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NetApp SnapDrive Data

Management Software
Simplify storage virtualization and management

The Challenge storage for your company, enable flexible

According to ESG*, the top IT priorities and efficient utilization of storage
Improve Efficiency and Agility in 2013 include managing data growth, resources, and improve data and
Automate the provisioning, and backup and recovery. In today’s application availability. SnapDrive
protection, and operational global marketplace, enterprises of all software offers a rich set of capabilities
processes of storage resources in sizes continue to produce enormous to virtualize and enhance storage
physical and virtual environments. amounts of business-critical informa- management for your Microsoft®
tion from a variety of sources. While Windows®, Linux®, and UNIX® environ-
Respond Quickly to Growth trying to keep up with the explosion of ments. SnapDrive tightly integrates with
Expand your storage with little digital information, businesses create your native file system and provides a
or no downtime. cumbersome, expensive-to-maintain layer of abstraction between application
storage infrastructures. This problem data and the physical storage associated
Speed Backup and Restore
is further compounded by customer with that data.
Back up and restore business-
critical data in seconds with demands for always-on, mission- Increase storage utilization
integrated NetApp® Snapshot™ critical applications and expectations
By complementing native disk and
technology. for the highest possible quality of
volume management with virtualization
service. Backing up and protecting this
capabilities, SnapDrive allows you to
Leverage Clustered Data ONTAP business-critical information is vital for
create virtual disks from pools of storage
Take advantage of the benefits maintaining business continuity, adding
that can be distributed among several
of clustered Data ONTAP® with to the pressure on IT.
storage appliances. Storage managed
nondisruptive operations and
How are you dealing with these by SnapDrive appears logically so that
Infinite Volumes.
mounting pressures, especially it looks like it comes from a locally
Increase Availability when budgets and resources are attached storage subsystem, when
and Reliability constrained? in reality the capacity comes from a
Perform on-line cloning and centrally managed pool of networked
replication of production data The Solution storage with enhanced attributes. This
without causing downtime. Take control of data growth server-based virtualization optimizes
and costs your storage utilization and helps you
With SnapDrive® data management to respond quickly to rapidly changing
* ESG “2013 IT Spending Intentions Survey,” by Bill Lundell and John
software from NetApp, you can reduce storage needs.
McKnight, January 2013. the cost and complexity of managing
“One of the key advantages of cloud
architecture is agility—the ability to
rapidly change and scale. SnapDrive
supports agility by enabling rapid,
automated storage provisioning,
protection, and operational processes.”

Add storage seamlessly already allocated to the Windows SnapDrive integrates with the host OS
Your business doesn’t have to stop environment. You can thin provision and automates critical storage tasks—
every time your IT organization needs your block-based storage for long up to the mounting of the file system—
to add more storage. With SnapDrive, periods of time without having storage and integrates with the NetApp data
you can add, delete, map, unmap, and space allocation increase slowly to protection ecosystem to automate the
mirror virtual disks online. You can 100% utilization. Another step you entire protection process. The compat-
expand capacity with limited or no can take to increase storage efficiency ibility of SnapDrive with Data ONTAP
impact on application and system is to use Snapshot copies, which allow features also supports the operational
performance, and you can manage you to protect your data with no efficiency that is a hallmark of cloud
your volumes dynamically. performance impact and minimal architectures.
consumption of storage space.
Manage your storage Speed backup and restore
environment easily Virtualize applications, simplify Your employee productivity, customer
SnapDrive is designed to make manage- management satisfaction, and company reputation
ment simple and intuitive in the SnapDrive extends the capabilities of hinge on the ability of your IT infra-
Windows environment by allowing NetApp SnapManager® software to structure to guard against data loss and
administration through the Microsoft virtual infrastructures. This means that to enable rapid recovery from unforeseen
Management Console or a command you gain common data management events. SnapDrive integrates Snapshot
line. Interactive wizards and easy-to- tools for virtualized and physical servers technology to give you near- instanta-
use interfaces guide administrators and can accelerate the deployment of neous, point-in-time images of application
through all management tasks and existing Windows applications on virtual and user data. These images require
create schedules of operations auto- servers. With SnapDrive, you can minimal disk space and cause minimal
matically. SnapDrive comes with an manage data in virtual machines and or no disruption to service. SnapDrive
intuitive command line for script-based take full advantage of the application- also gives you access to Snapshot
automation in the UNIX environment. specific data management capabilities copies by mounting them as virtual
of SnapManager products. disks. You can use these virtual disks
Boost storage efficiency
Support cloud architecture for routine administrative tasks such
Using storage space more efficiently as online backup, testing of new appli-
is a practical way to control your storage One of the key advantages of cloud
cations, and population of data marts
environment and reduce storage architecture is agility—the ability to
with limited or no downtime to your
expenditures. You can use the space rapidly change and scale. SnapDrive
business-critical information. You can
reclamation capabilities of SnapDrive supports agility by enabling rapid,
restore data in seconds when you use
to increase storage efficiency by automated storage provisioning,
conserving and reusing disk space protection, and operational processes.
NetApp SnapRestore® data recovery Snapshot copies, can be mirrored to s Oracle® Solaris
software with SnapDrive to protect your one or more storage appliances. s HP HP-UX
company’s productivity, customer service Continual updating of mirrors means s IBM AIX
delivery, and reputation. that your data is current and available. s Red Hat Enterprise Linux
This online replication technology s Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise
Support Clustered Data ONTAP
performs intelligent resynchronization s Oracle Enterprise Linux
NetApp Data ONTAP 8 offers two of any data that you modify during
operating modes: clustered Data ONTAP application testing or when recovering
and Data ONTAP operating in 7-mode. from a broken mirror. Learn More
Clustered ONTAP enhances NetApp’s Are you ready to learn more? Visit
storage efficiency by introducing massive Increase reliability http://www.netapp.com/us/products/
scalability through Infinite Volumes Information uptime is of paramount management-software/snapdrive-
and non-disruptive operations, while importance for your mission-critical windows.aspx. You can also visit
7-Mode operation extends the value applications. SnapDrive offers the our community and explore forum
of the Data ONTAP 7G operating system greatest possible level of reliability discussions at https://communities.
onto a 64-bit platform. SnapDrive for these applications by seamlessly netapp.com/community/products_
supports provisioning of storage to host integrating with the operating system- and_solutionshost_side_data_
in Clustered ONTAP as well as in specific cluster manager. SnapDrive management.
7-Mode. It abstracts most of the simplifies management of cluster
Clustered ONTAP intricacies and resources, virtual disks, and Snapshot
presents a simple interface to perform copies in your Microsoft Windows About NetApp
provisioning, backup, and cloning environment, making failover completely NetApp creates innovative storage
operations. In fact, from an interface transparent. SnapDrive also lets you and data management solutions that
perspective, the administrator sees no use a virtual disk as a quorum device. deliver outstanding cost efficiency and
difference between these two modes accelerate business breakthroughs.
of operation. Software and Platforms Discover our passion for helping
The following software and platforms companies around the world go
Improve availability provide support for SnapDrive:* further, faster at www.netapp.com.
SnapDrive, configured along with
NetApp SnapMirror® software, enables s Data ONTAP 7.3.2 and later Go further, faster ®

seamless online replication to provide s Microsoft Windows

global data availability and protection s Microsoft Hyper-V™
against unforeseen events or application s VMware® ESX® Server
failures. Your entire storage environ-
ment, including virtual disks and *Features and functionality vary for the various operating systems
supported. Refer to the current OS-specific administrative guide
for exact capabilities. For detailed system requirements, refer to the
Interoperability Compatibility Matrix at http://support.netapp.com.
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