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Newsletter Date

April 2018
Volume 1, Issue 1
Volume 5, Issue 7

“…Write the vision and make it plain on the tablet so that it might be read quickly.”
Table of Contents: Habakkuk 2:2 (LEB)

Neace’s Pieces 2 Allison Gap FCOG Calls Jeremy Dunn as

Staunton FCOG Offers

Unique Easter/Passover
Pastor Israel, that the people
offered themselves
Observance 3
willingly, bless the LORD!”
COGVA State Youth He spoke of Deborah’s
qualities as a judge,
Convention Update 4 encouraging Pastor
Minister’s Fellowship Jeremy to be a listener
and enthusiastic and
Gathers at Water’s Edge willing in his following of
Church 4 God’s leading.
In the Charge to the
RESTORE Family Pastor, Pastor Bobby
Dunn read scripture
Conference Has Exciting
written by Paul to his “son”
News 5 Timothy telling him to
“Preach the Word”! As
Stedman Clan Adds to Their Pastor Bobby spoke to his
Dynasty 6 son, he admonished him
Rev. Jeremy, Amy, and Bryson Dunn to also “Preach the Word”.
Mark Your Calendars 6 The charge to the
Exciting Times in Youth congregation was given
It is with great joy, took part in the charging by Pastor Trevor Belcher
Programming 7 thanksgiving and prayers of Pastor Jeremy and the from the Anderson Church
that the church family of congregation in this new of God in Bristol. He
COGVA Budget 8 step in our journey with
the First Church of God in encouraged the church to
COGVA Churches Seeking Allison Gap, Saltville, VA, Christ. live out the scripture from
welcomed their new Pastor Bob Neace began Hebrews 13:17 “Have
Pastors 9 this time together with a
minister and his family – confidence in your leaders
Pastor Jeremy Dunn, Amy promise not to tell stories and submit to their
Mark Aufrecht Asks Help to
and Bryson on March 25th, on Pastor Jeremy from authority, because they
Roof C.W.C./W.C.G. 2018. The installation Youth Camps and keep watch over you as
service was held at 3:00 Conventions, many of those who must give an
Cottage 9
pm on Palm Sunday amid which he had pictures of account. Do this so that
Flyers 11 on much joy and celebration. and would gladly share their work will be a joy, not
State Minister Bob Neace, later if asked and that a burden, for that would
Rev. Bobby Dunn, Rev. there would be plenty of be of no benefit to you.”
Bill McCollian, Rev. Trevor opportunity to share those He also encouraged the
Belcher, and congregation stories. congregation to support
members Norma Brickey, The word given was from Pastor Dunn and his
Burton and Lisa Martin, Judges 5: 2 “That the family as they learn who
and Carol Mutter each leaders took the lead in (Continued on page 10)
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Neace’s Pieces
Another night with the was possible. After all, looking at him. He
frogs? In the scripture what home is complete declared, “There ain’t no
narrative that builds up to without such frogs in that bag!..
the first Passover, there is entertainment? Whatcha got in that bag?””
a story about the second I reiterated my statement,
Having only a brown
plague in Egypt. The “There’s frogs in the bag.”
paper bag with which to
story is found in Exodus 8: The third time he
collect my treasures, I set
8-10a - “Then Pharaoh challenged what I told
about the task of capturing
called Moses and Aaron him, I gave him the bag
these frogs. Remember,
and said, “Plead with the and told him to look for
they were tiny, so the bag
LORD to take away the himself. At this time, Dad
would hold many frogs.
frogs from me and from was pulling to a stop sign,
After what seemed hours
my people, and I will let and just before we came
Dr. Bob Neace, COGVA of focused hunting and
the people go to sacrifice to a complete stop, the old
State Minister gathering, I saw my dad
to the LORD.” (9) Moses man opened the bag, and
and uncle getting into the
said to Pharaoh, “Be stuck his head in it. When
car to make an ice run.
pleased to command me he did, frogs jumped all
Climbing into the back
when I am to plead for you over his face and neck,
“And (Pharaoh) said, seat, I sat, with my frogs
and for your servants and frightening him so much
‘Tomorrow’”… in tow, quietly minding my
for your people, that the so he tore the bag all the
own business. As we drew
frogs be cut off from you way down its side, jumped
closer to town, my dad
and your houses and be out of the car, cursing and
offered a ride into town to
left only in the Nile.” (10) swearing, finally
a man who obviously had
And he said, “Tomorrow.” acknowledging the truth I
been subjecting himself to
…” had given him -There
that which altered his
were indeed, frogs in the
Each time I read this senses. In other words,
bag. Once my dad and
story, I am reminded of a he was drunk.
uncle were able to gain
time when my family went
Having no room in the their composure and
to visit my uncle and aunt.
front seat, as my uncle helped the old man back
Warm weather and an
and dad were there, he on his feet, we spent time
open field beckoned to me
climbed into the back chasing the frogs out of
and I found myself playing
seat. With him on the the car. We were
in a field near their home.
passenger side, I sat as unsuccessful in clearing
It was late spring, the field
close to the door on my them all out. For weeks,
was close to a small river,
side of the car as we found dead, dried,
and in that field were
possible, bag of frogs in frogs under the seat, in
frogs, and not just a few!
my lap, holding the top the dash, in the glove box,
It seemed I had found a
tightly closed, and focused in the ash tray, and so on.
gold mine in regard to
straight ahead. The old They were everywhere.
these little creatures. They
man leaned over and My entertainment had
were small, about the size
asked in a gruff voice, turned into a nightmare for
of my thumbnail. Every
“Whatcha got in the bag, me and the rest of my
step I took caused frogs to
boy?” Irritated he called family until we sold that
jump in concert with one
me boy and that he was car. (Here might be a
another. Seeing this as a
not following my example lesson in buyer beware…)
child, and never having
to ignore me as I ignored
the desire to leave such Which brings me back to
him, I told him, “ There’s
fun, I determined to take Pharaoh his predicament.
frogs in the bag.”, without
as many home with me as (Continued on page 5)
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Staunton FCOG Offers Unique Easter/Passover Observance

