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IT IS FINISHED Joh 12:27 “Ako'y nababagabag ngayon. CONC: Humanity is not the center of the universe.

2018 LENTEN SEASON Yes, we need to be reminded that our Lord is Sasabihin ko bang, ‘Ama, huwag mong hayaang God is the only center of the universe.
MARCH 2018 totally innocent of any sin or crime with which He sumapit sa akin ang oras na ito ng paghihirap’?
was accused of by Humanity and by God. Hindi! Sapagkat ito ang dahilan kung bakit ako
Isa 42:8 I am the LORD, that is My name; And
INTRO: naparito—upang danasin ang oras na ito.
My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise
Heb 4:15 For we do not have a High Priest who to carved images.
Joh 19:29 Now a vessel full of sour wine was cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but was Joh 12:28 Ama, luwalhatiin mo ang iyong
sitting there; and they filled a sponge with sour in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. pangalan.” Isang tinig mula sa langit ang
Isa 48:11 For My own sake, for My own sake, I
wine, put it on hyssop, and put it to His mouth. nagsabi, “Niluwalhati ko na ito, at muli kong
will do it; For how should My name be profaned?
Joh 19:30 So when Jesus had received the sour Yes, God accused His perfect Son. luluwalhatiin.”
And I will not give My glory to another.
wine, He said, "It is finished!" And bowing His
head, He gave up His spirit. Isa 53:10 Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise Him; OBS: Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, yes,
CONC: So, again, we need to be clear, that the
He has put Him to grief. When You make His God loves humanity, yes God loves you, but His
glory of God is the reason that the Lord-Son of
soul an offering for sin, He shall see His seed, He love to us is but secondary and subservient to His
God Jesus Christ said “It is finished”.
INTRO: shall prolong His days, And the pleasure of the concern to His own glory.
Before we embark deeper into the last sixth word LORD shall prosper in His hand. NOTE: When the Lord said “Tetelestai”, it was not
of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, it is important OBS: I want you to underline that verse, that God’s
merely a sigh of relief, as it was a shout of victory!
to note that our Lord, during the hour of greatest NET: the Lord desired to crush him and make him purpose for everything is so that His glory will be
Jesus remained victorious hence He exclaimed
grief was in no way “out of his mind” when ill, shown.
“Tetelestai”—it is done!
suffering on the cross. His mind was fully engaged
and not discomposed in one way or another. OBS: Yes, the perfect, and righteous Father willed And on the cross, God’s glory shines the brightest
Hence when He was mentioning his 2nd last that that His Son be suffer the crimes for others. of all!
sayings, He was fully aware of the agonies He was Q: But what was it that the Lord referred to when
experiencing. His mind remained complete while WOULD YOU DO THE SAME ABOVE ALL
He said Tetelestai—it is finished.
He was dying. Q: If you being fathers, or mothers, would you be OBS: That is why I have second thoughts about the
willing for your ONLY son or daughter to suffer song Above All. Because in the song, it says “you
He is aware of the reality—physically and more other’s crime? took the fall and thought of ______ (me) ABOVE
ALL!” 1. All the types, promises, and prophecies were
importantly spiritually. Q: If somebody was caught stealing and stealing is
now fully accomplished in Him.
a crime, would you be willing to suffer jail instead
FALSELY PUNISHED of the thief himself? If the song has just said, “you took the fall and
thought of me, second to your glory” then I would OBS: All the OT typologies about Christ,
On the human side, the Lord is being punished of
agree. But the problem is that the word “me” is prophecies about Christ (eg. Isa 53, Psa 2, and so
crimes with which He is totally innocent, and on OBS: You would say: NO! JUSTICE! An eye for an
the antecedent of “above all”—that is not what much more)
the divine side, He is also being punished of a eye and a tooth for a tooth!
crime of which He Himself is totally innocent. John 12:27 and 28 was clearly saying!
OBS: There were around 300 prophecies that were
Q: But what did God say?
John 12:27-28 sums up the reason for the fulfilled by the Lord Jesus Christ. And all of them
incarnation of the divine Son of God! And He said were part of God’s plan to glorify Himself.
Q: There was the age-old question: Q: When the Lord Jesus prayed in Gethsemane, he that the purpose of His kenosis is to Glorify God.
 No wonder, He always obeys the Father ALL That that the Lord said, all the things He did,
Why do bad things happen to good people? sweated blood for the anticipation of pain and
 No wonder, He says only what the Father all the places He went, all were fulfilled according
judgment is imminent, He asked if the Father
wanted Him to say to His promises.
A: One theologian has said: It happened only once. would lift His judgment—anyway He loves the
