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The task of the teacher, of the ”master” is to be a guide, to open, to prepare the way… We all have the whole

of the
Universe within ourselves. If we look with our inner sight instead of our external eyes, we experience the Divine Power in
the form of sound and light. The Divine Power is within each and everyone of us.. says Marc John (Markus Johannes).

Sandor A Markus was born on the 7th of July 1939 in Budapest, Hungary. His name at birth was Johannes Shepherd,
which he kept until the age of 12. Then he was given the name “Markus”, which means “the beaming, shining light of
God”. He grew up under simple conditions in the countryside, in the vicinity of the Hungarian Puszta. The word “puszta”
means emptiness, barrenness. Already at the age of six he had reminiscences from his previous lives. Only a few weeks
after his finishing school in 1953, he had an experience, which totally changed his life. His master, whom he later would
even meet in physical form, appeared for him in the shape of a light-being. Sandor A Markus was ordered by his master
to leave Hungary and move to Sweden, where he was to lay the grounds of an International Academy for Human
Sciences. Later he found out that he was to travel to Equador, “The land nearest the Sun”, where he would meet the
Greatest Saint of the Andes, Johnny Lovewisdom, in a far-off little village in the north-eastern Andes, in the valley of
Vilcabamba. Johnny Lovewisdom was, in his previous incarnations, the greatest Saint of the Himalayas, Milarepa, and in a
later incarnation the Essée teacher John the Baptist. Sandor A Markus was initiated by Him in the Essée doctrine
(primordial gnosticism) and Buddhism and assigned his mission on earth both in words and in writing.

All beings, even if they incarnate to Earth directly from the original source, have to be initiated into their task on earth by
a true master, alive and present here and now, appointed by the Creator, Sat Purush. Without such an initiation there can
be no reconnection to the stream of Sound connecting the individual souls (the drops of the ocean of energy) with the
original source (the ocean of energy), the central sun, the neutral immaterial field.

Sandor A Markus has later been initiated in Surat Shabd Yoga as well (Yoga of the inner sound and light) by the great
Indian Master Hazur Maharaj Charan Singh Ji, in Dera, Punjab, India.

In the interpretation of Johanne’s Book of Revelations, written by Elisabeth Ståhlgren, chapter 19, page 158, we can read
the following:

”The man on the white horse, he who comes as a conqueror, is the man from the North, about whom the seers have been
telling for a long time. He will come to introduce the new age for the people of the Earth. He is a being belonging to
higher worlds, but with experience from the struggles and strife of the lower realm, in which he is an active participant
himself. His mantle is soaked with the blood of the enemy, and the enemy is Lucifer (Satan) who took residence in the
body of the beast. Thus he is one with humankind, its victorious part.”

The man on the ”white horse” represents the world-teacher and his spirituality, purity, freedom from the influence of the
intellect and of the mind and the senses. Lucifer, Satan, Jehova (Jahve), Brahma and Kal Purush are synonyms for the
negative sensory power, which creates, sustains and dissolves the material world manifested in form, the universe. This
power is mentioned within Christianity as the “Antichrist”. The beast represents the autocratic governments of the
material, sensory world and their craving for self-assertion. It also represents the military powers and their urge of
conquest, control and thirst for power and the despotic financial world. At present, the financial world rules over the
leaders of states. One example for this is the fact that these leaders are forced by economical and material interests of
power, to deny that the earth is constantly observed and visited by alien intelligent beings. This denial is due to the fact
that these beings of superior intelligence possess scientific and technological knowledge way beyond what we have here
on our planet.

Sandor A Markus began his mission in the North In 1992. He initiated his lecturing tours in Sweden, and this will
eventually include the other Nordic (Scandinavian) countries as well. His consciousness encompasses all levels from the
lowest three-dimensional to the absolute immaterial field of unity, the field of absolute consciousness.

An activity of this kind, which is part of his mission, is combined with various kinds of difficulties and great self-sacrifice.
This demands a will to be “ready for action” day and night on an internal as well as on an external level. The activity
yields no worldly, material advantages whatsoever. He, just as Jesus of Nasareth and other well-known Masters, is
exposed to slander and persecution from primitive people with inferior development controlled by the sensory mind,
religious and occult fundamentalists (fanatics), so-called New Age adherents, people of the media and of the authorities
who feel threatened due to their fear. They are reluctant to give up control over people. Many of them try to hide behind
religious, occult and intellectual disguise. They won’t voluntarily renounce power, acquisitiveness, greed. These people
want to cling to the perishable, to the changeable.

When the disciple begins to hear the sound within himself, he/she usually hear it in for of the sound of bells, cymbal,
chirp of birds, cricket, or crystal sounds. The way to Sahansdal Kanwal (lotus flower with a thousand petals or raceme of
light), the source of power to the 1st sensory region opens as the sound intensifies. This is the first step for the disciple.
Sahansdal Kanwal is the source of the three dimensional physical and the subtle four- and five dimensional universes. Jot
Niranjan is the ruler in these regions. The yoga masters can reach no further than this.

After Sahansdal Kawal the disciple comes to the 2nd sensory region called Trikoti. This is the seat for Brahman, Kal
Purush, Jehova, Lucifer, etc. He is the Creator (Brahman), the Sustainer (Vishnu) and the destroyer (Shiva) in three
different sensory forms. Trikoti is the source of the sensory energies that constitute the whole of the universum
manifested in form. From the highest point of the astral plane the soul must pass through a bent tunnel in order to come
to the 2nd sensory region, Trikoti. In the state the soul will spend a longer period of time in order to work off the reserve
karma. Trikoti is the causal plane, the highest sensory state. Here the sound manifests itself as the sound of thunder, (a
rumbling sound), or the sound of drums.

Under the influence of the sound the soul moves on to the 3rd cosmic region called “Daswan Dwar”, the region of Par
Brahm. Here the sound is experiences as that of instruments of chord, kingri, similar to the instrument with 12 strings.

Here the soul enters a state of total illusion, completely free from the influence of the sensory world. Here the soul is
completely free from all its instruments, “envelopes” – the physical, the astral and the causal body. Here the soul is
shining in its full brightness, free from the influence of the sensory power. This is the state we call Christ condition or the
field of Christ-consciousness.

The next step is the 4th region Bhanwar Gupha (the whirling tunnel). This is the way to Sach Kand, the Home of the soul.
The road between the 3rd and the 4th region is the point of absolute zero, the absolute darkness. The individual soul is
unable to pass here without the help of the true master. Only the genuine spiritual master has access to the highest
region. What we call the White Brotherhood, the Heavenly Hierarchy, or the Cosmic Council has no access to the highest
region. They have to be initiated by Sat Purush, the Highest Divinity in order to be able to pass the region of total

When the soul has returned to its original source - it experiences for the first time that it is of the same essence as the
Creator, with the only difference that the creator is the ocean and the soul is a drop of the same energy. Then the soul
pronounces: “Father and I are One. I am in Father and Father is in me”. Here the soul experiences the sound as that of a
citera, a very fine chord instrument or a bagpipe. Sat Purush is master over Sach Kand.

The highest creator of the soul is called Radha Swami “Lord of the Soul”.