The Staunton First Church we open with a word of partake in the Lord’s
of God did something prayer and then I read the Super. The participants
different during Holy Week Passover story. I then did dipped their bread and we
as a way to make an a teaching on the took communion together
impactful presence in the significance of Jesus’ in remembrance of Christ’s
community. For the past death to the Passover. love, sacrifice, and victory.
two years, the Holy Spirit Second, we had a time of
Upon leaving, I also wrote
had given me a vision to prayer request for people
cards to the wait staff for
take the Last Supper and to lift up who are going
their dedication and invited
to modernize it for the through a difficult time.
them to participate in
modern day. The vision Then, we had a time of
Resurrection Sunday with
consisted of doing it out at conversation and ate our
us. We also have a card
a local restaurant and meals. Before we ate our
that everyone who
modify some elements that meals, I prayed for the
participate will sign, to give
would still hold its spiritual food and had everyone
to the entire staff at the
significance. 2018 was recite the Lord’s prayer.
when it was time to put the One participant was
vision into reality. looking toward the bar It was a great time of
area during the Lord’s connecting and impacting
I contacted a local
prayer and every person our community. It also
restaurant and pitched the
stopped what they were brought a fire back into the
idea to the manager. The
doing and was looking at congregation as those who
manager, asked me
us. After our meals, I then missed out, have asked if
“Whose idea is this?”
proceeded to read the we are going to do it again
After I told him the Lord
story of the Last Supper next year. The restaurant
gave it to me, his reply
from the feet washing, staff was so impressed
was, “This is a great idea
betrayal, and Jesus with our group that they
and would like to be a part
comforting his disciples. I are also willing to host us
of it.” As I promoted it to
talked about not only the again next year. I would
the congregation to sign-
significance of Jesus challenge all of us in the
up, so I can get a head
washing the disciples’ feet, State of Virginia, to take a
count to the restaurant, I
but even how that ties in to look at our special holiday
expected the usual
being known as Jesus’ services and ask God to
Maundy Thursday
disciples if we have love give us a vision on how we
participation in years past.
for one another. I then can make an impact in the
God blew my mind as
proceeded to wash their communities we serve, by
participation had tripled by
hands, with a moist moving outside of the
having thirty-seven
towelette (aka baby wipes) church building and
participants sign-up.
and gave each participant actually being the church
On Maundy Thursday, I a hand-written letter on movement.
arrived early to talk to the how they are loved and
wait staff and give them appreciated by their
the order of service. They pastor. After that, we then
put us in a room that was had a time of reflection on
right next to the bar area. how we can betray Jesus
As the participants arrived, when we act un-Christ-like
I greeted them and when and had a time of
everyone got there and repentance. At this time,
placed their orders, we the staff brought out the
began the service. First, elements of communion to
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COGVA State Youth Convention Update

