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SVAP Private Group Ltd. is one of the biggest and renowned private sector companies known
all over the world for its grooming products for men and women. Its main head office is located
in London, UK. It came into existence in the year 2006 with a motive to produce and innovate
new products in the grooming market and add glow and grace to their face. Since then, the
company has been providing quality products to the consumers. Within two years, it grabbed a
market share of 40% in the grooming industry and currently has a market share of 65% in the
industry. Its well-known product, Gloria used as face wash and advanced whitening cream alone
has a market share of 50% in the grooming industry. The main focus of our company is to
provide best and quality services to the consumers.

After having a consistent success in the facial products industry, it now wants to diversify
its product range by entering in the hair grooming industry by launching its new hair gel. It
wants to create such hair gel that will not only give the consumers a stylish look but also help
them in protecting their hair. India is a fast growing market where there is so much scope for this
product line. Hair styling is becoming a growing trend among the people in India. Now, each
person wants to look good and what better than styling his hair. So, the company has decided to
launch a hair gel product in India to give the consumers what they always wanted and are still
craving for.

SAVP is the market leader in gel company in America With its wide range of invaluable
brands, it has a leadership position in every segment of the market. It's highly popular portfolio
of brands includes smart gel, Kings Gel, Classic gel Ad-Gel. SAVP's pursuit of international
competitiveness is reflected in its initiatives in the overseas markets. In the extremely
competitive india market, ITC offers high-quality, value-priced gel and Roll-your-own solutions.
In south us, SAVP has become a key player in the consumer markets through growing volumes
of its brands. savp's gel are produced in its state-of-the-art factories at Saharanpur and Kolkata.
These factories are known for their high levels of quality, contemporary technology and work
This company is production many brands as followings .

We are management students and we have to do a research on HAIR GEL. This Questionnaire is
just for project research purpose. Kindly provide fair information which would further help us
for our project.

Name :-

Sex :- Male Female

Age :-


City :-

[1] Do you use hair gel?

Yes No

[2] Which brand you use?

Set Wet Brylcreem NOVA Any other

[3] Your hair is: Dry Oily

[4] On which basis you choose brand?

Effectivity Cost Availability Brand name

[5] Are you health conscious about your hair?

Yes No

[6] Would you like to try our new natural hair gel?

Yes No

[7] What would be the preferable cost for it according to you ?

100 125 150 200

[8] Any suggestions for the new hair gel:-

Thank you !!!


We conducted survey of 40 peoples from each above 5 cities out of 200 we distributed as under:-

• 40 people from THANE

• 40 people from DOMBIVLI

• 40 people from KALYAN

• 40 people from ULHASNAGER

• 40 people from AMBERNATH


“Research never gives solution but gives suggestion”.

Product research covers all aspects related to the product. It is feasible to produce products
according to the requirement of the consumers. Product research covers the following aspects:-

 Reviewing product line, product quality, product features, product design etc.
 Study actual and new uses of product
 Testing new products
 Study of competitors products
 Study of packaging
 Study of product modification and product innovation

Now, we are going to analyze the questionnaire with the help of a survey that we conducted in
five cities. This survey was conducted among the age group of 15-30.

[1] Do you use hair gel?

From the survey we conducted, we can know the average use of hair gel used by the people and
how many people use a hair gel.
[2] On which basis you choose brand?

Mostly people choose on the grounds of how effective the gel is and secondly on its brand
image. The innovative style and brand name creates image in the mind of customers. So, they
prefer purchasing on its brand image. Whereas, people want an effective gel that will them a
hairstyle they want and keep the look for hours. The above survey will confirm this result.

[4] Are you health conscious about your hair?

We had an assumption that every person who lives in the society is health conscious about their
hair. And we got the assumption right because most people we surveyed were hair conscious and
cared for their hair. Though, we came across some individuals who were just focused on styling
their hair without caring for their hair.
[5] Which brand you use?

