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First year: I started my journey at Bon Secours Memorial College in Fall of 2015.

The first two

semesters at Bon Secours Memorial College were astonishing, I was pumping with adrenaline to
learn and become engage in molding my career as nurse. The courses within the first two
semesters, thoroughly educated me on the foundational themes and history of nursing. Outside of
the textbook, the courses allowed for me to examine my values and beliefs towards my nursing
profession. In year one, we were assigned to identify our philosophy of nursing by
acknowledging our belief systems and values. The opportunity to identify my personal
philosophy, created an opportunity to live by my words and reflect my theory throughout my
actions. Building on the foundation information, the Health Assessment course quickly emerged
myself and my peers into foundational tactile skills. I loved this course, it was imperative on
learning, determination between the abnormal and normal signs. The skills check off such as
blood pressure monitoring and bodily system check off were stepping stones to our head to toe
assessments and now our daily duties a nurse. My practicum experience occurred within Nursing
competency I, which arranged from learning to hands on experience with indwelling tubes,
wound care, and many other things. This course was essential in preparing you within the skills
lab and the opportunity to exemplify the practiced skills within the clinical setting. Throughout
this year, I look back and reflect on my personal confidence boost and skills growth I developed
with my exceptional instructors.

Second Year: The second year of the program was said to be the hardest and the most
challenging time of your nursing journey at BSMCON. However, I was ready for the challenge
and eager to learn and expand on my knowledge. With the combination of Adult Medical
Science and Pharmacology my brain was growing at a fast and profound level. I loved the time
spent with both instructors, identifying the variation of medical conditions and pharmaceutical
treatments This allotted for my critical thinking skills to flourish. Global health was introduced
to us throughout this semester, highlighting community needs and challenges. I was given an
opportunity of a lifetime during my spring break, to provide medical care to individuals in Haiti.
The experience was life changing and humbling; it allowed for a large degree of personal growth
within myself and my career as nurse. Practicum experiences this year were great, I was able to
rotate through VCU burn center, cardiac Cath lab, out-patient dialysis center and multiple
emergency rooms. The opportunity for vast exposure allowed for many hands-on opportunities
and identification of personal interest in clinical settings. In the closing of this semester, I
challenge myself to gain more experience with phlebotomy, IV initiation and time management.

Third year: The year of continuing growth, cohesiveness and autonomy within my nursing
journey. The courses within this year consisted of further expansion of adult medical science and
pharmacology. The Mental health course and practicum was a time of exceptional learning for a
vulnerable population. Within this class I learned about so many mental conditions and was
given the opportunity to observe the daily lives of individual impacted. This course was essential
in expanding on my therapeutic communication skills and identifying the barrier that impact
exceptional care for individuals with mental illnesses. As students we were given the opportunity
to teach a community class in Mental health practicum, this was a key example of servant
leadership building. Throughout this year, the college presented assignments to further develop
our servant leadership skills, rather it was acting as peer leader in clinicals, identify a quality
improvement or further development within our personal philosophy. Clinical Immersion is the
course that promotes the overall cohesiveness for our journey. The time in my immersion, I have
performed each level of service to my patient as I did within my beginning years at the college.
Immersion is the opportunity to assimilate in the role as nurse and recall and reflect on
everything the college professors have taught us and utilize that information to embark on critical
thinking as we practice within the clinical setting. I am grateful for the opportunities to innovate
myself and challenge myself to levels, I thought were impossible to reach.
Future growth needed for entrance into Professional nursing
With the semester closing and graduation approaching fast, I find my journey of learning
and growth to just be starting. As a student and future RN, I learned to appreciate the essential
need for future growth and learning. To continue to flourish within my nursing career, it is
imperative to join organizational or specialty committees, complete online educational modules
and seek out ways to expand on new and innovative knowledge and skills. As a new nurse I
challenge myself to remember I am that last barrier or shield between my patient and any action.
In knowing so, my role as their nurse consist of nurturing, caring and advocating for my patient
throughout their care. As a begin to learn my niche as registered nurse, I challenge myself to
never become complacent within my role, instead remain punctual, attentive and inquisitive; to
ensure I am performing to the best my ability and representing my nursing college proudly.