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December, 2015
(First Semester)
Basic Electronic Devices
(Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
Time: Three Hours Maximum : 60 Marks
Answer Question No.1 compulsorily. (1X12 = 12 Marks)
Answer ONE question from each unit. (4X12=48)
A 1. Answer all questions (1X12=12 Marks)

a) What are semiconductors?

b) Define the term diffusion current?
c) Explain the term doping.
d) Give the diode current equation?
e) What is the significance of continuity equation?
f) What is an LED? Draw its symbol.
g) Define forbidden energy gap.
h) Why is BJT is called current controlled device?
i) Give some applications of BJT
j) Differentiate thermistor and sensistor.
k) What is the PIV of a half wave rectifier using ideal diode?
l) Differentiate JFET and MOSFET?

2. a) Distinguish between driff and diffusion currents in a semiconductor.
b) Explain Hall effect.
3. a) Explain thermal generation and recombination of charge carriers.
b) Discuss continuity equation.


4. a) Explain diffusion capacitance of P N junction diode.

b) Explain the operation of a photo diode
5. a) Explain the construction and working of LED with its characteristics.
b)Write short notes on temperature dependence of a diode.

6. a) Explain the operation of NPN and PNP transistor.

b) Explain how transistor can be used as an amplifier?

7. a) Derive the expression for the stabilization factor S for the self bias circuit .
b) What is thermal runaway? Derive an expression for VCE to avoid thermal runaway in a transistor circuit.


8. a)Explain JFET parameters? Also give the relation between them

b)Compare depletion MOSFET and enhancement MOSFET


9. a).Derive the expressions for i)ripple factor ii) PIV iii) TUF in a HWR
b)Discuss the working of Bridge Rectifier.