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What’s new in 2016

Refined UI based on your direct feedback

Increase pre-processing efficiency

Get deeper insight into your design

New processes and additional controls

New tools for model preparation

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User experience

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New landing page

New landing page with tutorial videos, discussion

forums, and additional learning resources.

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Ribbon enhancements

All tabs are now permanently available in the

ribbon, including mesh, results, and reports.

Groups within the menu can be repositioned and

locked between studies.

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UI enhancements

Customize which UI elements are in the window,

including a new option to display the study name.

Contextual menu has been reconfigured to provide

better access to commonly used commands.

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Indicators and glyphs

Indicators and glyphs have been redesigned to be

more recognizable.

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Layer organization

Layers panel now includes folders and

automatically organizes objects in project.

New tool highlights all items in the display window

that are contained in the selected layer.

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Model import improvements

Part names and colors from CAD bodies are

preserved during model import.

On average, import speeds are now 30% faster

than previous versions.

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Copy settings to new study

Copy study settings from one analysis to another –

without including geometry.

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3D mesh repair wizard
Multi-page wizard has been replaced with a single
window, summarizing all mesh issues.

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Expand selection to face

New command for expanding a selection to all

connected elements on the same plane.

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Remesh area node preview

Preview nodes that will be created as part of the

remeshing operation.

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Global edge length defaults

To align with common user practices, global edge

length default value is now reduced by about 2/3.

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Pathlines help identify where sudden changes to

temperature, pressure, or speed occur that may
result in surface defects.

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3D weld line movement

View how weld lines move after they initially meet to

assess structural quality and visibility.

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Export warped geometry as CAD

Export warped geometry as a CAD file for easier

comparison to original model.

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Animate XY plot

Animate XY plots and overlay additional results,

such as pressure and fill time.

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Cavity weight

View cavity weight of multi-cavity or family molds

throughout the cycle.

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Examine using locked views

Examine tool can be used in conjunction with the

lock all views command.

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Controlled valve gate opening

Control the speed that valve gates open and close

to create a uniform flowfront and balanced injection
pressure profile.

Instant open Slow open

© 2015 Autodesk, Inc. Model courtesy of Synventive Molding Solutions

Induction heating

With a strategic partnership with RocTool, induction

heating simulation is now in Moldflow 2016.

© 2015 Autodesk, Inc. Model and image courtesy of RocTool

Microcellular injection molding

Microcelluar analysis now available for 3D models.

New nucleation model predicts non-uniform

nucleation based on the properties of the material
and local temperatures and pressures.

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3D conformal cooling flow included

3D coolant flow for conformal cooling is now included

with Moldflow Insight Premium and Ultimate.

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SimStudio Tools

Companion product included with Moldflow 2016 for

model simplification, light repairs, and edits to part
or mold geometry.

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