From the survey we conducted, we came to know that SETWET is the most popular brand
among the people in India. Though Brylcreem is an old and established player in the Industry,
Currently Setwet is giving stiff competition through it’s creative market strategy. The other
product like Nova and Gatsby are not that popular as compared to these two products.
But our Product is capable of attracting customers because it is different from the other products
and there is an essence of newness in our product. And we believe that our product will be
successful in the market.

[7] What would be the preferable cost for it according to you ?

From survey we know that peoples are ready to pay precisely because they don’t think about
price but they need such type of Hair Gel which provides them with Stylish hair looks and
protects them from hair damage.

The Men’s grooming industry is becoming the fast growing industry in India. Specially, in the
Hair Grooming Industry there are many established players like Brylcreem, Set-Wet, Gatsby and
few others also. Brylcreem, a Godrej Product has the most market Share in the Hair Gel industry
and the latest entrant, Set-Wet is in Cut throat competition with it. Also there are some
international products like Gatsby who are having some market share in the industry. But we are
Confident that our new product, Ice- Gel will give a stiff competition and establish itself in the
coming period. Because our product is Unique not only in terms of quality but also in terms of
Hair Care Consciousness

Our Competitors are




Ice- Gel is premium edible Gel, a market leader in its category. It is Platform of purity.
Parachute thus enjoys tremendous equity, trust with every passing generation & loyalty in the
urban as well as rural sectors of India. Innovations in the packaging whether from the aspect of
user-friendliness or aesthetics have and continue to help Ice -Gel grow.

Ad-Gel: Ad-Gel contains essential Ingredents to give it a rich and deep fragrance. It is for the
all-aware young Indian Man who is demanding, is aware of the benefits of using hair Gel and the
role it plays in maintaining her healthy and well nourished hair. It is lighter than other Gel &
with regular use of Ad-Gel, hair strength is known to increase by up to 16%. It gives extra care
during winter & does not freeze in wintes.

Ice-Cool Gel – Ice-Cool Gel is a hair Gel that gives nourishment, has a lingering fragrance & is
delivered through a completely non-sticky format. This makes Ice- Cool Gel great post-wash
Gel. This Gel can be used by every Generation. It keeps Hair Cool and avoids Drandraffs.

Ice-Gel Before Wash – Ice-Gel Before Wash styling gels offer this new age consumer a range
of male grooming products.

Ice –Gel Therapie – A Therapie to reduce hairfall in 30 days

Ice-Gel Advanced Starz – Ice-Gel Advansed Starz is a range of hair care products specially
created between 5-12 years.
Product is having different features from other products which is already existing in the market it
helps to make our product more efficient or attractive towards other products. Our product is
have totally different because we don’t have harmful ingredents in our product.

Price -

Ice –Gel 100gm – Rs. 100, 20gm – Rs. 10, , Ice-Cool Gel: 100gm – Rs. 125, 170gm – Rs. 185,
Ice-Gel Therapie: Rs.195, Ice-Gel Advanced Starz 100gm-80 –, Ice-Gel Before Wash 100g
– Rs. 130. The price of product is mainly affordable to each & every person who Gel, having
habit of Geling. From research we come to know what should be a price of product and after that
we come to know that we have decided the price of product is Rs 75 per each

Place –

Place is an Important factor for our product that our target is all Youngsters using Hair Gel from
all metro city to rural area but we initially targeted four cities. For making the sales and research
in this and after success in this area our target is the global market.


Promotion is the important step in marketing. The Advertising objective were as follows:

• To increase the usage.

• Conditioning benefits.
• Makes the hair appear clean and shiny.
• Imparts a feeling of freshness-due to fragrance.
• Easy to manage, silky, soft hair.
It advertises through
 Media platforms used
 Print media
 internet rural campaign
 environment concern ads
 Music videos
 Free sample distribution

SWOT analysis as the name suggest is a method that analysis the strength, weakness,
opportunities and threats of an individual or a firm. We have done the analysis on our new
launched products (i.e. i-gel). From that following results can be found.