Son, but did He?  No wonder, He waits for His Father to feed
Him, instead of listening to Satan to magic His Spurgeon: There is not a single jewel of promise,
EXP: Yes it happened only once. For there is only
own bread. from that first emerald which fell on the threshold
one who is Good. And that was claimed by the Q: What happened there? What happened on the
 No wonder, He was willing to give everything, of Eden, to that last sapphire of Malachi which
Good Teacher himself. cross that the Righteous judge, the One who Loves
even His own life all for the sake of the glory was not set in the breastplate of the true High
His own Only-begotten-Son did not show proper
of the Father. Priest.
16 May isa namang lalaking lumapit kay Jesus at justice to The Son?
nagtanong, “Guro, anong mabuting bagay ang
CONC: So, why did the Lord die on the cross? No, there is not a type, from the red heifer
dapat kong gawin upang makamtan ko ang A: You will answer, He did it because He loved
buhay na walang hanggan?” A: It is because of the glory of God. downward to the turtle dove, from the hyssop
humanity. And then you will pull out the verse John
upwards to Solomon’s temple itself, which was not
3:16 and conclude, GOD loves you.
Mat 19:17 Sumagot si Jesus, “Bakit mo ako fulfilled in Him; and not a prophecy, whether
tinatanong kung ano ang mabuti? Iisa lang ang spoken on Chebar’s bank, or on the shores of
OBS: For a quick answer, I would like you to open
mabuti. Jordan; not a dream of wise men, whether they
John 12:
had received it in Babylon, or in Samaria, or in judgment in God’s court as he/she is declared not Propitiation = God and the believer have mutual Utos ng Dios, Tahimik na ang impiyerno sa
Judea, which was not now fully worked out guilty because of Christ’ finished work at the cross. peace. God’s anger isn’t in the believer anymore. kanya.
in Christ Jesus! He is then considered child of the Father.
CONC: Hence, it is not necessary to do good just to CONC: Na-GANAP na ang hustisyang hinihingi
CONC: There’s no need for the show bread, the please God. Because the acts of pleasing God has The justice that God demands by His laws and ng Dios sa bawat makasalanang nagisisisi at
candelabra, the tent-tabernacle, the gifts of first been accomplished by the Son of God aloe; it is standards had been satisfied. It is finished. No nananatili sa Anak ng Dios.
fruits, and even the temple itself—all were finished. Hell can never accuse those whom Christ longer the believer is judged according to the law
pointing to the real one—the Lord Jesus Christ. It saved—their righteous and holy stand remains for God isn’t angry at him/her anymore. God’s NOTE: I am not saying here, that we can all sin
is finished. finished—it is finished. anger has been finished. wantonly because Christ had carried our sins.
Nope! May it never be! We should not abuse
2. All the typical sacrifices of the old Jewish law SPURGEON: if Adam had never fallen! If we had CONC: Tell to all those who do penitence, and sinning. We should never find the maximum
were now abolished, as well as explained. been in the Garden of Eden today, we could never getting themselves nailed on the cross copying the boundary where we can enjoy sinning. The
have boasted a finished righteousness, since a agonies of our Lord, it is finished. notion is opposite. Children of God, hates sin
OBS: There’s no need for sacrifices—millions of creature can never finish its obedience. because God hates sin. Therefore, we don’t
blood of bulls, goats, and animals. No need for abuse the Law, we “love” the Law. We uphold
daily Sacrifices in the temple. No need for the OBS: Had Adam and Eve not eaten the Forbidden Mayroong isang saro, impierno ang laman the La. We are saddened when we break the
David or Solomon’s temple to pray and worship knowledge of Good and, and we would still live in (mas masahol pa sa lason) duon nakabuhos Law. We repent when we disobey the Law.
God. Eden, we would still not assured to live a perfect ang buong poot at galit ng Dios sa lahat ng
because tomorrow we might fall into temptation kasalanan ng sangkatauhan; CONC: If anyone here thinks he/she is going to
CONC: All have been fulfilled by Christ. Nothing to and rebel against God. hell, I will tell you to answer one question that
be done in order to bring your own sacrifices. It is Hinawakan iyon ng Tagapagligtas at Kanyang can help you check yourself:
finished there’s no need to kill another sacrifice CONC: The works of righteousness has been done ininom.
anymore. It is finished. by Christ—it is finished. That we are sure of, that Paano Niya ininom? Q: Am I a real Christian, or am I just branding
we can boast of. Hindi Niya tinikman at pagdaka’y umayaw; myself a Christian?
OBS: Year after year, the high priest goes within Hindi Niya nilagok at pagdaka’y sumuko; RATIO: Because real Christians are Christ-like
the veil and sprinkles the mercy seat with blood. CONC: Those who are trying to earn salvation, I Kundi ininom Niya nang ininom hanggang sa and that is true.
