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Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity

San Luis Obispo, CA 93405

For immediate release:

April 8​th​, 2018 San Luis Obispo, California – ​On behalf of the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha,
we would like to sincerely apologize for any harm caused by the photograph taken at a
brotherhood event that occurred on April 7​th​, 2018.

As a fraternity that prides itself on professionalism, involvement with campus and leadership
throughout the community, we take full responsibility for the lack of regard when dressing up for
our most recent event. This event was a competition between teams in which each team was
represented by a different color (i.e. Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow). Similar to high school
spirit rallies and collegiate student sections, members dressed up in support of their specific
team. We are extremely sorry and embarrassed for failing to recognize the racial impacts this
brought forth. The representation depicted in the photograph was absolutely unacceptable by our
standards as it had a negative influence on surrounding members of our community. Although it
was not our intention to stir up racial tension, we understand the negative impact this picture had
on our peers.

We are currently working with our local community to amend the discrepancies this photo has
caused. We are committed to further educating ourselves and becoming more aware of actions
that better align with the true values Lambda Chi Alpha represents. Our brotherhood fully
embraces the importance of diversity and inclusivity, both within our local chapter and with the
Cal Poly campus as a whole. Further steps will be taken with Cal Poly to ensure our members
are fostering a healthy community of diversity and inclusivity. Again, we are deeply sorry for the
unintentional harm we created through the photograph and we are committed to doing everything
we can to ensure that nothing of this nature will ever happen again.


Lambda Chi Alpha

Phi Sigma Zeta Chapter