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1. Differentiate orthogonal and oblique cutting.

2. What are the factors affecting the tool life?

3. What are the main difference of live and dead centers?
4. Why is hollow spindle used in lathe?

5. Write the specifications of a shaping machine?

6. What is the specialty of a slotter in comparison to a shaper?

8. What is the effect of back rake angle?

9. State any two properties of cutting fluids.

What is called tool room lathe?

What is the purpose of a screw-cutting machine.
1. List the various operations of a Milling machine.
2. List different attachments for a milling machine.

1. Discuss the various types of chips produced during metal cutting.

2. Discuss the nomenclature of a single point cutting tool with

Explain the working principle of turret lathe with neat sketch.

Describe work holding devices applicable in lathe with neat sketch.
1. Describe the construction and principle of operation of a slotter
with neat sketch.
2. Explain in detail the construction and working principle of radial
drilling machine with neat sketch.

3. What are the commonly used tool materials? Explain their

properties and abilities.
4. Explain the different forms of tool wear.
5. Sketch and explain the different methods of taper turning

Explain Geneva mechanism with neat sketch.

1. Illustrate the construction and working principle of horizontal
knee type milling machine.
2. Sketch and give short notes on Plain milling, Straddle milling,
Gang milling and End milling operations.