• various range of products like i-gel, i-hair color, I-cool gel etc
• Large Domestic Market
• Strong presence in Domestic Market with diversified customer base.
• Adequate Marketing Network.
• Steady increase in market demand provided impetus to the demand.
• Diversified customer base.

Input Availability
• Ample availability of raw material and consumables
• Easy availability of Packaging Materials Technology
• Availability of low cost manufacturing facilities

• Most of the jobs are learnt by workers while doing it.
• Manpower is easily available but revises to be trained by units.
• Young and Educated next generation.

Business Environment
• Long Standing Relationship with Customers, ensures stable business



• Lack of bench marking and brand building practices / concept.

• Limited product range of cluster products

input Availability

• High cost of raw materials marginalized the profit margins..

• High cost of transportation & improper logistics management resulting
high freight cost.
• Insufficient access to technology
. Business Environment

• Increased market competition

• Changing Business Environment


• Raw material, Man Power and Consumables are available in ample

Input Availability
• Reduction in Custom Duty on raw material provides easy availability of
raw material at competitive prices.
• Competition is going to make available the latest Plant & Machinery, etc.

• Large scope for adopting advanced technology.
• Prospects for establishing for Testing Centre & R&D Lab.

Business Environment
• Changing Business Environment can provide ample opportunity for
competitive and enterprising firms.
• Units can grow if large companies are formed by joint ventures. Like


• Inter and Intra Cut throat competition among companies like setwet,
garnier &godrej
• Low Volume of operations by cluster firms leads to higher cost production.
• Import is going to increase in coming years.

Input Availability
• Shortage of Working Capital.
• Low Capital base and small size of operations render the firm vulnerable
to external shocks.
• Increase in Raw Material prices.

• Insufficient access of Technology and Credit.
• Technology can impose major threat unless it is changed/modernized.
• Slow pace of Technology Development.
• Techno logy in IT, Telecommunication, etc. undergoing changes at rapid

H.R. Practices

• Lack of diverse Work Force.

• No second ties management and lack of system and control lead to
increased dependence on the promoter.
• Lack of skill base to adopt latest technological know-how.

Business Environment
• Volatile input costs – fluctuation in prices of Glass Rods principal raw
materials, constrains the cluster firms pricing flexibility.
• Traditional enterprise management system of cluster firms is not able to
cope up with the changing business environment.

“Awareness of the environment is not a special project to be

undertaken when working of change becomes deafening.”

The SVAP Group is used PESTLE Analysis as a framework looking outside the organization to
hypothesis what may or may not happen. It helps to SVAP GROUP to framework that some of
the basic factors are not overlooked or ignored. Used in a similar way that of business planning
but the application of the data is different.

Following is a summary of the finding of PESTLE analysis of our SVAP GROUP

The government plays a role within the operation of manufacturing these (i-gel)products in terms
of regulation there are potential fines set by the government on companies if they do not meet a
standard of laws . the following are some factors that could cause svap group actual result
described in their underlying company


Last year the economy was strong and nearly every part of it was doing well. However things
changed most economists loosely of contraction of or negatively GDP growth.Due to low
interest rates it can use the borrowing on research it can use the borrowing on research of new
product or technology.


I –gel is a eco friendly product as they are also responsible for eco- disturbance but they also
conduct optimum utilization of resources and minimum the wastages of natural resources. Now a
days increasing life standard of people (standard of living) by providing the higher quality of
product at reasonable price due to cut to cut competitors among hair gel products.
SVAP has a no. of range of products of each category which is suitable for upper class
segment as well as lower class segment as it provides right of choice to their consumers.


“Improved technology leads to improve quality of products”

I-gel have innovative technology which can improve the efficiency and life of the
product. Due to advances technology the company can produce higher quality of products at
reasonable price and in also short run. As the technology is getting advance there has been
introduction of new machines