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Professional Learning Components of Discovery Education

Teacher: J.Smith 20-30 minute lesson

Lesson Title: Discovery Education

AASL Standard 3.1.4: Use technology and other information tools to organize and display
knowledge and understanding in ways that others can view, use, and assess.

AASL Standard 3.2.1 Demonstrate leadership and confidence by presenting ideas to others in both
formal and informal situations.

AASL Standard 3.2.2 Show social responsibility by participating actively with others in learning
situations and by contributing questions and ideas during group discussions.

Materials Needed: computer, projector, Chromebooks, Post-It, Pencils

Knowledge: I will show the teachers a new component of Discovery

Education. More specifically, I will show the teachers the Content Collection
and S.O.S. aspects of the program.
LEARNING Skill: The teachers will navigate the program, learning how to sign in, locate
TARGETS the Professional Learning component, search the content collection,
navigate the S.O.S. section, and how to download videos/materials to their
Reasoning: To give teachers the knowledge of how to locate and utilize the
resources available through Discovery Education.
Teacher Will
I will introduce the lesson with an ice breaker of a video from Gerry the
Principal. After the icebreaker, I will begin lesson.

I will begin the lesson by explaining that we will be looking at the program
that was once called United Streaming. The program, now named Discovery
Education, now contains more than just videos. I will be showing them the
Professional Learning components of the program, and how they can utilize
the program in their classrooms.

WORK After the teachers have had a chance to explore the program under their
SESSION newly assigned Username, I will review the S.O.S. component, informing
them that they will be completing the AEIOU activity. I will be showing the
teachers a video. Throughout the video, the teachers will write down the
AEIOU on a Post-It that I will provide them. A will be an adjective about the
video, E-emotion about the video, I-Interesting, O-Oh! U-Um?? After the
video is over and they have finished the AEIOU, they will discuss what they
wrote with a partner.
After showing the teachers how to access the Professional Learning
CLOSING component, and how to search, add to content and download. I will allow
the teachers to explore the program on their own.

Opening Video:
Curated https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3EkcohNm0k
A-E-I-O-U Video: