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TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Subject Spanish
Grade Level Secondary – 9-12
Learning Objective SI.11 The student will demonstrate understanding of the significance of
culture through comparisons between Spanish-speaking cultures and
those of the United States.
1. Compare patterns of behavior and interaction found in the United
States with those found in Spanish-speaking societies.
Content Knowledge

2. Recognize differences in social practices and personal interactions

among cultures.
3. Recognize unique elements of the student’s own culture.

Activity 1. The teacher will begin class by reviewing the cultural lesson from the
day before on Los Tres Reyes Magos.

2. The introduction will engage students in open ended questions about

what they can remember about the holiday, Los Tres Reyes Magos.

3. After closing the classroom’s open discussion about Los Tres Reyes
Magos, the teacher will begin to explain the instruction on the cultural
assignment due at the end of class.

4. The teacher explains to the class that students will work in groups in
order to create a virtual brochure expressing any information or traditions
they find important about Los Tres Reyes Magos, and including a section
where they compare and contrast the Los Tres Reyes Magos to Christmas.

5. Students will then transition to get into their pre-established groups of 3

in order to work collaboratively on the assignment.
Technology www.canva.com



Directions for Use 1. Open internet explorer and type in canva.com into the search bar.
Please provide step-by-step
instructions for your students to
use the tool to complete their 2. Sign up by selecting “Education”’ and then click on “Sign up with email”.
assignment. Depending on the
age of your student, this might
begin with 1. Click on Earth to 3. Follow the instructions of creating an account by providing your name,
open the Internet. Etc..
school email, and password.

4. On the next screen select the “Student” option on the bottom left.

5. On the next screen, skip inviting team members.

6. On the next screen, select “More design types”.

7. On the left-hand side, click on “Find templates”.

8. A list of All Template should appear and from that list you need to click
on “Brochures”.

9. Look through the options and select the best one for you, but only one
person out of the group will select the brochure template on their

10. In order to edit the template, you must first click directly on the
brochure and then click “Use this template” in the top right-hand corner.

11. The one student that created the template, must then click on “Share”
at the top right-hand corner.

12. To share with your partners, you must enter their email addresses.

13. Students should receive emails from canva, to grant them access to the

14. After everyone has access to the brochure, divide and conquer the

15. The tool bar on the left-hand side can be used to add elements, add
text, change the color, and insert pictures on the brochure.

16. After fulfilling the requirements of the assignment and completing

your brochure, click the “Share” button again.

17. Click the “Link” option at the top.

18. At the right-hand corner of the screen select “show team”. When the
pop up menu appears, select the button next to “make public” and save
19. Before copying the link, change the box to the right from saying “can
edit” to “can view”.

20. Copy and paste your link into the assignment drop box.

Link to the example https://www.canva.com/design/DACtT4FNsFc/AmPJf6-ZmYQxXXRn-