Youth from across a solid Christian group to with the responsibility of

COGVA descended on minister in music for youth planning next year’s
Fredericksburg in March gatherings would do well convention in Lynchburg
to worship and learn to seek them out. are: Lexie McCracken,
together, as they have Brendon Knight, Brandon
Rev. Mickey Taylor, a
done for decades. Ringley, Destiny Fulton,
product of the Church of
Leading worship was the and Jamelyn Gillespie,
God in Virginia and its
Allan Scott Band, along with adult co-
youth camps brought
www.allanscottmusic.com counsellors, Jessica Willis
powerful words on
who’s music served to and Matt Holman.
encouragement and
inspire those present to
challenge as the theme for Youth Camps for this year
seek the Lord in their
the weekend was scheduled for July 10 – 14
presentation. This group’s
Enduring Hope. and Fall Youth Retreat is
humility and heart for
scheduled October 12 –
service to Christ was New youth Council
evident and those seeking members who are tasked

Minister’s Fellowship Gathers at Water’s Edge

Ministers from COGVA
gathered last month to be
refreshed in times of
dryness in ministry,
renewed in our passion to
serve, and encouraged in
who we are in Christ.
From the opening service
on Thursday night with
host pastor, Rev. Steve
Roby speaking on to Rev.
Silas Oliver bringing the
word to us on Friday night, Dickenson, and Becki and team members
a sense of God’s Monahan. Carolyn Terray, Jennie
presence was there. Sloan, Connie Ashley and
The Minister’s Fellowship
Others who led in of COGVA would like to
teaching were Rev. Calvin express gratitude to the The leadership of
Peterson, Rev. Barbara Water’s Edge Church in Minister’s Fellowship
Parker, Dr. Bob Neace, Virginia Beach for hosting covets your prayers as the
and Rev. Harold Boyd. our gathering, and for the plan for the Fall Gathering
Leading us in worship meal that was prepared of the COGVA Minister’s
were members of the for those in attendance on Fellowship. To be held at
Water’s Edge Church, Friday by the church’s Staunton FCOG
Alex Vazquez, Anthony Congregational Care September 27-28.
Garcia, Nikki Buse, Jeff Leader Suzanne Leggett
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RESTORE Family Conference 2018 Has Exciting News

We have recently secured RESERVATIONS 1 (800)
a rom block with special 261-9530 AND USE
pricing at Governor’s CODE 46856.
Inn/Colonial Williamsburg.
Make sure you tell the
The rate is $63.00 per
reservation specialist that
night! And there are no
you would like to take
additional resort charges
advantage of the special
or fees. PLUS, as an
rate block for the
added benefit to our
guests for the conference,
$63.00 per night.
they will also be providing
breakfast at NO There are a limited
ADDITIONAL COST for number of rooms available
These are the upcoming
RESTORE Family at this rate so please call
deadlines for reservations:
Conference attendees. today and book your room
This is over 50% savings for RESTORE Family Monday, April 30 -
over our previous room Conference 2018. These $63.00/night room block
block, (which is still rooms will NOT LAST rate expires (Governor’s
available). LONG at this rate so call Inn)
CONTACT THE HOTEL today and make your
Monday, May 14 -
DIRECTLY FOR reservation.
$138.00/night room

