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School of Education Term (check one):

Early Childhood Methods Appraisal Form Fall____x___

Methods Courses (Check all that apply): Spring______
[___x__EDU 330 _x____EDU 323 __x___EDU 333] Year: 2016____
[_____EDU 334 _____EDU 337]

Teacher Candidate: _____Erin Roth Zifchek_____________________________________________________________________

Form Completed by (select one): Cooperating Teacher X University Supervisor

Cooperating Teacher: Megan Hamzik University Supervisor: Mary-Jo Koliha

School: Ascension Academy District: Cleveland Catholic Diocese

Subject(s) Observed: Social Studies Grade(s): 1/2

Date: 11/14/16

Using the following scale, please give an overall rating of the candidate’s performance for each standard.
OSTP = Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession; NAEYC = National Association for the Education of Young Children

3 = Above Expectations 2 = At Expectations 1 = Below Expectations N/A = Not observed

NAEYC STANDARD 1. Promoting child development and learning

__2__ 1. Understands characteristics and needs of young children. (1a) - OSTP 1.1
__2_ 2. Uses knowledge of development to create healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging learning
environments. (1c) - OSTP 1.2

NAEYC STANDARD 3. Observing, documenting, and assessing to support young children and families

N/A_3. Knows about and uses observation, documentation, and other appropriate assessment tools and approaches,
including the use of technology in documentation, assessment and data collection. (3b)

_N/A_4. Knows about assessment partnerships with families and with professional colleagues to build effective
learning environments. (3d)

NAEYC STANDARD 4. Using developmentally effective approaches

__2__5. Understands positive relationships and supportive interactions as the foundation of their work with young
children. (4a) - OSTP 1.3
__3__6. Knows and understands effective strategies and tools for early education, including appropriate uses of
technology. (4b)
__3__7. Uses a broad repertoire of developmentally appropriate teaching /learning approaches. (4c)

__2__8. Reflects on own practice to promote positive outcomes for each child. (4d)

NAEYC STANDARD 5. Using content knowledge to build meaningful curriculum

__2__9. Understands content knowledge and resources in academic disciplines: language and literacy; the arts –
music, creative movement, dance, drama, visual arts; mathematics; science; physical activity-physical
education, health and safety; and social studies. (5a) - OSTP 2.1
__2__10. Knows and uses the central concepts, inquiry tools, and structures of content areas or academic disciplines.
(5b) - OSTP 2.2
__2__11. Using own knowledge, appropriate early learning standards, and other resources to design, implement, and
evaluate developmentally meaningful and challenging curriculum for each child. (5c) - OSTP 4.1, 4.3, 4.6

NAEYC STANDARD 6. Becoming a professional

__2__12. Knows about and upholds ethical standards and other early childhood professional guidelines. (6b)

__2__13.Engages in continuous, collaborative learning to inform practice; using technology effectively with young
children, with peers, and as a professional resource. (6c)


__2__14. The candidate treats all students fairly and establishes an environment that is respectful, supportive and
caring. - OSTP 5.5.1
__2__15. The candidate creates an environment that is physically and emotionally safe. - OSTP 5.5.2

__3__16. The candidate exhibits professionalism in the areas of timeliness, attendance, attire, speech, behavior and
__3__17. The candidate prepares thoroughly for field experience assignments (i.e. 24-hour notice to the cooperating
N/A_18. The candidate accepts constructive criticism from the cooperating teacher/university supervisor as a means
to improve teaching and the student learning process.
N/A__19. The candidate adjusts behavior when provided with new information or previous experience from the
cooperating teacher and/or university supervisor.
__2__ 20. The candidate exhibits an enthusiasm for teaching.

Describe your rationale for scores of 3. Identify the substandard (1-20) followed by the candidate’s areas of strength:

#6. This candidate designed a thoughtful and challenging lesson for her students. The lesson was delivered with
enthusiasm and energy. She employed technology throughout the lesson and included interactive work for the
children. Additionally, opportunities were created to tie in science and math. I am very impressed with Mrs. Zifchek.

#7. Mrs. Zifchek employed group, partner and individual work in this lesson. Technology was strong and varied.
Students were engaged throughout. Activities were appropriate and well timed. Students were not bored!

Describe your rationale for scores of 1. Identify the substandard (1-20) followed by suggested areas for growth:

Check one: The candidate ___X____ IS PREPARED for the next Methods Experience or Clinical Practice.

_______ IS NOT PREPARED for the next Methods Experience or Clinical Practice.

Briefly describe your rationale:

Mrs. Zifchek is impressive! The lesson plan was beyond outstanding with detail and thought. Her classroom presence was unflappable! Students
were engaged throughout the lesson and actively participating. The cooperating teacher reports that Mrs. Zifchek has an excellent presence in the
classroom. I agree! Mrs. Zifchek is one to watch and a welcome addition to our profession.

Form completed by (select one): Cooperating Teacher University Supervisor