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Objective Lesson Title Standards

SWBAT: ​Unit: ​Get Started ​Sub-Unit: ​2 ​Lesson:​ 2 ,,,,

-Define sensory details ● Write narratives
-Write narratives using sensory LAFS.6.W.1.3
details ● Write routinely over
-Describe how precise details
extended time frames
help writers create a focused
close-up for the reader. Warm up/Bell Activity
-Identify one small moment that ● Engage effectively in
they could describe with detail collaborative discussions
-Use descriptive sensory details LAFS.6.SL.1.1
Introduction Video
to begin to focus on that one


Assessment #1: Students will choose one moment on their

list of moments from a recent lunch that they can describe
with precise details. Literacy/Reading Strategies
Assessment #2 (Exit): ​Write one sentence, using details to begin
to describe that moment for the reader.

● Audio/Visual Presentation
● Model the Task

​Each week, students are assigned Activities ● Targeted Vocabulary

specific vocabulary lessons to ● Cooperative Groups
complete on the vocab app. If Independent: ​Using sensory details, describe a moment from ● Think-Alouds
students finish their work early, they lunch
are able to complete their ● Additional Time
Whole Group: ​Review sensory details
vocabulary lessons in class. Group: ​Use sensory details to describe the cafeteria ● Online Timers


Based on Iready scores, students are assigned levels within the Amplify program (see attached guide). In addition, students with IEPs are assigned
additional guidance regardless of level in order to provide further support. The levels are assigned by the instructor but can be adjusted accordingly.
In addition to the levels, over-the-shoulder conferencing is used in order to accommodate students’ individual needs.

: For this lesson, the Universal Design for Learning approach is used in order to accommodate the varying needs of students. Students will first hear
the passage read aloud before students reread and answer the questions., Students will complete activities in pairs., In periods 2,6, and 8, the activity
will be completed as a whole group. Instructor will point to the displayed text and call attention to the words that help identify the answers.


Flex Day: ​Students will use the Flex Day to finish completing lesson(s) 2, peer review another student’s work, and practice close reading and reading
comprehension skills in preparation for the Reading FSA.

Home Learning: ​Students will continue working on their Titanic Collection packet in order to further prepare them for their unit essay and their in class
solo lessons.