Neace’s Pieces (Continued)

block expires
This second of ten plagues number of things in our
brought onto Egypt was lives today. They could Wednesday, May 30 ALL
the result of a hardened represent the sin that REGISTRATIONS DUE
heart toward God and separates us from a For this and all registration
caused great hardship on proper relationship with information, please visit
the people. The frogs Christ. They could www.restorefamilyconfere
could be found in the represent a broken nce.com today
lowest of houses to the relationship with others
palace of Pharaoh. They that needs to be mended. speaks into our lives
could be found in the They could represent concerning those “frogs”,
kneading troughs, ovens, those things we hide from and not wait until
and beds. And no one was our family and peers, but “Tomorrow.”
immune to the plague in of which the Holy Spirit is
Egypt. But Pharaoh had it well aware. How often do What “frogs” are you living
within his grasp to be free we miss the blessings God with today that need to be
of the frogs. Once coming has in store for us, dealt with and could lead
to himself, has summoned because we too, are the way into a deeper
Moses. Moses is told to willing to put up with the relationship with Christ. If
call on his God to rid Egypt frogs in our life for another we dealt with those “frogs”
of the frogs. As Moses day, week, month, or even today, having them
asked when this should years? It would be removed from us by God
take place, Pharaoh interesting, and maybe TODAY, and not
responded with, bring great grief to our own tomorrow, what might
“Tomorrow.” hearts, to know what God tomorrow look like for us?
Those frogs in Pharaoh’s would have done for us if
Egypt could represent any we’d be obedient when He
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Stedman Clan Adds to Their Dynasty

Rev. Scott Stedman & his wife,
Laura, had welcome a new
addition to their family on
November 2, 2017. Elizabeth
Jade Stedman was born at
9:07 am. She was 7.5 pounds
and 20 ½ inches long. She is a
very happy and smiling baby
who just turned 5 months old
this month.

Mark Your Calendars

20th -21st C.W.C./W.C.G. Convention – Roanoke FCOG
26th – 29th 6:30 nightly – Rev. Bob Neace – Thursday, Rev. Trevor Belcher-Friday, Rev. Charlie Walker
– Saturday, Rev. Mike Welch – Sunday See Flyer at end of COGVA News
2nd – 4th Revival 7:00 Randolph Road CHOG @ Newport News, Dr. Bob Neace, Evangelist
3rd National Day of Prayer
7th – 8th Pastor’s Fellowship, Winchester, (KY) FCOG
18th – 19th Southeastern Association of the COG Annual Heritage Day Celebration at the Forest Street
COG, Augusta, Georgia
20 – 25th Mountain Empire District Indoor Camp Meeting, Rev. Jimmy Swogger Evangelist

24th – 27th Restore Family Conference, Williamsburg Woodlands, 105 Visitor’s Center Dr.,

2nd – 5th International Youth Convention, Indianapolis, IN
9th – 13th Student Camps, Camp Christi
July 29th – August 3rd COGVA Family Camp Meeting – Rev. Horace Shepard, Evangelist, Larry and
CheChe Mobely Worship Evangelists, Dr. Gary Agee, Teaching Evangelist
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Exciting Times and Changes in Youth Programming

