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Sponsorship Proposal

Bikes on RENT

Sub: Proposal for sponsorship, to support us and to be a part of our event.

Innovative Automotive Club of India is an organization, who dreams to

motivate and enhance the youth’s talent of India and spread it to all over
the world.

It was started by young Automobile Engineers in 2016 with only one

motive “LIVE YOUR PASSION”. In which we love what we do, it’s who
we are.

Our goal is to create work that is honest, Solutions that are exploratory,
educational and inspirational. Creative that is conceptually interesting
and virtually stunning so.

Inspired and motivated by success and failures of participations in

various championships previously, the Club Innovative Automotive Club
set a benchmark and won two National Go kart Championship.

Jaipur Street Karting Cup’s main motive is to design a safe and

functional vehicle and to spread awareness of Automotive Technologies in

Let’s work together.


Brand awareness
 Logo on Go-Karts
 Flexi on Event sites
 Flexi on Track sites
 Logo on t-shirts, hoodies and all other merchandise
of Organizing Committee
 Mention of brand in all event videos
 Brand logo seen on Go-Kart at race track and races
broadcast live.
 Brand logo seen promotional video.

Social media strategy

 Posts of brand logo on social media outlets
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.
 Brand logo and company website link promotion.

Logo on T-shirts

1,00,000/- 75,000/- 50,000/- 25,000/- 5,000/-

BENEFITS (Title) (Platinum) (Gold) (Silver)
Logo on T-shirts     
Social media     
Banners    
Logo on Go-Kart    

The position of the logos on the GO-KARTS as well as on the T-Shirt is as per given in the pictorial model of our the clothing, the sizes
of the logo must be discussed.

Dear Partner in Sponsorship,

This is a flexible proposition in that we are open to any variation of

requests or inquiries for different ways we can add value to your
company. We would like to maximize the benefit this partnership has
for both parties.

The Jaipur Street Karting Cup appreciate your time invested in this
partnership and look forward to working with you in this Event.

Contact us to discuss how this partnership can be tailored to best

meet your marketing goals. We are open any and all requests you
may have to add or modify what the partnership entails. Give us a
call or email to discuss how we can work together to make the
upcoming race season a success for Jaipur Street Karting Cup as
well as SPONSOR.

Thank you for your time and consideration, we look forward to

hearing from you.
Email ID:jacky.jv.15@gmail.com

Email ID:patidarhimanshu392@gmail.com

Email ID:yashsuthar2009@gmail.com
Excel Technovation CLUB
Pvt. Ltd. live your passion

Feb. 2018
cash price
Karting Cup INDIA

Yo Are THE
u Champ
Biggest event in Rajasthan

Total of 35 titles

Online registration

Online virtual round

No elimination for virtual

Free workshop

Driver training program

B - 101, Sumer Complex Satyandra Singh Janardan Vyas Yash Kumar HimanshuPatidar
(Project Manager) (President) (Secretary) (Manager)
Gautam Marg, C-Scheme
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Jaipur-302001 (Raj.) satyandra@exceltechnovation.com jacky.jv.15@gmail.com yashsuthar2009@gmail.com patidarhimanshu392@gmail.com