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Total Marks: 50 Time Allowed: 60 Minutes

Class V 1 AIMS TALENT 2012-13

10. Find the LCM of 24, 18 and 30.
1. 5, 9, 17, 29, 45, __? (A) 120 (B) 360
(A) 60 (B) 65 (C) 240 (D) none of these
(C) 68 (D) 70
11. Write 751 in Roman numerals?
2. If science means arithmetic, history means (A) CDCLI (B) DCCILI
language, arithmetic means history and (C) DCCLI (D) none of these
language means geography, in which of the
following subjects would you learn about the 12. How many prime numbers are there between
establishment of Swaraj by Mahatma Gandhi? 40 and 60?
(A) Arithmetic (B) Language (A) 11 (B) 9
(C) History (D) none of these (C) 5 (D) none of these

3. Jama Masjid : Delhi :: Red Square : ? 13. 2 × 0.5 + 9 ÷ 0.3 + 10 × 0.92 = ?

(A) London (B) Hyderabad (A) 31.20 (B) 40.20
(C) Delhi (D) Moscow (C) 33.00 (D) none of these

4. If TAP is coded as SZO, then how is FREEZE 14. Find value of ‘a’ when:
coded? 8 × 37 = (8 × 30) + (8 × a)?
(A) EQDDYG(B) GQFFYF (A) 7 (B) 8
(C) ESDDYF (D) EQDDYD (C) 30 (D) 35

5. A man is facing South. He turns 135 0 in the 15. A box contains 36 clips. 124 such clips are
anticlockwise direction and then 1800 in the packed in each carton. How many clips will
clockwise direction. Which direction is he 1698 such cartons contain?
facing now? (A) 2,10,552 (B) 4,464
(A) North-East (B) North-West (C) 75,79,872 (D) none of these
(C) South-East (D) South-West
16. Three bells ring at intervals of 10, 15 and 20
MATHEMATICS minutes respectively. The three bells ring
together at 12 O’clock. At what time will they
6. A dealer bought a second hand car for ring together next?
Rs. 45,600. He spent Rs. 8,900 on its repair and (A) 12.30 hrs (B) 12.45 hrs
sold it at a loss of Rs.6,900. At what price did (C) 1 O’clock (D) none of these
he sell the car?
(A) Rs. 54,500 (B) Rs. 47,600 17. A certain number of notebooks were made
(C) Rs. 61,400 (D) none of these from 10,054 sheets of paper. If one notebook
7. Divide 0.3128 by 0.136. requires 76 sheets, how many sheets were lef
(A) 23 (B) 0.23 unused afer making complete notebooks of 76
(C) 0.023 (D) 2.3 sheets each?
(A) 132 (B) 74
8. 27.8 % = ? (C) 22 (D) none of these
(A) 278 (B) 2.78
(C) 27.8 (D) 0.278 18. What is the predecessor of ‘one million’?
(A) 99999 (B) 9999999
9. Arrange in ascending order and write the last (C) 999999 (D) 1000001
2.056, 1.98, 2.049, 2.057, 0.99 19. I cubic meter = ____ cubic centimeter?
(A) 2.056 (B) 2.057 (A) 100 (B) 1 000 000
(C) 1.98 (D) 0.99 (C) 10000 (D) none of these

Class V 2 AIMS TALENT 2012-13

(C) both of these (D) none of these
20. A triangle with all its sides unequal is a ___
triangle. 31. Involuntary muscles are found in _____.
(A) Isosceles (B) Equilateral (A) Heart (B) Stomach
(C) Scalene (D) none of these (C) Kidney (D) all of these

SCIENCE 32. Farming method practiced in mountains and

hill tops is ___ ?
21. The shoulder joint is a ____ joint. (A) Grafing (B) Terrace farming
(A) Pivot (B) Gliding (C) Transpiration (D) both B & C
(C) Ball & Socket (D) Hinge
33. Which part of a mango tree has the highest
22. _____ is underground stem. potential energy?
(A) Potato (B) Ginger (A) Flower (B) Fruit
(C) both A & B (D) none of these (C) Bud (D) none of these

