ =[the].darkness light. As for those who are them forth in-
the disbelie- bent on den- to light. Of
‫= ِإلَى‬towards ‫ور‬ ِِ ُّ‫[=الن‬the].light. vers, their al- ying the truth those who
َِ‫= َوالَذِين‬And.those.who
lies are false are the powers reject faith
gods who of evil that take the patrons
‫=كفر ٓوا‬disbelieve(d) َ َ take them them out of the are the evil
from the light light into dark- ones: from
ِ‫=أ َ ْو ِليَآؤهم‬their.guardians into the ness deep: it is light they will
ِ‫طغوت‬ ّٰ ‫(=ال‬are).the.evil.ones, depths of they who are lead them
darkness, destined for forth into the
‫=ي ْخ ِرجونَهم‬they.bring.them.out they are the the fire, therein depths of
inhabitants to abide. darkness.
َِ‫= ِمن‬from ‫ور‬ ِِ ُّ‫=الن‬the.light of the Fire, They will be
‫=إِلى‬towardsَ and there companions
they will re- of the fire, to
ِِ ٰ‫الظلم‬
‫ت‬ ُّ =the.darkness. main. dwell therein
‫ك‬ ٓ
َِ ِ‫=أ ْو ٰلئ‬Those (For ever).

ِ‫صحٰ ب‬ ْ َ ‫(=أ‬are.the).companions
ِِ َ‫(=الن‬of).the.Fire, ‫=ه ِْم‬they
‫=فِي َها‬in.it
َِ‫= ٰخ ِلدون‬will.abide.forever.
ِْ َ‫=أَل‬Did.not ‫=ت َ َِر‬you.see
2. (Prophet), ART THOU Hast thou not
258 ‫م‬
have you not NOT aware of Turned thy
‫[=إِلَى‬towards] ‫=الَذِى‬the.one.who thought that (king) who vision to one
about the argued with who disputed
َِ ٓ ‫= َحا‬argued
‫ج‬ man who Abraham with Abra-
‫(= ِإب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـ َِم‬with).Ibrahim disputed with about his Sus- ham About
Abraham tainer, (simply) his Lord, be-
‫=فِى‬concerning ‫= َربِ ِه ِٓۦ‬his.Lord, about his because God cause Allah
ِْ َ ‫=أ‬because
‫ن‬ Lord, becau- had granted had granted
se God had him kingship? him power?
َِ .ِ‫= َءا ٰته‬Allah.gave.him
‫اّلل‬ given him Lo! Abraham Abraham
َِ ‫= ْالم ْل‬the.kingdom? ِْ‫= ِإذ‬When le? When tainer is He Lord is He
power to ru- said: "My Sus- said: "My
ِ‫ ِإبْرِٰ ِهـ ۧـم‬.‫ل‬ َِ ‫=قَا‬Ibrahim.said, Abraham who grants life Who Giveth
said, 'It is my and deals de- life and de-
َِ ِ‫`= َرب‬My.Lord
‫ى‬ Lord who gi- ath." (The ath." He said:
‫(=الذِى‬is).the.One.Who ves life and king) replied: "I "I give life
death,' he (too) grant life and death".
‫=ي ْح ِىۦ‬grants.life said, 'I too and deal de- Said Abra-
give life and ath!" Said Ab- ham: "But it
ِ‫= َوي ِميت‬and.causes.death.` death.' So raham: "Verily, is Allah that
َِ ‫=قَا‬He.said, ‫`=أنَا‬I
‫ل‬ َ Abraham God causes causeth the
said, 'God the sun to rise sun to rise
‫=أ ْح ِىۦ‬give.life brings the in the east; from the
sun from the cause it, then, east: Do thou
ِ‫= َوأ ِميت‬and.cause.death.` east; so to rise in the then cause
َِ ‫=قَا‬Said ِ‫=إِب ْٰر ِهـ ۧـم‬Ibrahim,