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7th Annual Orange County Children’s Book Festival • October 3, 2010 • 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

• Orange Coast College

Presentations and Book Signings

NEW Storyteller Stage
Young Adult ! Presenting one of the oldest art forms of
and Teen Stage entertainment and information for all ages
• Victoria Burnett
Presenting Authors and Entertainment performs folktales, tall tales, cultural stories & whoppers with song & movement
• Carolyn Cardamis and Nancy Dawson
• Lauren Kate, Fallen and Torment
bring stories alive with music and lively storytelling
• Maria V. Snyder, Inside Out and Spy Glass • Patti Christensen and James Nelson-Lucas
• Joanna Philbin, The Daughters these storytellers and authors bring characters to life in animated storytelling
• Robert L. Forbes
• Jessica Brody, The Karma Club
a mischievous poet performing readings from his book, “Beastly Feasts”
• Becca Fitzpatrick, Hush Hush • Scott Langtreau
• Jordan Romero, The Boy Who Conquered Everest Veteran video game producer & author brings his
cautionary tale "Sofa Boy" to life
• R.L. LaFevers, • Adrienne McMillan
Nathan Fludd, Beastologist: The Wyvern's Treasure an interactive, lively and animated storyteller with participatory tales
• Linda King Pruitt and Bob Pruitt
and Theodosia and the Eye of Horus
a musical duo spinning fun into folk and fairy tales
• Russ Woody, The Wheel of Nuldoid • Poli Rizco
• D.R. Whitney, The Goddess Prophecy brings adventures in art and story with her animated telling
• Debra Weller
• Barbara Mahler, The Hole In The Sky uses folksongs and characterization for a lively telling of participatory folktales
• Amber Benson, Among the Ghosts • David Whiting and Diana Spirithawk
perform stories using whimsical voices along with animated gestures
Teen and Young Adult
Bestselling Authors You Like to
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Illustrator Stage
Animal Stage • Chris Ayers, The Daily Zoo - Keeping the Doctor at Bay
Live animal shows and author presentations
• Christina Das , Coo Coo Duckling with a Drawing a Day
• Jason Dobkin, Snobbles the Great • Steve Bjorkman, Silly Street
• Sylvia Lieberman, Archibald's Swiss Cheese Mountain • Steve Gray, There Was An Old Monkey
• Mike Kobert and Dona Donato, • Larissa Marantz, Rugrats, Sponge Bob and Dream-o-licious
Who Goes With That Nose? • Mary Peterson, Ocean Soup
• Dawn Kelsey, Fippy Goes on a Road Trippy • Dan Santat, Oh No!
• Steve “Norky” Algeier, Norky the Peneagle
• Kim Groshek, Bug’s Adventure Series
• Barbara Odanaka & Lee White, A Crazy Day at the Critter Cafe
• Sina Grace, Among the Ghosts
• Andrew Evashchen, Jimmy the Chicken