23. Which of the following are cold blooded 34. Soil erosion occurs due to ___.
animal? (A) Conservation (B) Afforestation
(A) Fishes (B) Amphibians (C) Deforestation (D) all of these
(C) both of these (D) none of these

35. Match the following:

24. Locusts are ____. Column I Column II
(A) Birds (B) Tiger family 1. Vitamin D a. Rickets
(C) Insects (D) Mosquitoes 2. Vitamin B b. Beri-beri
3. Iodine c. Goitre
25. Brass is copper + ___. 4. Iron d. Anaemia
(A) Steel (B) Aluminium
(C) Iron (D) Zinc (A) 1-a, 2-b, 3-d, 4-c
(B) 1-a, 2-c, 3-d, 4-b
26. ____ is a millet crop. (C) 1-d, 2-c, 3-a, 4-b
(A) Wheat (B) Bajra (D) none of these
(C) Rice (D) none of these
36. _____ of a substance is the mass contained per
27. Wheel barrow is an example of a ___ class unit volume of the substance.
lever. (A) Gravity (B) Humidity
(A) First (B) Second (C) Solubility (D) Density
(C) Third (D) none of these
37. Granite change to form ___?
28. _____ was the first man made satellite. (A) Quartzite (B) Gneiss
(A) Aryabhatta I (B) Sputnik I (C) Pumice (D) none of these
(C) Apollo I (D) none of these
38. Green leafy vegetables are a good source of
29. Solar eclipse occurs when ______. ___?
(A) Moon comes between Sun & Earth (A) Fats (B) Carbohydrates
(B) Sun comes between Moon & Earth (C) Minerals(D) Proteins
(C) Stars come between Sun & Earth
(D) none of these 39. Light travel through the pupil to the ___ at the
back of our eye.
30. Blubber is found in the body of ___. (A) Eyelids (B) Iris
(A) Seal (B) Yak (C) Retina (D) none of these

Class V 3 AIMS TALENT 2012-13

(C) Oxygen (D) none of these
40. Match the following:
1. Polio (a) Bacteria 46. The weight of the water pushed aside by an
2. Cholera (b) Protozoa object immersed in water is ____ the apparent
3. Malaria (c) Virus loss of weight of the object.
(A) 1-(a), 2-(b), 3-(c) (A) Less than (B) Equal to
(B) 1-(c), 2-(a), 3-(b) (C) More than (D) none of these
(C) 1-(b), 2-(c), 3-(a)
(D) none of these 47. Bats are ___.
(A) Birds (B) Big insects
41. Red blood corpuscles are produced in the (C) Mammals (D) none of these
(A) Heart (B) Blood 48. _____ was an ornithologist.
(C) Kidney (D) Bone marrow (A) Sir J.C. Bose (B) Dr. Salim Ali
(C) Ruskin Bond (D) Gerald Durrell
42. A ____ from a hibiscus plant grows into a new
plant. 49. Match the following:
(A) Leaf (B) Stem 1. Kanha National Park (a) Kerala
(C) Root (D) Flower 2. Kaziranga National Park (b) Assam
3. Periyar Sanctuary (c) J & K
43. Loss of water from the body is called ___. 4. Dachigam National Park (d) M.P.
(A) Decantation (B) Chlorination
(C) Sedimentation (D) Dehydration (A) 1-(d), 2-(b), 3-(a), 4-(c)
(B) 1-(c), 2-(d), 3-(a), 4-(b)
44. The fizz in the colas we drink is actually (C) 1-(d), 2-(c), 3-(a), 4-(b)
dissolved ___. (D) none of these
(A) Oxygen (B) Hydrogen
(C) Carbon Dioxide (D) Sugar 50. ____ is a valuable ‘natural’ resource.
(A) Coal (B) Petroleum
45. ___ gas is used to make glow signs and (C) both A & B (D) none of these
(A) Helium (B) Neon

Class V 4 AIMS TALENT 2012-13

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Class V 5 AIMS TALENT 2012-13

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