We are excited to share NEW FOR 2018 is a Christiansburg,
our Summer Camp sibling discount as VA 24073
information with COGVA. follows:
• Registration
There are several
2nd sibling (same costs include
changes we wanted to
family) – 25% lodging, meals,
make you aware of for the
registration discount study book, and
upcoming 2018 MARVEL
follow up journal
Summer Camp: There 3rd sibling (same family)
are special EARLY BIRD 50% registration Al necessary registration
RATES for registration: discount forms can be secured at
Postmarked by April 30 - https://www.cogva.com/vir
4th sibling (same family)
$110 per person ginia-youth-fellowship
75% registration
Postmarked by May 15 - discount And need to be mailed to
$120 per person COGVA ATTN: Virginia
$60 deposit required for
Student Ministries 4704
Postmarked June 15 - each student to lock in
Roanoke Road
$130 per person your early bird rates.
Christiansburg, VA 24073
AT THECDOOR - $140 Details you need:
Make checks payable to
per person.
• Dates – July 10 – Virginia Youth Fellowship
So make plans to get your 14, 2018,
deposit ($60) in today to Registration
lock in your early bird begins Tuesday
rates. The remaining (7/10) at 10 am
balance is due upon
• Location: Camp
arrival at camp. No pre-
Christi 4704
registrations will be
Roanoke Road,
accepted after June 15.
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COGVA Budget
August 1, 2017 - July 31, 2018
Aug-Oct Nov-Jan Feb-April
Categories Budget 1st Qtr 2nd Qtr 3rd Qtr
Expenses Expenses Expenses
1000 State Office
1100 Business Office $3,500.00 $395.68 $1,189.47 $277.55
1200 Insurance $ 14,800.00 $3,744.75 $3,808.75 $3,695.27
1300 Office Manager $14,437.50 $3,609.36 $3,609.36 $2,406.24
1400 Income Taxes $3,320.00 $879.79 $879.73 $611.71
Subtotal $36,057.50 $8,629.58 $9,487.31 $5,403.85
1500 Chair $ 800.00 $ - $ - $ -
2000 State Minister
Reimbursement Fund $16,050.00 $860.75 $2,053.29 $1,479.56
Subtotal $16,850.00 $860.75 $2,053.29 $537.91
3000 Executive Council/Standing Ministries
3100 Executive Board $800.00 $177.56 $ - $ 95.76
3200 Ministry of Church Service/Credentials $300.00
3300 Ministry of Christian Education $ 75.00
3400 Ministry of Evangelism $ 50.00
3600 Ministry of Program $2,000.00 $31.80
3800 Ministerial Fellowship $100.00
3900 Church Property Team $75.00
Subtotal $3,400.00 $209.36 $ - $ 95.76
5000 Property and Maintenance
5110 Camp Bedford
5110 Caretaker $5,000.00 $1,250.01 $1,250.01 $833.34
5120 Campground Expenses (Maintenance) $1,000.00
Capital Improvements $750.00
Vehicle Maintenance $300.00
Camp Bedford Mkt/Advertising $ 500.00
5140 Utilities $6,000.00 $1,330.90 $1,112.75 $1,077.87
Subtotal $13,550.00 $2,580.91 $2,362.76 $1,911.21
5200 Camp Christi
5210 Caretaker $26,565.12 $6,641.28 $6,641.28 $4,427.52
5220 Health Insurance $7,000.00 $1,788.00 $1,788.00 $1,192.00
5250 Utilities $14,000.00 $4,309.38 $2,554.67 $1,848.92
5260 Maintenance $4,000.00 $ -
Camp Christi Mkt/Advertising $500.00 $ -

5270 Capital Improvements $750.00 $605.79 $117.50

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5280 Vehicle Maintenance $500.00 $ -
5300 Legal Fees $500.00 $48.50 $7.71 $104.91
5400 Ministry Expenses $300.00 $ -
Christmas Bonus $1,300.00 $ - $1,300.00
Subtotal $55,415.12 $13,392.95 $12,291.66 $7,690.85
Total Expenses $25,673.55 $24,041.98 $18,168.15
Total Income $24,305.22 $23,240.32 $13,198.25

