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Rules of School 1. Children must come to school on time.

2. Children must wear a uniform.3. Children should be polite.4. Children should stand up whena
teacher comes into the class.5. Children mustn’t bring mobile phones to class.6. Children mustn’t
play ball games in school.7. Children mustn’t eat or drink in the classroom.8. Children mustn’t run in
the corridor.9. Children should say hallo when they see a teacher

 The relationship between teacher and pupil is similar to that between child and his/her
own parents/carers, requiring mutual respect and consideration on both sides. Staff are
trained in nurturing approaches.

 The aim of our school discipline is to promote the positive behaviours of self-control,
courtesy, care, self-respect, mutual respect and consideration, in order to help create
the most successful learning environment possible, enabling our pupils to be effective
citizens in a harmonious society.

 Achieving this aim critically depends on the active support and co-
operation of parents/carers.

Agreed Shared Values and Golden Rules

The school community’s agreed shared values help direct and regulate our collective behaviour,
and are used as a tool to help children self-evaluate behaviour choices – from the early years and
Pupils collaborated to devise Golden Rules, based on these values, to provide a helpful illustration
of what the values would look like in ‘action’.

Our values are the basis of the boundaries set, and consistently maintained, to guide behaviour
choices across and throughout the school.
Children who keep the Golden Rules are rewarded with Golden Time on
Friday. It is important that the children have a clear understanding of
the standards of behaviour we expect and
the consequences offailing to meet these standards.

There may be times when pupils have to be reminded of the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

Our classrooms have Golden Trees. Pupils who choose to break the
Golden Rules move down the Golden Tree and lose some reward
time on Friday pm. If they are especially well behaved for the rest of the
day/week they may move back up the tree and reearn some lost
time. Persistent or serious breaches of Golden Rules mean loss of
Golden Time and are recorded in the school behaviour management
pupil concern log. If children persistently make poor behaviour choices, or
engage in serious breaches of discipline, the Headteacher/Depute
Headteacher will engage the support of the parents/carers to better support
improved behaviour and an orderly learning environment for all.
The main aim of our discipline policy, however, is
to encourage and reward good behaviour rather than focus on bad

Every child comes to school on a Monday ‘golden’. They can expect

Golden Time on a Friday afternoon as a reward for keeping our Golden
Rules. If they break our Golden Rules, they lose some Golden Time.

Celebrating Achievement

Whole school and stage assemblies are an integral part of our discipline

Children are rewarded with certificates for good work,

good behaviour, keeping our Golden Rules and for trying their best.

We celebrate achievement which can be either within school or outwith

school. These certificates are attainable by all pupils, thus creating an
atmosphere where good work and behaviour are valued and rewarded.
We encourage our pupils to ‘Be All They Can Be!’


Be a good member of our school community:
 Treat others with kindness, love, generosity and compassion
 Value others’ differences
Be respectful and polite:
 To others and the environment
 Be proud of yourself and your school
 Listen and be a good audience
Be determined:
 Try your best for yourself and others
 Work hard and never give up hope
Be motivated:
 Challenge yourself in your learning
 Have the courage to try new things
Be truthful and honest:
 Treat others as you would like to be treated
 Show you can be trusted
Be responsible:
 Always make the right choices
 Be calm and focused