tell you, you don’t need to earn it. For God’s masimot ang laman—wala ni isang patak ang
CONC: There’s no need for “a human priest” and minimum standard of “perfect life” has been natira. Wala ni isang patak ng poot ng Dios RELFECTION:
even for “a sacrifice”; the system of human fulfilled by Christ—it is finished. There’s no need ang natira, ang iniwasan ng Tagapagligtas. Q: Do I always repeat the same sin?
priesthood serving in a physical temple is already to earn God’s merit. Christians do good not to be Ininom Niyang lahat. Q: Do I have a favorite sin? A pet sin?
abolished. It is finished. saved but because he/she has already been saved. Q: To the ladies, do I love gossiping? Jesus
Ang sampung patalim ng Sampung Utos ng hates gossiping doesn’t he?
CONC: If you have a friend who is a Jew, or a CONC: Tell the Catholics, there are no Sacraments Dios ay ihinagupit sa likod at laman ng Q: To the men, do I always look with lust?
Muslim, there’s no need for animal sacrifices—it is left to “earn” salvation, all the sacraments had Tagapagligas. Wala nisang balat kang makikita Christ hates lusting over another.
finished. been earned by Christ –it is finished. Run to Jesus sapagkat nilamon ng Justisya ng Dios ang Q: To everyone, do I love money more that
Christ for he has done what you ought to do. Kanyang Anak. Walang natira para may holiness? Do I comfort rather than obedience?
3. All the works of Righteousness is finished. pagbabayaran pa. Do I prefer shortcut rather than
SPURGEON: But Christ the Creator, who finished righteousness? Do I prefer pleasure than holy
Jesus’ perfect obedience is done and ours is also creation, has perfected redemption. God can ask Ang lahat ng pandigma, pamatay, tabak, o suffering?
finished. Christ’s obeyed the Father every minute no more. The law has received all it claims; the sundang ay pawing isanaksak at dinurog ang
and every second fulfilling the requirement of the largest extent of justice cannot demand another Anak ng Dios upang ibuhos ang buong OBS: If you have doubt, if ever you have the
OT: Love The Lord our God with all your heart, hour’s obedience. It is done! It is complete! pagkagalit ng Dios sa lahat ng kabalbalan ng tiniest kind of doubt, well and good. That is a
soul, mind, and strength. He did it from birth to sangkatauhan. better step towards salvation which Christ had
His death as required by the Father. He completely 4. The satisfaction which He rendered to the done instead of assuring you are going to
obeyed without a single flaw. justice of God was finished. CONC: Kinuha lahat ng Tagapagligtas ang heaven but actually you are not.
buong pagkagalit at poot ng Dios. Tama lang
SPURGEON: Christ undertook to keep God’s law for SPURGEON: The atonement and propitiation were na pabayaan Siya.
His people, to obey its every mandate, and made once for all, and forever, by the one offering THE DIVINE EFFORT AND THE TRAGIC HUMAN
preserve its every statute intact. made in Jesus’ body on the tree. CONC: Matapos kuhanin ng Tagapagligtas ang INDIFFERENCE
poot at galit ng Dios, wala nang mai-rereklamo
CONC: Christ lived perfectly so that those He could Atonement =a sinner’s peace offering to God. pa ang Dios. Wala na syang maihaharap na INDUCTION
share His perfect life to those who continually EX: Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement kaso sa Anak—mga kasong pawing magagawa Q: Did God exerted an effort to create hell for all
believes. Those who believe will never face pa ng tao. Wala na. Tahimik na ang Sampung the imperfect people and angels?
Q: Did God exerted effort to send His own  God is all knowing (He
begotten son—who is also God in order to live
perfectly and in obedience to tha Father?

Q: Did God exerted effort to punish His own Son to

die and take all the sins and wrath of only those
who would always believe in Jesus Christ?

CONC: Q: So did God make a huge effort to save


CONC: You know what, that which God made huge

effort, humanity still wastes it to drain. Humanity
remains indifferent to God’s huge effort of

CONC: Hell is full of people who wasted God’s

effort of salvation. And it is just be proper.

CONC: Hell is full of people remorsing, they should

had took notice of God’s effort. But hell is a place
where second chances are officially over. Pray that
you would not end up there.

So, the invitation is still open. God’s effort of

salvation in Christ is over—it is finished. Now is
the time for you to take it seriously.

5. Jesus had totally destroyed the power of Satan,

of sin, and of death.

Q: Now, what is the glory of God?

OBS: Maybe some of you would be angry at me for
not being humanistic. It is just that that is
what the Bible says.

A: The glory God is this: the display of all of His


On the cross, God has displayed all of His

attributes, and because of God’s attributes, man is
greatly benefitted.

 God is holy
 God is just
 God is wrathful (He hates sin)
 God is just (punishes the sinner)
 God is merciful (give mercy to the sinner)
 God is love (hence he is merciful)