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Ricardo Isaias Velasco Silva

Instructor’s name: Elizabeth Tapia

Level 3-006

Date: April 10th, 2018

Fast Food: An expensive pleasure or our actual drug.

Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, the food was seen by our predecessors

like as only food. Then are developing our environment and our shape of seeing the

food. When we have just created the culinary arts, the human had been able to

change their mind about the food for forever. Is the food our achievement for

overcoming our evolution? Do we deserve the sense when we eat food classified

´´delicious´´ offering our health to the pleasure? There are many supposed

advantages of the junk food or fast one. It is less expensive and cheaper than other

kind of food, we can find it anywhere, you can get it on time without troubles.

According the actual human who need to have a lot of time is fine but the

consequences in the body and our health are lots of devastation, included the death.

I agree that people should avoid eating food for two important reasons: the patient

mental health and the diseases which this food can bring with it.

First of all, the patient´s mental health will be able to be affected to this one.

More the fifty seven percent of the people who have this food by the depression and

this one can end in the death. According to (Los Angeles Times, 2015) in its article

´´Many younger Americans have fast-food focus ´´ There are 66,7 % children who are

getting more than 40% of daily their calories from fast food, 12,1% ones who are
getting 25-40% of daily calories, 11,6% ones are getting fewer than 25% and 10,7%

who are not eating fast food on any given day.´´ Consequently, the majority children

who are getting more 25% of calories will probably get overweight. After that, they will

probably suffer bullying in their schools. In case of women, they will suffer bulimia or


Secondly, the diseases which this food can bring are many. For example, heart

attacks, liver affection, constipate fatigue, obesity, diabetes, among other ones.

According to (Los Angeles Times, 2015) in its article ‘’Many younger American have

fast-food focus’’ express in it ‘’ More than 1 out of 3 American children and teens will

eat fast food today’’ For this reason, there are lots of people who die every year

caused by these illnesses.

All things considerate, the junk food can take off our mental and physical

health and there are many people who are knowing the fatal consequence but they

are going to it. On the other hand, this people can change their life style. Instead of

their weakness, it can be changed by motivation. This topic should never be forsaken

in the people´s knowledge.