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Emily Konkel

(269) 929-6077, konkel.emily@gmail.com

7285 Hampstead Lane, Portage MI 49024  
Michigan Standard Secondary Certificate June 2018
K-12 (Spanish), 6-12 (Biology)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI April 2018
Bachelor of Science in Education with Secondary Certification
• Teaching Major: Spanish
• Teaching Minor: Biology
University of Michigan- Study Abroad, Santiago de Compostela, Spain May-June 2016
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

Community High School, Ann Arbor, MI January 2018-Current
Student Teacher, 9-12th Grade Spanish 2, 3, 4
• Plan, design, and implement thematic units in Spanish 2 and 3 including international travel and navigating the city
• Create activities, assessments, lesson plans, and classroom policies accompanying units taught in a culturally
relevant way, employing authentic resources and using 95% target language
• Implement varying types of lessons including reading, writing, speaking, listening, and group and individual work
through the lens of improving linguistic and cultural proficiency
Forsythe Middle School, Ann Arbor, MI September-December 2017
Teaching Intern, 6th-8th Grade Spanish 1
• Taught a variety of co-planned and independently planned lessons to students at the novice level in Exploratory
Spanish and Spanish 1
• Utilized authentic resources to teach culture and grammar and create an immersive classroom environment
Chelsea High School, Chelsea, MI January-April 2017
Teaching Intern, Spanish 1, 2, and 3
• Planned, taught, and observed lessons in a classroom centered on the TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading
and Storytelling) style of foreign language teaching
Haisley Elementary School, Ann Arbor, MI September 2016- April 2017
Language Teaching Assistant, Ann Arbor Languages Partnership
• Taught Spanish to three third grade classes twice per week for a year, resulting in 75 children learning basic Spanish
• Promoted enthusiasm in cultures and languages amongst Elementary Students by introducing them to the Spanish-
speaking world

Dance Marathon at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI September 2015-January 2018
K-12 Engagement Steering Member/Fundraiser
• Fundraised for pediatric rehabilitation at Mott Children’s Hospital and Beaumont Hospital resulting in personal
fundraising of $1200 and total fundraising of over $500,000 each year
• Engaged with team members on planning ‘mini-marathons’ and fundraising events with local schools for students
ages Kindergarten through 12th grade promoting a service-oriented attitude with students from a young age
University of Michigan News Service, Ann Arbor, MI September 2015 – January 2018
Office Assistant
• Assisted with public relations, including use of Adobe Photoshop, Joomla, and Cision PR, Twitter and Facebook
• Performed reception desk duties such as phone calls, mail, and guest services
Alpha Delta Pi, Ann Arbor, MI September 2014-April 2018
Scholarship Chair/Membership Education Vice President
• Promoted a successful academic atmosphere by planning scholarship events, study hours, and meeting with
struggling members resulting in a chapter grade point average of 3.59 overall
• Lead a team which assumed responsibility for all chapter educational activities resulting in workshops including
mental health awareness, resume building, empowering women workshops, and a chapter retreat for 200 members


• Interests: Travel, hiking, reading, exploring coffee shops
• Skills: Proficient in implementing educational technology applications such as Google Classroom, Kahoot, Quizlet,
EdPuzzle, Peardeck, Seesaw
Emily Konkel
(269) 929-6077, konkel.emily@gmail.com
7285 Hampstead Lane, Portage MI 49024  

Dr. Maria Coolican

Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Michigan- School of Education
• Email: mariajc@umich.ed
• Phone: +1 (734) 417-6806

Bettina Hoops
Lecturer I, University of Michigan- School of Education
• Email: hoopsbe@umich.edu
• Phone: +1 (734) 882-7143

Laurel Landrum
Mentor Teacher, Community High School
• Email: landruml@aaps.k12.mi.us
• Phone: +1 (734) 330-8642

Larissa Czuchnowsky
Mentor Teacher, Forsythe Middle School
• Email: czuchnow@aaps.k12.mi.us
• Phone: +1 (734) 657-1210