Difference $(1,368.33) $(801.66) $(4,969.90)

COGVA Churches Seeking Pastors

Atkins FCOG, First Church of God, 6118 Lee Hwy, Atkins, VA 24311 Pulpit Committee Contact –
Harold Henderlite – 276-591-8996, hhenderlit@gmail.com

Chatham Hill FCOG, 363 Hill Lane, Saltville, VA 24370 Pulpit Committee Contact – Calvin Lucy – 276-

Dublin First Church of God, 6330 Courtney Lane, Dublin, VA 24084 Pulpit Committee Contact – Susan
Dickerson - 540-320-8342 or susansevy@comcast.net

Gordon Road CHOG, 10613 Gordon Road, Spotsylvania 22553 Pulpit Committee Contact – Al Diehl –
804-580-0453 or keepback500ft@yahoo.com

Newport News FCOG, 617 Randolph Road, 23605 Interim Pastor – Rev. Marion Thomas
Ch: (757) 595-0224

Rich Creek FCOG, 217 Church Street, Rich Creek, VA 24147 – Pulpit Committee Contact: Barbara
Nunes - 540 726 2929

Mark Aufrecht Asks Help to Roof C.W.C./W.C.G Cottage

C.W.C/W.C.G. President Racheal Baez has led the ladies in the
church in raising the funds to purchase materials for roofing the
cottage on the grounds of Camp Christi. The materials have
been purchased, and Care-taker Mark Aufrecht is asking for men
to commit to as much of a two day project to replace the roof on
May 11-12. If you are willing and available, please call the state
office (540) 268-2040 so plans for accomodations and meals can
be made. This project will allow future use of this building, helps
us to maintain good stewardship and cooperation with various
entities of COGVA, and allows relationships to grow as we work
together serving Him.
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Church of God
in Virginia
Allison Gap FCOG Calls Jeremy Dunn as Pastor
we are and how God leadership and a vision for chose two songs “To God
wants the ministry of the the church. In Pastor be the Glory” because, as
4704 Roanoke Road
Christiansburg, VA 24073 church to move forward. Jeremy’s closing remarks, he says, that is where the
he thanked each one for glory resides and “With
Pastor Bill McCollian their part in his life and
PHONE: Thy Spirit Fill Me”
(540) 268-2040 gathered the congregation their friendship in his because without the filling
FAX: around Pastor Jeremy, ministry thus far. He of the Spirit he is nothing.
(540) 268-2040 Amy, and Bryson as he thanked the Lord for
prayed for our new bringing him, Amy and The time of installation
E-MAIL: minister and church family was followed by a
brobob4691@gmail.com Bryson to this church at
asking for wisdom in this time. Pastor Jeremy reception.

cogvaoffice@gmail.com Submission Guidelines for COGVA News

All articles should be limited activities, and COGVA of local church news,
to a length of 500 – 700 Entities (C.W.C/W.C.G., COGVA Ministries.
words. Submission to M.C.G., Christian Education, Submission of articles should
COGVA News implies and all ministries of COGVA). be limited to a minimum of
permission to edit submitted one article per local
Non-news items and
articles for clarity and space church/ministry per quarter.
editorials must be original to
availability. Priorities of A quarter will be defined as
the author and quotes
space will be given to items Aug.-Oct., Nov. – Jan., Feb.
attributed to its proper
of news of local – Apr., and May –Jul.
sources. Priorities of space
will be given to items of news
COGVA functions, regional

We’re on the Web! About the Church of God in Virginia…

See us at:
www.cogva.com The Church of God in accounting serve over Dick Gilbert, Vice-Chair –
Virginia consists of 50 2,500 constituents each Rev. Henry Haskins,
churches across the Sunday Morning. Our Secretary – Sister Cathy
Commonwealth and current State Leadership Atkins, and State Minister
according to current consists of Chair - Rev. – Dr. Bob Neace.


4704 Roanoke Road
Christiansburg, VA 24073
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